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KM "W'.llkl T iii
wew riuww mac J
ihaVelhb New iWMWU
Bultem of the 18th inst W
Tot9' n the 6th. Aa BteW
news in r --jir- ,a
arrived at Magorda, J?r fM wr
tack had been made byXea, C?nalW
Mexican troops on San v$
vas repulsed by Col. Tracers fftdJDj
Texians. os was ariven- wer w
Reaving ouu men uenu on. we , ' in
Ix is probable that Cos is hy tbi time j
taken, a 800 - Texiaoe well equipped, .M
were rapidly advancing in his rear, and
4iad cut -eft his supDlies. ' ,-k f !
By a pa saenger in t he sell r: W. A. ;ut-. j ,
tier, from -MatagordA, -m Iff
Texians and Km iwe-wcatnsi wuu,nau , g i g
fed "the Alamo oFoW at San Afttonio,k tHE PEOPLE ggg THE BANK.
were attacKed by Mexican force of 4000 jfaVtlii VaiiBurcn, for President. K "
Cel. Benton';? Resolutions for txvunaine from
hejburaU if the Senate MrC lav's foul-ami
iaise cnarge againsr inc-rreiaenii wurne louowi
jCol. B masterly speech on this hjena
peaream toe. utooe; ana snail pe transterred io
our columns, so. soon as we can Dosaiblv di'snoSe
pi ptner peecoes ana- other matter, wh lcrr we
jad , previously given a pledge to-publish :.
- it seems that uoi. lien ton na round a piece
Buten ia. the 'candidate of the Administratibh..pr il1:,hjvR t j5tUIjA0'
Jacltson-reDubl can nartv. atfd Judee WhtteisAeW .ZTt 1
caffflidirir.Ki. oiti rt in Nfltth Care QB fWk-flfW,
fflntneie int-ticket (o be lormedin this State WT. ' W
THVfi glM I MARCH 1 , 36.
raised the blaclr flag o( extermination and
'demanded a surrender. The demand was
tfnWeXed from tfce Months of the cannon
01 the Terfians, on iAfee Mexieaf s at
tempfed to take the place ? stornl, but
thfy were defedted wit'h.'tne los of 50O
men slain on the field, amd th balance
made a precipitate retreat gt disor--der.
', There is another versidh oY ttie aflair
-montioned in another jiaffrafik . t'he
whole we fear is too cood newisto net
hit there is no. doubt oLa cbjflfci h&i'
taken pWo between the iVxiafn nd tfep.
ican forces at San Antorri'd, which has pro
bably resulted successuHjr'to tfee 8rm;'o;
tht Texians. 4 ' ' mWL
Extract of a letter from a gentleman. re
Ekling in Texas to his friend ra New 'Or
leans. . . v "
By the latest infermMdY!, Santa Anna
was upon the frontiers; With from 6. to SOOO.
nen, and Was deteTmined upon the exteif
mination, or expulsion of the whole popu
lation of Texas. - In his first esssay to ef-
feet" this object, his vanguard-commanded
by Cos, made an assault upon, the Alamo
(the'eitidei) of Bejfet, aftd was repulsed
accounts say, with the loss of 550O men ;
uf it we make dot allowances for exag-'o-erations.
the Mexican loss will nroWblv
-71 i .m&'Ml rw
turn out to oe some nity men. , Ji ne - con
test will doubtless be bloody. ;
A' letter is published in .the N. O. Bf'e,
dated at JynxDurg, Texas, 16th Feh.
which says, the convention will assemble
'on the fat of March Up to t fee presfpt,
.period there no new, but while wait
'iug, we arc in jserfect security, and are
very little armored by the menaces oi San-'
"ta Anna. ToTnjateers ' arrive daily; nrrrf
put ma'fltoe is a sCJIe 'to blockade th:
Mexican porta, Te result of the delrjj.
in ? he actual strife with the critrargovcrn
jn -nt will be a radical separation : But
wbaever may be the events, yon may
rOnt en our triumph . Texns isnvinci-.
.fele and you ctnnot err. in adyoeatffig'her
eause with your fel'low-itizens ," . . .$
- The reso!'uoii-u1iniK6 by 'Mr: -Kti
of Alabama, ifixmg rTfs. adjoifrrrrnent ot
vongress lor s&me ay in May itcxt, was
RfbkVl TV. Johlisoi!, far Vic Freadmt
liicharcl D, SfMiiglit, for Givitner.
" PRO PAlftlA," will nod his communica
lion.on le 4th page (ouisidej pf toHlpy'a Stand-. J
akd ; and we shottta oe "gratined, ana our reapers
no douht interested and instructed, 'ft v a continu
ance of his favors. iVe invUe atfemton to the
piece. :. " :? - '-
Pro Putria" H3'8 ba're, apd eTtpose to ;the
public gtze, the narrow-rurJedtle cffiffcj$ri
tirreols of Gen. TJD1.E .as exWfd. in bis
letter o the Whig Cominvltee of toiscity on ac
. - w -wmrr if. 1 1 . . i . .
j i. i we nave tae ftavannun vjrereio
m. -ii-.iL- tT.. me.'Ub inst. - .which contains trie .latest
dR( treaties hav e 6ee ne1
5.-v.: .k- . .,t- nir ! imeiiience ifom the t nt war in f lon-.l - P .
""i iui iiic HtAi iireiucm,), tm :r -iJ-v i . i wire ja
stem rv . . kfcvw a rr! vcu '-m- r.a rioti
Judge white, and General tiaaaisoir. ar.yaw ltli ; Ven-'smd for TaHnrpa 9 Ywir Pteidt
ra jrrea; t r kmoui. w
elb Wore UDfwrtaat
met-ipa.n cuniTOtrce,
H .the PreMdencr,
yon of a other of
All caflad4Bmittbi. W
now lean frnn. the Globe that !; formation baa
candidate f the opposition party in Notth Calro-
w ...... . . . . ,
with so muca ski i. to tne r- litirs c sucb am nvev
areof ihia bana-wbi candidate. - w '
A;jieighborM mast excuse tn for omiliin.hft
cdmrnunicfition. -The style and language Qlbis
piece, do not exactly square whb the rules Oi'
prorfreiy -e-tiaV.e laid down for out Editorial
guidance. We. know, thai to "treat a t'oorjac-
cordihg to hfe folly," iM n aphorism tanetittned
by Rood authoVity. but cannot acknoexIge-ihaL
u aWords any jusufication to an Editor, Bje'l pay;
a blackguard m his own coin." r -.
CCTVVe entirely apnto-e the spirit anuti
mentsot "justltia;" bu his ideas. arc too are
lessly thrown logelfterhia.syi.t;iX too taulvy, (if
be profi I ably reactor readily understood. As 'trie
au. hor.il evidently so'ui'e gallant youth, not Un
mindful of the worldV good opiVidn,e certath.ly
ought not to make his debut Ifeloreihe public
m a fiiihevehH garb.
Philo Vindex?' js Veceivegaha' sl ha at
tended to so, soon a9 we can -dispose, of a eriion
of the imoicnsc masses-of matter pressing. on. x
lor publicalioo. "ehouffh of which is at this mo
uaeni urgeti upon u a, vo nu our coiuinns tiunpxi.
August, f, . . .. v- .. .- . . ...... I
de n, in the- proceeding a of tk&JStnatc itself , to jus-
hit MMiiiiniaiu u uuuuEiiiE vmiutiuin. auk
following is the entry on the journal of the Setr-
Monmur.- 5 oVlock. If. Aottl iVftflfi.
: Or motion that evefv thing in t1?ejtournal rei
laUVe to the oremcrials of S. G. Ogden and Wa
S. Smub; be;EPUKGED therefirn'
It passed Jn the aflirmative, yeas 13, riav
, Xt .wfrin vV091 'radically done riot a trace
of U.waa bfi ttflnd ti the revised printed copy
of tne Journal.?.' 1 ' i . ",..
This came upoft hVxfposition Senfors like
an ertfetric shock lv-thev. were astound ! be
ing totally, ignoxnt of the existence of suoh a
precrecfenr, ?nd consequently' wholly nnprefared
IOT nijc utujujn i.auuii. icwt iuerai'ciuuum
only voted aeaf ltst this. reBolutiaft; Atfd will i t
be s'fd;W the Svbigs, . tot the Senate of
vijptatfd, rjie coniiuution in. evnunsrinsan obno
ious entry, on tHerjonrna Or wi!lrMr..TYLt;K
say tiie $viwQrsf?$ifai theselVesiji voting for
iX'at resobjtion'l. Dare he thudisrniior iBe-.tne-
morie3ovaspure)a5i,pairioiic, anuas
men k odr countrv eVer knew ? f uot. can the
American people tdiBt to ois judgmeBV-WB
m ufs sinceruy t s .
?Err APilS OF OBTtl CAOit?
rne KClKer-' DosTstbat life Ga.Ueati-
Riithorford- lnakca ihe 23U political newsiaper
in' jNorih Gar!)lni9,'out of liich. tuber ohTp
:en So
ahtty cites as evidence, we supi
pie!ofj:trta1!ice -W1 iiefSwrln tTTe Statfe.
tie must either be a jjoor itiierpreier pC,!!,'
oi rent upop aujnrig tne people wun a most
shaUOAV device; for cVeJtv ptilil-rian in North Ca;,
LroUtia. with but a" Ihimbic full of hraio, tfiust a!
once perceiver'that this very VSicurnnCe alP rds
the most conclusive proof, thot-the doctrines of
ttiytaw and tntUificatiott are loreiWy repugnant to
Jjieai mujriiy oi me ejuQcans oi ne Qiaitr.
.'se why Is it, that thi& 'diiiVeVsal 7 U'htg prty,
haVin, throughout the uumefousjpAc of it
existence,-cnh!rilleTl : two thirds or "three-fourths
of the pbliiic'ptCpert bf the S'te, tbus possj
ng an imrnensefadvantageover the pfepuhlicaus
Uy means of these numennis channels, yf scatter
ing their o.pinior,9,.and disSeminaMng. their doc
trines throughbut t ne remotest corners ;wh"y is
it, e aU, tbat they have" heVf been iable to
outrol public ofunion ? . .Why is it, that the De-
ocracv of North-iCarohna , have-never been
rtof euher of 1 he ot her.ca ndidates Thejiuetioni
before the oeoole of the State is. then, narfeweu
to Up " Wll you vote,for Mr. Van Buren, or
ioriuage wmter . - v- v-. -y?
. i,Be. connexion oi air. YaB un:B-wiwwn.
rck?btis adftinfttrhtidn, is weU knovn to, .the
people ;Vrhohave supported jhat administratiqn ' the Ind
and I have already brought to their recollection Iw.-Yhd
I tAtnA VvT. tMnwimrutftnnt niiKKn . ir(ai4i.,oa 4 .
f:'t-nofe. from ort Drane
:' me Vts; saA cotrcenlratel ion t n
U'tSrfacoo Kf Ti ver, near Oetv. AaWs.
liattfe bttBdThe teraas or&en,' QaiisV
raffteemeal wkh the ftdraas werethat
been receitrd 'it .Wsi rt oejlbe t chnig
oi tne raitncauor.s oi -me ireary -witn tne stuuan
of Muscat. -yMS-tfea akb trade Jte, tJto
Pettian Gtlf. atid the wlwikh'. kingdom of
Slm has beeli se'euepett o, 4 rnericae-enterprize J
anu our mtci-wu 'MVes, ptar
Cett On, the e9t favorable 'font ing1. The dob)
ot war. CeacocB. wnicn cmert wr. ooe
the lndiarrs hnd -their chiefs should reUrtfJW S
near the? isiag .aej ; .ayiog8lruc on
HIV ' II -illJluwvLiiy j- uui vuv i v v
iV WW rrapor ; main peaiCetfbrv mtii the Wishes of the these rock- . u, SS. three dava
wiau- flttn nis name nas oeen uieouueu. iinin.Ki . -. .. -d KA-wMinte ui Ii -'j-8
ettKefrm dhiniata or nreiudices of others, that t OsetftP Jtornoer, Albert Haift tCrazrf!??r:-rlK;Hfi. were, thrown overboard.
v , .it" --r- 1 . .r " - - : .,..,!, i -, ',t-. ' wnne me reacock :. n, --.riUc .teflon
jurtge White has no ctauns to tne support oi .me AUigaftorffa-f motans, wn ADram trrrin-1 lh V?aS, hH'..nTt j "C T i-V
JACMsoa rAutV ih Not Carolina? He hai'de- L$J? aVf .Mntrnn OiPR!rr ?tS iL5JT ied aslnop of war to hr
Jlidtre white has no claims to the support ot the
rr'r1 V Sjr2KHmfiWi ere present at the reaebed ; and. Ke pttiffereoTin ii .;Vt if
cipai;AiWii-MTa.ey ana vtEsaj, faiafibe; although, fthe: was gat- pfT before H
the canJate of the i Part Indians ; and Peacoek's.beirso niuclt 5tedj.tobe. t
he people look around the officers who,- at the jreqaest of Gep. HWj g QP om of his Frigates
tbje leader of "ineir opponent
Judge White ias become
niiieda M fty ) Then let 1
them and 9ee Wh
thsrf,ho have
sop r -venainiy.Tafy-are :.yui iiiry arc geu- ,v,vw- - r
i,4..w 4v-fa K.ito.-i., iKftftc-ri.r.! inr-ir.-J AdtutaiTt BaiTcrw, of am same
Bftiftna yiotently opsled hw- adninistratioij. V It vfts th genefai -impression, JQL JrtJ
vs Hvuuutica "SS. nunc in.i UK'""; Liau. i.nav. iut vt a i was at auv cuu iiu
moe.ting ot ithese who are openly hostile. 0 fjte,n. t,osfi
o are his pnlpporieys Are they j Gaines, ere pT'esent, were Capt Httch-J
heretofore uhited with its m; ! of :Ttf-s2iiMiWt .tirAntrv f ntaihti
3 I Mrkf th Louisiana .'Voktnteersv'i
.... -I
ooniintr tlifir nnminaUfju lor Governor V nnu ourJw
nr . corre.sponoeiu ruinnwra uu -mienuon pr uvrjpseij
mn imc fie oissec ins Jinne. w fiiea ne n;i iiiitesi
fnee.tuig of hnppe srbo are openly
Jackson arm his 4'dmmistration.-
gia t : A con,yenhon of A"
wrro are .opposed io tne a
port the" liepuhlican candidatea, Van Bu-
d JtOtttttprT. And this the Edttort! turnpjh-
to$e. of the snmi
ranon; wtm ,mvreor: , y fen'. ttaes left the Ooithla-
atlmiaUlraon.f." HowTh mm X therieadly Indiaw
v itn DjifCK MJiTf, iorTnieV"nveaeiT.n
therr ast?rv1cSL febq
Unrted isates with oar officers and iren. nfit
Ufter being dock'd, mePteook ws tboVoughl
reparn-tri ano: in company wiuie jj . aehK
EnterpHze, had prbceedediptt her voyage, t
IfTrfcr: We were tarnrid to 1ear hP U
Chile, (on tbe Pacific coast nf Sotnh Amet.
u.a. Hrpi,avj:anipaenQincar bad beenaaade
is ipa Irssfssippi ? There,, also, thelritads of VBT Dv. IrVrtfTl
Mr" PoVdejrtVrand Ure enemies of Gen. Jockaon, i.t.aijoija, detoiair ti
afetnetypntrters-of indge. Vthitr. In .the l.H&eX .Veeiaa. ."'r
adonveried torrriSem I How have 'thev been en
Tabled .to .vi'htand thrt heavy battery W&kut
Small Tox. It Is stated in the Claiifr uatftttg
of the S2nd alt, ttiat there has beeh "no CnU of I presses nnterrift'ei atid trhshafen ?- i?he answer
atnalfpox in that town ; but -that the xttseie was is most obvirus : "a ereat majoriur of the frrVnaen
spreading in Marlborough district, about "2n:aeWuif Noitb'Carolhia are purely and practircallv lie-
oufmemm-and-have intelusence enousrh to msal-
fish between a bastard uTHatsft&i of old fed era F-
tr . " " tr
cases bavmgocCuired and a few deaiits.-mebte-cls'e
numher of the fatten not : 'known.' - It wi3i jbe
seen from our obituary head, that a high!y-; rr --pectable
citiien of iti'chmoDd dounty ia this
State, died on tht 17tbi with that disease.
Gen Bkvebltt Dakiei., of this citwhas been.
re-nppointed Marshal of the United States, for
the District of Nonb Carolina; fur a term of
four years' from the 4ih inst. -
Hon. Hugh Nelson, for many years, a member
of Cwigress, and at oni. lime Minister taSpaiii.,
died at his seat in Albermarle county, Va. oh
the J8th instant.
s itjn NiVrtlisroiina ? There can heao'dimcoltv ! South Carolina volunteers Mes&rs. Ken
n. nc!neciyo.i inv nsn volunteers j nmeifri
titration Ro.nrfift.ld Af Pitnf Warn.
aau in, v.. " k f"." x jtjh ft.
ft - '':' 1' "4 " . T" 1 i ft'
n'k io n ..:. mnrii. oto. T .pv Ihfir own wie luujuususwjiii ui w uauxwuv. w
Ind white done lust at daylight there w
ujn UrtH Carolina f i nerecan c ap.tn
rnont the people upon so plain.aqaestH;
arty bppoWtl tQjOen !TicVn3 Admj&.i
n the iast'Assc'riihly, having-met in Cat
he meetings which j fj '"vVnjrji Jvrt tbV wood1 without arms, and
veral cuvt.ni.tcs of ihe j weregrVd at within 250 yards of tne camp ;
pf, if not enttVcly, OT'. Vi.t,- Vft Kmiav r fWwnod
, 3'EKTIE COUN l YWe are obliged to t.c "
feKthe proceedings of the democratic meet'io
ip iieirie, until, onr next, iwr want or room.
Mr. iiiM movea to lav It for "the- pre
-sent on the table, and said that when thTs
resolution came to be. finally acted on, he
'wonid -move-to i-osettin the blank the 3th;
Uiiiy of flay This motiowwas agreed to J
. On. motion ot Mr yotimr. .
Resolved, Tha te Obnitite on the
Post 'Office ad Post : .Roads be instructed
o inquire intd the 5t"pediencV of establish
ing a post route from Beatricr rFbrd, North L
Oarohna, to Sherrrll n Ford Post Office,
llokesville", the neigrhborood ol Thomas
tj. Miiy's to Dry Pond. AisOft iat said
committee inquire into the exVedtency of
.csufcshio; a post ronte. from Salisbury,
North. 'Carolina, to Mount Pleasant, in
Cibrras county, to Coburri'sstorp iii Metk
LenbuTjr county. " . , ,"
In the House, March 26, n moHoh bt
Mr-. Petiigrew, JleSolred, That the Com
mitteon the Post Office and Poft lToads
be instrucled t? inquire inio the expedien
cy of establishing- a post rohte from .VVash-.
ington. to Dorhatn's c reek in North ;Card.-'
Una. ' . '. '? .-. -' .... : .
IVtr. Pattern from the Committee ori Tef
ritories, reported the ToH'owingbilis which
'were redd iwiee antfeomrnitted : -
-A bill fol the adjnis-ion df Arkansas in
to the Union, and for the establishment of fi
district. court therein :ahd
A bill to amend tht? Several dcs fbr the
feevcral Territories in the t7liteaVjteSi .
In Senate, M r. E licnajiaii id on tBa ta
ble resolutions' ef the ljecislatorc of the
we are compelled acain to Dfeincne
tiicjr njHHHr nu our next .
For tne same reason, we are unable, thrstweefr.
Nvpubh.sk. i)e proceeding's, of the .Court and
flar'at trie Vecenvierrri of frajikhn county coarf,
on occasion of ih death of James Farrier..
Contested Eteftefafi-At oilr lost dates from
VVashuigion, the coasted eleciion bftwtei
ism andhjew-litrht nullification, and therVwfprft-
i ijd?4 of ueinocracy. An'd were ihe ' n-kuf$.o
pour rortn ineir money, even BioreprofHseiy than
tn?y nave oone, ana start a- pre? in every vil
lage in the State, they would fail or" satisfy-; nff the
tt'hiocrats that ihere is any sohH'dness in mexliriri j
. w u.g ' phnciples, or satety to ihe hereiey ot nuJ
lification. ' T :.
ttMbjlvaniet Whenever the' jieopU of .tbts-
State have a chance to speak- our, incv eondbmn
nit conouci ui inc- MOK-wmg laciion in ineir
Legislature', in tones of the deepest exe'eraiipp.
At 'tHir-'miiniCtp'al clectioa In. Uarrialiursji Ihe
Antf-rhasdhic wh,ia 'candidates were Iteatelij'Trtjd
Inially ruined ; and ihisundsr the very rhfce, and
eft"'!' p '-r-r -r--
Prfnsy'Tvania fritf be regenerated, at bjer iiex
th-etion's. . - v
We want no better evidehce that toe bank
facliori iri ihe rennsyivania jLcgi!athr; rp
consciotis that their days are numbered that
the frnpi' r- against thetn-Mhait tifccr, that
the Eiotr-e have put off the meeiuig o. ibe"Con
.vention to amnd thiCtinstit'itihn. ni),t,il slay,
1W7J tt is intimated ih ihe Dmoerati'c papers.
States bF'Alateaniik Missouri, Illinois, grit). Louis-
iaph .is Uieaarpe. indeed, jt is.tnie.irrevery
Siaie jrhete he has been nominated. Ann now
v . ne
m the last" Asscmniy, having--met in caucus. at . t;..J -t .-.a 1;.1JA
inipauy o-vu ucr-n ppiru,
llllll '.ItL J I I Ui.V. ; k. w
a;s l'Vt.ir.candnlate. They
oartv. "tbuamtz vttvtu. and cho?
I - . " . " . ' - . - m-
fffte tyftjr" candidate. Tl
have been called in the seVe
suite, were tromp.d almost ,t gSgg and uven -when the Icompany was formed,
men who have beet? enemies to. Geo. Jocksoa's r e ' -1 J
a,tm;nictrr,t;V,n At Vn9nv of th. kWilnjH theTndians came from the nammockrand
whilst the v are nomihotinie Ju;riee White at5 a : fired atihem. The Indians were-S&strowr.
silccessor to tteneraj JhcRsori, tke.Vvtakethe op? j The. Indians were pursued, bufsoufd not
porirtniLv of passing resolutions wLich 'dtrectiy Ube-verfakeiV: !HieYlSS the jacility
nnfl unequivocally coiioerun aim ueuuume jeu. .fc- --i '. t? ... . . . .1
Jack.nhi.admi.ur.tation.., . cnllheirtselres almost instantly
ztio 1 hen. is it possible,, for. those who have ! in trie thickets and, swamps, so that it is
heretofore honestly supported Gen- Jackson, to impossible. to. discorer'them." '1
anprovc 01 inesenoiniiaiiou 01 jihc nnws i ' i
Thev cahmil conistentlV.do boiri. Look arodnd (RELIGIOUS ANNIVERSARIES 1
y'oti, iri- any n.eibbrhol select from mmg
yotir friertds the "warm adVa-wcate. of Jujlge WhitiR.
ni a Naifohal bank, 'Or a denier oi' ine i-ight of Jew 'aWd Grentile-."'
insiruciion. - : - .. ... ...
- (There art om? . 'among. u?t who pretend 'that
Judge What is af fiend of General Jackson and
his aumtni-SUUtpn, ann inai ineir pnncipica ac-
COfd. uut 11 lies oe so, ici mf 8k. ihiw re weiu
frwa that counVry to the Cni ted States. T Bbt mm
uk. ..re rrTai ft-- - cJia.-l 1
MeB tho.irieadly Indiaf.f
Safe &J Z: ii"ZrZ lJffli!PP oeR: waeai
cpmiirv-in w wonrt, n-om about latitude io the
3ft7uinemoaQnas qrapp leanaearom ihA
.kAiwfedasvthet it rHfasttwrnmon fofrwheat toyiS?
aji-hanftojnatarxe MO.aas
lor every tanega spwn ! .jf V-aw.s.ei it 'stated,
It apoefifs informatlorj from St. Au-
trcsurue. or tne i5tn. tnai tnree or. me
that some
recently 1
and Sold
e haveaeceagKriVedio wjto f
tondo,. We fed nearly all Frfnrone. dniidirir
mWX iffmm .Wj cosajmexit on the French
WeYQiuuon j aaa. jf Blt. ffo mtfter 0f
pnse, pow that the dijoaorpopulaifert NPth
old worliw drawn off rrorathe cultivaifOn of
he eah p fiiine rante of im mease arjniiap
that AerchwFBafr.of lahpur-n Eurcwld
enable4 the agripttitnrtsta tbei,to supply qs with
grain atarlawejr rate than' we. can produce it ft
purlves,"especiary in the Atlantic states?
Last week was an interesting seaSdri
tnr thr hnrcn-ri?Ti o- rrtrtmn-m thi ritip.nst
r.ltfck:iidhisadmiD . hav.rbtenr a proHtable time -lor " bptfi
Jew aha tjrentile-.' The exerewes of. the
week, cbrrirmenced on Tuesday, ?njth Pres
bVtem.rt fchurch, by rbliffioos services,
fend addresses to' the Pupils and. Teachers
of -the Sunday Schools ; and a larger of
account for the lemarkable fact, that the oppo- more interesting collection of children, we
nents ot Ucn. jacusoH's,.a(iuiiniMoiion5 wrrj
mhtre. are in favor.f Judge White t A tut how
Cheritft,-March .22 G-tton ftl6 i50 to 1ft ftl
flour 7 to '; corn .75. tp 80 ; bacon 11 to 121-2
nmter vo tcr307 sugariite 125. .
Fayettevitlc,. Harrh 24 5ptian rfo4y $i
flour ti.50 40 T; baton 11 io 12 .- corn fib'- jft
m T9 peach brandy Ju j apple d 273 30 a
wnisneyo i.weoi flaxseed 1 25 ; katiobsc
co 6f to ; ;brown srupnr J 3 to il, aj . ;
Wilminttton Mareh.25 Cotton 14 to 14 56
cttrn?5 f-ftpur to 8.; bacon 12 to 13 ; tnrpentin
H Oft jUtr.J, ,60 lo t 53 spirits tunttneQ q
oa ; appiebranay. 4U ; whiskey 40 j coarse talk
25.to3p. : I ; . -' .
tjcwtHpai ftftifarc ao.T-etton .14 toK) ; earn 75
tofO ; llbur 50 i9 80 j . bacop ; whwkej
&temugr Jfflrdl25.iCotrort 16 50.to 17 50i
bs)BnirLWjj?,12Jt; 'ili.UB'tB ftf com
tions which nominated ihe Judge, denounce.. and
condemn '.he r?&$rnt ? i-et "candobr and com
mon sense answer, these .nquiries
: ' " . ! 1 ' & I- J . f . . ft
- V ' . 1 . . ' . j 1 Fi 4 to Pr Phi ; corn' meal 85 to V7 par tefbl
I ihnMW Vho.nnn.iriP,l .tiid k 1 J?'," .'.VS1' r1 ' " .. iwpaceo, une io o;fi W,-0wairng 0 to IO, COl
iwVu,'S ii&v mum by ife WEg5!S35r2 SKaiSlfe
iireacueu. uiiuid im? ween., vti . - t-t. ipwr"'
to by such menare trudrerices. VeTT'ifewt
UO wt.JIWteai mure eneiuinui uie ps" i iKAnfrlv HkmW&MSt pn
uiuuiuruiiw. " nif.ft. .vjV.,w"---- .,'.S;ftfti . .-.
tlLJ . . . i,..i.iri.j,.-' Tun cillftieiis wne jmj uivui, .
ygt? fj-tj' ..t ... t (wr xv rri -hTtriv- kn's to ;coniine tnem to tijerr
vhte rjtr Jack-r-ftfltirpartv, wiiereb' alotle ihcycan stor,' and office., both'by night - and. bt
hope-.ahqo t6eroi nod & suhveitheafff;. ;m4i i-lW'W
re.!TAr.:r of the Methodist xrburcn- jthe
icoo y to 14 ; notrrTD to ST , wheat 1
teyfefc tp Qt -peac- brandy
I 25 ; apple do. 32 to 3 J ; 4a'r S SO:. . v : .
91 xa
GntfcVh irded : indeed, ir-seemotl Vs
gagements of Wn? Cimrhsfim, Mtirt26.- Cotion,- palaadA t
at that UmeA &i 7d t floor 7 7 to 35 : Jtrovh IS tt'80 : ba.
hdpsv t6eitieoI3 to IT : ta87 to,., tarbeatine 4 00;
v Columbia Hier Got t on 14 to 10 50
bacon 14 to 17 ; ficVBr-8 whiskev 43 tb45
I ort . . on : . . ..r
Wfi' fWip. Safes, from
I - 1 . . .. "i m m - -w v a . ma r ,
if any whoar'e real (riendsof the admiilistraAido W rMVSsrs. lourriass, jreHTO, woou,,
hHaulbv tUeix. voice and their infiuonce in this ; iVtitcfiell, and LvtCJLeilI, ana tne iwv,. r. 4iPth-to 22d AmcHmf V .k fOiATL.
.u;ft.ift ::r -tt-:t
party to put off a det iitqn was by asking time
to send nome io tatie liinuer ietiro.Ooy'i wh.cn
would probably; Have kept IHr. G.
the remaintlerof the session. Oil
in his St4t far
Oti the Sjfth i'n-r:
however, the House decided by a Vote of ! Or. u
87, not .tc postpone thesuliject for that purpose :
Mere. Conner, ileberns Peittgrew.vliter,t;l)er.
A. IT. Shepperd, and Vt'tlliams, yotcd jtr rio.n:.
nonfnc : and. .Mes -!?. BVnUtn. Hawkins. aiicv
Montgomery and Speighi, " against pnsipn'e
-mm . v ft .tv . . . - . . . .! it - "a"-,- . 1
Messrs. Kewlatod anc" 6 fa bam, was still Andecj- I ?l " "e oenare concur in uu vsnrapr
.ded. One. means resorted to by Mr. Graham's. PFl',,e. nui ruoim,V SS?
- - tn n n fi r. r ! i nkiM a . . t- a r iii.n in innnn.iani r-v i
legislative action since there is uolhih bind-
; in tiiem to obey the directions of ihe legislature
a that respect .
'lit Fmnsi'vauia, the coalition of Oriti'lmdsons
! am! hawk-whig, intent on prolonging their brief
misrule, pave determined on an extra-session ot
.heir. LCyislaMire in 5ay ; by wfiich the Siaie
w:tl P-e pe.t to the exjienserof some aOOOf) ifoltirs.
merelv to enable a corrupt faction "io me the
nd bs-ricrry
bed over their
between two candidates tor the Presidency, while ' rorefgn tour, - greatly improved, iff heja-lth,
I con fess' that tor myself X think Mr. Tan Buren ! 4here nave been frequent services in the
infinitely Superior jo Judge Whltcyet could ac- ijg;! CmTch of tbis city; during the.
quieSce with cheerfulness n the preference of a j , . ' i; . . .f, -
,THtit,. r,n ,-li..r-i.ft-ftftr it ,iirht .fott .Put il ia i tJ.aSt We'K". -. j-- .
I'll' "i l' .'H .1 UVBI 1 Ift UIUI .Iftftll.,. m-f ft ft ft ft ft. t I
undeniable, that the 'design ot aaafije. Whites
, , . . ... t-. .... .j
rnent. On motion of Mr. Speight, such pait,vf SJ?-'rd their tjiue. ' Kat,. drink, m
Ine.COnstitntion and laws of North CarblM-r on !' fef fp-isttfrVtwe ye tfV' is. i riser ili'ec
oi elections, as should be -pointed.
M v 1 -..-ft U . !tfl. 1 I A ,1 -i. .
ami thercbv to transfer the election of .Piesident . VV i u Hie -AveKiser,
-to .the House of ' Representative Judge yhh.e that .the hoilers ( the steam boat Ben
i to be run against Mr. Van 13iren in the Sout, ( Frank tin burst on:tbe'13th inst. as she AVflS
but not elsewhere. The same party tfi the
warface :ti.t)n their owll trrtticlble?; arid oVcr ! McPhpptprs. of the Presbvteriah church' which 4ao.wM:
T . - i""-""" ,,,,:3 lu rU(?re jn attendance, and took part m tne
their tricndj. . ;, ,.!...... ?;-'- l-'.ijf.': S - - - ": . . , ..-1-
. If the 'contest which is now carried bh. present- J ext?rrv.e. .-,., ; ' c -. .:k&
hA'-tx.. -nthPfltWrt thfiM rhnfi-'. iLv nrhr,t I Bislion Ives havinff returned irom . nis
. ..r, . 4 '(. - . . . . v- .. r- . . i
at I6 to. .20 ceptat
h-ner. dauirh-
AImJ 3dist. Clia
the snwect
out by the petitioner and situng'mernbeiv were
ordered to be printed for. the use of the House.
;Fe. &'tffraf:. It is a miusiffe (to calf it
by no. wore name) of ,lhe. " Heijister." thai Mr.
. ' ft , ' . - . r .ft.
tn tx'eiid Hie richt ol soil rase to lree neirroes in
lirima Banks. Great dissatisfaction is ex
nrrft.Ail in lk.TCVirmHr nnnpp at )Kn j r .1, G r, , t.
postponeVncnt of the bill before the .Vrrcinia 'l;lne stated So far 'from ilii. hein.the.fiierit was.
Lefriature, tor an extenr.On of. the ffahkVhg- J?r9l"tn ,1,s ncJ-'.c exerntpis in. the Unnvp 'niton
cnniialftof that Slate. .On the )'6xb, he. biil'wa s I tHatJhi. tight v. iis restricted tp. those . free blacks
indefinitely postpened in. the House of SjfeUj.itUi, only ..who niigbt possc? a freehold of., not rtM
on morion of Mr. Wiley; lv a vote of- 68 To 48. 1 ifiaaf25o in vpteW free negroes, of suitable
It would seem that the bill owes its defeat i ttK. having possessed ihe riiht to vote Guilder ihe.
io the conflicting interests of Noffollr arid Po- I ojd constiiutlon. If the Editor of the Hesister
the tJeacon;
from !he defeat of tlb bill! "God Same
Comrjionwcalthi" rjxclaims the Beacon ! V
rcavi'naF the wharf for Montgmery.-j---i?ome
"r or G persons were instantaneous
ly killed about a dozen mis9inr. supbo
words, -the JaeT-ipn refvhliton party rronWr. Van sea f to e tieaa : ai d 15 to 20 wottpded.
are to run JMr.' Webster against Mr v an Bvreh
ahd ilie feanie party hi the ff'cH, are to run Gen.
Ha rnsori a z& i nt Mr. Van Bur.cn tn otjier
In Granville coimtv. 1st ;na XMJmii.- H
w rciei sounji, ..,
ter.vtflCof , iljo's Tun&rT
rKU M TtWnasV.Tate.
'TW w or Thomas Allen.
S HiJP ..Ilsrrin kenned
.PT . W 1 ' "
Buren alone, a n a candidate oflhe Unitrti and
ihe ojtpo'sttitni parti start lht.ee -candidat.es agr.int
him otie iri tUeSfonA, anollieV in. ihe IY&!, ahoi ti
er in he$(trtf'. Noiv 'why is thiv? VHatever ma v
Btti'f n
on. the
necessary connecuenre ot lprir course is; tont
4 . t r . . ... .'
iviuoJi.jr me niKSEing-, we notice tne name
pfG. V Martin, of Rolinjfharai North
Carolina " Nine practical engineers cer:fv In
tie. t :t 'J ' - t. .'.T.ft.ft'Li
iny, u? ib uri ryTlf oi tjoe. explosion, tnat
';we believe tlip accident, was caused by
soiue Miijiiuuei person . Auvtng piacea
sortie bbtfuHrp Iii thb way to i prevent tne
bewg raised to its lisdnl
Norfbl k. . rl a rt i cilar1 y , accc rHi n g
;.is to suffer deep and abiding -ifij-.i
tb.f diitVint hiS acchsation to hR.prifounded, it
State of Pennsylvania,
Senators, and n-riitestillo'
tives in Congress to vote for the b iii to ab
propriate the proceeds of the piiblic lands
among the States, and also istru6titi and
requestino; them tfi,yo'tjfc for liberal appro
pridtions for fpr';$c&.ohs' for the peVma
iient defence of the country. "
' WELL''.'pbrE giiih'.;
The Iaegislature of Ohio, at lis late ses
sion, rejected thirty-three. applications lor
fievv banks. Jt passed a lr rrrohibiting
the issu-rtfrtahd 6frculatirfjf within fhe.State
ftmaTi bank, notes. ' It aiso , passed a iaw
prohibiting the bribery, bdnk at Philadel
feliia from establishing any agency or a
o;enciea w ithin the State.- We hope that
every '.deutoeraffc Staiefa the Uniofr will
foliow the exampfe. : " . -Oi0be.
JUDGE WaiTB, "elected if elected
at all, by the jtp&Ntf .the Whigs, he will
naturally aAd ned'essarly"selcct Kis coti
ciljors from their -ranirs,'. and "modify liis
measures aeeofvHng-to their 'virys."
v RiihrrtM rYhig.
ftARTI VAN BtJRE detected,
if eleok-dr at .-al, by the rotes" of the ""fte
ptiblkans.'' hwill xywm&jT&d najesaa
niy select hist coufteiftoteftbla ter rws
.and, modify hi4ja ac
ruakr views. :
ry, ' 'v;ls his duty to have ascertained jh'e farit iri the
tile. case..; . , : : . - -
And since he ha been so heedless'in charging
nptm the Pemncratic candidates.- we will now.
pitl. him npoithe deftnsi-e tki clearin? the sltirts
oi. nis camituaie ci white xchieeerv T) 1 nnt'
Pcnnsytvdniatll seems that the MrgklaHiiTe of.
this stale has rebuked GoV. Riner for bis; ihto.nn
me mn iui incicaaiue me cai7!nfi4Ji ine i.mnrrn.i jmee jiitt vd'p tn .--r a ,-;i., ..r' ..jt... -.
sea iDCOill Byrne reiM- i to tree negroes trf Tennessee where t'h
be lb? object of those dpposed .to 5-1 v. Van
rind to General ifacksiin'o AdmiattralK
necessary consequence of lhcir course
neither Judge VHiie, General Harrison; njr Mr.;
Webster can he.ejected hyj,he pcopli : that to vo c s, - fr
t;.v s, .1 vh,e ;n ti.;.. ni.i r fo isa.ooir.-arve.irom
! nor less than votin? in favor of.trans'errtn.e fpth p'-ionr to give nuj vent tor blowing' on
ie fiiiffc a cnoire oi tne trTetMen.i ; ivr if jnr-: ; tk'iwii . hmm v m n mui u utivc no uuuoi;
rltt liuren is, jttjfrr-fd hrfme .the penfale. neither bn4-what-this-was the only cause of the fa j
tie of the oihier cen'didates can..Sncceed, and the-j ta raccidept. . ' : 1
hoice ofPreftSidenl will .be" made by the jUoitSe I . . J',''!V i g n i wi ' r
-r r 'I'W'ift. re it 1 1 . Kvpuni 'ii;,w htv
ft ft .. 1 J . a. i v. x . J ft i.ij . v.y, i . i i, . tv c
Bank ; for .they have pa?
. i.
.-. jftft.. ft... .w,iiii uj int- rt--jn- t i ticv iickiuc.i in i en nesee wnere tney'rtul not
ite constitutional majorty of twq-thirds;.. irf; de- J !tt?fore:possess that fight 9 Let us have a cste
eir repreSenta- V'-phe of the veto the vote in tlje Houie bcinr
. .r.i -" . - Ol ll;.. o . or ft-'ftT
iu .,,, aiiu in nic ocriaie ;u io l). . . ...
. '','.. . . j i
Citizens Bank of Nw OeiHtC, We ifiirri :frftf
the N, O. Be,e,.trjat 2 PQoOjQ.. p$ the ltin ob
tained in AtWerdam for ihw Banlt, had arrived
in New Orleans, and ihaf the Bank would com
mence" operations early in this moBth--Apr:!.
The c'apiiH eT the Banlr is twelve mijlioflft; for
the whole of Svhtch, the fai'h of the State .is.
pledged. Books were opened on th. fi" ult. for
rcceitrinj supplementary cnpitaJ: No one can
be a stockboltler a'ho does not possess reaf estate
oti which a mortgage is ivf-n 6rf certain terois--who
has hot been for five years in Louisiana
and who is not a citizen of the tlhited States.
. Nc Orleans and Nashville Rail
consequence of a disagreement between ihe two
.Rouses, the bill to iiicorp'oVaie this rottd, has
been lost in. l he Legislature of 'Mississippi. It
seems the House wished' the road to pas ea.st of
Peal rive.-, and the Senate wer beut; on locat
ing it nearer the MUsigjrpi rier. - S-: - ;
Orange Superior Cxhrt, Was held weelr before
last, Judge DomWn presidfng. . Henry-Haft-ia, a
colored man, charged wittf setting n'retnbejaU
of that county, had his trial removed to Caswell
county . Jaines Adcoth was convicted of burglary.,
in breaking into the bouse of Mrs. Elizabeth Ca-
ruthers, at orght, and 8 tent i net tVirr.im rbrinbk.
et book, s He will luerefore sofier rleath; niesJs
pardoned by f he Governor, death beinff the feiral
penalty .for the crime of burglary. Z
-.ft ii m
gbhksLl -answer.
$pUt 'amr.ng the Wlngs-.i t oppears-lhe. :likf!e
wings and the Zsrrwotf-whiga of yircinla, re at
lOffiyernwig.N. wnicn are the real,
of Rcnvcsentafies:
Every consideration hf policy, and a demotion to f have been fa vored with the Fehruarv nd
of -the States . and. a -due regard lor I Ma'rch Nos 'of his very attractivaiicHod-
ts. forbid ih (it. the. peoph shotihl- permit s . ... , ,. , J . .... . ? v
currence. HWw utiefiy impossible it V is pttousneu rnomnry jn rie
' The surplus revenue isL ite ftnU-A
fitmes' treasury, on t.-o feBr,:was
i John Lane, Esd. Edhor of the Wrlr.
aettea nd ; the oldest Editor hi thai cUy , qgd on
v)t. aged 67, . He wa;trdly an ipright
and ueftilitizeBj andnaalcifttfa'aplttenW
- - . ' . . i) ' ,' -
: Cnipctioti fo MurdtrTfaAin gtm itakef
has been Convicted before the criminal Anm im
Nfrw Orleans, fdr the t.: irder of ftwen Wnnft,..'
LQ&.l.A.Aft -r. ."T. ; - . - ' ' ft ft ft a . .
watcBw oi aen wea naim eitniim
xe are not able to decide
, ,hnqn--pure U
i The whif'
ihe Union of the . Slate?,.. ami a -due regard for
their r
sucn nu oec
iso foresee .whom the HoUse of .iTepresenintiycs i by Me
(wi!.J choose ! Whftit guarrinty is there, that the i Bfoftd'iVay, "at-
f.ublic voice wilr be regarded r .'vV ho nan: eriiiwVfefM$6 winrtfiiaftt-.nnd isfCfled fo h aihimo
ft f : li i - ft,ti '
iiiw e4?i speerens n tne moi qiajper
Jy desire. tq:see the president, fhfficl and
i;1 jar" vymuy, ann otner parjs. or, iKUurm
Virginiaare going for HarriSoqand aonveo.-',
lion is called to take place iu Staunton. -rr'hlnn!
ttce. the Presment of Congt-pss, and h"i of Hie
t$ttfc?fRRS wiMt.bftteln'ble for' tT.e tJlihitj;
rf he wishts to preserve it,) Whn 'the North,
fae $AUth," and the West, have each A'setftoMt'
of delegates fromall pirts of.VirginiaV tohtmii
ttttte candidates for ElecirJrs in 'opposition -xakAnd let the House choose whom the v. may,, the
those named by the IF&tffe-whig convention rc
canny neiu .ai, uicnmond. It is said that the
Richmond Whig's private preference' is for
General Harmon, although he will give his
outward ;suppoti -ft Judge Whiii?, until after
the spriagclections. Very little dottbi can eiist,
but what Harrison will nin ahead of White in
Vitginia; ahhorTgh the Democratic candidate,
Afflri' Van Buren, will distance both of them.
VHinTccn Driver .We learn from tfte Cheraw
Ga2ette, that the driver of the mail stag between
Camden and Cherawy recentlv fell frnm KisSMi
in ttstate of intoxication;, when the horses jtarf-
atree, upset it, breaking the tongue, and at the
same time, the gearvijgof the lead -horses broke
lekOFe, which was doubtless t he m eans osaying l he
fives of thS passengers.. On returning h-, r-tV
distance, thev found the driver in t. fLA nninj
. ' ltf - .' ' : - -T- ". ,.uu, ft II ft ft.
auffau,.aiuivu5u tmpuiiw ii ueau, Acartwas
kftftftnftni.1 .Mlft nf1,iftl fti. L. .. ' . . . . '
UlUtUItU, miu nuivu .lic UilirSfSirp ,(,Vftvr
were thrown, and taken to t-hp nnin -:'-'-'
newsoaoers was found in the' rnH uri,!.), oror.-
eftohave beendrQppeffrbmthe stag x Tirnghf
belbftfr From the contractor's 1-Ktor Oir All.
tnnnm and vrilanCe. the n.n
I r . ' : tiir. J j? - ; L Tfx " anymtt
ocGiirreaces win noi on en talcs ptaee.
ca'Mdidate forth'? Presidency, put befdre the House
of Representatives for a choice between. , them ? f
by .Messrs. Wiley & . Long;,
95 per .antrum --or $2,50
Jtidte l&fggery diting cwfly A zealbns White,
Whi? oanar at Bolivar. TenpsW
wiih discontinued ,: Tlie Edhor savs he ' has! a!
J faand it.Imoible to hve pa air?-. 1 ect of th.
(feJateH candidates, and .their partizans will
charge them with corruption "and cdnvulse the,
gjverhtnem to its very cahtre," The qiiestiori is
pot, how such a contingency is to he met atijt
shall have occurred ; but iheJnquiry is,. (and I
present it to the sober judgment of. the people
whrether a wise and prudentpeople .will delibe
rately Cireate the mischiefs which are ' likely to
fptio( it whether they can, .with their "eyes
opened to the consequences,: wilful It encounnW
the hozard of another election jpT President by,
anyiriwunat except inerascivesj.. n my juag
men, a patriot or any party shonla deprecate
it. - '- '
... . i' p. ...
. New nQmpsJiir'e.-ln this state, ih? ge
heral election took place on . Tuesday", 8rfe
inst, j and the democratic .rfiajorifies were
ovefwhelTning. Mr: HiLU. the faithful
ana indefatigable Senator Jja igtf.
fjaaheerijehscred liove-rnor OTthe State
n.ntreir; majority than itn .overnr of
ihai sttrtft evr before ohtained. In Con
cordf .a. Hiiis reaidecfor mbt,T3r1
years, anchwhere the opposition haveditth-
erh lutahjB sway, ohfneiaWi
of; ljiisr both his opponents. ,-: Tbja
bhese majorities, afford a
taLnrdffiQ o ver the
wqp have majde hiih the oh-
v v. tAei r n ou sef
mcfiWAN km Arkansas'.
f $e fpllpwtng, JgaWiiga.: the pe:
tersbhro; ConSteilation s correspondent at
Waafaing&A, 22d inst., it seems MichigaaJ
ana Arkansas, yet be admitted into
tJLm Vh ion as States, ai the pteseht Session :
MV: Benton, from tne select committee.
rtd vhom the constitutions, &c. in relation
to. the admission of Michigan, and of Ar-
Kansas naa oeen reierreu, reponeu Dins to
e.an . ienodaral Xiiterature. -9ne article
(on fihilbfbgy, by ihe c)ehrated American
before ds, "is altrrte worthfhe full pf&s df
the hoira.? Mi, isftac i'rifrtdge, pormast-
er at "GhaptiiH, is Agent for the world
mi iwriri iirotfRa
speciiil oraer for T uesday next. Thus
two mare startr wiH he- added lo the- ior
'I'j fl- .1- .. lifw mY'i.i:-
inern nemispnere, ana pi no, sman lmport-
tdt T.fiayg.
nal fehcity beyond the grave..
agedytata.: e a hroli rhkT
. . ...a w-
TmWFS JLsof Mg
111 wb rarest rnh tttr
12 SaS'asj Pcy rd.
: countv- 17th iit tr
At the Green Pond 'stMrfcaa at 1V1 iYt'i " tMa
ult. of the small poa. Aleodr oifh' A-
VfiMiftj-iMili wOe and seve
TmV.rfW hVr, anda.
1. "v,t,fti,. ... c -
fi Cumbeffand
t JV Abrams.
Mary t.
coqmjr. trth uh. Mr Rennetr.
Murchison, a soldier rftbe Reva4kioo. and m
most 'hK'flitiMic JfsJhe 88th veat-of bisae.
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