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Iq a bower a widow dwelt,
At her feet three lowers knelt ;
Each adored the widow much,
Each essayed her heart to touch ;
One had wit and one had gold
One was cast in beauty's mould ;
Guess which was it won the prize
Tongue, or purse, or handsome eyes?
First began the handsome man,
Peeping proudly o'er her fan j
Red his lips, and white his skin
Could such beauty fail to win 1
Then stepped forth the man of gold,
Cash he counted, coin he told ;
Wealth the burthen of the tale
Could such golden projects fail 1
Then the man of wit and sense
Woo'd her with his eloquence ;
Now she heard him with a sigh ;
Then she blush'd scarce knowing why.
Then she smiled to hear him speak
Then a tear was on her cheek :
Beauty, vanish ! gold depart!
Wit hath won the widow's heart.
In 1827. when North Mississippi was cleared
of the Indians, partially, the whole of this coun
try was then called Yazoo County, extending
over one hundred and fifty miles square. The
law had not taken effect for the want of organi
zation, except in the militia. One col. Cassou
commanded in his regiment the whole country,
and he was all the officer, either civil or military,
that lived in that large tract of country. The
country, as was to be expected, was filled up with
a horde of trifling fellows, and thieves and the
like. About this time theie were missing two
horses in the neighborhood, and col. Cassou cal
led a meeting of the citizens generally, to consult
upon the best measures to adopt in relation to it.
Accordingly, a large collection met at the house
of the Colonel, on Big Black, (where Holmes
County now is) and called the Colonel to the
Chair. Suspicion soon fell upon a young nvin
by the name of Dobson, who was not present.
After consulting and discussing the subject, pro
and con, it was agreed that Dobson should be
brought forward for trial. An old gentleman,
rather more intelligent than some of his cotem
poraries, asked how the meeting could get hold
ofhira? Col. Cassou drew down his eyebrows
in a dignified manner, as if casting about in his
mind previous to giving "the opinion of the
court," and said, "Gentlemen, I will issue an
Ognum Torum Writ, and have him corporally
before me." "Bui what kind of a writ is that
Colonel?" said one old man with caution. " It
is a writ," said the Colonel, gravely, " to take
him as well where he aint, as where he is, and
have him corporally before us." This was sat
isfactory to the meeting, and six men were dis
patched with this awful writ, who returned in
about an hour with the renowned Dobson in
strings. He was arraigned witnesses sworn
but no evidence of even a secondary nature
could be obtained ; yet, after taking the vote, a
majority found hira guilty. The Colonel then
put on an awfully solemn visage, and said, "Isa
ac Dobson ! by authority of the ninth section of
laws in these cases, I pass sentence of death up
on you to be hung by the neck until you are
dead dead; not for stealing horses, but that
horses may 710 be stolea."
That evening Dobson was led to a blackjack,
and hung according to the sentence of "the
Court," admitting that he had stolen the horses,
and that he intended to have taken them to Red
River Raft, and acknowledged the justice of his
sentence. This country is now well settled, and
divided into twenty counties, but the old Colonel
was heard the other day to say: "These are
shocking times a man must be tried three or
four days for stealing and the like, then get clear
by some quirk in the law, when he stole the
horse as plain as the nose on my face I will go
to Texas, and get among civilized folks."
Because the industrious poor of Baltimore
have been so fortunate as to escape the frauds of
bank directors, and our city happens to enjoy the
enviable reputation of being among the very few
where the banks have always honestly perform
ed their duties to the puhlio, we should not be
the less prompt to express our indignation at
such systems of swindling as have recently dis
graced the banks of Philadelphia, and the com
munity which suffers most of the swindlers to
escape. We copy therefore the following :
An elderly lady stepped into our office a day
or two ago, and with much trepidation inquired
what had become of the Pennsylvania Savings
Bank, an institution which flourished for a short
lime at No. 70 South Second street, and then ex
ploded as suddenly as a soap bobble. We in
formed the inquirer that the concern had failed,
haa broken up altogether. A sudden change
eame over the features of the woman ; the blood
shrunk from her face, and for a few minutes she
appeared about to faint. On recovering some
what we saw the tears start from her eyes, while
an aspect of sadness and despair was expressed
in her countenance. It seems that she was a
child's nurse, and after laboring incessantly for
two years, had succeeded in saving from her
earnings between 8 100 and 8 200. She was
offered a situation with a family about to travel
for a few weeks, and being somewhat worn in
health, readily accepted the proposition. She de
termined, however, to place her little all of world
ly wealth, in some suitable institution for safe
keeping, and for such purpose had been directed
to the Bank of Pennsylvania. On seeking for
said bank, she mistook the Savings concern a
bove noticed for the institution she was in quest
of, and deposited her money there without the
slightest hesitation.
Imagine her terror and consternation on re
turning to the ci', to find that the Safety Bank,
as she had supposed, had failed and disappeared,
and that thus she had been robbed of the earn
ings of many an hour of toil and care. The irrief
I r . 1 . o
anu agony 01 me poor woman may be better im
agined than described. We shaft never forget
her look of despondency and wretchedness, and
the scarcely audible tones in which she related
her melancholy story. This, we doubt not, is
one of a hundred similar cases. Can it be won
dered at, that public indignation is strong against
these heartless and ruthless plunderers of the
credulous and poor? Inquirer.
The above is but a single instance of the many
which might be mentioned of the sorrows and
rain brought upon the industrious poor bv the
abominable frauds reoently committed in this
w v bv combinations of heartless roerues ; but we !
are not sure that public indignation is strong
enough against them at least not suincienuy so
as to produce beneficial meets, except m iue
case of the Manual Labor Bank, and in another
instance that of the Divitial institution we do
not knowof anv other prosecutions which are
. . 1 .v t A
more than formality, tnougn 11 must Decouiesseu
thm hrnr mnterials enoueb.- A spirit should
be abroad to induce a relentless hunting down
11 mirsuit not to be diverted bv anv consideration
nfnll who can be Droved truiltv of participa
tion in the fraudulent banking institutions of the
time. There should De a concentration 01 me
nnhlie oninion in this resnect, so intense and
burning in its character, that to trifl with it
would be about as safe as to thrust the hand into
o-lnuinrr fnrniicR The feeline- should be so
irnno that min would as soon think of commit
ling their robberies at noon day in the public
streets, as of accomplishing them under the guise
of banking. But this never nas been tne case,
and npr hans neer will be. These explosions
ure soon forgotten ; our lawsare generally mere
ink and paper where great rogues are concerneu,
and having been cheated, we bear it and go on
to be cheated again with a patience that is truly
wonderful. I' ennsy Iranian.
A mav dt:ivkd by his wife! We learn
that the sheriff of Hartford county, Connecticut,
. . . .. 1 . 1 J 1 . I
arrived in this City last wet K, anu jeii yesieruay
nn rptnm ca me. we are cred ibl v info rm-
J 1 1 w B.va. m. -f ' J
ed, to induce Charles Spencer, the late Cashier
. . 1 r r I r- 1 1
of the lJhcenix liank 01 L.itcniieia, wno was ar
rested in this place for an alleged defalcation, to
ruMim hnmp. Thp shp.rifT rpnrespnts lhat. UDOn
V 1 14 t a - - - - I W
an examination of his accounts, the whole defal
ntinn nm not Amount tn mort than S5000. and
that this had occurred from the extravagance of
his wife, and not from hisown default. 1 heoank
is further satisfied that he has no money or very
! . 1 - j -i r 1 ... :
little wun mm, ana, as an evidence 01 uonesiy, 11
is said that, when he passed through New York,
a large sum of money belonging to the bank was
nn unmtn in one of the New York banks to his
credit, which he might have drawn had he been
disposed, but that he did not touch a cent ot it.
- . r
The sheriff, we understand, came not in his oin
rial canacitv. but as a friend, to induce him to
return ; and states that he was authorized, on the
part of the bank, to assure Spencer that no prose
tion would be had, and that, if he would accept
it, he could retain his place in the bank. We
are sorry to learn that the sheriff's mission has
been unsuccessful, Spencer having- left here, it is
believed, for Texas. St. Lnuis Republican.
Srfniiiiixti'fitor's JVoticc.
At the May term. 1839, of the Court of Pleas and
Quarter Sessions held for the county of Orange, the
subscriber qualified as Administrator to the estate of
Matthew More, deceased, late a citizen of Davidson
count)', Tennessee. AN persons indebted to said estate
are required to make immediate payment, and all hav
ing demands against said estate are requested to present
their claims within the time prescribed by law.
Mooresville, Orange County, N. C.,7 246-6i.
July 6, 1829. 5 Pr. adv. $3 00.
These Pills are no longer among those of doubt
ful utility. They have passed away from the hun
dreds that are daily launched upon the tide of ex
periment, and now stand before the public as high
in reputation, and as extensively employed in all
parts of the United States, the Canadas, Texas,
Mexico, and the West Indies, as any medicine that
has ever been prepared for the relief of suffering
man. They have been introduced wherever it was
found possible to carry them, and there are but few
towns lhat do not contain some remarkable eviden
ces of their good effects. The certificates that have
been presented to the proprietor exceed twenty
thousand ! upwards of live hundred of which are
from regular practicing Physicians, who are the
most competent judges of their merits.
Often have the cures performed by this medicine
furnished subjects for editorial comment, in vari
ous newspapers and journals ; and it may with
truth be asserted that no medicine of the kind has
ever received testimonials of higher value than are
attached to this.
They are in general use as a family medicine, and
there are thousands of families who declare they
Bre never satisfied unless they have a supply al
ways at band.
They have no rival in curing and preventing Bi
lious Fevers, Fever and Ague, Dyspepsia, Liver
Complaints, Sick Head-ache, Jaundice, Asthma,
Dropsy, Rheumatism, Enlargement of the Spleen,
Piles, Cholic, Female Obstructions, Heart-burn,
Furred Tongue, Nausea, Distension of the Stomach
and Bowels, Incipient Diarrhoea, Flatulence, Hab
itual Costiveness, Loss of AnDetite. Blotched or
Sallow Complexion, and in all cases of Torpor of
tne towels, where a cathartic or an aperient is
needed. They are exceedingly mild in their ope
ration, producing neither nausea, griping, nor de
bility. ICf These extraordinary and iustlv celebrated
Pills are sold, in Raleigh, by WILLIAMS & HAY-
wuuu, and VV. M. MASON & CO., and in all
the principal towns in the State. Retail price, 50
cents per box.
May 1, 1839.
235-1 2m eow.
HAVLG purchased the entire stock of Messrs. T. S.
Beckwith &c Co. have commenced the APOTHE
GARY business at the stand formerly occupied by them
where they have just received a further supply of
iJXt. o u o, JiV-lid, trX.-AdS, U1L., 1'AIJS TS,
which they will dispose of on the most reasonable terms.
Merchants and others can be furnished with Patent
and other medicines on as reasonable terms as they
can begot south of the Potomac. Persons would do
well to call and examine for themselves. Physicians at
a distance, who may favor us with their orders, will
have them promptly attended to. No pains will be spar
ed in selecting Chemicals and Pharmaceutical prepara
tions, as they are determined that no Medicines but such
as are genuine, shall be sold by them. One of the
Firm having been brought up to the business, to which
ne will give his undivided attention, thereby avoiding
those fatal mistakes lhat too often occur through incom
petency or carelessness, they hope, by strict attention to
business, to merit a share of the public patronage.
February 29, 1839. .224-tf-eow.
1837, and cost of advertising. . - ' T ATSTna ? ' : ! J i ' ' : i
Owners of Land and by
whom Listed.
No. of
Acres, j tion.
400 200
175 262
808 404
212 300
311 450
113 100
62 16
445 1000
420 180
350 700
1 400
208 250
250 200
66 25
100 25
1080 10S0
240 200
100 75
143 88
655 500
450 500
2S3 71
500 100
600 600
1991 1500
700 640
100 50
262 200
7 300
200 200
120 30
440 400
51 51
418 200
800 2500
150 100
125 90
813 700
250 150
312 331
100 100
629 1127
130 175
451 150
435 300
404 ! 300
100 1 . 150
164 . 538
240 250
503 400
Armstrong James
Armstrong n-awm
Buxton A. V.
Bland Enoch
Bourdeaux N. F.
Beasley Alfred
Bishop George M.
Batson Batt
Corbett Joseph L.
Costin Hugh T.
Charles Joseph M.
Collins Jepu
Castun Jacob
Castun Wm. W.
Castun John W.
Devane Franklin
Everett Ben
Garmon Thomas
Garris Rufus VV.
Garrison Yededick
" for heirs of Garrison
Hufham Wm.
Johnson T. J
Lee Peyton
Larkins Wm. It.
Larkins John
Ledon Alfred
McAlister Charles
Marshall Thomas
Meeks Jeptha
Pridgeon Peter
Pigford Joseph
Powel Davie
Penny Joshua Senr.
Pickett Wm. (D. C.)
Pitman Duncan S.
Russell James
Rochell Amos
Ramsay Walter
Sikes Thomas I.
Scudder Wm.
Siringfield P. R.
Stucky Arthur
Scott Clarissa
Stokely John
Smith John
Sampson Michael's heirs
St. George Mary
Wood Retus T.
Wilton Wm. R.
No. of
By whom Listed.
No. 126
43 A.
Bouie John
Kellogg Wm.
Laspeyre & Clifford
St. George Mrs.
Sampson John
Susan Bazadier
Eliza Hazell
Spicer Mrs. M. M.
Yopp John C.
$ 400
2 77 78
15 Acres
The following Lots are unlisted, on
Anderson Mrs,
Allen Bella
Blake Miles
65 &, 70
134 B
110 A
124 B
part of 3
do 3
Bryan Ann Jane and
Uurnett Mrs. Mary
Baldwin Mrs. M. J.
Brownlow Mr. Sarah
Bazadier Philip
Corbett Wm.
Cochran Aurilla
Elliott Mrs.
Hutchinson Geo.
Huske John
Kelly Abby
Lewis Hannah
Lord W. C. for Henderson
Estate of Morgan
Estate of Geo. Lucas
Estate of Rob't Murphy
Mallett Cha's P.
Morn Ruth
Martin Nancy
Mallett Billy
McMillan Elizabeth
Poisson Ben
S. Springs' Estate
Stow C. C.
Stow & Dickinson
Swan Mrs. Elizabeth
Wm. C. Williams' Estate
Woodward John Estate
Walker Jas. M.
Wilkinson Wm.
Wingate Rhoda
43 A
63 B
71 A
n't 93 & 9S
179 B
Wilmington, N. C. July 15, 1839.
Having a heavy stock of the article on hand, and find
ing it 10 sell too slow for the interest of the owners, 1
now offer it, at retail, by the single bundle, at the low
est wholesale price. Now is your time 10 buy spun
cotton ! WILL. PECK, Ag't.
July 24, 1839. 247-3t.
Trolinges Bridge, Orange County, N. C.
July 16fA, 1839. S
T1A :
You are hereby commanded to attend at your usual
Parade Ground with your respective commands, armed
and equipped as the Law directs, for parade and re
view, with six rounds of powder, on the following days,
to wit :
The 56th Regiment on the 17th September,
The 55th Regiment on tke 19th September,
The 94th Regiment on the 2 1st September,
The 45th Regiment on the 21th September,
The 47th Regiment on the 25th September,
The 48th Regiment on the 28th September,
The 49ih Regiment on the lit October,
By order of
Austin Whitsitt, A:d-de-Carop.
In Equity Spring Term 1S39.
Peter Graybeal wTbe widow. Administrator and heirs
at law ol Archibald W. Woodfin, dec.
IT appearing, to thp satisfaction of the Court, that
Nancy Woodfin, widow of A. W. Woodfin, dec. is not
a resident of tbjs State Ordered, therefore, that publi
cation be made in the North Carolina Standard for six
weeks in succession notifying the said Nancy Woodfin
to appear at the next Superior Court of Equity, to be
held for said county, at the Court House in Jefferson,
on the sixth Monday after the third Monday in August,
then and there to plead, answer or demur to the Com
plainant's Bill, otherwise the same will be taken pro
confesso and heard ex parte as to her.
Teste GEO. BOWER, C. M E.
July 3, pradv. $5 62i 244 6w.
WILL attend promptly and faithfully to all business
confided to their manntrpmenf ithr
ally or as general agents, in the Western District of
iuucbbcc, ui lUE.liuuuciu CUUQlieS Ol tfllSSlSSippi.
They will attend t,he Supreme and Federal Courts at
Jackson, Tennessee, and the Federal Court at Pontotoc,
Mississippi. ;
Office in Somerville, Tennessee. H :
Hon. Thomas Ruffin, 1 Hon. Frederick Nash,
" William Gaston, : " R. M. Sannders.
" Wm. H. Haywood, " John M, Dick, -
Wm. Graham, Michael Hoke, Esq.
Somerville, Tenn., April 5th; 1839. 235-tf
- .. kl ofu .! r nrmher next, the following
of taxes.
Where situated.
Long Creek
Moore's Creek
East side Moore's Creek
Long Creek
.. . do.
Virginia Creek
South River
Long Creek Bridge
Long Creek
Holly Shelter
Cat Skin
N. E. River
Black River
On the Sound
Devils Ditch
Pole Branch
Brick Yard Swamp
Mill Pond
West side Black River
Black River
Long Creek
E. side N. E. River ,
Moore's Creek
Federal Point
Meadow Swamp
Black River
Long Creek
Doctor's Creek
Riley's Creek
Moore's Creek
Sandy Run
Blancher's Branch
E. side N. E. River
Godfrey's Swamp
Long Creek
Moore's Creek
Long Creek
Riley's Creek
Morgan's Branch
Iulet Creek
$ 00 60
4 19
. 2
10 74
3 80
6 30
2 45
8 60
9 60
10 90
Riley's Creek
of Taxes
Joining Wilmington.
16 25
5 72
6 48
1 85
5 73
4 90
8 45
10 00
9 10
which there will be a double Tax
250 Wilmington, 2 31
200 do 1 85
150 do 1 39
300 do 3 39
300 do 2 78
300 do 2 78
300 do 2 78
100 do 92
250 do 2 31
600 do 5 55
S00 do 1 85
650 do 6 1
1500 do 13 83
J50 do 1 37
100 do 92
300 do 2 78
100 do 92J
100 do 92
800 do 7 40
3500 ' do 32 3S
750 do 6 94
200 do 1 SO
100 do 93
300 do 2 73
400 do 3 70
200 do 1 85
1500 do 13 83
3100 do 31 45
175 do 7 51
800 do 13 30
200 do 1 88
500 do 4 63
500 do 4 63
200 do 1 85
(Pr. adv. $
Sheriff of New Hanover
43 75.)
ICE ! The subscriber is ready to supply any person
with ICE, from sunrise till 10 o'clock P. M.
Country orders will be faithfully attended to.
May 8th, 1839. 236-if.
The Subscriber has on
hand an assortment of car
riages. Some very richly
finished, which will, he
thinks, bear a comparison
with any manufactured
elsewhere. The work is
warranted to be faithfully
executed, and will be sold on as favorable terms as at
any regular shop at the North. Those wishing to
supply themselves, will please call and judge for them
selves. THOS. COBBS.
May, 22, 1839. 238-tf.
Star and Register.
The subscriber returns his thanks to his friends,
customers, and the public in general, for the liberal
patronage heretofore bestowed on him, in his line
of business, and hopes by a diligent attention to bu
siness to merit a continuance of the same. ,
There may be, at all times, found in his shop, on
Fayetteville street, one door north of the large brick
building of Benj. B. Smith, Esq., a general assort
ment of the following articles, viz: '
Gentlemen's best plain Saddles j
Quilted and Shafteau do. ;
Also, Bird's patent Spring seat Saddles, of all
kinds, quilted and plain ;
Common Saddles of all kinds ;
Ladies' Saddles, great variety ;
A very large supply of Carriage Harness, both
brass and silver plated;
Barouche Harness ;
Gig and Sulkey do.;
Jersey and Wagon dd.
Saddle Bags; Trunks; Whips; and Spurs:
In fact all articles usually kept in such establish
ments ; all of which will be disposed of at low pri
ces for Cash, or on the usual credit to punctual
customers. . . .
H3" Repairing, of allkinds, done in the best style,
and at the shortest notice.
Raleigh, June 26, 1839. 243-tf.
IJOTICE. Was committed to ihe jail of Wake
JLM county, on the 3rd of March last, a negro man
vho says his name is HENRY, and that he belongs to
Reuben Turnrr, of Kentucky. He is about 6 feet 2 or
3 inches high, quite black, spare made, stammers when
speaking, and is about 22 years old. The owner is re
quested lo come forward, prove property, pay charges,
and take him away, or he will be dealt with as the law
directs, , i ; p. B. BURT, Sheriff. ; .
FOR SJAUE.-r-i he sobscriDer nas or -oaie une
hnmir-d AfcresTof Wood LAND,' within four miles
of the city ot Raleigh.: He will divide it to -soil par-
chasers, at .Zaree uouan per acic. "
course, examine. the premises before they Purchase.--Apply
soon to : . ; -' f'; H. B. HAYES.
July 24, laay. ' ; - -";-"
Statesmen of the Times of George the Third by him
self a very interesting work... .,': -
Another, Sketcnes oi ruuat viinatxi, uj ju
Brougham. . . .' - , ' ' " ,
Concealment, A novel, said to be a novel of the high
est order ol merit. . . r .
Picciola or Captivity Captive, beconu coition.
Francis Reign ot Terror, beiDg a sequel to letters on
Paraguay. m . - ; . .
; Isabella or Sctsseiy, a rtignmage, Auara ijuu auu
other men of character, by D. Jerrold.
Just out of Press and for sale at the North Carolina
Book Store, where may be found one of the most ex
tensive stock of Books ever before offered in any one
House in the United States. :
July 10, 1839. : 245-lf..
Hoit's Cure tor the Tooth-aclie.
fiHIS preparation (a wash) is applied to the pari
A- affected, and without the disagreeable necessity
of extracting the tooth, instantly removes the most
excruciating pain. By gurgling the throat, it complete
ly remedies caDcer sores a disease prevalent among
children. By swallowing a teaspjonful morniog and
evening, an acid or foul stomach is corrected. Tt
sweetens the breath, and is the best cleanser and pre
server of the teeth, now known. Those who desire to
obtain this article must be particular to inquire for
Hoil's Cure for the Toothache, as others are in the
market ; and he would not wish to assume the merit or
censure which justly belongs to another Among the
thousands who have used Hoit's Cure for the Toothache,
no instance is known ol its having failed in effecting a
perfect cure.
The following letter, attesting to the efficacy of
"Hoit's Cure for tke Toothache," is from a gentleman
well known in the literary world as the author of the
'Letters about the Hudson," and other productions of
merit; and will, undoubtedly, be read with interest.
ToC E. Hoit My dear Sir It affords me great
pleasure to bear testimony to the efficacy of your VCuke
for the Tooth-ache." It has been used in my family,
and proved entirely successlul in giving immediate
and permanent reliel to one of the most irritating and
disagreeable pains that "flesh is heir to" viz: the
tooth ache. your very obliged, 6cc.
New York March, 18 1839.
For the Toothache Hold the wash in the mouth till
the pain ceases.
For Sore Mouth Gargle three times a day.
For acid stomach Swallow a tea spoon full morning
and nizht.
For Cleaning Teeth Use it with a brush, which
also sweetens the Breath.
VC7" The above medicine is for sale at the office of
cents per bottle it will be sold at a liberal discount by
the quantity. T. L.UKIJNG, General Agent.
For sale also by WILLIAM WARE of Wilmington, N. C.
Raleigh, Feb. 6, 1838. 22S-tf.
Henderson Car
THE subscriber proposes to publish in Hender
son, Granville Co. N. Ca weekly Newspaper with
the above title.
The town of Henderson, situated on the Rail
Road, midway between Raleigh and Gaston, has
sprung into existence within a lew months : and
surrounded by a fertile, populous and extensive dis
trict of country, (the produce ot which will be car
ried there for sale or transportation) promises to
become a place of great trade. The low rates of
freight, and the facilities for obtaining, at all times,
full supplies of goods from other markets, give it a
decided advantage over towns, located on rivers,
which are navigable only at certain seasons of the
year. . Experience has now clearly proved that the
advantages of speedy transportation on Rail Roads,
more than counterbalance the'increase of expense.
Receiving: the Northern and Southern Mails daily,
and having a tri-weekly Western Mail to branch off
here, a Newspaper will be enabled to furnish its
readers with the earliest commercial, political, and
general intelligence.
For the great convenience of those ordering goods
to the Depot, a list of all packages received will be
carefully published every week. -
The HENDERSON CAR" will advocate the
re-election of the present Chief Magistrate, and
support his Administration. Its publication will
commence as soon as a sufficient number of subscri
bers can be obtained ; and the necessary arrange
ments made for publishing an efficient paper in
proper style.
Terms : Three. Dollars per annum, or Two Dol
lars and Fifty Cents if paid in advance, or in one
month after the receipt of the first number.
Henderson, July 10, 1839. 246 tf f.
fCjp Subscriptions to the above received at the
Office of The North Carolina Standard.
The unparalleled patronage, from every section of the
country is the best evidence of its approval. Its list
embraces over thirty thousand subscribers.
Extending from the Lakes to the Ocean, and com
bining all interests and classes of people of our Repub
lic. It is the largest aad cheapest Journal in the' World.
The general character of ihe Courier is well known.
Its columns contain.
Tales, Naratives, Biographies, Essays ;
Articles on Sciense, Domestic Intelligence, Mechan
ics, Health, Agriculture. Education. Foreign News,
Amusement, Morality, The Drama, New Publications,
City Matters, Amusing miscellany, the silk culture, the
markets, humorous poetical articles, and all other mat
ters discussed in a Universal Family Journal furnish
ing altogeiher as vast, and we believe, as interesting a
variety as can be found in any other journal issued in
the world.
Our arrangements enable us to draw the whole range
of the current literature ol'Europe, acd our Correspon
dents at liome embrace many of the best writers of the
This approved Family paper is strictly neutral in
Politics and Religion, and the uncompromising oppo
nent of Quackery. ,
'Desirous lo add interest to the columns we offer
A Premium of 300 dollars,
For the best Story lhat may be sent us before the first of
November next, to be submitted to the decision or the
following gentlemen, well known in the Literature of
our country.
To those writers who may send us Tales, which we
may not lake the prize, but which we may wish to pub
lish, we shall send an entire set of the Views of Phila
delphia, by the celebrated Wild, embracing 20 of the
prominent buildings ol our city, accompanied by letter
press description and Poetical Illustrations.
CfTh price of the Courier is only S2. including
the view of Fairmount and Girard College, for Par
money and no postage.
n . , , iVb. 70 Dock Street,
Opposite the Exchange, Philadelphia. -
' TO CM7JBS " '
For 820 we end I 20 copies of the Courier, or a
and the VVorks of Capt. Marryatt and Mr Bulwer, em
brucing eighteen Novels of the most popular work of
the day for a $10 Bill we send 5 copies tot P the Courier
Sulwer WrkS 6ilher L Cap' Marryau cHIr!
For a $5 Note, we send to any subscriber, ihe Cour
By Wremfre' TWCtjr V f Philadelphia.
Editors with whom we exchange, as wel! as others
T ? aCK DS Under obllohs by copying the above!"
To all who do so, we shall not only feel gPatified to send
the Conner but will on their sendmg 'm "opj of ffei r
gEIWO anxioug to go to Texas, I offer for sale my
Horns multlcanJis Orchard,
Of three thousand Tree; i They are of one, two and
three years growth, and will be from six to eight feet
high this Sesson. Speculators and' Silk-growers ari
invited to look at them, as they will have a line opnor
tunity to get a bargain. ,'f
Near Raleigh, July 31, 1839. 248-tf
Petersburg Intelligencer, three times.
: i A Parcel of Money, which the owner can have bv
describing the same, and paying cost of advertising
Apply at the Store of . W. .& A. ST1TH
July 24, 1839. 2.lf'
Publishers, Booksellers, and Stationer
Ralegh, North Carolina. '
Have on hand, at very reduced prices, an extensive
stock ot Foreign and American Books and Stationary
consisting in part of Law, Medical, Theological Clast
sical, Miscellaneous, and Blank '
The latest and most approved edition of English
Latin, Greek, French, and Spanish SCHOOL BOOKs'
Maps, Charts, and other articles, suitable to thede
mand of this country.
, July 10th,-1839. , 245tf.
Coughs, Asthma, Inflammation of the Lungs
Is a vegetable extract, of an agreeable taste, and cer
lain in its happy results. The secret of making thi
pleasant elixir was communicated by an Indian chief
or mediciner as he was called, to an English physician
attached to the command of Gen. Wolfe, after the ca
pitulation of Quebec, as an act ot gratitude for some
favor he had received during the progress of that affair
Shortly after this transaction the professional gentle
man was recalled, (by the decease of some wealthy con
nexions at home,) to the possession of an ample for
tune. Although the doctor abandoned his lormer pur
suits, he never relinquished the practice ol the "Indian
Elixir," which he prescribed to a very great extent with
out receiving any compensation whatever, except the
reward which attends the performance of a good action.
After the death of the doctor, from the same humane
motives, "his descendants continued the use of the re
ceipt for a long time, as our numerous testimonals will
show, till the increasing demand made it necessary that
they should form some such arrangement as should de
liver them from the trouble, and yet not diminish its
usefulness. The heir, therefore, finally willed to do
the business entirely by agency; making only so mod
erate a charge, as merely lo defray the expenses ol pre
paring the. medicine-. With a view to this object, the
executors have appointed C. E. HOIT the sole agent
for North America and the West India Islands; who
will reside in New-York, and appoint such sub.agents
as, in his judgment, necessity may require. Ceiiifi.
cates and letters of recommendaiion may be had of the
agents, where many of the originals may be examined,
which would satisfy the most fastidious. As the article
i not sold with a desire to make the profit an object,
the folly of a false repre&ention must appear obvious to
every reasonable person. Price 81 per bottle.
For sale by Thomas Loai.Na, General Agent, at the
ofiice of the North Carolina Standard, Raleigh. Also,
by William Ware, Wilmington, N. C.
May Stb, 1839. 236 tf.
Superior Court of Law, Spring Term, 1839.
Lydia Light loot, vs, James Lightfoot.
Petition for Divorce.
In this case it is shewn that a Subpoena hath issued to
the Defendant, summoning him to appear and answer
this petition, and the Sheriff hath returned thereon that
the said Defendant is not to be found, and proclama
tion being made according to lav.', and Defendant fail
ing to appearand answer ; it was ordered that another
Subpoena should issue, and the said second Subpoena
being issued, il is retuurned by the Sheriff lhat the
Defendant is not to be found, and therefore, proclama
tion was again made, and the said Defendant yet failed
to appear and answer ; and il was therefore ordered at
the last Court, that advertisement be made in one news
paper only. It is now ordered by the Court, that the
Defendant shall be notified to appear at the next Supe
rior Court of Law, for Chatham County, to be held at
the Court House in Pittsborough, on the 3d Monday in
September, 1839, then and there to plead answer, or
demur to this petition, or the same will be taken as
confessed, and heard as exparte ; and this notice shall
be given by advertising this order in the North CarolU
na Standard, published at Raleigh, for three months;
and also by advertising the same for three months in
the North Carolinian published at Fayetteville.
Witness, John Thompson, Clerk, of ?-aid Court, at
office, the 3rd Monday in March, A. D. 1839.
Pittsborough, May 29. (Pr. adv. $12 50.) 239-lGt.
THE New York Sun says: "Brandreth's Pills have
been used among many of our friends, and in our
own family we have used them nearly four years when
we required medicine ; in lhat period, no Doctor save
Dr. Brandreth has cros.-ed our threshold, and no medi
cine besides the. Doctor's Pills used. Our belief i,
,;keep your bowels and blood pure," and every kind of
disease will be prevented or cured. The Brandreth
Pills are eminetly calculated to do this, and thereby
much lessen the sum of human misery."
IbeiNew York bvenins btarsavs: "Brandreth's
Pills are a medicine which their own intense worih uill
secure for them ajarge and ready sale. They have
deservedly a high reputation ; and as a family and
ami bilous remedy, it would be difficult to equal them
among an tne ratent Medicines of thepreseni day."
io tne wnoie tamiiy of men. We feel both
pleasure and satisfaction in recommending to all our
readers, Brandreth's Vegetable Pills, as the most cer
tain, most safe, and invaluable medicine extant. As
anti-biiious and aperient Pills. We n re perfectly con
vinced they stand lar above all others: as a cenain
cure in all cases of worms, scurvy, scorbutic humors,
erysipelas, and all affections of the skin, dropsy, asthma
sione, gravei, piies, ana lumoago, tney will be touno
invaluable.-" London Times.,
Extract from Dr. B's address io the citizens oj
the United States :
"And be careful to remember that I have never
authorised any doctor, druggist, apothecary or pedlar
in the United States to-sell my Pills. Never lorget
that this class, doctors, druggists, apothecaries, and
pedlars are the men who sell counterfeits, (with few
exceptions,; and that all tradesmen who are made
agems have each of them an engraved certificate ot
agency, .signed in writing wiih a pen by me, and which
certificate requires renewal every 12 months, it being
no guaranty for more than one year from date ob
serve the date is not WRITTEN, "it is ENGRAVED.'.
. ;.- i B. BRANDRETH, M D-,
. 241 Broadway, New York.
N, B. All travellers from me have a power of at tor
ney proved before the the Clerk of the county ef New
York. Observe it.
For sale by Wm. Peck, agent, Raleigh N. C. whoU
also duly authorised to appoint Sub agents for the sale
of ihe Pills, in each of the following Counties viz: Cunv
berland, Chalhum, Caswell Franklin, Granville, Guil
ford, Johnston, Moore, -Nash, Orange, Person. Raft
iolph, Rockingham and Wake. In inviting application!
for Sub-Agencies in these Counties, tt is suggested, (-
is usual in such cases) that the, applicant should be rt
commended to the Agent above named at Raleigh.
rT7"Dr. Brandreth's Pills are sold at 25 cents pet
box, with full and clear directions.
P. S. It is a real fact, that the great popularity of the
medicine in this country has tempted the unworthy
to counterfeit extensively ; "hence the importance of the
Doctor's oft repeated caution to purchasers.
ICT-Messrs. TO WLES & CALLUM, of ibU city, hare
a genuine license to sell the Pills. Also, Messrs. COOK.
& CO., of Fayetseville.
; ; 4t- WILL. PECK, Agent.
Raleigh, Feb. 131839.. , , 224 9 mo

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