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'Founded on Facts.
It was some time in the beautif'il month of
. . i . .
!.-,,r -.vhen the hero ol tnis snort narrative
finally concluded to make
love to a fair young
-damsel,' who Was much admired, and conse
quently courted, by most all the young men of
her acquaintance. To attempt here to paint, in
true colors, the beauty, amiablensss and loveli
ness of Adeline, vho is the heroine of this short
story, would be a task for which I readily admit
my incompetency: but I will, nevertheless ob
serve, that I never saw united in the character of:
any one lady, to such a degree, all of those
amiable qualities which exalt the sex to the
highest summit of honorable distinction. To a
A nenptMtinfr. vnsaud-
eda.l.he help ,vbich elan, acccnpU.-hmenu
.....: .1. ;,n.,rt Id-1
anU CiuSiir.al CUUtaiiuu ....j,....
4 . . . .L-u.f. ....
to know that sho was tne oniy cnuuoi imuieii3C- J .,
y wealthy parents, will naturally convey the mand of you ; 1 he old gentleman perceiving
right impressions, that nothing was wanting on the very peculiar situation he occup.ed, ,ns ant
their part to render her amiable and interesting. y handed up the key to Melville who walked
Our hero, whom I will honor by the name of ; swiftly to the- room , which his love was shut
Melville, added to a mind tolerably bright, j "P. whilrt the old gent leman retired to hi, chain-
f disnosition and annearance,
J I " - " J I I
which rendered him not an
unwelcome wooer
of air Adeline's hand.
, - 1 - J A J - -
It was on a loveiy evcninsr, ana Aueiine nus
bordering on her seventeenth year, when she im-i
parted to her parents the intelligence, that her
hand was sought in wedlock by young Melville,
in whom she recognized, all the qualities that
make a good husband. The parents of Adeline
troubled at the will manifested by their daugh
ter of marrying a man, who, though possessing
great comeliness of person, was, they considered,
wofully deficient in some other more substantial
points, remonstrated with regard to'what they
considered the fatal course which she was about
to pursue.
However much Adeline might have wished
to regard the advice of her parent?, (uhomit
roust not be denied she loved dearly) yet it is
certain she did engage herself to MtlviIle,Mvho
because of the inferiority of his wealth compar
ed with that of Adeline, was considered by her
parents, unworthy of uniting himself in wedlock
with their daughter, of whom they expected
greater things. But when once the current of j
love has got its full sweep, it is hard to turn, yea, ;
it is quite impossible. . j
Adeline's feelings being deeply wounded at!
the indifference with which
now to regard her, since
her parents seemed '
i j i a u !
liuviii" ucnaicu iiri
determination to marry
.,, .
ajeiviiie, ner ciciicaiei
..constitution would have certainly given way un -
der the heavy loads of grief and sorrow, but for j
the consolation she received in freauentlv re-
ceiving letters from herdevoted Melville, "a copy
of one of which I give below:
" DearestjAdeline: Having been" so exceed
ingly fortunate as to gain your approbation to
unite vour destiny with that of mine, rest as
sured, that he who now pens this hasty note is
Teady and willing, at any time, to sacrifice his
life itf the attempt to rescue yoa from the tyrani
cal grasp of those who would fain deprire him
of a jewel which he values more than his own
Jife. Your devoted lover till death.
It is here proper to observe that the parents
of Adeline even went to such extremes as to con
fine her in a room which they kept fast locked;
hoping thereby to wean her affections from Mel-
ville. But it was in vain. Whilst confined
the room, in which the severity of her parents j
had thrown her, Adeline by some means con
trived to send a note to Melville, to let him know
that her affection for him was not at all less ar
dent. Here follows a'copy of the note:
My ever dear Melville: Having made
known to my parents my intention of accepting
your uarni, is lue irue cause or my cruel connne-
ment in this room ; even here I think I could be
happy with your presence. I rightly appreci
ate your wish and intention, to extricate me from
the hands and power of those from whom I have
received, of late, nothing but tyranny ! But, ah,
I fear you cannot ! !
My heart is yours forever,
From the tenor of these billets the reader will
quickly perceive, that the pure stream of love
flowed reciprocally.- Melville, having in vain
exerted every effort to peaceably rescue Adeline
from the hands of her cruel father, finally re
solved to have recourse to some other more ef
fectual means.
Prompted by this determination, Melville set
off one morning, to the house of Adeline's par
ents. It is unnecessary to observe that he en
tered on this journey with mingled feelings of
sorrow, hope and joy of sorrow because such
a painful alternative was left him ; of hope, be
cause he was sanguine of success ; of joy, in the
anticipation of a speedy union with his Dul
cinea. Melville finally arriving at the end of his jour
ney, his heart pulsated strong and loud, as he
tapped the door for entrance. Presently came
in an old servant who ushered him in the sitting
room, to await further ordersjone could scarcely
imagine Melville's feelings. Soon appeared the
old gentleman of the house, (Adeline's father)
who, recognizing Melville at the first glance,
accosted him thus: By what authority, sir, do
you enter my house which is not a receptacle for
villains and loafers. Insidious wretch ! how
dare you to make any pretensions to my daugh
ter Adeline, who was raised and brought up in
all the splendor and luxury of opulence, but
whom, it appears, you are desirous to bring to a
level with yourself. I will not I can not see
my daughter wedded to any common fellow.
In that closet where she now is, shall she remain
until she arrives to years of better discretion.
You wretch, depart from my. house; into Jtvhich
I warn you never again to enteratabe peril of
your life, which I do assure you I value very
Melville uttered not a 'word, until the old gen-
S man had got through with his abuse; wnen
he proceeded in mis 'strum: -louruaugmcr
Adeline whom I inter.d to marry, you say, is
locked up in that room. I then demand of you
th L-nv thftt unlocks that door. . I have no. dis
position to intrude upon the sanctity of your
house, but sir,. I am no loafer ; no mob-maker;
nn Invr nf fnrr.uhs: but. sir. I atrain demand of
.... w. ,
you the key. I love Adeline, and in return she
loves me, and I declare, my deliberate determi
nation to marry your daughter Adeline, if in
deed it derogate not from her intrinsic worth to
call her a daughter of yours. Look here! and
Ub.U ibis lance whh I . hold . ny hand
to pierce lliroug h you r body, if you refuse
- - ... i i . J
UiPthn Lpv. which I no7 for the last time de-
j ber t0 wceP-
It would be doing injustice to the
scene for me to attempt to describe the meeting
of these two sincere lovers. Melville fell upon
i his knees and worshipped her beauty. And final
ly nA liic irim InvM Irinmnlmntlu nut nf the room
. . - . . , , .
cured for the occasion, and were soon at the Par
son's who lawfully joined the loving couple in
the hoi' and inseparable .bands of wedlock, in
which happy state may they long live and pros
per.. V- '
Henderson, Feb. 1st, 1840.. . . -
Case of the Africans of the Amistad.
This perplexing ca'se, which has elicited so
much newspaper and lawyer talking, it will be
Sspen by the following from the Nmv Haven
I Herald, has bren decided bv Judge Judso.v, in
favor of the Afi icans he deciding them to be
captured slaves. Lieut. Gedne',"of the United
States brig Washington, has been allowed sal
vage on the vessel and cargo.
On the opening of the Court this morning
Judge-Judson delivered his decision on this im
portant case. After reviewing all the evi
dence and the nature of the various claims
interposed in rbehi!f of the several claimants,
his Honor decided that the 'claim, of Lt. Ged
nfyaridthe ofiirers of the UuitedStnies brig
Washington, for salvage on the vessel,, the A
mistad and cargo, was legal and valid, Lt. G.
havinsr declined any interest in the slaves, as
properly. 1 he claims of Messrs. ureen and
Fordham, of Lonjr Island, was dismissed.
,,,, . . , , . - . .
iii::ioi uie A.ficans, iti meir own
behalf, was
Clicln:.i 0j
the Judge most fully decidod
they came properly within the United
States law of 1813 and IS19, as captured
s and as sucfi remanded to tne possession
and protection of the United States Government,
to be returned to their native country, except
ing Antonio, the Slave of the' Captain, of the Am
istad who was retored to the heirs of his mas
ter as being legally held under the laws of
i Spain. The ground of decision in regard to
tne ctners, was mat toey were not neia Dy tne
j Spanish claimants by any legal title. The .de-
I : l i .i-... .u o:u : i
uiMua iijvoiveu tue ciaim ui in a opauisu t,'UTern
ment under the treaty stipulations, and leaves it
as a matter of diplomacy between that Govern
ment and ours. All other claims were preter
mitted.. The amount of salvage awarded to Lt. Ged
ney and crew is one third of the vessel & cargo,
under appraisement. ,
His Honor the judge occupied about two hours
in the delivery of his review and decision of the
case, which was done in a very lucid and im
pressive manner. It meets the approbation of
all we have heard speak of it & we believe will
honor to his legal acumen and humanity
a man.
It is said, that once, on an occasion when "a
distinguised citizens of North Carolina was dis
gusted by the laste of some beverage or other
which 'vas placed before him at a public table
to nnSWPT th( n1nff nf n nfTn rr tart hn uril-iim.
ed, 'boy! if this is tea brin" me coffee, and if it
is conee Drtng me tea.'
Be Civil. Many persons imagine that unless
they behave with rudeness towards their superi
ors they cannot command respect. The homage
done to such individuals may appear like respect,
but the inward feeling in every instance is that
of contempt. One's conduct should always be
civil, and politeness alone can disarm the malice
of pride, and form a guard against the venom of
the vulgar.
, . e ?r.. Alonday in April next, at the Court
o,, iU5 luuuvv iuS iuia m Ine town oi f ayettevuie, ana i racts ot L-and, in the Uounty of Cumberland,
or so much thereof as will satisfy the tax due thereon for the years 1836. 1837 and 183S. together with
the costs of advertising: :
By whom Listed.
William Salmon,
Arch'd Buir,
John McLeran,
do. ' -Alex'r
Thomas Brock,
Lewis Jones, Sr.
Dougald Baker,.
Alexander Morrison,
Robert Cochran, Jr.
do. :
John C. Ellis, for Ann El
lis, Annanetta Jenkins,
Cintha Mills,
Unlisted and a double tax imposed.
D. D. Salmon,. -for Ann
Edward Webster,
Ditto, for M. Rounds, -D.
A. Salttnarsb,
Seth Russel,
Henry Branson for John
Heirs of Isabella McDou-
Jan. 27, 1840.
FOICWAKDItfG AGEST. The undersign
ed would inform his friends acd the public, that be
will aitendlotbe receiving &: forward in g of goods,- &:
prodace, at the Franklin Depot, oo commissions. Spe
cial attention will at all times be giv en, and the strict
est attention paid to all goods &c. entrusted to bis care,
and ever exertion .will be made to give entire satisfac
January 15th 1840. 273-8t.
i-rnAVED OS5. STOJjEN. Prom
Wake Forest, about
the first of Novem-
ber last, a small Sorrel Mule, about eight or ten years
old any information concerning said Mule-will be
thankfully received, and if brought to cjy house a just
compensation given
Forestville, Wake County, N. C.
January 29. 1310. ,
IMPORTANT SALE. The subscribe hav
ing been appointed Trustee in a Deed from John
Hollo way, for certain purposes therein expressed, will
offer For Sale, before the Court House door in the City
of RALEIGH, on Saturday the 15th day of February
next, all the NEGROES of the said Holloway, there
by conveyed, among which are 3 good Shoemakers,
and a good Seamstress ; and, at the tame time, he will
sell a LOT, in the Eastern part of the City of Raleigh,
adjoiniug Win. Dallas Haywood and others, contain
in" two acres : and another Lot of Ground, containing
9A acres, about bail a mne .cast, oi me uapuoi au
ioir.inw Mrs." Eliza Taylor and others. K7" The
will be without reserve.
Terms Six months credit.
D. W. STONE, Trustee
January 27. 1840. 274-3t
Bernard's Remedy for Asiatic Cholera, an invalua
ble medicine, in cases of Cholera Morbus, Diarahae,
and Spring and Summer Complaints of the bowels, and
which has the highest testraipuials in its favor, is for
sale, at SI per bottle, at the Office t)F the N. Caroli
na Standard, and bv Aixeh Pabks, of Hillsboro'.
Raleigh, N. C 1840. - . 271-tf.
LI,C. Very valuable Property, in the Ctly of Ra
leigh and its vicinity, For Sale Fine Blooded Stock, J c.
The subscriber finding it impossible, from-bis exten
sive engagements id another State, to devote that time
and attention to his business here, requisite to its being
propeily conducted, offers For Sale or Rent the EAGLE
HOTEL, in the Ci:y of Raleigh, at present occupied by
hira. The Hotel, as every one knows, acquainted with
it, is as desirable property as can be owned, if the Pro
prietor can give bis personal atteution to it. it is now
thoroughly furnished, and ihe purchaser or lessee could
lake immediate possession. Few situations in the Uni
ted States offer so fine a chance for the profitable invest
ment of money. '
ALSO, a Lot of GROUND, containing acres, with
a new Duelling, stone Stable and Barn.
ALSO, a PLANTATION on Crab Tree Creek, with
in 2 miles of Raleigh, containing CS7 acres, and inclu
ding all necessary buildings for a comfortable residence.
ALSO, 50 acres of Wood LAND, about 4 miles from
the City, lying near the eld Hillsboro' Road.
The" above Properly will be sold on accommodating
terms. Persons desirous of owning the whole, or' any
part thereof, are requested to make early application.
The subscriber also offers For Sale the whole of his
valuable stock of BLOODED HORSES as follows, viz:
No. I. MARIA WEST, dam of Wajjnerand Fan
nr. foaled in 1827. br Marion, dam Citizen, now in foal
tv imn. Piiam. Produce entered in the Trial Stake,
Nashville, Tenn., S1000 entrance, to be run the day pre
vious to the Peyton Siabe ; also, in the great rroauce
state, near isew urieans, souuu emrance, umc uci,
Fall ol IS 13. (See Spirit of the Times, after January,
for number of Lntrances. j
No. 2 POLLY PEACHAM.by John Richards, dam
imp. Chance, foaled in 1828, now in foal by lnip.rriam
Produce entered in Produee Stake, 1845, mile heats, to
be run over the State Course, near Raleigh, slUUU en
trance ; also, at New Market, Va , S1000. (See Spirit
of the Tiniss, after January, lor the number of the Ln
No. 3. MARY BLOUNT, c. m. ly Sir Charles, dam
by Alfred, foaled in 1833,
No. 4. LA DY ROLAND, b. m. by Tariff, dam Ball's
Florizel, now in foal by imp. Priam.
No. 5 MARY ANN, b. m. by Gohanna,damby Sir
Charles, now in foal by imp. Priam.
No. 6. LADY ClitSTtRtltLD, s. m. loaied in
IS30, by Arab, ber dam by imp. Knowsby, now in foal
by imp. Priam.
No. 7 LAMA, s. m. foaled In 1S30, by Sir Charles,
dam imp. Buzzard, now in foal by. imp. Priam
No. 8. A Dun Mare, foaled in 1S32, by Sir Charles,
now in foal by Red Wasp
No. 9 One half of s. f. FANNY, by Eclipse, out of
No. 1, 3 years old half owned by Col. Hampton, of S
Carolina, and now in his possession.
No. 10. DOLLY THARP. b. f. 2 years old, by imp.
Shakspeare, out of No. 2 won her Sweepstakes over the
State Course, near Raleigh. 9 subscribers, $200 each
No. 11 RAIL ROAD, g. c. 2 years old, by imp. Felt,
dam by iToung fcnday.
Wo. 12. liatt of D.I. AIS'NY LUiSliLi;. Dy imp,
Chateau Margaux, foaled in 1S37 the oiher half own
ed by Thos. Doswell, Hanover county,' Va.
No. 13. A Bay Filly, foaled in 1833, by imp. Priam,
out of IMo. 4 engaged at New Market, Va., J3sub9cri
Ders, sjuu each: also, at the State Course, SIOO'J en
trance. (See Spirit of the Times, after January, for
number ot Lntries.)
No. 14. A Bay Filly, foaled in 1838, by Lyman, out
of No. 5 engaged at New Market, Va., 33 subscnoers,
WO entrance, Spring 3 year olds.
No. 15. A Bay Filly, foaled in 1839, by Andrew,
out ot No. 1 engaged in the great Peyton Stake for
SloU 00U, and is considered one of the most promising
entries in the Stake.
No. 16 A Bay Filly, foaled in 1539, by imp. Priam,
oat ot No. 5.
No. 17. A Bay Filly, foaled in 1839, by imp. Priam,
out of No. 6.
The whole of the above Blooded Stock of HORSES
will be sold at Public Sale, on the 1st day of July next,
in the City of Raleigh, if not privately sold before that
: I
Applications, personally or by letter, can be made.
until ine uay ol sale, at Raleigh, rt. C.
Jan. 1, 1840. 271-tf.
House m the town of Fayetteville, I will sell, for
Location of Land.
Black River,
do. ..
Joins McLauchlin,
McPherson'a Cieek, r
Cape Fear,
Joins McKoy,"
Sand Hill Residence,
West side Cape Fear,
East of Cape Fear Stage Road,
Joins James Geddie, Sr.
Joins Conaly,
Near McPherson's Church,
' East side Cape Fear River,
North Street, Fayetteville,
Laumeon Street, "
North Street, "
1636, 1837, 1838
Near Cameron field,
Joins Louis D. Henry,
Moore street, Fayetteville,
Hay Mount Jug Factory
Franklin street, Fayetteville,
Person street, Campbellton,
West side Cape Fear,
Buir's Creek.
. it'
ll ...
, , of Cumberland county.
(IrPr.adriSia 12.) , . 275-4t.
ft! AM3 of TOWN LOTS- "'iH be sold to the high
est bidder, in the Town of Smithfieid, Johnston
cou'nly, on Tuesday the 25th day of February next, (be
ing the Second day of Johnston County Court, three
very eligible Town Lots, on which are the large and
commodious s! ore, ad dwelling house, lately occupied
by-Rice ic Utley, an Excellent Gin House, kitebfn,
smoke-house,-warehouse, & all other necessary and
convenient dtrthoases. Tb? convenience of the whole for
a Merchar.lile establishment can scarcely be exceeded,
a few alterations vsould also make it an excellent stand,
jor a Tavern, its situation is in. the heart of the Village,
near the Court House, ,
Terms will be accommodating.
THOS RICE, Surviving Partner'
of K1GE & UTLEY.
Srhhhfield' January 15ih 1840. 273.-3'..
Star three times.
Court of Equity, Fall Term, A. D. 1838.
David W. Stone against Joseph B. Hinton and wifejiar
garet, .Thomas B. Dashiell, and Grayson Dashiell,
Sarah Ellen Dashiell, and Elizabeth Mary Dashiell.
It appearing to the satisfaction of thts Court that
Thomas B. Dashiell, one of the above meniioned De
fendants, is not an inhabitant of this State : It is there
fore ordered that publication be made in the North
Carolina Standard, for 6 weeks, ibr the said Deiendants
to appear at the next Term of this Court, to fee held in
the City of Raleigh, on the ffrsfMonday afier the fourth
Moqday of March next, to plead to, or file his answer
to said bill, or Judgment pro contess'o will be taken
against hka. '
Witness Henry WMiIIer Clerlt of our said Cobrt.
the first Monday after the fourth Monday of Septem
ber. A. D. 1S38. .
January, 1, 1840. (5 63) . 270-61.
1 Pursuant jo thtMerms of a. deed of trust tome exe
cuted, bv the late Burwell Pef ry, of the county of
V.ik lor the rurDo.-.e therein "mentioned. I shall offer
for sale on Monday the 10;h day of Febuary next, on the
premises, that valuable plantation belonging to the
said Perry, lying in ihe county of Wake on Neuse Riy
r fvintainino-. about two thodsand acres, onwhich is
an exeellent Saw- and Grist Mill, also, twenty-nine
valuable Negro'.SIaves, or so much of said property, as
may be sufficient to discharge the debts secured Dy
said deed.
Notes with approved security at six and twelve
months, negotiate and payable at the Bank of the
State of North CaTofina, will be received in payment.
The title to the property is unquestionable.
Jan. 9, 1840. 272-ts.
rXT5' Register," insert till day of sale.
jSL ercises of this institution, will re-commeuce on Wed
nesday the 23d ol January, and terminate on June the
23d. . Instruction will be given in all the branches ol
education, usually taught in other Academies, and in
such a manner, it is believed, as will render the school
worthy of the confidence, and patronage of the public.
Particular attention, will be given to the moral im
provement of the students, and care taken to prevent
the too prevalent vices of indolence, and dissipation.
Ancient Languages, S12 50
Geography and Grammar, " 8 00
All other EnglislTstudies, - 6 Oo
Board may be had-in the best families on better
terms than in any other Village. - '
January 15 1840. 272-4t.
E. HALL & Co. are now opening a fresh
and beautiful assortment of Goods in their
line consisting, in part, of Gentlemen's best
Beaver Brush, and Satin Beaver HATS, from
the most approved Manufactories in New York and
Philadelphia, ami which, in point of beauty and ex
cellence, cannot be surpassed. Also Fur, Seal and
otter CAPS, some of which are very superior. Light
and heavy Calf BOOTS, manufactured by Miles, de
cidedly the best Boot maker in Philadelphia together
with a ceneral as-ortmeut of waier proof and Rail Road
which will be sold at piices which caunot fail to give
atisfaction, to those disposed to purchase.
CalT at the sign of the Large Black Hat.
Daily 'expected a fine lot of Fashionably cut,
and well made CLOTHING for Gentlemen's wear.
E. HALL &z Co.
Oc tober 9, 1839. , 258 tf.
O Court of Pleas As Quarter Sessions, Nov. term, 1S39
Stringer Croom, vs. Alexander Croom aud Richard
..Original Attachment.
IT appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that th
delendant in this ca$e is a non-resident of said Stale . It
is ordered, therefore, that publication be made, for six
weeks successively, notilyine him to appear at the next
Court bf Pleas and Quaiter Sessions to be held for said
county, at the CourfHouse in Waynesborough, on the
3rd Monday of February next, then and ihere to replevy
or plead to issue, or judgment final will be entered a
gainst him, and the enects levied on condemned to sat
isiy the plaintiff s demand.
"Witness, Jno. A. Green clerk of our said Court, at of-
' fice the 3rd Monday of November, 1839.
JNO. A. GREEN, Cl'k.
Jan. 1,1810. (Pr.adv. $5 62$.) . 270-6U
1.1 STO RE Bargains ! Bargains ! ! Bargains ! ! !
The subscriber has just opened, at his aev store, a
large assortment of HATS. and CAPS, of a variety of
shapes, ccc, from common lo superfine qualities, the
whole or any part of which he will sell very cheap. The
1.T r. . - . .1 1 . 1 . i v i
New Store is the place at which you can buy bargains.
Call and see! One trial will prove that STEEDS is
selling greater bargains in HATS and CAPS than are
generally sold, M. T. STEEDS,
jNew btore, next door to Mr. B. B. Smith's;
Janl, 1840. , 270 ti
JL undersigned have the pleasure to announce to the
public, that they have secured the services of Miss
Maria L. Converse, late of Richmond, -Va. as principal
and those of Miss M. W. Ha wks, as assistant in the a
bbve institution. . From the high character these young
ladies enjoy with all who have had an opportunity ol
becoming acquainted with their qualifications, we have
ere at confidence in presenting their claims to the pub
lie as worthy of. the highest consideration. They are
not without experience in teaching and where they
nave neretoiore tausmi. meir patrons nave neid them
in high estimation as is manifested by the daily and
hourly applications now made lor admission into their
present school on behalt ot their lormer pupils
rjonnecteo wrtti tne institution is a Musical Depart
ment nowunr.erine direction or ;ur. j. a. z.. Winkler,
a native of Germany, a gentleman of reputation in his
line, who will give instruction in any or all of the
branches of music. .
Board can be obtained in the village at the ver'v low
rate, of $6 00 per month, exclusive of candles, and the
prices of tuition will be found, we think, unusually
ww. xuey are as iuuuwb, luwu;
For spelling, reading and writing,' -
86 00
9 00
12 00
20 00
English Grammar, Geography, and Arithmetic,
History, Astronomy, Natural & Moral )
Philosophy, &c. - - I
Music on Piano, -
Do. Guitar,
Drawing and Painting,
Mezzotinto Painting, extra
r.;nn,ni t1: . : . .
prenck and German hv MY. WinlrUr .o'X
An extra charsre.of fifty cents fOr'each
made for the contingent uses of the school,? and each
oiuaicai scnoiar win De cnarjreo si 50 ibr th. r
me instruments.
N. M. ROAN, ,
imwjYuic January, io, ia-iu.- 273-3t.
TUISWEft & HUGHES keep constantly for
sale the following Musical Woiks: , ,.v
' The Boston Handle and Hayden'a Collection, Ma
sons iSacred Harp, Jones' Evening .Melodies, Smith
cc Little's Collection, Missouri Harmony, The Ameri
can Harp, Tempi i Carmrna or Songs of the Temple,
Music "pfl the Chnrch, American Psalmody, The
Harmonist, Dyres Philadelphia Collection, National
Church Harmony, The Lyrist : Violin,--Flute, Gui
tar, Piano -Forte, andFife Preceptors, with an ex
tensive', and valuable supply of the most approved
Editions of American and. European Books, in History,
Biography, Travels fie Voyages, Theology, Poetry,
Arts 6c Sciences, Classical and School Books, in LatiD,
Greek, German, Spanish, French and English.
Together with a general assortment of American and
EngHsh. Stationary, Musical Instruments, of almost
every description, Vielin and Guitar Strings, together
wiih.a large collection; of music, tor the Piano.
Call at The N. C. Book Store, if you wish to find
articles of theabove line good and Cheap. .
Jan. 22, 1840. ' 273-lf.
ery, at the North Carolina Book Store ' ,
1837. -
Hon. JAS. IRE DELL, Attorney and Counsellor at Law.
Turner 2c Hpuues, the Proprietors, respectfully ask
the patronage of the pubuc lor this work, which has been
published at great expense
It con tains-near a thousand
pages, and is, therefore, necessarily divided into" two
royal octavo volumes of about five hundred pages each,
printed on good type and fine paper, and well bound.
Price, nine Dollars a copy.
It is recommended not only to professional men, all
of whom will doubtless possess themselves-of it, to di
rect and abridge their labors, but it is also urged upon
the notice of all Justices, Sheriffs, and other judicial of
ficers, as afforditg them an exposition, in a lew words,
of the points which the Supreme Court of North Caro
lina has decided in relation to their duties. For a sim
ilar reason, rtis recommended to private gentlemen,
-iwhomay have an inclination or fee), an interest to know
the determinations of the Supreme Court, which consti
tute, so lar as they decide, the law of- the land, as imperative-as
any Act of Assembly, and as' biuding in
their operation upon every member of the community.
Jan. S, 1840. , 271-tf.
Fur HATS, Wool HATS, Fur CAPS, Hair Seal
CAPS, Sealette CAPS, apd Cloth CAPS, for sale at the
unheard of low piices introduced by M. T. STEEDS,
at the New Store next door to Mr. B.. B. Smith's.
Jan. 1, 1810. , 270 tf.
LOOK AT THIS ! Boy's CAPS for sale at thirty
seven and a half cents! If these are not bargains
where can they be found ? But thee are only a part of
the bargains which STEEDS has for his patrons. Call
and see. The place to buy cheap HATS and CAPS is
next door to Mr. B. B. Smith's, Fayette viile street.
To prove the fact needs but a call, which is respectful
ly solicited bv - M. T. STEEDS.
Jan. 1, 1840. 270-tf.
North Carolina, Duplin County, )
October 22d, 1839.
rflIlE subscriber having qualified as Administrator
jL on the Estate of the Rev. Alexander Mclver, fle-
ccascu at uctober Icrm lbJy, hereby notice all persons
indebted to said estate, to make immediate payment,
ana an Having claims against the estate of the said de
ceased, of any kind whatever, jre requested to. present
the same authenticated as the law directs within the
lime prescribed by law, or this notice will be plead iu
oar ot recovery.
JAS. PEARSALL, Adminstrator.
Dec. 25, 1S39. (pr. adv. S4.) 269 13t.
Ul'y.TliiSy OATS. 31. T.-- STEEDS has
O just received and opened some of the -most Splen
did lit. A Villi, MOLESKIN and PLAIN RUSSIA
Hats, ever made in the United States. io which he
would respectfully invite the attention of the citizens
ol JNorth Carolina, assuring them, that his Store is the
Jriace to call if they want a Handsome, Durable, and
Cheap Hat.
Call at the New, Fashionable and Cheap, North
Carolina Hat Store. Next door to Mr. B. B. Smith's.
.. : 1 1 r-. -r. i - t -. '
jraycucviue oireei, iiaieigu, JN. U.
Jan. 22, 1840. 273-tf.
paJOXJ.CE. Was committed to the jail of Wake
-Li county, on the 3rd of March last, a nesrro man
M ho says his name is HENRY, and that he belongs to
Reuben Turner, of Kentucky. He is about 6 feet 2 or
3 inches high, quite black, spare made, stammers when
speaking, and is about 22 years old. The owner is re
quested to come forward, prove property, pay charges,
and take him away, or he will be dealt with as the law
directs. F. B. BURT, Sheriff.
May 1. 235-tf.
Superior. Court of law, September Term, A. D.8 19
George W. Roberts, vs. Elizabeth Roberts.
Petition for Divorce.
The defendant called and failed. Judgment pro cou
lesso. uraered Dy tne court that publication be made
for three months in ihe Carolina Watchman and the
Raleigh Standard, for, the Defendant to appear at the
next lerm ot our said Court, to be held lor said Coun
ty, at the Court House in Rockford on the 5th Monday
aner me aro. luonuay in Jtebruary next tlien and there
to answer to the alegalion in said Bill, or the prayer o
the petition will be granted.
Witness, Winston Somers, Clerk of said Court at of
fice the 5th Monday after the 3rd Monday in August,
a. v. iojy. - -
Dec. 25, 1839, (pr. adv. $7$.) 269.;
Wake Countv.-
-j.ne subscriber having at Novem.
ber sessions, A.J). 1839. of Wake County Court, auali
tied as Administrator to the estate of Burwell Perrv.de-
ceaseo, nereoy gives notice to all persons having debts,
.1. . . .. . . y-
ciaiujs, or uenianas against me said isurweii ferry, de
ceased, to present them to him for payment, propeily
.1 .: .J ., ..- A. . . ' . r
uiucuutdicu, wunin ine time prescnoeu oy law, or
this notice will be plead m bar of their recovery. And
those indebted to said intestate are requested to make
ramectiare payment.
Wake county, Nov. 24, 1839. , . 267 13t
rmo COACH MAKERS. Being about to re
1L move from, this State. I offer for qn Ia nil mir ma.
nais ana unnnisnea wort, tosether w th mW tol
. , . " . r "laic
and fixtures.' I have also a Labor Sa
propelled by horse power, which is of great advan-
iagc m t voa.cu ivjaiang establishment.
x o any one wno is disposed to carry on this busi
ness, ana is a erooa workman, few nlaooe nrio
uu .oc same ouuiages. as timber can be had
in great abundance, and no place in my knowledge
ia uiuic ucdiiuy.
Any person .who is disnnsprf tn mimTiaea ua
above articles, can get a great bargain in them, and
terms made easy. Early application is desirable.
v alvv-v v ivaic UV LDP Ith Vllth r
monia. THOMAS r?rmn
December 4. 1839. 266-tf
now offer for sale, mv Plantation r.u..
of Neuse Rlr Cribtree, ad WalnuYcrleks 6 m,e
I'.nU nr. Rg ioh fnnla . n ; H i . ..
w., iiooui mree bundled and
imy-scvcu acre, aiso another Diec mttnin or iti.nih..
containing about Ninety Acres. There' is ground en
ough opened on the lormer tract, to work to advantage
five or six hands. There is on this, tract a comfortable
dwelling house, and good negro houses, &c. together
with an excellent young Apple Orchard, of choice fruiu
Ihe other tract is entirelv in wnn t. : .
fnn a o nrf vriaK? n
to view the premises, will call on
the subscriber at Raleigh, or the overseer on the pre
mises who will show the land. .
kivc a uiscnpuon oi rnis land, further than lo say, that
for location, and fertility, it,, is not surpassed by any
tract of its size in this Countv. Tkn ... ...
i or terms apply to, the subscriber
, ' ctn ''' v THO. COBBS.
Jan. 1, 1840. 27tUf
(Star, and Register, tf.) ' '
few remaining thorough bred sons of Old Sir Ar
chie, is" now offered for sale very low, or to farm ou
next season, if application be made by the 1st of MarrK
next, or sooner. ' Q
Character is rising 15 years old is a beautiful deen
sorrel, 5 feet 3 inches high has been successful in run
ning at Hillsborough and other places, and his colts are
now oo the turf and. running with much success.
Character was got by the celebrated Old Sir Archie
his dam by the imported Druid grandam the famoul
Old 'Mark Anthony his g. grandam by ihe imported
Old Jolly Roger, out of a thorough bred Race Mare
His colts are.large and likely. To be convinced ol this
fact, it is only necessary to visit Pomona and see them
IL I have a few fine blooded MARES, very chean'
ALSO, several fine Devon BULL YEARLINGS and
HEIFERS for sale said to be the best blood in En
land, for the practical Farmer. b"
For further particulars, apply to SETH JONES
Pomona, near Raleigh, Dec. 18, 1839. 268 tf!
30 REWARD. I will give the above reward of
7 Thirty Dollars to any person who will apprehend
and deliver to me, or confine in jail so that 1 can et
him, my.negro man TOM, who ran away from rue a
bout the 9th of February last. TOM is about forty-t0
or forty-three years old, about five feet five or six inch
es high rather light built, of light complexion, almost
of the Indian order, lank or hollow jawed, wears his hair
combed up in.front, when spoken to has a do-vn look
no." particular mark recollected, except a scar from a se!
vere cut on his right fore finger. It is believed he has
with him Free Papers belonging to James Lucas or Lo.
oust, who froze to death in January last in the neighbor
hood ; since which his Free Papers have not been found
or heard of; and f have no doubt TOM is now passn.
Lhimself as James Lucas or Locust as a free man. I W
reason to believe that he is occasionally lurking about
Louisburg, as 1 bought him of Mr. Josiah Beidges of
that vicinity.
All persons are eautioned against employing, harbor
ing, carrying away, or assisting him to get away, as the
law will in every case be rigidlv enforced.
Vicksville P. O., Nash county, N. C.
August 21,-1839. 3
ROCGII. Miss Maria J. Holmes' School
will be opened in Pittsbbrough, on the 1st day ol Feb
ruary, next, she has procured the services ol a compe
tent assistant -an the School, and will give instruction
to a few young girls in tbeordinary branches of n.
glish education, viz: Reading, Writing, Grammar
Arithmetic, and Geography, wiih History, Botany Mo
ral Philosophy, Rhetoric, and other branches that may
be desired.
Tuition, for reading, writing, grammar, arithmetic,
and geography, Eight Dollars, per Session of twenty
one weeks.
For the above, with History, Botany, Moral Philoso
phy, ajid Rhetoric, Twelve Dollais and Fifty Cents
per Session,
Miss Holmes will take a few girls to board at $10
per month, including all expenses. Tuition and board
in all cases paid in advance.
Board in other respectable houses at the same rates.
If desired, Instruction in French, Latin and Music on
the Piano Forte will be given, at $10 per Session, lor
Lat in-or French, aud $25' per Session tor Music on the
Piano Forte. . . January 18, 1840. 273 4t.
Coun of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, Nov. term, l&3y.
James Griswcld vs. Ec"mund H. Whitfield.
Original Attachment.
IT appearing to the satisfaction of ihe Court that the
defendant in this case is a non-resident ol this State: It
is ordered, therefore, that publication be made, for six
weeks successively, notifying him to appear at the nexi
Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions to be held for said
county, at the Court House in Waynesborongh, on the
3rd Monday ol February next, then and there to replevy
or plead to issue, or judgment final will be entered a
gainst him and the effects levied on condemned to sat
isfy the plaintiff's demand.
Witnessf Jno. A. Green clerk of our said Court, at
ofir;e the 3rd Monday of November, 1S39.
JNO. A. GREEN, Cl'k.
Jan. 1, 1840. (85 62$) 270-7t.
Cough 's, Asthma, Inflammation of the Lungs,
Is a vegetable extract, of an agreeable taste, and cer
tain in its happy results. The s-ecret of making this
pleasant elixir was communicated by an Indian chie,
or mediciner as he was called, to an English physician
attached to the command of Gen. Wolfe, after the ca
pitulation of Quebec, as. an act of gratitude for some
favor he had received during the progress of that affair.
Shortly after this transaction the professional gentle
man was recalled, (by the decease of some wealthy con
nexions at home,) to the possession of an ample for
tune. Although the doctor abandoned bis former pur
suits, he never relinquished the -practice of the "Indian
Elixir," which he prescribed to a very great extent with
out receiving any compensation whatever, except the
reward which attends the performance of a good action.
After the death of the doctor, from the same humane
motives, his descendants continued the use of the re
ceipt for a long time, as our numerous testimonals will
show, till the increasing demand made it necessary that
they should form some such arrangement as should de
liver Ihem from the trouble, and yet not diminish its
usefulness. The heir, therefore, finally willed to do
the business entirely by agency; making only so mod
erate a charge, as merely to defray the expenses ol pre
paring the' medicine. With a view to this object, the
executors have appointed C. E- HOIT the sole agent
for North America and the West India Islands ; who
will reside in New-York, and appoint such sub.aeenls
as, in his judgment, necessity may require. Certifi
cates and letters of lecommendaiion may be had of the
agents, where many of the originals may be examined,
which would satisfy the most fastidious. As the article
is not sold with a desire to make the profit an object,
the folly of a false represention must appear obvious to
every reasonable person. Price $1 per bottle.
For sale by Thomas Loiung. General Ant. ai the -
office of the North Carolina Standard. Raleigh. Also,
by William Ware, Wilmington, N. C. and by Allen
Parlrs Hilll-.nrr
. May Stb, 1839.
ESoit's Cure tor the Tdoth-aclie.
lHlS preparation (a wash) is applied to the part
A affected, and without the disagreeable necessity
of extracting the tooth, instantly removes the most
excruciating pain. By gurgling the throat, it complete
ly remedies cancer sores a disease prevalent among
children. By swallowing a teaspjonful morning and
evening, an acid or' foul stomach is corrected. It
sweetens th breath, and is the best cleanser and pre
server of the teeth, now known. Those who desire to
obtain this article must be particular to inauire for
Hoit's Cure for the Toothache, as others are in the
market ; and he would not wish to assume the merit or
censure which justly belongs to another. Among the
thousands who have used Hoit's Cure for the Toothache,
no instance is known ol its having failed in effecting a
peneci cure.
The following letter, attesting to the efficacy of
"Hoit's Cure for the Toothache," is from a gentleman
wen Known in tne literary world as the author of the
"Letters about the Hudson," and other productions of
merit; and will, undoubtedly,' be read with interest.
To C. E. Hoit My dear Sir It affords me ereat
pleasure to bear testimony to the efficacy of your "Cuke
foe the Tooth ache." It has been used in my family,
and proved entirely successful in giving immediate
and permanent relief lo one'of the most irritating and
disagreeable pains that "flesh is heir to" viz : the
tooth-ache. your very oblieed. Ace. .
New York March, 18 1839. '
For the Toothache Hold the wash in the mouth Still
the pain ceases. - -
For Sore Mouth) Gargle three times a day.
For acid stomach Swallow a tea sooon full morniDS
and night. "
For Cleaning TeethUse it with a brush, which
also sweetens the Breath.
O" The above medicine is for sale at the office of
cents per bottle ft will be sold at a liberal discount by
ne quantity. T. LORING, General Agent.
For sale also by WILLIAM WARE of Wilmington, N. C.
Raleigh, Feb. 6, 1838. 223-tf.

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