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To the Medio
Gent leaf en
subjoined list of
TptfRNEEi & HUGHES, would
A beg leave to call the attention of
Hf ttvo ahnvp Profession, to the
new and valuable Works, and solicit their oiders
for the same, viz:
aaattmical Alia, by Smith A Horner, imperial
8 volumes, near 650 Figure.
Alison's Uulline ot rainotog.y, in i vol, o o.
a lVew Work.
Chapman on Thoracic and Abdominal viscera,
1 volum. . ; '
Do.-oo Fesera, Dropsy, on Goat, in 1 trol.,.8
Oarnenter's Human Phrsioloffy.
STrAatrey Cooper ou HerniS; with plates,
Edition.) l "
Ditto on the Testis and Thymous Gfand
Condie on IJrseases ot ruuire,
Churchill on- Females
Ditto. Midwifery.
Dru ill's Modern Surgery.
Fergussori's Practical Surgery,-
Uraoim t tnemistry .
Hope on the Heart.
' Miller's Surgery.- '
Lawrence on the Eye.
" MUles Physiology. ,
Taylor's Medical Jurisprudence.
$400 REWARD.
Proclamation : By His Ereeflency, WrtLiAit
A. Graham, Governor of North Carolina.
A. Hollow ay, late ot Person county, in this
State, stands charged by aa Inquisition taken before
Haywood Williams, Coroner lor said County, with the
murder on the 5th of f eburary last, in a Most cruel man
Brigham on Mental ExcHeniettt aitf"univatioMnfrt0(r4 negro Woman, slave, named Sara?, tire pro-
' - - - : ' - J
Cheap Books Cheap Books !
MILMAN'S Gibbons Decline and fall of the Roman
Empire, for fB 75. The complete worksofHan
nah Moore, price only $2. The complete works oT Wil
liam Shakespear, with numerous engravirrgs. for $8.
i ne uienra opeccnei 01 nenry Uiay, price jfl- me
History ol the Reformation by J. H. Merle. De Aubigne,
-price $1; with the greatest variety of Cheap Books, of
every kind and for all varieties of tastes. Call at the
well known stand No. 1, Cheap side, Raleigh, North Car
olina Book Store. TURNER HUGHES.
Raleigh, June 26, 184. - ! 504-ly.
TURNER It' "HUGHES haVe on handa tet exten
sive cofleefrionof Law Books, which they are now
offering, to the piofession-at very reduced prices "for the
Cash, at the bf. C. Book Store.
Raleigh, June 2ft, 184-4. , 504-ly.
"VVs&fr? principles and Practice of Medicine.
Wilrianae Pathology. .
WiUon's Human Anatomy.
Mcintosh's Practice of Medicine, by Vtoriot,
Cooper on Dislocations and Fractures.
Also, alt the works of Dr4.1ewees, Horner,
Ebet'.e, Dunglinson, and others, with all the new
works as they are issued from the Press. , .
Orders from a distance, thankfully received and
promptly attended to. v , .
Publishers' Agents.
Raleigh, March 13tlfc 541 ly.
SEATJED Proposals will be received'hy the tm
der$lgoed4 until .the 15ih April next; for the
building a new J a II. -for wake county. I tg bids
to be separate for lire Rock, Brick, and Carpenters
work. Plans and, specifications will be exhibited
by William WbJte, Bxjuire, of Raleigh.
Bonds and security will be required for the faith
ful performance of rhe work.
James litghford,
jordan wqmble,
william r. poole,
william white,
- Cmmiionr.
March lrkh, 181S. 54l-4f.
AN EXTENSIVE collection of Theological IVorlfs,
consisting of Bibles, Pravt - Books, ttvmn ITooIm
m 1 oi . i m i . . t . f . .
ounoay -ocnoot ooaa, WHO SVSb. lODkitr Ol Oter Then-
!- mf ' . mm M a ml I
logical works, lor trve pious reader and inquirer after
ruth. They are offered at unusual low prices for cash.
Call at the North Carolina Bpok Store and examine for
youMeFves. - J TURNER A HUGHES. -Raleigh,
June 26, 1844. 004-ly.
THE greatest a no' most extensive variety, calculated
to suit Classical and common Schools, consisting
partly of Arithmetic, Geographies, Histories.TtfathefTra
tical works, Latin nd Grec Grammars, and also En
glisb Grammars, Gra;ca Majoros, Xenophon's Greek and
Latin Readers, Caesar's Sallust, and Cicero's Horace,
wrth'a great variety of others, which we "will supply at
Very reduced prices. AH orders from abroad thankfully
received and promptly attended to, by
Raleigh, June 26, 1844. 504-ly.
nertv of the said John A. Helloway : and the said John
A. Hollo way is charged in like-manner with being pre
sent, feloniously abetting aori encourajjtng the 'ianrder
aforesaid : And whereas it -has been certified fr, that the
said AnnHollowav ajdJ A. HoHowav have fled from
justice, and have probably escaped beyond the iioiits .of the
Nw ft the end that the said Aftn HoTloway and John
V&: flalloway, may be xrrest'ed and brought to triaf for
tea sjkI ottence, I rurnerewy issue mra my i-rociainn-
tion, offering a reward ortwo hoticired dollars each, tor
the-apprehensien and delivery ot either of said ofterrders
to the Sheriff of Person County, or for their commitment
to any Jail in the United State, provided the same be
more than one hundred mi las distance irom Jlox.be-rough,
in Person County aforesaid.. . And J do moreover, enjoin
and require all Officers of this. State, Civil- and Military,
to use their best exertions to apprebend, and toeauaeta
be apprehended the fugitives aforesaid.
Given' under my hand, and attested
with the Great SeaJ of the State, at
the City of llalrigh, this Giii March,
By His Excellency's Command, ' '
H. H. Graham, Private Secretary
John A. Hollow ay is about 85 years of age, 5 feet
10 inches hish, slightly corpulent, weight about 170 or
180 pounds, florid complexion, yellow, curly hair, a little
thin on the top of the head ; hands -and wrists large, and
covered with yellow hair ; eyes blue or -grey, and laughs
frequently u ordinary conversation.
A .nx Hollow a v is under the common size of wo
men, a good figure, eyes blue or grey, and manners cor
responding to a violent temper.
. March ft, 1S45. - "- 540-4 1.
i - - j -
Kaleigla Classical, mathematical and
.T Hilary Academy. ! Letter and Cap, and Stationery at very reduced prices
Classical Department ' f foraale-at the North Carolina Book Store.
J Kaleigh, W. C., June 2, 1844. 504-ly.
jfeopih Carolina Institution .
For The Deaf and Dumb.
THIS Institution will be opened for the reception of
Pupils, about the 1st of May, next, in the City of
naieign. rieasani ana commooious oui laings nave Deen
oniaineo, ana u is earnestly cesired that all persons hav
ing" children orfriends-. whoarfeofthis unfortunate class,
will use all practicable means to have them here as near
the time of opening the School as possible. ' :
For the present, Pupils wi II be received at any age be
tween eight and thirty:. The Pupils will livo in die
same house with the Principal and his family and wilt
boat all limes under his care and direction. The female
Pupils will be under the special care of the wife of the,
Principal and the Matron, and the utmos't attention will
be give ri mud caro laken, to secure the comfort, and hap-"
pineS9 as well as the improvment of all the-Pupils. .
The-terms for the Session, of ten months will be one
hundred and sixty dollars, for Beard, Washing and Tu
ition, includingihe nece.ssary Books and all expenses,
except Clothing and Medical attendance paj able, one
half semi aimuallyjn advance.
- The very best assistant Teacbew will- be procured, as
the number of Puprls may require. The precise time of
opening the School will be. mentioned in a future Adver
tisement. - ' .
All Communications on the subject ol the Institution,
addressed to Weston R. Gales, Esq., Raleigh, (post
puid) oraAer the lsi ot Ajiril, to the Principal, will be
attended to promptly.
All applications tor admission for Pupils, wbese Pa
rents are not able to support them either in full or in
part, should be made to HisExcellency, Gov. Graham,
President of the Literary Board.
" WH.LLAM D. COO KE, Principal.
Feb 2, 1845. 6S5-t
dtice is hereby given to the lawful heirs of Nan-
A Compound Balsamic Preparation
front Wild Cheriy Bark and Tar,
Tht best remedy known te the world for the cure of
CMtghs, colds, asthma, croup, bleeding of 4h
-lungs, whooping. cough, bronchitis, tryhh-' '
enza, shortness of breath, pain and .
MP film aa in 1ht hwttmt w mi
Rver complaint, and the " '
first stages of -
. W will not asserl4hat this RAf.SAM uill cm, cn.
sumption in Kw6rst form, but it has cured many after
alt other maans of relief had been tried in vain. Aftdwhy
not i. It seems that the WIID CHERRY was defined
by Nature to be duT PANACEA for fhV ravaging diseases
of-this cold latitude. Let not the despairing invalid wasie
bis money and lose TIME, to him so all "important,, in
experimenting with the 'trashy nostrums of the day, but
ose at once a medicine that will cure, if a cure ha rjns-
sible a medicne that science approves, and many years of
experience have demonstrated that ft always relieves.
- Titer noJucn thing at fail" ia'the kutvrf-p
this-wonderful Balsam. Evidence the moat convincing
-evidencelhat no orie eon doubt, full v establishes this fact.
For I he sake of brevity we aeleict the following-item thousands.
Isaac Piatt, Esq., Editor of.the Pokeensie Eazle. one
of the most influential tourriarlsiTi the srate of New York.
states, under the authority of hisownname, fhataoung
lapy, a relative of his, ol very delicate constitution,, was
attack ee? irr Feb. 1842, tvHh serefe cold, wfrfch iitfwedt
atelyproduced spittHig of blood, couah. fver. and other
danerousand alarm ing. symptoms. Through medical
treatment ana care sne -partially recovered" during som-
mer. . But on the return of winter she was attacked more
fllontlv nn konl r.. 1 1 o
J w uauu iu i aiflfmmont r t - . "
imported Cigars, ihcludinx m8fla
I - ; : w
- m . t . a W - m m .1
cy morgan, ueceasea, ana uavia ocarDorouen, that :i,i ,u u ' - irv .r .ZTrTT.
thara i in the hxnd. Of the E-W of ftoZl Snmr. . wecaiiie scarce! avje w wbik.
aaav aaar - - viu n i iiinrm
leigh, and the public generally haf of -a
C.gar manufactory in Wigh'whel We
keep on hand a full assortm-n? r Z.r eCon.
and all kinds of domestic
A general assortment eT superior chawinx TnS'I!;
fe!.Co"8-ess, coarse Rappee and Scotch 2Co
all artrcle. li.."":
Cigar Cases, Snuff Boxes, and
ofler ot JVew Work prices, bv th. . T
and retail., All ordem thann.,11., 3 :ne wh0u,'
Jo with despatch: -v vvc.vea attd ,Uend-;
"'fed to
. '. Purchasers, and the lovers of pooH r ,
will alar. be tJS","
the taste ofthe connoiseur. Call and Vr T "
i.T!"" MILLPD'ct
1. , . -yeuewue stteet, ophite the r ,v u.
i !!.
. Ktc .
F. new Novels and Miscellaneous Reading, -lint
.eome to hand at the North Carolina Book Store, at
unusual low prices. TURNER & HUGHES.
Raleigh, June 26, 1844. 504-ly.
BLANK BOOKS of every description manufactured
at the shortest notice, and. all kind of Books haund
at the shortest, notice. Also, a great variety of Paner.
Mathematical and Military Department.
THE year will be divided info two Sessions of flre
fwt,iio ti,n , toe mat acniuu vc i u u i ii uu jie Qrsi wi
January, and the second Session, on the first ol July.
Thiers' JLtfe -of Napoleon.
flHE History of the Consulate and Empire under
a IVapoteon, by M. A. 1 hiers, late prime Minister of
TWO splendid new Houses and lots
on HrlUburoub strectj- leading from
rthe Capitol to the Seminary and about
Ihalt way between the two. One house
is thirty feet by eighteen with a partition in the
middle, with four rooms and two fire places, one
above arid below, and portico- in front. The other
is forty feat by twenty with a ten foot passage
aocve and below, making all the rooms ptrvate,
each of which has good and comfortable fire phi
res, mod has a portico in front. There is attached
to eaeh of the houses a good kitchen, smoke house
and dairy dec. and hearty three quarters of an acre
belonging to each lot, and under a new plank fence
with pailing in front. Boxb of the houses are nice
ly finished, and painted both utside and out ; as aho
the uut houses and palling. F here is decidedly
the best well of water in or about the City, eonre- j
oient to the use of both lots. This is given up to
b)e the mtfst pleasant and hVaKhy part of the etiy.
Any person wisnmg to purchase, or rent, Will make
application to the subscriber. '
Raleigh, N. C, March 19, 1S45. 54 Uf.
I, ,k t .w' n ... f lil nimiifr ui inerriRCB KerolU-
mZl nJZ ,n J.Z iul. I ; , a 2 ?on ".uibeUiahed with a fall length portrait of Napo
non shall not be suroaesed in the advantares afforded for 1 a i t-u , xr J.tf.
hUJUi 1 ; 1 ..T)kju m: !. hc u. w tins Bieoaia tt on
Edttcaion hastrst been received this day at the North Carolina
Pupil, will be prepared to eater the Junior Class of anv 1 Thdw' H i3tor of !h French Re"'
For English and Mathematical Studies,
per Session,
For Latin, Greek, French. Spanish and
Italian Languages, per Session,
Military Tactics taught to the Pupils, free of
The advanced Classes .may pnrsoe the Studies of a
lower Class, pay inj only for the studies of the Class to
which they belong.
Raleigh, January 1845. 533-6m.
Phelim O'Tooles Courtship, by VYm. Carleton.
Lovers and Husbands, a story f Married Life, by T.
S. Anrthur. Married and Single, by T. S. Authur.
Also. So. 17 of Harper's Pic toral Bible, has been re-
! ceivcd.aod is forsaLeby TURNER & HUGHES.
30 00 j Feb 26, 1855. . 538.
borough, deceased, a legacy in favor of them , and accord
ing to the last, will and 'testament of said deceased, if
they do not apply for said- legacy in tte term uf. five
years from the death of his wife, Lydia Scarborough,
they forfeit ferr claim, and Jhe Executors wilL not be
responsible for' any Interest on the said Legacies, say
$150 a share, from this da!e; February the 20h, 1845.
Feb. 20. 1845. 538-lt-p.
Watches, JcwcHery, and Cut lory.
J. C. PALMER has just re
turned from (he Norlij with a
very fine assortment, 50 percent-
cheaper than ever offered before,
and now opening in the brick
house third door below Turner
It Hughes' Book Store, former
ly occupied bv Mr. Thumnmn as
a Jeweller's, bub more recently by Mr. Fentress as a
1 aitoring esiaunsn ment.
I and was troubled withcobgh, e4wlfs-ahd leteeveiy day.
ana appeared to ue giwrtg rapidly with consumption ; at
tbts time, when there was no sign of improvement, Mr.
Piatt procured a bottle of Wi starts BiVlum of
Wild Cherry, which- she. too It, and it seemingly
icaiuicu iier, one gui a sacona, ana oeiore u was.raKea
she was restored to perfect health; which she -ha enjoy
ad to the present time, without the slightest symptom-of
her former disease1
Mr. Piatt says -the cure came under toy own obsarth
tion, and I cannot be mistaken as to the facts. " ....
Pembroke, Washington Co., Maine, April 29,1844.
Ma. Isac Butts. Pear Sin A the request 0 man v
ok my friends in this place and vicinity who ate afflicted
with consumption and liver complaints, I takethe liberty
ofasking you to appoint some one in this county as agent
toaell Wlstur'a Balsam of Wild Cherry,
and to send hi m a lew dozen,, as there is- none of it for
sale within 200 miles from ihis. I have no doubt that
wouiu meet with a ready sale, iPit were where" if could
ae procure! without-too much expense and delav
hJ mm ...rV ... -mm. - 1 . ..
4nT wiic was aiiacKcc aoour sjx months
Oeskev9tl Aeencv
Far the State of North CW.
- -Persons bavins Notes.
LaU descriptions for collection ir. .1 a,r?8 of
L22,rrt ,hem at,ekd to with faithful .
StS1 M rate, of AJSSff !5?
smiofjweintfl.. A. S. LOUGEe!
Baleigh, N p
n I t L HEFEBENCES: ' ' ' U
EsQ. B. B. Smith E.-n "V f '- vv- Sione
Fayettevdle-E. J. HMe, Esn
Wilniingion Capt
G- Scott.
W. H.
1 in.ii
- Sf'SS ,-David Freeman.
Salisbury Ham. C. Jones, En
Charlotte Cnpf. Lucas.
Peterelir?Wm.JolinSon,Jr. E,q B T H
R.chmnd -Gales Seat on, Esq q": ' T' Hurf'
Baltimore James Kelly.
Philadelphia-H. M. Crawford
.A- York .Isaac Osgood Ciwt-,.r t
. Bo.ton-Ci.a,. Lea vi,; ' Str Jcnnin E,q.
Raleigh, Jan. 30, f&b. 53g (f
t5 00
Ttcenty Dollars Reward.
RAN AWAY from the sub scriber, on Thurs
day aiglit the 16th instant, a dark mulatto
boy named Henderson, iced -19 years, about five
feet 10 inches high, has a full face and bushy head :
said boy was raised abotit ten miles north of Wades
boro" (Anson county.) It is supposed he is trying
iget to some of the free States. The above re
ward will be given to any person who will deliver
said boy to tnr, or lodge him in Jail so that I can !
Cedar Hill, March 7th, 1815. 541-4u
to Baltimore, through Pefersburs, Richmond and ! fifSfu - ,1ihc,mboe Cost, for cash, and j
. C-n .1 - 1 . . wje UL-1U Ol. Jjru LrOOtl.r. takirxr tU
acamst the mniha r
Travellers Going North,
ARB INFORMED that the Fare from Gaston
Wasaintoii City, is S9. the same as bv R
to Weidon and the Portsmouth Rail Road,
Persons wishmg togo to Norfolk or Portsmouth,
are informed that on Sundays, Tuesdays, and
Thursdays, Passengers will be carried by the way
of Petersburg, at $4, which is 2 less than by the
Portsmouth Rail Road. Persons who' are trav
elling 10 either of thote places, are informed, that
th-y can leave Gaston at 10 o'clock, P. M. ; Pe
tersburg the next morr.ing after breakfast ; by the
City Point Rail Road ; and then take the splendid
Steamboat, Curtis Pec, abifrncli Worf,,ffc
early hour in the afternoon, nearly as soon as by
tbe Portsmouth Rail Road.
For Tickets ami further information, ahply to
ui Creensvilie A R. R. Road Co.
Gaston, March 8. . , 541-4t.
Worth of
Consequently lower than any
oilier STORE in this place
2tK) pieces bleached and unbleached Domesti cs, O zn
burgs, Slc.
160 Calicoes assorted.
6 dozen musk rat and other Caps.
10 peices white, redand vellow Flannel
10 Linsey assorted.
Heavy pilot and Beaver Cloth, Saitinett, Broadcloth,
Kersey, Jeans, Merino, MouseHnedelaine, Bedtickin
Bobbinet, Bdeiac. Jaconet. Check, ririliin. r,.r..;-'
I Irish Linen Diaper, worsted shawls, VestinS7b!ack Vel-
...wuripBi sauaaiay, oonnets, Arttncials, brown
Holland, fcc.
Plates and dishes, cope and saucers, basias, &c
Webave observed that there are now too many Dry
u-wurn, ianu still increasing) he e, all or them
cemmg aerermincd to overflow little Wake coo
Great Reduction in Prices.
1 BLANK Books, consisting in part of Books
JLV Clerks, for Records, Journals, Ledger,-Dav Books 1
! and Letter Books, and in fact Blank Books of every dis ,
j cription, a vorv laree ami eeneral assortment to be found 1
: at the Aorih Carolina Book Store, and are ofJered for
; Cash at tbe very lowest Northern Prices. Don't say you
) can get them cheaper, but call or aend in your orders,
j ami give us a chance of testing the fact.
) February 26, 1845. 538..
Star and Register copy.
til r o ivilh
Gold anrl silver ladies'and gentlemen's lever Watches; hwhat the physicians calletl the first stage of consumption
(xoW fob and guard Chains and Keys: I a coroolaint verv nrewalpni inJiilo i i r
u"'u uic3i-iiira auu w i uju 1 -1 nigs ,
Gold Bracelets, very fine srticlr;
Gold Pencil and Spectacles, collar Buttons, shirt But
tons, Medallions, Locks, Clasps, Hearts and Crosses;
Large assortment silver and steel Spectacles;
Silver patent Perifocal Spectacles, new and improved
Clay and other silver Pencils:
.try. naving seen the Balsam advertised in Aueusta.
I took Uie-paios to send there for a bottle of it, which he
took .and Which hefo h-r an miwli tl,,t r C - - 1 .
ties more, which she has also taken mUho nmvj,,-, aV;-.
has not felt so weli for six t ears as she does at this Km.
m 11 .1 . .
mose no nave inquired uf me and ascertained what
eaeet tne rraisam hcf. are anxious tr havosomo c,rc,i.
"Prove ati things, and hold fast that which
is good." Paul.
become the dnmcstir
They are con
trial, to hp ih
pfii. ltllal rn.i1i.in. : .1
..i.uiuiic in use ini'V
have theanction ar.d approval ofthe most eminent Phv
srtnans who -have-ad-opted them in their practice, pUr.
cliase tbein by ihedozen-boxes of the agents, administer
tnem to4heir patients, and
. . .- - .in. m aa urt lK
npHESE PILLS have now
m- meoicine ol almost every family.
sWered by all who have iriven them
imost pleasant, safe and
c.i.. in :iLi 1 r. . . .
.111 v p- a 1 1 ir 1 1 . 11 n Klin cm, uni . - - - -
Coral; fine ,nd ehean fancy Combsand tal.fSSmT?" " "nseof rny-wriringi. you.
.'other Vecefable Pill lifnr 1)1. .int.)'
ri - . .t. . iiiv "uuiit,
. ..try are uw pniy vegetable hi name, hut in substance
and act as a friend to Nature in all her onerations. ThPv'
New Publications !
! Receired this day at the N. Carolina Book Store,
The 'Maid of Honour,' or the Massacre of St. Bar
tholomew, a tale ot the 16th eentury.
"The "Resent' Drnttghter," translated from the French
of Alexander Dumas, by Chas. H. Toron.
Mis Martinean's Letters on Mesmerism.
"Curse dc Leon," or the Brigand, by G. P. R. James.
The" Chimes," a Odblfa story of some bells that rang!
an old year nut, arid a new year in, by Charles Dickens
Also, No. 19 of the Pictorial B-hle.
March oth, 1845. 539,
tStar, Register, and Independrnt Copy.
Trial of Bishop Onclcrdouk just
received, and for sale at the N. C- Book-slorc. Also,
The Apostles' Doctrine and Fellow
ship, consisting of five sermons preached in the princi
pal churches ot bis Diocese, during his Spring visitation
J844, by Rt. Rev. L. S. Ives, D-D-.LLD., Bishop ef
North Carolina.
, Feb. 1845-535. TURNER & HUGHES.
an immense quantity of the very Cheapest Bargains
er bad, (according fo their advertisements,) chasintr
annlhor u-iil, ikn. 1... : ' 0
- " uaidins continually.
.. e.wiwisning longer tojoto in such a hunt, shall
nty with ' PaOO Reams of tetter, Foolacap and Printing Paper,
ainser '' oflerel at Manufacturing prices. Also, we
iimrone ' hm"e a rJr suPror Article of Gilt Letter, Foolscap
j ana .vine raper, aiso, i issue, lviorrocco, Aiourtung and
I otherPaper, all of which is offered at unususl low prices.
Head Ornaments and Hair Pins;
silver nana and Hair Pins;
Ladies fine Purses and Work-bass:
Chapman's best Metallic Razor Strap: -Large-assortment
Roger' Clay Knive, with others;
Best Wade & Butcher's Razors;
Rogers' best Scissors;
Walking Canes, See tc.; in fact, all articles kept by
Jewellers, and a little more. To enumerate them would
make this advertisement cost too much money.
- WATCHES repaired, and warranted for 12 months.
Silver and Gold manufactured. Seals and other engrav
ing dope in the best manner. In fact if Jewellery is
wanted, good and cheap work done, call at
Raleigh, Nov. 13, 1844. 524-lf.
0rj- Weekly Register, Star, and Independent, insert.
Notice to Owners of Hills.
HAVING obtained letters patent for grinding op
Com, Cob and Shuck, in the ordinary Grist Mill
now in use, I take this method ot informing the public,
especially those who mav infrinir ilia rinki u:i..., r
I.- - - J 15 iiii. nilliuui au-
thonty, that I shall hold all such persons who may either
juseur construct any mill ot mills upon the principle of
m ' lbl mm.mf -L 1 . J , I - .
j , mraiiuie unner rue parent raws ot the Urn-
led States. I learn that an infringement has been made
m this State, and I would notify the public that I have
disposed of the patent right for this State to Maj. W.u. F.
CoLLiwa of trus City excepting two counties, Halifax
aiw iortnampion and it would be well for a)l who wish
toavau memseives ot this valuable and saving imorove
ment, to always advise with him upon the subject before
..... iiikuii-i. nuns aiicrca, unless tney are satisfied others
are acting under his authority. This addition of grind
ing up the shuck thoroughly, is invaluable. I refer the
puotic ro Maj.uoLi.iri a' publication in newspaper form
1 I. f) L, A U I I . f . " i i
uv, uauu-wiiin, lor particulars, acc.
E. A
Raleigh, Feb. 18, 1845.
bv return nf mail
cloae to send some, and if so, to whom, in order lhat it
may be known where it can be had1.
I am, with respect, yours, etc.
' L ' P. G FA RNS WORTH, P. Itf:
me WHOie country is fast ,ut ,n,i:
I. 4 1 J . . I
whetlir vau cniw ! 7C?:- .? - any age ; ami it,e leeble and
... ...... ... , - . anil lit
. -""""j learning mac no in
cine no physician no preparation ol any kind wha
er can equal Dr. Wist a a 's Balbaj otWilbCh
WATCtviLts, Onedia Co., N. Y., Sept. 15, 1843:
Dear Sir-j-I pwe it. to the afflicted to inform, yav that
in January last, I was attacked bv a ver rtntZTt mA
causeoby working inthe water.which settled Sn my luW
It was accompanied by a verv severe nain mi m -
olicate are slrpncttioniH l,
,i :-- .: . , .. . o'-.,.wi.
.... , .ru.amm ; neeause tney possess tome and leslora
live properties, independent of their aperient effects
Aud females will fiod them to be decidedly the best
medicine in use for the comnlai nt neplllinrln Ikairaav
;Jn sick-headache, eostiveness. and howel mmniaint
they stand unrivalled. The. habitually costive should
not fail to give them a trial, as their action is entirely
different from most medicines recommended lor this
Complaint, and they leave the bowels in a line and
healthy state, as may be seen by the following certiti
calefrom Mr. Isaac M. Thomas, 'merchant, at Taladega,
Alabama :
Taladeoa Springs. Taladego Co.,")
August 17th, 1842.
J his ts to certify that I have been afflicted with mck-
HE Brick .Store on Fayettfcville street, Kterv b
cnpiedby S.L. Tuckef. 3
Also, the Office onoosite the CifhnWr rt, ,.u
Ab half of the Slage stables, inthe ivesteinpart of
WFl": ArpJv fo w. j. clark.
Fresli Garden Seed,
Of the Crop of 184, just received and for Sale at the
Drug Store of
u.t-:u ,0.e " r"7
Hots, Caps, Boots Shoes.
At the Hew Hat Store, on Frj etteVllle Street.
The Subacribers take this method to inform the Citi
iens of Raleigh aad vicinity, that they have taken the
old fat stand opposite the Market fouse for the purpose
ot nanufaeturing Hats. We have now on hand a large
aasortment of Hats & Caps of the bestqualkies and latest
arylea, which we w.H sell at Prices that cannot fall to
please. We hayejust received from O. Fisk's celebra
ted hat manufactory in Broadway New York, an assort
ment of his Premium Hats which the public are invited
to call and inspect. We have also just received an as
sortment of
wareh will be sold at reduced prices. We respect
ftfty invito the public to call and examine our goods he.
tore purchasing elsewhere 6
Otter, Fox, Mink, tfaccoou $f Muukrat Skins in Iare
will Be given and Cash paid on delivery
4lh TrKl,tM.he Market Hoaa
jc. If, 1844, ' th Po1
fcxeoutod at this Ocse trith neatness accu
racy aad despatch.
s .. .. . . , i
1 r ,, 1 - 00 10 e Will he devoted exclusively, to
i the following, vii : 3
and TOYS
on the usual terms. Always on hand a greater variety
(nan many store in this place. -"
8ee epecified advertisement in Raleigh Register.
i ; . . G. tP. $ C GRIMMS.
Raleigh Nov. 26, 1844. n saS-om.
- i
CAPITAL $300,000.
INSURANCE COiMPANY, office No, 67 Wall
Street, insure Dwelling-houses, Ware-houses and Build
ings in general, Merchandise, Household Furniture
Ships building, Ships in Port and fherr Cargoes, and'
every description of personal Properly, against loss
mi ROGERS, President:
B. W. M art i .v , Secretary.
D. rV.. STONE, Agent,
Raleigh, N. C.
May, 1844. 4Sf!-J2m-e6w.
American Almanac for
THIS valuable production has heen received, and is
January 4, 1845.
Price fl.
JUST Received, a superior new article of Scotch
Snuff, warranted good, and if not approved, may be
returned and the money refunded, price 25 cents per
pound, or 5 pounds for 1 dollar, for sale at the cheap Ci
gar store. Fayett vi lie street opposite City Hall.-
Dec. 11 th, 1844. - ,f.
- 1 i -
Tho Subscribers would
respectfully announce to the
Citizens of Raleigh, and the
surrounding country that they
have formed a Co-Partnership
in the above business, and are
now prepared to execute ail
orders In their line. They
flittpr lh.m..lva. tk.ii LASII
mt .hi. A .lira I f . 1 . 1 ...
: v scucl"i misracrion K) ail wno may patron
ise them as they have in thir omnin - . ' ,.n.
J 1 klm,hJn North, with other workmen engae
t V 'wbes, and being thameelvesprac
fical workmen, they hope 1 give general satutfitction to
all woo may give them a trial "
trt.AU. n FSCfr g. HARRlgQJV.
0r Also, on hand, for sale, Ready made Carriaees
such as BuGraies. Baniurho. r-k;.-l- . Z. '"6eti
tui.; rt c.
RS. SIGOIIRNEY Series of Readers
The Illuminated A mericarv Primer ; containing
first lessons of Reading and Spelling, illustrated with a
new Pictorial Alphabet, and a variety of elegant wood
cuts beingan introduction to Mrs. Sigourney's Pictorial
The New Pictorial Reader consisting of original ar
ticles for the instruction of young children : by Mrs. L.
H- Sigonrnej : illustrated with over one hundred appro
priate wood cuts, being an introduction to the Girl Rea
ding Book, and the Boy'a Reading Book, by the same
This work has been very favorably noticed in all parts
ofthe Union, and is very interesting and instructive for
(he young, whefher in school or out,- Done up in a neat
The Girl's Reading Book, for the use of School's.
This work has gone rapidly through a large number of
editions, and is pronounced to bo Mrs Sigourney's best
work, and qhe of the purest, highest gems ofthe modern
P"v. - -
The Boy's Reading Book consisting pf original articles
inrroseano roerry, tor trie use ol schools, by Mrs. L
H. Sigourney. A rfew edition, reduced in nn.
These Works are all by the gifted Mrs. Sigourney,"
inuioHiose ennustea wnn ine education of youth, and to
FarerrTs partieulaily. we would most earnestly recom
mend them. The name of rhe Authoress, itself, We are
connuent, yryj uo much tor their disseminaton-.
For Sa!e at the N. C. Bookstore,
Feb. 28. , - 539-tfl
Save your Corn Cobs &, Sliucks ! ! !
r the Planters and Millers of North
TKo II r dorr I rrtrt a, A I- 1 I"
- kiiuvi.-u IIU9 uuiaineu letters patent to
vUva i-LMiitnuu mm srones (or Fn4-L- nnxm,
t tf ?c.
VaMabfe and Cheap Law Rooks.
VOLS of Common Law Reports," at the as
tonisbing low price of 3 50 ner vol.. well and
substantially bound.
35 vo s. ot "Law Library at $8 per tol., wellbbundf
" i.s vt icainer.
Vesey Juinor'r Chancery RejfortS,' with supprimeh
o i L. o i'Kises oy is. u. ingrabsm. Esq?, in
p inn h bmd'B8 f ery superior quality;
mTettTZ. , u: . n,s DOOK nas D5en sold for 8140
" Qhitty's Blackstone." price $5. .
. re rePared and will furnish. Law Books as
u n,r wh as rney.can be lrad in any part of the
St. k,u io.m Burner b hughes.
Mai eh 5th, 1845. 539
and "Plantation Cisars
JUST received a superior article of fee above C ears
for sale at the Cheap Cigar Store. "
Fayottevillc Street opposite City Huli,
Rogers' Knifes ana Razor .
r'you Wish to purchase a splendid Article in Ibis line
call at the NolthCae4iua Book Store.
March 5th, 1845.
. The Family Physician;
OR RerprmedSystem of Medicine," oa VeaefaWa
prirrciples, being af.Compendium ofthe " American
Pfa,cAudesined fot aU classre- Th" work Umbrae"
es the 6haracfe, Causes-, symptom!, and freatinenu iof
the diseases of Men1, Women, andChildren of all clin
ates by W. Beach. M. U .comprete in 1 vol JlluatratSl
with nearly two hundred engravings, for sate at the N
Carolina Book Store. "TURNER fo HUgieS
March 5th, . B3
. i A niMi rsr . . z
, k,kjd anil SHUUK. nto nwl
ler hnrcc mA La I
. .o, vuvwe, iMigs, etc., thereby savin"
more than one third of a crop, which is ah impor-
hin lion, nut i .. .... rr,, . . PT"
...... .iu.nK. x ne macl)in?rv uod for
...r T.Miiw is simpie and durable, and ean
not with lair means, get out of order. It will last
as long as the stones last, wfth an expense of 50
nennitScrnVery.fi,,? yIarS- Td "We4he common
null gmu gnd ear corn into meal, requires no
new buildings ot -ettri .power. It can also he ap-
n i In hnrcp mil to i T I. : .
""imR macniaes, gins or
any given power known. The same mill will
-rind one-third more of corn meal by the intro
duction of thrs machinery, and can. be changed
irrtm rtr i nsl f n rr mh.mmmm, i m o
...... w, coo, ana shuck to giinding
corn meal m the sptrce bf thirty second! Corn
alooe when fed tp stock, is said te be by the most
practical and scientific planters, constipating in its
effecis, producing fouodera, cholics and Various
other rnafodies which are incident to stock. Grind
ing coos and shuck with thp om-A -,-ri. fj
fcongenmrwith thetr nature, and -cannot produce
H (11 111 I 11 1 Ctft.nm-. ..l. I
if results aoove mentioned. Stock
..ic on corn exclusively, are deprived ofthe
ueneuis oi uistension (so necessary to the proper
health cdaoirnals,) by ihefr being unable to eat a
mwswcm uuia ro pfoonce distension before the
animal becomes gorged. Cobs groond wiih the
cow prouuee tins necessary tfistensioo. Without
any danger of diseases arising from overeiinr.
Corn cob and shuck meal is imnroved hv lif'
and I stiH more by boiling, and yet more by a DartT
I fcrnientaiion. All the preparations facilitate
ingestion lor nogs. But horses and mules will
um ear lermenteu tooa, consequently :hey wijl re-
Htifrr a ory or partially wet with cold water.
norses, muiesana oxen, when Ted with unbound
foouV void mueh in an tlndigesled stale, which is
rt n All ffO L-A I f mm
llti oeoeociai purposes.
R-.ead Ih'feBubioined certificate.
ii-W ne uoaersigced can be addressed at Ra-
reigu, ana an calls will be attended to punctually
and with despatch by bimseif or acrent
'u : . w . Raleigh, Feb. 30, 145.
kV-u V. s,,c,lfa oy arsj. Collfns tp have
. -win aojusiea e grind Cora in the Ear and
phuer, T consented that he Shnuld Ad n
Oom in the ShiifL- at t r on i t i
r,Lth eiTV,gSml lbesto so iarprov
ed that ft grinds shelled Cora more than twice as
last as before, and bv mv or awl, t ,k. ...
k,v.l,.U"..it .. j.' I.' - .uci.ie ui la
..pcruuur, iDg me meal tmer tbafit usfjaL
uctl diuauie imtlrntromonl n j
and fides, also a distressing cpugh. I had in 'attendance heairache, dvspepsia, Ji ver-complaint, and coativeness
iCTiivai aiu m our viiiaere : hnr aft.-r u, nim.
j ing ail their skill to no avail, they pronounced jm dv-
tun 1 1 R.if kb co,xsi;ptio. , and they one aad
ail gone me upto de. After much persuasion T got rhe"
luuacm yi uijr pnysician ro use tlic K als am of Wild
Chkrry. prepared by Dr. Whstar. Ipurehad of
the Agent in our place one bottle before using hall of
which I began to gain strength, and it was verv evident
my cougn was mucn Better, and my symptoms in every
way improving. I have nov usedtrtree bottles, and a re
stored to perfect health. This result is alone owwc to fa" the other tnedicinen a-nd pills that I have ever taken ,-
rne useoi lir. v istar'sBalsam oryir.n;ieERY;
and I fake this method of giving information,partly to pay
you the debt of gratitude I owe you. and partly that other
similarly afflicted may know where to apply for relief.
very wuiy yours.
Mr. Palmer, Druggist, under date of Wateiville,
pr. Z4. J043, writes
.1 he statement given you by Mr. James Sage is well
known to be true by this whole' community. It certain
ly was a most remarkabe cure. The sae of the Basam
is very good, and its success in cures truy flattering.
Yours respectfuYv,
for the last eitjlit or nine vears. dm ine which time 1 had
taken, as weli as I can recollect , shout 60 boxen of Berk
wirh's Pills, J2 boxes of Pt-ter Pills, and a number of
boxes of Champion's and Brandreth's PilU, U of which
afforded me but little or no relief. At last I was recom
mended to try Dr- Spencer's Vegetal. le Pills, and well I
did, for I never had hut one attack ofthe sick-headachu
after I commenced taking the Pills, (now ahout nix
months) and I candidly confess, that I have derived more
real benefits from the we of Snenccr's Pills, than lrom
and . would earnestly recommend them to all as beina.
i-my opinion, the best medicine in use for all linnerin
oornplaints. The pills have done me so much good, that
i would not Ceel willing to be without them for $b a bos;
and I cannot but feel verv crateful to Dr. Sneneer for
having prepared such a valuable medicine ; and lh dis
tribution of it is conferring a very great favor on the pub
lic, as it is a thing ofthe utmost impoitancc that every
family should have a supply of Dr. Spencer' truly valu
able pills constantly on hand.
l .... M. .
Ullage liic nrni in nco :. :u nr.
---m- s u wrn arrora me a
Feb. 20, 1845. g
Warrant far sale here.
addoxficld, N. i. April 20, 1843.
On or about ttle 13rti day uf October. 1841, 1 was taken
vuih a violent pain in the side, dear the liver, which con
tinued for about five days, and was followed by the break
ine of an ulcer, or absce -s, inwardly, which relieved the
pain a little, but caused me to throw up a great quantity
of offensive matter, and also much blood. Being aircatAv
ailaTrried at this, ! applied to a - physic ian, but he said he
though"! he coulddobiit little forme except g've me some
Mercury-Pills, which I refused tu take, feeling satisfied
that they could do me no good : many other remeities
were then procured by my wife and friends, but none did
me ahv good and the discharge of blood and corruntinn
stHI continued every few days, and P!ast become sbofi
tensive that I could scarcely breathe. 1 was also seized
With a violent cough, which at times caused me to raise
much more. bood than 1 had dome before and mv disease
continued in this Way, still glowing, worseunji'lf'ebru
aty, when all hope of my recovery was" given up, and my
friends' all thought I would die ol'a Galloping Con-
mniptiou. Artnis moment, when my life was appa
rently drawing near its close,! heatd ofIr. Wistar's
Balsam of Wi Id t inn y, and got a bottle which
relieved me immediately ; and by the use of
phTy three bottles" of this" medicine, afLmy pains were
removed my cough and spitting oif blood and corruption
entirely stopped, and in a few weeks my. health was so
for restorecfas to enable me to work at my trade, (which
is a carpenter,)' and up to this time I- have enioved e-ood
L- ,.L O
iieai wi.
GtowciasTCR Couwi'V, N. J.. ss.
Personally came before me, the subscriber. om of the
Justit s ofthe Peace in and for the said county, Thomas.
y..u..iuv OTniguuijr ituiuisu accoraing to raw . saitn
1 1 1 ...'. -V ii .- . .
Mic.auuio aiaraoienc m in auinmgs true.
Affirmed before me, ou the20thctay of April, lfUs.
v J; CtlBSrttKT, J. P. f
uch w the. unprce'edeftted success of this BALSAM
a prescription congenial to bur, wants, as -it is prepared
from chemical esCrac-ts from substances whrch the author
or nature nas piacea in our own-land for wise purposes', that
many- who know nothing of th
Itla -2u U"V lo?V peconiary benehts by selling an
rfrrlo ilar in name, or in appearance, orbv represen
ting fheir own trash as superior to the J3ALSAM, or by
putting up a mixture and solemnly asseverating that ft is
imported rom a foreign country, which is not the case.
All these deceptive arts eo to srhrfw that Wtkto. t
Balsam is known to the world In Ha 1 Till?
OR E AT REiHaDT,and that to sell any mixture
if must be like this in name, or vurttort fo be Kir it in
OCJ- Relieve not the cunninatv wrouht'fahri rat inn
and take only the original and genuine Wistar'S
nu vnerry,
Address all orders to ISAAC illTTS. Nn as A hmui
New York. Aeents
880 gfR. Raleigh.
SOME cry humbug from envy, some from jealosy
ory humbuff, and some from sheer ignorance of fhs
thing, I do not believe every thing that shines is fold,
nor do I believe that which is hastily denounced is hurr
bug. Prove a thing and then judge it" Hull's PJlls
are no humbug: wherever they have been used, they
have invariably given the most decided and unequivocal
satisfaction. The testimony exists on every side through
out this vast country from the Log Cabin ofthe Western
WiWs to the Uity Palace ofthe millionaire there are
thousands of witnesses to the unrivalled eflic icy of this
-invaluable aiedicine. It generally cures the Chills and
Fevers the first day, and dots not sicken the stomach or
produce any disagreeable sensation in tbe system. Ob
stinate cases of Chills and Fever, when other prepara
tions have failed, have yielded at once to a few doe of
Hull's Pills, without any disposition of a return Tbe?
require-no puffing, it is imworrby of them. The Medi
cal Faculty are now prescribing them with unexampled
success, not only in Chills and Fever, but in Fevers of
all types, grades and character, and considers them the
most safe and harmless vet the most certain and prompt
febrifuge that can possibly be administered in the rente-
diafe- management ot t e vers peculiar to fhn country.
FulL directions for use. accompany each box. Price
one dollar.
Are the greatest discovery ever made for dispelling the
various kinds jof worms-that ao frequently and distress
ingly annoy both children and adults. From the Sparta
Gazette : "From our own knowledge we take great plea
sure in recommending to the public Hull's Worm loun
ges as tbe best worm medicine extant. Children will
eat them as they would candy, and cry for them." Tc
parents we say, do hot be without these Lozenges at an?
time, as you value, the lives of your children.
Also, DR. HULL'S
Not. 1949.
Raleigh, If. C.
For the relief of coughs,, colds, consumption, asthma
whooping cough, catarrh, tightness ot the lungs er cnet
bronchitis, and atl putovrnary affections. Several thou
sand, boxes have been sold within the test six months.
giving immediate relief to those who have been afflicted
with the most distressing coughs and colds, and resti
ng to health persons i n almost every stage of puimonaiy
affections. The whole World should know that ur-
Hull's Cough Lozenges are a certain cure for all diseases
leading to consumptions, and death. Tbev are recom
mended by thousands who hare used them, and say that
they give relief .when all other means fail- Price, JO
cents per boi, with full directions.
A certain and inimediate cure.
(Price, 60 cents per phial )
l-96ld ip Raleigh, by WILLIAMS, HAYWOOD
CO. ; Tn FayetteSille, by S. J, Hinsdale ; in
ton, by R W. Fuller; in Elizabeth, by J. W. white,
and on inquiry may be found in nearly all the towns anu
villages throughout the Southern States. .n ,,.
March, m. 540-lSt.
Horse Bills printed aC this Office.

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