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Important ietlei frt- Cieia. Tal ot
Below wegit? -i!iUJjportoctt
have yet seen iron toe c.car-mau-u- nuu unr
-fce-headed General Z-Tav4or,-Il is puWUIw m
tbe ClintonFibridiaft.; III addressed to a' Demo
crat and'welibpe"he and his party are- perfectly
: satif fqdjvitb it .-TlR Iftteccaotituiif jest; jtjiat
- wo. hare always wished ,Ge n..XyJof 10 W- and
that is, that if ts is a 'candidal hi oilt make no
ftiigeiv ztevcr:;U"lte "-peopla-bave not got
enoaVjCcqfidence to elect him and trust to his
r-,honestyor;parpbserheis' perfectly willing to, slay
at hbVaeThis is talkiag nghlbp to the boinrjust
as we : knew bld'Zacb yvo"n(ld.; ; Bat tolbe letter !
freni CUntoa JLouisiana, Jws. just, reached ,m?t in
which -yottvart pleased to say, we. signs oi.iu?
tici-j itr "relation jo thtt next Presidency and the
prominent position of. you r na me. in connection
with h, 4s a sufficlenyexcuse-Torhis, letter.' yTJit
it is a happxfeajure in wtif Gotejnpanf.lhat ,oP
fecial functionaries, 'under it, from the lowest to .in
-f;(TfiiKtWrinB ara not bevond the reach and par-
tia? supervision dfthe-humblest.citizt'n and that it
is a right io'erery freeman to possess himself of
the- political principles and opinions' of those into
- taentmay be placed, toTall of ;wbicb. I ."y
coincide withyou in opinion.;-Asking tny views
' Wm veraL tabjects; C First. i As lo the justice and
. necessity ef4hi-war with.tMexico on -our pnrt
. Second. r'AS rt theHecessity of --a1 national ' bank,
and Ihcpoftcr' of Congress .focreating 'such1 an
- ; itadmtya:: Third.'' As to Vheccmisf ahigb. pro
, teciive tariff; and the right of Congress, under the
Constitution ' to' areate such a system of revenue.
XA to the k first interrogatory, lrfiy ' duties and
tko' - position '-I-' occapV?;-1 Ho' -ttcV-Jcotisidef it
; Would be -propel in' me to igive my opinion in r
? gard"!to; the same f nS citizen, and- particular!
: aar-a so!dret-itJs safficieiit for me to knowthnt
ouir country1 ia"a(' "tval vfith' a- foreign hailoo; to do
; ell ia my . poxvet to bring it to a:spedy bnd hon-
rcrable termination", by thfr most vigorous and ener-'-cetic
bDemtkmsithotiHrrtloirinff 'about its jus.
tice, or anythragerse connected with it believing,
J MlrJo"lt1sfbar;tvWr
all thewor"d, ? aa'iopg as it , can. be done without
fadiDgcring the hoppr and interests of theountry.
As regards tbeecond and third ;inqqiris, I am
of prepared-.to imrwer them i 1 1 could obfy do so
after investigating those subjects, which1!' cannot
cow doV my. whole ime being: fully--occupiid in
attending to -my proper official duties,: which rriust
not beneglected odeY anyifcumstancer? and I
most say to vou in substance what I have said to
rotn (ha -f?? P
.i - - - i : :i
matters, that I am no
lAnficf.n:NeaVrtyjiyears of y r0i
ouieri m regaru w sumit iuwos . ""'--u.,
been .'passed in the public servieo, in the army, jwnicu Government of the United State, has
mosfof-which ib the field, the camp, on our w,'s(- iranninedwiib a .viewr to entering, into negotia
ternXrontier,1 bv m tbe Indran cobntryj and for tjons for peace, and .offering to name., minister
nearly the two last, ia-ihis-or TAcas, daring for tbis purpose. . And if this opinion appeared to
which lime i hive not passed one night under the osiound according to the federal constitution wheu
roof of a noose? ! -'' ' : ' u promulgated as a provisional code, and even since
. As regards being a candidate for the Prrsid.-n- Congress ha ' cqiired an fft; f rwer
ngiuled - this eaxjy ay, and that tt had not been t0Qla aefitiititamenlt consliiuida now that
deferred MuI,tbeVisIp3eof:4he. warvoruntil the ODeof the article of ?he act of amendments declares
end of the nixtj session of Congress, especi.-tlly, if i expressly that "the powers of the. Untoa are all
1 am lOOT Jntxea iun win 11,'as 11 is miuiu u
try1 growing out bf the' disctission of thcmeriL
vfiieb might have been very much 1 allayed,' if not
prevented, , bad tbi subject, been, deferred as'sug
- geMed;;:beside very tuny 'chaflgrs may ;Uke
placo between : aow and 1 848,; or mrieb so, Tas' to
fciakevh,,'desi.rabIe'for.tb"e the, country''
that some other individual than myself, better
qualified' for the station1, should; be sHected : and
could he be selected, I would not only 'acquiesce
in sucn; an arrangement, out wooia rejoice mat
the ' republic had one citizen, and no doubt there
are; thousand V more deeerving than I am, and
betfer1 (qualified to discharge the duties of said office".
-"If t nave beeoVnatned by others and considered a
andidatWjr.tbe has been by no
agenejr of mine in the matter -and if the good
people, think, ray services important in that station,
rideleel toeyi wiI feel bonnd to serve them, and
"all the pledges and explanations I can enter into
ahdike'as reMrds this or that policy, is, that I
will do-so honeatly and faithfully to the best of my
abilities, strictly incompliance with the constitu
ting , Shbbld Xever occupy the While House, it
must, ba by the' spontaneous move of the. people,
.. and by no act of mine, so that I could go into of
fice 'bntrammeled, and be the chief magistrate of
the nation and not of. a party',. .';
i', But should they' the people, change their views
jand opinions' between this and the time of holding
the election, and cast thir votes for the Presidency
for some one" else, 1 will not complain.
' ". , WiLhf considerations of respect, I am Scc; -
.t:X;;- '::,Vf(: z.;taylor.
V; P.S'I.write m great haste, and under constant
,'1; Wt the XVhiss &of .;' , : '
-VThe "Whig game .is ' up. Their manoeuvres
have been foiled and their purposes defeated. The
''fight "yet flickers, in the socket but it is destined
8obn to be extinguished ' '
"r; The party, undertook, to oppose the Mexican
'.war ana to thwart the Government in its prosecu
tion. Jj.Succe'sses came, and they sought to appro-
ETiati'captoin,;; leader. its- chieftain. They
eld.b'ut to him the tempting bait of the Presiden,
&li!F!itrt&fciei Ae victorious Gene
" ' 'lfri'rej denounced, subser
r.paTtydigna. But it was all . in
,"'. Sojpn;a3 . Geo. .Taylp;. spoke, . he said
.pfaioiy.tbat he was not 'of or for the party. ;; Eve
'ry' letter TfbleK ; he wrote cltncted the nail firmer ;
and. dampened still more the. hopes of the' Whiffs.'
The veteran efd'oow stands upon his own hook
7u.tpoi sua BparkKpm.Doini.vY nig anq, uemocrat.
SrTF?i yttyi tions.pf availability cannot loaqh
tylr1 JW?PnLflmong,many .qf ,tho party to
denounce the war unon all arra'siJna rA' i
' ..te.iw!' ioto the aIo of
. opposiUon ui the measures of the Government A
-CeWitaere party meamaytbave profited bv soh
reooise batiwelaxe rejoiced to see that some of
ttbevitfasterj spirit of i-Whifffferv. ha
MWaxd to cost their censure upon it i .Henry; Clay
-ihe-otherj-.dayj: spoke the eentiments of . a paWioJ
-wheaiietoldft.Vhiltde'phia audience' that it ivas
slbe datf of i jerery citizen.! to lend -bis
.-ca4 Jnauenceiio.he'rGQvernraent in prosecuting
iAft,wax twld teeuring! a: peedy.f arjd-;hon6rbfi
,ce.o; Caopot iheicoflnsefs of, their great leader
;j;needea-oy6 taetVh,tgs? o. Whct ia; the fitter to
advisf tbe rrtyiitTom Corwb or. Heflry Clay ?
Jtelik? . WWgs t.eel( mdr& zealously to, crown the
vAjcrictta acrns cwHh'yiXory?; and f as; Genj Ta v.
.?iarrecOraraeods)cWititi"i, ihe war iat, ovr:before
jhey think. faboftt"thel Presidency, and the result
f.uLiojmoi:e?piciou3 tor too, country, and-per
iyjv.oHrro.QfCmseives. .-i." HicA.r.nqi
Mpiipiu Coirrc j ana i'eace...
I- fcVe hruWoonviq V w-wre -our .: iiu.s.
mornirf the rrnort of the 'Cpmmitteeou Foreighmcd in the report, ine F-" .Z
beii Ttferred Mr. Buchanan's late letter to that
Government The document is full of importance
Spresf -the deling,
utvnn CJoiictrm - ana nan on. . m enueuvuun"
id adhere closely, to the-, original we are epprepressirdraign
. ----- -. -
hensivff lest the "report sh6uld."be"deerned
what obscure to a
nstyeader. Thoughttuliy
pondered, however.it will be found a lucid, con -
bra majority iaf the Mexican Congress and nation.
AVe translate it, trctm .El ' Nacioaal, .published, at
Atliscor a town at present the capital blithe State
of Puebla The authors of the report,are Senores
fJlero ana Juairagua, t .pe, iorraer.nas.cui rcoi
X brpke'afr his xonnectTob with , El Repoblkano
CHerb abd JUfraguat
as the.prmcipal editor, being
principal editor, being unwilling to write
under any arDitrary rcnricuons , ijnirngua
filled the office
Relation deem it-noi icnpioner to .present, tneir
meatal coae vis pertecuy vciear m pv w' "
The JlOib arlicle ofthe eonsiitutibn places amom
the powers of the execotive aythoruy of the Unioo
that of directing aiplomaiic negotiations and con
cluding treatiea of peace, frieudship. alliance, truce,
federation,' armed neutrality, commerce, and every
other kind wbatsover ; but it says. that, to grant or
re-issae the ratification of any1 one of these the
anbrobatron ofthe General" Congress most first-be
obtained-- The executive power is also exclusive,
according to the 15th number ot tne saiue
to receive ministers and other agents of foreign
powers,! -r.-: --t-j-, : - l-"V".'' ' '
These articles prove in . a manner iBControvertar
blf that by bur cpnslitgffonal laws' as among other
ii'r. akUi.oAAfi Af'fiifpiffa relations
civilized nations, ihe'directioh Of 'foreign ret:
Ts'entruVted exclusrvety td the executive? but
but conferring on it'-the
power to
conclude any
iJin definhivelv. or to
bind the
. . .
nation to any
thinli without the coasenioftfte. legislative bodf.
among ih
Th same leoerai .consuiuiioo ,p5"
poweraof Copgress; that of "approving treanes pi
L. n;a. of f.iendshin. of federation, of
armed' ueutranity, and. every other kind whatsoever
which the President ol the uniiea LAiexcau, i .
otaies may conc uuc wnu iwis j.w w. ; , ,
y Prbm all this we come to the conclusion that
- . ommnnic.tion
oeriveu jrom tut coosiiiuuon mu re mnucu
IdCUIUCl iA;nasij
ic power must ue
rigorous manner, we
n fin1 nri iwcib!e. obiceiion lo our opinion.' for
any 'other Opinion whatever would involve a viola
tion; of. the pact to which we have -worn. ;
r , Nevertheless ,we.are root blind ; to the, fact ibat
instead of being a political theory,, it has been a
sentiment of the purest, . noblest, patriotism -to its'
origin, which has interposed sa many-difficulties
in order that upon a subject of so vast importance
that course should be strictly followed which the
commands of the constitution so distinctly mark
but. Congress, as the faithful-representative of
the wiihei ofthe people; who have been outraged
by the most unjast of all aggressions and are de
termined not to consent that an ignominious treaty
should secure to our neighbors the possession of
the, territory usurped , by. them, and with it the
dominion of this continent terminating at the
same time bur political existence in a manner which
would not ' even' entitle os td the compassion of
other people Congress has uniformly opposed
every thing which should seem to. open 'the way
for a peace, which would at this day be every way
ignominious, and tt has exercised the most jealous
care and precaution to prevent even the remotest
danger or such a disaster.. ,:. tVv. ;i vSc ..
The committee participates ia .these feeiings.
and .would only observe that this constitutional
p jwer confered upon Uie executive cannot be as
sailed by us," nor does ic afford ' occasion for well
founded alarm, nor in fine is it possible that ion-
(rress should itself dtscbarse tins duty. I ne man
ageaientof diplom . tie negotiations demands such
reserve, so much discussion, and activity so well
timed, a system of deti;ns so well prosecuted, that
it would be impossible to carry them on with cer
tainty, if their management were entrusted to a
numerous body. 'The policy bf all nations confirms
this troth, and there is no doubt that Congress
tself renounced the power of negotiation when in
amending our original-constitutional pact, jt deter
mined that there, should be no .alteration in tae
provisions we have cited, and left them to stand
as they were.,.. . 'm- t uy r-.r'
. On the other. hand, in perfect consistency witn
these provisions,' the executive 'can conclude noth
ing definitively it possesses tib authority to con-
summate any arrangement'-which 'Snail De woo
ing upon the .Republic4; and Congress very well
knows that the executive, even in the exercise of
. 1 .r. -i t ; e I. j k. m.
IIS COnsillUUOnai exclusive iacuiuvs. uuuer aii.rirv-
aentative system fiitds. itself constrained - to pursue
such a course as may Deuesigoatea Dy puoiw opin-
ion ana tne.iegisiaiive oouy. in fue poiuou ;uiy
strong and r
respectable which our cortstitution gives
, it possesses abundant ' peaceful and
cea, without exceeding its duties, fohH
rla nrihp nation in. Whatever minncr l
to Congress
leeal resources,
sore the inerests ofthe -nation in-whatever manner
tbey, may .be compromised. -. . r-:i .: . .-v:..--a
For these reasons, thereiore, uie majorily o! the
committee caadpt, propose any : other-, course than
to return to toe uoyeromeni ine uespaico ; ana ii
this reportppears subscribed by only 1y6 members
of the cooimiitee, it should be borne in mind that
our associate Sr.J CeballOs,'who wbrlhily presides
over-the eommiitee, but who from his Well known
ilt ft ess i unable - to cooperate with us, has aothoi-
ised os to express ; his agreement with as, and he
even offered to subscribe the report .. which-ne
should. pepsr.ex?ressie of our views,' which we
Conclude, with the following proposition,
f With 4. copy' of this report, let , the despatch be;
eturned to the Government, because, in the pres-
ent:suuation Of the anair, it comes within its pogqi
zahce, wirh the Tes'rictfods'w
byhefdndamental code pf the Republic. ;-,ii'ri ' '.
f "u-n;...tfi fiu-i c. .fuAFRAGUAV-' ';
:t iMcaicoy 12th July j J 847 j - ovf. OJlilRO.-iV,n
-2 'Thy report being'submitted to Cob'gress'under
we'nt rdiscusVidn. and the vote beirisr taken opohi
irii was approved. the sa'rhe'day; TJpbri ihe mo
tion of Scnor.CanaSr it was ordered that the report
should be published as;-well as the vote upon it
We odd ;-tba yeas and nay s upon v it -adoption-
yeSia p2 nays:22.iiv, Tf:?o1. AorMo' w&'h'ir.i i
-coWe need' hardlyisav: that this Veport appears to
iu an aaihoritature declaration aon. the parr, off -ihe!
bf tho-corrtindance-qfithe wan f It istheeclara
tion of the majority of the preseht-Cohgress,rand
din sco ana imosisijrnincHiH cpwiiiui mjo f5'inMiiq;mwj
ToAhe partyalUsTjIra.w
l The nre4ine kargumrit Vii
- 4r -...rT-T --r- ... . - htA Areno
- AVe nfer from thlA
mevhicb ha Ver purposely ShiSelfr
.pw iiuriiuw M..vT, j- -. - '.., -. .
J"" , .. .( omiinttUi nO DID CUI
entertain tnougpts wpcaww
i in termsfal
.:Z.ir fM.liAff in favor ofthe absolute, integ
rity ofthe Mexienri territory at all bayards. he
blind obstinacy of a nation to bpposc .rpraee.ia;
now ihwii!. - ,.vfia o; j r
the power by the, consututiop to.negotia a.re
,n-tD? Wtcn7
pare a treaty for -the; sanction of
that man a traitor to his cout)t.ry;,ibphai pro-
, imri ? . MS -.:m- r r . if
; congress nas noi. yFi yieiueu H ? irrfr-r -tj-t
enemy or; themselves,:.
Interesting J)ocment froM xico We lay
.V i-
this evening . b fore our readers tne report or toe
Committee on Foreign Relations to -the Mexican
Congress, translated , for the New Orleans Pica
yune. The conclusion to which, it hrr "ves is, that
the President ia to negotiate a treaty, and the Con
gress to ratify . or, . reject iu Jiepce they return
Mr. Buchanan's' letter to Santa Aiina. At the
same time, the, tbrie. of .the r'epoi.t seems Httle fa
vorable Jo a pacific' negotiation';-for it shackles
ihe;ExecuiiTe witlv the expression of, a protest a
gainst a treaty which lecures.lb us fthe possession
of the, territory usurped by ihejn,". (us); .This
treaty it stigmatizes as Mgnominlous.,, .
. Haw Ion r thev "will . roaintaifl r-this language,
jvhen our troops shall be in pbssessionjbr the capi-
iai, w5 cannpt. uugiiww. '
vents. There is a letter in Washington from
Juebla, of ihe 29th July, which sayS;the negoiia-
tion has (ai
iled, and therefore,, General Scbu, will
be prepared, on Ihe arrival of, General.' Pierce,
tq.occupy the capital..,'. Tw'TsMlWl'Bie
tiation. however.-reanircs confirmalun. , j ;
- i' ; :; Wan&oU-Uii&n.
1 " .Ffbm the .N.'OFeW, AngMit. . .
. Froin .Tera Critt ano.tii Orazo. .
The U. S. steamship Telegraph, CapL Wilson,
arrived here last evening. She Icv, Vera Cruz on
the 3d inst.. nnd Binzoson the.7th.i
rWe received
by her no leUeri She brought us the Sun of
Anahuac ofthe day of her sailing onoday later
and the Matamora Flag of ihe j4th inst, .... t ; .
-, The Vera Cfuz' paper ; of the.SJ-in&t. contains
not a $ingle;ilem: of'jfiews from the interior, and
ycry Kttle news of any docrptipnWio: rj .
The news from Goo. Tay lqrs eoluron, indicate
an advance movement. The Matamoros Flag, of
the 4th jast says ' '.! -Vj ''!'. ' :r :-.!?
f Advance upon Sa Lvis From Major Arthur,
formerly duartermas'ter at Ceralvp we learri that
Gen. Wool has received "coders to .proceed, with
the advance of Gen. Taylor's column, on the 20th
msL, in the direction . ol Ji.ncjujtauonj. some
leagues from Buena VistvrjwrEi'he .wili er
a depot into which three mbnibs rations .will be
thrown... The army will tln: ovaace upoSan
Luis, and communication be lOjrieywnrv Tanyico
or Tuxpan from whence suppluV will, thereafter
be received. All the mules, androther means' of
transportation, have been pnlertVlwji?! and activi
ty prevails throughout the whole deportment. t, j ' .
From our young friend, Mr.; DuPontewJio
come passengcr; in the TelJraphyTrom Matamo
ros, ye learn that Majpr .Crossmap, tiartermastcjr
at Camargo, received imperative , orders on ,the
29th ult., to have nil the 1ne:ce$say supplies and
means of transportation in Monterey by ; the 20th
inst. Four .hundred ; wagons, ; a a; pat of .lDose
means, have been for warded, from i the Brazos.
The following, is from tli.e MatamorOS Flag :
j Robbery, rape, and hanging appear io be ;thp
order of the day amoung the ranchdros(.Jn the
neighborhood ofMatamoros. A,,$w days ago o
party of robbers went to the; house bf a? Kbjxlcan,
in the country, and while a few.orthcrri amused
themselves by hanging the maahe Test perpe-
bands of lawless, desperado Mexjcans prouling
about our vicinity, whom it wouldibe well Tor our
scouting parties to look for. f Thtf hanged. Mexi
can was not much hurt the bbjccj of bis tortures
being more to divert his ; attentionV from what the
others was doing, than anything else. . . t
A Moxicaq , force, we. learn whs recently des
patched tq. the neighborhood ofParras, to destroy
the crops of corn, &c., , in that region. "The resi
dent Mexicans, after, apply iofctdlGea. Taylor for
assistance, collected in force and themselves drove
off the destructives. There can be no doubt that
the people of Tamaulipas would 1 gladly erect theirs
into an independent Suite were'- t(ie )hing . possible.
Their. miserable, .everrcangUig;
only .taxes theni exorbitantly but refuses them pro-
tectiop, trpm .ine. rooDers, wiininfc nu ;icuui ww
airressibns bf the ' liidians'-'witbout. their limits.
They have, more thap. oceUierrffifcd to fcut loose
from the centraf GbVernb.eti. but found ' they
possessed not . 'i? ;
; ' - .- : i -,--j-
r: Bearh , W' were not , aware hat Miikii were
sro numerous in' tbis j" county ; uJt recently. ' We
qbdajstand five' bave.IbW
withibja months past. Oa'Mdiy. ihe 9th.'. insL1,
one was caught in a steel-trap byMr.'Banka ,on
the' land of . Cap! GebTG Smitnjf bn (hat ; riveri
which is said to have ' beeb -the .largest ever seeb
by somo old huntsmen who .were present., tie
was supposed to be very old, aa'all his front teeth
were''w6n'o'n.excet:.!nis bolders' and they, were
mere snags. . He was very latand so neavy inat
four men could not brinsr him out on' high' ground
to skin htm. Bear's' greasoi can't' 'be scarce in
thpse diggips.
;.; . PfH TT i-.il.
"1 Washington ' Editors. & correspondent of tfie
Nl X: perald'tpeaking of .tbieriuck'of sbmtf etli
ibrs" says r " Jdst - look at ' the luck : of' ou f 1 "fed
eral tity editors' Mr. 'Gales bds it 'touoitf seat j
Mr. Seaton has a country seat "Mr" iBIatir has the
delightfufraeat of Silver Spring.jiMr.tRlVea'has
:thb- duelling' ground p Mri.Keiail ' has a 1 place,
near town; M r.' Heits hai jst boughc a fine place;
Mr? Ritchie has ju:purcb4sef aVid maVed into the
princely house erected byMr.Jtercoranref.tbe
fi rut of -Co rco ran &,TRisfrontirig .afayette
Square and the White HouseCTenV Ehjflr.Greeh
has ainumber of pfeee'inckid.rigir lafge interest
irLihe'Curnbertand coal inffics. Tali ahbutippoT;
editors after this, will "y oil-?V r:r" -i t - r r -r'siinrir.
.'v6n Saturday evening last, 'Df J&nfomm B.
Wniinms"- comolered a' course bnc-ctures and de
monstrations id ihb Jity,Mipon-the subject Tof-Hu-
We had the i pleasure i of attending several ofthe
weif as surprised
urday nighty denVon
larW hndien'ci witli
fi ve ? magetizej! ' b6 vs,' who, 1 urider ( the 'influence
which seemed to have been put upon them,-danced,'
were; translated to' 'Mexico', add fought the eneihyj
saw GenTaylor -woUnded.'arid described him;
Avere dumb, bhfid, j and speechless W and 'riot, only
this but the Magnetize? seemed (to pin th'eni to the
floor ax his willj to deprive therri bf air power '-of
motion,' and then' 7 to Vcslbre 1 motion' and energy J
and, 'in a' word, to play upon their faculties, to use
u:- Wn 'lnnAiKiira' -?iit-a ttiA- Infttf tnnhlips the
li JO uwu iuuungv m-mj - t r
harp or the piano"; : He alsoprodticed a-state.of i aiter for bis !nbfninatibn;ad' o;na.'.'day;M'r;W. iaikbnd to.lbe.best oiVoar ability, provided f
ihjipnsihititw in 1 the riffht arm and side of one of I viitthave io answer for it ;' there are Wisecrets be-. sfMind orion'the vitAl -Auhstinn f . fie
the ooys, ana tnen resiorea nim msiauiiy. 4.1
fact was tested by several gentlemen present: 1
the boys, and then restored 'him instantly' 'This
v; Rni hmv: w( mov be nsked.1 'was this mnsrnetiC
State produced? ' It appeared to bedonem! this
"-v.' "".-'-:: ...., . . - . w.
way F The person to be magnetized was'piniced,
for instahce, : ona bench and told 16 compose bis
mind: and fix it on what wasabo.ut'tq be
A niece of silver money was eivenoifn. which
ne neiu in ms nanu uooui nveivc ujcuc hwhi
2 irom nis
ovm ihnlAr instrurtions to keer his eves constantly
upbrt it, !andi "wben he felt like It, to drop into
nni mm n
atrl When nsleeb. which -frenertilly
r -:n..iafi of?p inln'nrr 'thp
occurred about txventy; rm 3
seav' the subject was' lifted up and aroused and
then,' with his eyes open, and apparently with all
nis senses luiiy aunui uim, mc ivi ' jr
was placed before his eyes by the Magnetizer, and
he was told lo follow. ' This he- did, bis body
whirling- and turning' after ! the money -after
.t.;.h tho Afnniir fivi hi' 'hnds unoh 1 bis
hwidJ-' dbirri bv' hi side: orchis ffnze upon the
canuic or nuy uvuer oujcci, juai. ne muujui y j..
to.do, 'the subject' remaining as first praced; until
relieved by the vdrd of the' Magnetizer. ' Confir
dence, Faith, and the , Doctrine of Impression,
seem to be the main principles of this Science
that is," confidence in the Magnetizer, and impress
ion on the "mind of the subject that he cannot resist:
For instance; several of the boys were told to kick
a cap; or to strike the Magnetizer; which' they
attempted nhd could' not do,ir'thei'r 'arms of feel
beipg orrest.ed before reaching-the bbiectj or glanc- j
mg over orarouna it. , . .
' -Dr. Williams gave a' coo rsc of private lectures
press the op
produce the most astonishing as well as the' most
i beneficial results.' : Without expressing any; bpin-
iuu vt wi uvii uiic nav vi uiiviu&i w v tij
erthcless add, that while a number of our citizens
believe ih; the truth of this Science, and consider
it as important i as
it is strikibo. and Wonderfn I.
others, of equal intellijren
ligence, look uponit ai "all
in my eyew-asa humbug of the first magnitude
At any ratejr there seems to'be'a mystery about it,
which it .would be 'difficult.' perhaps,7 to explairi.
Gen. Taylor not a Whig ! '
,' '.'The letter of GenTaylor, in another column,
will arrest the attention , of the reader.. In that
letter," if will be seen, he declines "to go,wiih the
Federalists in denouncing the Mexican War as
uncopsUiutiona I ' and . un righteous, and he gives
them the "'cold shoulder "on the Bank and Turin
questions lr ; What will the Feds da now ? . Will
the R ileigh Register support a man for the Presi
dency who is no politician, and who is not
,' prepared to answer 'f in favor, of the leading
principles of the Whig party? ' ...
' The game is nearly up. Federalism, after
having used Gen. fTayIor's popularity for the pur
pose of influencing the. State elections, .will, in
bur humble opinion, soon commence, even in this
region,' , the crawfish, backing out policy ; and
Henry Clay,' the great embodiment, about whose
principles'ihere can bo no doubt, may again be
rallied upon and rub 1 !, Stranger things have hap
pened, time and again' to the ! poor Feds; and
shoiild lhis.be the' case, who docs not know that
tbe ' Register ; would 'drop Gen. Taylor and. go
for Mr. Clay ' ' '' , .
I . ' JLatet irom irjontertej,
. A correspondent of the N. . O. Delta writing
from Monterey, July 27th, says;:---."A move to
San 'Louis Polos i has finally been decided on.
All the departments connected with Gen. Taylor's
column, are actively engaged in preparing for the
march. . The 1st September is the time fixed upon
for the forward movement . The forces under
Gen. Tay lor would seem, in my opinion, , to be
totally, inadequate for such an undertaking, but the
old hero has, to use his favorite classic quotation,
determined on. the matter nolens volcns" , ; -
i.VVe have just received a letter from an I intelli
gent friend; dated Matamoras, August 1st, which
confirms the above , statement as to the far ward
movement of Gen. .Taylor.: The . writer says;
however, that by the; midd!e4of August, General
Taylor, would have at , least ten thousand ; men,
eager for the contest J and in this be diners from
the Correspondent of the - Delta, who seems to
think the forces under old Rough "totally inade
quatc."..The Data's Correspondent, we doubt not,
is mistaken. ,. Expresses, , we learn, were running
injevery.dirccfion on the 1st of August, ordering
ud provisions and. munitions of war- and an ex
press: bad. Jpst: reached Matamoras, ordering four
hundred, wagons tot be sent to Camargo by fce
! -J The ThirtietU' Congress. ' ft
? The New York-Herald : submit a calculation
as to the political complexion of 4he' next7 Con
gress, which gives a-,(probable Whigmajority" of
jour in-ino Mouse ot! representatives and in
such - matters ' the Herald is ! generally correct
That paper arrays theiJ forces in the Senate as fol
lows : Whigsi' 19 Independent, 1 vCa1hbunites,
8 ; Democrat: 24 j ' Vacancies, 6. 4 l.T-be' Senate
will, boweverpbd sufficiently? Democratic for all
practical purposes j and' in; the House ' the Feds
will not daro, as a party,1 to vote against sdpplies.
n ' e,!bad'tbe: pVeas'ure, afew days : sfficV of 'cbn
Vferiing withlLieut. HAbcbck late of: CaprJ Hen.
ryV ( Rbckragham) Company, who left Saltillb ton
the 16th and Monterey the 24th July. He re
signed' his commission on account of continued ill
health, having beeb advised bv,' Physicians tr. (Tn
oi " He confirms the accounts we have had bfthe
bad health of the North Carolina Regiment, but
he thinks the 'sickness-was b bit iner when he left.
the highest erm'si-of'Gen.o Tay lot." "'He says
isbeloved. by thtfcwbolbt. lArmy'ahdihaf Hti, his
opinion, he;is not a Whig. ' . , rv.M uo
m a cias oi pfii rmeii oi mini risnn:iaoiiiiv in ' . :
- - l 'r. r . : i. .i
.Z- A-r 7- o--- -------- - o - i . jnent, ana.aeicrminea, ir possipie. to put u. a own.
this City; most of whom have assured us oLlAetf j . - ' , - ' ...(
entiri confidence in the principles oMe Sciewc .. One hardly rlfpows whether to laugh or be,in
.1,'a, AL.w iV ; Aini ia idignant at the views andxharges embraced in the
S?i jLJtfr. ZfcVt'Cndftx, seconds Tcxta f
ii; is . so, extraof dina
generous tand unjust in its temper and style,.
5Kn the charges it contains, that we feel it to be
duty, ; 3 a Repnblican, and as a-fnend of the pres
nt Administration. to civa it a nassitwr notice.
1 v a ..
t0 And;noty ;what.dqesihis wrUerrwbose qpin-.
ions and cbrrgear are thus endorsed by iegis?
leCrrrWiP Mr--pollcfeUeajpwj noti""!'!
The-impressions wlnore strong here
to hi cabinet, fori the fact U wel rfenow thar he
has little association with any or" them.-except with
irrV mnA Have Jahnnon. He is indebted to Mr
jweejn i them:-- He 'does ;cohstH( Mr.;';oons0n,
sa n it 1 Kim f w 11 v 1 11 iiurfirru 1 iv iiiiii. uut uuuc 11
er. There'is' a thamber-influence' oveirkbe Prest?
dent much' stronger than any exercised by hiscabi
nets the laflaerac
court, -in ; palace, and
through which Mr.
is, a. man of illimita
ine ia bis exterior,
, taste for letters, and too suspicious lor continence.
; he has but one absorbing passion, and that he has
Himmcu iitui iu ui a baim ur.ciniuiuiuaiT uc
ewf- Fatientperseyeringilent and crrcomspect,
with a mtnd disciplined by aeirrestraint antl tratnr
ed to labor, oo timid tobe jn advance of publii
j o tQQ caulious to TenIqre Qn .ipriiejl'.
- hj a Gf the right temperameaf Uo succeed io'poli-
'tics. , adu tnis is an ne cares iqr.., Aside lrom hs
j immediate household, ; 1 doubt whether there is one j
J human being he loves. There are few with whom
i he has ai
and rather an obscure man
respectable of his relati
ences. childless of" sma
habitssuddenly removed from' the only' business
of life he. would become a coin
plete hypochondriac
in stz monins." . ' - .
:. , This writef-fw ho Js.no doubt some d isappointed
o5ce-seeker:-then goes on. to argue the points be
has made, and endeavors to show, that while one or
two members of, the Cabinet,.1 together' w'th Mr.
Ritchie. are "jin 'favor, of .M r, Pqlk's . reelectton,
nn har ptaying a deep grime upon ihe subject,
Mr. Benton and others a re" opposed to ihe .'mdve-
extracts just; made.,; Mr. PoJk.,VJf playing a'deep
game for , re-election he r, is a man. bf illimit
able ambition : cold and saturnine in his exterior,
with no relish for society, no taste for letters, and ;
loo,'' suspicious for confidence, he has but one; ab-
i forcing passion, and that he has gratified thus j
1 bX careeriofextrnordinary success V he is 4cut
,pol itieal differences ci ild lesspf small fortune
and unsocial habits, ; suddenly removed: ffom the
only, business of life4- he vould become;a .complete
hypochondriac in six mcths- VL Sdcbis the stuff
which thef Register endorses-7-such are. the views
pi. a , writer; who' professes to, jo.w-'the president,
nd;;wbo-.tlempp.tp sketch tpujthis; character be
fore the American people!? ' ifkii.
: And nowyiiy here are thef proofs? 1 -How. will
the Register establish its char ee. that Mr. Polk
44 is play ing a. der p ghme for re-elecUon,'1-andthat
he is' a-man. of 0 illimitable ambition ?? Whtit
says the past? n The American, people found Mr.
Polk in the retirement of bis quiet and .'happy
bome. W ithont any sblic itation on h is pa ft nvr itb
out triumphal processions; of electioneering touts,
or any ot tne little tricks and devices which nave
rendered famous to all time a certain Dartv m this
r j
country- that people called Mr.. Polk to the
highest bfiice in: their' gift. ' He bbep-d the call.
First pledging himself that it was not bis wish lo
be7 a cahdidate for re-election, he entered upoh the
duties ot that great omce under circumstances and
surrounded by difficult iea' calculated f ton try the
metal and evolve the talents and resources of any
man: and now we: leave it .to a candid world to
say, how well be hns played his parti r Instehd of
carry irtg forward a petty " game :" for his own' re
electiprt of : seeking to gratify any .ambition "
but that which pointed to the best measures and
the noblest means -for advancing the interests and
protecting the rights bf his country,' he has sig
nalized himself by the closest and most constant
attention to his duties, and by devoting all his time
to the service of that people who have honored
him so much
ask, has ; he
the Oregon
this party have peen earned out;iin relation
ak.aa . ..a aa. I
lue iarm aim mc ihhuiw-j w iue country 3-anu
.ir i. . .k Z l-'Jt. TTt.1t ' IT-M
ui mis uiumrui uicic 19 wii one icaunig- x euerausi
in the whole country ,-'whn will dare to stand for
ward ar-t sa V. that the onobsilioh: nariy.-witb Mr.
Clav-ntlherr eonld- hv nKrh( tHr'
term from EngUnd iai the Oregbn. controversy,
orthatitris ad viable neither itofWaHhelnde
nAt i.:-M.. .a -fc .u
? , -JS I l'?lr change-the
lanfl of ;l84av-iVlosti true ? ts it, tas thts-Writer
observes that Mr. Polk has shad j thus fat" a
career of ; extraordinary: sacceasibot.v it is'such
u-.zr. -ir ijf .1..-.
,p,; , . .v, ,,
j. 4.0 a..t...v... vi iuh niiwi.iuuiui. & via, was,
uccu - cut uu' iiviii uiv musi rcspucuioi Ol nis
relatives by political differences" is tro reproach
to him, but it ua stain uport those-wao, though
bound to himsbyi'ties Usf- blood or affinitv.'-have
wun rout ana outer calumnies, at every step: in bis
glowing and elevated path; and who, operated trpon
and controlledTby5 malice or en vy,r have increased
in their clamors and persevered in' their' assaults
against i his v spblless'1' chatacter.T the rnore he has
succeeded In ' bis honest efforts ifot- distinc'tldn.
(-The most respectable ? of his-' relatives 'Jamds
.PoIlc ootshiiiesthem aIl.S '''it;io'hirpraise be
it spoken, never saw the day when he Would have
treated them a.s some of them have treated him;
and he will live -in the hearts of bis countrymen
and. in theiovaand n veneration !6f posterity, when
these,TibisenemiesKaBdt1'dcfamery, rshalll have
beeb: turned a over lb "i the darkness of. cold ob-
Nivion. j Ir regard to the mingled meanness and
atrocrtyi wnicix could reproach himibecansd he! is
'f cbt ldless,'?fj and charge that; he is destitute of all
tnanly and noble affection!, we have nothing to sayj
We leave this, in the same sewer with the persona j
abase which the Federalists heaped nboii Andrew1
Jackson arid his beloved wife we -.fling- it'dowrij
with the: ndpaebiA&'tb)iRiete! -aponl i into
the blackpit of qnutterkbleoorni.wbicb: to tbis
day ?reekswhh nrecollect1onai ?of ihe -madierj iho
.-.. vv a Know not woo me - wmcr -wut "c, - " i ti. . ; . . r wn t
whetheriUopiaioa. .reavchonlr, or Mppcc " 'r,1 il. lJ 5
any thing more sst.atiaUhan ,mere ;sprmje;; hUJlJn tyi Hl
buj they.oiocide.so;exacly.npt on.lywjtl op? own jridt Wiervtf asficond term-and wd lief1
impressibbsV butwijh; II-we, h'av', ever heard ou pledge was given jn a II. sincerity; and fJ
the iubject, that we' could not avoid'givibg bis let-: sire to aroid; as far as bebonorablv; thttC A 4 'e-
j-i..r. i. . -.4 . . i . , - . -uo.tK
e;itha.t often,- roles ;tne,camp and . ' fcT,...R,r,8U'.' m-caafc
bower. ;Tbat, . is be quarter : ay snou iu again oe nominated, still clin'o-oTuX
olkjnustbcapproacbed. ,,,e ( layior . -Ana wtwt is to pe the doomo wl
ble ambition, ' Cold 'and -saturf ster, and Scotland .McLran? "Aadirik r,
, with , no rUh for society ao , should succeed in p-ftt in frnll their C,'... r.wa
ny jptimacv less still in wjiom be has . eouiu"x pxienp, ieu veratjruz on the 6fh
e.ahd lliis'includes hundreds amonthe ' ntant, WKbfaaescort of 1500 men. It w,n
is partyand many Very near his person. ! bf been commanded by.CoL Louis D. Wison
out of office would be a verv. miserable: ol. "n taioiina out :ne was laken suddentt ill
. And what "ambition," -we would . "r A 1 -ivr- "B "
. -f -.,rr,. vxiss in- regaru 10- ine same uo nereoy
yet to gratify? 'fifw encigy: settled ai our eon-:-7inn w i,..-iui.BPh;il. iV
question: hiitpimciples and the wishes ; ..,-,. a-.-m a M. -iroini
success as always . attenas : tne sound,, ine honeft, lormation in a criep, speec
and'the patriotic statesman, w hp forgets feelf in his j', 'Owing to the kind and"g
devotion to nrincinlr - and mhai?AM hnt 'ali Km of ProTessbr Mileshis hapi
. Jang'-
ut IJr,Po!kI savs-thiS'fcprnr1 . i.i.
rc-electJ0n.v ,,1. cjjepy t j but admit that he ,2 to
serve notber.iermf if xe-electfdand-4vKo. '0u'l
and Did not WMhingtpnapJeffrsooVand Ma?'
pu'H and Monroe, 1 and' Jaclsbn 'otr'sVrVe tW0
- I AndJwl tt)lsilet&&lSTayIor fIft 0 1
IoJ does not vfanl lo be President t but. if a.
' I -j V k". ' - " J " ' J V'frC JB,
c7i peopti require it, he vnll serve then,
te6ecr heT6iana3'fu pon r thr vei 1 v ? rolinr
rerv irreat responsibilities ,and c r
did aot Gen- Jackson evince :tha am .T.l W
ness and did not: the American people neT i.2
less-.force .him;- by ' theif suffrages, to 8er,0en,he-
fc- no mfln wh quajified fo.1 e
terqas? For our part, we are free to W ,Cjn
j pore, cheerfully cast .par humble vole in I87
, but at the same tun- we. look lo a Conveniinn
' the party, and shall sunnort its nnmin.. . U51
j Tfaw.Vntfn for ft h t ').
u" . a. - ' 1 : .t - vhuuh
yipt to, .agitate the
question of the Presid
rahstsdo? Will
What-will the Federa
V J,w'
1 -rl mll An nni. . Uk.i r"111
-.m. t uVm.? 'vl
.3 .,:;iii-ir)ki ii, - t- r
' V 1 TLiittT' from Vera Crux.
VVei haye before us (he New Orleans Commer
cial Times of the' 14th instant, conlaininr the kca
that paper :, . . r
"Departure of another Train. A wagoij traiB
! wr. to-accompany the .train : ..'Captains ClwV
' morris, Aiyoro, nose, jtaornsDv and ; W mans, alj
...v...mt, m.. , w. v., aim r mans, ay
belonging to ihe lnfafttry'V and Lleurenapts Jonn I
Cantwell. VVaddett.i VVh.id-iT Wiitin. n.!.' 1
Sea rs and Creanor, of the Artillery It appcr(i
a letter from one of our correspondents, that an of
ficer, hadrnurotd '.Ue next day, (the 7ih.) from ibe
Irian, with .the; unpleasant information that the
greater part of , the wagons ; had broken down oo
the first day's march." ,- '
Not a. word bf intelligence either from the Capi
tol or Gen, Scott's Headquarters.
;dA Correspondent of the Times, writtni? from
. Vera,Crbt under date of August 7th, says : " Tbe
rain ten yeaeraay unaer tne command ot Major
Lally Col. Louis D. Wilson being la ken sick
with the fever on the evening of the 5th, and is
now on. board qf. the.., Transport ship American,
ard;attendedv.bv:Pr., McjFarland. He will be
brought on shore to-day to the house of a citizen."
, j Ifottcfajaf Irof., jriileMctnre.
ta' -RiLsiaa, Acq., eo, 1847. .
Mm Miles has delivered a course of Leeuue in
my Academy,. apd has abcomplijfaed all that lie
promised. ,Phrepo-Mnemoiechny is the best method
which, .has ever 'appeared for. the -improvement of
the memory.'' It is not an, artificial system, wbirii
all writers upon mental science ! pronounce worta-
lessj .'.but 'its principles arcdedulJ u from the as-
ciatioa ofideaVapdbe faculties olatteriiion, upon
which depends the natural' "memory'. ' That this
position; is troe op; one. can doubt Who ha studied
it.- For -similar sounds and images , are the two
prominent causes which produce, that mental action
called association of ideas. ., Andlhis.syitera asso
ciates the sound of words' which are ia daily ose
with those' of ''others,; '' which : betpzVconfiued lo
works of science are seldom heard.- By this means
it gives to tbe 'Tftind'a'wonderful powrr to acquire
and retain
information ? in . every department u
: Airain,-pleasing impressions, because
; Knowledge.
ihey .fix the atleuiion, afe the most las-ting. Phre-no-Alnfmofechny'
fixes the attrniion, becaute it
pleases the mind by presenting new resource of
information, and givirrgtojit' power and confidence.
In a word, the science which Prof. Miles teacbes n
well worthy -the attentiorf of an enlightened public.
The hsppy manner of Mr. M. io unpartiogftnalrrs
its acquisition agreeable and easy.. .: J
- ,; . 7. :7v ,o M, LOVEJOY.
I fully coneur in the above. ',;
,r : simon preston.
" Raleigh Military. Academy.
X CARO. '-
: . . r Raleigh, N. C., Aug. 19, 1817.
c We,' the undersigned, having been appointeda com
mittee, bv a class that has received a course of Lec-
I rnrpi'nn PhMit.htnpmntrhnii hu Prnfpccnr Plinv
to).,,, The cince of Areno-jlneinotecAny. as taught
by ,1'rotessor Miles, we consider to be excfedinzif
t l ' .... . -!..
simple, ia its.; elementary principles, andjeasilr "
oe comprenenoed oy ipe most, ordioary niinas
whilst at the same time.' it Is very irisenious in in
invenliori' and amusinff in
us oeiaus. vv e inm
i thatii,yi " Ji"1' aPPiicli'fJ( ' mar be Jroade
Unaking,:tbe' studies of history, geography
,iautics,Tan agreeable occupation. In the recol-
Pr.mn nf all fan. .1 all t.n.n.i . fibres, we
' consider 1 it,, of r eat value. -.VV believe!, furtber,
; 'that-iia general disseinl!(iaif on WUl tea 10 iaipaf t nv
ly and pleasing man""'
entlemanly ieportmeot
ir way of imparling in-
I lormation.' and tne'-ravorable estim&ie we l'u'
his instruction;: we cheerfully' recommend tta
me confidence of the nnhli trt yr -t
..t i '-; '- o n 'i ef;
' z,vj-:i,nH-ttt)r'i-M ni
,TH08. D. HOGG,
in t:
.r.i:i::j.viiL-'jcl ' : ' : -,
Tn iKU Rial-- Kn' ft' Rrnivn is the hip
xownf;havipg tef M6!1"1 P0.Te"Doro.rr ir
.Brown, Democrat, tha,i)r8ent wu
ran?e between sixin&ei-yht bundred.1 ; ' .
. ;tTbe.lgislatarjaof;,Tennessee will he 'h"a"'
4 ne, juongressioriat -ueiegBjiion irowi
.wili;mb'st.:piablyv fiyejpemocrau W-1
Federalists.' " ";' . , .
. Great .Whiflr.victor 1.. S Whtg merabe"'"
Congress ,eectedJ . 7 Tnis i the echo of our aowj
I ftld State.ti j the. Whig hohder l which .has
rpllmg.in ppon, her frorn;'beris.er Slates, i
biijyii? q Xti;j UsrsiMfla rui.
, ;;Oh Dft .it. is jiothinw bat the Tcmlffih ?...
ft? ti it'ij t & iA.CM.; .!!iJli:.. :- -- - . a k
ibiThe'Commniiicatior over.the signature .
Planted" ,bai.beea weiyeaV and ahall appr
oarntxtl . .v-i nr?:,.icijivt
. Gift, Off from the most , .M.-Mic;i.eyerpii. ine morning qi me atb instaaL
ies,' by tVulilCiiV differ-. 5ne.n:'.Wqr L,a)ly took charge.. We find in ihe
It rorliine nnd unoe a """"J .iu(, iue lunuwin? mi oi omcers whn

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