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The Delegates appointed by ibe rarious counties
interested in the great work chartered by the Legia-
. . . . a ? 1. 1 i :
latnre 01 uie oiaie at ii ii session, anwmBiru in
the Presbvterian church, at half past 11 o'clock, and
were called to order by John A. Gilmer, Esq. on
wbose motion, Gbokck Datis, Esq., of Wilmington,
was called to the Chair, and. on motion of Gen. ta
Charles C Raboteau. of Raleigh, and D. F.
Caldwell, of Guilford, were appointed Secretaries,
Upon taking the Chair, Mr. Davis addressed the
Convention, thankinsr them for the honor confered
upon him, and alluding1 in patriotic and eloquent
terms to the trreat enterprise to advance which so
hi ghiy respectable a, body of North Carolinians had
, The Convention being thus temporarily organized,
after some conversation as to the proper course to
Sursue, on suggestion of Calvin, Graves, Esq., the
ecretary proceeded to call the roll of counties, when
the following were found represented by the Dele-
gates named :
Jllamance Daniel Harden, John Harden, John
Holt, Jesse Gant, William A. Carrigan, Benjamin
Trollingef, Henry C. Trollinger, Joseph W. Steele,
David L. Kav. William Trollinerer, John u. lurren-
tine, Thompson Murray, Robert McCauley, Benja
min F. Morton. Samuel Kerr,"Giles Mebane.
Buncombe-' James M. Patton, Marcus Erwin, John
E. Patton, N. W. Woodfin, Balis M. Edney.
Brunswick Dr. Frederick J. Hill.
Burke W. W. Avery, John H. Murphy, Alexan
der Duckworth.
Craven C. B. Dibble.
Caswell- Calvin Graves, James N. Fuller.
Chatham Joshua Lindley.
Cabarrus W. W. Rankin, J. M. Long, E. D
McRae, Rufus Barringer.
Chrrnk A. T. Davidson.
Davidson 1. W. Thomas. James A. Long-, H.
Ledford. Charles Hoover, T. W. Stimnson, Eli
Harris. Henderson Adams, Thomas Jones, P. K.
Ronnsaville. Charles Mock. A. G. Foster. J. L.
Clemmons, E. E. Pitts, Rev T. McDonald, H.
Brown, H. Brummell, J. M. Leach.
Guilford John M. Morehead, John M.Dick, Joel
McLean. Eli Smith, Ludwick Summers, Francis L.
Simpson, J. M, Cunningham, James W. Doak,
Samuel Dwiggins, Elihu Coffin, John Hunt, J. W.
Field. John Carter. F. Fentress, F. Elliott, Abrara
Clann. Ralnb Gorrell. John A. Gilmer, D. F. Cald
well, A. Bevil, John Wharton, Joseph Gibson. .
Johnston John McLeod.
Lincoln John P. Bynum.
Mecklenburg C. F. Fox.
McDowell Dr. S. J. Erwin.
Sew Hanover Dr. F. J. Hill, Alexander McRae,
PK. Dickinson, O. G. Parsley, A. J. De Rossett,
jun., Rev. M. Robbins, Jethro Ballard, George Da
vis, Eli W. Hall.
Northampton Edmund Wilkins.
Orange W. J. Bingham, C. C. Tinnin, Jas. F.
Patterson, John H. Webb, William Webb, O. F.
Long, Edwin A. Heartt, John Cameron, Ex-Gov.
Swain, Joseph Tate, Richard Ashe.
- Rowan John W. Ellis, John B. Lord, John I.
Shaver, Jno..D. Brown, William Overman, H. James,
Calvtn S. Brown, Myer Myers, Dr. A. M. Hender
son, H. L. Robards, Jeremiah Clarke, H. C. Jones,
Dr. Samuel Kerr, J. F. McCorkle, E. D. Austin,
John K. Graham, Osborne G. Foard, Charles L.
Torrence, Luke Blackmer, J. C. Barnhardt, Paul M.
Heilig, Joseph F. Chambers, Joel H. Jenkins, Wil
liam M. Barker, Caleb Klutts, J. M. Coffin, J. A.
Worth, J. J. Bruner.
Rockingham Joseph Holderby, Rev. B. Field,
E. S. Morris.
Randolph R. M. Blair, Allen N. Tomlioson, M.
W. Leach, J. P. Russ, C. M. Lines, Robert Gray,
Thomas Rice, M. W. Long, Alexander Robbins,
Ahi Robbins, J. W. Long.
Rutherford J. G. Bynum, J. J. Erwin.
Wayne J. W. Sasser, James Griswold.
Wake R. M. Saunders, George W. Mordecai,
Charles L. Hinton, Charles C. Raboteau, Dabney
Cosby, Dr. Langdon C. Manly.
Petersburg, Va. H. D. Bird, Thomas White,
William Lea, Joseph Dunn, Edward Graham.
. From Petersburg Rail Road Company H. D. Bird.
' From Greenville and Roanoke Rail RoadH. D.
Bird, Edmund Wilkins.
- '"-CoY.MoTehead rose and said we had an opportu
nity to elect a President of this Convention who
" would do honor to the State ; and proceeded to pass
a high eulogium upon Calvin Graves, of Caswell,
who had given the casting vote by which this char
ter had been passed ; and concluded by moving- that
he be unanimously appointed President of the North
Carolina Railroad Convention. The proposition was
received with applause.
And the question being put by the Chairman, the
moti6n was unanimously adopted.
Whereupon, the Hon. Calvin Graves was con
ducted to the Chair by Gov. Morehead, and tender
ed his thanks for this mark of the regard and confi
dence of the Convention. The occasion which had
called us together was one of great magnitude. The
eyes of the people of the State were turned upon us,
with the most cheering anticipations that from the
deliberations of this body, this great entereprise might
be strengthened and matured. He trusted their antici
pations would be realized. When we turn our eyes
to other States and see what they have done, the in-
3 airy was naturally presented, how can there be any
ifficulty about the construction of this Road 1 He
referred to the statistics of England upon the subject.
There they had expended two hundred millions of
pounds sterling in Railroads ; and the great difficulty
with which they had to contend was in obtaining the
right of way, which frequently cost from $60,000 to
$70,000 per mile. All this in a country not so large
as some of our States ! When we cast our eyes
abroad upon our own country to Massachusetts,
New York, Pennsylvania and other States North ;
to booth Carolina and Georgia on the South, and
everywhere to the great West, and see the great
works of improvement proposed and accomplished
should it longer be said that Worth Carolina was un
ed to present. He came forward to enlist under the
banker of the gentleman who addressed us this morn
ing, end to ush forward this great enterprise.- The
speech' of Gen. S4 though shorty was Strong and elo
quent, and received with great Applause. J.- He. Con
eluded by presenting the following resolution
Resolved, That 's committee of eleven be appointed
by the President, whose duty it shall be to inquire
and submit the most eligible plan for increasing the
sobscription'neeessary for raising the one million of
dollars as prescribed by the charter ; provided it should
appear that a sufficient sum has not already been sub-'
scribed for that purpose.
Hamilton C. Jones, Esq. betnsr called for, address
ed the Convention in a characteristic, strong and able
speech in which he asserted the ability of the peo
ple of North Carolina to accomplish this great work;
J f 3 i 1 . . . " 1 1 A J
ana eniorcea, very empnaucaiiy, lis pracucaoimy ana
ultimate success. The people represented by him
and his colleagues were -deeply interested in this
Road thev looked upon it as their only hope and
should it fail, thousands of them must leave the coun
try. ' . , .
Gen. Edney and Mr. Dibble made a few remarks,
after vNiich Mr. Davis being loudly called for, ad
dressed the Convention upon the benefits which had
resulted from the building of one Railroad in North
Carolina. He alluded to the much-abused and un
fortunate W. & R. Railroad. Mr. D. then proceeded
to contrast the former state of Wilmington with its
present erowth and nrosneritv rivin? trlowinsr ac-
r - r c e w c
counts of the favorable prospects before the town of
Wilmington. Mr. D. also went into an examination
of the amount and prices paid by that town alone to
New York for articles, abundance of which can be
produced and furnished by the Western section of
North Carolina, provided this Road was finished.
Mr. Clark, of Rowan, then responded to a call in a
few remarks upon the Railroad theme; and addressed
some arguments to the Convention, but was inter
rupted by Mr. H. C. Jones, who moved an adjourn
ment. The President then announced the following Com
mittee under the Resolution of Gen. Saunders hereto
fore adopted, viz : Messrs. Saunders, of Wake ; Mc
Rae, of Wilmington; Griswold, of Wayne ; McLcod,
of Johnston; Grahamof Orange; Trollinger, of Ala
mance; Gilmer, of Guilford; Leach, of Davidson;
Lord, of Rowan; Fox, of Mecklenburg; and Barrtn
ger, .ot Cabarrus.
And then the Convention adjourned until to-mor
row morning at 10 o'clock.
lion of ftoltars, should be found unsubscribed, accor
ding to the terms of the charter, submitted In part i
the following report t:
1. Resolved, That as soon as the Company shall b
iVnted: He contended that we ought not teJoarn
.irt, nMr!n.avrV Ar?.1 bt the StCCK SHa
-nr.UMi4. y o V r- r , ,
fntinr tha charter at once. '' ?' iv ' i ' '
Mr Jones, or ;ttowan' was awarueu wv
Friday, Nov. 30, 1849.
The Rev. Mr. Pickardbe'iaz present, on iavitation
opened the session of the Convention with prayer.
the Chair announced that the hrst business this
morning would be the reception ot Keports from
Whereupon, Gov. Morehead, from the Committee
on Subscriptions, observed that the Committee would
soon be ready to report ; and in the mean time, he
called upon any gentleman present who was in pos
session of any information to communicate to the
Convention, to do so.
W. W. Averv. Lsa. then addressed the Conven
tion, presenting the following communication from S.
Moylan Fox, Esq. the Engineer on the Buncombe
Turnpike Road :
MOROANTON, NOV. 17th, 19-19.
I. T. Avert, Chairman, &c. Dear Sir : Your
communication of this inst., informing me of a res
olution adopted at a Railroad meeting in this place,
requesting my attendance as a delegate from Burke
county, to the Railroad Conventional Greensborough,
&c, has been received. 1 regret that my profession
al engagements compel me to decline the honor in
tended to be conferred upon me. I feel a great in
terest in the completion of whatl consider the engine
of reformation to the whole State a Central Rail
road from Raleigh to Tennessee, connecting our com
mercial towns with the whole of the interior.
The developments of my surveys for the Western
Turnpike has fully established the practicability of
extending the XMorth Carolina Railroad west from
Salisbury to the Tennessee line, and that at a com
paratively low cost. The only doubtful point upon
the whole line was the passage of the Blue Ridge,
which is the dividing ground between the Eastern
and Western waters. This Ridge at the Swananoa
Gap is 2640 feet above tide water ; while the valley
of the Catawba on the one side at Old Fort is 1340
feet above tide, leaving but 1300 feet of elevation on
the Eastern side, which can be overcome at a grade
of 800 feet to the mile in 13 miles, provided the sum
mit be reduced 260 feet by a tunnel. A tunnel 5000
feet will do this, saving 33 miles of road. This
summit is only as high as that overcome bv the Penn
sylvania Railroad, and lower than that of Virginia or
My estimate of the cost of the Road from Salisbury
to the Tennessee line is in round numbers two mill
ions or dollars. This includes all the work and
equipment of the road with engines, depots, &c., and
l believe it to be a very ample estimate of the cost.
j he valley 8 ot the trench Broad and Swananoa
on the Western side of the mountain rise with a slope
of about 20 feet on the mile to within five miles of
the Blue Ridge summit a distance ot 55 miles.
On the Eastern side the Catawba extends from the
foot of the slope necessary to grade upon the moun
tain to a point near the Island Ford, a distance of 66
miles. There is no portion of the country that 1
have been in: that offers cheaper position for a railwav
than these 121 miles of valley. For miles together
the grading will not cost over 400 dollars ner mile.
These streams have most of the way broad bottom
tanas ana are remarkably direct.
1 consider the work of manifest importance to the
whole estate, and to all the commercial towns of the
States of Virginia and Sooth Carolina. By this
route Norfolk is reached in 513 miles; Wilmington
in 49z mnes; nanesion in ol3 miles, and Kich
mond in 465 miles. All these distances except the
last, are many miles nearer than any other route eith
er proposed or constructed. While the route to Rich
mond is but fifty miles longer than the proposed
route mrougn Virginia, ana the cost of the route wil
scarcely exceed one half- a point of great moment.
as u win secure tne same profit at halt the toils.
x- ruin uicve consiaeranons j nave no hesitation in
believing that the road must be profitable in itself.
. .1 . . . ii .
ana oi mesumaoie value to our eastern roads and towns.
With this extension to Knoxville. we will be in di
duly, organized; it will be both expedient and tfroper f and as usual, received the Uoud anLmerry -applause
inai me cre8iaeai ana jsireciors snau cause uieproperi of tne wnoie convennonw : '-....f
I ha I :httir annnlnTPn U1B IOHUW1U22 kcumviui".
compose the Executive Committee of eleven under
the second Resolution above, viz : .Messrs. wunucij,
MrcitJY2wk,lJr Method: Swain.' tSraham, Trol-
Kn-r T Kf MnrhMd-Thomas. Lord. Fox,. and
It i.nrnnr to remark here. that, throughout the
awnincr thA Riihsnri otiona were being made, nnder
the obllcration proposed above by Mr, Gilmer : and
at this point fifty-one gentlemen had signed it
-A, nnmher of verv interesting addresses were al
surveys and estimates to be made, and the Road to
be put under contract on the entire route, and that
the superstructure should be commenced at its point
of connexion with the Wilmington Road,' and also
at its western terminus.
; 2. Resalvedy further, ThzX the President and Direc
tors, in letting out tho contracts for work and mate
rials, shall in all eases give a preference to such
stock-holders as may- propose or desire to become
( I -
3. Resolved further. That it is. highly "important
and necessary that the whole of the unsubscribed
capital of one "million should be subscribed before
the adjournment of this Convention, and that a sub
scription be forthwith opened for that purpose.
The question being upon the 1st and 2d Resolu
tions, ., . , .
Gov. Morehead submitted ' his views against the
latter part of. the 1st Resolution which provided for
the commencement of the Road at.the point of con
nection with the Wilmington ' Road, and also at its
western terminus., ,. :i -
Mr. George Davis explained that the object of the
Wilmington delegation was that the iron might be
brought to Wilmington, and carried on their Rail
road with facility and cheapness ; and the passage
of this part of the - Resolution, would materially aid
the obtaining subscriptions to the stock in that por
tion of the State. .
Gov. Swain then addressed the Convention, pro
posing a modification of the Resolution that we go
the whole Road or none, if that would meet the
views of the Wilmington delegation. '
Gen. Saunders read the Resolution again, to show
that the first part of the Resolution affirmed that the
whole Road should be built. He was opposed in
Committee to the .last, part of the Resolution, and
was unwilling to trammel the President'and Direc
tors by any conditions. He submitted to the Wil
mington delegation to withdraw the latter clause,
with the assurance that he would vote for any sepa
rate resolution declaring that the whole Road should
be built, if any of it, and leave the whole matter to
the sound discretion of the President and Directors.
Gen. S. had the authority of the Wilmington dele
gation to withdraw it, so that the grading of the
whole Road should commence on the entire route
from Goldsborough to Charlotte, and proceed pari
Ur, Hill also stated the reasons of the Wilming
ton delegation ; made a most effective appeal in favor
of the work ; and conoluded by declaring that he
would be one of a hundred to take all the stock un
subscribed ; one of fifty ; or one of ten.
Gen. Saunders then read the 1st Resolution as
proposed to be amended by agreemont, as follows :
Resolved, That as soon as the Company shall be
duly organized, it shall be both expedient and pro
per that the President and Directors shall cause the
6 roper surveys and estimates to be made and the
:oad to be put under contract on the entire route,
commencing at the Wilmington and Raleigh Rail
road, where the same passes over Neuse River, in
the County of Wayne, via Raleigh, and thence by
the most practicable route via Salisbury, in the Coun
ty of Rowan, to the town of Charlotte, in the County
of Mecklenburg.
The amendment having met with entire approba
tion, was adopted nem. con.
And the 1st and 2d Resolutions were then unani
mously adopted.
Gen. Saunders then took the floor, and addressed
the Convention fully, upon itsactoin so far, and upon
the subject of the Road generally. After some re
marks highly patriotic and lofty in their bearing,
conciliatory towards all differences of views, and
tending to unite all interests in the great work be
fore us, he proceeded to deliver an appeal of the
most earnest and eloquent character. It was the
great speech of the Convention ; and we regret that
tne hurry ot going to press forbids even the feeble
attempt to do it justice. ,
Having concluded, tbe question was taken upon
the 3d Resolution, which was unanimously adopted.
J. A. Gilmer, Esq. then submitted the following
agreement to be entered into, by way of securing
hthe stock in the Road, viz :
Whereas, only a part of the One Million of indi
vidual subscriptions to the North Carolina Rail Road
Company required is taken :
Whereas, the purpose of this agreement is to take
and secure the balance of the One Million of said
individual stock, not already subscribed, and to be
subscribed by others:
We, the undersigned interchangeably agree with
each other and said Company, to take each the one
hundredth part of the said balance of the said indi
vidual stock :
This agreement to be binding on none, unles one
hundred persons or companies subscribe .the same
or the entire amount be made up :
Each person or company to be at liberty to sub
scribe as many shares of the hundred as he or they
may please, and bound for no more than his or their
subscriptions. Nov. 29, 1849.
J. M. Morehead, Fred. J. Hill, Geo. W. Mordecai,
Wm. Boylan (by G. W. Mordecai, John McLeod,
J. W. Thomas, C. S. Brown, C. S. Brown & H.
James, Dibble & Brothers, John E. Patton, T. Mc
Donald, O. G. Foard & J. F. Foard. Samuel k-rr.
Jonathan W. Field & Co., Dabney Cosby, Joel Mc
Lean & Co., C. P. Mendenhall & Co., 2; Sasser,
Griswold & Co., 2; Alexander McRae, John B.
Lord, John A. Gilmer, D. L. Swain, J. H. Jenkins,
John I. Shaver, Peter Adams, C. L. Hinton & T.
Miller, J. O. Watson (by C. L. Hinton) John D.
Hawkins (by Geo. W. Mordecai,) Richard Smith &
R. M. Saunders, W. W. Avery & Joseph J. Erwin,
H. C. Jones & H. L. Robards, John H. Webb, R.
J. Ashe, J. M. Dick & Co., A. J. De Rosset, jr., P.
K. Dickinson, Charles Mock (by J. W. Thomas &
T. McDonald,) O. G. Parsley, J. A. Mebane & Co.,
Hoover & James, J. F. McCorkle, Mebane & Car
rigan, John Hunt & Co. (by J. A. Gilmer,) Charles
L. Torrence, W. J. Bingham &. Co., Benton Field,
James VV. Doak & Co., J. M. Coffinr and Simpson &
Gibson. The above names were obtained at differ
ent stages of the subsequent proceedings, but are
here inserted in full to the number of 51.
On motion, the Convention adjourned until three
ArTEBwooN Session.
Ex-Gov. Swain took tbe floor, and. at some length
urged upon the citizens of North Carolina, hen .
sera bled, to complete the subscription to the. stock of
wis xvoaa.
Gen. Saunders again addressed the conventinn.
He was ready to devote his time to the success of
this great enterprise. We now have 630.000 sub.
scribed, and all that is necessary is $370,000 more.
He bad traversed the State as a political pilgrim be
was now ready to traverse it in this more just and
holy cause concluding by moviner that the commit.
tee of wavs and man hv in in A n .i.
y - w - . .w .t. uuitii" .11 3
session of the Convention, which was granted.
uot. moreneaa ana several . other rftnt nmn
lowed in short speeches during the session, and whiU
subscriptions were being obtained ; after which.
Gen. Edney moved that the convention take a re.
cess until half past 6 o'clock.
able and unwilling to accomplish what bad been done
yby all 1 He trusted not. Better that we had never
existed as a State, than manifest by our apathy and
inactivitv that we are enable and nnwillinor to dn anv
. o J 1 .-w . i.iu t w v9 . ii ur
I thing. Better wipe out our State lines and give up rect communication with our great National road to
( the administration of affairs to out neighbors, than California, and ready to join in the contest with our
to inane uie numiuaung acicnowieagement mat we
are unable to take care of our own interests and to
take a respectable position in the great race of im
provement. He closed by saying he bad taken his
position on this subject he had planted his foot-
ana woaiever oojecuons migm oe raised, ne would
continue to beat back opposition and stand up for
sister States for the trade and travel to that vast treas
ure house.
The people of the West are becominc fullv aware
of tbe great importance of this work to their future
prosperity, and are determined to have a connection
with the Hast. This should be through our own
btate. And 1 have no fear that with such a charter
what he believed to be the true interest and glory of as was given to tbe road from Goldsborough to Char-
li!a Sltita 1 1-ii. :ii i j?. .
his State.
On motion of H. C. Jones, the following gentlemen
were appointed Vice Presidents of the Convention,
viz: t
Hon. R. M. Sagnpers, of Wake
Dr. Frederick J. Hill, of Brunswick,
' Hon. Jonar W. Ellis, of Rowan,
- Col, Johv McLeod, of Johnston,
Gen. Johh G. Btrcm, of Rutherford,
Ex-Got. Morehead, of Guilford.
On motion of H. C. Jones, the organization of the
Convention was completed by the appointment of tbe
following Secretaries, viz : Charles C. Raboteau.
. of Wake, and D. F, Caldwell, and L. Swaim. of
Ex-Goy. Morehead then arose and addressed the
Convention, in a speech of great power upon the
practicability of the Road and the mode in which it
can be constructed concluding with a motion that a
committee of six be appointed by the Chair, to be
called tne isomrouiee on Subscriptions, whose dutv
it should be to make out a list of the absolute sub
scriptions to the stock of the Road, as definitely as
they can be ascertained, examine the subject of sub-
r 1 l.i. I . . , .
scripuon, ouiuk atuu onuiuonai, ana maxe a de
tailed report to-morrow.
The question being pot, the motion was unani
mously earriea.
Tbe President appointed the following gentlemen
to compose said committee, viz; Messrs. Morehead,
of Guilford; Mebane, of Alamance; Thomas, of Da
Mdton i Jones, of Rowan ; Mordecai, of Wake ; and
-niftitinson: of New Hsndver. ; ...
' On raoiion ot Got. Morehead, tbe Convention ad
-ieurned ontir afternoon: at"3 o'clock. - "- ,
..j".;M.v:i .".'' h.w.i
ArrtwrooKSissioirV 1
The Convention, reiaisembled at 3 o'clock.
" 'A'lood, and '-unanimous call' being' made for Gen,
Saunders, that gentleman" arose, - and' intimated bis
tA address the Convention at some time da-
nng its rT""'
which called for defi
lotte, we will have difficulty in makintr the road.
W . a . "
i nave tne honor to be, very respectfully, your obt.
servi. . . . MoviiAN Fox.
Which, being read, was laid unon the tahlm or.
dered to be printed with the proceedings of this Con
vention ; and the thanks of the Convention were ten
dered to the author.
Air. laoman, of Davidson, remarked that ha also
had an item of intelligence to communicate to the
Convention ; and referred to, and sent to the Secret
ry's table to be read, a letter from the Hon. Simon
Cameron, of Pa. expressing tbe favor- with which
Northern capitalists regarded the charter of the North
Carolina Railroad, and asking for additional informa
tion in relation to the same, to guide their action in a
contemplated investment therein. Mr. T. accompa-
niea mis icuer wun an aaaress to the convention, in
his usual I v energetic and nractical manner.
Gov. Morehead then read a letter from G. B. Man
ly, & Co., of Lock Haven, Clinton County Pa. eon-
taming a proposition to laice contracts upon tbe Koad
to do the grading for 50 miles East and the same
distance West of Raleigh at certain rates named, and
furnishing timber, rails, &c. and receive in payment
10 percent, of stock; or to take 50 miles, on the
same condition as before, and employ North Caro-
una laoorers, oCf wnico. was read. i
Also, as chairman of the Committee on subscrip
tions, Gov. M. submitted a detailed report of the
amount of absolute subscriptions of stock, amounting
full of deep impassioned feelinsr and preat dowpm
listened to with breathless attention and the most in
tense interest. The: gallant and determined spirit of
this diatinfreished freatleman touAhod . vrv. hear i
that assembly, ) and awoke a feelin? of enthusiaam
and anxiety deep, startling and fervent as we have
ever witnessed, . ;mi .-: it l m q- nt ?;.-':jtcj3
Gen, B. M. Ednev followed in a eon ran of mm art
characterized by great earnestneia.'T", ,f
yen. &aunceri, irom the Committee, to whom were
" . . , y l.MMWVf IIVIH IUB VVIUUilklCD Ml WUUill WSH E
at h was prpartrg. resolution referred the qoeatibn of considering the best plan for
inUesction, and wftich he intend-; securing whatever portion of the capital o:oni? mil- e
A number of very interesting addresses were also
made by different gentlemen, and received with great
applause. ' '
H. Lf. Kobards, .sq onered we loitowing reaom-
tions. viz.:
i; Resolved, Tliat the thanks of this Convention
be tendered to the authorities of the Presbyterian
Church for the use of the building in which tbe ses
sions of the Convention have been heldi '
' 2. Resolved, That the thanksof the covention are
hereby tendered to the President, and other officers,
for the able manner in which they have aiscnargea
the duties devolved upon them. " ' .
The Question beiner pat by the Secretary, tne Kes-
olotions were unanimously adopted.-
On motion of Mr. Bingham, the thanks pt the
Convention were also presented to the citizens of
Greensborough, for their generous hospitality exten
ded to the members of this Convention.
The business being concluded, the Hon. Calvin
Graves, President of the Convention, in closing its
session, briefly and happily responded to the many
kind allusions made to him personally, when he had
only done his duty, in common with the 22 gallant
North Carolinians who stood side by side, and bat
tled for this Charter. His remarks were delivered
in an impressive and highly emphatic manner, and
were characterized throughout by fervent patriotism.
and the utmost devotion to tbe success' of this great
After which, the proceedings were ordered to be
published in the papers of tbe State, and the Con
vention adjourned, sine die.
R. M. Saunders, 1
Fred. J, Hill,
John W. Ellis, Vice
John McLeod, " Presidents.
John G. Bvnum.
J. M. Morehead, J
Ch. C. Raboteau, )
D. F. Caldwell, Secretaries.
L. Swaim, )
Ten thousand or a Democratic Majority and
nine thousand or a Democratic gain ! The Jack
son Mississippian of the 9th instant comes to us full
of rejoicing for the overwhelming democratic major
ity in that State.
Besides tbe undivided delegation of democrats to
Congress, a large majority of democrats in each
branch of the legislature, and the election of every
officer on the State ticket, there is a democratic gain
of some nine thousand within the last year, by swell
ing the majority from one to ten thousand !
If this is not a victory to be proud of, then we
know not what is. Ohio Salesman.
Wisconsin. Overwhelming triumph or the de
mocracy. The Wisconsin, of the 10th, says that
the legislature will be decidedly democratic, both in
the Senate and the Assembly, and the democratic
State ticket is elected by from 4,000 to 8,000 ma
jority. This majority, for a new State, is overwhelmingly
large, and it shows that the youngest child of the
north-west is determined not to be least in her sup
port of the pure principles of Jeffersonian democracy.
Michigan. The majority for Barry, the democrat
ic candidate for Governor of Michigan, is about 4,300.
The Senate consists of 16 democrats, and 6 whigs
and free-soilers ; the House of 42 democrats and 24
L. I J " ft . ...
wings ana iree-souers. democratic majority on
joint ballot, 28.
New York. It is now ascertained beyond a rea
sonable doubt that four State officers (including the
judge of sppeals (have been chosen by each of the
parties namely, the foor on each ticket generally
supported by the anti-renters and that the legisla
ture stands exactly tied.
Senate. Assembly. Joint ballot.
Whig, 17 63 80
Opposition, 15 65 80 '
As a matter of conyer-rBnt reference, as well as for
general information,' e give belov?' the names of the
Senators and members of -the H ease of, Representa
tives constituting the-Thirty-first Congress, with
their respective party-designations. For the alpha
betical list of the members of the House of Represen
tatives we are indebted to our worthy friend, Major
B. B.. French, of this city, . for whose accuracy in
these matters the public" have 'an ample guaranty in
the fact that he has for many years been connected
with the House in the capacity of principal clerk:
. Term
r -x . At ABASIA.; CXpirtS.
Beiamin Fitzpabicfe 1853
William R. Kin- 1855
.;-. Aa.AjrsAS'-.!i
Wm . K. Sebastian 1 853
Solon Borland " 1855
Roger S. Baldwin "1851
Truman Smith 1855
John Wales rr 1851
Presley Spruance ' 1853
- ' Florida.
David L. Yulee 1851
Jackson Morton 1855
John M. Berrien 1853
Wm. C. Dawson 1855
Jesse D. Bright 1851
James Whitcomb 1855
'- Illinois.
Stephen A. Douglas 1853
James Shields 1855
Iowa. .
George W. Jones 1853
Augustus C. Dodge 1855
. KsirrucKt.
Joseph R. Underwood 1853
Henry Clay
Solomon U. Downs
Pierre Soule
.. Maink.
Hannibal Hamlin
James W. Bradbury
Daniel Webster
John Davis
Mar tla vn.
Benjamin C. Howard
James A. Pearce
Jefferson Davis
Henry S. Foote
Lewis Cass
Alpheus Felch
.fibMMi r. uvMlS80URI .v. .y;vi i.
Thomas H. Benton 1851
David R. Atchison; 1855
New Hahf8!IIrr.
Jno. P. Hale; (F. S.) 1853
Moses Norris, Jr. K; 1855
New York.
Daniel S. Dickinson 4 85l
William H. Seward 1855
New Jersev.
Wml Is. Dayton 1851
Jacob W. Miller 1853
North Carolina.
leer 1855
Thomas Corwin 1851
S. P. Chase, (F. S.) 1855
Daniel Sturgeon 1851
James Cooper 1855
Khode Island.
Albert C. Greene 1851
John H. Clarke 1853
Willie P. Mangum
Georse E. Bad"
his body, which , .r: nov
Tli k.J i: i
jf 77' " cn BJnWed n Thn
vu muni niP-ni last. i.
. -l aoonom
iuu 8c8loa oi two aays." We publick " St
ings in our paper to-day. ePrcetj.
There were more than one hundred and ft
gates in attendance; and ."on the main Delt.
osition before the Convention," saj, prop,
rough Patriot, "to take all the remaiin nsh
hundred sharesy-one shares were J " in
whole amount of individual subscription Th
certained, is $204,800. It will be neces "
forty-nine associations or individuals t nVm
maining part of the honored shares. lhe
We have heard the Speech of Gen. SannJ .
the Convention spoken of in the verv h i i! efor
The Greensborough Patriot says : terl.
" Gcn. Saunders prompt attendance at n
road ConvenUon, so soon after his ret.,r V 0nr
residence in a foreign land to the boson 8 lon'
and his devoted participation in the proceMi 4 home.
Convntion. i n mmnmch... vl:elnw nf it.
. ..range OI Th A " "It
South Carolina.
John C Calhoun 1853
1855 A. P. Butler 1855
j TEyirssszi.
1853' Hopkins L. Turney 1851
1 855' John Bell . , 1853
I Texas.
1851 IThomas K. Rusk 1851
1853, Sam Houston 1853
l Vermont. , .
1851 Samuel S. Phelps 185 1
1853 William Upham 1853
. j. VlRINIA.
1851 1 James M. Mason 1851
1855 Robert M. T. Hunter 1853
1851 Henry Dodge 1851
1853 Isaac P. Walker 1855
Total 60. Democrats 34. Federalists 24. Free soil 2.
Alphabetical List of Members of the House of Represen
tatives of the Untied Males.
Democrats in roman ; whigs in italic
Albertson, Nathaniel la. ! Julian, Geo W. f s w la
Alexander, H. P. of N. Y. Kauflman, David 8. Texas.
Allen, Chas. f.s.w., Mas. '.Kerr, John B. Md.
Alston, Albert J. Ala.
Anderson, Josfah M. Tenn
Andrews. Geo. R. of JV. Y.
Ashe. Wm. S. of N. C.
Ashmun, George Mass.
Averett, Thomas H. Va.
Bayly, Thomas H. Va.
Baker, Edward D. 111.
Bay, Wm. V. N. Mo.
Bcale, J. M. H. Va.
Bissell, Wm. H 111.
Bingham, Kinsley S. Mich.-
liocock, Thomas S. Va.
Bockee, David A. of A. Y.
Booth, Walter Ct.
Bowie, Richard J. Md.
Boyu, Linn Ky.
Bowdon, Franklin W. Ala.
Bowlin, James B. Mo.
Breek, Daniel Ky.
Briees, ueoree of If. Y.
Brown, Albert G. Miss.
Brown, William J. la.
Brooks, James of N. Y.
Unci, A. W. Mich.
Burt, Annistcad of S. C.
Burnett, Henry of N. Y.
Burrows, Lorenzo of N. Y.
Butler, Chester Pa.
Butler, Thomas B. Ct.
Cabell, E. Carrington Fa.
King, Daniel P. Mass '
King, George G of R I .
King, John A. of NY
Kino, Preston fsdHY
King, James G of N J
King, Thomvs Butler Ga
La Sere, Entile La '-
jLemer, Shepherd Iowa
Levin, Lewis C. n a Pa.
Littlcfield, Nathaniel 8 Me
McCIarnand, John A. Ill
McDowell, James Va
McDonald, Joseph E. Is
Mc Gaughe y, Edward W la
McKUmock, Thomas of JVY
McLanahan, Jas X. Pa
McLane, Robert M. Md
McLean, Finis E Ky
McMulIen, F. Va
McQueen, John of S C
Mc Willie, William Miss
Mann, Horace Mass
Mann, Job Pa
Marshall, Humphry Ky
Mason, John C. Ky
Mattison, Oliver B ofJV Y
Mcuchum, James S. it
Meade, Richard K. Va
Milller, John K. of O
Milaon, John S. Va
Moore, Henry D. Pa
character: - Every heart warm! , SW'fvin
genuine public spirited fellow-citizpn e T " a
North State, whose every word aud aS; 'he 0li
touchihgly. the sentiment of the nni . exPrsed
native land e Pet towards his
The heart, untravelled, fondly ,UrilJ to .
The Editor of the Weldon
favor ,of ruling Gov. Manlv off ,k. m
actually calls for a WhiStatP ln 185.
on "Thursday the lOthday of
nominates Col. Joyner, of Halifax, to suc.I
nnt lni.nink.nt TV, rj:, W
r. . uuorsays, "inafe.
mrrs x ooLa triA nannU k 1 ! v "
"r " rri uieir ueiegates. will,
-C.-w a.C.Bu cc. , nl8 ,8 information
and nra nresnnui it iaihaum.i.. i
. r "",v" gwa many other.
n ith. n.n ui .u- tt , , , . . j "'"erg.
j W6 ""5 neraia aoubtiess means thi
respectable portion of creation known as the n
versal Whig party." IU-
The Editor of the Herald, it must be confessed i,
well qualified, by his age, his experience, and his L
service in the Whig party, to take the initiative!
matter of this sort ; and now that he has pointed out
the way, and the man, we hope our young friend,
Mr. Heartt of ths Reoordei, and Mr. Lorinyof the
Commercial, will not be slow to follow.
The Herald says of Col. Joyner, with equal beam
and comprehensiveness, "he is the architect of his
own fortunes and his own greatness. Born a pooiboy
in Connoconary Swamp, in this County, hehasae.
quired by his industry, energy and perseverance, a
large estate and an enviable name." Such a recora-
mendation as that ought to " take the keys." And
besides, while the Last and the West have been duly
honored, and while the centre even has not been
always thrust aside crumbless ami unprovided for,
Uonoconary Swamp, by some strange obliviousness
on the part of Whigism, has thus far been totally
neglected. But a brighter day, we are gratified to
perceive, is dawning for Conoconary; indeed, ever
since Mr. Simmons began to edit the Herald, things
have looked better in that direction.
But. seriously, the Editor of the Herald, early as
he is, and sincerely devoted as he may be to his wor
thy and venerable friend, is yet too late in the day.
Col. Andrew Joyner, of the County of Halifax, will
never be Governor of North Carolina.
Caldwell, George Alfred KySMorchead, Charles S. Ky
Caldwell, J. P. of N. C. j Morris, Jonathan D. of 6
'-'AMFREl.I., L. JJ. f. S. U7.
Cable, Joseph of O.
Carter, David of K. O.
Casey, Joseph Pa.
Calvin, Samuel Pa.
CTtandler, Joseph R. Pa.
Cleveland, Chauncey F. Ct
Clark, Charles E. of N. Y.
Chngman, T. L. of N. C.
Cobb, Howell Ga.
Cobb, W. R. W. Ala.
Conger, Harmon S. of N. Y.
ooicock, w. f. of S. U.
Conrad, Charles M. La.
Corwin, Moses B. of O.
yoie, itrasmus Wis.
Correspondence of the Baltimore Sun.
Washington, November 27.
An Important Movement thi Austrian Mis
sion. It has been to-day intimated froman authorita
tive source, that an important resolution will be offer
ed in the Senate, on the first day of the session.
Should such a resolution come from the hands of
ueneral Uass, or one of the firmly established fath-
era oi tne oouy, u would unquestionably receive a
reasonable share of attention and consideration, even
inougn u migm not pass the Senate. It is well
anown that there has prevailed throughout thlnrth
and breadth of our land, but one sentiment in relation Cioviu, Johx f. '. w..O.
ri9ucu uj me Austrian government Aaniei, John K. J. of IV. C
a senumeni ot utter detestation and disgust. Very Dcbry, E. of N. C.
many oi our most distinguished men have expressed Dimmick, M. M. Pa.
the opinion, that in the United States it i linkAm I Dicker, .less C! Tn
ing to hold any diplomatic intercourse whatever, with Disney, David T. of O
uie uioooy ana aeiestable liovernment of Austria, Dixon, James F. of R. L
mi v u""erwa, mac cne resolution alluded' to, "oty, James U. Wis,
wm us une oi inquiry into the expediency of sus-
uciiuuig, icasi ior a time, all such intercourse.
i ne moiive ior such a resolution might be miscon
strued very possibly, and it might be said that it had
noon nni Va - mn 1.
i; "" moimj ucvause an oonoxious repre-
aeniauve naa neen sent to the Court of Austria. But
oi one ming, there can be little doubt. The full
" wm uoi oe aumonsea oy
""'s'-00- wpw" mw pnint opinions nave been ex'
pressed by men of all shades of political opinion.
At a meetinsr of gentlemen of the MerliVal nmr.
sion, held according to public notice, at the office of
o. Anarews, m Goldsborough, on the 20th No
vember, 1849, Dr. C. F. Dewey was called to the
isnair, and ur. A. U. Llavis appointed Secretary.
It was resolved that. Dr. J. N. Andrews Tr 1 V
Hooks, Dr. A. Davis, Dr. J. W. Davis, and D'r. d!
Smith, be appointed a commute to draft a nafU-
tlon for a County Medical Society for the County of
Bj.ic, suuuiuiuaw w tae oiaie oieaicai ooctety. '
Resolved. That said committee renm-t tn r.
of the Medical Faculty to be held at the same place
Resolved, That Dr. J. J. Hooks and Dr. A. C. Da
vis be respectfully requested to deliver addresses at
said meeting. -
fol' R1 uTh6 Proceed of this meeting be SSeTThom
fol- signed by the Chairman and Secretary, and a coov J.
be sent.to the Telegraph and Patriot, witT reoS
Duer, William of N. Y.
Duncan, James H. Mass.
Dunham, Cyrus L. Ia.
Durkek, Chas. . WLl
. . " - w - -
Jbamu nelson, ti. A. V. .
.vans, Alexander Md.
Evans. Nathan of O.
Ewinff, Andrew Te. . :
Featherston. W. SMiaa.
Fitch, Graham N. Ia.
Fowler, Orrin Mass.
Freedley,John Pa.
Fuller, Thomas J. D. Me.
Gentry, Meredith P. T,n
Gerry, Elbridee Me.
Gilmore. Alfred Pa.
Gidoinss, J. R.f. i. o.
Goodcnow, Rufus K. Me.
Gott, Daniel of N. Y.
Ixouia, Herman D. of N.YAStanlu. Ed,nn.J r V
v i c. ' ,
viepaens, Alex. H. Ga
Stevens, Thaddeus Pa '
fetetson, Charles
Morse, Isaac E. L
Morton, Jeremiah Va
Kelson, iniliam of JV Y
Jves, Henry fa
JVewcll, William A. ofJVJ
t I Jm V V. ,
vgie, Jinarew J. fa
Olds, Edson B. of O
Orr, James I., of S C
Otis, John Me
Outlaw, David of JVC
Owen, Allen F. Ga
Parker, Richard Va
Peaslee, Chas H of N H
Peck, Lucius B. Vt
Phelps, John S. Mo
Pha-nix, J Phillips of Jy
Potter, Emery D of O
towell, Psulus Va
Putnam, Harvey of JV Y
ruman, unarics w. fa
Rumsey, David of JV Y
Reed, Robert R Pa
Reynolds, Gid. O. ofJV Y
Kicnardson, Wm A III -Risley,
Elijah of JV Y
Robins, jr., John Pa.
Robinson, John L- Ia. -Root,
Jos. M.fsw of O.
Rose, Robert L. of N Y
Ross, Thomas Pa:
Rockwell, Julius. Mas L
Saclett, W.A. of N Y -Savage,
John H. Te
Sawtelle, Cullen Me
Schenck Robert C. of n.
Schermerhom. A. M. nf Kv
Seddo jr.m::T the people
Spalding E?io G. of N Y
ouriLxue, YYllUam Mich
Stanton, Frederick, P. T
Stanton, Richard H. Kv
vncpara, lug.. Ji. of N
We have the latest news from Europe by the
Steamer Canada, which brings London dates to the
15th, and Liverpool to the 16th of last month. .
Mr. Rives, the American Minister, had been re
ceived by the French Government.
From Hungary we learn that Haynau, the butcher,
was continuing his infernal work. Kossuth, who
was still at Widdin, had published an address to his
countrymen, in which he denounces in the bniure.it
terms the traitor Georgey.
The Emperor of R ussia, it is stated, hadsofarpre
vailed in his demands for Kossuth and the other ref
ugees, as to exact from the Sultan a promise to con
fine them to his dominions, or permit only such of
them to depart as the Czar might designate. Under
this arrangement it was feared that Kossuth might
either be consigned to a Turkish dungeon, or fall into
the hands of Russia. The next arrival will probably
bring more definite intelligence in regard to this in
teresting matter.
The Pope, it is stated, meditates an early return to
There had been a steady demand for Cotton, and the
market closed at an advance of id per pound on mid-
dlinff to fair American. The sales of the week were
60,970 bales, of which the manufacturers took 19,380.
No news of importance from England or Ireland.
Congress assembled on Monday last, but we doubt
whether the House was organized on that day. 1
President's Message was probably not sent in upui
yesterday, at twelve o'clock. We shall lay u oeioic
our readers next week.
The present session will be one of deep interest to
We shall keep our readers tuny p
up as to the nature and results oi me jpiuv--b
Now i. th tim for all who wish to hear worn di
gress, from Europe, and from California, to subscribe
for the papers.
iiT-t,. . jf
uwruian, una a. ia.
Green, James S. Mo.
Grtnncll, Joseph Mass.
Halloway, Ransom of N. Y.
Hampton, Moses Pa. -
Hammond, Edward Md.
Hamilton, Wm. T. Md. ''
Haralson, H. A. Ga.
as C. Ga.
John H. Lai.
Evening Session.
Gen. Saunders, from the Committee of VV, nA
Means, reported the following resolutions:
1. Resolved, That it is expedient to make a further
appeal to the people of the State to take such an
amount as may be necessary in addition to th nm
already subscribed to make up the One Million of
uonars as proviaea ior oy the Charter; and for this
purpose, that Railroad Conventions be held in each
of the Counties through which the Railroad ia ex
pected to pass from Goldsborough, in Wayne coun
ty,', to Charlotte, in Mecklengbur? conntv. nnrl in
such contiguous Counties a mav be friend It dina.
ed towards the crreat undertaking ... .
3. Resolved, That an Executive Committee of
MAnoof I unMMI. o .
trt nnKHh nA , ' - 1 - "whs, oamson W. Ala.
rww..w.., uv .v iKiiHiiru ana if m irar tt r i
Retnlrvd- Th.t lr,i- mo-J "j . . "aam en.
atuw n Z u u , lauu "ujournea to the Harris, Thomas L. 111.
of HarlaS, Andrew j! Z
: r"'"" c4uoBfcj io acceno, and that this
invitation extend to the Faculty of adjacent counties.
A. C. Davis, Sec y. : '
Thi Position
or ths South. The recent
Hall, Wfllaixl P. Mo.
Hay, Andrew R. of N. J.
Hay mond, Thomas S. Va.
Htbard, William Vi:
Henry, William F?.'
Hibbard, Harry of N. H.
resnonuence oetween Messrs. Foote, of Mississippi, HiUiard, Henry W. Ala
f.nl ?h"ffmi? o( North Carolina, exhibits tbe South Hoagland, Mo2s offi
t:B3 ZJ?. frm .that. fa the fe- Holmes W E. of 8. C.
fiT.T7h. n.i. 1- assignea co ner. it shows
that the Southern portion of our countrymen stand
:iV.j rB,eTe.r,?d frights and
6 j w Mw we are greatly pleas
ed with the moderate, yet firm and manly itiitnda
wnin na. rtu. 1 1 ai . . . .. . .
" -XT'" uwiaiiy Risen oy mese distin
A -. 7 ""!tMlsa-
eleven bo appointed by the President, to prepare ln4 Zto inflnencel nloVxhTLL1
usm . uu.unS mo proposea Avonvenuons i and otism, th oxcitin? anbient h uT. uZ J.C, Z. :Kn""
Houston, John W. Del
HoIIiday. Alexander R V.
Howa, Johit W.fs to. Pa.
Howard, Volney E. Texas.
Hubbard, David Ala.' . .
Hpntrr, Wt F. fm so. .O.
In are. Simiwl W Au .
that as many members of this body be invited to u
tend as may find it convenient and practicable.. ; . ,i
woicn were unanimously adopted..-. v, :..., lr-l
Mr. Gilmer Proposed that this Convention, tvi
any further appeal, proceed at once to shoulder the
whole amount of subscriptjona which msy be acea
sary to nitke up the million. , Mr. G-went on. in an
aoie ana practical speecn, co aecait the plan oy which:
this . result might be accomplished. , This able and
gallant champion of this , crreat work needs no enlo. ;
eium from us, even if our limrts would aHow of uv
extended account' of the iacs hH!argiimeata he' pre-1
Jackson, WTof N Y.
. , . wiMwvu eaiHi until 1 Twsm,m a utf- . : i
otism, the exciting subject Which has threatem,I tKi Johnston. Andrew Ten. ,
peace and harmony of the Ilnim, i... , -:u l JohMon i?Ak.rt w u. '1
.m;MM- j " . . 'i miioi : " ; t i
.vw.f uU uwdwij aettied, This is a eon- Jonep' UeorS w.Tea,:
summaUon, which won lri hrir.. . . . I . . . . .
heart, and immortalize the 1 remarks with A t Jf06 llf
strumental in jt. accomplUS kf P!
. -n-ii - - r" "io preceainy list.' i
i-'ic.i. ; ; r.j r JuiMimorc frnu. ,., i lueir nanv nrait iu;.u . - . j-
Strong, William Pa "
Silvester, Peter JL ofJV Y
owweuer, unsrles of O
Taylor, John L. of O
Thomas, James H. Ten
Thompson, James Pa
Thompson, Jacob Miss
inompson, John B. Ku
Thompson. William
- .
inurman, John R. ofJV F
twntu9, jvooert ira
TtrcK, Amos i s of N H
Under hi U. Water of JV V
Dyke, Johh Van of JVJ
V enable, A. W. of N C
Vinton, Samuel F.of O
Walden, Hiram of NY"
Waldo. Loren P. Ct :.
Wallace, Daniel of 8 C
Watkins, Albert G. Ten
Welborn, M. J. Ga
Wentworth, John of 111
White, Hugh of JV r :
Whrttlesyi W. A; ofO
Wildrick, Isaac1 of N J '
WUHanxs, Chris. H. Ten
Wi tKOT, Datid f d Pa
Wilton) James of JV It '
Winthrop, Robert C. Mass
Wood, mos Eiof O- ?
Woohvard. J: - A. -of 8 f!
nB8r;rThoioae R. of III
which will bB'mAmtei.iiHZJrliZZV
. i . 'ti -ww aua iu tn thrzm s
Hon; G.oao.lMcDnrrW J1S?"0 1 ZEZL T.1". "ty ohvincibj on that Dofait.
chTonoh correspondent ot ir" u,ei'! TTrWVtihl
ZTaZ TiT-r Z n:." WiUii con 0,'-rereqneated to staterihatha.Commi.,;.
tinuee todccline. and it U nr t i , t,, ; .V , "wjnar.Ba.vommissiow
to suivolSkerj; ?Wfr ! Lo?As,lanv ll;ttt t Ciy
We commence this week the publication of the
Comptroller's Report, for tbe year ending x
vember, 1849. This document contains irop"13"
A thA
information in relation to the State finance-'
nmnbers of the paper in which it is published oog
to be filed away for future reference.
We nuhliah also on onr firfct na?e an imei"
article, headed the Scotch-Irish of North Carolina-
This article is understood to be from tne p
young gentleman: of Orange County.
liiiiur " w .u-. ri WilliamB'n"
uimh . 11 , 1BUII IU XJVim .-- ,
and Jeremiah Clemens, Esq. have been elected0
United States'. Senate from the State
Col. King, it is well known, is a radical vty
and has performed much honorable public "
but Mr. Clemens is said, with what truth we do
know, to be a "Taylor Democrat." A ' L
Democrat," at this time, . especially, isbatw
name for a Whig. . Mr. Clemens, it tatT!
elected by thirtesn votes over Mr. Fiwpa"
regular Democratic nominee. .
ti. ' f . th,; aiuint and i(
Democratic jodrnal eomes to o in a nef. dre, j,
top to toeV"'a''ttsjf colamns have been 'lieV?'
has just put on a neW head, and with its hand
type and fair paper, it is altogether one of the
looking papers in the Union. We wish its '
enterprising Editorstthe most abundant success.
Dinn rVG SAnsis.;;,Ve bava been re-
Committee -of Arrangenienu w "
was "to have been gw
. , .1 Ka been
morrow, complimentary to Gen. Haunoer-, -poaTpdned.
Notice will be giren in due tune of
quested by the
that the Dinner, which
. ..-.-vjoj ui Iotn irtsiant.
day .fixed upon.

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