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The Democratic sentinel and Harrison County farmer. [volume] (Cadiz, Ohio) 1851-1852, June 25, 1851, Image 4

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TheTaraer'! Eoy.
V ( , .BMW
Ph. a jovial farmer' boy I'll b.
As fresh ai the birds that sing,
k' ' And carol my memory song of glee
' 1 Among the flowers of spring.
" Vjth a hoop "who hoy," to drive my team,
Ik-fore the rising sun.
To slake tjipir thirst in a silvery stream
f ; Shall be my morning fun ;
To Sfte the hungry porker tod,
. , And lear him grvnt his thanks ;
, y To rouse tine calves from their grassy bed,
- i To shake their drowsy flanks ;
. " To draw from the "onerous cow her store,
With young hands strong and free,
""v ; .Till th,c Jbrimming pale is running o'er
With the foaming luxury ;
" - laste to the garden with hoc and seed
While the dew is on the spray,
. To plant, to trim, to hoe and weed
ill?. The morning hours away.
' "To raise the flowers for the honey bee,
,? llJTith tfteir petals bright ad fair ;
10b, I love the budding flowers to see,
In my garden here and there.
Or away to the field where the reapers hire,
And toil the livelong day,
And $ipi of the happy time when I
j Shall be a man as they,
To plow, to harrow, to plant, to sow
The rich and fertile lands ;
To reap wd bind, to pitch and mow,
V , With strong and willing hands.
f)h, I would riot live in the crowded town,
' '. " With its pavements hard and gray,
With its lengthened streets of dusty brown,
. And its painted houses piy?
' Where every boy his ball may bound
; Upon bis neighbor's dome,
And every shout and every sound
;." Disturb some other's home,
The squirrel that leaps from Hmb to limb,
In the forrest waving high,
JDrthelark thatsoars with hismartinhymn,
: Js not more free than I.
' Then give me the trade ol a farmer boy,
' ' F,rom city trammels free,
; And I'll crackmy whip, and cry ' who hoy!
, Oh, a farmer boy I'll be !
Milk Eooma in Cellars.
1 farmers about to build a dwelling, should
know, that by carrying up a large flue in the
chimney's back from the cellar, and hiving
slruliiv or two orjeninar to the house, out of
7? r o ,
(lie reHar. thov can have as aooa a milk
7T ' v
toom under their houses as could be made
pver a spring Uiat may be perhaps two hun
dred yards or one-fourth of a mile off, which
so unpleasant to go to in had weather, es-
Beeially by the female portion ot the tamiiy
The floor should be flagged with s or.e,
tey ,cao be kept sweeter or colder than
yen cepjent or brick, which absorb "spilt
Mlfe" and thus taint the atmosphere. The
walla and ceiling should be plastered to fa
anlitur white-washim? and cleansin?. No-
ff"' - O -
thing but milk and cream should be kept in
Jhe room, as a pure atmosphere for cream to
pise in, is absolutely essential for the making
Iff sweet gutter.
What is needed to have a cool, sweet cel
lar is a current of air, which will be secured
fey the aforesaid flue and open windows, as
a atfong current of air is at least ten degrejs
eoolcr than the same air at rest.
Farmers ought to know that churning can
'done in any good churn in from ten to
fifteen minutes, as weu in wuiult as m dum
pier, by having the temperature of the cream
right, say fifty-eight or sixty degrees. The
temperature of an ordinary sitting or living
room in winter, to be comtortabie, is sixty
eight degrees, and a closet opening into such
'fL room would be the best place to keep the
pot in printer. In summer, the cream can D8
readily reduced to the right temperature, by
breaking up clean pieces' of ice and putting
jt into the churn.
A thermometer, which is necessary to reg
Jolate these matters, costs but one dollar, and
auch an investment every farmer ought to
... . . ' ' . , , ,
tome, who has churning to ao, ana mus
jfvn this much dreaded part of the duties of
farmers wires and daughters mucn pieas
anter and easier for this I know they would
Jhank your modest correspondent, if they
n w him. Lewis County Republican.
Spauty Lands.
Farmers are oftened troubled with what
frt generally known as spouty places n their
Balds. They are caused by small streams
pt water, yfcifih coming near the surface,
are scattered through the soil, keeping it too
wet for the erowth of useful plants. This
, o
evil can be remedied at a small expense;
ap4 jSif wbiebja an injury to the field be
jponVerted into a benefit, ' in the following
rnanner: Dig a ditch across the upper end
pi the spouty piaqe deep enough to cut off
f ha Streams of water which cause it, and then
earryhg ft in the direction in which the
ground descends, until it reaches a point
where the surfaca of the ground is a 'little
Jowcr than the pitch which traverses the wet
plain. This done, fill the ditch a few inches
'deep with small stones; and upon thp stones
fy some straws, leaves, or something else
jtd keep the earth from filling up with clay or
sou vltfcu was thrown put. The water which
rnueA Ihe "i
spout" will find its way among
-v. i ..ni.. l.n- rliui:,A ,j
th atones at the bottom ofthedtteh, ndj
fiiovr ,i:in to me wsue prcparea, wnerp )t
jHIl form smalj Spring, sufficient
M.lid a aralainnn ili.A fna rf.allhkw
W email " snriog of " cctjWt water
! ... ' ''- l !t. 11 3 -f '1 ! l.t
blaiiied in ilij way, yhkb did not fail in the,
'sWa-t ieaaon.. Thia is what is commonly
, j . . . . , ,
ailed Fit':h drr.i.rr-PUtthurah GatttU.
rw HE subscriber will sell at private aal
TliE FARM now owned by Benjamin
Smith, situate in Londonderry township,
Guernsey county, adjoining the Tillage of
Smyrna. There are about 100 acres more
or less, about 65 or 70 cleared and in good
cultivation. There are erected on the pre
mises a good
Well finished, and a (rood BARN and out
houses. There is also a pood orchard of
yrqfleJ frtrit, and any quantity of all other
kinds of fruit trees.
For further information call on the sub
scriber, residing two miles south of Smyrna.
jeii-5t Arnua saimi.
Window Glass, Sash,White Lead,
Oil, Turpentine, Paint, Brushes,
Dry Paints, &c,
Opposite ih Mfclcxleon Buildings, No. 75, Main
irwt, nnfeiint;, vn. nin7-.M-lr
John II. Thompson,
Book&ellciV Stationer
Paper Hangings
monroe Street, wheeling, va,
J. . .ieiiseny,
Fancy ami Staple
No. 133, Main street, Wheeling,Va
Dry Goods Ifiouse
NO. 170. MARKET ST..
T T D. MOTTK. til (lie old eluiid of (irrer
VV & Molie, would invite the attention of;
thecitMHiii of llarreon county, to hn rxtenuva
tonk of
which he is now receiving from nil the Eiutern
cnici. In the iissortueiit will hu found nil Ihft
new styles of
Dross Goods,
ni they come on t in the season, with every article
in ihe Ury Uooils line.
Mon y enn be tmveil by those wishing pnr
chase, liy gninir where there lire chenn stoe.ks to
select from. Additions will he niiuie to the as-
Borlmentt every lew days throughout the seusou,
Corher of Mmn and liridge Strrttt, nnd
fronting Ihf Suniirnninn Bridge.
TT1I1K Bar is nl nil times supplied with choice
J .iqnors the tiihlt with 'he hrst the mnrket
nll'urda mid cart In I mid obliging teivunts to
wuitonyou. .
The sinr arrive nod depart fri m this lioupr
(Inily. U hen you visit Wheeling cn II nt the MuH
roef louse. JAMES MATHERS .
Ucymcr House.
Man Street, near the Xirth-Wesiern Bank,
and one square A'orlA nf the
Suspension Bridge.
rTINISIIOUSB hns been ihoroughly re fitted
1 li lid sil)pliril with new furiliinre llironuhdilt.
Citizens ol llarrisun County visiting Wheeling
will find lit this houae ever convenience necessa
ry lo their comfoit.
The Best of Faro and Low Bills.
There is also connected will; the house a large
and coimnndious Wil;iii V;irl. mid an ex
cellent Stable, nearly new. (xfr'Vbn Ka stern
mid Western sMges tall lit this house kvf.rv dav
for pnsengers. ma)7-ly
Main street, near the Suspension Bridge
"IOXRaD ST'.iOBLK recommends to nil voy.
Vngcrs thnt his hotel is the best estnblislie.i in
the ci'y, guaranteeing ihe CHEAPEST nudMhe
promptest services. The best drinks are always
Kept nt the hnr, especiallr fUKK lit. It .HAW
WINES, and good " aze'r Crrr."
may7-tf CON H A P STROBLE.
F 1.2 HO USE,
FORMERLY of die "SteubenvilieExrhange,"
which was huini down, nnd more recently ol
iu Frerry House,'' otipoFite Steubenville has
emoved to this sitle nf the river, and taken ihe.
new brick on Water street, immediately below
Market, near the Steamboat Landing, und hns
fitted it up iu splendid aiylc. as
where he will hehnppy to sen his old friends. nn 1
as many new ones as may pleuse to give him a
call, ila nlso keeps on band Groceries, Boat
Stores, Salt, etc., which he will sell as low lie
can he bought elsewhere in Steubenville.
Cor NEK i'F Tiiiitn ami Adam Streets
rilfllS house has been thoroughly repaired,
I and is one of ihe best now in thecity. It is
conveniently located, ami has in connection
Inrge Wagon Yard, nnd good Stabling.
Satisfactory accommodations Bills low.
np3il,'5l-ly HENRY MILLIIIZKR.
(Directly opposite th: Public Buildings.
'MIIE subscriber culls the attention of his
I friends und the public, to his Inrire mid well
selected stock of FASHIONABLE READ
which for variety of stvle niiti fashions, and ex
cellence, has never oeen approached by any thing
in tins muraei.
He is determined to eivesntisfuc'ion to all bv
selling good articles, as well luado mid us cheap
as can be bought in Philadelphia. He therefore
not only inviles the people of tlierountry, visaing
the town, to rive him it cull, hut the cititens of Ca
diz also; for which notliinc will be chnrcod. but
tnauKs wtli be returned, whelhei they purchase
or not. ,
As he intends to keep constantly on hand every
thing in the CLOTHING LINE, and all that
makes up cmlcpimi's wind robe, and at such
prices as shall defy competition, be hopes by strict
nttention to business, to nieet the views and rea
sonable wishes of nil his friends and ihe public
guili;iiifjr. -
lingular Custom Business,
Will becontinued.nn l enrmentaof all kindsmadt
and trimmed as usual in the best manner, at the
surae stand. Particular uttention will be bestow
ed upon this department.
rersons wno niay not desire him to moke np thei
garments, can be furnished with a most superb
nnd splendid stock ot
with appropriate trimmings, at his store. Thtre
is not na good a stock in lown as his front which
to choose. New York nnd Philadelphia Fish
ions will be regularly received. '
He is Agent for Williams N.Y. fnshions. Tai
lors cn it be supplied on liWiil terms, with tha
latest fashions. ' '
tfy Having jn common with every body else
anown lora iontme tnut men an estnhllslirctja
as the above wasbndly wnnted inCndis, heeon
,,.,,. boj,0 tpu, ,he' publio wi ,riu(n,.t.Bil
nun. yn ms part
; '
he will exert hiisss
O )
of Mackernl lor sale by
' may 14.
.oi 11. M'FAntiKN.
A ff YUM. wall selected jet
black silk Laea
i M ? 1 '"-h"? wide.
l w.'aiiii. oauis in prat qnuijiy ai .
I tMi.if .. , . . Woob's Coassa
Price Reduced
Larf Bottle Only Oil Dollar.
Tto fnnimi ( tka tm Anw Mm lit " Ttran's
StmwtM Lrraomtm Mum." Mm4 kr
mill li ml tm Atm, iHmitm ikm Vmm
Badatad tat Trim
tt Ut o.li sat wdt sm SMHtol mmi ft UUi 4s.
eifirti. ka wiM pu mm kit w as mUi.-bIs
ssuhKtka wxmi mnm will ks
TmhIiHowmmu tkslBMcksncMaftasltkV
hm, h miU, mmd swuIts mnmmOm win An
iclinit, sd 1mm Ml ew will ks bMawal U
nsiins Ik M kaMtfto.
AilkiiixtieiM. sslMsi wiB bt sarckSM
r WHikl k M khkamaud llnaiilws khuwI
Kitli im rlna. Ua wnH woU kajta kulajualkukis
tnkU a aot ta b. ataaai wilk Iks taHM af " kaaatas
fua4ur;" h cUu Ix tf s frMr Wi sMr. i
ttl mm, Usa MS assar fisin M mtfmrm Us
wrU: mmi kss isaiiwil Msaf 1st sifbt r mr ks (spsriaf
aadissl Tinw, mmi, smU Ikis lalseliaa. ssasaasl assba)
Iks priw af mmr Ua snlcls this lisa.
Nones P.Tirc-.LT, tka mnxim scki wllk (m kaJ.
lit sawar mmi wruistr. spa tka
Bloo4, Llvsr, Kidnsys, tongs,
saisllotkaraniai, po lln prot) sctioa w hick llhsn
Tka aMdiciiw kss m JmUt alfk ttasts as a smsis far
Dropsy aad Oraval
ssd all d'nainaf that astsia. It sv ks isHa spaa wkai
Iha IntaUiaant pkraosa katlbswIOMil Vm puBt.-u4 fat
Umm damans Jiajsaa, mon avasisllr DaorsT, Uw pnpri
stot wash) ssiMHlr and konajtlr rasomiaaid It. At hs
pMam pitas it ataailr sbtaiud bj all. and tlx uitl wiU prsva
ChMpast Kadieis la tha World!
tST Flaus ak for pampkbts-tas asants (Its than aws? I
ther omtaia arar aUtan pataj of lanipts. Oa addition ta fall
cwdical matur) valaabl for koaiahold parpoaja, sad waioa
will aav atanir soUan vm raw ts practical koaajkacpsn.
Tktas maipkl an Imndnosd ts naka tb book of mat
salas. aaida fna its ekamotar as so adrarliMnf awdiaat for
tka audio na, tka katiaioar la favot af wnkk, in tha forsl af
lauan ftoai all pans of lbs eoantrr . mmi bs raliod apoo.
t3"Vaokn'a Vatatabla IJtbontiiptie Miitara"-tbs
Oraat Amarioaa Rsmedr, bow for aala in quart bottlai at 1
aacfc. mill kottlaa at W ett aaoh. No imall bottlai will bs
aaard aftar Uw ptaiaiit ttock a diipoad at.
Priiioipal Offios. Baffalo, N. V.. Wl Mala Straat.
M. B All lattsB (axMptlsa from aianti and daalan whk
whom ha traiuacu bauneai) mast b post paid.sf no atloatioa
will ks sina to ibam.
AGE UTS John Beall, CaJte, O.
A. F. Croskey, New Market, 0
Hogg Sf Parrish, Moorfield, 0
I nomas Arnell, Antrim, U.
Ogden J( Clark, Cambridge, 0
H. Roby Sf Co.. Leesburgh, O
J. Forbes, ten,, Hagerstown,0.
"Wall IPapea,
Spring Supply.
JUST received, embracing a very Ir.rge and
carefully selected stock nf
Latest styles fine Satin Room nnd Entry Papers.
Bordering and low priced Papers in abundance,
A good assortment of
full width, and every variety of pattern. Also,
a fine lot of
Fire Bonrtl Prims.
of new nnd beautiful patterns, richly ornamented
with ( jld nnd Velvet. All persons wanting any improvement in sowing mncmnes, mil it poisct
of the above articles cununt fail to be suited from irilUe most decided advantage over any other Drill
Mm assortment.
Remember the Book nnd Paper Store, corner o
Main and Uuion plreets, Wheeling, Vn.
mn)7 tf Bookseller and Stationer.
ON NETS of the
vr. . . it.
Kissme quick order,"
provoking to look at. Who wants a Bonnet
nt less than dressing nn old one will cost? Par
asols of the greatest variety, which must be sold
low. A good article, quick sales, lit a fair com-
nsation, is the motto of
adapil-tf S. & II. M'FADDEN.
I'miulm. f'ltlilc.
A tli 111 :t, liifliieiixsi
- -
Itllil 'oiiutllHiaii.
DY. Afflicted render do not suffer thisdis-
ease to knit us fatal threads in your system ; they
aru ccituiit to hurry you to an untimely grave,
lias not experience taught yon bavo notoi:cu -
n r proofs convinced you that Consumption is
certain demh to ull whom it mav encounter.
when lelt till u late pened J Then why will you
delay procuring tl remedy in due season to arrest
tne orcgress oi nun leiiucsiroyer t a uoiu, wnicn
soon terminates in n coughing, by which soreness the old nuysofplanting.nn the sn me kind oi ianil,
of throat nnd iuflaniiiiaiioii of the mucous mem-will pay lor the Diill. To test the utility of this,
brane of tie bronchi is produced , and the Lungs ! I planted on the same ground in nil iheolherdiffei
rendcred open to disease. Thus persons sufler cut ways, nnd thnt planted with the Drill will , I
themselves to procrastinnte until death looks in am satisfied, from present appearances, produce
nt ihe door when 'hey will begin to be concern
ed about their health, when in ull probability it
is too late. May all who have a cold take time
ly warning, and get rid of it as soon as possible.
Dr. Duncan's Expectorant Remedy stands bp-
fore the publio tested by thousands, nnd daily
used in almost every family throughout ihe differ
ent Suites for diseases of the Chest and Lungs.
rhe vast n mount sold in this town, nnd that to so
many persons who come baek and obtain i! by the
half dozen bottles, is sufficient evidence of its
wondciful rrtiency. A fresh supply just received
by mnyl4 6m JOHN BEALL.
riuaoEON nnd Accouches, recently from the
University nf New York, nnd formerly of Cadiz,
Ohio, tenders his professional services totheciti
zensof L'hrichsville nnd vicinity, and solicits a
share ofpuhlic patronage. Having had very ex
tensive opportunities in witnessing and partici
pating in the Hospital and Dispensary practice
of the tOftst, he is particularly anxious to treat
those intricate, chronic, or long stunning diseases
usually deemed incurable by the country physi
cian. Having nlso nttended the hrst und only
regular Obiletrieal Cliniqut in America, he hopes
hislreitmentof the Disease ol Women and Chi I
dren, will meet with gcnerul favor from the female
sex. He gives aoeriu I intention to operations for
Club-loot, Aneurisms, Cataract, Tumors, Ampu
tations, etc., nnd is prepared to struighten Crook
ed Necks, Eyes, Limbs, etc., nnd reBlore Lost
or Deformed Lips. Cheeks, Jaws, Nosea, Eyes,
etc. The more difficult cases of Surge ly will be
performed with perfect safety, under the influence
of that grent pain-saving agent. Chloroform.
Most minor operations such as Phlebottomy,
Cupping, Extracting of Teeth, end operations for
Mr.itnsmus w il be perloruiea at niaomcern
of charge. For hia proficiency in treating all
diseases of the Eye and Enr, he refers the curiam
to bis official naneri frmr thn Phvaicinne and Sur-
geona of the N. Y F.j e Infirmary, to be seen at
his office nt any lima. Office in his Drugstore,
three doors north of the V. 8. Hotel, Main street.
Great and Destructive
Wive on the
WE are now receiving and opening ihe Inr
gest and best selected stock oi FANCY
AND STAPLE DRY GOODS thnt hnsevei been
brought to this part of the country, which wp af
ter nnu will sell at na
ns any other store In the country. We have too
high an opinion of the good sense and judgment ol
the farming community of Harrison county, to
Jtiinn they can he gulled bj ipe noisy Dnraing
and gassing of some of tho small fry, that have
been' naffini over the enlnrgemAnt of etores and
goods beyond calculation t all we wish is for the
community who have the ready
tn brine their Clth. and see who lias the
Wa make no Detentions lo sell roods less than
the cost to bring them here, bat we will sell at a
fair living profit, and take their produce at fair
market prices. We have taken great lare to se
lect our goods both as to quality and cheapness,
e have no auction goods made to sen ana not
to wear.
Call and see; the Goods will span)! for them,
selves. SIIQT WELL 4 CRABIi,
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Foreign ami Domestic
No 165, Main street. Wheeling, Va.
National House,
Unxn or 6TessTii.L Wtiiu araarra
Oaa square weatoftbc Publio Building, form
erly occapied by Thorans C. Vioceat.
JUaV THE Sl'BSCRIBER thankful for ths
if... y patronage beretofora bestowed upon
1 Lisa, would bee leave lo announce"
akaaaawJaj to his old friends and tha public at
large, ihnt ha continues at the old stand. This
establishment, bus been renovated and put it in
complete repair, aud furnished it with entire new
Furniture. This house ia located in the moat
olensnnt and business Dart ol the town.
inc. si Aiiuuin extensive, nnu nose aiso
been thoroughly repaired, and will at all times be
provided with the best of provender, ana aueouea
by cnrelul nnd obliging nostlera.
Connected with the establishment, is a large nnd
extensive WAGON YAR .(the best in Cadis)
and suitable for Menaeeriesand Circuses.
No pains will be spared to render those who
may luvor tne national Mouse wnn a can, a
coruforttiblo na possible, bv which means the un
lorsicneu nones to merit und receive a noerai
share ol nntronnee.
DROVEIlSaccomraodated with any amount of
Stnblin? required.
BOARDERS received by the week, month or
Suitable Rooms can befumished for Private Fa
1 have connected with the above establishment,
n LIVER YSTABLK, whieh. for s tvle of Caasi-
oes, and an frty of lloasia, cannot be surpassed
by any establishment ol the kind in the counny.
' iiinnpfiiianr'DiTi?
Cndii, April 9. 1851-ly
TAii.onno iTiti,isiinu;T
RKSFtU l f l'lil.Y inlnrmshiaold Iriemlsj
ol Cadi i, nnd the public senertilly, that 4
he intends to continue, the Tailoring buttneti If f
in all its forms, in the room formerly occupied by
James Bannister, nnd nen rly opposite the National
House. Ilo flatters himself that, by strict atten
tion to business the employment of the latest
rules Tor cutting garments and none but tne very
debt workmkn to work them , he will not (nil to re
ceive n liberal share of support.
An experience ol several years in the Tailoring
business enables him to any that he considers
himself fully competent to compete with the emit
here, or elsewhere. np93-ly
Latest Improvement. Patented 1850.
rTAVING purchased the exclusive right to
fJL nialtii and sell this DRILL in the eountie
of Harrison, Jefferson, Belmont und Carroll, is
now prepared to receive orders from purchasers.
To those who are not acquainted with the use
of the Drill, he will specily umong its many ad
vantages, those of saving in plnntine one hall
bushel to the acre, its producing a I least from five
to ten bushels more to the arre than by sowing
in any other way, its preventing und protecting
the gram from trcezine; out in the severest weath
er, beinsr the only means of insulin? nn abundant
crop. It operates equally well on nil kinds of
land, nnd ts not injured by coming in contact
with rucks, roots, Ac. It will plant point lows
in all irregular shaped fields, without planting
any part twice ovct. It will plant from 8 to i
acres per day with two horsop, of nny of the
small grains, with a saving of one third of labor,
leaving n ritlce of eaith between the rows. To
those nqiiaiiiicd with planting in that way, he
j will sav that this is the latest, best nnd cheapest
that hat vet been made. 1 1 will cost but XLU, a
smaller size, $51), which is considernbly lower
than othir drills. Its benefits will exceed the
most sanguine expectations nl nny fanner the
gain by using thn Drill, over lbs old way of plan-
': mi ... ...:n .!... ...... r.- .u
UU!;, on ilJ liurca, win muic ,111111 wt mi im;
, . nnB ,.,... .. hila .., : ' . ha
nikmiumm nt Bnliiiiiore, October 25, 1850. ill
Philadelphia, and of nil the other important
Agricultural Societies. The best recommenda
tions can be given from persons in the counties
of this und other States where this Drill is now
in use. A visit to tlie fields of Peter Thomna,
John Ifnierfield, Judge Mcl'iirlmid, and many
., . . , ,
!otber8 in Harrison eounty. who planted n pint ol1
iheir ground i with this Drill last lull, will satisfy j
nny person if its great advantages. He deems
it necessary to annex nut u single certiticute, one
from a wtli unown citizen oi uarrison county,
l CDiit, Ohio, April 12, '51.
I planted last fill), with Moore's PatentGrnin
Drill, ehoiit IC acres in wheat, in which 1 saved
; one-half bushel ol seed to the acre, nnd on which
1 10 acres, from present appearances 1 believe the
.increiiso lino oiiiureiica in invor ui me ltih, over
10 bushels more to the acre than any of the lest
und I cheerfully recommend it to fanners, believ
i.ig it tn be greatly to their interest il they only
plant 10 ucrcsin wheat.
Take Notice. I warn all persons against in
fringing nn the Pntent in my territory, under
penalty ol tne law.
Orders lor Drills for tho coming fall must bo
sent in us soon ns possible. nplG-3mo
Weekly Herald, Sieub.; St. Clairsville Ga
zette; and Carrolltnn tree Press copy J inos.und
charge ndvertiscr.
l'fiiiKK'U'fa und O til iii Plimter j
Patented Jlfarel 1841 Re-iuwd October IS49, I
r pillS MACHINE operates equally well on all
I kinds or Land, ami is not injured by coming
iu contact with rocks, roots, Sn.. It ill plant
point rows iu nil irregular shaped fields without
planting any pnrt twice over, with it saving of from
(0 to 15 per cent in I'tbor. It will, with two
horses, plant from ten tn twelve acres pur day of
wheat, oats, barley nnd other small grains, nnd
with one man nnd horse, it wilt readily iilantfrom '
filteen to twenty acres per day of Indian corn,
beans, pens, &o. It will save from two to three
pecks of seed per ncre, and yield from til teen to
twenty per cen t more than the broad cast seeding, '
by distributing the grain uniform tit any desired
depth, and leaving u ridge ol earth between the
ows. The roots of the yaung plant tire protec-'
ed during the winter by tho action ol the frost'
and nun mouldering the earth upon tnein. instead
nf being thrown out ami exposed us in broadcast
On this account the stnlk is stronger und less sub-1
jeet to mildews, nnd is not so liable to injury by I
ihe fly. Ihe farmer is Irequently prevented nj
ruin him harrowing in his grain after it is sown,
which harrowing is needless in seeding with this,
machine, ns it completes the ork nt once. j
1 he first premiums hnve been awarded to this;
valuable Machine ut the New York nod Phila
delphia Agricultural Societies. Machines and
rights can be had on applicmion to
GIDEON SWAYNE, Pittsburgh Pn.
Agents wanted to canvass, i will give $100
for what whent this Machine will gain in yield
in pluming fifty acres. I caution ihe public
against infringing upon my patent under the pen
nltyof the Law made and provided. The sub
scriber, thankful for nnst favors, respectfully so
licits a continuance of public patronage. Letters
Kost paid, addressed to Gideon Swnyne, Pitts
urgh, Pn., will meet prompt attention.
For Tuenlu-fiie Cents,
BY M KAN S of the Pocket
sculapiua, or, Every One
Ilia own Ihysicinn! being
Ihe Thirtieth edition, with
upwards of a bundled engra
vings, showing private dis
eases in every shape and
form, and malformations of
the Generative systems, l y
The time bos now arrived,
that persona suffering from
secret diseases, need no mors
become the victim or qdackesv, ns by the pre
scriptions contained in this Dook, any one may
rure himself without hindrance to business, or the
knowledge of the most intimate friend, nnd with
one-tenth the usual expense. In addition to the
general routine or private disease, tt tuny px
the cause of munhood'sen rly decline, with
observations' on mnrringe-besides many other
derangements which it would not pe proper to
enumeraie iu Miept""' i"
Anv rwirson semlinir -5 CENTS enclosed in a
letter, will receive one copy of Ibis book, by mail,
or five conies will be sent for one dollar. Address
Or. Will. KOIinir, rro. ia, opruce tireei,
fhilnArhihia. Post-nnfd.
Tin . YOUNG can be consulted on any of the
diseases described in hia different publications.
at his Office, 1 53, Sprucestreet, everj day Between
9 and 3 o'clock. Bnnilnye excepten ) a pa a-1 y
Mill Saws, fepades, dec.
-V-viai. MOHr a In nt annarinr Mill Sin wa.
aj Cast Steel Spades, rtc.et the sign of the Big
Pad Lock. UHMAKS at )iiU9imAii,
Drug and Chemical
Mibkkt St.. STtXBKSviLLc Ohio.
ALL articles purchased at his estnb-
listuoentare warranted pore, or the Bo
ne refunded. Drags o4 every deacrip
lioa at Wholesale or Retail, aa low as
but establishment ia the Weat. Faults
Oils and Dve Stuffs of evert description constant.
ly on hand. The most extensive Agency lor
talent Medicines in Ohio. Surgical instruments
procured to order. Perfumery of every descrip
tion from the bear. Chemists orders not in out line
- . .
roraptly attended ta.
npi1l2 J. C. CABLE
JOHN LYLE, Proprietor.
Fouant Stskbt, tusks Dooat Noam or Maxkit,
rilHIS HOUSE has a pleasant and convenient
lucntion.and ia the largest nnd newest Hotel
in the city. (Strangers who visit Sieubcnville will
find at the above house everything necessary to
their comfort. 'J he stablin; isextensive, nnd was
built expressly for the accommodation of Drovers
and Pedlars.
He invites his old friends and trnvelera gener
ally in Harrison and the surrounding counties, to
give him a call when they visit Steubenville.
Wool Agencies,
WORLD'S mil.
N addition to which Wm. Hogg 4 Co. have re
ceived and opened a nice small stock of Goods,
and will next week receive n much larger assort
men. nil of which have been selected and ptir-
ciiascd with great care, and exclusively for CASH.
We thereloreraost respectlully request ouroiu cus
tomers, nnd the public in general, to cull nnd ex
amine the bargains we lire offering, not only ii:
Brown Muslins, Blue Prints.nnd4j Red Calicoes,
but also in Cloths, Men's Wc-itr,
Bonnets, Boti .t Ribbons and Flowers, Panama
Hats, nnd Goods in geneial. Give iisn o II, anil
you will find us competent and wiOng to redeem
the abovepledge. If otherwise we will not trou
ble vnu in future with false promises and delusions.
ftr Further pat ticulurs next ween.
n9-if WM. HOGG Ic Co.
:n of the ltl fADIiOCIC
JUST received nnd opening
Si'OllE, in Cadiz, u large ami
splendid assortment of artioles, ot which tn e fal
lowing form a part, which will be sold LOW Kit
forCASIl. than such Goods EVER HA VH BEEN
SOLD tN THIS PLACE Cull and eeo lor your
selves :
Trace Chains
Frying Pans
Sad Irons
Broad Axes
Board Axes
Chonning Axes
Spoke Shaves
tool Atlres
Ma no f lilts
Currv Combs
Chisels and Gouges, best
Spear ic Jacxson's oest
Hand aaws
Hand Axes Screw Plates
Tea Trays Eliptic Springs
Trowels Files mid finsps
Butcher Knives Screws
Knivi.s and Forks
Anvils and Vices
Coffee Mills
lied l-astors
Tacks and Gimblets
Hand Vices
Tavern and Sheep Bells Cro98 cut nnd Mill Saws
Novelty LOCK? warranted
nnd LATCHES Bticklesnnd Rings
parliament and Butt Locks of every kind
Niullera and 1 rays
Gate Hinscs (mallcnblc)'ocket nnd Shoe Knives
tl7Ul I . lw.ai ttl.n..Aa Sniilln. Illi.'l
..iinr iw Fnaie
t IIEKil IIOIIW wto. . (.ia. l'iuul. ...
I10T9 Forks
nnlPe. nj jjitts
Snaflle. Mullin und Stiff
litn;ranim wins
n.,e.., Aiiitinz
rcw pr;Vers
He Bins
Drawing Rnlvns
s,.8gorg Mienrs
Trace nnd Halter Chains
Stirrups, Sash Locks Slacks' & patent Augurs
In liiPt every nrtinle necessary to form n com
nlete extra stock ol Hard ware. Cutlery, Saddlery
and Carriage Trimmings, Builders' Materials,
. n ,,eedle to an anvil
tlely:ng competition
jn p0int 0f Inn? prices. Call nnd see no charg
,or jnokin at our t
for looking at our Goods. Ourstock of lion nu
A'teel, Nails and Castings will always he ko
complete. D1TM A R4T & THOMM AN.
ma r2(i
Shaving! Shaving!! Sim vine !! !
.riTIS something strange that LOT WILLIS
I can't be beat shaving ! and he most re
spectfully informs the citizens of Cadiz nnd vicin
ity thai lie has UKMOVKD his shop lo tho h.ise
ment room iu Mr. Dewev's buildin:, nearly oppo
site Wm. Hogg's store, two doors inun Mr. John
Philip s grocery, nnd udioiniiig Mr. Hunter's. 1
'Tis also strange that he can't be bent nt cutting
hair, blacking boots, nnd in fact everything in i
bis line of businets. All be asks is n fair trial
Once n week per quarter, (3 months)
Twice u week do "
Three times do "
Four times do "
Single shave - - - -
Hair Cutting
Shampooning - - - - -Sharpening
Handling Razors -
- - - GJ
- - - Iii
- - 25
- 121
such as taking nil
All kinds of renovating.
manner of stains, grease spots, etc., etc., etc, from
clothing, done nt the shortest notice.
We'll shave you well nnd wash you clean
As any tody ever seen,
And cut your hair nnd oil it too,
And scratch untilyou say 'twill do ;
Don't you believe ? just come and try.
And see if what I say's tl lie.
I enn't be beat I do declare.
In shoving neat or cutting hair ;
And if at first I lhavo wiib ease,
You then can come whene'er you please,
1 know my hand is old nnd tried,
And nevoi Inown to slip nr slide.
My Razors are all -ut und dried,
. And never known to tear the hide,
Come one come nil, both high and low,
Just take a seat, you soon will know.
np2-6in LOT WILLIS,
No. 'ill, Monroe street, Whetting, Va.
TIIE subscriber hns just receiv
ed a complete ussortment of
Hu I'd ware nnd Cutlery
i'iit&jv of every uescripnon, in ;im one
fjf , smiiha. Cnrnenters. Mill-
Wrights and IIoure-6nishing
together with Sythes, Sickles,
Scvthe Snathos, Scythe Stones
nnd Rifles, GrninCrudlcs, fine two, three untl lour
prong Forks, Shovels. Spades, Mattocks, mill and
cross cut Saws, broad and chopping Axes, cast,
shear and English bliatcr Sieel, Muchine Cards,
etc., elo., together with every variety in the
Hardware line, which will he sold on as good
terms ns can befourd in the Wet.
iwiy7-ly SAMUEL NEEh.
Market Stbebt. Steubenville, Ohio,
flllllS Hotel, nossessinz the most central loca.
X lion of any in the City ia large and commo
dious, ami is thoroughly re-niteu anu ni-iunusu.
ed for the accommodation of its increasing; cus
torn. AU the stages arriving ut, anil departing
irom steubenville, will can attneiiLAn. uenn.
A porter is always in readiness at the doo-j and
a new and SDlenJid baecaue wagon hns Just
been provided, to convey bugiage to and from the
House, FKEE Or CHAKlilS.
The proprietor pledges bimsell to give entire
tisfaction. ap30, '51-ly
JJy Lewis Snider,
No. 200, East Side of Market Square,
THIS HOUSE having recently bepn re-Aited
throughout with new furniture, the citizens o(
Harrison county will find it a convenient place
to stop at when coming to market.
' The Stabling is large and commodious, and ia
aearly new. ' ,
- The best of fare, good liqnors and cheap bills
Call at the Wm. Tell Ilqtise whea you flome to
Wheeling. LEWI9 SNyDEB.
majT-fy '
a.aiacaorr. t. e. aowns
HtlirltOFT ROWLH1,
rVT Offcce in the Public Buildins a.adiaininr
the Treasurers . omce. Business intrusted lo thei
car? will b promptly attended to. ap9-5l-ly
1N 1'HANCr.K x .
WILL practice in Harrison and the adjoining
counties. Collections, the buainesoof E.
ecu tor and Administratora,Guart;iansand Wards
Petitions for Partition, etilementa of Mtatea, and
nil other business entrusted to him will leceive his
prompt attention.
Ot FICJ2 Immedia'ely opposite the Mnnnon
Hoose. ap9-5Uly
mob. l. jkwitt. t lawroa
Having formed a partnership in the practice ol
their profession, will promptly nttend to all busi
ness entrusted to their care. np aiaiy
WTriLI. pmctice in Harrison and the adjoin.
W ing Counties. Collections the business tl
Executors and Administrators. Guardians an I
Wards, petitions for partition, settlement of Es
tates, nnd all other business entrusted to hia caiu
will receive his prompt uttention. Office npposit
Beal'a Drug Store. np9-5l ly
a ,w. aosTwic'K. s. o. rurfARO.
Attorneys and Counsellor nt Late, and So
Itcitort in Chancery,
Will prncticein Harrison and the surrounding ery other treatment, lnflnmntory Rheumatism
iiinties. ffcr-All business entrusted to iheiricnn b,! cured in nearly every case. Cases of 7
Lounties. ffr" All business entrustei
care will receive prompt nnd diligent nttention :
Office opposite the Mansion House. niar26-ly
IS altogether the best Stock to invest money in
in this eon p try. Conic and see our Goods the
CHEAPEST mid BUST in Cadiz. Come and
take stock to ihe amount of a Coat, Vest or Punts
nnlterns. and we'll nav the interest . Come one.
come all, and sec our l.notls
CJ H. M'FADDEN nre receiving a mTRiiifi-
Oa -em .lock of SPRING AM) SUMMER!
GOODS, selected recently with great enre in thei
'Eastern cities, consisiiugof the most modern styles
'of Lndies' nnd Gentlemen's Wnre. They invite
the attention of the public generally lo examine
their stock, and juil
bv comparison of their
J 1
styles anil prices
npi. j
- ,
Um Mjm lr ImjEP B$
ESoolc!!lcr, Mathmcr
JyTfJ,J?f TiVi VA :
i , ,' ", . , '. . , 1
tl'hnln.ntu nn.l..t? Si- i...il f iiimiii I lima I, Iwl
, . . I ,i ,
....H....I i, j..i...ic, ........... .......... .... v
1"'lullt ln?IJ J'ULo nil uic mini i iT.iaiiiiii uiu iuiiiib
Jadiz Foundry,
Cooking Btovcs
r I1F. siioRciiher having purchased of the lat
I propiictor, II. AI. Scott, his entire intern
ictor.M. M.Scott, bis entire interest
i.iv, ii a
Icing to the public (fiat he h is hid many , ears' ,or!".R', . 1 ,,se,rl ,n ' etroleum ex ernnlly. few
Iprncticnl experience in the business, and is now npplications of which remove.! ell pa.,, and ey
'doingnll in his power to fit no and put in good "y vn,p on. of the disease. Ii.ni now entirely
I working condition U". entire machinery of tho
Plow Castings of noarly
Irons lor si
Irons for stoves, Fencing for Grnves and Fronts
for Houses,
now mints, in man tans, n new ur-,
tide, and Chimney Tops, &,c,
Orders for nuyihing in the nhovc line thank-
fully received a id promptly filled on the shortest
establishment Being thus prepared, he will keep ". V ' " -J i"-V 'f "?
i i i ... .. L..... -r ..ii .i.L liizing pains of rbeuiiiaiisni or kindred disenses.
uoiiHiriiuv on iiami i..ot)Kl lir oioves oi nil uio i7iiji'iiu it.irnii if i .en
'various piuterns, Parlor nn.l Egg Stoves. Fancy I Z! 'jNT'" n'nitlv't nnrv?'
Fronts, Franklin Steves mid Grates of all sizes. (ittl'.l'Nlr'I" HARRISON COUN 1 Y,
-r-f- t -s- r lT TT7" 1 "T"a Tl ' Cadiz, J a I nomas; liumley, Wertz and Gut
M I II I I 1 , , A I J shall; Newmarket, Simpson und Graoei Rumley,
J1 JJ jJ W VY ii Llli D Arb,,"th-. Jefforson, Dr Dullieldi Point Pinna.
$1, 00 'notice. Old Metal taken in exchange lor new nt
1,5(1 jits highest cash prices. DAVID POOL.
3.25! np!Mv-'5l
riHE subsciibers would respectlully announce
1 to their old customers, and the public getter
Mr, thnt they are no in receipt ol their
'' J- . ' nn
BtlfV rjtfioat
. , ,. ,77 "y"-' I
And would call tho nttention of buyers lo nn in.
speciionof them. Our Goods are bought very low,
anu selected wnn gie.it care, ami we tcei conn-
dentour sty lea. and prices cannot Inil to suit.
rieasecnii nun sea us no irouoiein biiowiii5 um
Goods wo are ulwavs tlad to see vou
ap-ia tf WI'.MJH tc flJU-Ml'a.
Puro White Lead and Vinegar,
Office on Market itrert, next door to Pott QJJice,
H,.,,,,,, , . . ' , . ,
A VINO adopletl the most approved method
us practised ny the eastern mannfucturers in
tho inanulactuKMil Whits Lead, ae are prepn
to warrant it equal to any made in the I'ni
11 u
States, nnd which we offer at the lowest prices
March I'-', IojI tl48
Drug Emporium,
Medicines, Paints, Oils, Dye Stufs, Perfc
wifro, Surgical Instruments, Pure
" r . x. H. A.
Liquors, SCC, OCC. , AT.
harkrt bt.stkubknvillb, 3 doors belqw THEB4NK.'
THE subscriber invites the nttention
of ull who may wish to purchase, to his
M " k"-""ii ..'.j ' "
' nuiiici. iiiiimii;., ............. ....m.
some of the best Drue and Importing
111 uie riiisi.unu wiiivil lie is wot. unuiii t.ii
give sntisftictioii both ns to pnoe and ounlity,
Orders Irom physicinns, ooun:ry merohants and
others promptly attended to p3-'y
Thuhab JoNca. Howard Korea
Fashionable Barbers and Hair Dressers.
WTa TOIII.n rennectfiill v announce to the oili-
VV xens of Cadij that ihey have tnken the shop
recently occupied ny L,ot wiius, en Market street,
directly opposite the Hnrdware store. Thev re
spectlully nsk the publio to give them a call.
' A II .- 1. 1 Un-.la L--
nn wii' im va uviiiua tutui ur uiui iu orop,
Just cnll on us at our new shop,
At noon or eve, by night ot day,
Or any time that you enn stay)
But give us time, dear sir, to rest
Upon that day that God has blessed.
Our room is neat, or towels cleaq,
Our scissors sharp, and roors keen.
And everything we think you'll find,
To suit the tamo and please the mind,
And then we move our hands as true,
As any barber e'er can do,
With rapid touch we smooth the face,
And dress the hair with equal grace,
And all that art and skill can do,
Your money will procure for you; np? m
BROCADE poplins pfsplendid designs.
Durnge De Laines, a Dew and splendid .
Uole for Ladies' dresses.
Cnmclina ant) black Silks, rich nnd glossy.
Lawns, Ginghams nnd prims of the latest ago
ny, for sal cheap at ihe fashionable ators of
sp9 , S. ft H. fvj'FADDEN.
reiroieum. or itoct uu. i
A natural remedy, procured from a ITeO in
AUefHtny toumty, 400 Jet below Ik
Errtk' surface.
PETROLEUM: This great remedy of nature
after repeated and fair trials, has worked its way
into popular favor. Wa aeed hardly repeat the
fact, that this ia a pare, nnadulteiaied Natural
Medicine, and is put ap as it Iowa from the bav
sora of tha earth, without admixtures of any kiad
Ia tbeaa dava of Nostrum Tending, we do au
wonder at the incredulity evinced by the coat
muuiiy, apon the introducuoa of a aew reasedw
but that incredulity shall not suppress a saedia
cine, whoae powerful Influence has mitigated and
cured many diseases incidental to oar race ;were
we to withhold a remedy like this from public
notice, we should consider ourselves aa guilty of
keeping back something that was intended lo re
lieve mucn human aunenng, and dispel iho (loom,
and pain of many a one whoae system baa bar a,
racked and tortured by the fell enginea of dis
ease. Nny, do not wonder, gentle reader, and,
join with others in the ciy, that it cures too many
diseases; lor il you will tuke the trouble to look)
over the list of diseases lor which it is recomt
mended, you will find that they are diseases aft
ectiag tiie same kind of tissues, and consequent
y it is applicable to all.
The Petroleum is one of this kind of remediea
and is endued with powers to relieve more human
suffering than nny medicine extant. When taken,
persevering ly it will cure
Diarrhoea, Piles, Gout, Nuraleia, Obstinate Erup,
lions of '.be skin. Erysipelas, Chronic Bore
Eyes, King Worm, Scald Head, Tetter,
Pains in the Bones nnd Joints,
and nil that class of disneses in which Alterative
or purifying medicines are indicated. The Pe
troleum hns cured numberless cases of Cbronio
Diarrhoea of long standing thnt have rcsisied ev-
j cars standing where tuey were the most perfect
cripples that could be imagined, have beeu cured
nnd mode lo walk. All cases of inflamed sore
eyes, even when the patient is blind, if the eyes
lire in his head, can be cured by tho Petroleum
or Rock Oil, if thoroughly applied. In Piles, it
lias also been effectually tried; several eases of
which have come under the immediate notice of
the Propriotor, in which the Petroleum n (forded
complete relief. In diseases of the bludder and
kidneys the Petroleum is invalunble.
In deafness depending on the hardening of the
wax it will give telief by opening the obstruction
and dissolving the wax which obstructs the pas
sage to the auditory nerve, which ia . the common
cause of dullness of heuring.
I feel mysell under a debt of gratitude to the
propnetor oi retroieum-i ne use oi wnicn great
18 entirely .:ure.. my ai m oi n IOien.
attack of Rheumatism. She hud labored under
nn nttack of the disease about 3 months, suffer
ing the most intense pains, the greater part of
the time confined to her bed unable to tlo any
thing. The pain in the limbs was very great, at
tended with n great deal of swelling, the Petro
leum hid u happy effect, for the first Sot 3 appli
cations the swelling diminished and the pnih left
her. I continued lo apply the medicine tluiiv fur
' two weeks, which entirely relieved her, nnd she
is now as well as she ever was in Iter life. 1 fec.l
confident that the Petroleum is one of the grem f .
est remedies in the world forrheumntic pains and
'swellings. Signed, PETER HULL,
Perry St., Allegnny city, pn.
I take pleasure in certifying to the valuable
properties of Mr Kier's Petroleum, for n flections
of ' breast and lungs accompli nied with severe
ptiiu and cough
toon ma i uuuii-uiii in linger
doses than is recommended in the directions. 1
,i. I...... ...r..l t.VA n .1..... . ... r
muft il iui,u Bmuniui iiiicv uiui . il iiiijt , 11. ma, a
fouiiu ii vc-ij iiupieiiaiiiii iu iiiae,oui uurr iiiKlllg
few ,"iB 1 .g.ot to lik5 1 ahould like to
nave n nanei oi it to uen in my immiy, lor i nu
lieve it isn valuable medicine. The Petroleum
produced no unpleasant sensation in the use of
it. Win. DAY. Pittsburg, Pa., Mar 16, '50.
Bellelonte. Feb 31, 1B50.
I got 3dr.z. of Mr Kier's Petroleum of Mr How
ell ami I aiu disposed to think there is noth:ng
equal to it for burns; having burnt my huliil and
expeciiug nothing less than n Ion
tediout sore,
out l louiiil no soieiiess al all irom it, only leaving
n red scale without nny soreness when pressed
i . i X . . .
unoll.' Wlnen niiilo aamriseil me. I merelnre nnvn
: great faith in its ciTicucy so far, nt least and will
introduce it in this section. Very respectfully,
MiSM Kier: Allow me to express to toumy
' heiiiifelt tlianks for the grent benefit I have re
ceived from nn nrticle called Petroleum or Rock
I oil, of which you tire the sole proprietor. I hud
I oci'iisioii to use it ii bunt thn 1st of January in a
'violent attack of rheumatism, which was very
... r. I il. I . . I . . 1
I"' ""' 1 mo' col"""eu
vim. iiiiiuii ewi'iinis div ui ill ncri IIIU III ituiibiiiiii
Wfc."-" um tnae in
is occasion to recommend
Iu Ounit Hollies.
-ftS pienarCUDV JUr. . U. 110W6.
a ii a i"r
Is un efficient and certain remedy for the cur
of Jaundice, Palpitation of the Heart, Impunty
of the Blood, Scrofula, cutaneous eruptions, Liin-
gor. Pimples and Pestules on the Face. Sick
'nhe Appe. :
yp u.
?Z fd S ril f ,f L? 'i Fm'T f
fcpinis. Ultl hores, nnd dxeases ol the blood and
lllllioirinus lisn of Mprr.iirv.
v cm i ... . - 'i
l he fchaker harsapanlla
nil diseases of ihe l.!nr. ni-.n..nin ti...ni;..
n) jjnious Disenses. This vultmble Fawil.r Mum-
emv, is prepared wiib erenl cnre.nmHs PURELY
VECETA BLE. Its power over tho above ilircaso
ig not eXcolIed, if equalled by any other prepnra
tionin the United Stales, as numerous cures cnu
Long before maturity we see females emaciated,
nnd the clenrnessof complexion, mid brightness
of the eye, departed. Though not thirty in years,
they have less of youth than they ought to pos.
sets at fifty. Why is ibis? Depression of spirits,
' "y. v liy IB illisr ueprrssiou ui piiiip,
languor, und general debility long continued,
without seeking relief, results in un enervated
conatillitinii. nnd n train nf FEMALE COM
PLAINTS which can only be removed, and the
shattered constitution restored, Dy some nniu una
by i
eentle medicine, whose tonic and n Iterative pro
perties nre peculiarly suited to slender and deli
cute constitutions.
The Charms of Home,
DEPEND so much upon the possession pf
health, that nothing having its preservation In
in view should he overlooked or negleoteu. All
parsons, old and young, male and femnlo, should
preserve. a.. .... uu b- -".
! and at the first symptoms and firat approach of til'
henlth. nan nrnninllv the nroner rnmedv.
criiicnl cbso cured by the uaeolPR. S. D.
tifled by Dr. S. Jackson, a distinguished Physiciarj
in iiiuiunu. oucn icsumony is worm rstirc uiqg
a coiu nn oi orainnry niivertisenients.
rv.i ,.. t..nn
1Q.18S0. .
Dr. S. D. Hows Dear sir:
I hnve been ffliots
wl,h Cough for the Inst three or four years
which came very near taking me to my grave, du
spite of all the mediouj aid from my fumily phy
nite of all the inedioul ujd irom my fuuulv phy
aictnn. I had despaired of ever Again beinK re,
stored to health. Six months ago I noticed tl) ,
advertisement of your Shaker Sarsaparilla, and ;
immediately sent nnd procured one bottle, uni
began speedily to improve, and I obtained anothe
bottle, and the result of taking two bottles of 1
S. D. Howe's Shaker Sarsaparilla has caused mq
to say to you, and every one whom it may concern, '
that I am entirely relieved from all cough; and
pain in the breast. Mrs. N. GRAVES,
' The great success which nas-atteniled the use of .
Dr. S. D. Howe's Shaker Sarsaparilla since its
introduction in the Western' States, has establish
ed Its charaoter In this section of country.
This is the only Sarsaparilla that arts on the '
Liver. Kidneys and Blood at th same time, and
hence ill lingular efficacy and success. Be sure and :
get Dr. 3.D. Ihwc't tliakcrjariaparilla, and talcs
Quart Bottles (1 per bottle, or 6 bottles for $5
For sale by McBE.N & KNOX,CadI and b;
Dr. S. D. HOWE Ac. Co.. Pronrietors. No. 1 Co
letre Hall, Walnut street. 9 doors above Fourth
Cincinnati, Ohio. ' ' . , ,
July 84.1850: : --: !-. ' ' ' v":
Conataptlyon hand, t,,
' and lor sale by
J. PALMER To. " I.
Market street Wharf, i

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