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The Democratic sentinel and Harrison County farmer. [volume] (Cadiz, Ohio) 1851-1852, July 30, 1851, Image 4

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vmti Okio'"Vtdtloutvr.
isaTAnv SnpPTu-.h nw tn fcftpn thorn
eaxony ancep aqw to Keep mem.
" I have the finest anil reiiil.'ivnt -rarlne r J"!
. &. w.timt--.... H.IWilr. ,M r ... .' - . - ,,
o i ii . i . tup '!' hi .-. - nn.l hpve nice
AJty, Ma wonU just as toon hav Uwm
the hardk-at of tlw Rambouilet breed. For provided with the txwt ofpn.ventler. nil attcmlfd
if they are well taken care of, which all must cnreful Bml onlieiiiyhoMleni. '
. ..J ... . ' , -""u:sM eoniiecte.1 with the eoiahlisiiment. i lnte!ind
p if ymm want Un-m to do well, the? will arn.Vnenaiin WAGON YA It . f tl- let in VntUi)
4 fy repay all cost and trouble. I give to rav
- !!tmb Hie best pasture I have, and change
them bo Uj keep tlie pasture Bwet and clean
till tftntt the first of August,' when I take
' them;fromOewea;butbtiorx!l take litem oft;
I k?ar them to-at bran and sail, for if this
is not done they are apt to scour, as I have
often observed to be the case with my neigh
borsV After -having taken them off the ewes,
I give one gallon of Wan a day to fifty lambs,
Vgrabuultrt weeks, and a very little salt,
&r the alt has a tendency to scour them.
J continue to give them bran twice a week,
snd keep them in the best pasture I have,
trntil about the first of October. I then put
in a sman handful! ef corn and oats, which I
increase gradually until it amounts to two
quarts. I give also the same amount of bran
to fifty Jambs at the same time. Ju this man
Der they ore fed throughout the whole witt
ier, until the middle of March. During the
month of April I turn them out on the grass!
and give them-trame liay at night. If you
pursue this course, your lambs will not only
grow large, but if they are of the right blood.
hey will also give you a tine parcel of long,
clear, white aad strong soft wool.
After I have taken my ewes off their
lambs, I keep them in good pasture, and a
, tout tho middle of October I commence feed
ing them with bran, .saj- nc galkm of liran
Jo 50 ewes. I give them also a little oats
Jsnd some, corn, until the weather gets cold.
This is continued arntil all have their lambs
ay ' abettt the first of May; for mark, the
wool on a ewe has done growing as soon as
she has her lamb. My object is to keep ewes
in -good .plight befcwe tliey will have their
Jambs, on account of growing wool; and be
sides this, to have the lambs thrive well, 1
.suffer my ewes and lambs to stray out untij
the first storm blows up. In the fall they are
wH housed and sheltered, and well provided
with hay. From that time until Spring, 1
jwver suffer them them to go out until Spring
fains are coming on, I have in every sheep
pen a salt box, and give salt twice a week.
1 also give one pound of sulphur to every
JlOO Jvead f sboep once a mouth. I give
them a new bud cf straw every dsy. This
(keeps tlietn comfortable, and the neglect of
it is the reason why so many shepherds can-
qat keep their sheep in their stables. As I
fceep their stables always well littered; the
)tt'rnt trouble with rue is to keep my sheep
, out of the stable. But never put your sheep
in a stable when they are wet to the hide, for
they will sling and shake their wool until the
table is ivetall over, and will commence to
ateam and get warm. Jf you drive them out
flie next morning into the cold air, every
heep will catch cold, and neither you nor
ny other man will be able to repair the dam-
ago.: ; . :
1 My bucks I keep away from the rest of my
sheep, in a good bouse, and give them plenty
f mcc sod to jump and play upon.; I feed
them about one bushel of bran a piece, and
-mix about one bushel of eorn to two or three
bushels of bran. ' That will stimulate them
enough to keep them straight. Aside of
this,1 1 feed the whole of my ffock with com
tnnihaj', , Yours,' ' '
Colttmb'uint, Ohio.
JDrvino FRt rrs.--It is now time to com
mence drying and preserving fruits, and we
Jiope our friends will not forget to aid each
other by suggesting the best method. . Cur
rents. Cheeries, and indeed most kinds of
jmall fruit, can be very nicely dried by scal
ding tlicm with sugar in the proportion of
one pound of sugar to from four to six of
fruit, ; They retain their flavor remarkably
well, and cook much more readily than when
dried without the sugar. M,
, Tomatoes. We ate some very fine To.
anatocs not long since which were dried in
aheolluwing manner. The fruit was taken
fully ripe, and scalded, then strained through
a seive, and after slowly cooking over the
.fire fat half an hour, it was spread on clean
plates and dried in an oven, the whole pro
ss requiring but about two days before the
fruit was ready to pack away.
Tomatoes may be kept very fresh by ta
king them when fully ripe, and putting them
in a tin can capable of being hemetrically
6ealed.( Leave the can open, and place it in
A kettlt pf.Wiling water, keep the rim above
the surface of the water till the whole is seal-
AJtJnh ' (aj.I ' r:.it ; L.n' lj .. .
led thrinicli
. "r "t :
'. 'ti-uu sail, anu uien
,cal ol.y., TornaiW8 thu kept are said to i'
open in tbfl upring as fresli as thejr were when
nealed. f Try it and gee.-i6 ,
- ,'t "f J' j'if .t t ., jf ''j - ' '!''''' II H'lllp ITl l , nT ..Lai v -.,-.
Feather Bkbj. We hope these fever
generating articles are all nicely stowed away
for the summer at least. Fill the under beds
iUl cleaa straw, and pread a thick coni
fort over it, and if you do not find it a much
fWtsantcr sumroer bed than feathers, you
juust certainly have formed habits that ought
tn tut arrMtta nwHt ut in ..vn..r.o..f llitl .
- " l-.l'V IWV UI H UUIL 1
, . 1 - T rl
T Our capacity to labor viorouisly, dppends
ao wuch wpon tlie tone of the muscles, that
moment's reflection will assure any one that
CSiedorn from the too great relaxing power
..e t. r..' .c " .i.ilV.- . i . j.
. ui.ni. 1 mu uuur oiosu uK ue uesireu in
jsuniincr Atw all thingsi do not lot your
(children frm the habit 6t sleeping on tqo
ft leds, if you would we them ,rnw tip
-s.:..-.. ':".... ' 1 . ..4 ' ...w'' ..n- -.!."..: . .
strong mi iieniuiy. id. .
' TrttA'.fs. All of our formers should now
1 preparing their ground for the raifutKf of
h,u v.u,l!n.l..Mnl,ln -O..... ,1. , .1 ,
i a.vi.. u. ,i i,iaiuc. oar, iiiq - ieci Hje
i;r-A of A uust. ATc w ground in much better
iJliiia old. ' ' i--t ,. 1 y -.t
:,: f-f: 'tit " V;"": Is'w
mitional Mouse, ilR'AIL UOA USi
UKcm Stt f'sn ii.t. Winn sWMk-s
Onsrane etol llie Public HuiUlings. form
erly Occupied by Ttioitins V. Vincent.
TII RSI" RCRl I1F.R thankful for ths
ittmMM heretofore bestowed iiohi
Sly liim, would beg leave lo uniio'iilce'i
I ii i m wnn am lumns ana t 'it . .
largo, thru he r.otrtiiiues nt the oh Intnl. TliU ,
establishment, hnt ticir-n rrrtuvau tl mid p" in
'cniHoleierennir. ami furnished it with rmire new l
, - ". i.i ;.. .o.t ;
i .1.ii,..-: . ... .1.. . , j
LL"!? STA.W;I: . '''ri; ,"'d '""J
ml luitnlile for MitiHiteiH'iniiiil i irruoe.
No pitiiiowill he iiiircit to rentier llioe who
tnRf lavor the Maiiou.il llouix- wiilt a rail, u
i-umt'iirtiiliU- a niwailik', h which meniif thenti-
tleraiinetl hopo lo merit ami f.;iie a liberal
tlmro ol Mi tronaire.
UKOVKKSaeeoiniiHMlateil with any niuoiintol
Stalilin? retpiireil. t .
BO.VUDI'.Ka reoeivcu hy the wk, month or
year. ' ;- -' - -
Siiit.UjIo Roomt can beruriiialiedfot Private Fa-
luiliex. " i .
I hw entineoteil will) ihftihove wtnlilixliment,
a LI VKIIYSTABI.F., which, for i ijle of Cki
Ai.KS. iimt ri frty of HoniiKs. cannot be eiirpassed
by liny emablinlimem of tins kind in die coutiiiy.
Catlii, April 9, I8l-)y
E are now in Cadiz, for the
purpose of making an im-
mediate settlement of our busi-J
, , . , , , .
ness; ana naving but a snort time
to stay, must require all persons
indebted to us to come
immediately and settle up
who do not attend to this call, will
find their accounts and notes in
the hands of a Justice of the Peace '
for immediate collection. we
will be found at the old stand.
Cadiz, June 10-2m '
' I KIE suliEcriber will have Krejh Ueef. of n su
I peiior cpialiiv, in Market, every .-Tuesday
nut Saturday morning (;it day liglit,) during the
Suanni'r and fall.
Meat can, at all times, he had either lit .Mr.
Carnalian's xlauuhier house, or the cellar til tlia
(iihsriihcr's dwelling:, the house formerly oi'eupied
by Hiss UeiUty. KUUfcKT HUI.ll'.fi.
Cadis. June 4. 1851 tf. '
1 N C H A N O R It Y
AI)I. O.
CONTINUES u practice in Harrison mid ad.
joinins coiiiitini, and tiyes espei'ial and
lroniptatteniioti loC llcciini;, Businessof Kxecu
tors, Adiiiiuistraturs, Uuiirdiaus, VVti'ds, Parti-
uuiis. Sales of Lands, sctileiueiit ol F.states, Titles
o Real Kstaies. ('niivcjai.i-ia, suits at Law ami
in (Mind ery, loaning and investment of iiiouev.
mil all other professional business placed in the
sharEe, .
lie is Agent for the Slate Bank of Ohio anil
iilhers. for loaning money, ic , ii;.. Office in
Mlirore's Hiiililinsr, on Market street.
Cmh. 0...lun Irt. 1851.
Administrator's Sale.
ILL be sold on Saturday, the 2d day
of Auifiist next, 1851, between the
hours of 12 o'clock, M. and 4 o'clock, P. M
the following REAL ESTATE,; bclongin,
to the estate of. Al orris Aliitsen, deceased, to
wit: Out-lots numbered ten, eleven and
twelve, in the continuation of Gray's addi
tion to the town of Harrisville, Harrison eo.,
Oltio. i Also a part of the north-east rtunrtcr
ot section liive, in township eight, ot range
four, adjoininir the said out-lots, and con
taining with said lots fourteen nnd a half
acres, ,
The said lands are to be sold on the prem
ises. Terms of sale to be one-third in hand,
one-third in one year from the day of sale,
and one-third in two years, with approved
security; the deferred payments to bear in
terest from the dav of sale, at (5 per cent.
of Morris Alatsen, deceased.
Jewcttife Lewton, Att'j's. jv!)-4t
Executor's Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that the under-
signed has been duly qualified as EX
ECUTOR of the last will and testarcent of
Jane Slemmons, late of Harrison county, 0.,
deqeased, A" persons having claims against
the estate of said Testatrix, will present them
to the undersigned within une. year, for pay
ment; and all owing said estate will make
immediate payment.
Jewett fe Lewton, Att'ys. jylG-.1t
I IIAVL made arrangements
villi ereuileinen in the Slates of Io
wa, Misvouri and Illinois, for the
location of Military Land War
rams. Persons dcriring to locale
Land Warrants can do sj by call
ing on me at my oflice, IVo. 49,
I'liiim street. Wheeling, Va.
'Attorney at Law. !
N. B.ix )plioinlons for Bouuly
Land from u distance mus be rosr
faiii. :
Wheelintr. Va., July !)-4i
Directly opporite tit Public lluildinfn.
flHB iiihsoflher culls the ntttntittn of his
JL I'rieiids nml the public, 10 his large nnd well
s.dectetl stock of FASHION BLK UKAIJi?
which for variety ol sti le anil fashions, anil et.
cellence, has never neen approached by itny thing
in this nutrkei . ;
He is determined tAt!iesniisfacinn to all bv
sellinS ,M' ""icles, its well made .tnd as cheap
"cnnbebongktiir Philadelphia. He therefore
not on r ni i i l.,.ol,. ,.r il, ...... ..,,
"01 oniy invites uie neonle ol t heroiintrv.vis linif
thanks fi I St.
or mil. - , . v -,, 7." :, 'J,,
As ho intends to kern eonsUinllv on band cverv
thinjrin the CLOTHING UNKhlIjuII that
ainkesnp 11 geiiileman's witKlrohe.'tinrl lit siich
pricesnsslmltdely caiiieiriinu:IiehojtiAf)y strict
iiiueiiiiiiii m oiisiii'!ss. 111 nicet me views null ren
soniihlo wishes of all u Ifiomls Kiel ibn public
. n . .. ., . 1
unerilliy . .: - v .R ip .: t
llftstu ar Custom litis ns. . .
ii-'-jiuiai vii.Twiu uiisiiieifif,. v
Willbeconliniieil.an I iftirmni8f nil kindsnniils
tn 5. .,
and triiiiAied ft qsqul in the best nmnmvr, uftlis
time siuml. , Pitnioiiiar mieiilioii will be besvn
luuion ihisdeiiartuient. ... . .. .,: ,' j -
1. , 1 , .
. rersnnsiwlifk iiu v ik. .Iu.l.!. ... ,Ki.. .... ,1,.:
, - j .-. in.., 1,111 nt; 1, ) ,ti 1: 1
mill d.1A...l:,l ... .i '
unit splemlid .lock of - .
with spproprinte trimmings, ut'jiisstbre,' TtVtr'fi
isiunns gootlastock In lown ns hisfroiH Whicli
to choose. New York nnd PhJIndejnhiii Fnh
ions will be regularly reeiviil i 1 '. J
He is AgObt for WilUatni M.YiFiishinns. Tai
tors can Re Siiprllictl or) liberal terms, with, ihs
latest fnshMs, ' 1 '''' .' ' -i .. ' .! I
W H'-W In ommri with every body' pfsg
known for a loniimw that such nri Miiibllshn;;ii
ns the sbbve was badly warned in Chrrit, he con
ihlently hope llmt the publio will triiiunl r'ntli
ustiiiii him, On his part be will exert hittii
to the utmost to pleas. ' :
Cadi. Mav7,'M.,ii: '"- ' -,1 1 - ' 1.
Kirto Wine, und'old
I. Kye W"l;s.!i'y, best q-inUttcj for medicHl
purposes, jir sate hy
i. ceal'l',
, .
is altogether in. t.e.i sue, to mi n.o...y n ,
m lint country. liiriiuilmMiiiMi-":i.:M,:ttiMhliiinfIl imliiHin'hninilr
- 11.,. p (,'
l"",rr 1
-M ami lit. o l in aim. t ome nttu
take tock lo (lie nmnitiil of a t'oat, Voi or Pauls
putiru.o. uuil wc'U ay ibo inicretl, . Covie tt'ie,
i-oiae nl!, and tour lool( "
ar8 ii. .MHXIKl.N . GllMES.
join LCI'.V,
THE ulwcrib wUluwlu afufinlii
Ifii iuli Mid tin" public );eticrally, tha
Uc Ii i taken llieabt vc named viand
..... in
) V
ml hat given it a lliorinit'li repairing
I am determined to rive as rood Kre,"nnd to
make loner bill than was ever made in
Cadii. The nnhlir is well aware thai this honfc
has bean badly kept lor some lilticpast, but 1 nm
eonlKlvtii, by strict attention to Dttsitien, 'nat it
cmii again be elevnteil to lis (orinor position.
Please five me n call, and prove the truih of these
nssertiong. ' ' '' ' '
, , Livery Stable. .
In coniiirtKin with this house is n
;ooi i.ivichy htabi.e:
I'crsniiB wisKint vehicles oauy kind
can be aecoiuiuodated ut the short
est wilier, aud on tlio iimsl rcuuii
able terms.
niii.U Iv . D. TURNER.
IUIM.V JonM.' KlIWAUU Kopi.it.
,;,0"f "" n
Fifxtioniitte liarbn s una lluir Dressers
wttould reS(o. ifuiiv nnnouii toti.eciu-
I'tisofCadiilhnt iliev have taken ihi: shop
!..l k.. r tir'it: in ... u... . ......
directly opposite the Hanhvurft store.' 'The rc-
l"'c"""y "-k 'I'" puhlii- to give them n cull.
mi W'l" nave Dennis locut or uair in crop,
Just Call on us nt our new shop,
At noon or eve, by nis!lit onlay, : '
Or any lime that yon can slay ; 4
Btlt give ns time, dear sir, to rest
Upon that day tluit Ood has blessed. .
Our room is tieitt, or towels clean,
Our scissors sharp, and razors keen.
Ami overytliins; we think you'll find.t ;
To suit llieastc ant please the mind ,?
Anil then wn'inrive our hands as true; ;
As any barber e'er can do, "i j
With rapid icuch we smooth the face, a.
Ami dress the hair with equal grace,
Aud all that art and skill can do,
. Yonr money will procure for von. ! apF tin
BUOCADK poplins ofspletnlid tlcfigtn,
Barage Uc Laines,u new and splendid
licle for Ladies' dresses.
Oameliai and bl.ink S.Iks, rich and glo9sv.
Laivns. Ginghams anil prinlsof the latest ago
ny, lor eale cheap ill the fashionable store ol
- ' c (. It H. IU'1- AUUBW.
For Tweni-fie Cents, -
II r MEANS of Ihc rocket
jKsculapius, or, Kvery' Otie
His own Ihysiciati! being
tlie Thirtieth ediiioti, with
upwards of a hundred enrn-
vings, showing private, ills
enees in every shape aud
form, ami malformations of it.
the Generative syslums, I y
Win. YOUKU, HI. D.
The time has now arrived,
that persons suffering from
secret diseases, need no more
become the victim op uuackkrv, lis by the pre
scriptious contained in this uook, nny one may
are himself without hiiiuraiice to business, or the
knowledge of the most intimate friend, and with upon; which quite surprised me. 1 therefore have!
one tenth the usual expente. In addition to the , great faith in its efficacy so far, at least and will j
general routine of private disease, it fully ex- .'introduce it in ibis acotion.. Very respectfully ,
plains thcenuseof iiiaiihooil'searly decline, with I- , ... . II MANN,
observations ote ninrriage-besides many other i Mt S-M Kier; Allow me to express to jou my
derangements which it would not be proper to hen rifelt llianUs for ihe great benefit 1 have ro
enumernte in the publio prints. ; ; ceived from an article called Petroleum or Rock
Any person senunur m.j ir-A i a enclosed in n oil, ol wlnou you aru the sole proprietor.- 1 nail
letter, will receive one copy of this hook, by mail, j occasion lo use it about the 1st of January in a
or five copies will besom fnronedollar. Address , violent attack of rheumatism, which was very
Dr. Win. V oil ns;. JVu, ial, Spruce ilreel, painful, lining about from place, aocomptinitni
I'ltiM' hihia. Postpaid. - , . . with miicli swelling so ns lo keep me inconstant
Dili YOUNfi can be consulted on any of the torture. I used the Petroleum externally, a few
diseases described in his diii'erent publications, : applications of which removed f 11 pain and ev
athisOdice, I5'2, Sprucesireot, every day between ery symptom of Ihe tlisease. lam now entirely
II and 3 o'clock. fSnndavs excepted.
a p'J.'l-lv
Great and
m TV
E are now receiving and opening the la r-
gest nnd best selected stock of l'AN'CY
inif4i.il i4i., un m rsiso (Mil l imti rivi uoui)
brought to this part of tho eountry, which we of
fer and will sell at an J -
as any other store in the country. We have too
High an opinion ol tlie good senso uml ludgment ol
thiv farming cummuiiity of Harrison county, to
think they can be gulled by the noisy barking
and gassing of some of the small fry,lhal have
neeu pulling over trie enlargement ol stores and
oonsncyoiKt calculation; till wc wish is tor the
community who have tlie ready
lo bring their I'nsli, niitt see who has the
GOODS YET OFFKRED ' '1116111101111011011116 punuc generally 10 examine
W make nf,,ir...H,i,.,,t ...Il POLd-'cihan t!,".ir 8,Vlt' ,,nl l"'6 by comparison of their
the cost 10 hrimr them here, but we will sell at n
fair living prolli, and take their produce at fair
uiiiiUet prices. We have taken great care lo so-
. 1 . . . .. p
lert our goods bom as to quality -mil cheapness,!
e have no auction coods made to sell nnd not
to wear " :
Call and see; tho Goods willspoak for them-.nre
selves. iStlUI Wt.LiL &. UliAliU,
Magnificent Stock
""v Or, t
1 J.UKtHNF.TT is now I
RJ . UKR N F.TT is now iciaiviiig a .tl open-,
.ing his stock of Sirl j aiul Summer
Ciottilw, which for varlety, iie!(tiiesB of style-,
and cheapness, caiuiot lift Btjf pnssed by any nl Her."
sIock ol goods 111 .the
more than double Ins
ly for CASH, he is di
anil tlirisc wishing to nurchase n froo
iouablB nrtieJe f Stiu'iHer.AjparI. will find it to
.u..; -.1 ' ' l.f. ' ..il i..r.
iiieir aiivui iiigu 10 give mm a oiiii. ncinre jiuiv
chasing elsewhere. His siuck consists uf, ill part,
in follows) T pvv V
! j CLOTHS. S(e.. S,-c, Sfc,e,:,;t
Ulprk Fri iich twill Cloths, the finest ever be-
. : - "C. ...
er Willi a gcij;;,m.tfcl Rummer Hls.
'Miuiiner Coating,, Mdb's t'ro.-ai.i. I.iniien
Punts, men and boy wear of ! kirn's. ,
, .Dlttok. drss Silk, silk Bareges, I nwns, black
it ml blue Alpacas,, Lustres, French Gingham, to-j
tether with a very eilensivn useorlnieiilof PtiotsJ
.i,. n.. ........ n 0:1.1...... V.......1. i,t...'.,....
.'(" - kl Mimuri., .lliil,:,.'t. I.H(im, lentil Mmcir,
!.r ru,'," ,f M- i.WWJ.
black silk Lace wide.
' While Swiss mid Mcoiob Mull wlwle. Dislion
Lawns, -Jinliu Rook iVIuslins,. Netting; Ciirtinrio,
Liuneti CiimliiicUaMdkercliiiMs very Auo. Alao
FltWt litllMglrlsi tills kjij
IJAUDWARK, &,c, -Str-.,, &c.;
Hu rd w a rot QtHW-ns wore, 4 Ininerkt, J tic A jetc
OoHntry Prodiire -taken in excliBriger flir a'cfxls.
Reiuemhei tho qhl uiudMiiifty oppeie te
court Haute. -t l ,. 1 :).,. r
MwyM-lyr . J.i rWT' R; J. BENNETT.
A t ( YDSiwlsolectj.lje bfntk siltt Lsjce
eJkPJf roof 3-4 to, Iti inches wije. , Aluo.jf
miirsfins ftKfls pi beet qiialiiy t., t ,,, jK !,
m)l-U j j,-, 1 jn t Woon's Coswks.
. I U8T receiving n lot of su-wrior 'Mill Saws,
. i-asi aieei rspiuies. ,e,ni ihe-sfgn oltneMur
Mm -.t(13.'-teSI n.U,.m
7 ROUN U U A A WOOD. A ,0u!l 1 bit
VJI nod 011 sulon IU.W. dgure,by
jnne'l hm I iv vrfi (: J. REALto
.r t! l... i E s
A UDRIt, Alum, f 11 di (0 , uml 7ppf! mm ,11
iar(H quaiiuiy on,.ii,'iimviiiu ir sain ctnp
West.,lli'.ving purchased , J wariiiug, nun ge mi ui "" !., -fu.fW-
nsuai srai?B;,nnti principal- "uumn .pj..i.iii. - " '" imur.
.iBrh.tiuul iU i hire the nnbtio testeit ny tnonsaiuis, nnil nail ' 1
. ", ' '1- jf 1 .. . . . . . I in 1 ..
TIlK.cn F.APF.ST, used 111 nlmbst eyerjrlnniily iliroughont the fliller.: r-
A natural remedy, yroturttl from M Well in
i AtieniuagtiitiHtg, fa.Vw jeti oeiuic the
Earth m face.
PE TKOUKl'M ThU great remedy of nature
witcr repealed mi. I fair rrials,basWork;d i!swy
auto popular luvor. We need hardly repeal On
ImL liial this in a pure, uuaililltetttir.il A'atural
Medicine, olid is put up ti il ftuwi from the bo
som ol llieeariti.wiiliouiauiuaturesoiany Miiu
l tliess days of Nostrum t ending, we i no
wutuler nt the ineredulitv evinced byihecem-
mtimiy, upon the ititnvlnvnuu ol n new rcincfl)
hal ewtM . not tavtvm inBtli
cine, whose powerful inllnrnce has mitigated and
enrrcl mtnr diseases iticidentitl tn our race ;wrie
we to withhold retoeily like this rom public
notice, we should consider ourselves us guilty ol
keeping buck something ihnt wss ititemled to re
lieve nuieli huiuHii suffering, and dispel the gloom
and pain of many ft one whose tjslein lias been
rui lieti arHt torturer! ry the lull engine m (fis
ease. Nay, io not wonder, gentle reader, And
join with others in the dy, thtitiiciitrs too many
direastn; for if yon ill take the trouble to look
over the list of diseases tor
hieh it is rocom-
mei'deil, you will find that they nrc diseases af
cctio? the same kind of tissues, and consequent
y it isnpplietible to nil. " ' - . .- - t -
The Petroleum is one' of this kind of remedies
and is endued with powers to relieve more human
Hollering than nny ruedicineextiint.- When taken
l'tseveringly it will cure 1
Dinrrhaea, Piles, Gout, Nuralgin, Obsihiate Krup
lions of the skin, ICrysipelns, Chronic More
Ljes, Ring Wonn, 8ctiltl Head, Tetter,
i' ' Pains in the Koiies and Joints. " j
anil all that class of tlisaeses in which Alterative
or purifying medicine are indicated. Tim Pe-j
troleuni has cured numberless cases ol Chronic
Diarrhoea of long standing that have rcsisied ev
ery other treatment. Inlltiiuatory Rheumatism
can be cured in nearly every case. Cases of 7
years standing where they were the most perfect
cripples that rould be imagined, have been cured
anil inndo to walk. All cncs of inflamed sore
Hjes, oven when the patient is blind, if the eyes
are in his head, can be oured by the Petroleum
or Rock Oil, if ihorouahly applied. In Piles, il
litis also been effectually tried; several rases ol
which have come under the immediate notice ol,
tho Propiictor, in which the Petroleum ti Honied
complete relief. In diseases ,if the bladder nnd
kidneys I lie Petroleum is invaluable.
In denfriess depending on the hardening of the
wax ii will givo relief by opening theohstruolioti
and dissolving ihe wax which obstructs the pas
sage to thn auditory nerve, which is the common
cause of dullnepsof hearing. " " 1
. 1 feel myself under a debt of grniitudo to the
proprietor of Petroleum the use of which great
medicine has entirely ('tired my wile of n violent
attack of Rheumatism.: Sho had. labored under
an attack of the disease about 3 months, suffer
ing tho most intense pains, the greater part of
ihe lime t'oiifincd to her bed tumble to do uny
thing. The pain in tho limbs was very greut,at
leuiled with a great deal of swelling, the Petro
leum had a happy effect, for the first 2 or 2 appli
cations the swelling diminished mid ihe pain left
her, I continued to apply the medicine daily for
two weeks, which entirely relieved her, and she
is now ns well us she ever was in her life. 1 feel
confident ihut Ihe Petroleum is one of tlie great
eat remedies in the world for rheumatic pains nnd
swellings. (Ngneil, : PETER HULL,
Perry St., Allegany cily, pa.
. I lake pleasure in certifying to the valuable
properties of Mr Kier's. Pelt oleum, for affections
of ihe breast aud lungs accompanied with severe
pain unil cough, 1 took the Petroleum in larger
doses than is recommended in ihe directions. 1
took a large spoonful three limes a day; nt first 1
found it very unpleasant to lakn,but alter taking
it a few days I gol to like it.'. 1 should like to
have a battel ol it to use in my family, fur i be
lieve it. is a valuable medicine. The Petroleum
produced no unpleasant sensalion in the uso ol
Win.UA V. Pittsburg, fa., ftlar J(i, 'oU.
Bellelimte.rebai, 1850.
I got 3dn. of Mr Kier'a Petroleum ol Mr How
ell and nni ilisposed io think there isuoth'iig,
ccjint I to i. lurhtiriis; having uuint my hand uml
expecliiig iioiliitig less ihun a long teiliott; sore, ,
but 1 found no soieness at all from it, only leaving !
it rod scale without anv soreness when pressed!
well, and would take this occasion to recommend
it to every person who is laboring under the ago- j
niziiig pains pf ilieiiiiiinit-m or kindred diseases. j
ZlltEON WILD VR, Pittsburg, Eeh la, 'ill. I
Cadia. J SThomas; Rumley, Werlz and Cut-'
shall : Newmarket, Simpson and (irncc : RunileyJ
D Arhaugh; Jell'erson, Dr Dullield; Point iMcae-
"lit. R t oulier, -., .. Jan. o, IHol.ly ..
N V SPRING A N I ) SI f M iT 1 0 H
& II. M'FADDFN are receiving a mngnifi-
cent stock of SPRING AM) SUM.MF.R
HOODS, selected recetiiiy with great care in thcj
7,.,Uw.... .....v ... ,j ...... j,. .. ... ... ,
ities,coiisi8tingof the most modfrn styles
i' and ;enileinen'a Wnnv lliey iiivne
Kastern cities.
Ol LlKllCB'
.' -U.
Cimalis, CoWl. AMlilBil, lalliieii.il
OoilMMII liM. ' ' '
-t-vr TMiMfiW't l'V pi.'i "eni 1 nJT Pi?TP
I uuiiuaiiiriniviwiiii ..
IJU V. Afflicted reader do not sutler this dis-
ease to knil its final threads in your system
ease to knil ils fninl threads in your system ; they
oetmlii to hurry you to nit untimely grave.
Has not experience taught you-rbavo not occn-
nr ptools convinceil you unit oonsilmpnon is
certiiin death to all whom it may encounter,
when left till n lale period ? Then Why will you
- -vm ssv - stT4
delay procuring a remedy in clue season to mrest Jantes Bannister, a rid nearly opposite the' National
the ercgressof thai fell destroyer? A Cokl.which House. ; lie (liitlors hiinself tlrnt, by strict atiea
soon lerininales in a coughing, by which soreness tion to businessthe emnloyment of the latest
of throat and intlaniaiiilion of tho mucous iueia-
brana tif tke bronchi is produced, and the Lungs
rendered open to disease. Thus persons suffer
themselves -tp proornsiinato until death looks in
at ibn doorwhen 'hey will begin to bo concern-
d tiboui their health, when in ult probability it
lo" '"l?- " " '""
The vast niuount sold in this town, ami tli.it lo
many persons who come buck nnd obtain it by ihe.
hy 'JS , Jmajrl4 Cui ,,'. JOHN .BRAI,!
kjliaviiis;! MiaviiiKi: smivinu
... m-, ,,. ....,. 1 zee w
most re-
'l.-i?P(',llr'"l'r'"V?8!,,,mZ fl ."'
I vicin
ity thin lie has REMOVED his shop tohfjb.ise-
mem room in Mr. Dewey's tjnll'lin?. heitrfy oflpa
siie.Wm. Hogg's "store, two doors from1 Air. Johi
;v's pniniiri" . iienrtv nppo-
, two doors front1 Air. John
Phifid's 'grocerr.' itml adjoining . Mr. Hhnter's,
'TiS ulso strange that-he cnn'lbe bcntut cnttiti(r
hair, tilnnklnf bootSi'iind in Act everything in
his line ril'biisineis. All hensksisn fair uml,
bu TERMS l,;,TUI4.qUARrE.,. -Once
a. week per quarter,.! months) AhiWI
Twice 11 week 'tin v f. .,"'"
' Three times' !". ,!! i't iVh !.
JFoW Mines- -t-l il !' '?! s 8,511
"Single shaye j..j htV,U Ui'n ' 'Ji
UwtMIS,'t4 TMt ' " "n-' iH
Shaiiipoouiiitf, - la
1 IShliriwiilili! Riisor it-. f V M 1 1 J?. .l f
llatidiiuir Razors ,f' i-v ' f3ti
-All- kflid of .renovating, such us taking all
manner of stujps, greitse spots, eto.,ete., tie, from
elothiiisr ijotie ft the. shortest htnlce.' A '" L
. Well slfuve yott Well' nn(f Wnsh jail Clean .-
, ;As any Vdy er so en, yi'v
, Ami cot vur bair and nil il t.
. And .crutch mui vou siiv 'twill do)
i - Diin'r ymi' believe 1 just 'some iiiid try , ''--I r
And see if what I sny's aliei'i - r i f ;f-. , :,: K.
I csii't be-teti I do (leidarc, - 1j.i!
'.In slmwiit aeato juMins.hntr j, wJ,-
f AncUf at lirsl Mhfo wi(b,aae, .,, J
Yeii.lhenimtt oowo whene'eryou )leftfhl
I know my nana tspiit nun inert,
" Amt rievei nown' lo1 slip nr Slide,'
My Rnn.ifs fe nll'.'n1 mid drltul.' ."';
.A...1 w.A.' Ir tiriwvi -fo tfitir the hid.' '"'
Come one come nil, both high nnd low;'.''"
..Jin, 1 take a senl-j vou soon Willi know ;.' i,tr
II ItlKI liisn- ''"-"" "" - .
1 .. .1 i . - X. w ,1 e. i.,r iiiadiiBf, m I lie t , ii'bi il nil I .linen fi ',,.'-. ,
IN ('II.VNfK.Rr. I
"CT'ILpniclict'Tit llartisonanil the adjoining !yagers tlt his hotel is tho best establ
VV Counties, ddiections, ihebuineKsol Ki I the ci;y, guaranti-eing the t'HKAI'Ks'l'
ecntor and Adiuinistntor. Guanliam nmt Wnulf I promptest servicrs. The best drinks are
Prtiiious for I'anitiou.s ;iili-uinis vt Jtates. and
all other business emtottcd lo biui wiil receive his,
groui atieuiion. -
Or'rTCS luiuiedi'i. ly opposite the Mamion
if cms. ap95lly
CftOKT.-- T. C. ftoWLK
itAicrjtot'T .V HOWI.KS,
(fX' Office la ihe Publio lluililinr.s, niljoiiiing
Uie Treasurort' office. Business intrusieil toibeir
enr wiil be Brumriilv netnlel to. op.'l-51-ly
Attorneys a. councillors at law
Hnvins formed nnrtnership In the practice el
t'"ur profession, will promptly nilentl to all lmit-
ness entrusted tn their care.
tip 5l!lly
ITTILL praoiiee in IJitm'soD ami the adjoin
V V ingCoiitiries." IViHecriuns the. bustuess rl
Executors and Administrators, Ouardians nit I
Wards, petitions for partition, settlement of Ins
tates, nnd nil other business cntrustod 'o hi eniu-
will receive his promntiiltcntioti. Ollle opposi
Ilea I'd Drug Store.- . i apll-.r) lljt
8 ,W. BUSTWICK. 8. 0. (SWARD.
Attorneys and Counsellors ut Live, and So
. licitors in Chanctry, , ,V. . ,
Will prnctioe in Harrison and the surrounding
Counties. ftV- AH business entrusted ip their
earn will receive prompt and diligent attention : '
Ollie opposite the.M.'insion ilouse. uiaraii-ly
Pries Reduced - ' 5
' l arge Bottle Only One Dollar. '
Tlte Propriotor of thu Great Anaericao Retnvdr " VACons'f .
Vegutabije Lit ho striatic AIistirk," intlnoed ii
orger. soltcitnltoiw of bis AgenU, tlnoulioui the Uuile
a 1. 1 tea and Canaila, ttas now . .
f. ; Reduced the Prioo . ,
of his ponnlaraml wait Wnown uticlet and fruro tht &m,
Henceforth, he wilt put up but one li.e onlv, hu quart
boUhtfi-rtiie retail prioe will b ; ,a. -r
Tim publio may rest ansiircd that Uie character uf tn y
(ine. its strength, and curative properties will irjAiH
, vivnn&ROBD. ftoxl the same can will be bestowed in nre- ,
nr.rinc it as berelot'ons.c . - t- ? t-
Astl)iim1ieiiw,'mleritrifeJuceil price, will bet urchasert ;
- iy thoaewiio have not hitherto matte themselves &cqaainte4
- iv.th itd virtnes, tlie pdoprWtof would beg to intinnte that bis
, irticle is riot to be cl&ascd with tlie vast Amount of ' kemedies
1' tho day it claims for itself a greater, Healing poaer, in :
!l disease than any other preparation new bj'ore the
world; and has sustained iteeif for eight yoara by iu superior j
medical virtues, and, until this rednction, commanded (loublo !
the price of any other article tn this line.
Notice pAUTicf.ABi.Y, this article acts with great heal
ing power and certainty, upon the .
Blood, Uver, Kidneys, lungs,
and all oiJier organs npon the proper action of which life and ;
health depend. . . .
This medicine has a justly high repute as a remedy for
Dropsy and Gravel,
and all dioer.s of that nature. It may be relied upon when
the intelligent physician has abandoned his patient, and for
these digressing diseases, more especially Dropsy, the propri-:
etor would earnestly and honestly recommend it. At its
present price it ia easily obtained by all. and the trial will provo ;
the article to be the
. Cheapest Medicine in the World!
tW Please aslt for pamphlets the aenw give them away ;
they contain over sixteen page of receipts, (in addition to foil
nedical matter) valuable for honsehold purposes, and which
will save many dollan per year to practical housekeepers.. r i
These receipis are introduced tc make the book ot great
value, aside from its character as an advertising medium for
the medicine, the testimony in favor of which, in tho form ot
letten from all parts of the country, may be relied opon.
fi- Vaughn's Vegetable Lithontriptic Mixture' the ,
Great American Remedy, now for sale In quart bottles at $1
such, small bottles at 50 ctseaob. No small bottles will be
jasnpd after the present stock is disposed of. , .
Principal Oflice, Buffalo, N. V., 207 Main Street.
i N. B -AU tetters (excepting from agents and dealers will
whom he transacts business) roust be post paid, or no attention
will hesiven tulheio. . ' - -
AGEiS'VSJoha llettlh Cadiz, O. f
'A. F. Crokey Sew Market, 0
' ' yo, ,.ita7, Moarfu ld, O
i-. Thomas Arneil, Antrhft,' O.
Ogden tV ('lin'ki Cambridge O
II . Rnhi ty Co., Leebnrgh,0
J. Forties, ten., ILigcrs!tncn,0,
tun y 14- 1y , . r
axd tiik
TO BR DISTRIBUTED, : 3,0;l(i ,
N ailililion to which Win. Hogg i Co. h.tvern
ceived and i pencil a nice small stock of Goods,
and ill next week receive a much lar-joriissori-inen',
all of which have been selected mid pgr
cased with great care, tind exclusively for CASH .
We therefore moat respectfully request ourold cub-.
loiners, and the public in general, to call and ex-
an. me the bursal us we
bargaius we are interim:, not unly it:
Brown Muslins, Blue Prints. and 41 Red Calicoes,
but also in Cloths, Men's Wear,
", ESS ' G V O DS
.if i, jut-ir, 17 ii i; ig , .
ijonnpta. Bonnet Ribbons nd Flowers, Pnnntna
nlUg!,n, CUioilsiii genciiil. Give asu c ll,and
vou w: find 11s competent nnd wiring to redeem
the ,lb()ve pledge If otherwise We will not iron-
ble von in future with false promises and delusions.
(tT-1' urtlicr pat ttculars next weeK. '
npil-'f WM. HOGG Co.
ESPLCTFUtiLV informs his old fiiends
ol Cadi:, mid cho public generally, that
he intends to continue, ihe Tnilorive tmnnets
in nil Its forms, in the room formerli nccnnipd nv
rules for cutting gnl'ments nnd none hut the very
BK8T workmen to work them , he will not (nil tore-
eeive a lihcral share of support. '
An experience ol several yearsin the Tailoring
basinets enables him to suy that he coiuiders
himself fully competent lo cnmpele with the orn It",
nerc. or eiaewneie. ' -np-i3-iy
ubsciibers would respectfully iiniiniince
u custoiners, anil the puiiliu gener
nrb nw in receipt ol their ' '
v -goods, ;:f:;(;;f
snoelhin of them . .. IJnr Gondii are hnioj-ht rem low.
iiiju bi;iuuiii Willi uml, unit', u nu o ii.:i i uiiii-
ileiijt bur styles um 1 prices onnnot fail to suit.
Please cull and se.i us-no troubltiin showing our
Goods wo are uiways ftlad to see you. '!
itp3-tf, , . j i VVELC1I & PHILLIPS.
i :.i I--,.., I '. .
Coo1 Id tie X Stoves1--
p'i- C? ,-!l.L. '. M'j .;. !
itJK. stihsciiuer liaving ptircliiuctl ol the ,111.1
' proptiuto'r, E; Al,, Scott, his entire interest
k.Vi.,.ti. l'.:.....i... ",..i.l .1. ......... 1'..
in the Cadiz Foundry, takes pleasure in nnnomii-
-! ... . L 1. if ;i. 1. .. 1. '. ' 1. .1 .. .,,'1
cii iu ine iiuiiiH' iliai iio pas imt iiiuiiv ivimo
nrtlc.tifnl exonrieiice in ihe hosiness.iind is now
Joins; all 11I ms power Jo fit up and put in good
workiii'' condition the entire inaehinerv of the
establishmfnl. (Being thus prcpiirnd, ha will keep
comU'iiiiy on hand JooKint,atives 01 nt ine
various piitteria. Parlor nncf Eg Stoves, Fiinay
FrontSjjFriinkljii Steves and Giates of nil sitis i fiiriB' Proprietors of this Old QtMMului, Fath
TT T T AT17 ITf A T) Tl 1 I C&ttfi-8lonrB'iloW niaiuifacturing
I I 1 I I t I .I- I Vi: VV A' I V Hi i r-Shhiriret, besmssotted and most Fiisliion-XJW4JUK-t("
"mdi uX''r-'- nhlv got up stock of Superior Clothiiif for the
Plow Cusfmgs of nearly,, every pntierin VValllei Full and Winiei trade, that bus ever bach offer
iTOris for stoves',' Feneinif ' fnr Gravijs lind Fronts; tt'stlisrnMlrirflialle s -
for Houses! Hovr Pfifnts, Mufflii Pdhs,.n new ttr-, .JLtrknosi . Son respedfully ivU"eKe ah'en-
ticle. nnd Dhiinni't" Tons. &,o"; n
101 MiV
Orders for Jiriy thing ie the ahovs lino h(vuk
fuDy recciw.ii pud nrompily filled on tiiq shortes;
lnbtice.,.01d Jlet.nl takpn ip echiinge lor newest
its hignest eash prices, I ", 'UAVtu ruur.,
litHi!l'lyi-5 '-) end innl l! Wtlti tir.: nt,
(iTiM'"PiSie; " Kiss me 'qnick nnllir
provokii.' w look nt';:. Wh'wants n Ronnet
at lows tliufi duiSKiliff BimjUI one will ormi ! , J'ur
:i8olsofilio greatest variety, which must he sold
lowj'A good lirticle, quick sales,' at a fuircom
r'nsUtiorij Is thcinrtto of '
ailnpfl-lf to k IL M'FADDEIfi'C:
vouuiuum uvjyuu
ju"' nreei,near lite utpention ISruige.
110NR4DSTK0BLE rccoin mends to all oy
oilsne.i in
are nlwa)s
kent l the bat, especiull PURE
WINES, nnd good 1 ojrer lirrr."
Xo. 199, Market Sqaart, Whetting
n v v cr v it r.u . .
" CoppEa, Tis and Shkt Iron Wajuj,
Cooking Stoves,
lead nrE. '"-"
iioJLEon ii vi iff, Acr&c.
Tl As iilwav on hand a large slock of the
11 above wares ol every description, which ho
will sell Wholesale or Retail, as low as can b
purchased liny where else in the Western country
Country merchants wishing to lay in a stock o
Tin Waie, would do well to give ine a call be
lorcpiircuasttig, as i mum i run sen a nine low
tlitiu they can fiurcbiwe eie he tr.-j Person
wirbinir Lend Pipe of any sine can be nccoiuiuo
. . . .. . -. . ...
4-dnted Oliver (air terms, t ,
I am also ageirt lot the sale ot Mimenr sccie
uted Oxygen Lard Lsmp, which look the l'ru-
iimm nt ihe lute State r uir at Cincinnati
nne4-ly " "
"""..' L BK RTSON i- CUYMBLE having tnken
J the room No. 195, Market Njiiarc, formerly
occitiied by Uuo W. Johnson', would respect
fully inform Iheir friends unrt the publio genei
nlly. that they intend keeping coiistntitly on
hand nil the most approved on items of
rtncli as Wolfl' patents, nnd Wolff's Premium
(JooUIng Stoves, assorted, sites, 'of Cincinniili
iiiiniuliieturei ' -' ' ' " '
Hiadly's A',ln. Air Tiuht Cooking Stoves, o
varions sizes, for either wood or colli, of Pills
btirehmake. ' '- ' -
Wheeling Stovesofall kinds nnd sizes, among
which are Hartley's Enterprise, n NEW PAT
TERN, lor wood or coal, with extra large ovens,
wiirriuited to work well, or no sale." ' '
Grates, Hollow Ware, Sad Irons,ctc, etc., nil
of which we will fell LOW FOR CASH, or to
rnoMPT customers on short credit. Doing busi
ness upon the principle of "small profits and
quick sales," we solicit a sha re of public pn non
age. " ' maj-yS-ly
. i. I il A Ji u -ML -r ..,.,...,-...
Coaling Sloven, Grates, Hollow I fare, etc.,
' No. I!). Union 'Stkkkt,7 Whezi ino, Va.,
"TAV1NU ahvitys on hand ti olinico of the
I I market, fit lowest cash piices, of Whtnlitig,
Cinciiinati and Pittsburgh amke: also mitiiufac
hirer of Copper, Tin .,'.! Sheel Iron Waie, in
1 I. . . ... ..i nt:,.,, m . f.i.,.
nil their vurjetT?, I", inc miviii r uior.o. ;
Uurae & i... rites' Improved
rues' Liiproved
assoitert sUes (or sale ns iibove; being the oni.v
agent fur them in Ihe city, I will seli at prices
that cannot fail to plensn. ' iia7-lv
Sfrtifjr mid,' Chemical
Maukhc St., Hi'kuiiknvillk, Ohio.'.
ALI articles piiiehased at his nstab
lisliinent nre wartaiHeil ptire,or the itio-.j
nev refunded. Brugs ol every descrin
lion nt Wholesale or I'eiail, as low its
. . . , . . . .
-in v establishment!!! the West. Paints
Oils and Dje Slutl'a of every description constant
ly on hand. Tlie inns', extensive Agency fur
Patent Medicines in Ohio.. Surtfical int rttuiiiiis
procured tn ' order . Peifnnicry fif every descrip,
lion Irom the he?t Uheiuists orilels not in onrltne
;)l(iniilly attended to. . - !. 1
n,ilX , -. ,., ' ' CAULK.- :
til 1 lit Hit I i.
i.i t
i 1 . 1 IJU UK
- r JUUX.LYLE, Proprietor. Ap.
1'ourtii S'l'IIKllT, TliltBH Doone Nolltll 'of Maii'kkt,
. STKtlUKNVILLKv Oil IO. ' ; '
flllllS IIOUSIO has a pleasant and convenient
hiealion, and is the largesUiiid nowest Hotel,
ia the city. Strangers who visit Stiiiibunville, will
find at the above house everyiliing necessary lo
their eiiiufort. I he Ktithliii! iscxicnsive. Had wits
built expressly for the iiccoaiuiotla lion of Drovers
ami t ( in 'in. . . -'.. i
lie invites liis old fiii ndsand travelors gener-1
ally in Harrison and the surrounding counties, to :
give him n call when they visit fjtcutcnvillc.
' .ii-Myj- - ''i'' ' ' J !
ilKASS & W!OTT,:
1 , - 1H.INUI-,A1;TURI-:IIS.(J.1 ' ; ' . i
Pure Wnilo Lo'id- an;l Yincap,
Office, mi Market nlreel. next daor ta Pil Offiee, '
;TKU IJKN Vll Lli OUU. ' I
AVINU uilopted ihe most approved inotho'l
as practised oy the eastern manufacturers in
,i i...,,.,, .,i vv......... I i . ,. .... .. ,,,,.,,,,. ,1
to wairiiut it equtil to any made in tho Uuiied
Slates, and which we oiler at the lowest prices.
March i . IH.I tlH v.- - . ;
Medicines,: faints, Oil, Dye Stnffs, I'itJu
mcri). Surgical Instruments , ('lire
Liquor, S(e., 0. , iyv.' '
M A R l ET ST . ST I ' 1 1 11 K N V I U. K, ij DO'OIl 6 SK 11 W V H E S N !( ,
THE subscriber invites the attention
of all who may wish to putcbase, to his
nt present, veiy extensive slock of" the
S3 abiivfi nauK'd articles, procured ir.un
some of the best Drug and Importing
houses in the East, and which he is confident will
give satisfaction both as to price and quality.
Orders iroin physicians, country . merchiinis nnd
others proiupili il I tendeilto. "P2-,5r I
10 R MKR LY of the f Sleuhenvilie Exchnnge,"
, which wnsbuinl down, and more recently ol
Im i Friirry llotisc,'' 'Opposite Steubenvillo tins
eiiinvuil to'tln's side of I lie river, mill taken the,
new brick on Water street, immeiliately beloiv
Market, near the Steamboat Lauding, and has
filled il up in splendid stylo. its
where he will he happy to see his old friends. nn 1
'tisninny new' ones ns may please' to give him a
call Jin also keeps ; rti'buntl Groceries.. Coat
Stores, Salt, etc., which he will sell ns low ns
e n bobniight elsewhere in Steiibenville. iin.10-ly
UY vVAl. I.. FUNNEL. . .
f I 111 IS Hotel, possessing tho most central loca
I, lion of any in the City , is Jurgc unil .oomiiio
ifiiius; and is thoroughly 're-Attcil apd ro-furnishi
ed fur the accornuiodation of itsit'creasitiB cits
torn , All thq stngcB arriving ut. and depa rling
from Sieubeiiville, willcall qt tlie BLACK HEAR
A porter is always in readiness nt the rlob't rind
anew and splendid baggage wagon hits just
been provided, lo convoy baggtige to nnd from tho
House, FREE OF CHARGE.' ' '
Tho proprietor pledges hiinself to give entire
satisfaction. al'3lilll''i'iL.,
JliAlLRb A 1 iro US E.
(JlHtNKK OF 'I'lllHr Mf AnASte ritKKTS,
1 ' ."sTicViiCYnLW, otiin. '
riiliS ihimsb -Isssss haell.lhirfighlY repniretl,
'X ! is oiinof the b.estiiow iii.tliecity, , t is
cotivehielitly lobated, and has in cpnneqtion a
large -Wilson larti, nnu goouoinoiiiijri , - ;
Batislnotorv ucooinuioiiuiions mils low.
, iinl'),'jl-ly
ticcat VIiiiIk (.'loiiiiiiif tllutiic
' 4'IIAS. llAICKiMl'SS iV SON,
i! N.'i2,i MaKKT BTltKB,' PniLAriRLNMA,
,.!.. f &outhrMsl tCorner of '.'Fourths nmU
1 inn nf AlrrolniHln nnd,, Dttnlen. oohUilent that
heir , stuck nf l,'liiihiii -will he tiiHid -exnrossly
adapted to the tequirenientsof the Southern and
Westoiu matkets, while their prkes. will ootl-:
vince inttiiilinK'ipneeliusoiis.llialilrieit estublish
iBontoft'i.'rs extraidittiyiilueomenis. p, - ii
TAKE NO I'ICE. Darkness & Son's Glothiag
Store isn Jnrge Five Siors prick, Biiiliiiug, situ
ii ted oil,' tint. liorth-oaSt dulrneMof K-oiTrth and
Market itrs, PHlailclphim,.- a !'! ' 1 ' ,?
N. a.-Liiok out lot tbo ilurgoBt. Gilt Blik
Letter rtign in the United lilies, nnd rnd rr
je;if 3m .( IIARKNEriS Sc. SON,
i t i t DEALE1C IS I I !
Window Glass, Sash.White Ixad,
Oil, J urpentmc, Taint, Brushes,
' Dry Paints, &c;, u
Opposite the Melodeow Buildings, No. 75, Main
sirflrt. Whwline, Vn. ; neiyt-SI-ly
John II. Thompson,
Ilookcllcr A. Stationer
And Dealer in Paper Hangingt,
MONnoB Stueet, wheeling,' ta.
m7-5l-Iy ', "
Fancy and Staple Dry Goods,
No. 133, Main street, Vhecling,V.l
mn-7-5 1 -ly . '
iSookscllcr, Stationer
ajvu variety goods,
Corner op Mai anu Union Sts.,
Wholesale Dealers, School t'omiuittnes anil
Teachers supplied on the most reasonable forms,
Wholcsalo and Retail Dealer in
Foreign and Domestic Dry Grods
No 105, Main street, Wheeling, Va.
a WHEELIXO, VAJ ! -,.it
DMACLANi:, Alderman of the 1st Wuril
Ollice, corner of Main and Jefferson sts
will promptly nnd fuilhliilly attend to nny busi
ness entiiisted to his eare. lie may be found at
his ollice, nearly opposite" the Beymer House,
(Walkcr'a Hotel.) " from sun to sun.'' C-olleo-liims
made by dua course of I iw anil otherwise.
Deposiiions taken, to be rend in Ohio courts, ,
1 innyt-l y ' ". " ' ' -'-.' - '
TRACT1CK3 in tho Western Counties ol Vir-
J. sunn, and !ioniningcoiinlieSofOliin. i Oflie
on Main street, between, Mudison and Jefferson.
1. M ur !.. - W ,,r, i, ... ..
loppomi" mvii. k.uiiuki vvneenug, Virginia,
tci a iiniipr
. Jsy Lewis kinder.
No', 20"), Eit't Side of Market Square,
, ' . VVII RULING,. VA-.
,fII.S nOUSI? having rccetrly been re fnted
I I 'hroughoiil with lien fulnilure, the citizens (
j Harrison county will find it a convenient place
.4o stop at when coming to market. " '
1. he IStablnig is large and coinniodioiu, nntl is
nearly new. . ' ' ..
'IM. .. I . i.f ft 1 1? 1 ., l-ll
i ue ucwi. in i.i it. mini i liquors nun en en p mils -Call
at the Win. Tell lloiife when ynu come to
Wh. r ling. LHW I.S SN V IJI''.lt.
JT2I. iiliE.'JJ
HOLRHAI.K dealerTin t! R Of' KRll'.S,
fui;i:k;n mui uomkstio wiMo.t
LIQUORS. No. l.-jl,,wesl eiilt. Market Kqmup.
Win cling, Virginia.
Pure Freiu-ii lirnndies.
Ottard, Dupiiy ,V Ou,i
'inet. Cnstilloti,
A. S-elgttelte,
Dotuesiic lirandies, ,
Dotaestic txinfi.
Piirn Pol ls,
Sweet Malaga,
RlllllS,.i; i ji ij
Pure Holland Gin,:
Old R,o,VliLkey,
Al?o Double ltcctilii d Whiskey of his own mail'
ufitrtai-e, warranted pure, constantly on hand.
and fur sale cheii
. v v nia28-lv
J l.UM 11I1IIII II1, '
Cun.tr of Mom and Bridge: Streets, atitl
i fronting the Suspension Bridge.- '
T MW'. Bar is at all times supplied with cltnieo
J .iqiiors the table with 'he best ihe niiiikei
nlliirds and oartml ami qbligiiiij; eeivnuts lo
wait on jntt. ' 1 " ' "
The stages arrive and depart' from this hoii-o
daily. henyou visit Whcelingeallat the Mini,
roe House. , JAMES .VlATHERs
may7-t.f: . ,, , : , ,:,... f
IlcyiiVcr House.
. .. 11Y JOHN F. WALKER. -, '
jl' Street, near the North -Western Banh,
and one square North of the
. . Suspension . Bridge,
rpilNfJOlISE has been thoroughly r'e fiiteil
I a ml supplied with new furniture throughout.
Citfzensiol Harrison County visiting Wheeling
will dud at this liouso every oonvuntunoe nooessa
ry to their oomfoit. ... , - , . .
Tlio Rest of Fare and Low Bills.
'I'liere is also connected with the house a largo
and commodious Wllll Vill'il, and an ex
cellent Stable.' nearly new. (fc-Tho Eastern
and Western stages tall at this henfe evkrv day
(or passengers. '. . may7 Iy
No. 'il, Monroe Street, Whetting, Va.
' 7rj THE subscriber has just rcceiv'
r?Ff ml " complete assort ment n
fi:r-E..Ti'ljvL ..I'puerv deserinfio'n. in ihe lino
W . : for Smiths, Carpenters, Mill
wrights and Iloii' e-finishing
fit together with Sythes, Sickles,
m - Hsi Scvtho Snaihes, Scylho Stones)
and Rilles, Grain Cm tiles, fine two, three and lour
prong Forks,Shovels,Sptiilcs, Mattocks, mill ami
cross cut Saws, broad nnd chopping Axes, cast,
shear mid English bliter Steel, Machine Curtis,
oto., etc. togeihev With every variety In the
Hardware line,, which will; he sold on ns good
terms ns onii hofoui:d in the West.
nmv7-lv. r , .! , V SAMUEL N EEL.
. .x. .. - i
Dry.: Ooods House
' , f r xa. 170, MARKET ST., ' , 4
WlieiiMNG VlltOI N IA..
W D. AIOTTE.ut the uld stand of Greer
'''tf. Motto, would invile the attention o
theeiliseus of Hanson county, 10 bis extensive
Stock of .' t ,r 1
: u DRY GOODS, if
which he is now receiving from nil the Eastern
cities. In the assortment will he found all the
new styles of
r - v Ores a .- (Jo 0 d s , - , r; '
as they come outin the scaaan, with every article)
in the Dry Goods line. " "t ''" "
Mon y en 11 bo siiveil by those wishing to pur
chase, hy going where there nre cheap stocks to
select from. Additions will he made lo the ns
softrnentt every few duys throiighout the season.
miv7' l'V ' jt'-'s ;ju ii tut ii,
ITESTINGlj.'soniethlng very lull, we nssHi"
V our cqst'imers Und others lor snle hy '
t,lliyiJl : f SHOT WELL A. CRABB.
IOOTU BRUSHES, ex.tra soda nil common
for sn le by
I jiini'4
IiWUVIA ui villllfliq 11.11111 9 irilll
"forsnlqby fjiiiie4j J. BE
A KT-W 1 . 11 u .. r .. 1 .... I. I I . ,
! Scythes! Scythes!! ' V "' t
T0U fenn get the1 very best Scythes In town a
X the sign of the BIG PADLOCKci -1
than ell otiiersDirun's best. -, -'i j"
jutie4 . j ,' f DITMARS &TQy ., ,
BUTTONS A new style, foiLudios's dresses
just received nnd fur stile nt
mayxi tiuui vvr.ui. ti. . khim n.
BLXSk8'ol;'nll ilesoi ii tni ' pl",,,a InThT
vcry best sly le, kp 'ntat .ttlverjinnd an'
for sale u.' fnplfl I . "HW C FFtCB. .
GRADLEH James Mllhit's polcbraud Ca.
lle nnd Scythee, for sale by ;
mnyal-i WELCH t PUILLIP-
f Mm
r TOHH J. isi'iALL,

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