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The Democratic sentinel and Harrison County farmer. [volume] (Cadiz, Ohio) 1851-1852, October 22, 1851, Image 3

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' Washwctok, Oct. 17 P.M.
The IjLcpublic of tLi morning in an arti
1 npod ite next PpssjJency, aaya Mr. Fill
Snore has iJoDteii the rule of Doliev that hi
1. . ..... . 1 . . :.u
, auminiainuon oe carnea on iuj
- j I : . i 11. :., mi. .vUIl . i
lie U rewired, re-
icreoce ui puuiic gwu. sic "
Hrdleei of" art Twrsonal consequences, to
Carry out the cutis Jiutional right of all sec-
"tiooa of tfie'(Uiiioo, and that the honor and
ood faith of the country shall be maintained
inviolate, regardless ' of the. temporary un-
Jwpularity of Ills ' adminlstraaon. fie has
. entered into no covenants, bade no commit-
. Aala, and neck no reward. He thinks the
choice of a whig candidate for the Presi-
- tiency should be left to the Unbiased action
'of the whijf party in couveniori! '
The Intelligencer states that Mr. Webster
. will return tor Washington on Monday next.
' " ' 'J
Tgaosxo. OcL 10.,
The ceremony of turnimr the first sod on
th4 Tnrnnln nn.l I. tlA H H run Kuilritllri. WHJ4
, performed to-day by the Countess Elgin, in
the presence of 20,000 people.
Lord Elgin' made au excellent address on
the occasion. ' lie (eaves for Quebec on
Buffalo, Oct. 16 P. M.
Jenny Lind's concert last night unusually
' successful. ' . T
(Kr The rumored recall of Consul Owen
is Confirmed by a letter from the President,
informing him that .his defence is whqlly un
satisfactory. MISCELLANEOUS,
Wholesale Druggists
WllliLLISG. VI Mil XI A,
OFKRRS for !! lit the f,( W EST At A RKET
PltlCKS, u dirge und well aelepfed utaurt
went uf
VrnrA. Enli.ih ,i,nl American Chemicals
' P.'iitiln kikI Oils, Dye Sji(!', Viunislics, Win
ditw Uluga, DtuKisin' ;inijvaib, llruslirt of nil
'klmla, Hrnnsea, Orfiiriirry. Sureiciil I nstm tuoiitn.
U.ittera' Miileri:ils. U EN V I N K COD MVHIl
Oily. 'rorpihtr will) cvi'ry article c u 1 1 1 r i i 1 1 r 'lie
snick ol 11 lrii!fia(. nniy7-ly
New Gogds.
WR Ap pLleceiviot; from New York' unci
I'liilitili'lphio 11 hirte if,,, k of Dry (r.v
Q'leensv tire.' Ilanl wnre, I'tc. wliioh will hp aolil
Vlnap for taiair. (op.il ) WAI. IIOfiQ it C...
fO-Thoaeinilfbtoil to ilu- "CADIZ SGNTI
NKU,'". for Volume!) Ili 11ml 17. will aeiili llioij
'iceounts with eiiber ul ltiv iireaent eiliioia of 1 lit
Seiilioel, 01 Mr. At. Al H irlleioii. 11111I NONH
ii.'t()-if Triinipn
Legal Notice,
John lleihi I, E'r.of "
' Will 111 111 l'r.iwlur.1, tUc'il. j
r- I'l Chancery.
J nines Crawford, Willijip j "
Criiwfoul , ei 'il J
f 1 1 I V. an id VVH limn Cm w fori! nnd JmuiafViiw
J fori wi I til lie iintiee ili;il ille mi. I John li.
t lii'l, int 1 hi- txeeuiiT ui' Wi .Criiwforl, line of
'It irriaoii Cotinly , liliin. ilr-.'il. mi liu il.iy ()j
Auvrnai'.' A. i) . Irt.'il, lileil in ilie Court nf'Coin
in. 111 fli-Aa. 01' Harrison Connly, Ohio, hi peti
tion in' CiniAcery ngniiitt iheiu mid nthvra, tin
ohjeut nirl 'prajer ia tn Imve art ojf tn Jiini-l'm w
fi.nl, lint widow of a iid TeliMr. fhe'aliiire ol eer
Min Kent - Matiim. in ani.l Connly, he-picuthi-d (o
liar in Hie wfll iSf siiid vVrn. Crawford, ilei-M I
that imleaa ilu-y npneui wiihin aixty tin v a .iltur
Ihe next teriiVol anid Con it, Hid plrjil answer or
demur to niiil peiitmn. the ail iiih will he Inked u
eolifi-aned mid tine, mid rt ileeiee reinhred 111
coriliuuly, 1 1 Jkw(.'tt A- I.kwto,
ocil-Ul S.iln iisra for I'l'tuioner.
1 XT E HAVE jmt opened ihe laip;eai,i:he
V V nnd iil,it heauriliil atork of Knll
Winter (. mill evsr d.feted 10 mil euato i.eia.
vri h nly come und .fr. for theimelvea.
IV. t
chart iioiliiuK for alinwiinj; irniMla.
nd wi:i,t;u sl pmr.idPS
U I'tvi'.llY iioiiv nmi 1.;. wir" win nin...,
lJtnae notice t in the ulace to act their
money buck ism nibir nutl M'Cnhiiack'l oh
stand. I sell . 1, 'da cheaper tuna 1 lie cheapest'.
If ytiu don't Iirl'iveit, coiue'aiid exauiiiiB lip
fur aonratdvea.' I eliiirjo nothing for sliowills; my
gootla. octH ' 'A. F. MOOItK.
Ladies and Gentlemen!
.lTTF-fXIl t Pilli.l.lPS Inive junt received!
j j 11 sineiiiiui supply 111
litnhle for the rnaiins ensoti. nrinini; which m:j
'Ua Imii'il ihe iiimsi pnpular uiake.jpf
uf a auperior ipialitv.
Riclrnetv an les of silk 1. 11 at rp a and Alpacas.
F.leg'ifit iiuti novel sty les of American and En
glish i'rints, l-iiin 3 cents upwards.
Mnua de Lanes in irreal vnrii ty.
t Ulan, nnd bro. Mii lins cheaper than ever.
VV'hi'e and e.iilored Canton Flutinela.
Cloa ; nnd Coat Linings
Ul ick firodc Rhine,
Tirk Saiin,
Silk Hd'ki'a,
Hosiery ,
Jl'n'ila Cloths,
IVhle Covota,
OvajiSl Hints.
veif, etc..
Alan, OKKS TRIMMINGS ,,fnll kinds, col
lora nnd deVuriinions. Together with a first-rate
assortment tit
All of which we lire otfcrini: nt piices which will
aionish the wttrhl Cull and sea 11 a at our old
stand, nppoalte thp Puli'io liiiilditiga, where we
will Hike 11; re a I pleasure in eho-.vms; you thiouch
our atock. ' WELCH & PHILLIPS.
oct 5
Notice to all Concerned.
ALL persona are warned not to trust my wife.
HANNAH, as I will pay no debt, of her
contracting, from and niter (hia dale.
: Jefferson.'Oct 10, '51. notIS 3t
Estate of Samuel Carnahan.
TVOTiCE ia hereby given that ti il auhs libeta
J have been appoiuied nnd tptal fied na Exec--.uraof
th. Estate of SAMUEL CARNAHAN.
St.. daceaacd, Into of Harrison ( nniity.
. octlVJt Executors of suid Katute.
WtlJON ailANWoM.
Joar.pii SHARON,
: Attorneys and Counsellors at Law
' "':'.' " ' AM) SOLICITORS tH CHACKKr,
HAVl.VO formed a partnership in the practice
of their profession, will promptly attend lo
; all business entrusted to iheir care, uflioe oppo
, ait John Mnall's Urii' 3tore. oeH'-ly
- ' Tirrg WAY!
New and'Chtsap Store!
HvTTTOULO announce in the ciliieneof Harri
t T)r . conmy, that he hua just opened at J.
B-1 hmnaa' old stand, the lasokst and ciiKAriUT
,, tr)ek of Dliy GOOD3 ever brought to Catlix, all
ofwtiioh be will dispose of at very low raiea, for
, either (-nab or approved Country Produce.
Hia atock embraces every variety of Goods uat.
; ftlly kept in a Dry Got da Store) and were aelect-
etl with snacinl cum nmi r....n. ... ,h uunt.
eftliiacoiniiiually , end the present nnd approach
Iftf eaon W)en you want Goods temeraber
f, h -CHEAP CORNER" i.the place, and do
yt aetle-ly ,t the "Chenn Corner."
T , A FEW barrel.i MACKIIRKI, for sale h
PARAiOLS A beuHiifiil article i
faraaola, received nnd for aule by
. -..Ol. u l.lvrf.tiri.,r w .
ol Ladies
8iioTwi:r.L & chAr.B.'
. , ' ? r Coal Wanted. ; , .
. W will take coal Kl this office in pay for
tjWrijption. AUo Produtsa of nil kinds.
Kowy m not berefuwd. i.
Carefully torrecttd every teeek.
.tjes of Discount & value of Coins
pknnstlvaku. I
. .
mQurj, oauk, Vf
'.B" r" Par
Cincinnati par
pi,:ia hnl
Chester county
Delaware "
MonUjomry "
Qucks county,
paij Circleville
pari Geauga
New Lisbon
All solvent bahlts par
val per dol.
Norwalk bank, 0. 60
! . -!. 9
MiJ jletqwn,
i Sandusky 20
Harcisburgh, i
Wooster 2.5
State bank of 111 45
Illinois Bank 70
Honesdale, J
Lebanon' par
Wyoming, f
West Branch,
New York pre 1
f Philadelphia 1
Baltimore ' 1
Susquehana co. boke
V. H. Bank, 28
Relief Notes 4
Amer. silver pre 1
five francs 93
Two francs 35
9 Thalers, 62
Guilders 35
ntts. city scrip jar
County scrip 5 prera
State bank t br'chs 3
Stato Scrip, f
Spanish garters par
All banks,
Eastern Banks,
Ten Thalers
Ten Guilders
Baltimore banks
Comifry banks
City Banks,
7 80
a nr.
5, JO
II... .kl 1 c en !
patriot 15,50
Ducats 2,13
Cadiz Mayket October 20.
Flour $)bbl. 3,00
Salt, bbl. 2,00
Eggs, doz. 5
Butter lb. 12 J
Sugar, 810
Cheese. 810
Hams', 8
Shoulders, 6
Sides, ' ' C
Lard, 6
Tallow, 8
Beeswajj, 25
Country sqip, 45
Tea, 50i;26
Feathers, 3i
Hay ton 5,o6
New York Market Oct. 20.
Flour Indiana 3,G23,87; Ohio 4,06
' Grain Wheat; Michigan 97, Ohio 1,01.
Rye 7J. Corn; mixed 59G0, round 58.
'Pork New mess 15,0015,95.
Lard 9.
Baltimore Market-0ct, 20,
Flour selling at 3,81(53,87
EacQn Shoulders, 8J sides 9 10k hams
! " " '
'Moss Pork 16,87. Mess Beef, 13,50.
Woql common 16f9.
Cincinnati Marketf-Oct. 20.
Flour selling at 3,153,10.
Lardir10. .
Groceries Su;;ar 5i. Molasses 3340.
Y-II.Tea35. ' "
Moss Pork SI 5,00.
Hams 9. Shoulders 8. SiJes 7.
Urichsville Market.-r-0ct, 20.
Wheat 54. Cora 33. Oats 18." Flax
seed 90. Flour 3,25. IJams G. Shou'l-
tiers 7. Sides 6. Potatoes 37."' Wool
Allegheny Cattle Market-Oct. 20.
Beeves sold at 2 to 31 gross equal to
Cows and Calve The average price is
815,00825,00 $ head, according to the
quality. , . . ' .
Sheep and Lambs 1,1, 50175 head.
lltigs selling 'a 4 to 4J live weight.
Philadelphia MarketOct. 20.
Flour a pjood qnalty 3,753,87-J.
Grain Wheat a092. Corn G9, Oats
Pittsburgh Marketr-Oct. 20,
Sales of Flour from wharf $3,00 3, 12
f...i. . i . .. 1 ii. i. -i l i a. JftA ortOin' As-
.on, iy.u oy u,e aray wau hi 90,zu,zo
tor itnmmnn St3 finfrill fifl fnr urin
Cream CheiiSO is seDitlJJ at C6.V: extra
, v w. ...
Cream is sellino; at G?7c.
Uoiteo is selling t9i9J; Sugar 6;"
07 in hhds; Molasses 36 37f ' , j
oaiesot xriea roadies at i,tiU(3)i,7ai
Dried Apples 75cl.
No. 3 Mackerel 37,00(37.25.
Sales of Feathers at 333Gc.
WU-l : li: i. fnf2r - . "IA 1 1 . T '
. """"'""S a-iuwssooa v ousn j ivye
4U(0Hi)C; Uorn34(37; Oats 2331c.
Bacon. Hams910c: Shoulders SfolOJ
Sides 9O10 Surrar fiiire.UTumo lOtfaiOl
oiuLsatpiu, ougar silica llams lUilUJ.
I. , TC2mm,0n qUart?.r 28 10
halt 34 to 35; three quarters 36 to 37, full
38 to 40, extra 40 to 43.
. i
' Seeds Timothy 2,00.
Clover 7,00
Flax 1,20(31,25
SteubenvUle Market Oct. 20.
Flour is selling at 2,803,25 P bbl by
the wagon load. .
"' Wheat is selling at 5Gc p bush. "
t)ats 25c $ bushel.
N. O. Molasses sells at 374c ; S. House
4549c. ' ' 1 ' -
k Sugar js spiling at 7c in hhds ; 7 J in bbls.
Sales of Coffee at 10c lb in bags.
Tea is selling at 4070 f lb.' ' '
, Six twist tobacco is selling -at 14o; fire
plUg 2C3SO. -'" - ;Iv ,
Window Glass. 8x10 at 83.55f34: 10
by 12at44,60j '.0x14 at 85; 24x30 at
815 1) box; intcrtnedrate shies at correspon
ding rates, t', ., ' ,-.t.i:l'i, , '..
Wheeling Market October 20.
Flour commands 33,12. ' 1 v C '
.Wheat 55c. ,'
Oats 22 centa 39 bushel.
Sugar ,6J7. ; Molasses, 3537? .Cof
fee, lOo, ' t',.,A - ,
Bacon Shoulder 77J: llama, 8(J 10:
Sides 8J9., ' ;.'',' .h n t '
. Potatoes 45 50. ..,. s
Fresh Butter in raarkot .l8(3l25. ; ,
New Philadelphia & Canal Dover
- ? f; ' MoKDAT.October 20.
Flour;,25;' Wheat 6C: Corn 33: OaU
18: Flaxseed 81: ? Corn Meal 37J: Pork
82,5003,50; Haat I: Shoulder ! T:
fiide!. ; k . ."'-
Wheat, bu "50
Corn, - - 33
Rye, - - . 33
Oats, - 20
Barley, - - 45
Corn Meal, . 40
Potatoes, - 40
Oreen Apples, 37
Dried Apples, is
Dried Peaches, 1,25
Ti'y scedl,602,00
Flax Seed, 75
Clover Seed, 5,00
Fresh Beef, 37
Molasses, 50
Coffee, 12-
X3T We hear majny people complaining.pf
" i "y i';i;, . r .- .
weakness, general d,ebil.ty. &c.. which is
without doubt Me result of too close confine-;
ment and application. A daily ride of a few ,
wilts, on horbacV. will be the standing
;,; r' j,,,!;-:,,,,. u,:: : .,.
? I V I lT v i y a juuiv-ivuo J SIS
Par a cae, and we arc sure that it would be ben
Par t-ficial. But many have no horse at their
Par command, or are ignorant of .horsemanship.
Psr To such we recommend the use of Dr. Hoof-.
land's German Bikers, prepared by C. M j
Jackson. PhiladelDliiat rfnd to those who can
ride we would sav use it. 3
l) In ciiiIiii. 11 1 km 1 lull lo Dr. liiiysoll'a 111
pro ml Kx'rnc ol Yellow Uork .n ! .iii ip iril af
He h el iMOifiliiil id 11 m nrn iloinf n ciic lo
nil ylii mny be nffl'clnl witli Scroriibjiia um
I other ilimrilrra ori-i in lint; in boiedi'kry mini.
j or irmii lniiiiriiy of I he BIihhI. Wc h:ive known
inti.-tiiern ailiin the atiltcreof our ftrqiiiiint'incii,
where ihe mom loriiiiihitili ilim ni rs hnve been
eiireil by ihe "' uiiy aoll a Yellow Dock 11 nil
S ira.ipniilhi hIoik'
It iaiuiR 01 thef'W n lverii eil njoilioinea thru
ciiniiiH Itc aii):inatlieil wild q oultery, f.ir Ihe
"Yellow Dirk i'iiI the Snrnpiirillii" are
well known lo be tbe moat i-fieni, (uihI lit the
mine tinm innxiou') iisrinain iIif whole Muii-rla
1 Mi'ilicn. ami by I ir ihe beat ninl ii)n at iirepnrn.
lion of "he n i Dr. Unynin' Exiriiet of Yellow
LWk und 3:iraniKirill.i. S-e tint aclveriiiMiiient.
Wiara'a IIaijum or Wii.n C"H:a. The re
iriukiilile auecera of litis B:ilaiuu imui iloht ow
ing, in n sir 11 nianaiire. 10 the "cnliiirlr iiercen
bin tinil onwi rfiil nmureol iniii;reiliriii. It ia
n fine iirb.w ineilinine ooniioaeil chierly of the
i ll Cherry B irU. iiikI lint Keiinine oeliinil
Moil, (the littler (iiiiinrii il xnreralv fr ih" piir-
pi.ae,) the rare meiliciil virine of wliioh ore "Un
oonihiiieil hy 11 new rlieniimil prnceaa wiln tin
Exirnct of ' nr. lima remleriiK the whnlp com
pound ihe inoni cer nin and effienciona remeily
evr ilinnvereil
eoo not wiflll in nee.eive the niiiiuieti, or
1...1.1 ..... n.. 1. ...n . r..i:ur u.i.n.n ....... M:i.
: J ..........
but when lit iiiiiny limiilreila, prone' .nceil by tin
l((gt altillfnl phvtuitiii 11 a moat honelefa cnaea.
Imve hem cureil. who r hi hlmne m for ninir
evry word mid mce tt nf pertimiMntt lo imliice
' "l'er'"1 il'Vnliil lo Inv H-iil prejildiee, anil
1 iiriuKe o( 11 r.'iiieoy aelddiii known ti I'iiI. B
I wnre 't cciitiii rfi iia mid bum iinitniioiia. Reinl
, ihe iiilvi'itix'iiient. ill iinotl er eoliiinii
Cadiz Temple of Honor, No. 56:
Vlee a nn-ry M.niil.iv evenuis in the Hall ml-
joitiiiit ihe iilaikel lloiise.
Ueaular deree iiiei-iina oiithefirit Monday
111 r'-ry mmiili .
Cadiz Lodsre, No. 130, 1. 0. 0. F,
iMee.aevery Kit! DAY KV KN IX'i.ni 7 o'clock
ill the Hull, .iiljiaiiiiiig ihe Market liiitiae.
Fancy Stoves.
T UST ItECKI v'Fd) A mimll lot of the preitieat
1 STOVK i ever htniiL'hl to t;u-!i. Mill and
aee ihe.m. They nre going till' fas'.
oell A A 110 31 HOT !'.
Carriage, Wagon and Bugy Man
.4 A RON FORMAN. tliuiikfiil for th libcrjil
paliontiireheretnforeesleinleil lo him. would
iiiicniince lo die oitizeim ol llairfaon, nnd ihe at al
joining couinien, that he ia now helt.-r prepared
than ever 10 inaiiiifaciure to order
of nil kiuila ninl aizea, which he li c-N eiiiifiilenl
cntpiot he excelled hy any oilier ahop in llie
Having 11 ftock of mnlerial thai ii really nn
surpiis.-i il, ami liiiviiiir 11 full knnwleile ol the Miiauiin, (llnioia ami Uhpi riven, in New Or
liiisincjs in all jta brauehes, he respectfully asks leans, St Lutiis, Ciiiciuin)ii, Detroit, lii:a'ii,
tliiin who' may waul any tiling in ihe above line, MiUaiikic,'.'alciiii, and o.her places where the
to mrv him a call.
lli's l op is ili tl o rear of Mr. Sli'mmon-' Rlnirk
Nniili Shoo, ami near y onponte the Ciitlii Hotel,
where lie may a' all limes be found net 8 If
riMlK Winter Session of the t'eiutilo Depnrl
I ineitt of this liiatitutiiui will commence, on
MONDAY, fie Ttcnitynvtnlli ny of October,'
next, miner un.- cnarse 01 anssr.. r. inoMrso.n.
Ins rucltul will he r veil n nil he (.ranches
nHiullylanht .. the l..5l,et ?rde ol teniule
l..st.iulio.,,ii. ll,e e.n.,nt,y
l l. terina lor uitini will h,r fiom three to
""l'y ' 1' "." ",Vi'"-
lllllirllt. .
Mta riiniirsos flutters herself that she will be
able, irorn her experience in ieacliin?,iiud by lier
nssijiioiis and constant iilteininu. to jrie lynire
aalislactioii loall those who may cntruij the ihen
tnl nnd iiiurul culture of tln-ir iluui;..iers to her
Thoie reiding in the country, who nra deai
roua to avail themselvea of her instruction, pun
obtain bn.irilint!, un moderate terms, in respect
libe private families ill town.
lieadiiii;, Ortbiifraph) . 1'enniiill-liip, Klementa
of Ati hmeiie, llistorv of Ihe L'tiiltil States, fin
ojr.ipl y und Defiiiitij;. - ... $3.00
Dindisli tiriiiiiiimr, The lludiuients nf IJotauy
nnd I'hilnsophy, t)e Histories of Enir'niid end
Krancu, Uibliual Antiipii'ie, and Watts on ilm
Mind. - - - - - $4.(10
Natural Philosophy. Plij aioloey, l'oli'i.-al
I'.ci.iiiuiiy, llotiipy ,t lieaiii.il v . Ancient and ,M.n.
ern IlUioiy. Ancient Ceoirraphy, Sell lvuowb-ili;i.
anil Pbihisnph) of Naliiral History, - - $5,1)0
Ali;eliin,liiuiiiMry , (r' ol'nri , Asimiinmy , l.otr
ic, libetoric. .Vl)!i,tnl und Moml I'bilntophy. I'de
iiieuia ul Ciiiictstii mid lintln's Au.'iloKy, $G,tH
In coiineniiini with the aboye hrauclica lesnona
in the Uible und Cnuipositi'Oi by nil tlio elases,
K. F. THOMPSON. Principal.
Tlio iinilersijtn d, who wete lately present nt
the i Xiiiuiniiiiiili ul'tlie pupils ol Mias 'I'ltoMesoN'a
Scl'.onl. at the close oilier Summer .Ses.-iiin. take
i,l..n...r.. iiiini.b.ir'iliMiit vasneh iii I heir .n. in.
! " a Z d ' u P
, ...... ... ... ......... . .
cipal nmi iter popua ... .
The exniiiiuatioti, in nil the classes, was ex-
ccellillK,y lhlruw,ht tlll, UIIV(. evidence, us wel
1 . .. ..... s'.i. ....... : .. . ...i .u .
; ,iy (nil i.iiii.nirv nmi inuni i.iivaiici-iiiru. oi ini'
achullura. as by (he fidelity mid ability with
i wbieli Miss I uomi-sox nnd iliar.hu reed her duty
ji" 'lvons
mdix. Sept. 3iih, 1851. ocis-tf
$5,000 Reward!
1 I TlUJhU any to iheir oTd iriends ami cus-
V j tnmera, nnd, rvcrybody else, that they
hltVB : n.c;d the LARoKafand but selected
; atocUol UOOI)Severl.roiij;hiioIlatriioncouniy.
D consists of everyihing in the shape of DRY
-,u . t . '
! 'rhey.re,.e.er,r..ur.oSie,ETTea,ABo,
: (lo,,, anvnthi-r store in " these ili.'-'ins.'' If vou
1 don'l heheva it come and sen for v ourselves.
liiiiijfonyour I'roilui-.e, lor Miiiikin & Grimes
nlvvay a pnys as hish.il not higher pricps for nil
kinds of Country Produce, tjiiin any other au.ro
in Cadiz. oct8
Goods by Express.
HA VK received thia day, 3 pieces I'ersian tie
La i nea, teaittifiil noods lor lailiea' dreaaea;
3 oiecea black Silkat MO nieces full style Bonnet
Rihhoua. Also I cus new atylo Prims; nil of
which will be tun off nt a arnull advance.
f I HE prettieat nail rheapcat atock of Men and
X Uoyr Caps ill town, lust receiver, oy
JUST reoeived a second supply of Kail rid
Winter Goods. Cull und see them.'
ootU A. f. MOORE.
A FEW pieces of bcautilul rlihbon ree'd by
no t8 A. K. MOOftE.
Thomas Jones, Eiiwskd Korea.
lthonahlr. Uarbrrt and Hair Dretsrrs.
tlSTOVVO reancctfullv nnnouncu to the citl-
V y sens of Cadi j that lliey have inken the shop
recently occupied by Lot Wiliis, oil Market atreet,
ri. 'I'l... ...
unc.ij upptyjiiu ii.e iiuruwiiro sio.c. .
arfeotlully'ilak tie public to give them a mill.
' Al) wh" have beards Incut or hair to crop,
.JiistY:ii tin us n tour new shop,
Ai hoon or eVe, by nit(ht or day.
Or uqf liinethntynli can s.nyt
Butgiyeus tiinn,deHr'sitl,n rest
Upon Ihnt day IhAt God hfis bleassrl. -Our
room is nenl, or1 towels elMn. "
Our sciiaora aliarp, nild tnloh keen,
. And ererythinr we think fdit'll fiiHV.
To suit the tuaie und plenae the rnind, -
And then we move our hands as ttnnfl
As nny barber e'el ean (to,
; .With rapid touch wo smooth the faeef v
And dresa the hair with equal srace, f ' .
And all that art and skill can do,
Your merit j will f njetire fot ytw cirrly
H. U. U.
Wir by wi.jwiJn? the la. a t che.nia.ry to
the skill of AI..H. anient. ibuted to h a he- lib
mDi k ,., op(,;ug Ibe rtua,
,Hi acere pais of pain in .a instant.
and car.; the " .bmii chronic
cowciaiuia in
I T.ii wnrrxninl o iiv ti lirf ui ih r.illuiiiiir
1 pim i KIKTKKN MI.NUI'ES, ami to ;e.i-
".eeio:.njr uio '11:
Ithf iiinaiiam.
Psirjene f in ihe Doi er,
Ham ill ihe l.iiuha,
Cholera Morhua,
Hummer Ooniplaiijia,
Sick Hondache,
Tie Doleiruz,
Chill fV,,r.
A ;ue Cuke,
Ileal! Dm n,
Si.ro Throat,
I'olda, eic.
(Jrauipa nnd Spiiama,
la die wainint ijiven of ilm nrevnre of dire.nir'
ami of ihe ienrrurigemrut of ihe iiervoua and
muaciilur ajfiem. In oiiler t.i cure iiraae, and
rid the ayi'eni emireiy of ita ciiuw. nuriir-4 jtreni
ileaiilernt mi ia lo amp ihe pain jtreupihen iln
nervnua eneixy iiiviirorulii he.il.y iiriiou tin-
uin-iinm nun w creiiona 01 txi ry organ in ihe
ayatcni; ilua we nee plifti liy ihu in irvt-Iltiua
.tieii.hiiiiit. lc.illii.t;, in-ix.-ra til'ir, und yiow.
etlnl pain-anotniiii' pruperlieaof ItiidwHy 'a heady
Kelml. No umtlri wl.m the ciiiimi of oiiiiiiue
he ifit 11 rita fruui nervoua proatrution. nniai:ii
lur debility, iliaurruuimiieiil ol the liinciiuiia ol
ne Uiver in ee. rein imnl ihe akin, wheiliri it he
rheuiuiiii.iii, nciiralsia, iclt or nerroul head
uche, uervoui irritahiliiy, apnamodic iitfecti ma,
cranipa. iliarrhcea, huivel coinplainta, chillaiuid
lever, wni-mer 11 ntienmteti ir.nn niicrnal ilt-rnnsre-ueiitanr
exieriml iujmiea Il.idwnv'a lieiuly lie
liel, taken iiiieruallv anil niinlieil exieiuallt . will
apeedily nnd ell'eciiially atop the pain mid cure
ila eiiuae. KIIKU VI A I IS M.
I'lO.OOU ciiaea cured in 18.VI. The moat excruti
11 tiiC pain atoppi'd in two Imura.
Ilailway'.-i R ly Iti-lnd i- Hi - qnickeat, anfeat
anil iiii)!ii elTt'ciual reineily for the i-ure of Iheu.
matiaiii in nil ila fo-ma, in use; we Into only
what ivekimiv. It will atop the mom tnrtiMn
puinaql Ihia iliativaainir riiiiipl-iint ill one npplf.
i-Aiitin, Wu haye never known it lo fail in giv
init inatntit rejief. a every eiry, village mil
iowii in Aiiiericn.il haa rule. I aome ol' tne people
of ihiarruel .oiiipliu'iii. In every case wo wa'
runt it todoiia stilted it vvill instantly relieve
theaull'eier frinii pt iii.iiinl apceilil Hire it cquie.
lOU.UOU peiaons cured '11 I.1.1O. It will give r
lief in fu'tcc 1 111 in 11 1 est.
llailway'a tleadj i-lii;f, taken ncenrdinj to
iliieciiona, will apieilily and pilectiinlly euie
Una enuiplaini. I'u krn internally mid applied
externally, it refreshta ihe ai u-iea, eleiiniea the
atniiuich, aiopi till ii ri nit'un in the nerves, veiua,
lihrea und recrctiona of the head and brniii, nnd
relieves the aiiifcrer Iruui paii, in fnifen niiinnea.
Thia medicine ia now rurtriir hijiiilreila daily of
).e sick and iiervoua head uche.
.1(1,000 Neiirnlirin eatpa cijn-il iij 1 8-'0 atcpa ti
11 oat violent pain in fifteen ininutea.
The cruel und excruciating pnn;a ol pain of
ihu distre?.iie.' enuiplaini urn instantly urreaiad
bv Uailwny's lliaily llelief. The hnppy and inr
viiiuratlin; 1 (Ft-cti it priiiiuci 8oii the ticrvniia ayi
leiu, rendering llie netyea iror-proof. quickly ru
atoic llie iiervoua enerev , and curi-a the disease.
Uadway'a Heady llelief ia the only reuitdy that
hua effectually cured Neurnliria in ita worat form.
00,000 pcraons cared in 1850 pnina atoppei in
fil'ieen niimitei.
Iliulway'i Heady Relief cured more cnaea of
cholera iiinthua, ilyaenlery, cln.lic, nnd all hnw.
1 1 coinplainta, Ihe p:H yi nr.ihuii nnv nllier
remedy in use. On the hnulia of the Missiaaipiii,
rrhui.i. . huleii, and ds.eutery riid ao fatally,
Iway'a iteady lielicf was used Willi the b.t
.-. i. ii f ...fif,... .,.,, i,-.-
Itwi 1, in nf cen minutes, aion the most
violent crapips mid spasms, impart a genial heat
throughout the whole system, allay nl) irrimtiuii,
atop the pninlul ilisidiatgi a, and relieve the pat
tieut Iruiii all pain.
A teasponnfiill of Umlnaj's Iteady Rrlipf tn
. . -,. .
J . era np.an,
, llt 1 0Ilte, whl!r,7l,IB ..J,,,.
have lust ..II leeliiitr. win rn they were cold and
, tllB imU ilis-or uiid'alinuik. mhbine
iil, Uadway'a n'emly Kelief bus always biotnrht
l i- . , , . . .. J. .
uiicK inu uiio nciiou, nun ii quioii nun neaitliy
c ' c ll In tii ill of I li er Iilnnil Wlieiicvor you li n I a
person afflicted with cramps and spi'sms apply
Kadivay'a Kuiidy Relief iiiiiuciliately in IS or
ll minutea it will relieve the sufferer lioni till
Il you have pain in the bones, swelled joints,
weakliest of the miiaclea il you have n swelled
leg, sprained limb, brai.ied arm. sore head, aril
Ii5u burn or scnid yourself, Railway's Ready Re
lief will 'a lie out the fire, remove the pain anil
svollJii'..',i;ivf strength and energy to the muscle i,
und entirely fiee toil from pain.
All nclnja ninl pinna, back uche, tooili nets.
tare acne, ear ncne, stumacn ucne, pain in the
limns, tne iiiuscti a. meionies. nic iiand', ihe lei t,
the head uiu'J llie arms, Rudwny'a Ready Ridief
will instantly c re.
Anil all 'iitaneiiut eruptions, me telieveil frnia
an irritiitiou oy nut tun ' ijir paiia'Vitn runaway al
R. silt v Heliel.
liy bathing externally Hip corilt of Ihe nec't
nnd spine, it will stionuthell the snipe. Wehuva
kiiortii many case ol pnsieiior and mile inr enr
v ilute nl the spina to be entirely cnicd, mid the
distiuieil nbjeul to regain ila proper alitipe, by the
llt nl Itil way 's Heady Relief.
Cllll.l, I' l.Vl.ll.
On. torn r.ill rtf II... I... ..1. Rn,lw R.tl.r ,
, ...... -j ,
,!,,";n ? ,l,e 'mi" -f'
hB 1(!ni ,., u and iiioiildeia, il thute is any nam
Xi.er'enced. and it mil entirely nrevajut cliill i
lever. UD liREAI'll.
Heart I uins.snui itomnuh.il itiilency , wind.eip,
me quickly cured by a dose ol Rail way's Ready
Keliei taken iuiernally.
tuipartini; strength to every orttunand function
of the body , and health anil happiness to ihe mind.
Purchase Railway's leady Relief only of (be
autlmrizcd agents, whose names n.e insured in the
paper. Our traveling ngenta have a power of at
torney signed by in. " Rel'orn purchasing nlwaya
aak to see it. I rice .10 & 5 centa, Isrfe bnttlss.
Radway's Medicated Soap.
Composed oil
lha ini.ai delicious, rare nnd Iragrant
?"",9 , , ,
Ol extracts, oils, Bn.l costly essences
f (lnwer, . roma, tree.. ... ..I oriental plant,.
"oisessing wondrous virtues o'er skin tlitsatss.
Bii.au i 1
1 pnmploxion tidily tainted with the bloom of
; '.,e:1"'. ,,.
v sl"n P"" Rni1 fnir P"n marble
I Soft and aiveet as the fraitr-nn roao -
Teeth ns sound aid white as alnhaster.
Breath of sweetest Iraraiiceiand lips of coral tint.
With dewing rrntrleis untl a;losay locks,
Luxuriant tresses dancinj gracefully o'er tlie
awawn-like neck,
No dark repulsive spots to mar the pleasing pic
ture. Or lo catt dull shadows o'er beauty's mastsr-
By cleansing the skin from all eruptive matter.
Makes clenu the pores, trjvos action tn the capil
lly which nil poisonous In mors are.jectad
And a healthy action to he skin restored.
To the teeth it i vea whifness, untl prevents decay
It makes ihe akin soft, sweet and smooth.
Transiorms the most repulsive and lifiureoJ
vianee, .
To a clear and benulilul complexion .
Eadway's Circassian Balm.
Imparts nutriment to the hair. 1
Makes it strong, tlossy, rich and liixnrinnt.
Cleanaea the scalp from dantlrtifT, eivea action
to the bulbs .
Fastens the hair upon the scalp, and forces it te
Like (tuano to a barren soil, it makes It rich and
productive, ,
Todressthe hnir. and make it amoith and glossy,
(irons 1,0,1 beautiful, ato.
Radwav's rininssian Balaam ! the ne pint it(
ftJrPrineSSeentsperbo tlo. ' ' 1
RADWAY V CO., Praoiicnl Chemists,
' ' No. 162. Fulion street, N. Y.
ACENTS. John Beall.Cadiit A. F. Croaker
:eVr Market! Weal tt Gntshal. New Rumleyi
rumen puis, uetTsv.net wiiitam urines KIM
Aninpolt's:' Mikeshal aV lloobler. Jafferson-,9.
HiiHtlerliri', rtanklini R. L. Dinnlnc, lrioa
ill. i 1'. t ajqtli-ly
lK YKM.OW DtH'K AMtoAltA'AfAltlU
LA. The iiri-jiniil ninl only einiinr nrfiiarntLiu
for llie (M-rinimi-lil cure nl I (INL Ml'TION nnd
DHKASK" OF TIIK l.l'NUS. when thry iirr
aupMived to he iitTccred fit die Inn free ae of mer
cury . i roil, quinine, rlc. 1 1 in nlao a are remedy
for Salt UIk-uiii. Teller. Scald Head. Drop.
S iirTy. While Swelling. Kili;'l Diil. NeuruUir
ACi'i-iioiia, Female
Ne'vioiiaand lienernl Debility of ihe Ryateni.tuc
f of Appi-iiip, l.uiieuor, Dizziueaa mid l.iver
A'Tcctiooa. whii-'n lend 10 liitermiitaiit nnd II n
11111111111 Fevera, Fever and Airuc Hillioua Feve a.
Chill Fevera. Dumb Ague, Jiiuuli-, etc.
The afflicted may real aaaureil 1I1111 there iannl
he lei-al particle nl Aliueciil, Men iirnil, orany
other noiaoiioiia aiiliaiuucc in thia Alediciiie. li
ia perfectly liarudeaa nnd may be admiiiiatered
to peraouaiii llie vefV veuKi-atalatreaol aicKiu-M,
or to ihetiioal heliileHa infaiita. wiioout doinit the
lcn4 injury, und ia u neriniii cure fur nil Female
Ooiiiilainl! .
Let nil who wish to n iri-e the hl nid from ill
iuipuriiiea niilltractt'd from the free indulgence nf
till! uppelitc ilium,' the winter, and lo prepare
tueaieui toresia'. jnimuier eiuneimca. reaort now
I. "(.ii.iaott a l-,x:rjiet nl Yellow Dock ami Mr
f up.niilfn." hich je prnviuar. itaelfaii amidole for
iijany of llie most luulittiiiiiit dineiiaea that tjeah
is heir tn, und they will never bo iliatippointed ,
for in this remedy the public faith haa nevt rwa
tered. never cau w..ver, lor it ufoiiuiled on ex
perience. TteyVy from iMiiiernl Noatriiins to
aeek hope, life itmj vi,'"r from tjiin Pureiy Ve
eliihlc Reineily ; therefore, however broken in
health and spirits, however liiatbaoine to liirusell
and others, let no one despair ,ol recovery; let
the patient only uudntatiind lliat tin's hope of
phyaicn I restoration lies only in Uuj aotl'a F.x
truct id Yellow Duck and Sara'tparilla, aiul per
simile him Inr hia life's sake lo try it. njid we
Ifi-e no hesiiutiou in predicting Ida speedy rea
torii iuii to health. '
UIiic'h K'M "ast ol O. ifi. ftMiiciKl.
If the reader will observe he will see that in
nearly nil casea the i.ntient has tried nearly ev
erv physician within hia reach, and neailv every
remedy ; hut when he hits upoiiUnyautt'a Yellow
Dock und -Sii rsi pit ri Mil , the cure ia iiiiineijinte,
IIi.ouui.no (iliovic, Dec. I, IK-J:l.
Mksshs S. F. JJknnktt & Co. (leitlt: Sume
time in 1(14-1 I was nttacKeii win iviiiic a ivii itlmij,, bpl. ,,re,liSpnsed toCniisntiipiioii.nnd about
my iirm. which became ao t I could not use ttltKc. vrars since I w: a cunjleiely prosiruteil hy:
it. and in 'Hia moriification sin 111. I employ ed j it( ;, for wefk, ,vi;iBWile dis aiuil ol Myi
at iliirerent tiuna each iihyaician ol cel.-hrity ; !, .:.,,,., 1 iv:,.,., ..ii ,-,,e,M,.r..,l n, r,..
...:,i.: .......1.. ..11 ...l.i ..... ll,.,l ... .,r ,'
wl 1 "v -"" y , ' . '
be u-upiilale.l. rriiuillio slionlilcr to tlio lore
arm my i rip was lull 01 runtime, aores. aome 01 .
lliem ne lartic ns i. niiy cent piece 1 then tried ;
ninl etqppeii inu iiiortiiicauou. nine. not m-al;
my iirm My atreinrlh titthis tunc wascomplete. rjM8m ,,f u'ild Cherry, ami comim-uced gi,iL- a,. i(ullv ii.lbrms the eiiinena n( Cudil and vicm
y eihaiisted, and my person much eii.tuialei..! . .IV drops at 11 time, us nn coiiuhiuir ani-lla i , ,hui he has ItliMOVKD hia alton l Ihe h.i'-
1 continued 111 this state unlili IM48, when I saw 1
1111 advertisement of " ijursoTT's V Kt.t.ow Duck i
AND USAPAtl ll.l.A, which I reaC II Itullt IV I I y und
sent for one bottle of the article. Alter usiiia it
. . ;
11 lew days the tlischar-ca Iroi.i my. inu incieased, :
and iissiimcil 11 light color 11 ml less, rflcnsive odor.!
I then sent fur
seuriiin tiuttie. an. I wiule :
iisinit it l roiitnl my streiisin tin; easinsr and the ,i,e!lstun shriieni of nil thai Untw me. I recover
discharges from my nrtri decreasing. I continued ,., U;aUt )r. Wialur'a llalsiiiriuf VVild Cherry,
using it until I hipl i,sed six hcules, Ihoiiih I n ,mtl,ione. under the hleKsinu' nl Providence,
felt mys, It perlecllv cured heli.ro I used the sist ' ,,,, i ow(, my roi.ovor. My ,enuu i.now good;
bottle. Sincp that e I have nt t felt tiny pan. eV(., Veati.eeol that n larminu enmplnint.' Con-
in niynrm. no s.ires have reappeared, aud i fu,,,,,,;,,,,, i.t had brr vears altacUed me like e
have no reason to deubt that it is lliorouKhly berrible incubus, has been eradioated fiom mi
cured. Inr J call labor with H as well a I ever ,,,,, and 1 do most earnestly e-itreiii II thai
0,,"ld. nip in the least pn.d'.iposed to Consumption li
CuianTT's Yklmv, Dock anii ASlrAR.l.l.A kc iiniiiediale trial of Dr. Wiatn.'a lialsaiu ot
alone cured inei I look no othei remedy while Wi(1 chcrrv.for I have full f.iithin its rcatorint
! "?""' " ' UL" 1 " .l"u i,l'l;r '"c
"f ' l,y . 1 lully l lteve it won d have
atived inu lioni years ol eulteriiiK. And I moat
earnestly recommend every person auiiorii.ir un-
ileratiy similar disease, lo use Uiiyaoil a Ye low
Dock and Sarsapurilla. which will restore them
to health. Yours, in gratitude,
Prolapsua Uteri, pr Falling of the Wnuih, ol
five yuara' standing, cuied y Dr. tiysotl'a Ex
tract of Yellow Duck und -Sarsapurilla, after
every other known remedy hud hem tried with
out relief.
Wasiiinciton.O,, Feb. H49
This ccilifiea that u.) wile. itged twenty -ae.en
years, has been aiincring under tbniihovv coin
plaint for five year.", nud nearly nil oi that time
confined to her bed. I have, fur lour years, con.
siantly employed he best medical talent thai
could he procured in the section of the country ,
w i i In mi t any benefit whatever. 1 have also pui-chn.-eii
every iiistrumeni recninnieiidcd Inr the
cure of such diseases, all of which proved to be
In the spring of HiS I was im'uced by my
Irieuds to try Ui. (itivsol 'a Yellow Dock mid
Sarsapurilla. which was used for four mouths.
After she had used it about four weeks, it was
evident to all of us thai she was improving, und
l rum this time she iinpro ell rapidly, ami gained
flesh mitl sueutsth, until she is now enjoy ing ninsi
excellent health.
We being neighbors to William and Julia
Miinfnrt, know that 'he above statement, ua to
the sickness of Mrs. Moufort, tttnl as tn Ihe cure
k,.:.. ..a-.. ...... I n i:..u..i,i. V..II..... n..nl.
'UIIIIV cmuini j v.ii,i..i. a ,ui wi...
aursapnrillii,lo be strictly true.
SARAH Powrcns
fjr- None lire gnrniiim unless put up in lurge
sqtiuie bullies, containing niiari.and name ol
the Syrup blown in tlu glass ! will, the wiilteti
signature of S. P. lienneti on I be outside wrapper.
IjJ- Price $ I per bniile. or 6 bottles for f5
Sold by
j . i'.
, PARK, Cincinnati, Ohio
IM.-rll..-.., '..rlh ..nil Wi.li.,.1 ol,
en.ri.nea n Wal.o.l .lr.. tl wh.,. ..II .'.rder.
.. .
must ne tressen.
Aoknts John Bell, and M'Bean fc Knox,
n,..t;,. n,.o.r P.irr.'-li t
t pim1,m I iv;.......i.; '.. v' iu...
T. S. Ilcnine. Sn ubeiiville.
Eyes Rightand Dress!
T:Rt:. tbia opportunity of anying to the citi-
js. ini. ... .u.. un.. .... . ..j.. ,s ...... ..... Mmx)) , dtlenisui ueeu muni! whiclt can kimwledge nf the moat intimate friend, nod with
best ever b,Mf ... .hi, par. of the eountry. : of .he Lungs. Our space her. will no.
hid. I will scl pa low ..a unywlio sell Uuods to pubh.h any prqpoition ol the cures nffeoted by ,',)st.rviious on mi.rtinee bcaiu'e mailt eihar
... 1 1, la .... rt t.S I Ik. i-.uiiirrvt. oil I.ir Clltttl. AlV!.. .. .. . .... .1. .... .. . -
" ! ' !" .... - - - -j
moliu is Quick Sulea mid Siiittll Profits."
Mv Stock consista f super Krenel, Meriuoea, ;
Silks nutl Satins, Cloths, Caasiiuerea.
Mtittiiiets. ;
Tweeds. Persians. Delains. A liiliccns. CoburzJ,
Lanca. Chemiantts. best l-'rencli-wnrk Copes mid
Collurs, Klannels. und every variety in ihe Drv
Gootla line. Also, all kindaol CLOTHING, put
up by ourselves, nnd mailp by one ol the best
t uilora in Ihe Western country
Cnll and see for yourselves. 'it Mi viler ai at'.
Cormick's old stand, Cutlis. No humbug nl my
atore. septSlj A . r . iMtlOjil'..
T7KST1NUS, sometliin? Tery la. ne
V our customers ami others lor sole by
1)Ot.AiM ilk nmi Lining lor Ladies' dresA-s
just recefceJ ar.J for sale Rt
LADIES' and Misses'GAITEllS.hnlfGalSura
Jenny Lind and Morocco Slippers, nt
i nrii r t vv r, i.u . t.tii mi .
T AKEUK PEl-AiNKSiif new aid hue sty la
1 Ladies, eimrttnti see tnati A
may 21
h- ' T V '
I i
COVERLET YARNS, Carpet Chn.n, lu jly
and common Batting; for sale low by
sep3 9. & II. M'FADDEN.
TTrrillTE 1.EAD. A freah supply of pure
T j wnite l ean, in on, lor sate low oy
1INSEEP ptL and Bpts. Tnrpcniine. a rood!
Jaupply on hnnd nnd for sale cheap by 6 ;
4. , J. BE A LI..
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Candies; Cakes, Nuts, Raisins,
Cracke t and Imported Segart, I
STumiriti.t, Ohio.
Wcddinrs and ether Parlies mrniihed. with
Cakes, ten-, on ahori no'ioe. '
N. B I have a Peddlini Wnpon enraged, Inr
the nurnoseoffimiisbiiK my euatonieraand Irietyly
eenerally, In HsrrisonConnty. with evrrryarie
or ptootl ana iresn c andles. yiytel l
ITlLOUii hy the on rrel. mr anie by . t
jji 6iiorwu.L, itca.vca.
Wistar'B Balsam of Wild Cherry,
Ikr itrrat limn ily jor CnfumjiliuH of tit
I.uii'". Ajfrrtion of Ihe l,inr, Atlhmn,
Itrnnc'iiii. I'ainS or WeuknfMM of ih,
llrra.it or l.ungi. and other ajeclioni
the I'utmfftarif Orgnn
Wti eopy ih follntt'iug article wih plen
or, (r.im ll.e Uoslon .Mercantile Jnn'-
ual," 04 M itch. I and wn hope ihnt if an;
if our f4'ndra ur- aiiffi-rira; from any r.f t ie erun
plain'a which it ia said lo cure, lliey will speedi
ly avail thcaiseU'p ol it.
Ir. Vafsir' Is-llsiiiii of AVIld Tlierry
It was well kuowu uianv jenn ngo tbai tin
Wild I'hi rry Inv bark nl thia eliinai" pus-cited
valuable niedieiiial nualitii-s. Indeea tbia fact
wa a know 11 loth,- nhoriiriiiea, and ili-roi-.liona of
die leavea or bark oftliisiree haaevrr been re
garded by Iheir physicians ns one of the mnil ef
icciual reineilii s in many ilisensm. Tliia fact,
several enrs since, urresied the uiteiitiiarnf Dr.;
VVistnr, n hiuhly rrsK-nt:iol. prlielil'Mivef of Vir-
'lllia. lie liivis.ixai:o who ram mc M?aiintj
limperties of the Wild Cherrytested itaiffeclaj
ivlit-11 aduiiiiinli-refl nhoie mill when in coujbina.
tioii nil li other reinedinl nitelits. lie I'nuuil ihati
itanaiural virtue iniijlii be ereaily iinnrovid ,and!
liy enmhiii'in: it with iiiKredieiit whose proper,
tia were ul! well proved nnd jrelier lly recol
uiged, n niedii-ine wiib produced which enna'i';
tiitesn remedy of (treai impiirlance in I'uliuoiiary ;
nlTi'ctions, iin-i iliciiHesol th1 CIh-hI und rhruat
-ilisenses which are proverbially prevalent in our
mine nnd laren towns, ninl olieu prove Intnl.
swelling the bill of niortalit) in a much erenter
extent than is the ease with most otlicri. we had
uliii'ial said nil classes of disease.
The scniiine VV i-tar's HnUn.11 of Wild Ch.'rry . rr-f 1 v, '
haat, lar.siniileofihesijnatiireofllei.rv Wis.ar. Q PIFCKS hla-k Silk, -ai-able for dreae.,Ma
M. D., I'hiladelphia. ninl Sanloril mid Par on it O'iH" and laatta, .il ';''0 '.
finely executed steel i n0'ravril wrapper. None , H ' "' M E"'"
ol'ge are srenuine "I71UKSII TK S. prime Kiu Corpse, prima Mad-
C'ONSirr.SrTlOXJ i V di ami imlixos eru.htd and loaf Sugara;
:;.ak Tuw.vamr, Urow.n Co.. Ohio, )
sitir, uRotv.N t o., ti,
Feliruarv Uth, lB.")l
Join D. Pahk. Ciucil nati, tdiio. (.enenil
NVi-aicm Azent for Dr. Wisiar's Unl.-ain of Wild
Cherry Dear Sir: Our fainiiy tire prcdispiwed
to that terrible ills. use Consumption my uither
.,...1 ;.. k .L-i'n.r ii:,..i i ilu,, ii;...i... 1 1 u
': t -y -. - j
ns honcleks, ninl requested
me to prepme for
,ur ., vpry few day a 111 must would elnee
. tjlu. To allcyiate my naroxismsofcoui'liint:,
wliKl were ;,llel8t.y oitiiiiiii;, and to ns'ai my
I'Xiieciorniioii , which nlinnfl binull rretl me, mi
, ; l( buiiirlit m c hot tie uf ;Vlr. WistntV
.... ..,,.1 ,.. ,ilr lir,, 1 ,. ri,.....,,.! ,,.i:,r
and cblainetl a little uninterriipted sleep, whicu
.r...,l., ,,, ..,.ru I.
i.'r. .... il.lcil 1 1.,....
... o,,..,.,,,i. .. ,..t ., ,-,,.,,..,. n.-. ...,.1 ,.e,
hi li-ii" oi 1. -if.i'1 v ... i.itiiinj , iiini in- - Htm sirailKV mm nw vi.n .......
l(.r ,pw (tllJ.s 1 wa enuliled intake ifie Halsamlliair. bluckin boota. anil in fact ..gr,thini! i
wild Cherry reculurly and in fulldosea. 'Mi ikialinenl busineta. All he asks ia a fair triul. '
,:, ,.,,,1 ,v ,il;,.,.ii..ii hei-i,i.i n- ml,..
ihem to Itt-lih. Truly yours.
lu-,,.-. T fV.T.,,K r!,,,vnre r h,... e....n.
tetkh , vistar's Da I sum of Wil,ICIierrv.-.i'.'ri
hy ,,,. Wm. Spear, wh... in order tn palm hisvili
;,'!,,; ,h pblo
ai.uile uf our iMttle. and n
lias ol.taiiietl n lac
nnnieil our label of di-
rectinns verhaiiim. sibstituting Ills own name fin
that of Henry Wislar,M. D., which is found ut.
the trciiuir. .
Remember the outside lahel or wrapper of tin i
genuine Balsam is a finely executed sleeler.gra
vine, hearing the iiaaie uf Henry Wiatar. M. D..
und Sanford nnd Park none (plier ran be genu
t,;nr.,i ...,,t ;i',n ......
,(.ribe mis medicine it, tneir nraciice.
I rn-c $1 per liotlle six rnjitli s 'or $.V Sold
hy J. 1). PARK, Cincinnati. Ohm.,
North enst corner of Fourth and Wulnut street
entrance on Wuloiil str.et, to who II orders
must be addressed. Also, by.
John Reall.and M'llean.V K'uox, faiilin Hnr
it Patrish. Moorelield ; John Hnrir. Mt. Pleasant :
J. Criiinhneher St Son, Wheeling; T. S. Henlng.
jy'ii- ly
SJ. .1. f"
I the Cnra of .
A QTiTTTVT A .j nnnranwusiTAn'
. " .uo. itiu nuii.etuua ,utu t ui,e . c. .s.v iis
made in this gen ernlitn lo facilitate the buaineaa
!0f life-
in.,n;.ui il. alllni ,.ii., ii.i.t a
J - iim ,.i.i.,.s
f llUHllin txislelice. Hone Can b.! Il.llnail
t ..... 1 .... I... .. ..I,:.. I . I. . -
v. siuk m... nun., n isnnn.i.ii, mini inu cuiuri
hu.ion of Chemis.iy to th. Healing A rt. A v.
"'" lrlc ""'ongnout Una hro id country.
haa proven beyond a doubt, that no medicine or
combination of medicines yet known, on n so sure
y control and ciiie the niimeruiis varieties of puli
liuonury disease, which have liiilu rio swept from
a ft. li''iJo OH Ji I
tfl07Yfl'r(!ti5TTl'-? fff??rajTiri:JrRiri ntr
our midst thousands nud thousands every year. I"""" Uw viertia or aeACKftav. ne ey me pre
.... , , ,. acriiiiinns enntiiiited ill thia nook, n ens ma
ndeed, there ia now nbiindiiut reason to believe ' ! i.: w...:.... ... i i.... ... ....:." " T.,
ll( uje out we wouiu pieseni tne lonowiiir otnn
. . i i . .
i'"'of "n'1 rlef inquiry to
the circular wlin.li me Aient nelow nauieil, will
iilvvuy. be pleased lo furnish free, wherein are lull
.-. . ' .... . . -
punieiilnts. and inilitputable piool of these facts:
, PKOfES.-jOtt HITCHl'OCli
"James v. yer cir: iinyu usuo yuurv..nss-
v I'kctossi. hi my own ciueoi tiiiep scuieu uron-
chilis, mid a in amuficd from ita Clieinicul couati-
itutum, thnt it ia an iiiinnrahle compound lor llif
i.C.l.w. .......t.... ...... ... ...lu. ,, . ..
ui y opinion us in ita auperior character can be of
Sliy servi v. y oil n i v t v . iu. r ' v u.ii.i:iiinjuii ...uy
think piopi r. KD. HITCHCOCK. L- L.- U ,
From the tvitlelv celebrated -
MED., I'll If,.. AND Sf'l EN
ROPE. - : :.
'I deem theCtiKtat PsoToxti. an admirable
eonieosition from aautfl of the best s nicies hi die
Materia Medina, and a very eneotive rerueny lot
the clnss ol Hisense it is inten.ieit to cure, '
New Hit vea. Ct.. No, t, IS49.
Muoa Psttisok, Preaident of the S.C, Senate,
atntea that he haa oaa.l thaCtitaar Pacroaai. with
vtoiiderful success, to cure aa inllaniniulioiiof tlie
luntra. ' - ; :,i:
V' "'- " !- eini.ir.. .'-
Sou, Me., April 3R, 1819.1 1
Dr. J. C. Ayer, Lowell Dvar Sir I 1 nai now
constantly nvmit your Cnrssy PtcrroaAV in my j
nrnciii-e. and nrelet it to any other mtlicin?for
pulmonary complaints, t. From observation of nin
ny severe cases, 1 am convinced that It will core
Congha, Colds, and diseases of the Lungs, that
have put to deunnce all other remeulee - - -
1 invariably recommend is use in eusee of Con
tumplion, nnd eonsider it lnnoh the best remedy
known lb thnt instate, iceipectmuy yours, '' ,
"- '"I.-ACUSHMArt.-M. O.
PtvMkfA and lold by r !
, - ' James c. aver,
1 ''' Pranlloal Chmnlit, Lowell. Mas..
Aos-nt M'Raan A Kant, Cadia i W . Wil
tiama, I'ltricheville T. 8. lieuint, Strubnnville;
a l bv lrBin janerally Hu;snKira' (be1 r'lato
1 'i(let(li ,t .4 f"v, .! rtts '.!
ta'reat and Dtstruciiye
Fire )ii the Hailror..
1TTK art now neei iviue nnd opmih? ti e -
V f rei und Imt adecird mi ei r AM V
VXD.STAPLK DRY 4.M)DS itMit rinaerei been
louthi in thia uirt ( 1 ( country . arhick w
. rand wiil..ell t n.
-a any other amie i the eMii'ry. V' have ton
ij;h nn npinioaof ihe gooilretiae and judjaiful i
ne latiuiiig coniniunity nf Ilarriawn eoumy. t
ink they can be tulleil by tl-e? nuiay brKitif
ml xnssinc of aoaur- ol the aaMUll frj.lhat htui
ii en piiulnt over ihe rnlaryemAnl ol alorea aad
oixU beyond calculation: all we ariab for lk
ouiuuir'iT who have ihe ready
"JOHJf UArlS."
n brine iheir fllll, nmi aee who liai lb
We make a.i p-e'ruiinna to aelt less than
he cost 10 briin; them bete, but ate will eil at
lair livinc pruCi.and Hike their piodiic at lair
am rkrt price. W hnve taken jtreat e" "
lert our good Kiiu a lo quality nd ctteiiprtra,
at have no auetiiMi jowl a ruarfe to aell and nut
to wenr. '
Cull and see; the Gnoila willapetik for llieaa
.elves. SliOTWKLl, Il CUAHM.
FlltM AlllllVAL!
Fall and Winter Goods
ML ak !
mi. ruvi. ,ivw-
a RE ree.,.;wi'nir an rx.euaive atock ol Fdfl and
A winter linnda. cniisiti inir of Fireiaii an
i(,ni, l ie (oods, purcliated recently in the Easi-
,.trt (-u:ei The irt-.mlfl arc invited to nl' aU
eii,;I1(! their atw-k, uir lliey nro determined lo
ci.iiiinue on. a they ever httvc done, to aell thair
'Knmls mi fair crma apJ
f,,ii ,i,,mlT ,, leeeired and for tale by
sen.'t . S. A, II. M'FADDEN.
Nails To close Consignment.
. in-inin.eiiitil beat vvuteliiu iiii,wniii
will aell ut coat, lo clow cmiaigunienl.
Ill m-i'iiv. 43.30 by the kra;.
o and 9 ixM.ny. J3.45 pur krf.
6 penny, $4.10 per kefc. , , ?
liest lion. $3 per 100 lb. . ,
iVunr. e.eiviiia? weeklv aunrdieaof ail kiaJa
0f 1 1 ulwate ui ihe airn nf ' he His Pllock.-,-
ept24 Dl I M Alts &. IHU V Mlt.
kllil Viu(! I
itiiavliiKl! tl-.lviMRl!t
sniiiet iinir sfnnee 'ha. Wtl v iui.i-
1 ran'i he beat ahavimr ! ami lie moat
,...., ; miildina. nearlv Pto-
site Win. Iloiru's alore, urn doora from Mr. John
Philip'a rncerv, nnd adjoining Mr. tluntei'a.
ia also atranie mill ne can ic
T Kit MS IX TDK liUAU I r.11.
Onoe a week per quarter, (3 anrtlis)
I wice a week - hii; ,
Three liiuee 'l "
Four times ilu ' , ' "
Single shave. ,- ' ' ; ;
Hair Cutting
Sharpening Katora - ,
llandiiiig iiaanta .
A II kindsnf renovating, such
'..,-. n
! '.- yjn
.. 3U
a -taking all
manner of slain, grease Swt. tr..,etc aHe.froiM
clothin?, done ut the ahorleat Holier. ,
We'll shave you well and wash yoa cl
As tiny fcody ever aeea, ( ,
And cut your iinir and oil it t-m .... uX
' And ac.rntcli tiinil yon sny 'iwill do s
Hnii't yon believe 1 just come and try,. ,- (
And see if what I aa'y'a a li. g
I can'l be beat I do dei-lire. , f,
In atinvlug neat or cuttiiitf hair t, , t"
And il'nt tirst I thave with eaae, -.
You then can come whene'er jou plaaaa,
I know luy htiud is oh' and tried, '
And neves known In slip or slide, "-.
My Rar.)ta tire all cut mill dried. . ( ' iJf
Ami never known to tenr the hide,
aims one come all, both hich and low, r
Just lake a seat, vou aou will know. , . ,
u-5t.lv " LOT WILLI.,
A Sure Cure for Worms. , , , "
r TO HI'.N SACK'S W OR.V1 SYRUP. A fraai
I 1 nnii le, for sale at -
iyjn 8Hotwf.lt, v env
- Lumber.
O f i f FF.I'.Tof Oak I.h ruber (nssnTwa":
Li."." rJ. lor u!e wlinltsaleor letaii by
w,H- muni t cd.;
' KN'j MOM I'.N'S Wn rr iguiii of ft I Kaiiraw
i stieeil. the atetuii ia liu ut -
npD-il SI'FAPnKN'.S.'
jJATKNT. MI'DICIMIS, a litrf variety, mr
I. aule by f,inm-4 J. Ui:aLL.
I TRIMMINUS lor iltfsaes, of lair atjlea, a
J very pretty article, lor sole by
limy.' I
D O i: T O If" V OUIttiliLF
. Fr ' Tutnt'hfl'r ' ( Vif.. .
Ill M KANS of the i'ockat
iCsculu pius,, or. Every Wiie
Ilia own I hyuicinn! being
the 't'Uirlietk edition, wil'
iipwurda uf a tiumlreil ii,rk.
vinga. shnwing private dia
cues in every shape ana!
iii'm, nnd niiilfornitnioiis ei
the Ueiieralivo sy alums, ly
Wm. MtVMi, itl. I
- Tbc lime baa nuw aruvfd,
that person sulleriwa; Irsu.
eecrct (liseMses, need ao aioie
dcranvements which it wunld .not be piier la
enumerate in the public prima. - . , -a
Any porsnn sendins; 2,1 CENT S enclosed la a
r' - ' Z ' JJ:
nr fii-H eoMies will be S4iiit Inrmir HulfMS. Adrmm
nr. Wm. Vuit. Jvo; lit, Hpruct strcrf,
f'hil(id-l)iliit. Post-pafd. , : f
Dlt YOIjN'C. can be cnnsrilird on nay of tl
liseases ilescubt'd jo his different publications.
it hisOiIiue, 152, Snruceslreet, every day hetwreu
2 and 3 o'clock, ( Snndm s excepted.) np3-ly
Agents Wanted. .
USIES MEN to'iaka ihe exclusive Area
JL)cy t,for 4 couaty of enmities) for the sale ef
diit;EUMAN WASHING FLUID, an tifii.de
wuh cheaper nnd easier to use than soap, acd is
-i- unteil lo perlestly cleanse nil kinds of clit
' ""'r.eotitaininit no Potash, od-Aah, 8pifiief
peutitis, Anniibnia. Acidt, or any artisls,
I nUver, thai will in any manner Iniuie the in-
at inbric o the vi.ksh. It ia na arm la which.
then once introduced, const , sai.ies can be
nnnle. with larje fri.fita to the A Kent. For par- ,
.iculars reenrdin prices, terms. aVe, aHdrcu
(poat paid) to i. r: HOYT A Co ; l
- Scplti.SiH No. C5, Soiith Fill si., Plula,
-'.',. ftv-RE MOVED' iTO'f'i J?..- :
-ft : -No." Race .Street,
(Retween Fourth nnd Fifth. 0;islteCrosra Ik.)
v . PHU'ADKU'.UA. . ,
WHERE the Proprietor ia enn hied, by in
creased fariliifes, to fn pdy iho grawiat;
tltmunrt or. HOVEll'S ISKi. wii'iclt in wide-
spread rerutnu.n hnsereaipd. ,
' h- I. Irf -11 -l.1-t. J I. A I'll-. J
j ..is .ns tw ,,. i. vv nniiv.iuii,iii.-n . .iih r-..'
opinion-nnd oonDdHiie of the AuetioaN Y'ablia.
that it is simreely iiecersnry to any uiiytlnu( h,
its favor, nnd too manufnciuror tnl-s ihia op
portunity tn tay thnt the confidence tbtere.i
ahnll not be.ahusci.1. . , . , . - '
In addition to ihe various kind of Writi.if
liiB. be also m iiiufnciurM f ttsmantiii Crifnt.
tor mendinr Gltia and China, na well na a suae
rior Hair Dn't 1 trial only U nct-!i.v i ia
sure ita future aee, and a binh'nf M ux, wlui-a is
wej ailapted fur lrr?isisanil It ittlers, at ' "
low price, in Intra) air email ,iiWt"a. 1 ' ' ' "'
ailtirejused to . JOSI i'll I. i '
L ,s . , i ' Tt v -
Nl Ml, Dnceatrr'-:. bstwr.'R 1'.:"' ' . '
pppo its Cruwrttt . Phil, iii h-'
.-.f5 :
' f t.
kJ i-
: "
:. - V' f

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