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The Democratic sentinel and Harrison County farmer. [volume] (Cadiz, Ohio) 1851-1852, February 18, 1852, Image 3

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THE FBEffCH CONSTITUTION. :ticl1 m7 Biv rl rioi interpreta-
'Jtie late arrivals have brought usUort, $3. ThMe ComulunUYl
the new I rrnch Constitution, a just Submitted to the .aneiion of the President of
adopted and promulgated lo the jtf public and promulgated ty him.
people r that nation. We nave . nokft Jj- Jtbtued
time Or room lor ommiPnte. But unconstilnUon,, b Government, or de-
W6 trust It will bo care-folly road nonnced for the same cause in petitions from
and consider!!, fit docs not from the citiaen..
up tho power on th President then
" I I
we are mistaken. What use he
wui make ol tlm &n power,
mains to bo seen.
He New Ereiich Constitution.
The following is the new constitution, as
promulgated on Thursday morning in the
Monticvr, in virtue of the powers delegated,
. iuvuj;t;i;jii I kj juu3 linpuit. Oil mvm
napartei by the vote of the 20th and 21st of
December, 1851:-
"The President of the- Republic, consid
erint; that the French people have keen cal-
led to Dronounca on the following resolution, i
via: 'The people wishes the maintenance
of the authority of Louis Napoleon Bonaparte,
ana gives liiru the necessary power to make
a constitution on the basis established in his
proclamation of the 2d of December;' con
sidering that the basis proposed for the ac
ceptance of the people were
1. A responsible Chief named for 10 years;
2. Ministers dependent upon the Execu
tive Power alone;
3. A Council of State formed of the most
distinguished men, preparing the laws and
maintaining the discussion on them in the
Legislative corps;
4. A Legislative Corps, discussing and
voting the laws, named by universal suffrage
without the tcrulin dc lisle, which falsifies
the election:
6. A Second Assembly formed of all the
distinguished men of the country, a balan
cing power, guardian of the fundamental
pact and of the public interests, and consid
ering that the people have answered affirm
atively by 7,500,000 suffrages, he promul
gates the constitution, the tenor of which is
as follows:
Sictiow 1.
Art. 1. The constitution recogaizes, con
firms and guarantees the great principles
proclaimed in I7G0, and which form the ba
sis of the public rights of the French people.
Bxciion 1. Forks of the Govihnmint of
tux RariTBLic
Art. 2. The governinentof the French Re
public is intrusted to Prince Louis Napoleon
lionaparte, actual President of the Republic,
lor ton years
Art. 3. The President of the Republic
governs by means ol the Ministers, the Coun
cil of State, the Senate and the Legislative
Art. 4. The Lcrns-lative powsr is oxerci-
.ed eolle.t.vely by the 1 resident of the Re-
public, the .Senate, and the Legislative body.
.Sectiok 3. Of tub Pbksident of tub Re-
Art. 5. The President of the Republic is
responsible to the French people, to whom
. - i i .... . . i
tie iicis itiwHjs a rignr, 10 appeal.
Arc. X). ine rresuieut ot t;ie neputilic is
the chief of the State, lie commands the
land and the sea forces, declares war, con
eludes treaties of peace, political 'and com
mercial alliances, and makes the mh s and
decrees for the execution of the l.tws. '
Art. 7. Jus.ioe is rendered in his name.
Art. I). He alot.e has the intuitive of the
.... mi i . ...
Art. 9 He has the right to pardon.
Art. 10. lie sanctions and prumulirates
the laws, and the Stuutft CumuUft. "
Art. 11. He present- the state of aifairi of
the Republic every year to t!;e Senate and
iiejrisiituve noiiy, oy a meisage. regulations ot public administration, and to
Art. U. lie lias a right to declare the obviate the difficulties that may arise in mat
state of siege in one or several departments, ters of administration,
on Uie condition of referrinir to the Senate Art. 51. It maintains, in the name of the
with the shortest delay. The consequences
01 me siate ol siege are regulated by llie law.
Art. 13. The Ministers denend solely on
the Chief of the State. Each is responsible
only as far as the actsof the government ra-
gard him. There is no solidarity between
them. They can only be impeached (mis
0n-accusation) by the Senate. j
Art. 14. The Ministers, numbers of the
Senate, the Legislative body, and the Coun-
cilofSta e. (he officers of the land and sea
forces, the magistrates, snd the public func : Art. 54. A High Court of Justice judges !
tionaries, take the following oa h: ' without appeal, or recourse to cassation, all
I swear obedience to thu Coi.stitulion and persons who shall be sent before it, us accu
fidelity to the President. sed of crimes, attempts or plots against the
Art. 15. A Semites-Coniulles fixes the sum President of the Republic, and against the1
allowed annually to the President of the Re-
public for the entire duration of his functions,
Art. 16. Should the President of the Re-
public die before the expiration of his office j
(manuai,) tlie benate convokes the nation to
proceed to a new election.
Art. 17. The Chief of the State has a ritrht
by a secret act deposited in the archives of
tne btate, to point out to the people the name
of the citizen he recommends, in the interest
of France, to the cmlidence of the people
and to its suffrages.
Art. 18. Until tho election of the new
President of the Republic,, the President of
the Senate governs with the concurrence of
the Ministers in officii who form thcmsclvc
into a Government Council, and deliberate
by a majority of votes.
Section 4. Of tub Sesati.
Art. 19. Tho number of Senators cannot
exceed 150. It is fixed at 80 for the first
Art. JO. The Senate is composed, 1st, of
the Cardinals, Marshals, Admirals;' td, of
the citizens whom the President of tlie Re
public deems fit to elevate to the dignity of
Art. 21. The Senators are not rerhovea
ble, and are for life.
Art. tt. The functions of Senator are gra
tuitous; nevertheless the President of the
'Bepublic may accord the Senators, by reason
' of the services rendered and of their position
as respects fortune, a personal donation, which
hall not exceed 30,000f. yearly.
Art. 23. The Presidents and" Vice Presi
1 dents of the Senate are named by the Pres
ident of the Republic, and chosen amongst
'the Senators. They are named for one year.
The salary of the President of the Senate is
fixed by a decree.
Art. 24. The President of the Republic
convokes and prorogues the Senate. He
fixes the duration of its session by a decree.
The sittings of the Senate are not public.
Art. 25. The Senate is the guardian of the
fundamental pact and of the public liber
tiee. No law can be published before being
submitted to it.
Art. 26. The Senate opposes the publica
tion 1st, of laws which may be contrary to
or affect the Constitution, religion, morals,
the liberty of worship, the liberty of persons,
? 8 c,'Ien oeiore me laws, . in
violability ?f property, and the principle of,
the iMmtili- of the magistracy; and, of
those which may endanger the safety of the
Art 27, Tlie Senate regulates by a Sm
attu Cotuulie; 1. The Constitution of the
eoloniea and of Algeria; 2. All that has not
been provided for by the Constitution, and
which ii necessary to its maintenance; 3. The
signification of articlrs of the Constitution
ah. 3U. in Senate can in a report an-
dressed to the Republic, fix the basis of,
project of law of great national interest. I
Art. 31. It can also propose modification!
to the Constitution. If the proposition ii
adopted by the Executive power, it is ttated
ao by a ktnatus-Contulte.
Art. 32.' Nevertheless, all modifications of
the fundamental bases of the Constitution '
sna'l be submitted to universal suffrage, j
" " " .... j ua.,w uvt u cuuiiuinicu lu I li v. (
proclamation of the td of December, and
adopted by the French people,
Art. 33. Incase of the dissolution of the
Legislative Corps, and till another convoca-
tion, the Senate on the nronosition of the
Prs'dent of the Republic, provides by mea-j
sures of urgency for all that is necessary for
carrying on uie uovernment
Sacriox 5. Ok tub Lkgislativi Cops,
Art. 34. The election ha& the population
for basis. ,
Art. 35. There will be one deputy to the
Legislative Corps for every 35,000 electors.
Art. 36. The deputies are elected by uni
versal suffrage, without the tcrulin de lisle.
Art. 37. They do not receive any salary.
Art. 38, Thy are named for six years.
Art. y. liie legislative Corps eiscusses
and 0tes the moia.-Ui i,f law and t1 i,nn.-ta i
AH AH V.i ', ,! , j ,'i u .
Art. 40. Lvery amendment adopted by
tlie Commission charged With the exaniina-
tion of a project of law shall be sent, without
discussion to the Council of Stale bv the
President of the Legislative Corps
If L '
kmendment be not adopted by the Council
of State it cannot be submitted to the delib
eration of the Legislative Corps.
Art. 41. The ordinary sitting of the Le
gislative Corps lasts three months; its sittings
are public, but the demand of live members
is sufficient for its resolving itself into a se
cret committee.
Art. 42. The account of the proceedings
of the sitting of the Legislative Corps, given
by the journals, or any other channel of
publication, shall consist only of the repro
duction of the minuieS (proces verbal) drawn
out at the close of each sitting by the care of
the PresidenUif the Legislative Corps.
Art. 43. The President and Vice Presi
dents of the Legislative Corps are named by
the President of the Republic for one year;
they are chosen from amongst the deputies.
The salary of the President of the Legisla
tive Corps is liied by decree.
Art. 44. The Ministers cannot be mem-
iuers 01 me ijegtsiA. ve Corps.
i Arl.. 4.ri Tlii vifrht .f i.tMn m-v.n'iwA
ts r rds the hloa cftn be
hlidnd to the Leai.lativu Corps.
Art. 46. The President of the Republic
convokes, adjourns, prorogues, and dissolves
'the Legislative Corps. In case of dissolu-
'lion, the President of the Republic is bound
u - t . ,
to convoke a new one within the term of six
SixTio.v 6. Of the Council of State.
Art. 47. The number of the Councillors of
Slate in ordinary service is om 40 to 60.
Art. 48. The Councillors of State are na
med by the President of the Republic, and
are liable to removal by him.
Art. 49. The Council of State is presided
oyer by the President of the Republic, and in
ins apsence by the person whom he indicates
V'ice President of the Council of State
I Art. 60, The Council of Stale is charged
under the direction of the President of the
hepubhc, to draw up project of law, and
Government, the discussion of the projects
01 law neiure the beimte and tlie Letn.slative
Corns. The Councillors of State chaned to
speak in the name of the Government, are
appointed by the President of the Republic,
Art. 62. The salary of each Councillor of
State is 25,000f.
Art. 53. The Ministers have rank, right
of sitting, nnd a deliberative voice in die
Council of State.
Skctiom 7. Of tub High Coi iit nr Ji RTirK.
internal and external safety of the State. It
cannot be convened b it in'virtne of a decree
of the President of the Republic,
Art. 55. A Scnatus-Consulte shall deter-
mine the organization of that Hii'h Court
Sectiok 8. Gmkral and Transitory Pro
Art. 50. The provisions of the codes, rules
and regulations now existing whieh are not i
opposed to the present constitution, remain
in vigor until they be legally abrogated.
Art. 57. A law shall determine the muni
cipal organization. The Mayor shall be na.
tn...l u .1 - v i. 1 1
r Jf';' euuve Power, and need not
oe a member ot the Municipal Council.
ArtCG. The present constitution shall be
in -rigor to the date from the day when the
,.,., ). (, -,, . - ., , ,,
gi crttiowersouneisiaie organized Dy it snail
iv. niiiauiuicu. xne ueciecs isHueu oy tne
President of the Republic, to commence with
the 2nd oj December to the present period,
shall he all the force of law!
J-one ai llie ralacc ot tllC luilenes the
14th of Januarr, 1852.
Sealed and signed with the Great Seal,
The Keeper of the Seals,
Further News by the Pacific.
Nkw York, Feb. 13.
France. The Monitcii' contradicts rtt-
mors 01 iresn measures 01 seventy on 111c
... I-. . .,'
part 01 the irench government. M. Alonta
lambcrt and several other members of the
Consultive Committee have resigned their
functions in consequence of the decrees re
specting the Orleans family. The Moniteur
also announces that the government will not
require exceptional measures to maintain
Three persons were arrested on the 23d,
on the charge of having been engaged in the
insurrection on tho 4th of December, and
forty-six others were arrested at Latet Ga
ronne, all of whom are to be transported to
M. Jules Favre, President of the Civil Tri
bunal at Rhones, has been arrested on a war
rant, charging him with having incited, the
inhabitants to civil war.
Oh! Cracky! The Washington
Globegiv.es tho name of tlie new
born princess of Spain. It is as
Maria Isabel Franciica de Asia
Christina Francisca . do' Paula Fer
nanda Dominga Tomasa Lugarda
liueia Blasa Teresa Antonia y To
do Santos. ,., .
' JFefi, that will do
glr advertiser are entitled to a
n?f;c un,der th' head " A11 oUers
,l" barged fall price.
JOHX PARKElWhee.ingia .utb.
d 10 ubs'P"n nd adveruse-
mentg for the "Sentinel farmer. All
agreement, made with him wdl be strictly
a, ,4 K &. h lias
' ;
. . , .' -
. p-
ns to "Sentinel iV. I armor.
I1 cb. 1 1 1852 ;
Feb. 1 1 A. yffit.
1 1 J. Worley,
11 Fred. Kewburgh, (trade,)
13- J. W. Spiker,
H-J. AV. Watsou,.
14 B.S.Simms, (beef,)
17 J. Dickerson,
17 J. McClelland, (coal,)
50 1
Chair Mamiractory. UurlncndlBS s)ie approached the Jordan of death.
M. M'Conneli, is Itill
to be found !
at tlm old nlarp iirpnnrd tr srrnm.
modiitcall who may havo any ihiiig!f"a !' y iT i , ?
j i i- i n. the sweet, composure with which'she stared'
. . . :
u..ii imo. i.iivn.":t is o. gmiu death in the face.
workman, and wc have no doubtj She was asked, a few days- before her
will give full satisfaction to all who death, if she had not beenme wearied and
may give him a call. See advcr-ltiredtof amotions. " replied with a
J . . I sweet smile: "I long to get home, but I
tiseniont m another column. lnow that as soon as jeSus thinks it best he
X3TVe know of no auhiect on which nub
which pub
lie opinion ia so unanimous as the efficacv of
.i 'ir nir, r: i, ...t.
"UU"V'U "Lfiiia i uuiirs. i iisui.s
have long been sunenngtrom dyspepsia, QIS-'
ease of y n imte anJ
m;lntint cU).e(1 j,.. tMJ;r ug0- procure
'i ' ' ,. , ., n
, V . ' ; 1 1 ' ,T.
il. .1 Hrus in . n i ill' iri'riiinii iiif.iiiiT.il iiiini.
" '
im iif. ; 1 1 '.. 1111111 triAiii. 1 iniiiii'i-
i.;., 'rt... ;i; .i,nid il ..
!,,ij -.i .... .1,;. ,.,df,.i m,.,n,; o
uu r.,Vi o.icv IJ. lyixao nuuuviitii inv,uiviiiv. A
.Tns Jots ot Cokvalgck.n'cc. There are lay like a little child at the feet of her Sa
fe w sensations known to the human heart viour, awaiting her appointed time. At
more alive with sweet joy and peaceful hap- length her death knell was sounded. She
piness, than the conscousness of returning seemed to know the voice. She was ready,
health. Wlien sickness for months and years and exclaimed: "My brother is here !"
has pressed the spirit down when pain and and her happy spirit took its flight,
anguish have filled to the brim the cup of In the decease of Mrs. Cambell soeiety Iisb
J.i..n..i I...... I t f..,.l ',,l.; il,. l..l lnclnna nflli l.n.i;.amnmk.ii.c tl,n PVoiroh
ui.uaii, iivi ji" iui to- itci ..mini j" i jiu
some flow of health !
Such very ofiea are tire household joy
thronghout the length and brondth of our
hind, where the pule and ghastly Consump-
tive h-as been changed to one blooming pic-
ture of health, by the timely use of that ex-
cellent and long tried remedy, Dr. Wistar
Balsam of Wild Cherry. See advertisement.
Jty Dr Guysotl's Improved Extract of
Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla, put up in th
largest sized bottles contains more of the
pure Honduras Sarsapar.lla than any other
jui.(ii(tiivii CA.1.0111., v. iiiuii ii iiiruiiuaii cum mnnies nnn fai'Ct.i nl J iti.iclcmnn. it non-rcsi-bined
with the extract of Yellow Dock and tlcntnf aiiid ctniiy. IlKNUV BtlVl.Ks.
the extract of Wild Cherry, thus making the ""rl1 3,1 Feb.. laf.t . fhll-4t '
remedy more thoroughly efficient than any Yuitmim- ruim lor S tir.
S:irsri!irilln hi.fnri tin. iniKl!. A r tlio cuma ' T 0 Til T ai,l-.f-p:i.,.,t urill .UM .1 nr;.... ..lu
"i .w j..
time h is pertecti y iree irom all mineral poi-
sons, which cannot be said of any other of
. I Q Ml 1 r.'l 1- .
the fcarsapanlla compounds. Ihe invalid
, .11 . , .
should beware of poisons! Mercury, Iron,
Quinine. Potash. Iodine. Sulnher. Arsenic,
anil ni!inv ntlinr minora! pnrl mml nnienn.
enter into and form the active basis of moat
of the Sarsaparillas nnd Panaceas of the day.
Guysott's Compound Extract of Yellow Dock
and Sarsaparilla does not contain a particle
of these substances ; as any one can asceitain
by applying the necessary tests. Let all
poisonous Sarsaparilla preparations alone,
and use Guysott's Improved Extract of Yel
low Dock and Sarsaparilla, which is thorough
ly efiicacious, perfectly harmless and purely
vegetable. All kinds of disease yield to its
genial influence. See advertisement.
Temperance Meetingthe time
changed. The Harrison Countv
'Vmpcranco Society, will meet al
the Court 1 lotisicin Cadiz, on Thurs
day, February Hhh, instead of the
23rd;as first announced. Let every
Temperance man and woman, in
Harrison County he at the meeting.
The mooting will organize at the
rinain: of tlie bell.
JSy order.
J. I YVOOl). Secretary. .
.Democratic Meeting
Everything for the cause, nothing for men."
UK Democrats Ol ArcllCr I OWn-
i- . 1 .
shii. nrn ronnp.sfo.l In inept nt thr
I I " x "
hoUBO of (Jnbricl H0Iand ,,0 pJace
! f , ... , . . '.. 1
"Olaing t!lections ill said town-
ship, on MONDAY, MARCH 1, 1852,
- ,, 1 t
at one O'clock', I . M.
The ohiectof tllO mnotinrria to ef -
P . J . , ,
lOCt a tnorOUJ'll Organization Ol tllC
party for tho ensuing campaign, as.;rSn
alSO tO nominate .1 tlCKCt tO be SUP-
Inr.rln. or I in r.-Inrr l n,i
" "1" '"O
j lirn OUt Democrats OI Archer,
ml iii! h.iro f..i vi;nn rrl"; ""u "I tne next lermorsnitl court iipplit
and let us hae a hoe expression ot wi he ,,,,,. h, t.Mi,, ,, Henviiinf,
our. feelings and opinions.
Many I emocrals Archtr.
CADIZ I.OIMii:, Ml, 130. I. O- U. F
.Mseisevery FUIDAY KVENl.N'i.at .o'clock
ia the Hall, rfdioining the Mnikel llnaie.
ii. 1 i.iim'i.c.ur iiunviii ii
. mm tm. ,T .,. hb...bb k W i'
I Mini evnrv Mnnilnv cveiiiim ill the Hull ad
joining ttia Mmkct House.
Regular degree ineiiii's ontheirit Monday
a trsry monih .
The Cadiz Lyceum
Meets every TUESDAY KVK.MNO at lb
Auditor's cilice. The public are respectfully in
vited to attend imvS
CADIZ MARKEtf-February 18.
Wheat, bu
Pork, 3,50
(Jorn, - -Rye,
- -
Barley, - -Corn
Meal, -Potatoes,
Green Apples,
Dried Apples,
Flour bbl. 3,00
Salt, $ bbl. 2,00
Eggs,do. 121
Buttertjp lb. 1215
bugar, 8C910
Dried Peaches, 1,85
Ti'y seed 1,50(32,00
Flax Seed, . 87
Clover Seed, 5,00
Country sosp, 45
Tea, 50 1,25
Feathers, 31
Hay 3 ton 6,00
Fresh Beef,
l.nal .
d S tk road halween this town and Morria-
lwn, onth evening of Ike li9tb of Januarr.
u ,ff" 4' Knod ","llilv' Anypereoii
lll tniBrn er give inTbrraalion of the in me
to ma will Jin fiber ally rewarded. .
r.4 - - -vrtt. maryr r.iC
DIED At Clinton. Allegheny room;, Pa..
R the Sih iutt., Rev. Tnone B If sax, ami of
tie Krv. Tho. Harm. It l., of Washington,
Pa., ia the 34th jenr of hiange.
On the 17th Inst.. In this place, Mr. Rosest
Fisouso. agednbjut 70 year.
On lb 1 7 (h inti., John, infant son of John and
Sarah Rea, of ibis plnce.
Near Hickory. Washington county, fa. .on
the lit int.. Mi. Sua Cmnti.1, wile nf Ret .
I R Campbell, and daughter of Kev. William
Turgor!, lie! mom county ,Ooio, in lb (to jcar
of her n Jo.
The subject of this notice in early life
dedicated herself to the God of her Fathers,
Since an,i became a member of the Presbyterian
Church, in tho communion of which, tp to
81,50 the hour of her death, she sustained the
75 1 character of a consistent and devout Chris
1,04. tian. lie natural disposition was emphatic
1 .00 ally that of amiability and sweetness. Nat
l.SOjUrally modest and unassuming, yet she was
1,50 free to converse with all who visited her in
1, 50 ! her affliction. Her views of Christ and his
cross were bright and :heenng, and her con
Her afflictions, which were severe and pro-
itracted, were borne with unusual patience ;
i 1 1 ..-i. ,. , v.. t : i . l. -
" tae me nome nna I willingly wail his
w,u rihu u,e nome- anu 1 '"g'J
""!? '
' Un the Sabbath nrevious to her death, the
t ii Slmm,r ' n,lm;;,i.,l ; .1,.
, , Ir. ' . , ,
church of which her husband is the Pastor.
one Was heard to say to him, when he
turned: " You and 1 sat there together at
the last Communion: hut I will not, anv
, - I ,l.-l. .:i .1 1 r
011c1.11 ui iuk il new in iiiv r ntiier o jrA.iu-'uuiii.
Thus comforted and buoyed up with
- t .. . , . . .
hnnp nl n rfmi'iiine iminnffn irn nhn hnmh tr
v. .wj jutii(.o,iiiMiiuid ..ii. w.tuiwu
of Christ, one of its brightest ornaments
her two little children, at affectionate moth-
er; and her sorrowing lonely companion,
willever feel the desolation of his hcardi and
home, occasioned by her departure, and the
want of htr counsels and smiles in the va-
rious duties of his calling. Woodajield SpL
Tit of Democracy.
A T niT 'u9'1'!! n nitnctui nt wm tliit day
,f u,,I;,Ubr UV.V AT!'1,UI1,1 J,,.,,i,,I:,l llie
0hi. .unin.t the eomla. .-hauela. rights. .r.lit8
- ... .... n. ..c ...
, lr" ') "i " S""" i"f-
n''r""0,y."'r nni.s i,Br.i,.e,i of
C.iilii Ohio
1. . (imi,, ill ii:k IDtr.llli; IIUU.I-, tl OOI'
ha b.ii. niiul i:ml m,1,I ,, ,.T,.tl,..
1 - .1.. .
. P . ......... vi.
fruit orchnrd. The i .i.l f min ii well wntredj
-vith nbnut one hundred nml i-eu-nty IN claured i
dieieon. nml in 11 lush i.mt ol nillinitii.n. For
particulars enqniie ol tho mbicriheri. living in
Ciulii, or the owni ri, T. R. una S. liiliaoia, re
eidin,' on th prcmiees.
fehl I Kent l.ituis Agents.
Isnno MennUn,
Jacob llcitviiin.
Y Petition or rartiiion.
el a I t t I. : J
JA'Jon HKAVlUN. IWie.l llcniilin, Abra
ham llniiTilin, .Siiiiiik-I I), i I am v i Ii ii . John J
'tauviliii, Nincy lloMvilin, l.rdi.i Hnnvilln
J. -lines Shirm r, and Mury .Miimur bin wife, Siiniuel
Hoi 'eland and lOliziheib" Itorelnud his wile. Simon
drinker nnd llhoilu H ickcr hiiw iio. wiih Jiicob
B- HeHiilin, j'., Jinet M lle:m!in. Robert C.
Henvilin, Jeitiilia Ifeaviliti, l,evi Atkinmm nnd
I etielnpe Atkinson his wife, hei-i u the 1 h ' 1. 1 , on
nnd ,eir ut hnv ol Steuben W. lleiiviliu, tleo'ilj
will Hike notice that 11 omitinn wuifilcd nitninsi
them on the t'-th tiny of 'ehriinry. A. l).ldSl,
in tne unnri 01 Hyoiumnii l lrns, 111 nnil lor th ia worth a trial. Ihiapntteiit had become vsry
county of Hurrison, in th State nf 'Hiio, and t feeble, and the effect of ih aaedicin wa uainii
now pending, wheiein tho nattl lannu lleitvilin takeably dittinct:
demsndi pnrlitinn of 1 he fnlloninr; Real Estnto,' t'aiiad Stales Hotal, Saratoga Iprinjrs,
to wit: Tim weithnlf of section No. !.'i, in town-i July S, l4!l.
ship No. II. in nuifro No. S, bcs;i nuina; for tho! Dr. J. C. Ayr--8ir: I kav been affliated with
. eitnic nl me iniith-weit comer of snid section ;
I I hence north I i dct'l. east 13! nnd 4- llllhs narch-
! ea lo n atone at ihe norih-west cotnwr: ihence
j loiiih HO lists, emt, 35 perches tn n stone, on tho
, north houiidary lineal' 1,1 iJ section; ihencesouth
31 dcKB.eaal 1 S3 and l-lfllh perches to theioulh'
biiuntlnry line of snid aeeiion, where n bIoii
minds; ihence riorlh fc'J deg, west 117 nnd l-ltlih
peirhua to ihe place nl baginning, being eig hly-
I two and one-hull acics mote or lesi. j
Alio, ol ihcfolUwiug tract nf .nnd, I wil : The
: linrib-iam nr. of sretinn No. 31). ill township No.
in M
iy. rn mii-ru 110 o, 01 llie lands aoiu nt Steuben-
fine, wnii tne exception ol the west half ol the
last mentioned quarter leciion. which wascon-l
vey.il oil' ol laid courier by Ruasuel Henvilin,
dco il. in Ins lilclime. te one Edward Jones, bv
jdeed lieu ring dale July ihitd, A. D. . ISM. ami
j described ibereiu na lollowi: b'ginning for thu
: lame at a ceuire nnet on the ninth Ixundtirv line
Ol S.I ill Hf.t inn llif.nr.ai.ol' )l ui..l O. in ..urr.liA. Ia !
npoit; ihence i.mth 119 mid 5-l(lih perches to
"imm; lbeiiceivt-it8?aud lOihpcrolitoupiet;
ibencc not ill I IS) pt-rchee luthc placeol beeinning,
: -. ' .... ....
ooiioiiiiing eiaij-ono acres nun iiiiriy.eigni nun
dredth. oim, . . .
I Alio, of tlie following met, to wit : rioing a
part of ih o,nh.weit quarter of section No. .
!P ,ow,,"l'!r' N"-' I 'fe 5, an.l : beginning for
n.'-oniiiu u inc rwuin -kiisi coraer 01 1 1111 eiiarier,
ihenc.i. south 8li,deg, wast 1 1 perches to a stone ;
:,lien.'!e """h ti .leg aH Si. perches ton stone
on inu i n'eru boundary nl said epmier section ;
thence south hv th. east boiindniy line J3neiches
dei.uiheil premium a, lying in thecounty of Unr-
......i, in inu ,-ii.nn Ol wiuo. nntl nil .lining anil
being the lameof which ihe mid S.im.iel llcsvi-
lin.lali- of said countv.diod iii..d nnd nnnes,)
order dial panuinn may lie mad of anid prami-
J. fllAKO.'N,
febll-8t Attorney for Pa iliener.
"h I'm" 'liv'rTl,
WANTKD. SOU bu.hsis of Olovrseed, for
which the hirheit aiarkat nrie will h.
... . ... ......... - I ....
pun in 1 .un. ien wtion smith
Oil 4 1 It !H I N UFA CTI K Clt.
riHflln subscriber wishes tn inform his ciislnas-
J er nnd the public generally, tlinl he kai on
hand a lot nf t.'tl A I IIS, mad lo outer, which
h will il for r.ntk or apnrnvtd cniintiy produce,
aad that lie still eonlinue to m.inii faciur all
th dlfTfient vnritias nf Chain, SeUeei, Socia
blei, Aim-l hniri. iraiill Chairs, e:., etc., at his
tand.on Warren street, a itw doers south oft
V II. H'Kaddeii'i .t it.
J I.OV kilt ttK luU WA N VEit
rjSMIE highest pries will be given for a qunnti
jbu ty oi iioveneeu
if tltlirered seoa to tb
inbicriberi in Cadis
Jn.8, 5?.
. H.McFAnnKrf.
TiiHiA miivl7r,,
$r Hie w.ta I. a, Shotll, Esq. All basi
bsii ir)trast4 . kilters will be promptly attend
ee, t. anl-' Ij
"II ill invTui; aii cuibtuV.
No. 17, MnNiot St , Wiiecmno. V.
riHK snbjciiber hni just received n complal
X. tiasoriinenioi isnrii wtireiiiiii i niivry
oi every description in tne line, lor Smiths, Car
peine rs. Mill Wrvhtsnntl llone-f nihinir. toreth
er with Snyihe. Sickle, Soy ihe Snathe, Soy lit
rlton), Crnm Crndles, Korki of every deicription,
nnoveis, opnoas, mnuocas, mill ii nil crnis-cnt
Mnws.brn.nl and nhoonlnir Aim. neat, shanv m..A
Eneliih Blister Mieel. Ilirlea. M-irhin. rr,l.
toeeti.er with evert variety in ih Hardware line,
which will be ol4 oa a tuotl term a aaa he
ound la tha Wt HAMUP.L NKRL.
' my7iy
S II XX rri rADDETJ, j
HAYf. rei ri,eti mis flay. 3 p erc, Paraian i'
Lmnes, tuautiful roo.lt lor lailira itiriMi;!
3 pincra Lluck Silks; 3t) pu-ces tall tt)l Itounat
liibhona. Also I ens new ilj I Prima; all ol
which will be tun off at a aruall iiJr.inc
or tt!
P I' l liltNOX .V ..
Wheeling, Vn.
f IANN ER'S OIL Ten biirreUTunnar's Oil
I No. 1 ami juat rrceivril anil fur ante by
PiTT.ituN ft. t'n . S'.t. Mnnrn it.
IMIIliU I mii ciiM-a Mudiiit and Mi ail la la-
'ifo, a prime nriicle. ju.t received liy
PiTTimwiN X t o., 33 Monro at.
VT U I ME(1S One cine pnui So. 1 Nntia(i
X. 1 rceied and lor sale by
P.tthsuh Sl Co. 33 Monroe t.
1NSF.ED OH Turpentine. Alcohol anil
Liiru Oil cunntiinily on tin ml nt lnw rate.
nova rT-riso! i L o. , .1.1 aionrua at .
Red i.i:
snd is
IA. 1) lir.l Lend, Tii r l.eml, t(.j
in nil: LithHUtf. Venitine Ked nii
.Spaniah Brown, canainnttv on l.:iml nml loraa1-
PiTTr.mos &. Co.,
3:) Monroe si. , Wheeling, Va.
ClOl) LIVER Oil, A snnly of Goii f.ivarO
J warruaied iivie nml lrrh . f.ir a ile b
nnv'.'.tf No. 33, .Monroe 9t, heeling. Vs..
' O T Jj C T I O .1
Fire nnd Marine
I S I U A C I po ,11 PANT
r pilK inclartiirne.l. A?et for ihiaoW an.l well
I ettnhliahed Initituu n, cni.diinaa lo itmr.
' i.lioira of It.snrnncr atriiinul lo nr ,l.,m--r hv
j Fire, iiltn nenint tl, hnzurds nl Murine ..r In-
I,in-T.n.poriiia. at .. current rt. of pre -
re-jnimn chnrScd by oilier rc-pnti-ihlr rnmpnHirt.
All clnima. (or Inn, nnilrt P.ili.-ics i-anrl ny the
underlined, be promptly "Mm-inl, emit.
......i I... K f nr .1. i1
l"nn " ilir uilirini lrii t, in, v " nil ll.l 1 1 .
Incntrd at Ciurimmti. The loi nnid bv this
Ciirnimny iu the Western CmmtrT,- duriac the
Inst 15 years, exceed fC.iiOii.nfin.
jan7 lmo II. W Pll 1 !,(,! PS . Arent
y vy wnaa ..ii.j.
CHEMKY FlKCf lUlr kli
far Ih Curt af
, I M Or iuKlMi 10 lint 10.1n11u.1i1y .In. justlj
caleliratfd lameHy lor diieaiei 01 llie Throtit anil
j Lungt, it ii not 1 m wish ttHe mitU tlic liteioi
health ol Ihr afliclrd. but fian'ilr to lay liefor
iheru th opinio n 1 of diitinguiiheil mm and torn
oflhsltyidrnc of its succeai, flora which th y
tan judge for thsmirlv.. VY nivceirl pledj
ountlrel tnSir.k. no wild Kriei tiuni or lulu
iiMeinents of in efficner, nor nill w Kold nut
any hope 10 aunVint; ktuaiiniiv n-io fots will
0( warr.int
ntanj raoors ait nere iiTcn.nno we en.irwi nn
IIHIIIHJ 1 iwill iu'ii'. lii.w . j... ... .-
I : .1.. tnci.i.- i:....i-
.....!.. r.... ,1.. ......Ii.. !. in ft I w. ni.Kti.li 1'.. I.
ib-m.i II llll lllC. Rill llll I lliciu icillbll. iciini'ic,
. ., " ,u :,i , ..r. i...
",,d C:,u""'e "or"'' 'httr ben cot.ft.lenc. ld
DinitSin: I dclnyt'd iiniHt'iini; tli receipt of
your piepiirtitien, uuiil 1 Imd an opporiunitj of
wilunmiip in clltcn in mj ow n fiimil , or in the
lainiliei of ui) Irionds.
'1'hii I hare nowilone with I ih ilareaol lat-
iilnuiion, in eases hoin el niltilts nnd chihlrca.
I hme ljutid it, aniti intrrediec'ts ihuif ,11 poiv-
erfnl rtinedy lor ooldi, nad couthi, nod imiIiuoiiu-
rr dl;il.'i.
Brumwiclt, M , Fib. 5,1847.
t'l'oiil nil OveiseiTiH I lie BlumUlvn
niiiia III llll lly.
Lnwiii.1,, Aug. 10, 1843.
Dr. J. C. Ayr: I lint been cureo of th wori
cough .1 ever lind in my Ills, by jour "Clurrvi
ral.'' an I never foil, when I hit, nn oapoi-
, of reooininendimr ii iothrs
Y01111. resneclliillv. S. U. EMERSON
ft-Read lha follnwine, and se ; if this tnedicia
pntnlal a (lection ol 111 l,un, and all the ay rap.
loms of settled Coiiaumulion. fot note ihnn una
veur. I could find no medicine ihut would reach
my cass, until 1 h.id commenced th use of your .
" Cniaiy Pictoal," which f,TS ma gradual
relief, and 1 ha? bn stcatlilv gtvininj stianthj
till ry health is wll-nit reitomd.
While uiins; your medicine, I had tk gra tifi-!
ation ofcurine with it my reverened friend, Mr. i
'i'ruaian, ol Suaipter Disiiicl, who had been tn-j
pendd from hi parochial I'nliei by 11 erer ut-
" of Hronchiui. I hav pleaur in uartifiiuc
.1 1 . J "
tneia lar.ta to you. aiic uin nr, your very re
pei-uully J. r . 1, amiuu n , ol 3. Unrnlina.
The following wn one nf ihe worstof case.
which ihe phjiicinn nad frieudi thought to b
lacuraui oniumpti'in :
tMinter, Pa., Augail 53, I84H.
J. C. Ayr. - Sir: I wi tnkin with a trrihl
couth, hrougkt on by a cold, in the beginning nl
U.l I'.liinar Nml vnt CtinAllrl ... ww k.l....
lhan two raontna. Itnughing inceisantl y nitht
and day, 1 became glinuly aud pale, my yes
were lunken and glaaav. nad my breath short.
Indsed , I wns rapidly lallinr. and in such distress
for breath, lli.-il but little hope of mr ranoveiy
could ha entertained. VV bile in I hi ilun:on , n
friend nl mine, (the Ivev. John KelUr, ol the XI
ihndiet) brnurht re a bottle nl vnur " '. Hcnav
PieToaAL," which I tiieil more to guitifv him,
than Irum any eiperinlion nf ohininint" reliei.
It goml t Ifsct irdueed in to continue i's use. nnd
I soon lound try hralth much improved. Now in
three months. I am well nnd itroiig, end can at
tribute ray eure only to ynur crsai mediciu.
With iks dsspsii gratitud. reurs. fir...
Prspnrstl and sold by
Practical Themist, l.nwell. Mass.
AaTS. M'ltan k Knox, Cariii- W. Wil
liams, Uhrichsvill; T. A. Ilaning, tshavil!e;
aad ay Druggist generally tkreii; hnwt th Stat.
Wtluable ileal Ilsfaie
role t.K. m
Till." i: i ...:.i. eVjQ
. i 1 1 .i nun n m.-ii -nrs
to sell llie lull,, ivini: UK A I
Kb I A 1 1; at private
to wit: II, at well known lavem linn m u,e
town of Cadiz, Harusi n comity, Ohio, knon by
the name of the ' National House,'' nnd nt pres
ent occupied by Thomas JVI'Cue; limine on the
rorner of Sieuhunville and Wnrren streets, oa
square west or the Public liiiildings. Th limn
is large and coinmodioiii lor a 1'iiblic house, to
gether with extensive ialiling, Shetli, Ac, and
a good Wagon Yard, all in good repnir.
One square of Lots, comprising nenrly one acre
of ground ; s pirated from the stu tiling only by
nil alley. Sniil property ii in the immediate, vi
cinity nf the terininuitif the Arm of the Steuben
yilie tc Indiana Railroad. coming to Cnilia, and
is expected to he conipleteil inlais.thna two
years from this time.
One out-lot adjoining ihe town lots ol said town
efCnilis, fronting on the Wheeling Knnd, con
taining nearly six ncrei. and nil which there Is a
good Coal Bank. Also.
One small Knrm of first-rate land, enntaining
eventy-iix acres, lying in Green townshio, in
mid Harrison con ity, iliree miles east of Cndis,
and coming within u few rods of the V ellshorg
road. Said land is in a high state of cultivation,
is in rood rennir. and hits on it a coinlortubl
dwelling house, ami a bearing apple orchnrd of
grafted fruit trees. There nre. nbnut Any ners
cleared, anil a never tailing sprint; of wnter in
evary Held, nnd is within three mile of the anid
Read. The property will nt any time ba shown
bf the undersigned or Joseph Sharon, Esij., living
ia C'adls. Term er.ar. Uood title mad, anil
poisesiiun givn nn ihe list of April next, if sale
prelum 10 m tune ia ma.i.
jm4"i ?ir.Q THOM AS C. VINCENT.
S. &. II. M'l'ADDi:,
I'T AS) just iiieil a larr and eiiennv as
I 1 oitiuinl of Plain and Kiruid KILK.j
tola fi nnv occasion, and m l b sold 30
el. lower than full uurt hasea. Alc VVniar-
1 Iains. at 18 era's par jatd. bay Stat'
I. Iln.hlap.; and numerous ulnar arti
- t.m- tedi. to uitimon. Wa tat:ar oar-
a thnr our Slock, altojaiher, .a the sarr ia :
SVERCOA'I'X". A'ehean lot ol Ready Made
J Overt oaia, jut tneiH (ad for nle b
Her. 1 7 " 5. H. M'r'AUItr.l.
LA. Tba ori'inul nnd only rrnuin prcparmioa
for ll a ( niuiirnt cur of CONSUMPTION and
DISK. St' Till". I.L'NGS. whn tbv are
tuppos :n tr. he nffecled ht the too In us of Dir.
nury.i r ,n. (piininr.ric. 1 1 ia also n aura riardv
fur S t Kliriim, Teller. Scald Maud. Dropsy.
Scurvy. While Snrllinr, King's Evil, Nurul(ic
Affri'iimia, I rnmla
NorviiMis nnJ (ii'iienil Drhilitr of l lit Syslea. ike
Ijiiss of Appriile, l.iineniir, Ditinrrs and l.ivai
AtTeciiona, ntiirii Irnd lo liiieniiiiiiim and Itr
iiiiiiiini 1'rvers, Kevsrnnil Al'iic iiillious Kr a.
('hill Fvvcrs. Diimh Aue, Jiiunilirr, tc.
i lie afiliclnl limy rrsi assurrii Ihnl iher is am
the lensi panicle ot Mineuil, .Mrrcitrinl, or aa
mlirr pm. mi. urn tnhttiim e in tl.is Mrilicin. :
i perlrrilt hii-tmlesa ntnl may ; ailniinisirrri.
lo priii(Hia in the very vrnUrsi siures ol aicKiiris.
nr lo the must Urlplrss int.'itits, vn'tiinut lining; ihr
ienal iiiiury.anit is .1 certain cur lot all iVixalr
ICoia m..
Let nil ho wish to p irv the blond from Ik
!impUri,ir, L, .h. free i. le.. e .f
jibe nppeti: ilnnm: the wint. r. r.ml In prepare
Mirtufim tnrrsis' sunsiiierei iilnnirs. resort now
(.?.ifa l.x
i., 'i ,. . ,.i
.i .i i l . i , .in...
i j i r v i tttf il ;in unn't !t!t foi
i.'iliciifi'.l (lieart that flrl
trill trvrr ln tliintinoinittl .
itniny nl the mull
is heir tn,.:nii ih
' for in tin. ifrardy ilir fiihlic l:i!tli liiii nrvtr in
j trpil . Tif!Tir t iiii vv rr, inr i: i !nn;itd t.fl mx
' prriciice 'Vyft uni Mincinl N.-irnin t
, ir'U hopr . nnil v iit lVmi i liii ;t iv r
jetsi!)U llrinfil ; thrrrliire. (irnvrtrr binUritii
liritlth ititl t'iit.a. tiMwrtr li.;nUt' in liimj
nml oilir
, Irt no
tir;inr til ircriter ; l:
Ti'.iinti tltri i thia bnpp
(Hi ty in ( tn fill' Kx
no Sf;iypniilis, and per
ti'i ike ft ? it. vmt wt
f 'li'-'iiii; hi prJv ti
tli p:i til'll nnl nil
pUiifMiI rr(!or;it!''ii
1 nl Vrtl'in Un. -L
unili him !ur liin Ii
i"e no liriii.ttiuii in
rii.1011 to lienlth.
ui.U' Cut ( . '8. ;i 1 l .
Ii ilie r-n Ir r ivill nlwri' l.e rriH tt. tliat ia
shmiIv :i!i r :u t'. (intienl i 1 m tiirtl nenily v-
r )lv?i' j:in wiitiin his rrncli, nnil neurit" ert
nU ; l-nt ii li-'ii hp ln':s Uif'-n iin .iiir V eliurt
.tuck 11 ml .Sni iinrill.'i. .'h unit is imnieiliii te.
Ili.niiMiNa itovt, Dec. I, M4!r.
Mtssrs S. I''. IlisMiTT t'n (ifnli: Soair
lime in 1K41 I it:i nttackeil "itli Kniit's I'.ril in
nay inn wliicli hecRtne to th it I I cnultl lint 11. e
it. nml ill 1 8 15 tnortif ration set in. I employ eel
nt ilifl'rient liens anrli plij iicin n of celliiiit
williin my rencli; nil tolil me llint my 11 r 111 ransi
be nnipiilii te.l
1' rum the alum liter to the forr
nrni 111 y tirin 'vns lull ot I'tinnin snrea. some ol
them til hire as n fii'iy cent piece 1 tlicn trieil
un Itiilinn lfil'liir. u hu I'emnveil llip iiifirtilil
iunl slo)peil lh ninrtifiontMi... hut could not liea I
w r nrni M y strent;tli t tliis time wris complete-
y l'ei" '""' n n,i:iie..
i ciintinutnl 111 thu utile iiutill lr4n, when I inn
mi itilieriisi'ineut of ii umnTT's V'e.i t nw II,...
ami .SiasrAaiLi.,'' which I rem atienlhelj ani-'
tent ,ir one hull v ill llif u rlicl. Ali.r n.;... :.
- - - - - ...... , l
" few tin va the diichnrres irom inr arm increnseil
, - , ,.. ,
and nsiiimeil n liirln color nml lesnfleniT odor.
, h ,em f(,r , (Klt!e, ,,,
mini; it 1 Inuml ruy urenirlh iiic eating nnd th
tlin harec from inr arm drreus!n. 1 eoaiinueal
usiiiR it until I h.id tued six bctilei, Ihouth I
felt mjracll pcvlei-ily cured heloie I uied the lilt
holile. Sine Hint time I here nil felt anr en in
" nirarin, no miss lime ie-appeard, and I
Imv no reaion to dnuht that ilia thoroughly
cured, fur 1 can labor nilh itlltrsll.s I srir
: -'.ui son's Vii.i.ow Pock ikb SABurAmi.n
nlnn cined in; 1 look no othi remsdy rhil
uiinit.uud hatl I aaed il at llis firit n ppearane
ol' IhstnaUdr, I lullv brliee it would have
;ld ma fromjearsof sufleriiijr. And 1 most
ienrnestly recommend arary penun auflarin; u
' nnJ iilr disease, to uie GiiTintt's Vrllevr
1 Dock nnd Sursnpurillu , which will rsilors la
jtokeahb. Yours, ia gralituda.
riolapsas lien, er Jfailinjfol the H umli, a
avyar' stuudiiijr, sursd y Dr. uyaoit's Ki
.iratiof Yellow Dock and Siirsaparilln, after
every otr kmaa ieity l. keen Uied wnk-
om relief.
ra,w.. ro. ibis.
Tais est tifira that aiy wile, ajsil twnty-seen
ysar'i, has ben suuriiir under th ahoi mm-
plaint for Cv yean, and nenrly all ol that tiaie
courineo 10 ner neo. 1 nave, tor lour years, eoa
sintiily ttnplojcd 'lis hen medical talent 1I1
could he procured in iheaeciion ofihaeuanir
witnuut any oeneiu wtintvr. 1 nave aim p
chaied rry initrumeni rcnniminld far
ura of such dismi, all of which prorsd 1
lha spring of 1848 I was indaced ky
Iriamle to try Dr. Unysot' 's Yallow Dock
Sarsnparilln . nhic.k was uisd (nr fnur tenet
Al,,r '' UMI lout four weeki, it er
trident n a II of ui ihnt he wns improving, a
lr"m ,',,,e '' i"pr' "I rnpidly. ana1 gain
a"" atrengih, until sh is now eBjiiyinr r
. 1'-... 1 l.t. 11 II llnvi'ihiin
excellent henlih. WM. M ON FORT
Wa being niirhbor to William and J
Monfuii, know thx t 'h abov ialtnnt. a
th sickness of Mrs . Monfort, anil us to ih eure
being effected by Cut mil's Vtllow Dock aaa
Sarups rilla , 10 be strictly Hue.
fj7-!1or ganaint unlets put up in large
sqn.tie hollies, sontninin a qunil.nnil nnme ol
ihefiyrop tdown in thsglmi, with the mitten
i-nnlin of S. P. Itriinili on the outsid wrapper
(jj- I'ric $1 pr Kotile. or 6 hot t laa for JS
Sold by J. 1). PARK', f'iecinnnti, flkio
Mm ih-rast comer Fnanh nnd Walnui it. sen
antrnnr on Waliiiu stit lo whom all order
must be addressed.
AasiTs John Raall, and M'Rean A. Kao
f'ulii; Hogg At- Currish. Mxnrefleld: Jhn ling
Mi Pleiastn' ; J. I'ramhaeker A. "inn, Wseelir
T. lleninf Simbsnrrile. 1
UICI.I.S .V 4 4 1.111 1)1 l
Maxkst T.
jatiSJ tf ISfit
Wniit.iN, Va.
1 K HUI.S. Linseed Oil j,t rerrived and for , , V1'"'""""'. ''J .re.
10 sal, by KKLLS CAf.l) WKLI.. I . ! !'' "" V ""V ' rl"".
J .... . roliMnnr waiiiiiniiii.r mm nr ak h iiiMti
Wheeling, Va.
-g "V HULS.No. 1 Lard received ai d lor sal
Hi JlL 4' j"'8) KKLLSfcCALDW LLTi.
AOU LIVICR OIL, wnnanted iir(cilv ftesk
unit genniii; the most popti.'nr reined t el-
unit for diceniei of ihe Luues and Throni. Tor
enleby (janl.-j) KELLS cV C A LOW ELI .
(yK KK(;S Knlish Bi. Cnrb. Soda fur wl by
hdJI Millljlll hl".l,l.. 4. CAI.I1W r.1,1,.
BHLS. r:p.0, Snli. tec'U and foi tal. by:L,B""'1' !"" ' "aS "-
-t r. BUI.S Glauber .Suits rc' I nnd for snl by
I U f .ia n KKLI S Sl CALHWF.I.L.
"I f CASKS Sal So. la, r superior article, f or
lJ (tile by jantSJ KiuiJt Cii dwim..
u CASKS Dichioinui fotnili received and fur
O an let by
Kit. ti k Cai.dwi,l.
3 CASKS Prussia! Potash for sale by ,
jaiiJS Kills Ac Cii.Dwen..
LOGWOOD SO b,ns Extract Logwood te
ceived and for ml by
j wti Kit t i Sl Ch.owili..
4 LUM 3t) bills jnit received and for anl by
X jang! ' KI".f.LS II CkLOVfKLL,
VITRIOL 5 cniki of Bin Vitriol lor ale by
jan KKL.9 C'A.PWE.L.
VITRIOL tS carboys Oil Vitriol, warranted
full nencentrntion, lor iale nt mHiitifaniurcr'a
priceiby jantj KEf A-CALDWELL.
A CID Nitrto and Muriatio Acids for anle
Otuggisla. Whling, Vs.
i.ii' ; ikuuaivci:.
LIVES l.NSl'KEDby Ihe Kentucky Matual
Life lniuranre Company, al Covington, U.J
i ins umpfciiy nn nn netuai anpnai or lii
lluililred I'lioiiaisiial Dollitra, and is
managea by mn ( :ht highcit ietegriti anil ra
poniibility. PamphUls furnished, infjrmaiioa
givn, andapplieatian recdved bv
B. W. rHILLlPi. Agent.
R. r.perklrv, Uedienl Eiaminer. iatitS
11. II. II.
Scienre, hj aabjactin; tl.a lel ('ha.i, .
It. akilt uf M.ia, baa coatubaud t bis .
and happinesa, by tiofipinf the aaoata
and aeeara panpa af paia ia aa iaaiaar.
and curiu in auMt obattuate cbroai
coH rlasnt ia
a rc W HOUR.
ia warraned
to rive relief to ih followii.r
EKN il IN L I ES, and to ,.,(.
pain in nr tek:
) and effectually caia U tliieas.
( bolic.
stiff Joints.
Soreaeis in lb Bones,
Pain in li e l.imht,
Cholera Moihus,
ly Miliary,
luiaarr C'ea.pleints,
kick HaailarLe,
Tic Dolereui,
hill Fever,
Ague Cake ,
Heart Bum.
t'ol.li. at.
Ciampa and Spasms,
la th waiuini gira of lb preenre u( diaenee
and of lha isarraitgemeut of il. uriu aud
muiculnr sysiamf In older to cat aliseaaa. awl
rid Ih anient sni.'rely of its oaas. mirarsl ir-nt
desiderat na I K atop th ajalu ilraagtliru ttiif
nerroui aneigy iarigoral laliliy aetiou
unrtii.ns and teeraiiuiia of vry oigaa ia U.
ysleni; I ta ia we areouplish Ly lha aiarvallau
tieuiheiiiiig. cleansing, inigi.rtir g , and pwa.
rrii i ptiiti-inoltiing proprtiof Kadway's Unity
Keliuf. So inn tier what th cnasa ol paiuiug
it if it ariii from narvoua prostration. aaau
nr debility, disarrangement ol tk lunctiuurol
lie l.iver n. secret n ns of lha akin, .tkr it la
heinuatisia, neiirnlgia, tick or nervous I aad
icl.e, nervnui irritnbilny, spaimodic aSisctiaii,
:ramp. dtarihuea, lnwl coniplniM:. ehill auil
erei, whether il nriginatM Iron, i iileraa I derange
mentsnr enruiil iniutie Red way's Ready le
i ei. tnken internally nnd applied externally, will
pto-diiy. and ell'ectunlly atop the paia aha rura
1 a nn.,,. KIIKL'MATUM.
I'lll.l'UU enses cuiad in t8)ll. Tha noil ritiuir
sitinir puin iiopperl ill Iw Leurs.
!ad-tiy's Itendy Relief is lh quick!, safes
in I mini effectual remedy for Die cur ol Kl-a-inatisia
in all in fo'nn, iu use; wa lilt auly
xlnii e know. It will stuf. inasl lrla-iiig
jininiol thia diitreiiing eomplaiuti "n appli
4. ion, W. hire never know it to fail in fiv
iui initant relief. rry ciiy, village aal
l.iu n in . (iiari. it . il hat rurad ina af tu pei.',
.if thia cruel complaint. In every eat w war
mill it to do a itated it will intiautly rclieia
the iiill'erer from pi iu.euil apeedily rur it can.-.
100, COO lien, m cured 'n I 9. It will iv
lief in fiften i niinulea.
R.tdway Ready Relief, taken aecenl
Inactions, will sprsditj and effectually
tiis cnmplaint. Taken intsia.illy and a""'-' '
ex t tifil I jr , it lafreshrs the amies, elcaas
t. mach. atopi all irritation in the ncrv, T
mi r.-s and secietictis of th had r ad biaia
lirisn the auiTerrr Irum iiuin in finisj wiuT
this medicine is now ruriug huudreds Ut
tl sick and asrrciu I, end a. lie.
I ,000 Neuralgia rasas ciued in IS5ft ifvpa ilf
11 oat violent puin in fifteen minutes.
The cruel Hid sn'rucinting pang ui iu .t
ikn diitrenint cnmplnint at instantly arrtse l
bv Rad-.vay'a Ready Relief. The happy a ad ia-rir-iiietliig
rffecti il produces ea ihe ueivnaa In
iih. iudiiig th ntivtt iroa-proof, quickly 1.
i ii ih narvnui nrgy , and curai Ike aliaeasv.
iiadway'a Ready Relief ii tk only rnJ Uat
.at sf aetually cured Nruruliia iu iiwrsi ittm.
1)1 A R HIKE A.
100,000 pcrsnt-.i runtl in IbSO paias iippal iu
iltaea a.iau'i.
Kadway1! Ready ltdiaf la rid mure taie t
hfdrra ninibnl, dyisntry , i knlie, sad all kaw
el eon. 1 lainls, ik oast yer, ll a eay lher
::edy in ui. On In Lrn-ki of th IVliseiasippi,
Miiiumi, Illinois and Ohio riven, ia New Oi-
ir.im. M Ijoiiii, Cinciniian, Ueiroil, ( kicagw,
Milauki, (ialeua, and other plaess wlnre tha
1 1 n 1 1 1 1 ua a . rl-nlere and (Iiiennry rigsd n utally,
11. U....I. 0.1:. r . ... i :,i. .... 1 ".
succeis. Itw. I. in nl.een aiiuii trs , Hop tk nest
iolent rrampi aud spasms, iaaparl a geaial l.a(
tbroughout th whole lyitam, allay all iiritkliva,
slop ih painful dischaigfs, and isliin tk pa
iiut frnas J LI pip.
A Itaaaonnfull of Railway's Haadv Relief la
ken itiieinally , and by baih;ngxirMlly,will. in
a tew in i nil tee. itop th moal violeat etampa aa4
piiiim. In many on lei where th nteaiiiea
hav hut all leeliutr, whi.rc thy were tuld and
Rtimb, tl limbs distorted and ahriiak, ruhbial
with Unilwnr's liandy lt.lir hue ulnayi krjkt
;bnck life tin'd notion, and n tpiir.k a hit kealtay
jr.lrculntinn of lha bl.md Whenever yea lJ a
ipeunn aSlicted ith cramps and saasaia apply
lUdwny'a U.iid Relief immediately ; in l. r
'30 minutes it will lelicie the siITerer iaa all
Ipeiti. SWKl.l.V.l) JOIN I S.
( Il you liar asm in ih honi, swelled j.iaia.
jweakueis of the mmrlei it yon hare a swelled
! j, sprained limb, bruited arm. soia bead, nr ii
Unit hum or scald younell, rlMdftay a Ready Re-
;ilri will 'al out th at, lento, a the paia aa.l
walliu!. ti strenith and enerj talk aa.-cie
:and anlirely free you froai pain.
All aehis and paias, back aeka, laotk ae'e,
fare ache, ear ache, stoaiat-k ache, paia ia the
limhi, th musclss, the ki.uss, th feaa4a, ike feet,
lb head anil th anal, Radway's Ready Kelaal'
will initanllv ra.
in l nil I'l-crilvtn
Aad all nitanaoai sriipiions, ate rellval lm
all irtiiatioa by bathing ih paitswiih Rsa'way
Ready Relief.
By bathing exteraally the enrdi f Ik ack
nil spin, il will stronirilien lb spine. We have
known rainy cusi ol pusiarior anil ant ier car
vntnt 01 th spin to h entirely euied, a as) the
diiflgtired objec t to reed in its proper ihape, by the
ae nl Ra way's Ready Relief.
On 1st spoonful! of Railway'! Ready Relit-!',
taken on th fi rail symptom 01 chilli, aad balk'
the hsal, ne. k and ihouliieri, if thai it a ay paia
fexner'atii d
and ii will entirely prcal rkiH
I lean I ii ins. aout itniuanh. Aatnlcnev . wind. ' .
are quirk ly cured by a dose el Mad way's Reaa'y
i!:iei' tnkut iniemallr.
Iinpariine itiengtb io very nrgaaan4 fuartrieai
of Ih bod,anil heHhbnnd hanpineii to lha miaH,
CAU'I ION TO ii(j(;avr.
Purchase Radway's Heady Ueliel' only nf ihe
nuthiirurd ngenti, whn nniini a .a imnied in the
paper. Our Iraveling agenialiave a power afal
torney siVneil by tn. liefnr pitrehaing alwsys
ask in see it. frii .10 Si S5 cent, larg knltUs.
Composed of lb must (Ulioina. ir a1 fiag a -
O ttiacts.nils, an1 costly sine
r.niciiing wne!!oiii!Lriii n'r akia rbJnei.
Di.Au ry .
Complsiio richly laiaie1 with ih btoem nf
haalik. "
With ikin ai puraaatl fair as parian mthl.
Soft and SH1 as th fragrani roi -Tth
ai aauad aad white as alabaster,
lire h nf jweelest Iragrance.antl lipsofcaral Itu4
Wiih (lowing ringlan and gloasy locks.
Luxuriant treses dancing gtai'a.nlly 'er-ik
aiiawu-like ne, k.
I IU ! , ' . . .
Or to ct Jail shsdow o'er beauty's aaaa
By cleansing the skin from all erHiuira eO
Make clean tba porss, gives aaiiiin t e a
By whieh all pnisonnas humors ,ae ejected
And a healthy action tn the ski iv restored.
To the teeth itgivaiwkiienese.aad preventnlen
It makes ih ikin soft, sweet anajsRKietk, '
I'ranslorms tha most repaltive ana tliiSg .
To a cleat ami beamilnl complexion .
Imparts nutriment lo th hair,
Makei it strong. (? t-rirh ami luxuriant.
Cleanses the ecalp from dinstian, give ar lie
in tn nam i 1
Fasten ih hair npoa tk scalp, ssd fereesii at
Like gnann to a berna soil, it male it h aa
productive. '
Tadresstha hair, ami make it sain ilhatid flesas;
Strung and beatrtilul. .
Rarl war's rir.iauianBaliam is tk a a.'iuufiita-
. rtT4rreX"cnipr no il.
lAfWAY A CO.. rraoiical Cheniat,
' 55. 181. r'ttbiui stieeivX. tf,
ARENTHi John P.ll.radwt A. s' .I'twsUa
ei.w MatkJ Wan Gut-hell. ?lt Mrnnil
.Kouil Pit Deemille; t illiata ; rt-ti ft ',
anicolin tiiksshal i.'.-jf ;!'.(
4 ii lt-w u iXt :'' Dm t rif

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