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The Democratic sentinel and Harrison County farmer. [volume] (Cadiz, Ohio) 1851-1852, February 18, 1852, Image 4

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lllllalll V Ulltllt
. ILi-tPl. M. a. . 11.(1. M. . tlAlfc
.u.i: a nuiv
CT On alollsr nail Ulty ceni il paid during
V year, nf twuuollur and a hah' alter the ycai
vpirf. 1 hi Tula will ha strictly adhered to.
An peraoti procuring five r-;ioii.iblc aubscri-
b,a toiho Sentinel, will b.. eutitle-l tw a copy lur
Hi an roelengih of time, tree.
lor a whole column, (one jprj . (5,00
half column, (one year) ... 6,0
quarter, oue vei-.ri ... lu.Uo)
or 13 libra, or lets, (three iur(inna)
da do foiie iuaei tiun
f or each additional insertion, -
f'oi 13 line, or rti, (oue yeuri -
(a.x montna) .
OS l.fcTTkfll.
If p iid ill advance. - - - - 3 ern:.
Il uol uuJ in lid, :iik r, ... 5 fruit.
on wniLKi.r MiuartrKai.
nil aiibucitbun in tliu u.iuulv wl.urc nuMifcliutl,
- limn 5(1 mili-diftnt, 5 ris. prr Qunr.
Orrr ;i0. Hud iiuiirr :iUU imitK, l do
H)vi;r StH) awl iindi-r 1,1111(1, 15 " i'.o
Mrer l,OJUamliiiiilrri(HI!. lu
tts'iil lor ln -ihm-.
The f-dluwifu tiaiuuit kentliMiicii lire our nu
lliurid ugenta to icuive autscril Ikiis. mlver
t.ieiiienlt, mid Joli Work. All ronlnu ti in.nU:
Jijr tiiuiu will ('J strii'ily iulliikd lij us;
I'liila.U Ijihia V. U. falmer. K. W. L'arr, and
Boato'iV. II. Palinrr.
New York V. II. Palmer.
M heuliiin 1. Mariuue. Uaq. '
Kreejiori--Jonepli Alien.
Moon-field--A. J ul. Sehreilier.
Weaichraier N ui . l-'li'inin.
Krallklin Dr. K. Conawny.
Kuiiilej Jacob Gutxhali
Klioil Creuk An llolinet.
lock--Junea lionlitiiil.
Allitlls Ur. 'I'liHinn tiniiley,
lireen John Wilkin.
criuiin John lironn,
Norib A. K. Cioakey.
Moiirte Henry II. Ilelljtr.
Vahnilon John l)od.
I'l iti.ir noricn'
I S.lierrby tiveiuhai a peiiiion will l e prrsrni-
J eil to the I riieii e ol del man ton iirinp in Inn
Im.n coumy, Hhio, on the li r e ' il;i ol .Mun I,
next, at Ihe h oiike ol Juiiii-s lliuleit, in taii:
towriahiM. nutinir lor the lorution ni.il etial)-
meiit ol a toHiithiii or pnwiiv roa I , Irom llu
prewiaea ol Andrvw Ij) nun. couniii i cinj -nt
the bonteol John M. fbinin. Km . in ilii dun
thence in a north lireetioii unh ti e line In iwrt n
llir liindt of the sili l Burna mi'l tlie Ju.U.m (. ul
leire lot. h ilistanre of Ave roilii. pons to inler-
aeet Ihe public road, lei.diitg ttoiii Jellrron to
Kite'a Mill. j.n .)-1 1 W
ami Cheap Store!
WOVlil) (11111001106 to the uitut-nv1' Harri
son county, that he Him jni opi ne i at J
S. 'I'lioinaa' o il ulanil, the laki.i..i' ami uii i:ai-ks i
stock ol Dlllf GtlOUS ever lironht t i Cadiz, ail
of which he will dispose o' at v ry low ru'es, loi
ither t-iish or uppiovd C'onntiy 1 'rml u .
His stiickeinhiacea every variety ol ' U ooiU tisn-
lly kept in n Dry Guuda t ire; anil were aeluot
hI with special cre arpl rlL:reiice lo the mantel
of this community , and the prefent and aipoai'li
fng suaaon When yon want tiouiU leiiieinwei
the "OH E AP CORN ESC is the place, anil no
fuisthka. JAMES M'K iv Alt I',
ooll5-Ty at (he ( "tiean CoiniT "
FsLCIl on I'liii.Mrs h.iu itist receiveil
a BiiUii'iitt supply ot
anitahle for the coming jensnn. niniing wiiick m iv
be lom.'d ihe moii iopular makes ol
r'RKNCtl CI. 0 1'HS AND CAsSlMEUliS,
pi' it supeiior ipialiiy.
jvicn new si) Its ol silk Lustres nun Alpa
tMegniit alio novel styles ol Ameiii.au
cliah Prints, I'liui 3 cents upward?
Mous.de Lanes in great variety.
Bleu, and bio. .Vlu-lins. cheaper than ever.
White and colored Cautiiii r'hiti'icld.
Clou's nnd Coat Lining
I a te 4 ii.ihn,
Tahltt ('uvois,
Uiitf)i rt
t lured,
t)vji-t 'iiritg.
Put lenders,
, . . . . ,
iibjiqrmHiit ot'
All of which tvft are ullering at pi icea u hlcli will
fiomnh tht' woihl u unu fve w at our old
tt'ind, oppoiilu iho Ptili'lc fiuiidings, wlitTeue,
will uikt- 9ieai )J'iitiMii shoinu yon thm.h
our sin n.. wr.iji.il w i uii.ijii .-3. i
If. S. H VIti.l.tS, I
. ND Denier in American, Ungliidi, Kra .ch,l
J and Cei'iuan Uoods, Clocks, Watches and
Jewelry, etc. All kinds of Mercs unitize, lienl
F-stnte, (loiiseiiold Furniture- sold on the most
reasonable lenus.
Aticiion every Tuesday itml Friday evenings,
and Wednesday and Saturday mornings
net2!)-lv W. S. WfCKII W.
Johi Parker,
WILL promptly intend to Collections in
the counties of Harrison, lieliiiont, Jcf
feis.jn, luscarawas, Monroe, Ciicrnsey. ami
jOhiu county, V a. He is also authorize to receive
(inscriptions fur tha Democratio Sentinel unit
'farmer" in the counties above ii-iined. Uesi
dence Coal stteet, (North) Wheeling, Va.
W-M. lailiiLDAl'l-EU,
V hole;ile :iii IC-l:iil
ic n a i is ii 4 im ii F a u it s: K ,
No. 55. Union St., Whkilinu, Va.
FIHS subscriber begs leave to ioiorm bis
I friends und the public in general, ihat lie
has on hand a large lot of CHAIRS, and coiilim
lies to lliatitliiiclu. e iii the best manner, all the
different varieties of Chairs, Settees, Sociables.
Arm Chairs, small Chairs, etc., mi l will offer
tbeni fur aula on ihifmost libeial terms fcr cash.
', All wark is w.ii'antsd, a, none hut looiI work
sea are ciaploved. No. 25, I'nio i street, ne.tr
.Market.. jm"i7 ly VV. Kill KLDAFFKK.
f I1HE subscriber will sell at private sale tiie
JL Iloitsif in which he in present lives, togeth.
pr with three acres and a half ol lirst-rato laud.
aVnowii as '.ho '-Old btuain Mill Property." In
point of fertility tne laud can h it be bent in
Jlirriaon county, and inosa in want of a sin u 1 i
Ir.iotbad hetjlercall and. es.iiinue, h.rl'lu-y may
rest assured ttiat they will Set a ifood barg lia.
' On ihu premises is nil excellent Co VL HANK,
which il insovl working condition. His la ml
is situated close lo wbeia the Uailrond Depot will
(be to uted. - Tksus Two lliinia crtili in hand,
the balance in one year, with iuieraat, to be se
u:ed by bo-nl and mungage. A clear aicl in
disputable title will ba Kiven by the subscriber,
'as suon us the in nii-y is paid, .-o come ou now,
il you want to hoy laud that will he worth hav
ing, call immediately, and I Will ;ie you a fcrat-
rat baryaiu and immediate oo- - 'i n,
' al..el7-tf .n.t.i; P
' .ti . A :, .
7I LF.fi AXT "''n brocade Silka, the finest in
Jjj-awnt also a beaimiiil nssnrment oi black
Ailk for dresses olid lutintiilas, for aula by
' tiovS I loco (c Co.
ITew Goods and Cash Sale3 !
AVINU feoeiverl a new slock nf Goods, is
rUtermined to SKLL AT COiT. for CASH,
in entire aloek ofCJooda, The fact is, ihey must
.. tr ,.,.A .,11 nt .toil iviiii f.iMi.la enlt. mid
I wn.L !.! . Huvili? cuiiclmled in rtoae up my
,iaaineas liiimerli.-nely, my C.ioils will be sold itti.
out reserve, as the determiniiiiou is to turn them
'into CASH. Cusjotiiftrs wiH please fake .notice
that It also want Cash no Notes u,-d liook Ac,
ajonn's. Ibm'f 'onret to call. -.- mvl9
ty PlhCHabbioat Sim, suitable lor .t.eiuea, Alan.
ajiillnsarnl Vletti,.nst rereiven at
H. . H. M'FAIlDEN'Si
,Tf ' ei
KATilER. l.idlOIUs.i'pa tais.ii bote Leather,
1 Ju!o 'J'linners- Oil, in at r? ond for aalabv
rt and lor sale ny u
- av? ' P-
HiisiUtl I'tiSl,
vV,l, '" .r.K.
ho.ea!e auJ Rets.il Dialer in
Candies, Cakes, Nuts, Eaisins,
Cmckt t and Imported Sevan,
... Ohio.
Wedding and o her Parti.. turi.iahed with
.Cuke, ice., (.n shun
n. U.-I kmr i raddling Wagon e ngnged, lor
,"apnrp'iaaoffiiriiiiiiinnirutoinrraiid Iriendy
ceneraj.y, ;n HarrionCoutitv,with everiyoiaric
afCouil aaii ir.-.h r.nHi. ' ytyiai-l
Sit I'll li
gien Unit ihrre will be a
i. 1 petition or (irlillunt iirciittd to the t'oin
"., nun nf llairiwiii rmiiity, on tl ir in-ii r
mi, nn the-lil d:i ol March utU. Is54. f..r tl.a
0a.lr.i,.i,,,nd lo- ationol ih lojl.miug UOADS. At, p iffll thut'D KIN KK1.1N
" 85 i , ,'h.fi I'.Vh "r';" 1 "? ' lr",,,"ne,,c,ne!P'"i'-Ma paMicularbrmirhol uie.l
..i. i i i ' ,.,,..,
k". " ,, '. U
oeunl e "im lu.liiiiia Kolioxd.in tliH nnrili-weii
enriier ot Tin. in n 'I .nnblcsonri nie.idow. iliuncr
long or near the line of sniil Kailrund.ciittjvard,
antil it inteiae-ta the piesrin r0ad at Gahetier
lo lay out ami i-atablnh a road from ihe til .cn
.'id ''.ib sd .'. '""I it lN,8,,r,kr, ,,1'e ,',ne
1 nut mini, ij f i imc
. it y
i.iraii.norii.iTarii inroiiirli the land ol Josenb rt-nn,
I until it liil.r.ei n H,,. fa.l,, and Jeirera.m r.ad.
j Also the aliemtion ol the roa l from lliipedale
j 10 JunVrsoii. of n erade not lo nceed from thrro
(to four deireea. coiuiueneiiiL' ut the hrld.r,. in
I at i .i. .i ., .. . a
I ....p.-,....,.. .iie,,,. in.- iiuai prarlieanie reuW to
Ulie nl:n- ol ... .mi. ..i .1 ?. .. I.
- r - ..... ju.iviiifii 01 mi- ii mi i-sii in roaoa
on tha nnrlh-wen partnl aaid Ti iubpsou'a lanilj,
nence iinoiijjli 'eniiiville, and thence to Jcrtvr
Soll. I,hi.4
'ItllKIlK will he a petition preaented to tlie
Jl -'oi iacioiiera ol llnrriion i-HuiiM , at their
next aaaaion, prains lor the locution" and con
struction of a Col'NTV i;OAI), to commence
mi the Uoiinui U.itid, leiiilm!; from Cadiz to New
Pbiladrlphia, at the north end ol' Koas' I .aim,
in Cailix Township, to run thence in a si.utlieily
direction, rait ol Slid Uoss' ba rn , thence smith
.. ..... .I,... ,.i.s(-n mr: IIIO.IIIIIU ll.eiireill
i. .Mil, w.....ri.. .i; i .i ii i
a aoutri-weierly tlirecioii ah.ni; tlie na-w utiaii,
- . .7
at or near the aouili-east corner of hdward nnd 1
lipor.-e .Martin's licl.l, thenep to ihe road lending
Irom Cidis to Uerreville, the ai.oriejt and best
way leb-Mt
i h i:
Iy i' ha
IAC Notice is hereby riven -hat aftr
tv llliva Irom tl.ia il.He a nctiliiin will Urn
prrseuteil lo the Tnulai-a uf Washiiigion Town-
ahlp, II. iiii. hi c. null . priiviug lor tlie lomition
strl establishment of a T'OWN Itil HOAI),
leading from David Steel's new house, on the
County Ko.-id, ill said Township, in run thence
o the tiaith-ileal corner of U.isil Steel's land,
thence to the Ionise ol A.en.y t'ctiy, thence to
ioiIow Leioy Petty 's m id ui the wtisi :iue of
Ad. no Ciuil.en'i 1. 1 1 1 1 i , tiMice m intersect the
M-tfri iiojd, at the tnuiitiioi Widow Cii-iucieia'
'and, - , bl -It
iJiH' C'tl Vi,
!.vi anil tiTiiVili I' Mom1,
o. 'i-, llmniii: b iiin.f. WiiKKiiMi, Visuixia.
' I I'l'i suitserihera respertf.illy give noiice ihat
1 iht'V hae iiupor'ed iliiect tioin tlie tnaiitllttc
iii:ei. a hum: and cotiij-ilt ie block of the above
vtiie. log. thcr with an assoiuueiil oi Maiitlu Or
iiaiiieuis iiini l-'iiu y (i. oiln. some ol whirliarcol
eq .i.. iie iat-(t: ami hc.iui.v. Iron. Mone China,
ami I'oiveh.iii lin iii;t'.i-t l.-inticr, Ten and Toilet
i aie, oVan enure in w patie.n, Solar and l.anl
l.iini,) am! Lantern m every desciipiiiiti. llri
lall.iia Wjire I'uilerv , t(i. W e sliall at all limes
i,e.'ii a-cuiui.lete :; n iifscrticeut ol'l'onnmiti Ware
on hand, h.r ihe cits anil coutiti tno e, as can
he louml at :iu other fctore in tin: Wefct, nnd U
giving our peiSoiiiil ittentioi to re-packing the
saii.e. e 1 1 , v l , 1 1 e nl! who may favor ns with theii
iiirotiag., ih it they cannot do better atari;
her estiildishaieir in the count:- .
UOHUS, It A R lis i CO..
Flint Gliiss .Maniilactuiars,
jnti7-tf Wheelintr. , Va.
Xo. 109, Malcet Sijuae, Wheeling, Va.
itl SI I'Ki tit I It.
Copper, Tin akd Shket Ihon Wares.
V.Sile: Ac,, Ac.
"AS niwiiva on hinm n J ;i rjn aim k of tin
iihui- wiiivs Dl yvfry' (if'sciipiitm, v 1 1 i -h Ii.j
wiil oli H'tmlcsM lo or ttciuil, low as can b
: pnr'ilia3C(i uu wliprr in tiir Wi-sinrn iMnimr)
:'oiiiitry iiicrcliants wiwliinc o lay in a stork n
Tin W:hc, uimlil i'u to uivt: ip.' :i be
. inre nntfliitfiii, ;ip 1 mink I vtu i litiie i.owk
itttitii i hi v f!;in p'ti'".li;i(? ci.scwhorp. I'tirson
;WisluMr Itt'nd r t wt ot .my size can aocoimuu
ila vd on vimv fiiir tuniis.
1 run -.lUt- nj-ffit for the sn !p n t Kinnr n r5ele
! . . . i .v i i . ...1 . i I. . I
mil iii at l he In ic Mam Fair nt i incjnnf ti.
Iiiue4-1 r
(jttlj.ftr stove. Urate
llitlloir I r'n r, etc
,. ,n ., .
No. II). L'niiin m-hi.kt, Whiciino, Va.,
pr t y I (j nlvnson hand ll'.e choice of tha
J market, nl lowest cash prices, of Wheeling,
Cincinnati and Pittsburgh noike : also iriauulai-
tnrer ofCoptier, Tin :.'H Sheet
Iron Wine,
I all their va'i't'
r, f. tlie LOiV'F-i'l' PUIDES.
li.jrk Si
Eiirnp-.' Improved
S.i I,.1MA.MjKII S.ll t.S,
ssoi ted sizes lor sale its above
gent for them in the city, 1 v
lining the only
ill sell at prices
na v 7-1 v
hat cannot bill to please.
si'iasr. no us u
II V JU,L I'. W A I. Mil i.
Ma n Street, nca the Xnrlti-Western Bank,
and nne square. Xnrtli of the.
Swtprriiiion Britlue.
r f 1(113 IIOUSK has been thoroughly re-fitted
I and siippiieil with new luriniiire tliroughoitt
Citizens ol
Harrison C it y viiitim; W heeling
his house every convenience hoccmu.
will anil at this house every
ry to their comfort,
TIitp is also connected wire- the house n large
and comuiodious Wtlosi Vill'il. and an ex
cellent Stable, nearly new. fp'T-The Eastern
and Western stages tall at this house Eveav oat
or passengers. ntfij7 ly
James H. McMechen,
DK.ALKR in all tliemos- popular Nove an
.Vlagaziues of the day. Si-atlouary I,
Ne v"-papers,aud Varielics.ut No. I I. M i
I, VVhefliug, Vl. " oc.l!) y
. AAKO.V NOi'i,
Copper, Tin and Shoet Iron Ware
w tys on h ind, at his shop (near S. &.
Jf t'ad. ten's store) a la rge stock of the
cove wares of every description, which he will
ell Wholesale or lteiail, as low us can repur
chased tun "'"'a1 else in tne Westers century,
youniry Merchants wishing Itf lay in a stock of
Tinware, would do well lo give me a call before
iurcli:iii-', as I think i can sell a liltle J.owt.n
ban they call piin base elsewnerc.
I have for sale tlie celebraied .tntt Air Tight'
Cookilie Stoves of all sizes, ioreiiber wood or
coal. These Stoves are decidedly the beat in the
iivnkt t.aml 1 feci confi lent that any person try
,n; one will say so ; nil 1 ask is that th.-y nitty
nave n fair trial.
Also .ho Air Tight Wood Stove, which is hard
:o beat iu this or any other market. All eitovee
sold bv me ifo warranted t und any one pur-
: chasing a Stove, and finding it defective, can re
turn it to me nml I will nuiKc nn pxcnnngr;,
(fVOld Copper taken in exchange for ware.
I cN mid wii.i. s!l Stoves AS CHEAP its the
can be had in any market. etj.i-ly
IS I'liliLlbllKD at the lolh.wing rates:
Daily; per jear, payable quarterly, $$ Oil
I ri-VV'iekly, er year, in advadco. 4 Oil
Weekly, per year in advance, 2 CO
Suhaoriotiofis will also be received for nny pe-
ioii of inne, at the above rates, when paid in mi
ll nca . la-itcrs in till cases most be post-paid
'eraona residing in. Harrison county, tfeairnus el
aubseribinr lor Ihe " 1emi.nrat" can do so u
leaving (heir liaiin at the Sentinel iJllice.
ilacIO I1AUNY k HUGHES. Kdi'ors.
Daguerrean Artist.
CVliz, Ohio, Oct. 29-tf,
BLACK and, colored Trimming for Ladies!
Dreams, Uf mla'uhean by '
hot 1 3
-VV-,JS- V. sf-V
JllLALr.LitilA 4it.01t.AL 4IOLfc a,
labl.thed I j year nro. by 1R. K1NKELI 1
N. W. comer ol TIIIKD and UNION airetn.l e- i
iweeu Spruce mid Pine, a square and a hall in ai !
iha Merchant' Exchange. Philadelphia, j
rrauiis auueriiii; iroui ruinain Ihe I.01I1S,
ol th. Bladder. Uruv.I. Srrie.ur.-.. mi, a. I
Wnnkncaa, and nil the conromiiani trairnof .v.l
pliliiicnilcctioiia.tind those who, by intlulj:! if
a secret ntitm. have entailed on tlieuiaelvi a c. n-
tilutioliul debility, should apply iiumeliately or
me most speedy remedies to Ull. Kl. KE.LI
or :.. ,i. " . ....ii.!-' :,..!
...v h.. r,iirn imu biii.i.i;k,iui iiuiwiihwih i ii,i.
nllir(. ivvaIIIW i
i '
medicine whi h I
viiNUii-ir i. .
r,B-iPunseahia prohniml Hitrution. Ik- cnutiona t e
unnrtiiimiR ugninM the nbtiMi of mrrenry : ti.o I-
aands are iiniujally mercurialized out ol life; t
cent nfl'eetioNS lire promjitly extinguished. S e
your cimes properly eradicated, not patched ut ,
ul n rr led people, and thoie about to mam ,
nhiniM bs particularly cnutioiisoltlioaeaccideiitF;
what a dreadful inheritance to transmit lo paste.
fetrictures, oueol the most trntimeenmeiintl can
genius affections, w hich oltcn end in arrival, ii.
damiuaiion, weakness, Jtc, Dr. Kinkelinguarnu
tees In remove speedily; ft a ulso swrllings, 'lis
eased prostrate glands, iVc. Striclureshaverutn
td m.1Iiy who na(1 no kinwlf ilfp..f theirexistenca
y f.
llunilruls ufllicti'd with Consumption, Dyspep
si.-i. Pnlpiiaiinii .if the Heart, Torpid Liver, Palsy,
Irritability of the System. Ueneral or Local Pains
or Weakneas, Night Sweats. Diiiinojs of Sight,
Fits of Despondency, Muscular P ustration. ami
all diseases ol the Nervous Centre, never tlreat,i
ol Ihe came of their several afflictions. They
treat results us if thsy were causes, and so no ro
lie! is I. in in I .
What is the cause of these diseases very frc
qnently ! Thereis the aecret soiitaty telf abaxe
practised by thousands. Commenced when hoys
it school or elaen Here, it is kept up even ounliE
u . .
youtii; miiiir.ood, pioducin
" ' . 1
ii in, I r.'i 1 1 it il
nieiitul and physical
Ketneinbrr.wilh indulgence and repetition, or-'
ganic excitr ment becoe.es almoai coiiiinuous nntl
mnibiilly sensitive sj niiicb so that the organs
are vividly acted upon by n prurient imagination,
lispei-ially in a stale of imperfect sleep are they
stimulated by iacivious ami pernicious monms
which lead to a constant and involuntary wasting
away ol the stamina ol man. i lie more tins nil
happy condition is prolonged, tha more frequent,
iiivoluntnty, and alarming the evil , and if not ar
rested speedily, the will soon losrs till cnntrol,
and becomes a mere slave of depraved passions
the mental and intellectual in in. in are soon over
shadowed by the corrupt and animal. The un
happy victim shuns society, and avoids the very
lace of man anil still nun e of woman becomes
weak . pule, emaciated with liiilim. sitht.hear-
nit,', memory, mind anil with an unilelitieil nieaiH
oi coming calamity, and an aversion lo nil (lie
'husinesa ol lile, lie suon sinks into n cnndilioii ol
listli'ssnens, itidifrnrcnoe and lethargy, from whioh
no comaioii skill can j rouse him.
Which such a patient, the .ptestmn or interna
live 'mutually nri'es, belween a manly rounige
and by the aid ol medical skill, to .overcome his
woesor losi'iiksliaineliilly into the arms of (lea ih.
Imt him brace his nerves, and rise with the last
effort ol masetiliiic fortitude, lo combat the evil,
and apply lor relief. To till such Dr. Kinkelin
can promiso a renovation of strength, manhood,
ami u c. interned mi ml .
Dr. Kink-din's Book on the Infiininliesoflhefien-
craiive Syitem.ii will lae niailetl by en(-losinga.J
cents in a post m in letter.
lie :v Ii o places liimaeli under the enre of Pr. K.
may religiously ronfule in bis honor as a gintle
.nan, nm! confidently rely upon his skill as a pliy
Persons at a distance mny address Dr. K. by
letter (enclosing il lee) and becuret! nt home.
Itc, forwariled, by sending a remittance, r.nd
,,uiiip secure from UAM ACKor CURIOSITY.
9 I
. . J I
MOLFSALF. dealer
ii C kOCP,IUF,S,
lilQL!OUS, No. 181, west side, Market Square,
Wheeling, Virginia.
Pure Frem-h Uramlies.
Ottiird , Diipny ,t Co.
Pure Ports.
Sweet Malaga,"
Old I.') e Whiskey,
'inet. Casiillon,
A, Seignette,
Dutuesiii: llrandics,
Domestic (. ins.
Pure Ilolliiml (iins.
Alan double Kecnm-il v Ins
ol hn own man
iifiu-tiire, warranted
ami for sale chni.
consianily on hiind,
Samuel I7. IS lack
B JIIACT1CKS in ihe Wresiern Counties ot Vir-
in i ii , n nil adjoining counties ol Ohio. Office
oil Main street, between Madison and Jefferson,
(opposite the N. W. Bank) Wheeling, Virginia.
rii:i v 7-1 v
ni2t. Tell Mouse,
iiVo. 'Mj, Ea t N'Ar' of Market Square,
itiiItlllS HOL'SK having recenily been re-fitted
. tliroughout with new futnitiire, Ihe citizene ol
Harrison county will litid it il convenient plact
i lo stopat when ctiiiiins; to market.
I'he Stabling is large and noiiiuiodinUJ, nnd is
nearly new.
The best nf fare. good liqiiorsand cheap bills
Call nt the Win. Tell House when you come to
t inny7-ly
Window Glass, Sa.sli, White lend, Oil, Turpen
tine, Paint, Uriishes. Dry Paints, &c.
i0!'!'""1" Meloileon I3uildinss, No. 75, Main
I ""'' W''-o''"g. V"- rn ny 7-5 1 -1 y
.foSiit 12. Thoa.gsoia,
Booltseller und Sla'.ioner, e nil tlealor in Paper
liangiui;s, Motiroe Street, VVheclinj, Va.
inay7-.r)l-l y
Carriage, Wagon and Buggy Man
i AP.ON FOR.VIAN, thankful for the liberal
J patronage heretofore ex tended lo him. would 1
tn. ounce to ihe citizens of Harrison, und the ml-;
Imiiing counties, that ho is now better prepared I
than ever to manufacture to ortler
of all kinds and sizes, which he feels confident
cannot be excelled by any other shop iu the
Having n stuck nf material thai is really un
surpassed, n rid having a full knowledge of the j
business in all its branches, he respectfully asks
those who may want anything in the above line,
to give him a call.
Ilisshop ia in the rear ofaVIr. Slenirrinif' Black
Smith Shop, nnd near.y opposite the Cadiz Hotel,
where he may at all times be found oetfi tf
C1APES AND SLEEVES. A beautiful lot o
) embroidered Capes. Under Sleeves, Collarj
nntl CuA's, on hand and lor sale by
no v. I loan it tj
BUTTER. 5,0(1(1 lb Rolled Butler wauled,
for which we will pay 15 com per pound ut
oar store, iu GootU.
UST received n st-eond supply of Fall im d
Winter Goods.
Cull and (en them.
Ileal Estate Agency.
QCOTTA BINGH AM.n Ratal. Erra ri! Aoknt
O will givit espeiiiil attention lo buying and
selling of Real- Estate, Examination of Titles,
Convcyinici- g. &c, on reasonable terms.
Cutl'iz. July 30-ly
John Knote,
O Imported und Domestic Sniidlers' Hardware,
Harr-p Trimming, 'Packs. Webs, (lor, Sheep
mid MoroccoSkinsj Patent and Enameled Lea
ther, Humes, Snddl-trce,to.,nt the old tand,
No, 153, Main Wheeling Va. 6ct2!Llv
("1 EN1 LUMEN'S wnre of every description ta
JT bo had at Hogg Si Co.' from the 4 neat brown
Cloth, to Under-ahiri and Drawer. Also, Ho
siery and Glove of very variety, and Combs of
all kinds, a nice stork to be had at
nov5 ' Hoao st Cv '
BED BLANKETS pi a .uperiorciiuli(y, being
M'Ke at Robinson's mgk of good, always
" h"n5d' on'1 for b
V rvv?v??.W
Tlf ' f Lommption of tht
I'tngs, Affection of the Lrtr, Anhma,
ISronchiiitf Puint or XVeakuett of tht
I llreatt or I.vnpt, and other ajectiunt of
j the Pulmonary Organt.
1TTE copy the following article with p!ca'
I T 1
m . .i
T w urn irom the uoston .-Mercantile jour-
mil," ol March, U49. and we hope that If any
of our readers nro sufTerini from any cf t ie com-
P'"'i" wiucn it is sain to cure, tney win apeeui-
, , ..... . . . ... ..
IV avnn ineniseives oi it.
Dr. Yal:it''ia B:iU:im of Willi Cherry.
It was well known niunv years nfo thai the
W ild t'hi-rry tree bark or tins climnta possessetl
vnluable incdicinal nnalities. Indeen this fact
was known to the aborigines, nml ilecoctions of
the leaves or bark of this tree has ever been re-
! carded by their physicians as one of the most ef.
I lectual remedies in nittiiy diseases. This fact,
I several years since, arrested the attention of lr.
I Wistar, n .highly repectnnie praciit.oner oi vir
'ciliia. lie invesiiiraied with euro the lien line;
I nrnnertlcs of the Wild Cherry tested its effects
i when iidiiiinisfred n lone ami when in conihiiia-
lion with otl.rr retneilial ntrchts. tic fnuud that
its natural virtue nnt;ht be greatly improve. t ,uiki
hy.conihiiiiinr it with insrredieiits whie proper
ties were nil well proved and irr ner" lly recos
nized, n nietlicinc was produced which consti
tutes a remedy of great importance in Pulmonary
afliM-tions, mid disi iiHes ol the Chest and Throat
The genuine Wistar's Halisn.ii of Wild Cberry
has it f:ic simile of the signature of Henry Wistar,
M. I)., Philadelphia, and Sanlord and Par on a
linely executed steel engraved wrapper. None
other tire genuine
C:.ark Township, liaows Co., Ohio,
February 20th. 1851.
Joi n D. Pask. Ciiiciminti, Ohio, Cenerul
Western Agent for Lr. Wistar's lialsam of Wild
Cherry Dear Sir: Our famiiy arc predisposed
to that terrible disease Consumption my lather
and sister havitit; diet! of that disease. I have
also been predisposed to Consumption, anil aboil
thrco years since I wns completely prostrated b
it, anil for weeks my life was disannul ol My
physiciansantl my friends all considered my case
as hopeless, and requested mo to prepare for
deatli', lor a very few days at most would close
my life. To allev iate tuy paroxisms of cotiudiiutc,
wiiicb were intensely torturing, and to assist my
expectoration v which almost smothered inc, my
liicnds bought me one bottle of Mr. Wistni's
Bills:) m of Wild Cherry, und commenced tiling
tne n few drops at n lime, us my Cotitrhilttr spells
came on, and from the ti is t I experienced relief,
and cbtnined a little uninterrupted sleep, whici.
refreshed mevery much. From this time 1 began
to gain strength and to improve rapidly; and nf'
ter :i lew days I was enabled lo take Inc. Balsam
of Wild Cherry regularly and iu full doses. My
appetittaand my digestion became goo .and to
the astotl shment ot all that kntvv me, I recover
ed. It is to Dr. Wistar's llalsain of Willi Clieny,
and ilia t alone, under the blessing ol Providence,
that I owe my recovery, flly health is now good ;
eveiy veslage ol that nlnrmintr complaint. Con
sumption, that hail lor years attacked me like n
horrible incubus, has been eradicated from my
system, and 1 tlo most earnestly entreat i ll that
are in the least pretl'sposed to Consumption to
make immediate trial of Dr. Wistm's Balsam ol
Wiltl Cherry, for I have full faith in its restoring
them to health. Truly yours.
Important Caution. Beware of a base coun
terfeit ol iVistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry, signed
by one Win. Spear, who, in order to palm his vile
imitation upon the public, has obtained n fnc
simile of our. bottle, nnd copied our label of di
rections vet I i;i I n in . substituting his own name for
that of Henry Wistar, M. D., which is found on
the genuine.
Remember the outside label or wrapper of the
cenuiiie Balsam is a finely executed steel engra
ving, hearing the name of Henry Wistar. M. I).,
and Sanford and Park none oilier can he genu
ine. Skillful and scic'lilic physicians now jire
scribo tnis medicine ill Ineir practice.
Price $1 per bottle six not ilea for $5. Sold
h- J. D. PAIilv, Cincinnati, Ohio.
North-east corner of Fourth and Walnut streei
- entrance nn Walnut stivet, to whom all order,
musl be addressed. Also, by
John Henll.antl M'Beatut Knox, Cadiz; Iloq-g
& Pairish, Muorefield John Hogg, Ml. Pleasant ;
J. Crtiiiibaclier & Son, Wheeling; T. S. Ilening.
Steuhenville, jvlli-lv
J TAKE Ibis opportunity of saying lo the citi
L Zens of this mid the adjoining counties, Ihni
I nm receiving n splendid NkivStisck of FALL
AT. D WINTER DRY GOODS, the prettiest anil
best ever brought to this pint of the country,
which 1 will sell its low as any who sell Goods
iu this part of the i-oun'ry cheap !'o tsash. Mj
motto is Quick Sales und Small Piafits.''
My Stock consists of super French Merinnes.
?ilks anil Saiins, Cloths, Cassiineres, Hailiuets.
Tweeds. Persians, Delnins, Alpnecns. Cohurga.
Laces. Clieinisetts, best French-work Capes unit
Collars, Flannels, and every variety in the Dry
Goods line. Aluo, all kintlsol CLOTHING, put
up by ourselves, nnd made by one ol the beat
Tailors in the Weitern country.
Call and see for yourselves, 'it Snyder M'
Cormick's old stand, Cadiz. No humbug nt mj
store. epi2J. A. F. MOOUE.
Tiros, n. ctrt.sK.BTBoN. :n'oii o.crvusei..
CULBERTSON i- CUYMBLE having (alien
the ri'oni No. I!l3, Market t enure, formerly
occupietl by (co. VV. Johnson, would respect
fully inform their friends and lite public genet
ally, that they intend keeping constantly on
hand nil the most approve. 1 piiitcrnsof
Such ns Wolff's Patents, nntl Wolff's Premium
Cooking Stoves, assorted sizes, of Cincinnati
Btatllj 's jlitn.i Air Tight Cooking Stoves. o
various sizes, for cither wood or coal, of Pitts
burgh make.
Wheeling Stove of all kinds and sizes, nmortg
which are Hartley's Enterprise, a NEW PAT
TERN, lor wootl or coal, with extra lnrgeovens,
warranted to work well, or Hostile.
Grates, Hollow Ware, Sail Irons. etc., etc., nil
of which we will rell LOW FOR CASH, or to
prompt customer on short credit. Doing busi
ness upon the principle of "siniill profit and
ouick sales.1' wo solicit a share of public patron
age. inny d8-l y
f I til E subscriber has taken charge of ihe above
J HOTEL, wlure he is prepared ut nil limes
to wait fin nil who may patronize bis house. He
ha fitted up and furnished it in the most iui-
proved styb.
His Table
Will nt nil limes be luriiiil.ed wiih the best the
market affords.
His Stabling- ,
Is rendered convenient und commodious, and
his hostlers careful and atfeotive. He desires to
render bis linns
A Home to Travelers.
Iln assuies his friends that they ahull find
A Cordial Welcome to the Hotel.
A tuple accommodations for Moveri nnd Drovers
Boarders received at ull times, on reasonable
irunii , nov I -tf j JOHN MAIIOLM.
W. D. Motte,
NO 176, Market atreel. Wheeling, Virginia
Merchant in Harrison and the adjoining
counties would do well lo call and cxuinibe his
lock before going East to purchase. octD-ly
Wm. Ming IsJicolL
"M ANUFACTURER r A'addle. Mrltlle,
It, I Harness and Trunk, of nil kinds nnd
tiHiiliiiee, nt theold stand. No. 109, Main street.
Wheeling, Va. Carpet and Saddle Bijg. Saich
p!s, Valices, common nnd plaited Carriage und
Buggy Harness, Brigg' Pn-ent ForetCty Collar.
Wagon nnd Dray Harness of all kinds, nlway.
on hand nnd made to order on liberal term.
J. & E. Keid,
WHOLESALE and retail WINE nnd LI
QUOR DE A LEI!8. east side of Main si
a dots the Stone Bridge, Wheeling. Va. Keep
cmialantly on hnnd n large assortment of Fo
eign and Dcinestio I iquors. Wine and Cordiuh
which will ba sold on tha most accommodntin
terms. A eonaiunt supply of rih and Monon
gahcM Whisky oonsttntlr on hand. ootW-ly
. tf . .
U ILL I It All UK in ilarrisunand the ad
;..;..,.w - i. l ..lle-t.....i il.. hosi-
nose nl Cxecuiors and Administrators, Guardians
nod UHtils, Petitions da Partitit n, att)enipnt of i
tstatea, and all oilier husiness eiitmated to bis
ate, will receive his prompt ailennoii. Ofiice an
the old stand, opposite Cairetl's Hotel
ocii9-ly "
v. t'oic vnii:. I
T practice in Harrison nnd the adjoining
f Counties. Collections, the business ol J"'.x
ecutor nnd Admioistrators, Cunrcians and Wards
Petitions for Partition. settU-ments of Kstnles. ai.d
all other business entrusted to him will receive bis
prompt attention.
OFFICE Iiuiuedie'ely opposite the Mansion
. IS. MIIO I'U liLli
CONTINUES W practice in Harrison nnd ad
joining counties, and stives especial mid
prompt attention to Collecting, Business ol Execu
tors, Administrators, Guardians, Wu'ds, Parti
tions, Sales of Lands, settlement nl Estates, Titles
to lical Eitaies. Conveyuiteing, suits nt Law und
in Chad cry, loaning and investment of money,
ami all otlier professional business placed iu the
He is Aeent for the State Rank of Ohio nntl
others, for loaning money, Ac, &.C.. Office in
ivilgore's Building, on Market street.
Cadiz, O ..June 18, 1851.
Atlorney'e and Councillors at Law,
HAVING formed a partnership in the practice
. of their profession, wiil promptly ntlend to
all business entrusted to their care. Office oppo
rsito John fleull's Drug Store. oi-t5-ly
Scott a.V ISittgham,
Vltoriieys iiiiil 4'oiiiii-IIois l.:v,
WILL intend to all matters entrusted to
them, in the county of llairison, and ad
joining counties. Otlice in Bingham's sblock,
comer of Main mid Miirketstreets, .'adii.Ohio.
Cadiz. July :il). 1851 ly
bust wick A- ir:ii'4iii.
Attorneys and Cntinsellorn nt Lair, and So
licitors in Clunnery,
Will practice in Harrison and the surrounding
Counties. f)AII business on I rusted lo their
care will receive prompt and diligent attention '.
Ota to onnosite the Mansion House, ma rib-1 y
ANNOUNCES lo the public ilia-, he will in
.future remain permanently lit home, flcof
lers his piol'cssional services in all its various
branches. Surgical cases, unless nt a convenient
dis'liiace.' will therefore have to be brought to him.
nov I'J-.'lui.
Alrit'i'isiaiiN ii iioe,
DMACLANE, Alderman of the Isl Ward
.Oifi.-e, corner of Main und Jefferson sts
wiil promptly and faithfully i-ileinl lo any busi
noss entttisleil to his elite. He may be found ut
his nlft.te, nearly opposite the I'eymer House,
(Walker's Hotel.) " from sun to situ.'' Collec
tions made by due course of I tw and otherwise.
Depositions taken, to be rei'd in Ohio courts-
ui ti V 7-1 v '
Aiits means. Jit. John suo
Vfice on Market it'eel, urn linur In Post OJJkr,
AVING ntlo.tctl the most approved mctho
us practised oy the eastern iniiiiiilacturersiii
jtbi; iriiinuiaciure ol Wihtk Lkaii, hc are prepared j
to vviirriint it eqttal to tiny made in Ihe ( nitod
States, nntl which we oiler at the lowest price
March i i, 1 85 1 tl'48
I .1RF.NGI1 MEItlNOIOS black, green, purple
H blue and idiitn colors: togethet with plain
anil lancy Alpaca, plain til! wool ami cotroti titnl
wool Delaines: Irish Poplins; brocade, mohair
and dress goods of every style nnd qunility, ut
the cheapest store in town.
nova HiK.-n At. Co.
IHE subscriber is receiving at his old stand
iti Cadi, Ohio, in addition to his former
slock, a large supply ol I -'! ;i ii ! tii--
etc., etc.. in short everything usually kept in a
Wesrern Drug store.
His slock has been carefully selected as to qual
ity nntl prices will be so low that no person can
reasonably object. I is stock will be kept lull, a ml
hp would call the particular attention ol persons
wishing to purchase anything in n ia line, to sec
lusflock belorn purchasing elsewbine.
1 It tin klu I lor past layers, he still hopes, by care
and strict attention to business, to merit a large
share ol the patronage of n liberal public.
4 C. PA It I I LMih, Dagiierrean Artist. No
OL. 3G, Monioe St., below Market, Whee'ing
Va.. respectfully announces lo thb citizens of
Harrison ami adjoining counties, ihat he is pre
pared to take Daguerreotypes in (he very best
sTvi.r.s. ami with all the latest iiuproi-euients.
Likenesses taken equally as well in cloudy as
in more pleasant weather, antl particulai ntteit
'ion paid lo obtaining the most favorable position
for scouring n pleasing likeness.
Grnupes of any number of persons can be ta
ken on one plate, nntl perfect likenesses l ikon
of young children.
I am constantly receiving, n r.tl luivc always on
hand, n complete stock of Lockets, Fancy Cases,
and Dnguorrenii Materials, Apni'.riilus, &c, nil
of win -h I will sell on the mosl favnrblo terms.
00129 ly A. C. PARTRIDGE.
i licvoliitittii in .Tlnrbfc.
jTIllIE ubscriher, having made ample arrange
I JL mints lor a large supply ol MARBLE, keeps
j constantly on hand Mantles, Tanrmhs, Monu
ments, Head and Foot Stones, eto. He is con
stantly receiving large lots ofltiilian, Egyptian
and American Marbles, which he is making up
in u style not surpassed in the United States, and
will ell at a very saiall utlva ice on cost, either
wholesale or retail, and solicits till persons in
wanting, to give him a call.
He vrill nlso tiiritish a beautiful White Marble
for Cap and Sills, Steps, Front! Pieces for
I Doors and Vaults, Tile for flooring etc., very low.
He has also on Inintl a considerable quantity n
i Free Stone monuments, Toombs and Head Stones'
All sizes ol tjriiitl sionc3, both lor wet anil dry
grinding, warranted.
QT-N. B. Lettering done in the Intrst nntl
iii-ist beitu'.ifitl styles, in almost any language? re
rjured. MiCIIiEL J. KoHAN.
Marble Mason und Vault Builder,
nov. 5-1 No. (iC. Lower end ol Market st.
.i n. vu i;i,l,
"TVEALEtt iu Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils,
WJ Dye Stuffs. Patent Medicines, Perfumery,
otc, No. 4 Union btreet, Wheeling, Va. Also
manufacturer cd ' Vowell'a Superior lemon
syrup." oci23-ly
Uresfo '
11IIE subscriber will hnvo Fresh Beef, of n
porior quality, in Market, every Tqesda
nd Saturday morning fat day light,) during th
.Summer and Full.
Meat can, at all times, be had either nt M
Carnation's slaughter house, or the cellar o
subscriber's dwelling, the house formerly occ j
by Miss Uentty. ROBERT HOLiU
Cadiz, June 4. 1851 If
J. V. ciiscBiy,
Fancy and Staple dry Giods, No. Hit, Main
treet. Wheeling, Va , mny7 51 ly
R. T. Brooks,
T7"KEPS constantly on hnnd u large stock of
IV. CON FECTION A K us ol his own manuiuo
ture, which he can and will sell ciiBAPsa than
ny othej establishment in the city.
Fruits of nil kind nlway on hnnd, a also a
linlee variety of C.ikci uitltble lor pnrtles, Ac.
lie also manufactures Brooks' Colebri'tad
uugh Candy," tbs best article' novt in use, for
ongbs and Cold.
. Orders from a distance are solicited, which
. ill ba promptly attended to. -- - oot99-ly
-COVERLET YARN, Curfie, Chnin, fa, ily
Vy ana common Jf ntling lor snia iow oy
fll3 . ,.,.., ,., , . M. IW'Jf AUlKN.,..
9 000 Itl.WAHI)
riiriiziursT s& ghim s
A i'L LU tu) to their old Inei ds and
t loqiers. ami pteryhoiiy else, that ev
have iuat received the LsaossT and iT selected
atockol GOODS ever brous;ai to llarriaon cotinif.
It consists of every thing in the shape of DRY
AA1.- a Vf Cl'lsl'l H !! V 111 p I. kUIV si U C
lIARDVVAKE.ilc.,rlc Tbpy are determined to give ibtt sasoaiss
i .1... .mm (n these digrins." Ifvnn
ilnn'i helleee ii come and aee lor yourarlves.
Mring on your Produce, lor Millikio k Grimes
always pays us high, if not higher prices far all
kinds ol I ountry 1 rouuee, mau uuy oiucr sioie
in t Bill.
Farm for Sale,
r I HIE subscriber will adl nt nrivatc sale the
j X Farm on which he now lives, lyins; on the
road between Cadiz nnd Jtflcr.on, and within a
j mile and u quarter ol the- Railroad route, con
tinuing between sixty-eight and seventy acres
about 40 of which arc cleared, and in good culti
vl. lion. There is on the prnuises u good lor
dwi'llinr house and frame barn. Thereis nlso
an orchard of Iruit siidicieol for family use. For
urthe.r iuliiimation enquire of the subscriber, liv-
ng en ihe premises.
novl'2-tf ROBERT O :R
School Book"!
T I 'MIF, subscriber is receiving directly from the
I publishers, the lollomng SCHOOL BOOKS.
w hich hs oilers iu tenchen and others on the
very sest terniB;
'liullion's English Grammar
" Latin do
" Greek do
" Latin Render;
Greek Reader;
Duvies' Aiithmrtic; Ittiy's Arithmed'c;
Comatuck's Philosophy W'aitsou tlie .VitiJ;
Ch?ii:islry, Smellies' Philosophy
' Elocution; Davies' lli.iirdon ;
Kirkiim's do Lcgendra;
English Grn-Dinnr;
Mitchell's Primary Geography, new ed.;
" Ixeogritphy uiirl Atlas, uo
" Ancient Geography;
n.ir'itt'g Geography of the Heavens,
Virgil Delphitli; Lovell'a Young Speaker ;
Horace do Nevin's Bililic.il Anliqililiea ;
Also. Pocket, Famiiy and School BIBLES and
TEST VMr-iNTSf M isi-elliuienis. Law, nnd
Common School Books, of tbn kinds in gencrnl
use; Cap and Letter Paper; .Vote Paper; Envel
opes, various kinds. Blank 'ionks; Steel Pens;
Inns; Slates and Pencils; Memorandums; Cop)
Books; Engraved Soles; Music. Drawitg nntl
Tissue Paper; Port Folios und Albums, ect ,ete.
All of which will be jold cheap lor cash, or
approved country pro'luce.
net 'II JOHN bp.al: .
JO IX IA LE. Proprietor
Fourth Street, thrk.k IJooiis Noiitii or Maskkt,
f I ''(IIS HOUSE has a pleasant and convenient
1 locution, and is the largest nml newest Hotel
in tiie city. Strangers who visit Steiihenville will
liati at tlie above house every thing necessary fo
their eoml'orl. I he stabling is extensive, nntl was
built expressly for the accommodation ol Drovers
and Pcdhrs
lie invites his old friends nntl travelers gener
ally in Harrison and the surrounding counties, to
give him n call when they visit StetibeiiviUe.
1VKRY BODY ami bis Wile" will please
jtake notion that tint place to set their
money back is at nidnr nntl M'Coriuack's old
stand. 1 sell grinds cheaper titan the cheapest.
If yon don't beloveit, come and examine lor
for yourselves. I charge nothing lor showit g my
goods. octH ' .A F. 51'HWIi
SSai'iSwai'c tuul fuiHivy
US 1' arriving and (or sale III tlie sign of the
Car.iage Trimmings;
ji, . g . Ij'i-lll'. I lino,
pi luus ;
Code Mills; i
Patent Hinges;
Butt HingciiV r"l
Saddlerb' llardwaie;
Vices; Locks;
Augers; Screws;
Files; .
iiiniigs ;
Steel ;
Ttn-ks ,
etc.. etc.,
A xes. Curry
Brushes; Iron;
Mattrcks. Planes, Shovels, Spa, I
mid Cards Servers, Gnus, Spectacles,
Carriage La mps, Bridle Bills, Knives ti ml Forks,
very low. Including the best stock nf Cutlery
and Farmers Implements ever offered to ihe pub
lic, which we are delei mined lo sell as low as they
can be bought anywhere east ol the mountains.
All we waul is that you call and sec and yon
will find it to your inicH'Sl lo buy Hardware at a
Hardwire Store. All this nnd mine loo can he
had nt ihe Hardware Store of
nov I 3 D1TM WIS &. CM3 -F.Y.
I f 111 E suhsciiber having purchased of the I til
JL proprietor, r. il . Scott, h is enure n.teics
iu the Cadiz Foundry, takes pleasmeiii atinoun
eiug lo the public that be li is hud many years
practical expel ienee in the business, nnd is now
.loingnll iu his power to lit u p and put in good
working condition the entire niaeiiincly nf tint
establishment Being thus prepured.hc will keep
coiisirnllj oti hand Cooking Stoves of till the
various patterns, Parlor at rati Egg Stoves, Fancy
Fronts,' Franklin Steves and Grates of all sizes.
Plow Citsiings ol nearly every pattern, VVnffle
I runs for stoves, Fencing for Graves and Fronts
for Houses, Plow Points. Muffin Paiis. n new ar
ticle, mid Chimney Tops, &o.
Orders for a ny thing in the above line ihnitlc
fully received a id promptly filled on the ihortesi
notice. Old Metal taken in exchange tar new nt
il highest cash prices. DAVID POOL.
aiiouai Houses
(.HtiNER or Stui'Benvii.i.e and Warren sts ee-'s
Ouestpinre wesioflhe Public Buildings. form
erly occupied by Thomas C. Vincent.
?T I U f, SC IISCK I lie. li thankful for lbs
fi p .tij? patronage heretofore hismwetl upon
!i5spv iiiin. would beg leave in announce
iSil'V to his old fiieiids nnd the public li I
rlttrge. Hint he continues at the old stand. This
establishment, hat been renowned niirl put it in
complete repair, ami furnished it with entire new
Furniture. This house is located in (Tie most
pleasant nnd business pari nl the town.
THE STABLEsare extensive, and have nlso
been thoroughly repaired, ami will ut till times be
provitled with the best of provender, mid attended
by cnreliil anil obliging Hostlers.
Connected with the esdiblisiluncnl, isn la rge n nil
extensive WAGON YAR,(lbe heal in Cadiz)
und suitable for Mcniigeriesiuitl Circuses.
No pains will he spared to render those who
may favor the National House with n call, ti
comfortable ns possible, by w hich means the un
dersigned hopes lo merit and receive a liberal!
share ol patronage.
DROVERSuccnmmodatcd with any amount of
Stiibline required.
BOARDERS received by the week, month or
Suitable Roomsctin bcfuriiished foi Private Fa
milies. I " have connected with ihe above establishment.
n LIVERYSTAI1LE. which, for s tyle of Caiiiii-
aciek, titnl sii If ty ul houses, cannot oe surptisscu
by nnv establishment ol the kind in the countiy.
Cadiz, April 9. 1851-ly
IS V T. S. MS ll.Y.VI.YV .
Medicine, Paints, Oil, Dye Stuffs, Perfu
mery, Surgical Instruments, Pure
Liquors, 6(c. , Sfc. , ifc.
I IIE subscriber invites-the attention
sS of till who may wish to purithiise.to his
at present, very extensive slock of the
above tunned articles, procured lr.nu
some of Ihe best Drug nnd Imnortini
houses in the East, and which be i confident will
give satisfaction both it to price and quality.
Order Irom physicians, country merchants and
others promotly attended to. np2-ly
f 1 IHE prettiest nnd cheapest stock of Men and
X Boy' Cap in town, juet receive;! by
o.:i8 A- F.f MOORE.
CLOTHS antl Cassimeies, a great variety at
the cheap ensh store of
C1ARPEI 6. Striped. Vbiiitimi, figured all
wool, and cotton antl domeatio Carpets; to
gether with hearth and door Ruga, Carpet Sucks,
Bags, etc., for sale by
. nov5" ' - ' ' IIooa& Co.
TTT)rawr.and Shirts, good and ch
Xllforsali ' ,,, ?. - ; )Vodi
4tiAvm! -1.1 viMl! m atria g llT
III? something ti'aiua ihat LOI VTlLila
J can't be beat ahaviug I and h aaoal r
siwct fully inforns tht ciiiiensol Cudii and vicl
ity thai he has KK.MOV KD his shop to the has
ment loom in Mr. Dewey'a Doilding, nearly ep
site Was. Hogg's store, two doors froaa Mr. Jwaan
Philip' groeerv, ana adjoining .r. iia-ici a.
Tia aim strange that be can't be beat at ealtin j
hair, blacking boots, and in tact everjtn a. au
his line ef bosinen. All he asks ia a fair trial
Once week per quarter, (3 months)
Twice a week do "
Three time do "
Four time
Single share
Hair Cutting
Sharpening Kaiors
Handling Kazor
All kinds of lenovatinc. such as taking all
manner of stains, greuse spot, etc., etc., tie, fro
clothing, done at the shorten notice.
I'll tell you, gent, what must ba done:
Direct your stepi to "Number One!"
We'll shave you well nnd waah you claan
A any tody ever een.
And cut your hair and oil it ton.
And scratch until you say 'twill do t
Don't you believe ! just com and UT,
And ee if what I Bay' a K.
I can't be beul I do declare,
In shaving neat or cutting hair f
And if nl first 1 ahuvc with ene.
You then can come whene'er you plantar
I know my bund is old and tried.
And iievei known to slip or slide, ,
My R.lzors are all rut mid dried.
And never known to tear the bide.
Come one come nil, both high and loir,
Just take a sent, you soon wiil know.
octti-51-ly ' LOT WILLIS.
1 WOULD respectfully announce to the citiien
of Cadiz that I have again taken ny old shop,
on Market street, directly opposite the Hardware
store, which was recently oceupied byJonraiind
Uoper. 1 would respectlully nsk the public i
give me a call at " Number Two.''
All wh" have beards loctit or bail to crop.
Just call otl me at my old aho)ii
Yes. friends. I'li 11 1 you what todo:
Give me n call at " Number Two;'"
At noon or eve, by night or day,
Or liny time thatyou can tuj ;
But give ire time, dear sir, to rest
Upon that day that God bn blessed. '
My room is neat, my towels clean.
My scissors sharp, und razors keen.
And everything I think you'll find.
To suii the taste and please the mind,
Ami then I move my hand astrue,
As nny barber e'er can do.
With rapid much I'll smooth the face,
A nil dress the hair with equal grace ,
And allih.il art and skill can do.
Your money will procure lor yon.
,ct--.v LOT WILLIS.
it of t o if v ir lit i: ij i'
For i u fiii-ll e Vents.
BY MEANS of the Pocket
Ksculapitis, or. Every Ona
His own Ibvsiciiinl being.'
the. Thirtieth edition, with,
upwards of n bundled engra
vings, slowing private ilia
enses in every hnpe and
form, antl ninllormaiion of
the Generative sysieu.a, l,y
Win. YOl'Nti, rti. I.
The lime has now arrived,
that perons suffering from
Mmro secret oiseiises, neeti no mot
eeome the victim i.f quack r n v, a by ihe pte-
( ciiptions ciiutaitjed iu this nook, any one may
'tnre himself without liiiinranee to bus inrsa. or the
knowledge nf the mosl iiititunir friend, nnd wild
one lenih ihe usual expense In nildiiion to ilia
general riiiitiue of private disease, it fully ex
plains the cause of manhood's early decline, with
uhscivniitiiis on marriage besides many other
'derangements which il would not be proper lit
ctiuiuf rate in the public prints.
Any person sending '2H CENTS enclosed in n
letter, will receive one copy of this book, by mail,
or five copies will be sent for one dollar. Addrea
.Or. Win. Vniiiig. Ao. 152, Spruce ttrttl,
I'hilnd' Iphia. Post- paid .
DR. YOUNG can be consulted on nny of the
diseases described in his different publications,
at hisOffico, 153, Sprueestrcet.even day between
and .'t o'clock. fSiiiida v a excepted.) ap-2.1 Lv
Jaundice, Dyspepsia. Clirnnir or nrrvon d-
hilit.y, dUetise of ihe Kidneys, ncd nil ilireaars:
tinsing Iroitia itLSorileiet Liveror stomach, eiicn.
us (ioiistipnti.iu. in'iiiid Piles, fullness nf blood,
lo the bead, acidity ol the Stomach, Nanaea
llcaribiirn, Iti gast fur Food, fullness or wpinht.
in the Stomach, sour eriicniions, sinking or flut
leriuir tit tin: pit of the Sioinnch, Nwiiumiiig nf the
Head, hurried ! Ill I difficult Breathing, ntlflering
ill the Heart, choking or f uirocatiiig sensations.
when in a h nig posture, tlimiit ss ol vifioh, dots
or webs before the fright, fever and dull pain in
the Head, deficiency or preservation, ypllowne
of the Skin itinl Eyes, p-n'n in the vide. Bark,
('best. Limbs, itc, sudden fluslii of Ileal. burn-
iugsiu Flush, constant imaginings of Evil, and
gieat depression cfSpirils,
( AN HI-: WFWTt; tl.V iTREn py
Dr. IooJland't Celebrated German Bitter
an. a. m. jaczzsois".
At the German Medicine Storey
'I'lieir power aver (he above disease ia not ex
celled, if equalled, by any other preparatioa in
he United Males, its the cure attest, iu many
tttses iffterskilltil physicians had failed. '
These Bitters lire wot thy the attention of inval
ids. Possessing great virtues in the rectification
of diseases on the Liver nod lesser glands, exor
uisingihe m si searching poweisin weakness mid
nffoctioiis of the digestive organs, tiipy arc, with
in, sine, certain autt pleasant.
(From the "Boston Bee.")
"Dr. Ilooiland's Jelcbrnlc'J Herman Bttterfor
the cure of Liver Couiplaitil, Jauutlice, Dyspep ia.
Chronic or Nervous Debilily, is deservedly out oi
the most popular medicines of the day. The
Bitters have been used by thousands, and a friend
at our elbow says he bus himself received an (I
lectual nntl permanent cure of Liver Complaint
from the iifo of 'his temeily. We are convinced
lli.it. in the use of these Bitters, the patient con
stantly gains irength and vigor a fact worty
of great consideration. They are pleasant in
taste and smell, and can be used by person with
tne most tieiiciiie stomach with salely until r bit
VAi- I..-....-
circumstances. We arespeiikingfrom expenanca
and to the afflicted we advise their use.''
"Scolt' Weakley," one of the bet Literary
papers published, mid Auir25
"Dr lloorlnntl's Germnn Bitters, nnnufnetured
by Dr Jackson, are now recommended by soma
ol :be most prominent members of the faculty as
mi article of much efficiency in cnie of female
weakness. As such is the case, we would advise
all motlior In obtain u bottle, mid thus ay
themselves much sickness. Persona of debiliia
ted constitutions will find these Bittcrsuilvniilage
to their health, its we knw from experience ihe
Biilulniy effect they have upon wend systems." '
The " Philadelphia Saturday Gazette," th
best luinily newspaper published in th United
States, the editor suyt of
"ll is seldom tin t we rr commentl what is term
ed Pnient Metlicine to the confidence nnd pat
ronngu of our renders; nntl, therefore, when wJ
rccoininentl Dr. Hooll: nfl's German Bitters, wo
wish it to be distinctly understood thnt w nr not
"peaking ol the iiostrums of the day, thnt arp
noised about for a brief period and then forgotten
after (hey have done their guilty rttceol miachiel,
but ol a medicine long establishes1, universally
prized, and which has met (he hearty nppiorul
of the Faculty ilFelf."'
That this medicine will cure Liver Complain I
mid Dyspepsiu. no one can doubt, after uainr il
a directed. It acta specificvlly upon theatomae'i
nntl liver il is preferable to calomel in nil biliti$,
diseases the effect immediate. They piij) b ad
ministered to reMALC or inpant with aiilty a'pd
reliuhle benrfll, nt any time. ' . .' i
This medicine has ntlnincd that higi character
which is neceesury for all medicine lo attain to
induce counterfeiters to put forth a apuriousarti
elo at the risk of the Jives of those "who art Inn.t-;
oenlly deceived. ',,
They have the written signature olC. M.'
Jackjonupon the wrapper, nnd the nnme blonn,'
ill the bottle, withoyl which they are Spurious, ' t
For sale, wholesale nnrl retail, at the Gouts
Medicine Stors, No 120 Arch street, one dioz,
below Sixth) (line of 278 Race street,) Pbiladil-,
pliiti, and by tespeclnbl" dealers throughout Ihe
oiiiintry. Also fol aale br Spink A. How
wholesale agent. In Wooter. Ohio t M'Bo-.;
Knox antl John Beall.Cadiai J.T.Crani ,...
r)eersyile W. M. Ulnckburn, Bloomfjelq; ,
II. Piimar, Uhriohsville. ' ' "
rt EN ILEMEN'S War.ispoingoiratal . .
psi-ii .,,,,..- ,! . . a'r.ijBin:.

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