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r rum II. SuiUsmun .
Tie ITew Tax Law
A tlirrw p?ar to be in diiVrent qutr
trr a sai-it-ty uf opinions t,j ivrtsm r
i taint of tic new 11 taw, c j a!i!h i.v
t-xphinl(ry of them, the f.ilh wing iti-.truc;-tutiafiuiii
ihe Auditor of J-'i.-i;.-.
There no doubt that tht !!.,' fs-t-s "r
and llie whig in gcr.irsi a.-e i ..-.! tv
make the people beht t 'th.t: ibis la w i.uv
i no better then tlie one ovi r which :'; i v
deliver d .omanvni'U; "lcs,
i ,',i
Iirct-asnry to aae th credit of ihe tut? to
prevent repudiation to increase the value
of Obio stocks, aud to add U tl.e good nnme
rtd fair fame of our State! Hut these wbigs
are forgvttirigiheiri'ldfi rn. oi.t. Mid can now
denounce all tax lavs i:h quite hi much
a-arnestnesi as the democrat ever did tbe
partial, or impartial law passed by the whig.
JJut we may bave occasion to but more on
this subject hereafter:
AruiTo or State's Orrica, Ohio
Columbus, April 22, 1C52.
St.; Tn answerto the enm.iriea in vrnirlUM"tS" "fo rreacii guoas.nate attltaton
letter of the ?0ih April, I hex lea c to state i 11 ' , 111 !-rK;c'e' Among me passen-0f the Compromise, in the hope, that iyiicut ana slie 'a described as "the race
h r..Il..w- irrs ?re Lorcn b)rper, the American ciroinir from so ilistin?uished an assembly. llors0 of tlic ocean." Col. Peel confessed
1 T.tM. rrnnrvtr !wster1 in milmi.U
petty invested in railroads,! ("o lsa, H" "avr and bearer o dispatches.
'us, i.c, is to be listed by, J Li8,u,P M.,:C!'fy. Albany. 'ihe
not bv the individual hoi- P"1?"1?! .'J.': ,Lli'Wi ?n li,e ,sil-
banking institutions;
their ofhuers, and not by the individual hoi
dent of stock. Great care, however, should
be taken not to compound the stock of the
company with its evidences of indebtedness
The former is not to be lited by the indi
vidual owners but in casses where an indi
viual has depia'ttt in bank, or holds the ob
ligation of a railroad, or other company, fur
money loaned, woik done, or property aold,
he is bound to include these in his return
to the Assesor. I
, 2. The law allows to every individual two
hundred dollars' worth of property exempt
irom taxation: and there is nothing to pre
vent the owner of books, dogs, or chickens,
vfrom including these articles within the ex
emption. If their aggregate value falls be
low two hundred dollars, additional prop
erty can also be included, until the whole
shall reach a total value not exceeding that
3. Where parlor or cook stoves are built
into the wall of a house, or where, in case of,
sale, they would go with the dwelling in
which they stRnd, they are to be regarded
as real property; but in all other cases, they
are to b; considered personal property, the
same as looking glasses and other moveable
Stute Auditor.
Gkobuk S- Bruce. Esq.,
Auditor Morrow County.
Avditor of State's Offick, Ohio,
Columbus, April 24th, 1852.
Sia: Your letter of the 21st April has
been received, and in reply thereto, 1
1 hasten to say that the construction placed
on the new tax law by this department,
does not require an individual to list for
taxation such articles of food as he has pro
vided for the use of himself and, family.
Those articles must, however, be such as are
, intended to be consumed at home, and in-
chide nothing that is designed to be sold.
They may embrace all the pork, beef, flour,
: vegetables, Sic, ifcc, which the family has
, actually on hand, and intends to appropriate
in good faith to its own consumption. This
construction of the new law is not believed
to conflict w ith the intentions of the fi amers
of the constitution, and antill otherwise n
quired by competent authority, it will be
adhered to by this office.
; Crops still in the ground tire not taxable;
' but the new law, likt the dd out, requires
wheat, corn, oats, hay, Vc, &c, to be listed.
, (See instructions of Auditor Woods, Janua
ry 30, 1051. page 23 )
Persons who wish to withhold their beds
and bedding from taxaeion, have full pow
er to do so by including them under the two
hundred dollar exemption.
State Auditor.
JohsSeitz, Esq.,
. Assessor, Seneca County.
Acditor of State's Office, Ohio,
Columbus. April, 24, 1052.
Sir: I have received your tolcgnafShic de
spaoh desiring to be informed whether crops
... m the ground are to be listed for taxation ?
The solution of this question may be
1 surrounded by greater embarrassment, than
is now felt hy this Department. But as at
present impressed, 1 feel no hesitancy in de
ciding that growing crops, still in the ground
need not be returned to the Assessor as per-
ttonal property subject to taxation. At the
neasou when assesment are made, crops in
the ground have at least but a precarious
existence. 1 hey may never attain matun
... ;-io fa i.ii .nntt.,,,,,!
y, and their value is who ly contingent
lfore ripcniriff for tbe sickle, they may be
came as valueless as stubble. It would seem
Z -1, a" rM , c.,h;,.,t .hflm f .h. tr.
ae va no iiai aa ami if it. wttiim Kfim
.hir;r ::: rr
' then of taxation in advance of attaining- a
. reliable vlue.
K ,! 4rf .v i,. j..' ;.. ;
convinced that tho above decision is
: , . ;e ,i,t
ZZZr utnont SK1,
be the duty ofthis Department to shape I the
its action accordingly. Bat if it be once eVtlo
tablished that crops'in a sU'.e of incipiencr ''f A 1 1 lt
...r,u. ,,, ;,,: ,; f oi April.
t it. a.t i .!. r
"-IT "i"""" ".
uie ramera o. uie v-ousumuo... io require
jt .r a.i. n i.!!...:
tlie imposition of a tax. And yet, in both
instances, there is a contingent value the
mmeiM .in .the case of growing crops. I
might sUU farther illustrate the viewof grow-!
T ' I ."11 f i . -11 .
wg crops. I might still further illustrate
the view of this subject which I have sup-
, . ,J. . K .
posvd to be correct, but presume th at enough 1
has been written to nut vou in possession of.
the considerations which have controlled my
. Respectfully.
v "" .: . Slate Auditor.
- G. L. Stewart, Eq.,
, Auditor t Huron County.
. . . ' .. .
Acbitob or STt's Omen, Ohio,
Columbus, April :?G, 1862.
it-' Tour letter of the 23d April is received,
Snd in reply, I h-uten to say that every in
ividual who owns personal property to the
alue of two hundred dollars, but none be
yond that amount, may hold the whole ot
it exempt from taxation. The law on this
point is clear and explicit; and although it
i my province to execute rather than to de
fend its provisions, I am free to gay, that I can
nee no wrong or injustice in this exemption.
The man of wealth is allowed to hold his two
hundred dollars worth of property free from
tar, mid why the same exemption should be
denied to an individual simply because he
has the - misfortune to be poor, is a matter
that I cannot comprehend. Persons who
have heretofore paid but little tax on their
hank investments, and none on their tens of
thousand of government br.n Is, are r.ow
availing themselves of the benefit of thia
iixeiripuon, and yet none complain more
bitterly Unit. the exemption is within lhe
jvach ff per .ions whose whole peron:d prop
erlj is wiliiin the limit of two hundred dollars.
In re" :rJ :o ro.treiM.
ill the g;-ji.ll'i. It ts hv,
!ivV :v te.'t ta.vd.lt: ! l
, u : r y a jic-rr.i!' g c reps
J !y t'.ia olhVe th.it
: . nv within the true
ir.f:r.:i:- of ;lu
'n:"i:i-:i ii-.iv .u
a !: i l.a c :i.u it
Vvlivi;a:;,m. Hits rw-
u-s i..r rmu-:!n.-it
ti t v can c.'t.vii.e.. '
' the law us;
'.In- t ub'ir
b:it th.
ieoi. c !,:e l.c
rrh!i v, ill .,,-
YM. D.
State Auditor.
M'tiSerslurgh, Ohio.
TV-ir nir. Tnt frnm r-,r-B
i oar uajs iaier irom LOrce.
Ntw York, April 27.
The Franklin, from Havre, with dates
from England to the 14th inst., arrived at!
this port at 9 o'clock, A.M., to-day. She
i 0 c rt.ui : a .t
tun!,tt" Iiavre nd Ltart;r of dispatches,
1 ne Liverpool co.ton market was hrra du-
. -
ring uie three days subsequent to the sad- patriotism of the people. Should both po
ing ot the Asia, and at the close prices jjtical parties fail to make the finality of the
wre ratlu-r buoyant, though no positive ad- Compromise the basts of their future oran
vanee had been established. ization, the people will demand such con
lhe market for grain wa? very firm with sideration. as will triiimi.h over both nartirs.
hilht supplies. Coin had advanced Ci U
In other articles no important chanrre had
taken place.
i lour remained steady at the last quota
Some important information had been re
ceived in England in reference to the Frank
lin Arctic K
,Whr 1 ...., -i..,. .1- a....? r
uv.n.uaiiu t30ft OldtCS HIUl, 111 U1B CUI lll'f Ol
lC51.be had seen two ships embedded in
the ice, apparently drifting towards Davis
Straits, which ships he believes belonged to
the expedition under Kir John F
e expedition under Kir John Franklin.
France continues calm. The 10th of May
is fixed for the grand military review and the
distiibution of the Eade, in the Chnmn de
Mars. All the regiments of ihe garrison of
Paris will be present, and the other retri-
ments of the nation will be represented by
ineir colonels ana aepututions.
U11 the WLh a grand fete will be given at
the Rue Militaire by the French army, to the
President, who had accepted an invitation
to that effect.
M. Martin de Strasbenv had refund
take the oath of alle nanee. mul hurl ruxiim-
ed his ollice.
Thritv-nitie members of the I FVimle ln.l
received donations, seventeen of whom re
ceived thirty 'thousand Francs each.
Steamboat Collision.
Evansvil le, April 27, P. M.
About ten, P. M., lust night, the Chicka
saw and Clifton came in collision at French
Island. The bow of the Clifton struck the
Chickasaw a little forward of the wheel
house, when the latter boat commenced
sinking, and in a few moments the cabin
parted from the hull and floated off; and she
having on board a locomotive and a 1-irge
'quantity of heavy gas pipe, caused her to
sink immediately.
Many of the passengirs and officers
jumped en board the Clifton, and others
were saved on the cabin; but of those below
it is thought fifteen or twenty are lost, as
they had no time to get up on the upper
deck, so rapidly did the boat go down; few
er would have been lost, however, if tho Clif
ton could have remained along side; but she
was also 111 a sinking condition, and had to
run ashore, where she was only saved from
sinking by discharging a large portion
her car''o.
All the officers of the
the carpenter, are safe.
About & 15,000 worth of dry goods be
longing to B. II urell, of Cairo, were lost,
and were but partially insured.
The Chickasaw was owned hy the Cap
tain, 1st Clerk, and Daans & Wayne of Cin
cinnati. When the botts were meeting ths bells
were run"- and evervthin." done that, enul.l
I... , .,,.,?,! ,.udi:.in,. . . -,,1,.....; 1
that 110 bkme is attached to tire f!i,.,o-' of
either boat.
Arrival Fron California.
Kew York, April 23.
The Northern Light arrived shortly after
nine o'cl ick last night.
There was no sickness on the Isthmus.
San Juan was healthy.
'Ph.. m, ,..!, ..ntc f,f...,n Vr,nen !
i ...i...u .ne ui-
j.- st308 t0 bui!d a Merchant's Exclu.n.
A tremendous land slide bad occurred
: : f ,11
o x O
a Ju l i i ., i.t .
. . .
?ear Calaveras river, involving the loss of a
mi. e. .1 i.i : . . !
J.1.C ..vino .iu... 6,u ,-iuus was very
-i'w.-"b' uu.v, u......,a, ,u,Uj luw oiiu
v,,;c ,,.,,:.;.
Since the passrge of the present
t hrouo-h Conu-ress estab ish no- annthnr m i
nionthlv line of Panama steamer.
The bill prohibiting gambling Las been
,i.,f...i r 30
Advic;s from Honolu,B to the ,oth m
March gtate t).u a u,rribe
,.OlVUO.I.Wy v.. .a u wiiivtv i UJVnilHi CIllOllOll
tnAt , nn ranna TiU H ...
volcanic eruption;
n,K i M. a, . c .1
Ine lava poured down in torrents from the
vocano .
t-JT The New Tax Law has been Dub
lished in the Columbus papers, and contains
78 sections. It creates a great sensation in
the Whig camp. The law is made to con
form to the requirements of the New Con
stitution, which requires equal taxation.
The Whig party ever has and evei will op
pose thia salutary principle. The leaders of
the party re more or less interested in the
Banking and other corporate institutions ofj
the ctate, winch have erown tat ol the ear
nings of the toiling millions a party, which
ohn yuincy Adams said, was bound to
gcthc by no other principle "than the co
hesive attraction of public plintlcr." Thin
law taxes a large amount of corporation
capital, investments in stocks, bonds, fec.',
which heretofore have been exempted from
an equal .bare of the burden of Taxation.
It is said it will bring on to the tax duplicate
some twenty-four millions of dollars of Bank
State and United States stocks. A number
of Banks have become so enraged because
they are compelled Xo pay taxes as other
men, that they hare threatened to suspend
operations. 'The sootier the better for the
peope.--MUlers&urffh farmer. " .
jC9A roan should never put a fence of
vords around Ins ideas, because many who
voul j otherwise gi y him a fair hearing, lack
tiHolution to climb over inch a rugged in-
losurC. " ". .. ; ;i
. Eoutdiern Whig Address.
Washington. April 23.
.The n-,.ttb!:c publ.,W an address to the
wt.s olue Lint, d r-lau-s ol thice columns
.albi!, hi-ned by il.srs. Urooke. of
., . '. , . . ....
.'m.-Mstiu, iiurton and I alfc-ll, of 1-iorida.
.d,-.re :uia i.ui;,iy. oi LouiMana, a irsliaU.
Keiiiuckr. Untrv and Williams, of Ten- - e,
Ou-Uw ud Clihirwan, ut North Car-1
; a 14 r,:''i'- or j"l!iu, and fctio'i.er of V trma. yivin an
i-. .w ti, ..icj;nv..u,it of the pr.iceedai ot li e WLij Con-i
: 1. .a in oj w. .f,,,,i,:j Ciueui, and suuiiniiiij their,
couise in retiring. Ihev deny that it was
their otiject to distract ihe party, 01 to open
afresh the slavery excitement. Thev assert
that their motive was to put down abolition
fanatici.-m, whose only hope is in the over
throw of the compromise resolutions; and
also to induce the whigs to assume national
ground, and a conservative and patriotic po
sition; the only position in w hich the states
also to induce the wliys to assume national
,,.. .d . .,.,. .:vp1,,j afr:t;
Uition: thp onlv i;ti,.n in tlm Kini.
Linn am! nntrmr rnn mglntm ilia !....
man and patriot can maintain the harmony II
of these States, or preserve the existence o'fiuf tl,e cck English sailing vessels. That
the government. Their object was to termi-' t-'0'- retl SiliJ' appeared to him a deeply
bv declnrinir the finalitvi'll,,ulliiUn.? tvent. fc!ie was an Americnn
- .
the country would enthusia,
They failure to respond, the
he nothing more nor less tha
tie countrv would enthusiastically resroml. !
v rredict. will
r.,,!himsclf that he could annreeiate such an
-..-v viuiuiuinv a'i iiiv . iv oiuein. 1 t tM 1
the party platform will be too narrow for the
Tln.ir iv,mmr.n,l rni',,!,, vt ;,;,
av.uutilllliU Utbtilllf VUII l1 tlV OVA 1VUJ
consideration to the subject.
' .
The Deficiency Bill Whig Cor
ruption. The Deficiency Lill has passed Congress.
At the last session, s bill was passed, appro
priating hlty millions ot dollars lor the ne
cessary expenses of the general government;
but s tran Le as it m:iv annwar. tliia finnrniniis'
. M ' 1
,u"' 11 , , ,a' P oy me present;
""etai uaipnin Administration; ana hence
the nt'CL'ssl.ty ol the additional appropriation
ul ""ca. ""nsu- "y " passage 01
uficiency bill. It is the first time, we
,)till'-'ve in the hisiory of this government,
tmlt an A-Jrinistrcitiun has ventured, in a
t,me ot Fac.e' to KPtnd more than Congress
1 "ppropr.aieu. i
stupendous swindling, carried on by
yi. vjiiuoij, ouuuiu ujicu.
lliU uJua UU1A aiuuu LIi "luigiiauun ui eve-
so th
'' "on?st m;ul- vllat conhdence can be
Pllll'uu a Pau3 . wllose K'atiers.jn open
day, will steal from the people's Treasury,
millions upon millions of dollars? This is
i To corroborate what we assert, in relation
to the enormous robberies of the Galphins,
we snau introuuce tne tesumony 01 Jtrumnr. "cveuty years 01 age; nau served tnrougiiout
Smi li. Smith is one of the U. S. Senators I the Mexican war, and had hist fall built him
from Connecticut an unscrupulous Whitr : self a cabin in the woods, and shut himself
pai-tizrtn; who did as much, perhaps, tow
ards placing Gen. I'faylor in the Presiden
tial Chair, as any other man in the Union.
lie recently made a speech in the Semite,
from which we extract the following:
"When I came to Congress, the received
opinion among members was, that the ex
penditures of the Government should, in r.o
event, exceed twenty-one millions of dollars
per annum: and I remember very well that
the expenditures by Gt-n. Jackson's and Mr.
Vran Burun's administrations, of about that
sum was, during what we usually denomi
nated the Harrison campaign, held up in
contrast with the expenditvrtsof the admin
istration under John Quincy Adams, as be
ing perfectly enormous and in the highest
degree corrupt. But what now is thy "state
of things? These expenses have been car
ried from twenty-one millions up to fifty
I millions of dollars, and it is a painful duty
for to discharge when I say what I veri"
oJiv x tlia6 corruption and extravagance
ui e met easeu just stuum in uie same pro
Chicka'saw except !l,orl',,n f the increase ot our expenditures
! mors than one hundred percent. It is
high time that public attention should be
called to this matter."
There is the testimony of a leading Whig,
who says that the "CORRUPTION and!
rsil A il'nhuli'iitton " T-l
)" just about in the same proportion of j together, and put them through on wood
r expenditures MORE THAN ONE cock and champagne.
ranwKii wm Pffvi'ii" wu v..,i I 1 "
ralifm becomes so corrupt, that such a Fed-
eral partizan as Truman Smith, feels om-
polled to cry out, the country may rest assu-,
ired that things are rotten to the last decree
Oh o Patriot.
The Stata Bank of Ohio. j
This is a Hydra-headed combination of
close corporations. It was conceived bv
ir , i .. , J
jvLi'HEj ivEi.Lv, and imposed upon us ova
Whi., Tai . Tii i . v,L
' uviiiiuiiui v J.iiv ijuwwiw imtu lCll
. P . . a .... 1 .
cajoled by a ridiculous and useless form of
. . . . ......
j -
annual reports, which professes to cxihibit its
Iion. These reports have
norts have nlwavs been
. . ..r. .. . i
macte in vame ana inaonmte terms, icavinir
no LiCgisiature ana tue peon e as io;nr rant
, K. t.i .... r?...
in reunion to us movements ana conuiuoil as
ta,f tlon v& properly of tither
people, they are said to be organizing m the
ipohtical field for a general onslaught.
h .,mn,io0i. f ,t,.l,T.,.;
that duty. We are much mistaken if recent
examinations do not dcvclope transactions
startling and new.
We hope the Legislature will not adjourn
until the passage of a joint resolution, sub
jecting the whole state Bank organization to
the severest scrutiny in detail, by tho Audi
tor. We hope, while we have the chance,
by a large majority in the Legislature, to
expose to the people, by an investigation in
to the internal machinery, what daily out
rages are perpetrated upon their rights under
theprolession ot aiding its commerce. iw
cinnati Enquirer.
X3TA slanderous- paragraph went the
rounds of the papers lately, stating that Pro
fessor Kinkle, the German Patriot, had in
vested themoney which he received fiom the
people ofthis country to aid in the German
revolution, in a brewery in Cincinnati. A
correspondent of the Statesman gives this
the lie direct. Dr. Kinkel is now in Lon
don, earninsr his livelihood abundantly by
his literary labors, and the money raised oa
account of the "German National Loan" is
wel' taken care of, and will only be used for
its legitimate purposes. We will see wheth
er the papers which so industriously- circula
ted tho' "beer" story (a familiar subject to
many of them, no doubt 1) will do justice to
this great patriot
yThe (rood people of Cleveland are in
dustriously atritatinir the subject of a rail-;
road between their city and anesvuie.
"Jlauowus Libkbtt." Two young men,
members of the Society of Friends, residing
TIT ...("'....I .... ir. r'h..cfa ..,,,,(. I'o
ill VV CSb VJUftl vii tf t v.,tdit.i VOUUbjr, jb n,
were lately arrested and imprisoned lor re -
fusing to pay military fines. I
- - A Monster.
Dr. Nathab
A. f 'n iuinti ix of Loean!
counly. Um, . few eel, mc inflicted:
a most brutal outra-e upon bis own his own' I ' runrentn-r nawng ,,u., :i,, iM.ie.u
little son for which I .v i.ris,.ned nidi J "("' ''. u;-w buiUUg ....I
iiiul son, lor wiiicli l.e w. iv impriMncu, r.nu i .,, wj ,1,,. ..r,,,,., 1U roai:,!! ie n-uuir. lie
tf - .rwar.U .v..f ll.l..it.M.imtv iA,i.-l.:.J.if .i.,.. i- . u k. i i
but ast week he re!nr.-u.,l nV. n it n. n. ars
that be had not unified the malignant fec -
lin Iia nt.naint-.i .... ..,,1., t,:. l.-t;.., hv
hi. former cruel treatment, but in order t'o
gratify it further, r.dmi.ilsteifd a d-.e of opi-
um and strvchnine to the child which caused
The gallows w ill elevate him.
Tna Yacht Ammiica is 1'af.uament.
Col. Past, in a recent discussion on the
the Navy estimates in the Rritish House oi
Commons, took occasion to express bis cur-
l'rle lu'u one wora una been satu in
reference to the circumstance of a furciirn
Vacht liavintr come to Erdand. and. ill the
presence of the Queen herself, beaten gome
that he was wholly ignorant of nautical mat
aa comersaiu miui uie
pastime of horsc-racinL'. and ho flattered
i (
expression as "the blue ribbon of the turf,
is used by Mr. D'Israeli. Whatever mitrht
be the sailing qualities of the American yacht,
Col. Peel declared that if such a defeat had
been sustained by the English sailing vess
els at the Isle of Wight, there was not a true
sportsman in England who would not go to
any expense to recover tPk the lost laurels.
Col. Peel stated that it was part of his creed
that "Britannia rules the waves," but what
came of the goodness on the day to which
he had alluded, he could not say; but, if
she "ruled the waves" at all on that occa
sion, she must surly have dono so with a
downcast look. Coi. Peers remarks were
;rcCeiVed with cries of "hear, hear.
Allegheny Cattle Market.
Tuesday. Anril 27Lh. IP.r,?.
i The markets for the past two weeks have
not Deen worth reporting. The bad weather,
togethei with the hwh "iloods in both rivers,
apears to have prevented cattle from being
driven in. The only offerings were 200
head of Bevf, all of which were disposed of
at J.l a le gross, equal to Tatlc net. This is
pretty high figure.
j. acre were uuuner cows, crivos. snucp,
nor nogs onerea. iaking u altogether, it
was one of the poorest markets we have seen
tor some time.
J3Tho Minresota Pioneer L'ivcs nn tc-
j count of a man named John Kiean, why was
.recently found dead on his feet near St. Paul's.
wasu hnghshman, between sixty and
up to winter. His neighbors not having
seen him for some time, two of them went
to his cabin, which they found locked, and
on opening it, Stean w'ns discovered stand
ing at the foot of his bed dead, and frozen
solid. Ho hud on seven pair of pantaloons,
and in a belt about his waist 270 in gold.
Ho had evidently been dead some weeks.
jftTThc lion. Jatne3 A. Merri weather,
of Georgia, died at his residence in that
State on Saturday last. Although in the
prime of life he had been a prominent man
in the State, and had filled many distinguish
ed stations with credit to himself and honor
to the State. He had filled the several of
fices of the State Legislature, Representative
in Congress, Judgo of tl.a Superior Court,
and Speaker of the Itonsy of Representa
tives of Georgia, ir. all of which he evinced
a high order of talent and a zeal and ener
gy of character which pre-eminently distin
guished him amon; his associates.
JtZrBomc folks are ensly gloriSed. We
once know a man who become so elated be-,
cause he was elected first sergeant in the
militia, that he went home and put a silver
piate on his tloor. Uilapod, m sneakin" of
this Kind ol people, makes mention of oiw
Sabine, who was i-o overjoyed tho first fme
the present Fede-t he saw his name in the list of letters publish
I AVE IK ORE AS-led bv the post office, that he call,..! h;cf..;,i
TGov. Bi
;ler has vetoed the Bank
the Pennsylvania letisla-
bills passed by
Gov. 3. very wisely concludes, no doubt,
that Pennsylvania, like Ohio, has enoui'h of
"rag mills" mora, in fact, than is good for
'the wholesome' of the people.
Christopher Columbus Potter and Amer
icus Vespucms Potter, are twin brothers,
and look so precisely alike that we question
(says the editor of the Providence Journal)
if they know themselves from each, other.
If they do, nobody else does. Both are
j members of the General Assembly Chris
topher a wing, ana Amencus a Democrat;
and there will bo a pretty muss v.'hen they
get to Newport. iot a soul in the House
can tell one from the other; and the Demo
crats will be running to Christopher, and
the Whigs to Americus, with all the secrets
of their respective parties..
fttrWhat is the difference between water
and time? Water linds its own level, while
time levels everything else.
jKrEvcry heart has its secret sorrow,!"
which the world knows not; and oftentimes
we ciiu a umu coiu wueu ne is only sal.
Tub Capitol op Tkxas. Tho first sod
has been dug to make way for the oorner
stone of the new State Capitol at Austin.
The Governor, Secretary of State, Comp
troller, and Auditor aided in the operation.
Dr. De Kay of New York, who was three
ycar3 among the Turks, never heard of a
robbery, except by his own Eglish servents.
Win. Ming Nicoll.
MANUr'AOTURKR of Saddle. Biidlcs,
Harness and Trunks, of all kinds mid
u .in lines, at the old stand, No. 1119, Main street,
Wheeling, vn. Gurpet nnd snudle lings. Stilili
els, Vlilioes, common unci plaited Cnrriiige Mid
Bu-'sv Harness! Briefs' Patent Forest City Conch
Wiil'oii and Dray Harness ol nil kinds, nluys
on mint! una made to order on hburu Hisvs.
rTIHE eubseiiber having purchased of the lat
X. proprietor, K. At. Scott, his entire intent
in the Cadiz Found rv. takes nlca'siue in antioun
icing to the public that he has hud many yea re
practical experience in tne business, anu is now
doinenll in his power to fit up nnd put in good
workinit condition the entire machinery ol the
establishment Being thus prepiired,he will keep
consti' nlly on hand C'ookint; Stoves of nil the
virions patterns, Pnrlor and Etrg Stoves, Fancy
Fronts, Krrmklin Stoves and Grates of nil sizes.
Plow Castings of nearly every pattern, Waffle
Iron for stoves, Fencing for Graves nnd Front
for Houses, Plow Points, Muffin Pan, a new ur
liclp, and Chimney Tops, &c.
fujy received a id promptly filled on the shortest
(II. I M ..,.,!...! t ....... I. .
Orders for tiny thing in tno nhove line tlinnk
iiuuuv.. v.u ii.u.i .,a-,;l l.l ; . 'k, twr-rt u i
higijeit man ptiocs. . v viu ruub,
l'IJ-1r J
fr If s ami r w IhSi
uro :iiii!iciiuu to ull hu oi:i) pay llir jHingi
it vmi
All ; jdroiiatl.ie i. i.iiw Iitu hpi n -uii
11ml rrry latiUtt Hot br tuii.i.-lu! I.tr i,ur-
iiniiir il'C ci Id natcr ircitui ii lr llm cuir ol
kiicIi m.uc;;l utlvu-e m tin prefer. '
Bourilin; a ml medical uu inl.iuc oa reiitoH
able leniia.
ISO IVriOH can Im Accommodated
ill tUISllitllllCII
nnd nt ntnny oiore at lhe atjuinin village ef
Harlem. The ,-riR'- are ainimeii in Cnrrol
couinv. 26 niiies troiu iiteuheiiville, 3 frnmCaii
ton, t) from Carrciliion anil II Iroiu Salincvillu
Depot ou lhe Cleveland unit I'iiubnrgh Hai.
Road. Hacks will bo run beiweou die rit'iiic
aitd most at ihew-. poiait dutine die cuuituer.
Tliewniinza will be open fur lhe reception of
visiters ou the firfct of iMar.
JOHN lilLUEST, Proprietor.
April 2S, I 52 3mo2
Tomb tone3, IJonnncnts, &c.
WO I' LI) reB
pi'Bi iiil.y oiiorm tile citizrps of
nnd tiiti :i(lj(jiiiin- L'ountie?,
dull lie has taken tha tlmp fer.nnrly oeeiiiiied
hv Whi. Kennedy, on llain sireei, Cadiz, O.,
where he will be lit nil limes priparcl to fur-nie-h
Tom!) Stones, Mnnniiients, aiid in fajt ev
ery thing pertainiinr to hid line id business, on
tin most reasonable mid accuniuioilatiiiir lemis.
His work tlmll not ba Hiirnasfeil by nny oilier
shop in the State. Ho respectfully asks thp
public to call and examine his work, before pur
chasing elsewhere. A. J. Ci.
Cudir, Ohio April 28, i.V2 Iy2
NOTICE ie hereby riven, that there will be
a petition presented to the Coiinni.-iiuiirrs
1 til Harrison county nt their next cession lor the
locntin i of 11 county rond, 33 leet wide, to lun
as follows : commencing lit the Bonth end of
Market Btrcet, in the low no Jcffrnon in said
county ; riinni ig tlunca eoiit !i '27 (lej., ucst C
perches to a post; thence Fouth 8j dei;9., wen'.
porches to a su;ar tree; thence south 36 dera.,
weotoPil perches to a su:;ar trte thence smith
46 dogs., west 3'1 perc hes i:. a post at lhe tioiiii
east comer of VYiiltiti and Itarreti's Mill lot,
thence to the fiirit courees and distances, bitiu
throuirh tin.' laud of Joliti V. :(2(ner. and t!u: re
m.'iiniler tlironsh the hinda of .Mr. Thurp.
April 2, 1S5-J lUvi
Valiiiihli; I'miii lor M;ile.
r I VIE subscribers will sell at private sale 2-f3
1 acres ot first rate hind, Ivius in a good iipitrh-
borliood, four miles north-west of Cadiz, Ohio,
ou which is a good brirk (hvellin house, a dim -
ble bum. a trood coal bunk, mid tin (xucllcnt
fruit orchard. The said Farm it well watered,
with about one handled and seventy ticres r.'eured
thereon, and in a hisrh mule of cultivation. For
pnrtii'uhirs eat uire ol t!,.e sub11' fibers, living in
t'ndiz, or tl.e ow tiers, T. K. and .S. Ciiimoic, re-
idiittr on too premises.
.SCOTT & l!!N;iI AM.
Feb II Real Ivdatc Ajrents
If 0:i
Da. J. E. E-SQUCKTQfi'3
l 1 ! 1 1 f " I' x J i
Tin: 'pitru
rjf1.T?J:fi?TT"? VI 7177
OK., G
OJiEI'ARED finm II K.Y.VET. or tin Ftwt
Sti:mm:U uf the OX. alter ilir'-eiiutis of 3aa3H
Likiiiij, i!,e grout PliyHiolociciil ('l.ecjia:. bv J. S.
IIouoiiton, M. D.. Philndelphin, Pn.
'1'Iiih is ,1 truly wonderliil remedy ler Indigestion,
Dyspeiwia, J.-ittndice, Liver Complaiiit, I'outti.
ptition, nnd Debility. Curing after Ntttijre's
own method, by Ku lure's own ageiit, the Gas
tric Juice.
Jtjt-lfalf a teaspotnifnlof Pfi'isin infuscil in water.
v.'in oi!;e.-'i or (iisaoive nve 1 ouiids ol lioast j
Jjeel in itnotit two l.onis, out ol the. Nlnmaek!
PFPSI," is the chief element, or Great Digest
ing Principle of the Gastric ,uiee the Solvent
of the Food, the Piirilvis, Preserving nnd Stiaiu
luting Agent of the Stouiach nnd lnteaiiacs. It it,
extracted from the Digent've Stom.i ;li of the Ox,
lints terming tin Artificial Di-c.stive Fluid, pre.
oiscly like the Nattinil Gastric Juice in itstlhcru
ical powers, titt'l ftuiiidiiii!; a complete um per"
feet eabsiittitc lor it. Hy lhe aid nl' this prrpara -tion
tbe pains and evils of indigestion nnd Dys
pepsia uie removed, jus', as they would be hy a
healthy Stomach. I: is doing wonders for Dys
peptics, curing cases of Debility. Emaciation,
.Nervous Decline, and Dyspeptic ConMimption
supposed to be on the ve-no of lhe grave. The
S.-ii inilio Evidence upon which it U' based, is in
ihchiuhest tie ree Curious and Remarkable.
Cahon LiK.nio.iu hiscelebnited wt.r i Aritna
Chemistry, says . An Artificial Digestive Fiui:t
unulugoiis io lhe Gastrin J nice, ia te rendily
prepared from the mucous mtnibrtic e of t!ie Stcu
iic.h r,f the Ox, in which various uttioles o f food,
as meat and eggs, will be soltoncd ('thonged, acid
digeated, just in the same manner (is they wj'jkl
bain the llnniau Stomach."
Dr. Comiik. in his valuable writings on tltyt
"Physiology of Ligestion," observes that "a
diminution of the .due quuntity of ihe Gastric
Juice is a prominent nnd ali pievailiiif cause of
Dyspepsia;'' and he states that "a distinguished
professor of medicine in London, who was severely
afflicted wi'h this complaint, finding everything
else to fail, had rccoursn to the Gastric Juiso, ob
tained from the stomachs of living animals, which
proved completely successful."
uii. liuiiam, tiuuior ol the lanious work upon
Vegetable Diet,'' says: "it i. a rei,
niir.iirt to the fluid the wooer-
ty of dissolving various nrtic'cs of food . undo
eti'eoting a kind of Artificial Dfgestiori of thera
in no wise dillcrent fioiu the natural degestiv
ftT-Call on the Agent, nnd set a Dccrnitive
Circular, (gratis,) giving 11 large amount of Sci
entific Evidence, similar to the noove, tozeher'
with reports of Remarkable Cures, from al units
of the IJiiiuitl States.
Dr. IIouuiiton's Pupsin has produced the most
marvelous eH'ccta, in c tiling case of Debility, Hum-
ciatioii, Nervous Decline, and DispeplicCousuiup
1. : : :i,l.. . .. :.. .1! ... ;i . . r .
1, is i.i.poroi'.it; ,u jivo uie uciuild 01 cuscs
within the limits of litis advertisement; but au
thenticated CerttficntcB hnvo been given of more
than Two Hundred Remarkable Cures, in Philu
delphin, New York nnd Boston alone. These
were nearly nil desperate rases, nnd the cures
were not only rapid nnd wonderful, but permanent.
It is n great Nervous Antidote, mid pnrtivulirly
useful to tendency to Hillious Discrder , l.ivai
Complaint, Fever nnd Ague, or badly treated Fe
ver and Ague.nnd tho evil elfccis of Quinine, Mer
cury nnd other drugs upon the Digestive Organs,
after a long sickness. Also, for cxi-ess in eating
and the too free use of ardutit spirits. It almost
reconcile Health with Intempeiiince!
Dr. Hodukton's Pepsin ia'aold by noRrlral Jthe
dealers in fi.e Drtit: and popular IMedisiRes,
throughout the United biatcs. It is prepared m
Powder nnd in Fluid form and in Prescription
Vinls for the use of Phvsioian.
Piivate Circulars for the use of Physicians, mny
be obtained of Dr, Houghton or his Agents, de
scribing the whole process of preparation, and
giving the authorities unon which the claims oi
which this new lemedy nre onsen, it is not a
Secret Remedy, no objections can be raised ngninst
it by rhysiclima in rescctiinle tnnulngnnd regu
hir practice. Price sic Dollar pet liottlc.
frtr OBSERVE THIS! Every bottle of tho
GKXUim PEPSIN benrs-the Wrilun Signature
of J. 8. HOUGHTON, M. V Sole Propriotor.
Philadelphia, Pa. Copyright and Trnde Mnrlc
secured, bold by all Urvggut anu jueuler ia
tvieuicine. .
Aoi:nt. John Eenll.Cnda; Hanlng 'cMelvin
lettbenviIle.Ohioi littcraou Si Co., Wheel itta-
r. :.. .... . 1 iL.
virjriuiu. uiHn.-jy
Quick Sales and Short Profits!!! :
mutcriix art it-iivtflu niHirm their
J rurdjuri imd ihe i.uhiii:
1 1 - '
geueiallv, t.Mlif
C'Vj nnn iuat) rn tt
el' N.
Sj.rJnf mt.l Summer (.00.I bomht nnd. r i
die most li.voiable eticiniist , winch thivl
me (lelermiiuil luneil, il iiis.,il le before th
...i . . v tl. . e
'oik hard, teil muck and mtatta lillle rerufi'itw.'
'I hia hirce and .h l.did no. k, ei ediinf m,y
tiling ever tx-fore broiisht to Cadli, coiisima in
fmt of Cloths, Ciisiiuerea, Suttiiiel. Veniiita,
lutintls, Moiidin do fjiinea, Iterayea, Itonne
de Lnines, riik 1'iasiiea. French mid Knliah
Lnwna, Alpuciif, .Scotch, F,ntrlih nnd domratio
Ginthi.nis. fancy net. Jncuneta, Mulls, Ltoiiinel,
Swiasand Hook Muslins.
Irish Linens, (a large lot nnd dirt chenp.)
F.dpinta, Ijicea, lloaieiy, English and An.eiicun
For common wenr. e-eneriii assortment of
B iniRis, Aliases Ilnta and Bciinets. ladies call
a id rxtiu.iiie for yourselves. A nice lot of shoes
lor ladies and child -en.
Hardware. Qiicenswate, tJr-eeries nnd nearly
everytl,!!.!,-els,.. WOOL & SJUTII.
Cadiz, Aprd 31. 152.
. KTIFICUL Flowers nt
np-21 WOOO and SMITH'S.
f I 'ttl-MMNGS for ladies' dresses, berages,
1 .e'lups, colds, luces. pic. nt
OILK PopWnspltiiii nnd watered, 33 percent,
guilder last yean prices, n bi lot at
"'41 WOOD and SMITH'S.
C1ANTON Crape and Cushmere Shawls, t
npai WOOD and SMITH'S.
OADDLEUY. ronsistin-of Saddles, Bridles,
kJt'ollars, Harness. Uriclibunds, I heck and 6'in
If Lines, Blind Bridles, side straps, etc., etc. at
"pit WOOD nnd SMlTH'Ei.
A GOOD yoke of well broke Oxen for sale
jLclieap enquire at
ap2l WOOD nnd SMITH'S-
T3 V It A SOLS and I'uihrellas for sprinj rains, at
. a,)2l WCOI) and SMITH'S.
SILK ?.litts, hand made tn fit cverv sice, nt
an2l WOOL) and SMITH'S.
Kilks for ri'sc aittl ISomiiciis.
TfnJ.Viind fipired black chaimeable , tcnilil-
i lereut kinds, (ill cheap enouuli. at
ap2t WOOD and SMITH'S.
f KltAGE de Itiinos, beautiful and chenp, a
lozcri kinds, ut WOOD and SMI PITS.
ONNETS and children's Hats, iu great va
Jriety, lit the bis coiner of
apt! I WOOD and SMITH'S.
OUPdMER wear, a first rale assortment, ut all
Opiioes, (rom liiiuj).
J ""ALL nnd Window f.iper.at
y apji ouii ami .ni i ii'..
C'tllfET HAOSi, various iqzea and (ptali iea,
IUXGES, Oalt mid Poplar Boards, Lath
y Jtitid !uddiii;, etc., at the lumber mi d of
np-'l WOOD mm SMITH'S.
GATES, Collars; Chimezotts, at
ap2l WOOD and SMITH'S'.
, . AMILY Flour wtivraitted by tint barrel, nnd
in smaller quantities. at all times on h-ind al
ni'2l WOOD mul SMITH'S.
Spring mid
1 J
i r f J i
f3. &L II- AVrPASDSIJ, '
t RE receiving now the most extensive su-clt
ihey have been in the habit of keeping. As
has hecii iheir custom, they will sell kooiIb hi.
stutill profi'H, Itnowiiis; froi i experience thti t
quick ?ales and small nains will be in ih,-ir io
teveii as well as their customers. We invite the
public to cat! and examine our slock,
l-ndlz. AptilvM, l,Vi.
ELEGANT Rich Brocade Bilks;
do glace, solid a nd' changeable silks;
Iri-h Poplins plain and figured;
I'erage de lnines;
Lawns. Ginghams and dre s trimmings;
Just received mid fur tale 2'l per cent, lower
than common, by S .V II. Al'FA DDF.N.
ONNETri, Misses' nnd Chitdren's Huts,
H.3K3sutb anil Moleskin Hats (or men; leg
hord, ieui 1 nnd p ilm Hats of the latest styles,
can be had in every variety, at
n pa I S.anrl 11. M'FADDEN'S.
J IClf ( Uibroidered French Citpos,Collars and
Sunder sleeves; also .Wtiiiuals, henutiful
bonnet and neck Ribbons; Parasols to suit rain
or sunshine, II r ale at
n.'l S. mid I. M'FADDEN'S.
ETtllENCH nnd Americnn Cloths, Casimcres.
.2. Cassincts, Tweeds, Jeans, Linens, and a
huge vanety of pantaloons Hlutl', cbeuoer limn
fo-nierly, tit 8. null II. M'FADDEN'S.
4 l ktitsil suiiply of sou shelled
rVlfllollds itist
J received utid, for sale
Mtis. DIVItN't".
j ATE'sTtliil T
sale, nt
ruiius, jmt received nnd for
IVcw Mioi't! and Slew Goods!!
"Shout Profits. Quick Sacks, and Gouti Pay"
HO has just received nil entire Nisw Stock
of GOODS, which he has ooened nut in
tl.e Store Room formerly occupied by I). Kilgore
. 111s stocii coiioists ot every variety ol
Goods usually kept in Cadiz, all of whioh.h flut
ters hiiusel 1 were purchased under the wto. favor
aide circumstances, and will he sold under the
motto ot "SI ort Profits and Quick Sales." Per
sons wishing to purchase Goods will find it to
their interest to call and examine bis stock before
purchasing, us he is determined to sell Goods
upon lhe principleof larger s'alet and tmallcr prnJUs
than bus heretoier been done ill this place, lie
does njt 11 sk any 0110 to take his wrd for his
Stock being the Handsomest one ever brought to
this place, but would say to one mid ull, come and
inoic Jut yourselves, lie would mosl respectfully
invite his old friend nnd customers tocall and
examine his stock before nu'ehusinsr.
mnrl7-ly JOHN McCORMICK.
assortment, consisiir,.' of every vurietv. ut
tiie new nnd cheap store of
1LOTHS, Cnssimerea and Vestirigs. If you
J want something hiindsouie nnd cheun cull at
the new nnd cheap store of
ruarw . JUlliN McCORMICK.
STRAW GOODS. Bonnets ncd Ilnta in great
variety. A handsome lion net us low as 50
cents, nt the new and chenp store of
QONNET 1 RIMM1NGS. Ribbons, Flowers
IJantl I.iiinigs. Cull una examine, as thev.ure
decidedly handsome, at the new store of
TARESS GOODS Rich Iliocude, Cumeleiin,
JL Lutestring, Mutionn nnd Gro de Rhine silks;
Esuiernldos, Ilrui7.es, liraizo de I.ninrs, Muslin
de Lnines, Gintr. nuns, Lawns, Prints, etc, etc.
For something nice cull nt the cheap store of.
marl7 juu McuuriiyiicK.
T A DIES' SHOES. Every variety of new style
JLi nt 'he new and chenp atore ol
( KOCERIES An excelleiitnssoriintiitofiiew
VJTand fresh Grocetiesnt the new store ol
mar 17
Oranges 1 Oranges!! Oranges!!!
AFRESH supply 01 Sicily Oranges, just re
ceived ami for ule by MRS. DIVINE.
r TIIIE subscriber wishes to inform his custom.
X. ers and the publio generally, that he has on
hand a lot of CIlAlltS, ruuila 10 Older, which
he will sell fry ensh or approved country produce,
and that he still continues to manufacture all
the differe.it vnriotie of Chairs, SeKec, Socia
ble, Arru-Chair, email Chair, eio., eto., at In
tiuid, ort Wnrren street, a fBW doors south of S.
&(I. M'Faddcn'sstje,
feb' M. M'CONNEI.ti,
urpeiitiiie. Alcohol and
Lard Oil constantly on hand at low rates.
iiovS- ' Pat7eson St Co. ,33 Monroe st.
Hoots ami Shoes.
P"E lciiber, jr ilmnklul for pititTaror
J would rncticil! inform bit 1U tiHootf
m i.iiiinj iiiiono Bit uiu cuitomer
ir",,.,"e ,uo"c .'-"r- ,,
. tfii.M M.iliK Tr. I ,i utii n (( ...1: ..
Th,. .d. m.il :,!.,.. ...... .'.:.. f ' L, '
Al.. I.di... .... I i.v, .iimJ.
Mi u' U.ilitih. Over shoe, all ol a superior itjle
ami will he aold on very moderate profit for cask
l.idet. or aluiuat any kind o( BwrclmDinble PrT
dure. SA.Ul'EL KLKM.MON.
ti. B Perenui km.K.iit theuiseUe imliibtecV
either by N oie or U ik account, of a long Maud
itit, will plen.e cnll and utile up, at than art-.
llvmunt. ........ I t .
. . ui.. loutr rieiiua. anu nma pi
nvecnits. fmurlC-lvl M s
rpHL partershif, heretofore existi,.K betwec.,
J fcleuimoi J George whs this day diasolwtl.
by mutdiil eonsen.. Ail ,. knowing ibel
selves mdebUKi io mi id firii..elil...r h i. i.l
accuunt. viil please cull ami wZuZZ.
ive chums, nnd ml hriviiirch,im..: .
v. ill p eine present them for payment amlia.
rush will be ready. The hooWnre ,"" d
ol S. George. SAM'I, SLKMMONS
' marl 0-1
Cadiz. March fith,
!THE subscribers will pay cash fo, Hides'and
I Skins ut the old stand of Slemmoiis and
J. George, in Cntlii. Tliey have, nn I intend
keeping constantly on hand, ull kinds of Leather
and skins, which tliey will sell low for cash. Hides
and Skins, or good bark.
uiurl0-3iuo GEORGE Si MORKY.
I take pleasure in recommendin- the ove .
firm to the public ns the best of MechauioMk&
ns having the best of slock on haud, un
as fair dealing men. Respectfully,
A t MILS, p.imn Flantation Molasses; 5 081
ft Vt lbs N. O. Molasses; ! ,001) lbs Rke ler
sale low, wholieale or retail by
marlll s, i II. MnFAnnPf
mm. m. oav9iir.s
MRS. D1V1NK retpecilully info
that shit has opened out in
inioriii.i her friends
It in the hnililinv
liietulj opposite the Public lliiildines. where shl
iheis lor sale a large niifl well selec'ed .n.n
n.eiit of CO.VfKCTIOjY-4 I. I r v a,.
nuioiisr which mny l,e lound the followinc:
Common and tuncy Cnmlies of nil kind
Almonds, Raisins, Vilhers and Figs;
Cream .nn! Pea Nuis;
Suuur, Soda. Iluiier and Water Crackrs;
Cheese, C andles and Soap; '
Cinnamon, in the bark' and ground;
I'eppet. Ginger, Ah-pice and S lurch;
Mrs. Millet's Nectarine Fine; Cut Chawiar
Tob";icco, an excellenl article;
Cigar? and Tobacco of nil kinds;
Teas, Blown and Crushed Sugar;
Avaortcil Pi,-kles nnd Pepper Sauce;
Combs of every dcMoriplioji;
Pen Knives ol all kinds;
Eye I'toiectota and Gotrgles;
Visiting Curds and Envelopes;
Wa'ch Chnins, Keys nnd Guards;
A fine lot ol Common Jewelry;
Tojs of all de?cri;itiotis,
f;-.s6!e iiiLi-ii'irt to sell chenp, she hp
her cii ieUaiid tiie public generally will favor har
with their patrotiaue.
Couuiry ioiitection.irics can be iiippUest
al my esltihliahnicnt on tho very best terms.
LI'.D tii.ANh'ETS ot n ?nperi'.7r (jmiTTly, heinj
M'Kee A, it.ibinsou's mi.ke of goods, nlway
on hand, and for sale by
variety, ut the new nnd cheap eloreof
n..irl7 , JOHN McCORMICK.
TAVCV r.nnlw M 11 1- . . .,
,,.,t.v. i wwvi-. 1, iit'oie-worii i..oiiiirs, us
. dcrslei vrs, iSiM'iicets, IJ'indkerchicfs. Cnios
Shawls, Gloves, Mitts, etc., nt the cheap store ol
"iarl7 JOHN iMcCORM ICK.
'TliCMS 'IUji
im :i 1 3 1 ,
received tt nd tor attle by
j) PIECES black .-?iik, fuitable. lor diesres, Mini.
O'illns and Visells, i list received nt
LOG WOOD 50 boxes Extract Lc.gwoo
ceivetl mid for sale by
K'l'.I.I.S & Ca t.OWKI.L.
3 CASKS Prussia te Potash for sale by
janSM Kki.i.s Caldwell..
saleby tmar3 l;3. & II. M'FAUDlN.o4
BXS. LEMONS just received by
nmr.Hia MRS. DIVINE.
li.All.NS jmt recitived and for sale
(niarillj M US. DIVINE.
GOODRICH, on thrtEcornerof L'nioa
nnd Market Square. Wheelimr. Vn.. has
commi'iiceil receivinsr his Inrire stock ol SPRING
GOODS.diiect from New York and Philndelphin,
which will be sold nt n stnitll advance on Easttra
cost. All persons visiting die city nre invited to
call and exaiiiine,-"iio trouble to show Goods.
"I K Rlll.s. Linseed Oil jmt received mid fof
lajsaleby KELLS &, CALDWE L.
Wheeling, Vi.
, Va.
T JHANNER'S OIL. Ten barrels Tanner's Oil
J No. 1 i.ud a, just received nnd for sale by
uov5 Patterson & Co., 33, Monroe st.
LEAD Red Lead, Whi'e Lead, dry
and in oil s Litharge, Veiiitiun Red and
npiinisii tsrown, coiistiiuuy on iniiul mid lor s
low by Patterson & Co.,
nnv5 3!1 Monroe st. , Wheeling, Va.
wurriinted pure anil fresh, for sale by
f A 1 1 LKSOiN (s. CO.,
nov'-'.tf No. 33, Monrocst, Whceling.Vri.
IIVItllWAKE m ;u i i.ritv.
No. -27, Monboe St , Wheklino, Va.
TIHE subscriber has just received n complete
X assortment of Html wsue unci Cullery
of every description in the li::e, for Smith, Cnr-
pouters. Mill Wrghtsnnd Ilone-finishing, togeth
er with Scylhes, Sickles, Scythe Snathe, Scythe
Stone, Cram Cradles, Forks of every description,
Shovels, Spndes, Matlocke, mil) and cross-cut
Saws.bro'id and chopping Axes, cunt, shear and
English Blister Steel, hides. Machine Cards etc.,
toseii.er with every variety in the Hard ware line,
which will lie sold ou ns good terms ns enn be
011ml in the West SAMUEL NEEL,
mny7 ly '
GOLLlNs' Axes nnd Hatchets, together with,
a great vuiiety of Hardware, Queetisware,.
6'tone-wure, Groceries, Leather, etc., ut
nov5 flooo Si Co
COD LIVER OIL, warranted perfectly fresh
land genuine; the moBt popular remedy ex.,
turn for diseases of the Lungs und Throat. F
enleby (jati28) KELLS &CVLDWELL.
s c?. noBUsox
Window GlnBs, Sash, White lend, Oil, Turpena
tine, Paint, Brushes. Dry Pninis, &c.
Opposite the Melodeon Buildings, No. 75, Maia .
street, Wheoling, Vn. inny7- ' '
Oilio Dlimtral Pnlnt.
?snn b,Jl'9' Mnchinory Oil, 75 eloper gnl
', 33 2500 galls, do various sued cask;
20!) bbl boiled int Oil, 55 ct per gallon;
5.000 gnlls do in enski of various aizes; ' '
3fU bbl Tanner' Oil, of vnriou kinds and
qunlities, from 35 to CO cent per gallon ;
loou gnuoii in ouim 111 various sizes, nun 01
vnriou kind and qunlities, from 35 to 50 cent.
50 ton Tiillow Grease, far Heavy Bearing,
and Coarse Machinery, in barrels or casks, of any
consistency required, at 6 cents per pound .
150 tons Ohio Mineral Paint, iu barrels, at the
loweat market price. -
Machinery Oil, wnrrnnted not to chill in the
coldest eatber, and considered by those using,
it, equal to Sperm Oil.
. tioilta imm uu. equal unseed Oil, other than,
for white. ... , , .
fjrl amcontantly receiving htrge supplies
of the above named articles, nnd my ruouo i,
MSutnll Profit and quick retains.'' .. - w 1
. B. r. POND. No. 5.', Water Street,
' mntSl-ly under Pcnrl St. House, N. York,

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