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The Democratic sentinel and Harrison County farmer. [volume] (Cadiz, Ohio) 1851-1852, September 29, 1852, Image 3

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Sentinel & inrmcv.
"i he J?eople& the People's Righte
f'AIMX. illlO.
j Fm PresidVjU of the United States,
Of New Hampshire.
JKoi Vice President of the United State,
Of Alabama.
Senatorial Electors.
U LINABUS BURNS, of Richland.
District Electors.
Chnrles Rhul,
George V. Stokes,
It. S. Cunningham,
Enoch G. Dial,
. th,
Samnel H. Sleedman,
Charles J. Ortou,
James Kyle,'
Frauds Cleveland,
William Palmer,
Benjamin P. Johnson
John B. Dumble,
William Golden,
Oliver Keyser,
Hugh J. Jewett,
William Okey,
Charles H. Mitchnor,
ChalkleyT. McArtor.
Jantes FindU-y,
Samuel D. Harris,
Eli T. Wilder.
Elias II. Haines.
For Judge of the Supreme Court,
J member of the Board of the Public Worts,
ANDREW STUART, of Jefferson county.
Democratic County Ticket.
For Auditor,
For Commissioners,
Director of the Infirmary,
For Coroner,
Land Apraisers,
Dist. No. 1.
" " 2. JAMES McN'ARY, '
The Democratic Central Committee of
Harrison County, take pleasure in announ
cing to their fellow citizens, that Messrs.
I'cppnrd, Gaston an I Forsythc,
Will address the people of Harrison County
lit the following times and places:
At New Athens, Thursday, September
30, at early candle light.
At Mooiefield, Saturday, October 2, at 2
o'clock. P. M.
At Freeport, Saturday, October 2, at ear
ly candle light.
At Franklin, Monday, October 4, at 2 o'
clock, P. M. ,
At Heller's School House, Monroe town
ship, Mond.-.y, October 4, at early candle
At New Market, Tuesday, October S, at
early candle light. I
,At New Rumley, Wednesday October 6,
ai early candle Jiy-iit,
At Jefferson, Saturday, October 9, at 2 o'
clock, P. M.
It is earnestly hoped that the Democracy
of each township will see that the above!
meetings are well attended. Lot there be a
general turn out to hear those able champi-
ons of Democratic principles.
. Other meetings will be announced hereaf
ter. By Order of the Dem. Central Com.
ofllarrison County.
Democratic Meetings.
It will be seen that the Central Commit-
tee of this County, have appointed meetings ed to bring out the voters, and arrangements! OVER CONFIDENCE! Trust not to a
in several of the townships, and good spea-1 bo made to convey the weak and the infirm ' FULL VOTE, without making a CONCEN
kers ts address the people. Let our friends to the polls. Federalism is fully organized; ' TRATED EFFORT to secure that object
see to it that those meetings are well alien- it always stands ready to strike a fatal blow The whir,, .re at work, with . .nri .!
tied, it behooves every Democrat in Har-
rison County to be at his post. We have
an excellent county ticket-a better one
could not have been selected-and it is our
duty to elect it. We can do it if we only try.
"We are confident that no Democrat in this
county will be found flinching from his du
ty. All that is wanting to overthrow whig
gery in Harrison County is action, and a
complete triumph await us. Let there be a
general turn out at the meetings, and a more
general one nt the polls, and victory will be
our'. - Come, Democrats, from now until the
3rd day pf November, never cease our ex
ertions, but work on all occasions, and the
fruits of our labor will be seen before many
JKTThst able Democratic paper, the
' Daily Cincinnati Enquirer comes to us in a
new dress, and in an enlarged form. The
Enquirer is one of ths ablest and best con
ducted papers in the whole country, and we
wish its enterprising proprietors much sue
cess. ,
XSJTThe whole-souled Democracy of Frej
' port township, have raised a large hickory
pole. Let other townshipii imitate the ex
. ample, Freeport will give a good account
cf herself in October and. Jfoyeniber next.
Democracy ts, Whifgery,
A more gallant wan, or a mora bonora-
bl miin," than lit, fierce, "both it pub-
lie and private. I neyer fcne."-fii. Scott
trt I Vl I Mirm n n
to Col. Gorman
'Gn. Pierce possesses at generous, brave,
honorable and pure a heart as th Almighty
evpr placed in the bosom of a man." Hon.
L. V. Bell of Massachusetts a delegate to
the federal National Convention.
"Piirc or a NitionAL Bakk "I be
lieve such an institution one of deadly bos
tili t j to the best interests of the country,
dangerous to our republican institutions, and
the liberties of the people."
Si a, I honor the people who shrink from
a war like this. They hold such sentiments
as religion and humanity dictates, and such
as nonu but cannibals would wish to radiate
from the human I eart."
He further said: "The result is before
us. Who doea not see and feel that this re
sult disgraces us? Who does not see in
what estimation our martial prowess must be
by this holden, by the enemy, and by the
world." Daniel Webster's speech in 1814.
"I, indeed, we have incutred the divine
di pleasure, and if it be necessary to chas
tise this people with the rod of his vengence,
I would humbly prostrate myself before Him,
and implore his mercy to visit our favored
land with war, with pestilence, with famine,
with any scouige otlifr than military rule,
or a blind and needless enthusiasm for mere
military renown." Henry Clay's, May 17,
1828. (See Niles Reg.)
Gen. Scott's Principles.
If I had the honor of a vote on the oc
casion, it would have been given in favor of
the land distribution bill, the bankrupt bill,
and the second bill for creating a fiscal cor
poration having long been under a con
viction that in peace, as well as war some
thing efficient, in the nature of a bank of the
United States, is not only "necessary and
proper," but indispensable to the successful
operations of the treasury, as well as to
many wants of our commerce and currency.
Fired with indignation, two friends sat
down with me in my parlor at the Astor
House, (November 1840,) to draw up an
address, designed to rally an American par
ty. I now hesitate between extending the
period of residence before naturalization, and
a total repeal of all acts of Congress on the
subject my mind inclines to the latter.
We think we are liberal enough when,
n providing for America, we leave the door
of admission open to the children of foreign
ers, now abroad, who may hereafter be born
here, without allowing their fathers to cooie
and help govern us. We, who alone have
tny right to think on the subject, clum that
wr can best govern ourselves, and the better
such government in the mean time, so much
the belter for the foreigners who may here
after come among us, and for their American-born
We, now in America, mean only that, af
ter a given time, electors bora on the soil
shall alone select natives or adopted citizens
to make laws for America, or to ndminister
those laws. WINFIELD SCOTT.
General Scott, in a publication in the
Washington Intelligencer, avowed himself m ,
favor of the follow ing principles: I
'1. lo reduce the term ot naturalization
from five years
"3. Such nlisns shall have served two
pears in the army or navy, who shall there-
by he entitled to the rights of citizenship, in-
eluding the right of suffrage.
"4 Aliens shall be exempted from invol-
untary service in the militia, the army, the
-.... ;. f,u ,,, ,i i,i:.
Scott is a vain, conceited coxcomb ok a
man. iii3 brains, all that he has, arb in
HIS epatletts, and ir HE should he elect
ed president, he would tear the whig party
into tatters in less than six nvjiUhs. Horace
Greelyiu 1848.
stSTThe "Queen's Court Journrl," pub
lished in London, and the orgau of the royal
govern.T.ent, says
"We notice that our neighbors across the
watcrs are engaged in a bitter Presidential
cooflict. Tho CONSERVATIVES have
for (heir leader Gen. SCOTT, and the de-!
. il, , -
mocracy, who would transverse the poles of
. . . .... , . .
tne earth, ana call it 1'HUUHIibS. are led
by Gen. PIERCE. As a conservative jour
nalour sympathies are wilh the former."
The second Tuesday of October is close
at hand, and it behooves every Democrat in
Harrison county to go to work nnd get him-
! self and his neighbor in readiness for the
'dav that "tries men's souls." The Demo-
crats, ,n many of the townships, are well or.
ganized, and are ready for the fray. To
those townships that have not yet organized,
we would say organize, and go to work
incomiciy. uet nuu committees oe appoint'
against the people's interests. Democracy
has always intervened between the country
and that blow, and it is expected to be at its'
post "doubly armed" in the coming fight.',
Wo say, then, to the Democrats of every
. i i i j- ,t
lun.iD.iiu aim Btnuui umrict in iiarnson
county, go to work, organize! organize!.
UUUAIUE !! at once and effectually.
it-The whigs of Coshocton County thus
far have been able to elect three oouutv of
ficers, and they are only minus in the nea
little sum of 98,000.
jtiTEx-Governor Shannon, of Belmont
County, has been nominated as the Demo
cratic candidate for Congress in his district,
in place of the lamented Col. Walton. Gov
Shannon's election is sure.
The. Whigs have sorninated Ahsov Brew
er, Esq., of Columbiana counly as their
Congressional candidate, Mr. Maddox, the
first nominee, having declined. Mr. Brew
er was one of the regular candidates before
its first meeting, all of whom were passed
by at lacking the necessary qualifications to
command the votes of Free .Soilers, which
qualifications, il was supposed Mr. Maddox
possessed, t is hoped, after these demon
.(rations, amounting to a puhlle confession
that Mr. Brewer could pretend to no claim
to Free Democratic votes, our whig fiends
will have the modesty to not ask any of that
party to vote for th.qr candidate, -r-
iittt Mestpgtr
A. L. Breirer Whathii neighbors
think Of Him.
We ask the peopla of Harrison county,
diitiBelio. of p,rty to rtft4 fol.
I '
lowing paragraph!, which we copy from the
the New Lisbon Patriot, th residence of
Mr. Brewer th Whig candidal for Congress
in this District,
Oh, Consistency
''Col, Brewer has been an unwavering Re
publican through evil report and through
good report a working whig and n faithful
friend of Gen. Scott a friend of liberal prin
ples a friend of Human Progress a friend
of Human Freedom."
The above paragraph, we clip from
an Editorial article in the Buckeye State,
fultoraely puffing Anson L. Brewer, the whig
candidate for Congress, in this District. The
writer is R. P. Hartshorn who art very long
ago, publioly denounced this man, Col. Brew
er, for having SOLD INTO BOKD..1GE A
HIS POCKET!!! And, now, this same R.
D. Hartshorn is ardently supporting, through
his paper, this same Anson L. Brewer, for
Congress!!) Par nobilt freUvmf Beauti
ful disciples these of "JJumai Freedom!"
"Oh, consistency! thou art a jewel!"
Z5?We learn that the whigs in this local
ity, who will not support Mr. Brewer, for
Congress, are so numerous that it has been
found necessary to appoint a special commit
tee whose duty it is to visit each of the re
cusants and "whip them into the traces."
We havu met, within a week past, with sev
eral whigs who have grown gray in the ser
vice of Whiggery,' who are as firm and im
moveable as the rock of Gibralter, in their
opposition to this old hunker, negro-selling
pool -man-hating, Federal aristocratic candi
date for Congress. There are scores of poor
men, whigs, in every section of Columbiana
county, who will not aid in elevating a man
to a high and responsible office, who will
take from them their last penrey, and laugh
at the humiliation ot those he has rendered
miserable. Such a man is Anson L. Brew
er, and such, many of the poor men of this
county know him to be.
Cool Impudence.
The impudence of the leaders of Columbi
ana Whiggery is only equaled by their ap
parent dove-like modesty. For weeks past,
they have exerted all theigenuity they pos
sess in attempts to humbug Free Soilers, and.
bring them under pernicious and corrupting
influence of Federal Whiggery. They how
ever, have been foiled in ail their manoeuv
reings. They presumed too much on' the
ignorance and gullibility of Free Soilers.
We were informed, a day or two since,
by a leading member of the Free Soil par
ty, that the whigs had proposed thst if the
free Soilers would unite on the hunker whig
candidate for Congress, they (the whigs)
would vote, the Free Soil couly ticket. Tltis
contemptible proposition was spurned indig
nantly by the Free Soilers. They claim to
act from principle, and are not to be made
parlies to an alliance so unholy, and so con-
trary to every principle they profess
Hurra for Stuart.
The information received from all the
counties in this Congressonal District, is of
the most'fiattering character for the success
of Andrew Stuart, our talented Republican
candidate for Congress. He will distance
his NEGRO-SELLING Federal opponent,
Anson L. Brewer, by a tremendous majon-
Freemen, to the Foils!
The 1 8th of October is near at hand.
NEXT TUESDAY WEEK is the day, of
election the day in which the GREAT PO-
LITICjLL BATTLE between Democracy
... ,. . , , , . . , . ,
a federalism must be fought in Ohio!
. Brother Deraocr&ts of Hanison
county we
say to you in tbe language of the Ohio Pa
triot, that election is one of MOMENTOUS j
TIIDAD1. A XT ni? . .1 . t C . I
iiui uiviAiiti. to toe interests Ol uiirouno
and county, acd to the welfare of our cause,
A State Tieket, consisting of a Judge of the
Supreme Court and a member of the Board
of Public Work; a member of Congress, and
a County Ticket, are all to be elected. The
result of that election, too, will have an im-
portant bearinp; uppn the crand NATION-
at. RTRTTfiflT.K .iil.i, win i.i,
,, . , .. t xi . , . mi
hue accuiiu uny ui iiuvciuucr iicai. Alius,
...... m.,n !..,., n,.n..vu.a wxt XX na..
J uu i iw.... ' """.
that an IMPORTANT DUTY, not only to
I yourselves but to your brethren of the State
I at large, will devote upon you, on next Tues-
day week. Are you all preparing to
discharge, that high duty, as becomes intel
ligent freemen who are engaged in promot
ing the GREAT MISSION of the Democrat
ic party? In such a contest, can you look
on with tame indifference, or fail to put forth
vour WHOLE ENERGIES to ohtuin a tri.
umpllBnt viclory over the enmie. of Dm.
ocriltic Libt!rty. True, the Democracy of
thUoounly can 1)8Ve a 0, when
im-',nev h11 tum out t0 ,ht PoIlii But
wnrn , nemrM.rRfla r;anHa t v..,- r
ergy worthy of a bettei cause. No effort will
be spared no scheme will be omitted no
.tratagera will be unemployed by these atea.
thy eaemie. of Republicanism, to "eteaU
march" npon the Democratic party of this
county. The oft-repeated notes of prepa
ration already proclaim the busy movements
of this insidious and hostile arrayl Demo
crats, BE WARNED, in time! Go to work,
and without further delay, adopt such meas
ures in each township, as will BRING EV
Gen. Scott in Clereland. .
Gen. Scott, the whig candidate for the
Presidency, visited Cleveland, on the I0th(
on his way to Kentucky. After he had ar
rived, the citiaens paid proper respect to
him, and he made the following speech,
which we find reported in full in the Cleve
land True Democrat. It ia the richest thing!
we hare lead this campaign, and if any man
thinks that Gen. Scott ia fall of Stateman
ship, let him read the speech:
Fellow-citizens, and when I tay fellow
eitiiens, I mean adopted eilisens, as well as
all who intend to become eiitiens of this
grei,t and glorioua eountry-4 thank you for
fhe enthusiastic reception yon have given me.
FeUow-eitiena, tb,fr UM thjnj rf
aiuth regret in visiting yonr great eity.:
While 1 was umforuble and dry ui a cov
ered carriage, you have been exposed U lite
rain and mud. This has pained me very
much. I have always been accustomed to
expose mysei 10 ute ram ana mua in com
mon with my brave soldier in the army.
r tllow-eitiiens, l regard von alias my
fellow-citixen. I hare led the brave Irish
to battle and to victory, and have always
found them brave and patriot e, (t(eie an
Irishman shouted.) J love to hear that rich
brogue. It always makes me think cf the
noble deeds of the Irish in battle. ( Cheers. )
Fellow-eitiiens, it is about eight years
since I travelled up and down these great
Lakes these great inland teas and rivers.
During that time your city has almost
doubled in population, and I 'feel that my
absence from you has almost lost me my
Fellow citizens, I will not detain ycu lon
ger. You are covered wilh wet and mud
and I am dry. I thank you again for your
enthusiastic reception.
After reading the above who can doubt
his writing the Native American letter in
1841, and the speech shows his hypocricy
better than anything we have ever read from
The Plaindealer after publishing the above
blarney holds the following language about
Since the delivery of this speech we have
heard but one opinion of its merits expressed.
"Well, he is no orator, and can't say any
thing," said ne whig, his enthusiasm cool
ed to zero. Not one spoke in its favor all
seemed to be disappointed. "That speech
i the silliest trash I ever heard," said an
other whig, "it will loose him 600 votes here
in this vicinity." "Oh! that he had only
kept still," said another, "and never opened
his lips. His bow would have left all smooth."
"Thurlow Weed spoke truly," said an
other, 'with that strange infutation which
sometimes seizes on men while gazing at
the White House, he is suffering his pen'
now his tongue 'to dim the glories achieved
by his sword." '
Another Whig Trick Exposed.
The Scott whigs in New York State have
, , . , ,
commenced the same desperate game of de-
ccption as that about the meetin' in York
. , T I ...
co.,la. lhe Alabany Journal, and other
whig papers gave circulation to the follow-.
ing wholesale falsehood.
"The ikon Men in Earnest. When the I
workmen in Francis Meyers' Furnaces, Schc-
nectadyhad received their dollars and dimes!
Saturday afternoon, they run up an ash pole
m front of the shop, and threw out a Scott
and Graham flag, to indicate their political
preference. These workers in iron have',
no idea of supporting a paily which is plcdf-l
ed to British interests. They iro for Pro-
tection to home Labor and no Tribute to
Foreign Woikshops."
Now mark how the workmen in the em
ploy of Francis Meyers nail this whig lie:
We, the undersigned, Mechanics and Ln-
oonng men 01 tile city Ot fechenectady, and
...... 1 ..r .i
aeiciai oi us uuopieu citizens, in llie employ
oi r ranees aieyers, one ot the most enter
prising mechanics in the city, and who car
ries on an extensive Foundry and Machine
shop, declare, that the above articles, taken
from the Evening Journel under date of the
7th inst., is false in every respect. There
, r T.1 ir a .. -
was a uole raised, bcariny thu hroail nen-
nant of Pierce and King with a beautiful
"Rooster" perched upon the tip end of the
pole as a faithful watchman, and in Novem-
ber next to "crow" and proclaim to a now
., ,1 tn l . i i.i l .. . .....
""i'l'J n"KA i.ec ucvuic i.ic iiiui.ipiiuiit Cit'C '
iln fPirillH' I trrv1
.ivu vi . Aui.bvx. ni.ii in., yjt .
ScHSNKCTADT, September 9, 184S.
Richard Leonard
Youly Myers,
James McDonald,
John J. Youman,
Patrick Martin,
Adolphe Lelauren,
Charles Roth,
Patrick Bannan
Peter Salsingcr,
James Campbell,
. Andrew Notte,
Jeaohim Fahning,
Wended Myers.
George Lanamnn,
Ignas Roth,
frauds Myres,
Tardy Wolf,
Gairet Van Vrailkin,
John Van Vorst
R" I 1 5 A '
XVICUara oturoy,
John Thomas,
Joseph Virst.
We warn the democracy of Harrison,
, .
and honest men of all parties, to beware how
they are deceived by the hundreds of vile
' ' . 1 1 v.
forgeries and deliberate falshoods that are
put in circulation by the Scott whigs. ,
J ' 0 I
arMcFadden's and Wood !ic Smith have
the largest and best selected stock of goods
0 o
cvur uiouguv 10 ihuiz; jdoui nrms sell so
I,lr. I.M. lr, .L.
. -. 0
you once see tuem. uive tuera uotn a call,
Advertisements next week.
CADIZ MARKET-Septcmbcr 29.
Wheat, V bu 50
2 00
' fii.
Corn, - - 45
Rye, - - - 33
Oats, - - 3o
Barley, - - 45
Corn Meal, - 40
Potatoes, - 50
Green Apples, 25
Dried Apples, 50
Dried Peaches, 1,25
Flour bbl.
Salt, bbl.
?ggs, P do.
Butter lb.
Ti'y 8eedl,502,00
Flax Seed, 75
Clover Seed, 5,00
Fresh Beef, 37
Molasses, 44
Coffee, 12
Country soap, 45
Tea, 501,25
Feathers, 31
Haypton 5.JJ
Meet! every Monday evenius, in the Hull ad
touting lhe Market nous.
tegular degree meetings on lb first Monday
nevery month .
' Meeiioverr Fltl0AYKVKNINO.nl K o'coo
lu lb Hull, adjoining the Market House.
II CALLING ATTENTION TO DR. fitY- '" H'c '" tm',,,'lr led picture.
OTP'S Improved Kst.act of Yellow Dock mid T . Ie ";" new mode of Hiking
Saisnpnrilln. wefeel confident we are doing a Laelie.se, wh.ch gives-the pioiure a rich up
wrvion mall who limy Iwnfflicted wilh Scrum- )'""" beU ground being of an ivory
lou and oihrr.diaordor. originating in hereditn. wliiieiiea. the picture ha a pr,.mi,ieue und To
ry taint, or from impurity of the blood. We ; Ilk;" " Kt "uttlul nnd commanding,
bt.v. known instunre. wiibtr. the .phere nf our U.e " tro",cd. c "lku Ltlei''e In groups,
aipiniiilnnce wbrro the most lomndable .listen,-! !" ."' P". or of small cluldren.
ncrs hasc been cured by the use .s Guy soil' Eg-lf'ds "I weatlicn nutup in fiiiioj or plain
tract of Yellow Do k nnd SaraMparilla alone, j ease, in lockets, nreatt pin. r oiiger-rilig: and
111 one the few i.dvrtised medicine ihat;1 tW '''"'-'' vr to -mall, it i n purled
oanuotb wigmntite.1 with q.iacaery. for llie large Male.
Yellow Pock' and the" Raraupa tilhi" are! 1,0 ,i,k" de"ure in u.viung nil persons lo
well know I le be the efficient .(ami at lib samii " cu,nf ."? '""' )erimciit, wheilur
ttm. inoxiou) ngnt. in tn whole M.ffrin 'l'T with Likune.se. or not, all shall be made
u.j.. .- i k. r.. ib.i.. u.,1..... t .,. . i
HIBl.) .U'l .1 J n. . . . -. ..... " a ,
ion of them it Dr. Guysotl's Yellow Look am)
(fr3ee advertl mni.
. .
Adorns. ScinNTirio WnNnss! IurotTixTi
Pvirsmc. Ur. J. S. Houghton' Pepsin, th
true Digestive Fluid, or( attrio Juice, prep
red from Rennet, or ihe rourtn Stomarh eflh
Og, after direoiions of Baron Liehig, the (ran
Physiological theniist, by J. . Houghton, II
D.. Philtidalohia. Thi i irnlv a wand 'ai
remedy lor tndigentinn. Dytretptin. Jaundice
Liver Comnlnlnt. t:ontinaH(in. nnn lnrntv
curing after Nnin re' own Method by Nature
a Agent, the Qattrie Juioa. Pamphuttt, con
taining laien.ins evidence nf its value, fcirwihail
by atenu grail, (lee notice lusoaf ttw
ml adtduiwnntv
ar Kdwsa Kor r U !
riua! Wi.ur's Balsam of Wild Cherry is just
lb iraaedy ik-t a pun minimi, unprejudiced
man, thoroughly acnualnied with eve.y yt
of prsr.uce, ami well acquainted vitb the whole
Mulrria ilrtlic. mwl eiMiirncwl ia general
practice. iIU recuMluckil Ha Ilia teal uwtiUlv
ramljf.ur the cant uf nwgtia, CuMa, AaUiiak,
Ulo'irtii.i' lu luaaNOipiiun.
Tlii remedy cuiiiuina (be rxtmordi nty rtli
rinnl tirtut cf'he Willi Chrrry anl il,e K if
wiiicb arc cuuibiuol awl eiulxxheJ in Itna urii
cle. live nice ehmiicul proew, t-veryilunr ilr-
leirnoiis niMelcit is irieeiMl, ao thai wiitil r
mail., i. Ibe muat tItr.ior.lini.ry Iiulr c-!
rkeiwia rciarrfj lor nil kinl oi pul
liver liMieivrr riiuwn lo umu.
Final Accounts.
jVTOTlCRii fcerebj riven, lliat ihaf l.e f"l
lnwiiiz account! Ii ii lu en filed (n ibe
fro ate t'oiirl of llurrisou ( ouoty. Ohio, for
Tbe limil ncCMiinl of lvn lliirf.inl iin'l Jwlin
furfur I iidiniiiiitruluri ol' tlieeatale of John'
Illllflli l (ll'i'ltl-il.
'i'lie fin il ai'iiuiiit of John Aikinson, :u uar
liiin of Al!rrt (). ltoM, n minor.
Tbn fintil Htr.niiii! of I) Skiniiioni at iu:irilinn
for Nancy I. Cuuuiir , :i minor,
Aioltlut tbr kijiiC w i) lti rral'y pxatninetl
unil pimi'il upon by tin- ii"!i'rM;ni-il on We t
nrnl nv . ibe 7''i my ol October next.
Sp;3, ia5i-Jt. U. W. VIEUi.
I'rolmie Jnilr.
New Hagerstown Academy.
f I lili winu r ti 'sioi of i lit Iil'titinf.in cniii- I
J mrticna on llie first Weilli'idHy of Novell)
her tin. lor Ihe nipf-r'nieiidrnce mid instruction ni i
the Kev. Wm I.A VT.it'I' V" , n m liiuieol' IV'sixh I
intoii Colleen. lie protii'riiii-d bid n-iiro.diMiiiil
t ui lit' i Kriiinetoii. Mr. L. briiis ih i liii h"t I
tesllinoniiils of scholarship mul ntlmr hmhIUI. ! !
tiona lor lcni.hm nn iiniiilumr, from ihc Kn iiliv I
of W.i'bjiijtoii CiIIciji iVoin lb linn. II.
Li'nmt mid the hv. Mr. Cinniisr". m'Su'iihen-:
villi'. He h;ia uUo bad (.-ousiderahli- ri iirli ii-e !
in i echini:. It. llliOVVN, I
!H:. 2J, ISU 3t. I're . of the Hoard
Si. 3. TAfiGAKT ruprcllnlly iiifnrnis
their cil.-toincrs mid the n ihliu ltiiitiiIIv .
that Hihv iihviiya keep tin h;inl n i;oi il i-lopk of
l,:;"of ,lllr v" luminfMciute, in miihiion t
jwliicb Kiev Intvt! im'ivid ii vnry l iran ato k of
U-.,i m.d iv, in n. th n.-t. oini.tin ..f fine
n,"loki" "" "f t'1" fN htbloii, fur nml wool
i KomuiIi bats, ii meal variety onilk i.'ii,b.-iip,
fihe hu,.t nyl- ir men and Imvs'.l,,,,, fri.,.
V!ir:UtJ '"' ,c,l'llren cloth r.:ip, which
nm su hi mi.u9 ui I. U IIIHUl lilll .0 till,!. IV
''' Iyer- l. 4. J. T iGUAlt 1'.
Cadiz, Sep. 3:, 1S..3. ly.
"'? m"? ran f,n.d MwA'"'' "' isad a Sari,,,
'U 'Z
hi, command entry mome?tt, uud uUuii abure nut.
Ur. Franklin.
To jnci'cll'tltlH, i.'lerkH
ers, Mitacnts ana all
I'l.HTE SfcTof HULKS by which all the
In ml. men to I operation' of Arilhiii'i'n iriy li"
jerloruied in an incredibly ihnrl spice of time.
r.oeconie a in later ol them will re.piire not
luoie thiin n cniiiile Ihinrs' snuly ol' anv trood
found mind : and the em. lent will thereby be
..i.i .i . . . .i . o .i 9 i.. i J .
""" " Mio.nniniraci, iiui:piy or u.vttle ill
iiny kiiiii ut. ma. ler oi now mine ll'T'i'es, iieii-e
t .iiu. .1
l.ceii lately, (indeed, b-taiii the iinitiOililiof mi e, ,
U:tl.n.. .,.;. il. t: .i t
old avsti'in. L
Th..-Fun i.i.enli.l rule nre followed l. ....
exa miuat'oli into the propiieiies ut' liiiin'hei'4.
wiiicb even further facili lutes the "ther 0.. raiins.
there me uho cmliraceil in this work,
Rules for tho Calculation oi Interest,
which will woik out the interest. it my mm mum
any tun. will: the tdmu.tt rru,nri,mid n ,i;.iplifi-
lv "'"v "" "dieropenuion by ihii,
umI viis wipriior to nlluoiirsi! in the old nlnn.
r ...1.... ,1.... r i . i . ' .
logether. these Iniiii the must eoiuplete ireaiise
on nm science oi niiiiini-rs ever ewied -and mo i
ncalcul.ibty v ilii ibie toull irmu from iheirnevi' r-!
niliug nciMir cy, mul in buxiiieiis in -mi from the !
immcii8e mno'iiit of iime ihey fiub from the m wt
jweailsnnie deiail of biifiut'tg lili-. I'arijc.ilarly
oiieht ihey to he in the hand of Merchants and
Clerk. leacbUi unu Mut.eu.i, ai.u h-iii; men
Tht! copic of lhe ft iv rcmaininr hundreds ol
the j. resen I edition are bulii? hurried nit at a nrice
Prelllly re-lucid from that ($.; ut which the bn.
,'"'' wre sold. to make room f..i 11 new edi.i hi
! to bo gotten up in a iuai;iiiliceiit and cosily itvle
!iminedii.lily upon chs.uit out 1 Iii! iireseni'one".
j I'lvcry puichnser bound (as a mat'er of 1111-
nee umi protection m the copjrichi.-t) by his
sacred plec.su ul honor, 10 use lhe races, a ler
thu inairuciiun of hianelfoiily, nnd m impart the
f''r",,i"1.' """V,""1 ""' ."!-" "" ,!-
' u "''tain tb.i I roeenesil is necessary to civc
such a pledge, with lhe price, Three Hollar.
",f 'V,1.",', vr vVl, lmidJ "
MAY MAllKl.F.I. FunkstntH. H aiUmglnn tV...
Maryland. The Pro.esses will be lorwarded
pmt-paid. -o thui'.ven nddr. F. He particular to
rile l!'.u !':"", 0,'"."1 P!'st 'r,,!V- V""".
Stale distitietly; Willi Ihosc lieglectnic; this mis-
takes liequenuy oceur.
Tli'jie prel'errinic it, can order copies ol thu
fortlu.omin? edition, will he ready i. bout tp
luditlays. 1 ho pnc. will be $6; orders ent b.
loie its i?sii will bu filled as as th
at: copies
tiro ready lor 5.
Local Agents Wanted.
In everv town, nnd till through II:..
great number ol these rule can l disposed in'
uy nny one -lio will only take lhe trouble to
'make t .fir scope known. They comprise hut
w,lcn lu,i,"",s "'. "d pveiybndy has long
lelt the want of nnd will irladlv i.hl,.:,.
k nature of the huxincss allow nnv one to net ;
agent, anil to pnerey rnturet a birire reward.
: A url""re explained the husines reipiirimr secre-1
icy, order from nei'iits nrc filled in seperite ea.
..l....Aa .1..!!....... I. ...... i .
n. ni.cii.irn nn "ii-uvijr .......l.i lueir I.HllliS I
j When a number ofthreo copies or more lire or-1
'dered with tho remittance nt nno lime, 3.1 per
icent. is nlhuved to he retail., d na ilii nitent's !
lee; nun an pe- cent, on uriiers or em in or .u,r
Sep. 2!). 18.V2. 5m.
RIK. DA VfS hat returned lo Cndii, where
he intends reuiainiiu for some lime; and grateful
'or die liberal patrouag ei tended to him tinun
hreluin, begs leine in inlonu lhe public liml
Ibe ia preparru lo lake l.ilieiiuesi-es in the heal
j uud most unpriced slj le.
I lie hat discovered a process of Inking Li'ten
jesses. which obviuirt ll.ut dark shading on one
j side of the facevan uni.turiil uud foreign to good
jlnste, nud distribute the light evenly all nvur
I tl.u whole face, mid enlire person. giving a round
'uess lo ibe leaturei ami a beauty to the exurea-
Itooms nntlvr the Itwiublican ofline.
mig. 'iS, IH54.-lyr, -
PTVIE pa:nrtnliip bcretoforu existing between
X Miilikim & rinks, is (hi day diasolved by
mutual Colienl. I be aocouuta will be aeiithsl
Ivy cither of the firm until further notice, nnd .it
ws urn anxious lo hnve our ACCOUNTS ON
to on 1 1 mii nml close their accounts, eithur by
noteoi va'-ii. J Alllil.lKIIN,
Cadi, April 1,1851. T. D. URIMKS.
N. B. We have on hand yet some nf K. B.
Dunn St Co', best steel hack Grass a ml (srnin
Scythes, which will be sold for cost or let lhau
egsl. 'I hits we mj want euli toon.
M y9i. M. I li.
And all dimaaea arriaiiir bum a i!inrlefd 1 le
arnt MuwacL, aajck u t. untlloaiicM, Ixaraui
filr, I'ullneta or Blund to lit Head, Aci.lilj
ol Ilia Sli.uin.-b, Nauara, llan-lum. iJiafoal
lor (owl, fr'ullueas, or areirlit in Hie Stotamch.
a.iur etuuiiou sinking or Auiieriiir ' '' il oi
Im- lou.uch.awimaiii.e ol ibe lira J. berried and
liiTiull lniMlhinr. diiltrtiu at ibe beurt cboak-
I injt or aulloCKlinf aniaNiIUD',bau in n Ijrinr IMm
lure. (itMiiit-a oi tiaina, ii.a or weba In-iure tin
rigut. lever and dull pita in ibe bel, iMSrien-
rJ ur P Ir...i.H.. je...,we.a or u.a R. ami
Ulli.oua.y iiidir)r-l'"'l uw.i:,wi,Bi. ax-:..
I amlden dudiee of bent, be uitis in tbed ab i on
tuiitunnmriiiinirol evil ond great ilearnii.in
of piriu,cnu be c Bevtunlly cured by Ur. IIUOK-
LAN D'S celcbrutiHl atruuin bllte'r, nrepaml
i by Dr. C f.l. JitcLann, at ih Uenunu .ueilicine
M..re. li t Arcb ktreet rml:idebiuH.
'I'lu-ir Hwvr vi r tbe above fliaenart i not ex
rclli'd il tiallel by any ntuer pieparra'iou
in ibe L'liiud MnUf.n lha curia niien, in ujj
Cioraniicr tkilf.il phvioi.ina liml miled.
'J'l. ...... I.......- -.1 .1 ; . I I-
t diw .iii'.-ia m iti.nuy inr ai'eniioil in
la. i-ofL'Miii rraui virtues in Ibe reciin
cnlioi. 'I uiH.';iea ol
nl.e liver ami le.r 1....!. '
exviciai. ie uioatieiiichitig power iiiwonk- 1
ne mi l aflc. on. in Ibe ..ig.V.ire org..... li.ey
nr., will.t.1. i.t rnnain nn.i ,.le.....l. ' !
y.end mid he r.v "inctil. rromtbe -Bolon -
f)r " lheed.tor . 1 lee. 3'ud: I
Dr. IlooKi.jsu'j Cii.ti.. -luGiimi Dl '
lur il.e cure nl literrcuiplaiu. ', Juundiee,
pi psiii, m-rvoua drbiliii ,ia da. 'VcdlyuUo
inoat opnl.ir niedieinua ol lhe d.r. '1'beo y
ters nave been used by Ih'Mn.iinl uud a the'
.il our elbow i..y he bus l.iuiarll r. an el- "it j
K ciu.i I mid iHTiii Hii iit cure of liver coruficjJ
Irom the iinr of ihH u-medv. We ure coiiv'Jaii.t '
ih.ii.iii the use of t hee biuers. tbe palin ucird
stniiili Kiiim mrciir;h and viur a lacl con-1
ol fie t cunaidera'iou. 'I bey in plea orthy
tnttu mid riuell, mid cun be nfcd by lit iii
unit the nio.t ilcliuHte alouiin bi wilh wuraont
iinilcr any circmiintiiucc. We n apeiikiu
I'rniu experience, mid pi lhe nffl.cted we udviiu
Ihiirmi. I
'6ciili' Weekly .' one of the best literary p-,
per piihlished, niil, Ant. 25
'Dr. lloori.ANu'aUkHHAS ItiTTtm, miinuinriu-
rw) by Lr. Jauknun, ar j nnw rcc.nu t i dml by
. .ni,. ....... ,.r...,.i . h. ,. ..i ibe de.
ally ami nicle ul m.iub . rticncy in .'h.j. ol le-
male weakness. As ii.cb is u.e c.se, we would
adviw nil motbera to obtain a bjlilc, and thus
sae ib.'inielves muuh sicknesa. Tersoits of.e
bilil iied coimiiuii his will tin I these hitu rs i.d
valiiageoua lotheirheallb.ua wu know iruni e.
perienee tbebulutary t-lleci ibej have uuu weuk
f) steaii.'
iMore F.vidknck. Thelli.n.C. D. lIsnsuNx,
mayor ol the city ol Ciuudeii, N. J.. sny:
il...iKi.vu s tji.RMiM Uittkbs We have seen.
Many ll.ilterin; iu.iic.es of this iiieilicnie, nnd thu
aiiince from whiuli ibey uaiueiudueed as lo make
inquiry respeciiui; its iiiurii. From inqniiyHe
wen persuaded in use il, mi I luiivt say ve found
it spccilii: in its nutiniis upon disra.et of ibe
l-'rur and diejiivu organs, mi I the power ul in
llneiice it eieils uj)o:i nervous pruttrati'iH is
really iirprltlnj. Il calms uud irriif then buj
neiveu. I i i i . t; i 1 1 u; lliem iulj u liate ufriUe, ma-,
kii.g sleep reirehiiiir.
11 lliia medicine, wa more generally used, we,
are satifled there would be less sicknert, ut!
from the stomach, liver and nurvuu sisiem U.e I
if.. -ut nnjonty oi rual uud nn ii;iimr) diseases
vjinanaie. Have Iheiu in it heal by coudinuii, ; ma
mid you ran bid deli, nice to epeUeiuica general
ly. 'I'his extraordinary medicine we would ud
vise uur Iriendi who die lit ull imlijiomil, lo
sie uiri il it will recommend itself, llshoiil.l
ill fact, be in every lamily. Mo od.er medicine
an produce such evidence o merit.'
Kvideiice upon evidence bus been received
(like the fnregoiugj from all section ui tin
I'liimi. lhe lust three years, nnd the urutmes
lestinioiiy ill its Imor, is, that H'.ere is mole of
it used in the practice of tegular I'hyaiu .n o
Phil ulelphia, than a. I other u .Htruins combined
a fact that an easily be established, and lull)
proving that :i scieiniui: preieiatiuu will meet
wish ih. ir ip.iet iipioval when preseiiKl even
in thin form.
Tbnt this medicine will cure liver complaiut
and dyspepsia. In. one can doiiht after usiiiif il
us ir r civil. It acts spei'ilicallr upon lhe st im
u" " " ,;lt:'.1- "act p.-inc..l,y upon lb
i. .:Ii mid liver; it is piefeinhle to calomel in all
bilious diseases (he effect is immediate. They
can be administered to loin. lies ur nfiuta with
safety and reliable beii.'iit ut any time. ,
Thev have the wriileii sa'aalnre of C. M.
.1 ACK SDN unoii the wrap; rr. mid his name
blown in the boille, without which thuy are
spurious .
For sale wholesale nnd retail at ih Gkmian
M koicikk Stork. No. oi Arch Street. ntiH ilmir
helow iSixth Philadelphia; mid hy respactable
dedlers generally through lhe cninlry.
To enable nil claaes ol'iniuli.ls 10 fnjny the
ailvantaijes ul tiieir great restorn live pjwer.
Alsnf.ir sale by M'Ba'iAN . KNOX, Cariit.
Ohio. Wholesale ii.'.miu lor STINK tt II OW.
A It I), Woi.ster.Oni'i.
.Sep. 2J, IS5-J. ly.
New Goods at A. F. Moore's.
NOW opening, at the "cheap d-y rood und
elothinn siore. tbe first airival of fall nnd
wiuier eoods, which lor ciieiipimss, beauty and
diirahilitycauu.il be surpassed tu any city u I
ibe Union.
A larjre and splendid assortment ol Coburj
tiad Irc-ucli merinoes, good und cbep, nt
A. V. M (JOKE'S.
Cadiz, Sep. 22, ld3f.
4 N extu slock oi' plain nnd fljnr'il black
rV "d fane.v silks; at A. F. alUJKK'!).
Sep. 2 2, H5l.
AbeauiifulasHortminit of Muslin de .nins.
and other lanry mid plain dress funds, ui
Sep. 2. IN3. A. r. MOOltK'S.
N unrivalled ussorlaient of Cliemiscil.
I V 1 "I"' collars, uuuersiRuvcs, Ac, at
Sep. 2. Istfa. A. F. AIOOIIE'S.
i l us i rate n.i oi woolen anil notion flan-
XV ih'I. ut A. F. MoOUF's.
Sep.a2, SSU.
ft 11 10 larcest and has: stock of el.ithi, eus.ii.
J. nett. peioi.ihaiis hvnver rlu'hi, pilot cloth
sniineils. veslmu's, A.C..UI A.r. MO01il,',S
tep.2J, IB51.
A N unlimited stock ol' ready iule cloihing
j 0!isiBiiug ... uoo.f, resia, pnutuioiins, aroi.
winch Inn boon man" up under our special u
I orvision, by the hi!i workmen ibis .ill., the
mounlaiin which 1 wn-r Hit t,i fit nil. I i.uf if.
v"'' """of tho time. The atieoiimiotih
n.il.l.M ia M.nil.1lllllir clli.il Im thu a. .... 1 1 .
I"'""" . ........ ... .nciirill
"ork n dry irooiU. t: lolbiiie, Jen., which is now
"""ed at very e'aeap rmes (oi t-.ash or jr.oo.1
couniry produe . Flem bet lha ukic, one
" " "' .. -i..u. a.
Sep. 8-2. 18M.
Valuable Town Property for Sale
f IIE nul)crilier offer, f.n sale the proieri) in
I which ha now reside, iiiuaie.1 on Church
Street. The house ia n log building, wonilu-r
board. id, one story m.d a half high, with n new
kitol- sn iilincbed to H. J hero i rood lot of
urou jel, with an tiniiniinr.ee ol I loit tree an il.
and a n'ver failing well of water.
He nl. i olfers lor sale a lot con in tiling one
acre of ground, on the Wellthurg road, on fourth
of a mile from Iowa. Posses.i .n (iven en the
drsl i.i'Aoril, Any permit wishing lo purchas.
will please call on the nb-rril.er on die premise.
tai.lin, 0 , Pep. 22. IH54. .It.
Trunks! Trunks ! I
"H US P je ciied and for tale low, a nie lot oi
4Jr travelling Trul.kr. ll kind mid site.
Thoe warning l nice Trunk ran be acoomiuo-
iluted by culling ut the Hoot tt Shoe Store ..I'
Cndix. Sep. 21. ISVZ.
BO NNKTS Colored sirnw, white aad drii
colored tilk and talin honiiats, something
rich, call at JOHN M'COtlMICIi'S.
Omliz,p M, 185'i.
WILL be offered for ala at Puhlio Auetino
on th ten.ies, on Thuraday, fh f3il
day ef SeptemUr. 1659, a valnnSle tract af tjnul
ia llurrisou ruaniy, Ohio, within I 1-4 adlesel
lhe town ol MuorrGeld In said County.
Th true.l eoaiuint 300 Acre, of WkisH r boat
91)0 neres ere cleared and faneod. Tbenr iaja
eomiortuble.lwrlli if Ilouta h tbe far vt b a
well nf excellent water enavett1,
Tr.i land lie weil, i wll Miurad, aai ' a
nn ahmaUnco nf Lima. Sinn awl Coal.
lenua, which will b liberal, mail kit". t,a
day ataulc. Heirs of KOBKRT S ! O TT ,
lane ol Brook co Y..4'a. .
enl. , IMl.-3tpd . 1
Wholesale Dealer ia Dry Ooc-d 1 1
61 M' Street, pdlthwj.
IS NOW KM.tlY I.NW a Urr .MHiiaeal
r'ali nail Winter liy Ououa, l-'uraira a4
Uuaiiattic j Ui wuicb ! tatittra i. e atu-ntiua
Ui tt e m I'miU-.
Im bia i.ck will be fbnnd
lt-rll8- fcfciriinic. Th klr.
itruwn ahevlikic a a. I abirtinea. 4 II UeacrititM ,
IIIeHChrt! birtia. erj quality ami bomb.
)iuihuiclt. Diiriihr, Et,!Di(a.
Tir.kiurs. nil j:ibu( atakea-.
Sl.iru'iijra, Sirijica. vatioas stake, full assort
Apronrlieeka. iwenlit and stripe.
llnpera 6-4, j:iciUird, hlus.grey, brown, an4
bleucbvil. .'
Fl.tnsifU and Damn.
An extenaive aaintiaei of3-4,7 e-T .
let. wliite, mid tellur, plnin d ihlii-la Mi.d aaedi
nm. Hint i itra fine Mini brnvy atarltl. green, ia
din, blue, uud auiXitl l ilU.
Allwo.il: Siillinau' nml Wnlerlrt highcol
ort; iiliiiila Inrcc uud :nail re. I ami i)ni;am- '
jlioiM, itip'. Ilc. Alan, wol awl riitoa.hi(.h.
"',r . ' '"'"'l'1" '"'J.
' ' ' m . . . , ,
, . , !'W,,.,,("J C -nklMB-.
3 7 "'" "" h PXui,lH
""' -"'
Dhioka; fmiry color', Id'k'ian ami doiatrtia
piece am! wnol-ihed bbick. b-ny (iml. Al
ao, lieaver, lell, KelerhHiiH (.'niuli-i.
Mrdiiiut to exiru, wiindj-d wool, and piece if
llluck d'K.skiii mid ciiMiiuvre.
Funuy. new mid ilesirnble atyk.
Sheep's prey, plniiinnd Iwilkd uuiopiU.
thick and Imiey color.
Medium to extra Uxfor J u.ixnl civlrra.
Rlacka, blues, bmcy color, henry uike.
1 llllted. tn'.iil mid mottled s:y lea.
'I'vi-4'U tititl Jcittir. v
All woolnii'l ciiiloii wrapa. in rnent r tr. '
Mlcbbeliti.lL' jeuus, and heavy Imtds.
8 shall and Gonoi, b:uii;-iip nnd miners.
lew 'all styles of ap.-nene. nniniina, perk ins.
uioiie, niriniuaca, Allen ' Uiiimell's, Mmicbi
Americuii ripx,.., ,arnei..a.id eei.ernlly .,,
ul1'" J ',' "' n"1"l'l,r' ebiiili, mid stenmwork.
times, oiue ii.i.i ormijcp, nine uih green car
let, plain Colo a.
furnitures, Kmlili fine black work cbiuia,
lloj le' double purple, 3-4. mid 4-4.
Mourning print in great variety.
Kreneb, German, and Scotch (.'inehnm.
lilaiiKow, l.nuciKiei uud riiiludclpbia Couu
ty makes, nil witltbi and siyles.
i)iti;si ' OH.
Printed and plain, English mul American de
Iiiiut, newest ilesisu
liieh printed nml plain, Persian, Parsiaii no!
Lama vlu'l.es uud niissiiiivrea.
I a i piintcd, mid Mouseline Do Luiiies o
Ditilium, an I v. ry rieh stjles.
Plain and fi;urnrl black anil colored drew silk
stuff fiootls.
C 4 alpacas, black, ilo lo, and fancy color.
Kenl alpaca laities, low io uer in.
Mohair and O: leans, fiirured luat es.
fi-4and 7-4 high Colored Cobourgi ami Para
ti-4 shut and new ttyle f.ynne i lustre.
scot m Ooods.
A larre variety of laces, edgings, in-n.runes,
friuxv. lineii li.ee, Ac, juci nets, ctuubric, '
wiss mull, x ictoiia lawns, butr cord nnd faner
stiiped cauibrios, tape, satir and Swiss urioea.
Valencia, cnthmere, silk mid (alio veitiufa.
Women' cotton and worsted , cnshtn-r pf.
l.aca and merino, plain mul limey hnll-biet
hilts uud drawers in irreat vatiaty und style. '
I.OVEl. .
Cashmere nnd fieecv lined bcrlin, woolen, kid
and buek gloves no. I n.it.s.
Woolen cruvais. neck lies, a large assortment
lor men and boys,
Fancy dark sty les bonnets, cap and neck, lie
"U"' lllftDKEKCIilEFS.
Piinted p,.ii'ce, best style, madder nnd
rhiii'i woik, bandannas, spi itnrielili, ootton an t
oil de ll.igs, linen caaibrio hdk'l. all vnrietio.
Low priced winter sliawU, uud adk'fs. snnaro
nnd lull,' -h.iwl,ol bay state, beUider., wilier .
lot , cotoh, uit.1 other makes ail style. nUia
and fancy.
Irish lineus, sheeting nnd cloth, uaihrellas,
suspender, spool cotistw, tewing silks, threads,
Vc, nml every eictipiiou at vuriety (toixls, ,
Bti.loiher not enumerated, to meet the wuiu
ol'ciiy and Country dealers.
His nssoriitiMit will be ept full Ihrnushnut
the se'ta.m.aiid be respect ully nsks all who vi '
it the niark.it to call and examine his pn'ces.
Tbey will prove lo bu as low as the same good
can he bought by the piece, e .si or west.
Western merchants, who may have been In
the expense .if going to Now Yolk or I'hi ndel- '
phut, will hud in this maiktt, such larg asson
laenisel every tlescripii ill of goods, and oU'ere t
at fiicIi prices, us will envin.-e ihrm the, woul.l
du hitler lu liy in supplies here, irvtiiy moo I It
oi n, than to be ut the loss of expense aad timri
nttl making lar; purchnifs in gnia vast.
Coma suit see, iind judga for yourselves. ,
Pittsburg, Sup, n. Irtoi. 3i. - . J
New Fall and Winter Goods.
HAS insl rereivvtt from Kaw York anil
Philadelphia, a liarge aioil Ktuive stock
of t all and VV'iutor Uootia, to vahtich. lae iiie
all hit old customer nnd Hie public gan'emlly to
cull mid Mamine, us lie is confident, if they tin,
they cannot mil to be pleased both in price and;
ly le ul good, ns bis goods were purchased
under us luv.irahlu circuuistunces at any buiuta
in tb place, und at a time when lhe eastern
slocks weru belter than any oilier this Ull, his
slock consists of every variety usba ly kepi, and
he would any to the public call and leelor ia.ii-
selvci, ns lie consider it nn trouble to show
goods. ' JOHN .U'tUUMICK.
ITidit, Map. T I... is.
KfcAUV Al AUK ClAJIUINti A very lull
stock, entirely new anil beautiful styles, to
widen fce would evil the attention of the puhlie
acrhty have got to be .old. Ho look sharp, y
ahttwautburgiusiii tint wiy. nail at
Cadil. Sen tL l5t.
IADIK-V DUEfSS liOl IDS uicl. Vrowi"iTi
J i-mneleon und plain silks, Irene li nienVMMaK
libit cK Ibet. piiruiiia'.tas, cushme'js, dekiinxe
poplins, Ijenniie. alpacas, merii j, and every
variety id fall and winter dress goods, iknt can
he lound in ibis uuiket. If ton wtait suua
ibitij niae und lii.hionnhle. '.all hi
Cadii. Srp., I8:a.
CLOTHS, ruaaiiiirus,tiii.a, lfnls, pr
sinn cloths, litiuv. rtanimU, blank, ts. and
very variety ol vot.leu ril at price lowM
than ver before '.curd tell of. ivt
JOHX MVOItttltCif.. i
radii, Bep. ".2,l3. . -
f I dlK ..b eribcr ha tnkaa clinrreuf the abov '
J IIOTKL. wbare be i( prepared t nil tin
to wait on all who tuny patronise hi bout. II
ba fittd up and kuuishoat it in. ilurmuat ant '
proved Uj I.
Hia Tablft
Will -A all lire be lamitieU with ti boat the
mur'e afford.
His Stabling '
lt,T.lrd oiivniul and CuuiaxnWasn, and
ai hostler easeful aud aiteutiv. Ho itoairo la
ronrlor Hi beam
A Home ta Travelers.
IT assure his friend that Ihey .hall Und
A Cordial Welcome to the EcteL
Awploaueoatnwdaiioutlor M.iviaui)Umvv
BuMrdeH rreeivod stall time, uu. svssnnnble
wriot. nov I -tf JOHN M HOLM.
MR.. UIVlN Km., just received th tartrN
aaA boot vaiwiy of PKKUMKIt Y over
nfiaradioCiiiiia, vousiaia in prto the billow
ing ! - .
tlaaol's ("btyoiaHne Oa Morrow,
Pomade Ptiiluttuw, " ' '
; Taikii KusoImim rliayri
llulo Antiune. .
ft ra()il, ruiuV
Tavhir'scvMimiaiiWab BH
n.rlstinu'o Pts Pul Pewilcr,
tVlognm " 1 .... . -
. Haiwil's JiiiMj porfomoii Wiwfso,- Inap,
wl M. HTI3S.
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