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f .
Masonic JYotice.
IVihon are expected to arrive here
sbout the 25th of January next, the breth
ren of Concord and adjacent Lodges, and
transient brethren generally, are reques
ted to hold themselves in readiness, to
arHwer ami obey any summons which
mny be issued upon such arrival.
By order of the VV. M of
Tarbaro', December 22, 1847.
Commercial Bank
or Wilmington.
THE fourth instalment of Twenty five
Dollars per share on subscription to
the Capital Stock of this Bank, is required
to be paid in, on or before Thursday the
3J day of February next
Uy order of the Board of Directors.
T. SAVAGE Cashier.
December 26th, 1847. 1-5
ON FRIDAY, the 7th January next
I will sell at public sde, at my
house the following property (viz:) about
SO Fat Mois, Corn and Fodder, Peas, Cat
tl one yoke of Oxen, one new so gallon
Keitle, and numerous othor articlestoo
tedijus to mention.
Also, on the same day will be hired
out, until the first day of October next,
7 or 8 likely negroes.
Any of the above property will be dis
posed of privately, if application be made
$oow. This the 27th day of December,!
1S47. A. K. BAR LP IK
JVert; It XG LIS II and
Classical School.
List of Letters,
Remaining in the PcstOffice at Tarbo
rough, the st tof Jan, 1S4S, which
if not taken out before the st oj
April next, will be sent to the uene
ral Post Office as dead tellers.
Anderson Arthur2 Liwrence John
Brown Joseph H
Brown Nancy Mrs
Campbell F Miss
Ootien John
Cobb Tibitha Miss
Clark Henry T
Daniel John fi
Davidson Joseph
Davis James
Edwards K
Garrett John
Gardner John
Grimes VVm
Griffin L J R
Griffin Susan Miss
Harwood G W
Hyatt J B
Hughes C Miss
Hunter W S
Killebrew G W
Knight John VV
Kea John
Knight J C
Lane N L Miss 3
Morgan Jss S
Mayo John
Mayo Arcenia Miss
Morgan Wells
McDaniel David
Manning M E Dr
Purvis Lewis
Proctor Samuel D
Pucei Camillo
Pitt James
Rue La Louis
Spencer Wm C 2
Stump Thomas
Staton AV D
Staton Baker
Staton H L
Sessoms A Hanson P2
Staton Thomas C
Sessoms Nathan H 2
Wallace John
Wimborn J J
Williams Gray
Lewis H F Miss
$20 Reward.
Hp HE shop of the undersigned was bro
ken into on Tuesday night las', and
the following articles stolen therefrom:
A plain gold ring broke in two places.
A plain silver ring, broke where it had
been Capped and cernen'ed.
A pLin gold button, with nn eye broke
A plain silver pencil, the rivet broke
fiori' the slide.
A ilver pencil, set with a red stone
rivet broke in the slide.
A silver pencil, with a pen, broke in the
A riflfi barrel pistol, secret trigger, with
hammer broke, cock pait g rm an silvt r,
well finished.
A repeating pistol, to shoot five times,
with the ramrod spring htokr, the hammer
was broke on the left side where it hit he
npHE EXERCISES of the school at a leward of Twenty dollars be given
J- Eualsia Academy, in ihe county ol , for ine recovery of either of ihe above artil
Female Academy.
nHHE Exercises of this school will b
opened on the first Monday in Janu-
ary next, under the instruction oi m&
Mary A. Casey. Miss Casey has taught
school for the last four years in this county,
and has given entire satisfaction to those,
who have put their children under her
charge. This school is situated in the
western part of Nash county, 15 miles
east of Louisburg, and 12 west of Nash
ville. In point of health, its: location is
equal to any place in the State. Hoard
can be had with the subscriber at six dol
iars per month.
English branches, 10 00
French, 5 00
Spanish, 5 00
Drawing and nainting, 5 00
Needle work,
M usic,
2 50
15 00
Belford N C, Dec. 11th, 1847.
An unequalled Remedy
Jind an Almanac for t8t
"1 ST For colds and feverish feelings
and preventing Feveis.
2nd For asthma, liver complaint and
bilious affections.
3d For dianliGCi. indigestion and loss
of appetite.
4th For coslivenrss in females and
5ih For stomach affections, dyspepsia
and pi Irs.
THE GREAT POINTS are. it is not
bad to take, never gives pain, and never
Important Sale o
H-;- II
f Seasonable hoods.
At 10 per Cent advance on First Cost.
Jfas. Weddeffl,
TTP EPECTFIJLLY INFORMS the citizens of Edgecombe and neighboring coun
JLO' ties, that he will on Monday, the FIRST DAY OF NOVEMBER NEXT,
Extensive Slock or New Fancy and Staple Dry Goods,
At TEN PER CENT advance on first Cost He invites those who desire bargains
to give him an early call. His Stock of Goods has been purchased at the Lowest
Market prices FOH CJtSH, and he pledges himself to sell them at the very
small advance named; his object being to close his business here soon as possible.
Tarboro,' October 2'3,
Valuable Town Property for Sale.
t::i:-:::: :j:
THE SUBSCRIBER OFFERS, on accommodating term. his Town property.
Tarhoro', October 23, 1847.
t i
Nash, will commence on Monday the 10th
of January next, under the superinten
dence of IV. L. Tidball, who comes
highly recommended by Dr. Brecken
ridge, Presidet or Jefferson College, Penn
gylvania, at which institution Mr. Tidball
completed his education; and having
taught school at Eualsia during the lasi
five months, where he has become favor
ably known as a scholar and a gentleman
of unblemished moral character, the un
dersigned flatter themselves that they
hazard nothing in recommending him to
the rub lie as a
cles, and the subset iher will he thankfu-
for any inf ormal ion that may lead to the
detection of the robber.
Tarhoro'. Dec. 16. 1847 51
HP HE SUBSCRIBER, having qualified
at August Term of Co-unt) Court of
Edgecombe as Administrator on the es
tate of Jatrph S. Rattle, dccM, hereby
notifies all tb"sc having claims ng in t said
r.Mk. .rv W9v!eslate, to present them within the time
i .1 i ...:n I nrpsrnbcd hv law. or this notice w id be
r.eservinc oi naironage. aui scuoui m ; r- - - . . - , ; ...
l l ... r 1 r u:ii:..uA nlead in uaroi t!eir recoverv. Ann inose
va iiiniii mil r m iioa jci in miii ii.iuii. i i
be about four miles east of Hilliardston,
jn a healthy tegion quite retired and re
mote from every thing like disidaiion
and where Board can be had in nspecta,
ble families cheaper than usual.
Terms per session of five months
Latin. Greek, &c. $i
English, 10
Dec. 30, 1817. I Proprietors.
Female School.
rjpHE School at White Oak Grove, the
residence of the Subscriber under
the charge of Miss Eliza Casey, w ho
plead in barot tieir recovery.
indeb'ed to said estate will settle forthwilb
as no indulgence will be aiven.
August 24, 1S47. 35
Male and Fcmiilr Schools.
4: '.
npHE Subscriber begs leave to announce
to his friends and the public generally,
that the exercises of his school will be re
sumed on the second Mond.ty in January
The Male Department will be conduct
ed by himself and the Ft mle by hi-
daughter Rebecca C. Judge, who is well
qualified to impart instruction in the Eng
lish Blanches usually taught in Female
schools, with French. Music on the Piano,
was educated at the female stemmary in j Drawing and Painting
Jroy, IN. Y., will open on tne nnn ol uatcd nearly midway between
January, lor the reception ol I'upils. anj Halifax ,11 miles west of Enfield, in
Jcrmsfor Board, $6 00 per month. I ui- U healthy section of country.
Egl inline is sit-
tion Lower rlasscs $8. higher branches
$50, per Session. Music, with use of
Piano, $15.
This School is located in a situation
selected by ihe Subscriber on account of
its health, being unsurpassed in this re
spect: and is under the care of a lady well
qualified as a Teacher, and highly accom
plished, who was engaged expressly to
educate his'own daughters.
Ransom's Bridge, Dec.18, 147. 1-3
Midway Academy.
fjpHE Spring Session of this Institution
will commence on the 4th day ol Jan
tiary, 134.
The Academy is 7 miles Northeast of
Louisburg, in a healthful, intelligent, and
Jnoral community In addition to the u
sual instruction, Lectures on literary and
moral subjects, will be occasionally deliv
ered, to assist the student both in the rul
ttvation of his mind and the formation of
correct nrincin'es of action. The subscri
ber is well prepared to accommodate boar
derj, at 8 per month. No extra charge.
1 union Latin, Greek and the higher
Lnghsh and Mathematical branch-
e - - IB 1 5 per Session.
Common English branches, 10 do.
& IK JONES, A. B. Principal.
Franklin Co. N. C. Dec. 1817.
Board per session of five months, $35 j
ruinou in the English Branehr-s, 10
" Latin with the Uudiments
of the Greek, 12
Tuition in the Frmale Department, 10
r rench, 5
" Music, 15
Drawing and Paintine, 5
J. J. JUDGE, Principal.
Eglantine. Halifax t o., N. C,
December 7th, 1847.
I have a
For nil these things it is warranted un
equalled, and :ll who do not find it so may
return the buttle gel I heir money back
This medicine is LONG LEY'S
Western Indian Panacea.
We assert there is no family medicine
of h df its viitues, and none that will so de
light the users ol it, and to convince 'til
that these are facts we ofler as above
Try il without price if yon are not charm
pd by its elT cis. Fuller desciiptions and
an Almanac for I81S gratis, with the A
gents for the county. (See below ) .
The Unman llttir
Is admitted by civilized as well as bar
barous nations to he, when full, flawing
and reflect the jircalest ornament, and
when imperlpct or wanting, the greatest
defect and dis-id vantage to the pe rsonal ap
pearance of male or female. Thai it is a
duty to preserve and heautify it. all will
admit. 1 his article has been for more
than 20 years used extensfi'velv It has
the testimony of many of the most respec
table ci izcns in this country who certify
to the fact that the BALM OF -COLUM
First, In all cases stops t!c Hir fall
ing out or ressotes it in most if fallen, and
in all cases if lost by sickness and keeps
off dandruff and scurf on infants and adults
Second, Perfumes the hair and pre
serves it, to old age, from turning grey.
Should always he used at luilelie.
Third, (Jives great vigor and rapid
grouth to the Hair, and causes it to curl
Lastly.. Prevents all filth or its conse
quence, on chi dren's heads and exceeds
ail other articles for ihe hair in quality,
quantity and cheapness.
Many articles have been started on the
reputation of this, and are without merit
though they have oeen, and are sold at dou
b!e the prices of this Balm.
M ATISM, &c. Hays' Liniment is an
article more justly celebrated as a cure for
the above, than any or all others. Theca
ls ol cure are almost innumerable, and it
is only necessary to let those who know
the article and have used it wiih such great
success, know that it is only to he had ttue.
and genuine, (for there are counterfeits,)
of Dr. Lucius Comstock, 21 Cortland! st ,
New York, and so of the rest of the arti
cles here named.
Acoustic Oil will relieve & generally cure
the deal. The evidences are abundant.
Hewes Neive and Bone Liniment is the
most effectual cure for Rheumatism and
contracted cords and muscles.
THE GRAY HAIRED will find the
Indian Hair Dye perfect and effectual.
Corn Fans,
Straw Cutters, itnd Farming
For sale bv
Matlhewson 4 Norjleet.
Tarhoro', June 1. 23
children. Inquire of the EDITOR.
March 2.5, 1847.
Louisburg Academies.
1 Principals.
Miss E. W. CURTIS, Music Instruct
Miss M. C.
Drawing, &c.
Thomas L. Liddon,
INFORMS ihe Public that he is now
fl fully prepared to execute all jobs in his
line of business, that may be entrusted to
him. He has competent workmen in his
imploy, and can give satisfactory assuranc
es, thai all work entrusted to him will be
ecuted expeditiously and in a workman
ike manner. References.
IV m. Norjleet, Tarboro,'
Raker Staton, EdgecombeCo.,
Goo Id Hoyt, Greenville.
Tarhoro'. Oct. 12., 1847., 42
Hp HE Subscriber informs the Public,
that he still continues to make and
Carriages, Buggies, Harness,
510rk, instructress :n SADDLES, &c, in Greenville, Pitt Co.,
land that he will occasionally visit the ad-
rip HE Spring Session of 1848 wiU com- joining counties, at public time. Those
mrnce on ihe 3d of January. Tuition wishinr to nurchase. or have such articles
wishing to purchase, or have such articles
manner, and at short
inuary ,
in ihchcmaje Department, SB 50, $10, or rep.ireil, can rely upon their being done
Mo, according to the rupii sati vancemetu. ,n a workmanlike man
French and La in, e;ch 7 50. Drawing notice.
and Painting, with ue of patterns, $1 50. A rst rale R0ckaway and harness ndw
Music on the Piano, $17 50, with 3 lor jn Tarboro', for sale, apply to Geo. How-
use of Instrument. ard. JAMES NELSON.
Tuition in the Male Department. September 14.
Fcr Fngi-h Studies, 80, ,t. ... '
a small additional charge for contingencies,: THE SOU I II.
when necessary. Board with the Princi ! The following extract of a letteris from a
pal, 40 per .'ession. In good families in velT respectable mercantile house, dated
the Village and vicinity, S7 per month. A j Washington, Rappahannock Co., Va
! part of the Tius'ee are invited to attend' May 26,1846.
an examination ol the Pupils very quarter i Llr. D. Jayne, -JJear Sir, Our Mr.
during the Session; anil a certificateof each Jones has been in a very low state of health
Student's deportment and scholarship is for more than a year; he has had the hen-
sent to Parents and Guardians at the close efil of the best medical advice our country
ol the Term.
L'juibtng. 4th Dec. 1847.
51 3
TRACT OF L,.ijn,
If YING in Nash ( ounty N. C, two
miles above the Wilmington Rail
Road, on the North side of Swift Creek,
Containing 1475 Acres.
The Land has a comfortable dwelling
house, a new gin house, and all necessary
out-houses, good orchards, still, apple
mill, Sit. Seven or eight hundred A
cres of said land is uncleared, dogwood and
hickory growth, and well pined for tur
pentine, some new boxes cut on it.
The subscriber will sell all of it at a
low price, or split it to suit the purchaser.
It is as healthy a settlement as can be
found in this county.
Nash count jr Oct. 22, 1817.
Printing neatly executed,
affords, and also visited your city during
last summer, but found no relief. On the
15th of April last, we purchased a half do
jzen bottles of your Tonic Vermifuge,
ann a nan dozen boxes ot sanitive rills
Through carelessness in packing the artic
les in a dry goods box, one half the Vermi
fuge was broken. Mr. Jones commenced
with the Pills, and after taking a few doe
ses, felt a decided improvement. Tha
three bottles of Vermifuge, which cam
safe to hand, brought from him, he thinks,
not less than ONE THOUSAND
W ORMS, and perhaps many more. He
s now in better health than he has been in
for years, and we hope a few more bottles
of your Vermifuge and Pills will effect a
permanent cure. Ail our physicians have
entirely mistaken his case; Prof. Samuel
Jackson, of your city at the head. Mrt
Jones is most anxious to get more of vour
Pills and Vermifuge, as soon as possible.
Respectfully, J. B. JONES & CO.
For coughing denotes irritation in tho
throat or lung, which is the immediate
Doors opened at 7 o'clock A. M. and clo
sed at 6 P. M. Admission Free.
At the well known Furniture Ware
Room, may be seen the finest assortment of
Cabinet Furniture
FOR WORMS. Kolmstock's Vermi- Consisting of marble and mahogany topj precursor of Inflamation, Absces, Bron-fuge-no
Fahnestock's will eradicate Side boards, ladies' plain and fine marble Lhitis. Consumniion nnd death. Now.
and cure all children and adults who have and mahogany top Uressing ifureaus, there is. no need of coughing at all,
w n I t v i mr- . . . . - 1
worms. Uaution. neware of all unless ward Kones i;nina rresses, secretaries
the name is spelled Kolmstock's, the old and Book-cases, Candle and W'ash-stands,
Dutch name of the inventor. Sofas, rocking Chairs, breakfast and di-
FOR COUHS and Lung complaints ning Tables, French & curtain Bed-steads,
use Dr. Bartholomew's Pink Expectorant Windsor Rush and Cane bottom Chairs,
Syrup. &c. &c. &c
SICK HEAD ACHE, though constitti- Havine just RETURNED FROM
tional or incidental, is cured by Dr. THE NOR I H, with a splendid assort
Spohn s Headache Remedy. Iment ol materials and the tips ol hash ion,
LIN'S BALM Ur UHIINA, lor the with my workmen, 1 leel prepared to lur-
cure of all diseases of man or beast that re- Inish my patrons as fine articles of Furni-
quire external application. tore and as cheap, as they can be bought at
Sold wholesale by Comstock & Co. 21 any ol the Northern cities. Call and ex.
Cortlandt st. New York by Geo How- amine for yourselves, r. D liUIVJJ,
ard. Tarboro' M. Wesson, Gaston F. Proprietor &. Manager,
S. Marshall, Halifax Bennett & Hyman, Nxl oor to Dr. Thomas Drugstore
Hamilton K. VV. Moore. Wil lamstnn
' I . n i -a
and by one person in every village in U. LOUW iiianiCS jor ale,
States and Canada. Nov. 9, 1847. I at this ofjticb.
mediately relieve the congh, subdue the
inflamation, cleanse the lungs and throat
from all irritating or obstructing matter,
and effect a speedy cure
Prepared only by Dr D. Jayne, Phila
delphia, and sold on agency by
Tarboro', Nov. 9.
HORSES that have ring-bone, Spavin
wind-galls, &c. ar cured by Roofs Spe
cific and foundered horses entirely cu
red by Roofs Founder Ointment.
CORNS the French plaster is a cer
tain cure.
For sale by GEO. HOJVARIK
Jan. 13, 1847

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