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Tarboro' press. [volume] (Tarborough, (Edgecombe Co., N.C.)) 1835-1851, January 08, 1848, Image 4

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ForpUbihfihi tklte toW'i 'hJx lVashingx
tan, iV. G ' .weeelnewsp tj)er,
ftcxv assd BcatiUfftl
V W inter
MIL LltiYJEH&.'&c. r
TTTf , just) received f her! "WO supply
R of Goods, which as uual comprises
a general assortment of ihe most neat,' us6
ful and ornamental article,, in I he...
Millinery Jitic. 1 ,
All of which will be sold on her usual
liberal and accommodating terms.
Tarhoro Qcl 2 I. 1847.
Dr. Cliampiorfs
2 o j ii a. a ?
i SslFK and CMirJWy r UIUC far
In all its complicated forms. Also, an ef
fectual remedy for , .
Ft vers of ere vij description
This Medicine lias been before the pub
y it- -
lie for a number of vearf,vandjhel)Mneficj
al effect so fully develop dtlnl the ce-
mand for the Pills has increased .jo a. yery -
great extent. For although the Proprie 1
to has n-mulacturcd near IP LFM I L-!
LION Hoxes during tli past year, he has
not b' en able to supply mn parts of the
country. This Medicine may be1 relied nn
in all ca-ics to cure the Chills' and Fever
the first il.ry.
HilintH Fevrr, Typhus 'Fever, 'Winter
Fever and Scarlet Fevers, all yield to the
use nf this .Meriirino. ..ml arc cured by! WjL) CHERRY AND SARSAPARILIA,
Urn sys ,.m of ...acuce. .n sl.orler l.mo, " Ol ,,,,., ,, ,... !,
and with much more certainty than by anv 1 , . . . . .
fl t . tl , l7 jc.il efiectf the othi -he hit tuer stre.ntitJi.
other system th.t his been recommended . , , , 44.- h. ...... .i. ...
Ka.-h box cniitatn" t-wentv 1'our
:ii i
Ol I I j
r,,.i, . c, i . J j
ras - of CbilN and Fca er, A Pamplet ac-
- i . c n i-
companies e ch box grvieg fu'I f'jree lops
i . .. - r n- r
and numi tous rertdicat' s ol the eP.i a v of
llinj n:!!,, n i U o i "
these rilis. Price reduced to M pt r IJox
twoive nf vvnir-h ivi onto, anv orrhnarv
dnli- l)ypept;L i'm ifyiui;,
and a thrn tic
properties or the cure nj dseoes ear. -foliy
a itd correct ty vtnnh ned. one- article
to ussist the 'feet ot a i,u' her. for the
benefit tf the health o mankind
the Prf.pi ii toi as-e!s. and without fear
of co: traduction, the demand ft? Ihe.s- piiis
is not equalled by' any: MediVme in theJJ.
niteil .le. He has in his p s-t 3siV;n
gnat numbers offer ilicates f 1 mo.ias
tonishm-i' c'np s that ha e b;en effected b
the use of 1 1 ee jiilU.
I h" a e r commHnded to die attention
of iho-e alHirted with Lier Complaint
I)efi-ia. Hiilious hiddN, os ivenes-,
Ch'iera Mnrhu.,! Rheom;itim, erofda.
Foul stomach, !) -praved pnetiie,
W urm. .laundii , fleathicne and Sick S o
maeh, Palpoation of he Ue u ', Dbirr oe-i.
Nervous aflVctions, obsiructed Mt ristura
tion, "Dv senterv or Flux, Heart burn
White-Spelling, a- d ;dl those diseases ari
sing fiom impure blood.
Price iwei.u'.five cents per box. A pam
phbt accompanies arh'lmx vyith full ilirec
1iimsarid.an.pl? testimonibls of the good
effects of these pills.
This is to certify that we have upd Dr
Clnn.pion'.s Vegetable Atue 'medicine',
ami also, his Vege-able nti-Hilious. Anti
l)ysp ptic. Puiilying ami C Hhartic pills,
in our lami J es' for a number f year s. .-md
nave a'so, leanud much .f iheir celebrity
from great numb- r ol persons wh,. have
used them in their families! V e do think
theui vrrv i 01 ip tit ami valuabh; medicines
for the cjire ot diseases for which the are
recommended : , . '.A. .
Moj. .JapieH Pear-on, Twigg county, Ga.
lr Dur fee., M. ,D. lo ; ? do ; do
J. VI itieck, jtir bant, l.llakeley,. ; do .
Co!. .1 ho Dill, Fort Caines, clo
V. 1 1 R twson, iTerchant;Lumpkin, do
.Robert Ware, M D Columbus, do
W . S. Al idd'ebrooks Planter. Jones, rlo
Alex Lowrey. Al,; D lefT, rsn, do
A (.; H(pbrr, I P. D revlle, , Missip.;
Jl j. .1. M lioffee. ( 'a uga, lo
J. L LfU's, AuHrem, A A - A doA
ol W F.,DiIlon.vaakly, - lo
S . iinn.oi.s Plarner, Roselaune,; do I
C. Si.vnrit. mereh mi. Cariollon; do
Judge Carbr, C ffeeville, , . ilo'
V ;rn!,,,,; lla,,H'.-raball; doA
J. l Met k, meri-hai.t Louisville, f doo
.Jao, Lowry, merehau., Ra,igh, do"
D. F. N is l ler, p. M. Monticrilo, dor
Samuel J ,yiV , P. M Drooknaven do
(i. H , edMn, rnermaiit..-(;astrw ai..
W .AI. (;il,nc, Pl.nter,; Pickens co'.cl 6
R . Long. P". titer. , 1o ,,h. , .i,.
- For sale h 7
Dr. W in. A Sh.iw aiui
Win-: n r, .1
ti' 1 . ...
vviMii.ijriiin.ij iKeman & NeholIp!
mouth. Allien 11 llise. (iieen- ill' F
VV. Moo,,, AUijolVilliainston; aki M!
Vestnri, Roeky ivlount. .VI
J'lrj- 18, 1S7.
rVf MR startling lr iwhacU on nearly al
- medical aipntS'has;eyer beprt that it
thfir pro'cess ol purgation and pudficatio
hev have also dkrilIT ATED the system
Hene- purgativ e MTieicines havey al vy;v -lipiTPirar
leds af best but a'ifrces.i-rn
evil, -paneo presorting to them for 'he i.
lief of tine "disease ai the expense ol anoth
Bn.-r-rTo obviate thi Physicians havt Ion
nought lor'an ieot'hatwould at the samf
hut their efforts were "nearly fruitless, am
tney had almost despaired of sore ss vvhe
the labors of, science- and research 'wetf
rewarded 'hy a disdovery iwbich fully re s
ized the fond ti-U' deiures. bf 'the Medicaf
Factdlwand wJiich t , justly- regarded a-
neofthe mos imnoitant triumph! t1,
pharmacy U 'ever arh'teved. ' inl)(,)V
ta n I d esi d e ra t n m i s o hti e d .i
Which pit' .'be filoa l. d, t ernove al'
corrupt, am vthtltd humnrs. and
healthy accum uutions l'i onv he bud i
a manm-r1- never -.before rivalled add Wjri-lv
yC produce no iceaknc or lasMtutlc
whatever, bul bil ihe conMary tone the
stomach, and , ..invigorate .tin; constiiuiivii
(hiring t lie' 'pnpgry
ss ot then- op-taMonsi
Dr. L- Uov's Piil,' in fact unite ihos-
ht retot'orc irreconcilatjlo, but most df sn ;
ble qualities, enncthition and inviorati'in
lor they, are ;.t the same t ime u iri Nt'f ii-
rc. Tic tw principal ingredient- in Di
Le Roy's PN are
hmiu, , . . . -. v T -
. I i f I J in.ifnllihlllj ' ! O , I I -
il l-fcr.' fhrnncti its ll!i! li
a es. and punti-vs; tiius tli-v su p rifiem e
.,' . , r , ,
no torpidity or la.vMtud? o! the thgest'vt:
. ,, . .
Unction, ami hence th'-ir operaticns ar
, , , ,
teode. bv no react ion, . oi sut)se(iuenl C. s
, - ' . . . 1 1
.. . . . ..
Dr Le Roy's Pills are the most activ
and s at ching mi dicnie in i x si' tjcer I he
at ooeeatta.'U the very root ol di as s.'.in '
their action is so prompt, that in an hoi r
i or t'-vo .ifter t hc are aUen. the liatietit i
aware ol the. r gnodHfecH. fhe enk J
iip"i;i!eo'. !) biod trf)ut a'so on the chyle
ol vhi -h 0 c ld-od is firmed, and this
f moreov. r th v produce neither nausea.
g tpinn or dehiln v, arid ss a faorjly medi
cine ihev have i o rral
Put up for 'he publie wi'h foil direction
by J. lUlili.tl!D iV CO.,
. trni riean tgen Is. A'. Ynrh.
For sale h Gen. ffuivard. Taiboio';
Hale tS tl'iltord -paria.
v atch 2Sid, 1 " 4 - . '
r ITT v i eehp r. i
m r ior II' i e auo r v i .
in al! it vaiied lorm Also. n txeellent
f'ouic in I)sppsi:, Pdpitation nf tie
Herl -Lns of A pp tite Neuralgia, 'N r-,
voos and other ii-cass. which atis" fiom
a veak and fiebilita't (1 c; iitli?ion of system.
These Pills contain neither nurci.r or
a s nie, or an y tiong lh;l can injuie the
V-tem hut on the contrary .in as he t k
en wi.ere a mvu.eine oi itn: Kimt is n. en -
ed, not only with pet lect safev, hut with
tin- most decifled nlvantage.
For sale by; GEO lOlVjUD
, TP0 ,llP curP of Headache, tiiddiness.
-in lei'uiii, nurumiiiiMii, I lies',
near iburnA VV prms- Dyspepsia,; Cholera
."Vtorb'ts, Paips in "tjv" I fur ,,"' Lfmhs anA
Joihts 0 ii ral ..vveakne". Fits, (nisnmp 5
tion. Pa'pitttiorVof t t-e i' f 1 ear I , Li ver Com
plainf, Ri-iog in the Throat; F.r vqitda
)e,fnf . Dropsy , sbma',' I t'ehiogs of i h
Skin. Fevers; of all kitids, . Cthjs,iOour.
(Jravt l,.F rnale Complaints. Nervous .Com
plaints,., .and. all o'her Diseai s ft am imp it -?v7.9.
of ,'he blond and tnorbid secrefons
of the liver aliid stomach. , A'
Kvcryd is, ase to which, the human, frano
is suhjyc.t, originates from rnpurittes oi
t h e , I o o d o r , d era n ge u'i e n 1 o f t h e' tl i ges 1 1 v
u - ' t; ' ' : -- - . '
WK ' fa rted - k : ;, Kh.n
; lir. Gordon's Famihi Fills. .
Rein'g componnded exclusjveJ v:of 'dc
iiigrediehts as NafVe intended sfvoufd oj r
er;rte on ( he li in pii 1 i t ie of t he H u m a n S 1
ienf;; ;;? a( :; ;;;; , r
lThi meijicine never ! fails 1 to cure tl
ofd ease's. ,0 Piles' 'in' o; e xtreeM'"L '
y Fivr a more "detailed ' desenptwrn of t!
lec'jcirteVthe .m'sintier ' f.itV bderatioh, t'H1
ompfaints it tis aVfated td and the cures
s per formed we refer1 ihe reader "To" "o-
ge n fsT who will "giveTtT7ir "a" Parn nl -T""'
. rat is. tiv-i va; r.v.-vM Viiiy 5,
j For sale by GEOHOlVJiRD.
. . . ii .
6(i hhds P Rico. iN; O., St. Croix. and
'refined v,itiars.i
200 b?is Lauira-Rioand Javatcoffee,;
20 ihhds P ,Kico and ( uoa molasses, IL publication5 of a newspsper i in he
Ipan prime, - ' ; ' ' 1 town' of WashingtonV under the above t
,00 sacks L.' P: and OtA. saltv q rn ? (e with the assistance olv his son ' John
200 ps. cotton batingi part-51jB.r 5ra.'nowarii on 'be 1st day ol January-next
200 coils Hale rope, i ' - q 4
1 0000: 1 h8 Virgifii i'Ctred baeon,v ;
10000': -Western sides and shoulders.
25i) shits -'good" and "damaged" Iojc
I. eafher. -?.;, '.;- ' v (.AcVV
50 doz Russet upppr; do., .
500 lbs. Shoe thread. ,; : i
1 50 his. No. 1 ami 2, N. Cj. herrings,
: 100 hoxes perrn iuid Tallovy candies,
upproved Brands, ,4;
0 hoes & his. Loaf &. Crushed sugar.
, 5 'bis. 'superior Pulverised do.
100 bagv Drop and' H'Jek shot, ' :
'100 Uegs 1). P. powdM',
3olonjivcdesfao'cl jBoglish Iron7 .
5 bind and hooj) . , lo . ,
3 blis'ered. fJ'ermah & Cast stee!,
250 kegs cut a;d b x-nails.
)0 iliZ. Wells & Co. approved axes,4 r
50 caUs London port r q'ts jjts,
10 hhds Bd'.iiiiore uhiUe),
50 !)!s do. do. ;
50 ""superior Northtin A. Drandy,
15 N. II Rum,
10 Sruppernong Wine,
10 nr. casks Tenet iff and S M. do.
! 1 p' c supet ier old Madeira,
5 or ca-Us Poitvine, , , , .
5 half pte superior Connac'S: Chaki-
pargn brai.dy, warranted genuine
30 bis old Monongahela whiskey,. '
2 puncheons hel J .tunica Rum,
3 pipe 1 1. ( 1 in,
100 m.ts Iron and Vood bound iu!)S,
2) hag pepper, sp ce and g nger,
h.Sf diest superior (i. P. , IrnVjcrial
and V 11. I e 1,
i-1 doz lied conU le$( leinp,
le.o Cotton Lines.
100 reams rapping paper,
50 Wrtng & LMter do.
20 boKes Whittimor.-'s genuine Cotton
and U oid cards.
100 ld nrv City gnuim!, family flour,
I 00
S. F
lilto 'iitto & "oouti v ,
4 supei ior Ct-ler Vinegar,
t(JO bus he'" h' si Ciovei se d selected,
i - . i . . . i . . i ii
If-cr wiih, ojher aiiiclcs uva!y
I kept in the (iroevry line; a!i of which we
i( i for al. upttn s;i h .terms as. we think
a Ian evimiua'ion cunoi l.iil to . approve
W e are .ij;ent toi the sale ol I ;bt P .rki.
Ti h rc'i h in t 77.vrj ft?" .v,
oni St)5tUtr-i; .
lii h are'sotd at the san.e putO' as b
the x ap.iilaeiurer.
U e aio solicit a continuance of the very
libt r d patronage 'hrr tolore received ir.
ip.e a of Consignments ol PuhIucc: si
(ttoi, Tub icro. Wheal, llacon, &r ; and
pledge ourselves to he unwavering in our
lei m cd" Commissions, as wo pi; ce nil on
an equal looting. ay Jijty cents peri
If.. I.. !... f,. !,.. ..II ...i . .. i I ..i
Pr-.duie jA per cent. Also, the receiving
ami forwarding of .l r cln.ndise
" "
I? a4 - ' i 'f lih SJ Xj 'v:
J i tier t if 'liitttn
'Ibis . re par a ion i- a retain setldi'C
allaing ah nervou- c xcitaliititv M;d r aim
ing nervous il ri'ation paioitalie.n ol tile
! i,,,.. . t
aiul die,M s arising from a sv mi alln-ii,
dizmess o the head 'ain'tp.
1 ;,n:,plilM1 u,. ,,u. s,om lH .,Ve er.t.reh rehc
veil by a few do-e of t hee bitters.
Circdtsi'ii lidlm.
For I 1 1 e cure of all dis mi s of I lie skin,
burns and scalds, canker of the mouih.
cleansing the icelh. cuts, hruis-s &.sprain;
also an excedent ar iirle fur shav m.
J'egf to I'fe 1 1 7?i7? I'Ws
These pi'ls have I ci i) long know n to the
pro p r i i-t o 1 s . a hi I "a h t x pe ri e n ce ot w ore.
ban twenty years enalhs them to --peak
wi'h 'he utmost assurarvce of their meuica:
virtues. ' " - r " ' ;
Carminative Salve.
Originally pr eprc d py he Rev P. Flib
o rl fhis salve is one ot the mot vain"
ble remedies known for. felons, ; biks.
painful oicf rs, &cA j '. - . -t, ; j
. For sale irvTaVboro' by .
i ;?; jikoXtipiysixD.
v September 7, 1M7. " -" .',
SHE SubscntJer has yh VVc "pi ved h
'mtl j,esh siifmly 4hTlN 'W AREnaUm
Allured at V'ahiitgton, in ihis taie, con
istlng'ot -.-" -e-w- .yili. v. ; !t
' - Lard stands of various size?, " ;
t? t Hucket.s of 'H '".' ;db. 'dot' A --'H.-
'' iA'dCntfe PoN of do ' do -AiJ
; rL'anVerns, wash basins: culender,; ''
?j Milk strainers. sctM'ps,; measures, '
I ' -Pepper boxes,- oil cansV" : - f
' 'Cupsdish pans, &c, 8zc s m
;b i c h w 1 1 1 ne so l d b rireaso n a ble ah d a
nntorla'injnr terms; A :
rTOrilersor giii ter, etfndiict6i'4
ware "61 -every deseripti'dn;K will b - "
fuded lb forthwith. - 1 r.z u
v. '
' 1 .
U TWO IhVrNV WvlliUh
Uwp4 subscnher cwill cdmnlence' th
Havim'" nuMished n a-; Democratic -paper
avitig' pu Mi she'd n a-; Demociatic -ppe
me twenly ' vesr -ia Tarborb'; in th
"-'Borne twenty year 5 in Tarborb'; in the
:vne otigresslohal district with Washing
011, vv1 presiime it is unnecessary now to
define our position. " Sufiice it 'for the
)iesent tof'sav, ? that Ihe
Oqmocrat0 will he thoroughly D-nt'ocra
ic. and etftrtrfvllLbe made to reAicfcrUt at
cceplable and usetul newspaperj
The Washington ijemocrat" will be
printed' on good paper, principally with
'iew type, and furnished to subscri ers a'
two dot tars per year in'advance, or 50
if not paid nn.nl the expiration ot the year
Vdvnisements in-erted at the usual rates.
E iiiots in this State vill confer a tavor
iiy "giving thi ahove a few insertions. which
".1 V ' f 1 'i' ..n .j :..
win oe recipi ocaei mvui i ii)iMniiuitv
offer. . GEO. IIOJV, It I)
Vertical water Wheels
FOR S A LE by D. McNeill & Co. Fay
ct cviOe, and . . ; :
' June 1.18:7 o2
ANi il l Aiii. i A i iii.S oik A i J VE
EiriElSS. .
For the cure of t '-yspepsia and Liver
Corn i)i a i it I .
'pMIE many who have been cm ed of
' thce I-nger lag diseases bv thes
I medicines, hho;id.i-(luce o'he'is' imilarlv
ahlieied tf) avail t liepi.e! ves .of the same
easy' and effectual reme)ty also, hilk-us
fn.MPUiXTS of every" kind HaCitual
Cos! i venom, and all irregit 'ari.'les of tin
digest ire organs, soon iehl to tl e n.il
! . ... - .....:. r t -
yet prompt action ol these medicines
That distr ssing complaint,- the riLi:s. is
soon relieved and. cveutuOHy cured bv
persevering in the use of thee Pills "and
.ii ter-i. As warm "?weaii cr approTches,
I' L. t L VS wdl n Quire Jrequent and if
ii'"-gf ett d, severe ar;d da iigeeoi$ these
im ili.'ints ar c a cer tain remedy and ifta
jen oci .j-iot.ally throunh tlie worm season,
r can i fie t u.t I preventive against any at
tael; ; t!.ee c mpltiint s. sno reader, rc-.'.ueud-er
that "an ounce of preventive, is
wort !ita -put i ml of cure, Price 5 ct nts
' t-i i i'j . e i t.se.x.- pi i or..g jn
' t few hours, v here all other remedios
; h ie" tailed, and liiat, too, m cse oi twelve
iHi.i eighteen nton'hH s'tandiui". 'warrants
I he is-ei t ion that, if taken according to the
directions, tlsey avea certain,. cure.. T'r
tlie and be convinced that t- ev are the
most certain and The very boC remedy
ever off rc I lo the public to insure a per
m ruen1 and lasting cure. Price 75 cent.-f
per box . ;
Ahe following. rertifieaip js from the Rev
E. L Fr z r, of Kerstiiw Di-trict, SAC. .
A have u-eil in my family , Dr. Hull's
I4 over ano A gue l'iiis,.ami alo IJh-. Spen
ccr y geta'.)! Pills, for the last two ears.
and h uv noheiaTion in pronouncing thenv
lo be 'he must excellent family medicines;
and as an act of justice to ih vvorthy1 tiro
prietors of those in vf.dtiable'' pills', vl will
t?'c for the mformatie.n ami salii-faction of
all concerned, that my whe. prior to our
marriage, had been more or less the subject
f chills and fever, for ahoiit eighteen
u'"ntlif liaring tried various" remedies
without socces", and wa ver y: much redo
ed in fleh. A few days after mil nlar
riageAhe commenred wi'h Spercer's Pills,
aVd in a day ..or fvio aftrrwardyyith 1 1 1 1 1
Pills; she -usel , about half a box of eat h;
he result was a radical cure; sbe regained
he.' he d h ho s'rength verv rapulVy, and
has had Ho return of chilfsl a nd fever
pe- ' ox
jinee. I believe these medicines tq"v be
Mm mlesa ahd sfe? arnf when ir'stPa1 spe
ficallt directedaie attended with sal
5; factory resit Its E L. FRAZBR. '
. Farniington. Kershaw Drst., -J
May 20. Ih46: ' V
cor sale bv Geoy Howard, Tarborb, !
Hale WWard: SM; - 'i r
, Jos L Co6b: F 'alfclarid, '
i- 'Thompson fy'Dnhiel, Stantonsburg.J
. -March AS, 11 847- Aa . -
j Dr. Thomson's celebrated Eye fVa er
lviTr fa1Juigveme.dyAf taken according
j Sections vyhlcl) acpfimpanihem. ' A
j ' VormclVs superior Russian Cement
mending1 glass, chtna, or crocery ware,
e i most useful "article. Y "4 K
Fjrsal by GEO. HOWARD,
or ihr rehei of coiijihs-
lion, at Hmai whooping cou2h -i,rrP-tightness
ofthejungor chest L Cat?r,
and all putmqnary aff Ttion 'tlV
vorld slulcj ;JkpuwvvthafDV.;HalI
Ldzenges are a certain cum fn- .n'.S
teading to consumption l,ice 0.'Sf:,
per box,with full diiection. CCtils
C Ihese.l.ozenges are brerW,i '
ot jNervous or s:- -
ache'; Diarrlipo'iDyentery, C ho' r
rafjlV8' SS "Cramps otu
ach or bowels, Heartburn Pin-.
riess ot Snirns. I)psnrn,ir ov-.
Debility, either from nrevin0 ,1
a,'R1r and
Ihn frpe livinorr Hi slPrin .I n . ' ,)JC or
all Nervous diseases " ' - ailJ
,. v ; u "T. J - sections.
H Price 37 h cents per; box.
Are the greatest dicoverv
C I ! . . I I .1 . - - -
ior oispejn.ng.ine various kinds of lvor
that ro frequently and clistressinElv inn
both children and adults. & 0y
PrCe 25(v nts per box.
ii lias um., uuu om sua cihsiiiiT that
tiie tooth ache cannot be cure-l witi out ev
traction.' ih;s however is an OP.
. - . , r i ' ' u"c(MIS
sentiment. Dr. Laconnt s Elixir will if
propr- ly applied, deaden th sensibUity 0f
the inflamed nerve, and effect a speedy
and permanent ctire.
Price 50 cents per vial.
For sale by ,
Geo. foward, Tarbcro',
late VUhml
Jus. L) Co fib Falkland.
Thompsqn Daniel, StantoasVci
farch 3, LJG. ' M
" . ! . . A N D
The bih and envied celebrity which these pre-eininer.t
McdiriiiCi have ucffuirocl fi;r" thir tutdruble eihcacy in alt '
ti.e diicases which tht-j iiviess to cure, h ts reuilereJ tb-;.
usa tl practice o!" j'ulihi not only uai.ecessary, but uuwur
t'.iy of tliem. 'l'li iy are knowil by their fruits ; their 5in.nl
wciks tcsfify fjr liitm, aud they llirive uut by the laiiu tl
the crtilulous.
In tlte Koutli and weit. where tlicse di;;rases prevail, they will
be rlniiid Ii vaUiuhlu. I'lankrs, Caniurs, und u'lici, who tjiir.o
; ue t!i:-s Meili'-nsos, will never afterwards le without th- nt.
CON -UJJPTI JN. Usttl with grrut success in this uucastj.
I? l?3ii '- A No person with this distressing d:3
eas. , sh iuid dcliiy ifit; ti.-sr moJicini b i;iiniei!i'a'e(y.
LUCY, - ..
I'KVSSIS. nnl ACiUTi. For this scourge of thu w.'
tem coil :try thfse m' dicitn's will be fmind a safe, sieeily. anil
cttain remedy. Q;k;r 11 tiicin- s leave the sysUm subject to a
rt tiirn of iJie disease a cure by these me.licities is jtertnaiier.t. -TKV.TUGM.UE
G n 1723 Zl A t DEBILITY,
TITE, .....
M li V K I A L' D 1 S K A S K S .
Nevtr fails to eradicate, entirely all the clR.ctg of Mercury infi-ntU-ly
Soulier tli i;i llie most iKiwertiil preparation of Sursaparii!n.
Many WF.AT8, nervous destlity xzrvuvg
X. Z Xm'.PZ ii Th original crop ietot of these meiiicir.es
was cured of I'iLa of J5 years sUyj.4ius I'yjbu use ol" these Lilis
Metiirhics alono. . k
PA ".V.S in Ihe hea t, i.!c. hack, limbs, 'join's and orpans.
li II K L r .V' T I s I '. Those afflicted wth tu
terril.In disease; -'-il! be mtrejif relief by the Life Medicines.
IiU3!I of KLOOl) olhe IIKAJ), SCUR.VY.
SALTRl!EU!li,StELLIXr,S,.f s ,
t8CKQFULA,.on K IN G ' H 23 Vlli t inia
worst forms, ULCERS, of every description
, W .O 352 of at! kiia, a e fledually cxpeiM hr
these Medicines, l'arents will d( well toadtiinister them wlicii
eer their e is teiice is suppcted. -Relit f w ill be certain
And Ihuis remove dlhdiseas frcii the system.
A single" trial wilfVlace the M F fc P H t S ' nd
P H (E N IX .BITTERS beyond the reach of com- '
tition in the estimation of every patieut.
The genuine of these medicines are-now put up in.wWt .
wrappers rud labels, together u-fth rmmphh t -calied
" Moffat's God Samaritan,'' cbntaiui.-g thie dirt etion. He,
ou whicli is a drawilig bf Broadway froni.WalJ street 10 otir.
Office, by which straagers visitiug the city cau very easirr
find us.r The wrappe and Srimaritsns are pyrghte(V
lhetre those who prucu; Iheiri w iili hite wraj pers ca .
be assur, d that they are geuuine'. OJe careful, and do not
buy those wiib yellow Arrapv-rs.;.but if you do, be satwlie
that they come direct from u. dr dont touch tltera.
'"' A ! 1 fTjT I're'pareJ and sold by
335 Broadway, cor-er of Ai.UiCiiy street, New Yut
For Sa.e by " ., 1
. Geo Howard ;A geit. Tarboro .
; Botanic Medicines
THE subscriber has juit received, di
reel from Ne-w.Vqrk,
j Thomsoninn Itlcdicincs
Lobelia! 'green. and seed, ' ;
ifnJ and Srd'Preprarion of do. -l-rrh
-: I'flvenrie Pepper,.'
Compo.ion.Ha)berry, -barberry,
Spice BiiVr-; Oreen ozier, '
Goldenseal, Ilnicorn root,
Poplar hrk. "W .
Woman' Frierid, Rheumatic tmcjure, ,
Nprre noAvder " Nerve ointment. ,
Cough "powders, (?ough syrup,
Pond lilly- HpmlOPK DarK,
UJfipr ' roo?."VVa'ke robin, V .
Syringes -of variotJS st&isWp''?-,
VVhich he-is'Vna'bled to seU at great ly
educed prices LfKU. wr w
, 1 t
larboro , Sept. 14.
Geo. Howard, TarboroA
Tarboro', June 2.
I ,

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