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OThe Tarboroiigli Press, ..
By George Howard. Jh.
the s.ibgcription year.
Advert semen ts not e;a,"f r .
wi be inserted at One Dollar the fint in
sertion, and 25 cents for every succeed.ng
one. Longer advertisements at that rate
per square Court Orders and Judicial ad
vertiement!25 per cent, higher.
The following s from5 a highly respectable
Dr. Di Javne-Dear Sir-1 .am very
, . .:r, vnn thai: vnur meaicins
are oin,; very fast. Indeed I feci much
encout aged from the good accounU get of
allwnoare using them. The .
TIVE PILLS , are selling beyond any
thing of the kind in the country. . Every
one Seems to praise them as well as the
other medicine.; .
The ALTERATIVE is going very
WH;. Urn nearly out of the TONIC
VERMIFUGE, having only 4 or 5 bot
tie- ie:. The call for ten days past has
co ipW-tely astonished me. The HAIR
TON I u 'is doing wonders here: ra gen
tleman whose head has been bald for i5
or 20 years, has his hair nearly half an
inch long, and ha? only used one bottle
My wife began louse the HAIR TONIC
shortly after I received it, to prevent her
hair from falling off, and only used it
twice a week. It not only stopped her
hair from falling off, hut has produced new
hair three inches long by the use of three
bottles. Every one is pleasod with it that
has used it. ' Yours,
Derby Line, Vt., Jan. ,29, 1546.
is worthy of the" highest commendation;
and his character in this respect is worthy
of imitation by all the members of the craft.
''"The glory of the house of Stephens
was shared by five successive generations,"
first In Paris, and afterwards at Geneva, in
Switzerland. ,
be trod.
The following letter is from a highly
respectable merchant, dated
Lewistown, N Y , Sept, 10, t84 4
Dr D.JAYNE Dear Sir: It is said
by Pnvsicians, and is by the mass of man
kind believed, that Consumption cannot
be cured that when once it becomes seat
ed in the numan sysiem, nu-niun
icate or stay its progress, but that jit will
continue the work of destruction unlil its
victim sinks into the grave.
However true ibis may be in theory, i
am disposed to doubt it in fact; indeed, my
own experience, and a desire to benefit
others, compels me to pronounce the as
sert;on u"true. You will probably recol
lect, sir, that in the beginning of lb40 1
wrote to you, stating that I had the Con,
sumption, and that it.was fast hurrying me
to the grave. I did not then, nor f do I
now doubt, every symptom was too pain
fully visible My Physicians considered
me incurable, but the advice which i an:
ed of you was given, and I am happy to
say that by using a few
comparable medicine-the EXPEC IOK
AN T, I was restored, and never in my
ed better or more unin
terrunted health than since that time. If remembered, were
... nnl 11 A
There's not a spot on ? this wide peopled
So dear to the heart as the land otf our
. .. birth; nr.j
'Tis the home of our childhoodl the bqau-
tifiil spot,. : v , r? ; n
Which memory retains when all else is
- forgot-' . '
May the blessing of God,
Ever hallow the sod,
And its valleys and hills by our children
be trod.
Can the language of strangers in accent
Send a thrill to our bosoms like that of our
TKo fo mov ho f:iir nnd smiles may DC
& 1IU A (4 V - t 9 KM J WW m j
But 'it breathes not the tone of our dear
native land. f
There's no spot on earth,
Like the land of our Birth,
Where heroes keep guard o'er the alter
and hearth!
How Sweet is the language that taught us
to blend.
The dear names of parents, of husbands,
and friend!
Which taught us to lisp on our mother's
soft breast, : '. !
The ballads she sung when she rocked us
Tto rest!
May the blessing of God
Ever hallow the sod,
City of Mexico. Dec. 27, 1S47.
Edd. Delta Yesterday morning a de
tachment, : under "the command of ol.
Withers, consisting of the 9lh Infantry, a
section of Artillery under, Lieut. , and
a.;coppany of Dragoofrs under Capt Gai
tber, started for Pachuca, a town situated
near the mines of Heal del Monte. The
object of the, expedition. I understand to be
to protect the proprietors in working the
mines, and at the same time to collect the
revenues arising therefrom.
The prospects for negotiating a peace
immediately increase daily, and in fact we
have every reason to believe the Mexicans
will conclude it during the next month, if
our Government will accede to the terms
they offered during the armisiice. An en
tirely different opinion exists in the coun
cils of Mexican Government, and with a
large majority of the people. My corre
spondent at Queretaro! writes me, under
date of the 20th inst , that about thirty nf
the new deputies had already arrived, and
that by the 5lh or 10th of January, there
would not only be a quorum, but nearly,
the'hacienda, arid one fellow as he-limped
off on his wounded leg, declared it was the
best thi rig he had "seed did" 1 during the
whole campaign. ; 4 -
From the Petersburg Republican.
The Petersburg Railroad The man
ner in which the affairs of this Road are
conducted, and its consequent prosperity,
have attracted the compliraentaryjiotice of
the Philadelphia N orth American. We
publish the American's short article be
cause we believe its compliment is nothing
more than the truth spoken in behalf of a
company that has been admirably manag
ed, and that attends to Its owii business.
Petersburg Railroad , Company.
The stockholders of. .this Company resid
ing in Philadelphia, . will perceive, from
our advertising columns that the Directors
have declared a dividend for the last six
months of three and a half per cent., paya
ble at the Pennsylvania Bank. The Pe
tersburg Railroad appears to be one of the
ful extent among the children ofZacatecasr
and Durango." A singular .peculiarity, of
thejdisealel is? that ittis-acornpanied-witfco.
severe vomitine andthe bloody flux. - A?
bout jour thousand children are suppos
ed to have! died iof the city oCZaeatecas-
and about the eame number at Durango. i
f T i
- f
Casualty. A youthJamesTysorsonv1
of Mr. Jordan Tysor of Chatham Pounty
was Jnstantl killed on the 25th ult. by
the laccidentaldiscjnarge bf a gurj.,. Hi T
cousin, who had a gun, Was walking be-J
hind him, and whilettesiptingv'to;-vplatEo
the Ipckund. Jiis coatpppotctft'iiront.
the rain, it was discharged, the bullet en
ten ng the back of the unfortunate y60th
' ....
and passing through his heart. .
Mills. Rec
.. or going into mourning.
A few weeks since, our friend ClarK
was lying sick Vith bilious; fever. The
attack was severe, and he believed death
r .i o.i ri
mot prosperous oi an me aoumern ran- - nl ' - ; u , r
i I was ripai. - tine ntnrninir Ha aivnirA rmm
C . ..v ,uiii tf.
OI,t- . : 1 ' -11
roads; and is an example of the power
an a!)le direction and skilful officers in
working a company out of debt and diffi
culty, and establishing its business on a
solid and profitable foundation
Beautiful Sen fime?it. At a late meet
ing in Boston, to sustain Mayor Quincy,
Mr. Sumner uttered the following manly
if not the whole of Conirress nre-ent; that
.... - i . ,
there iano opposition to the negotiation of ; and beautiful sentiment:
a peuce, except among the deputies from
the State of San Luis dr Potosi and Jalisco.
4I honor any man anyr where who,
in the oonsflientinns discharge of "what'he
Theneu- President. M. ncra. is k...wn lol )eIievcg (q A (J
1 - t.
be in- favor of immediate negociations
The present Government has succeeded
in .destroying the ojd army, and ' ha or
ganized a ncWoncramposed ot t ht i- , h hearts of friends may grow co'ld;
Uoiku liiiarci. i ins new army win ena-
short sleep, to hear a hurried and smother
ed conversation in the adjoining room, iri.
which his wife took part. The firit words
that Clark caught were uttered by his bet
ter half: 1 '
'On that ground, said she, 'I object to
mournipgl' 'Yes,' replied another, 'but
the world looks for it- it is fashionable,
and one might as well be out of the world
as to be out of the fashion.'
'Very true.'
'Here,' thought Clark, 'is a nice wife.,
She thinks I am about to die to be plant-
alone. The world, with ignorant and in-; ed, if 1 may use the expression, in the cold
tolerant judgment, may condemn; the earth, and yet" she refuses to go into
I countenances of companions may be avert-1 mourning for me. ' Ah me!' .
'Now that I am here, perhaps I had bet
iter take your measure.' ' " "
but thef rnnseionsnoss of the dutv done
. . 1 I - .1 1 .1
Die tne Government to xeep oown me oki , . 9XvtUtr lhnn ,uA nnnlanfiP nf th 'The hnfeelino- wrnf oKf'nVnldlmnd rint-V
1 11 1 I 1 1 1 '1,1 . 1 1 f 1 a ! . . , .
And its valleys ana mus uy uur cmu.cr one, ami aiso win do-iin Mippou ,u any u orl(r than lhe countenance of a compan- 'to think of sending for address' maker be
measure u i.eiermim- upwn. jQn Qr th h , fa f, icnd."
1 intorniCd you in a iormer letter, mat
fore I am dead! I'll live for spite!' " '
'Well, mused the wife,' I believe yoq
i ,n Xh,tm 7?n, Tvv nt.vriin of -may measure me. 1 will let your buy the
town-m 1 1 ,,11,,,,,Mj, ici 11 uc no jjussiuic. .,
From the Union.
there would be no movement from this
nlnce'iiDon San ' Lu island Zecatecas
Quorctaro before the middle of January,
rrwl T tfr rnnnil 1 -.4 ! 1 ll Oil ll 1 1 lh f I I V IS
r r ' . ' tu . i iqnor the other drank lreeiy: wniie one
full of rumors every day about the march t .
r . . " i had acquired considerable property, the
of large column upon those places. 1 . . . ! , .
, rl. other remained poor. Meetingeach other
The Puros or democratic party of this . , p ; . . - '
. ., one day, as the former was returning from
country are at present completly powrer- - . ....
less: ihey have been defeated in their op-; , F it , . j'
I . . , , 'well made carnager the latter accosted
position to the present government under .. . , , 1 Is !-j
... , , , r . him, 'Doctor, how do you manage to ride
i their former colors, and thev are now at-1 . . ,. ' ,
f nn sulprnhln r 111 i nrnre lived in a
America, one of them used no spirituous1 bat; heartlessness!" grdaned Clark.
. . . . . i , iWrtnviinl! Iro ' 4Virtnnrl-i rnt lin.Kn 1
sooner dead than ihey set about entrapping
another. "" I can scarcely credit it.
- -
'Of course you will have aflouncer 1
'Two of them, as the body is to be plain,
I wish you to get the wide gimp to trim it.
'How will you have the sieves trimmed?
ina carriage painted in so costly a manner? vvun outtons and tringe ,
ice as long and as ex-1 wen wen mis ueats all sighed poo
charge as much; but ! IarK
au. ori 4t im vy nen ao you want tnearessr' enauirea
... , . . 1 lull IliHttiy itv utiu uiitu UAV uiu viivi ' i .
In the first days of Pve.u y vB The Daint G!1 mv carriaee,' he replied 'did the mantua-maker. ,
e to recover : - - q must have it in three My hug.
rerthrowtne, i
r4, i r teniDting to rally under the tlag ot annex-- , , , n .r
of the early printers were men of l H" . . i i n I have been in practu
, .... i .i tr ation, hoping hy these tactics to tickle the . , 1 ,
1 erudition; and the printing othce dl 1 , , A i .i t tensively as you, and
ii r.i i ambition of' the Americans, and-thereby , ,,
iin the old sense of the word, a , - " I can hardly live anc
(OomJa nf lnrnincT.
Lv. in uiv -w . " . r , , . ,
r r r to, until they can have ime to recover
the art of nnntinir. its professors very of- u"14 " ) ...
you should see me now, you would not Slanguages. Among the most celebrat-
ien wroie ur UUliuu uic uiha which im-y
, - J A. .1 !. I .
lH,MntW world and these.it will be Kvernmeiu, aim men uu,kC
...w , . .1 1 .1
rnmnosed n tho Inarn- !l,lcmK 1 vca ," - -
.. . ir..i i i . ! i .
nies are a nine 100 snrewu iu hmcn u;
i your face.
peace with J
Brutal Murder of a Lady.V?e learn
band will then be off my hands, and I shall
be able to go out!' '
'Oh! horrible horrible!' ejaculated the
to J.stento; ""VT vTtt r ' 8ick ma", 'I am-only half dead, hut this
ni disadvan-"; hom the Charleston (Va) Republican that ; hlftw u;,, mo 7 v
you wiouiu sec j v... ...f3...... r - ,L hnmhinrtrmff tn nnr nwn dl id vih ' irom tne inariesion i v ai ixcpuoncaii mai
,maRine by . my appearance that I had ever eJ of these early pril)(ers ., thc fami,y of heir humbugs ,R Mrs. Lawsoll) wWowlof inth'on Lawson
been Sick, much less thi 1 h.H d th. Slephens who, for more than a century, .! th tCt.tt T. ' P... hl.llv murdered t hrea! '
still living, 1
Consumption, but that I am
ascribe wholly
Prepared only by Dr D.. Jayne, Phila
delphia, and sold on agency by
Tarboro IMoy. 9, t47
A7s m a. Print nf. Dr. D.Javne's
Jayne's Expectorant, per bottle, Si 00
nair i onie, - uv
Tonic Vermifuge, 0 25
Carminative BaUam, large, 0 50
small, 0 25
Sanative Pills, per box, 0 25
American Hair Dye, 0 50
Alterative, - 1 00
Arne Pills. - 1 00
For sale in Tarboro by
October . 1R47.
New Arrangement.
blow will kill me.'
His wife heard him speak, and flew
uUMii N If' ' ionishpH the world hv their vast erucli- B,na" l,eul"K' vcl Huuu i.--" 4 . quietly to his bed side.
9d entirely to your LX- I I ,! '.iC8 . politica of the differtrnt dence -t Logan Court House on the n.ght H . ' . ... i
Ul iiic (til uiu icmic tvas ucmcu iu uluiii
inn. a.t wfll as hv their maffnificent sneci
b.v.., " 1 - I, t . I
mens of typography which issued from panics are wen uuu,iatuuu.
their press. The press, says Hallam,
("might be called the central point of illu
mination to all Europe In the year
the voice of an angel.
M USTA NG. I with a poker and pair of tonga The de-, haye heard it all Madlm , r y,
ceased lived by herself, and tvyo negro j
uujB uu..s.6 -..Tj.- M.7U" j . 'All what, my dear?'
resieti as nic inuiucici.. 11 is aaiu iiiau
one of them confessed the deed.
Exchange is no Robbery. Lieut.
1557, Henry Stephens, the star of the Mayne Keid, Commanding, company is.
family, published trior? editions of ancient (the Grenadiers,) of the New York regi-
. . - . . .1 ! . 1
.i it ... .u l k. rtfni. Ma in nis pom nsnv lwo uierinuii
auinors iiiau wuuiu nave uccn piuucicui iu .- r j . j ' t?. : inr
maUe the reputation of another authb," -lne a brave el ow w o oj, ff r ffith f gS
. r . t r i. - : 4 lib a tio-Ar Hnrino- the vvnole oi tne UlOOflV . r .
Porto, Cabello. that a Revo-
taken place in that Republic.
stolen from the ranks on the morning of The legitimate government had been over-j
the 20th, and remained behind to plunder inrown ana ine rresiueni was to ne trieu
a xMexican hacienda. On the morning af- ;.n a. char of trfas0.n; T Srounds of
From Rocky Mount to Washington,
COMMENCED running on the 1st in
tant .mder the new schedule, viz: lea
ving Rocky Mount on Mondays, VVednes-
flvs. ana rnaavs, av uu uuvn,
flrrifcintr at Washineton before 1 1 p clock,
P vi am dav leaving Washington at
i' o'clock. A. M. on Sundays, Tuej-days.
and Vhursdayp, and arriving at Kpcky
Mount before 5 o'cloek, P. M, in time tor
passengers going North to take the Wil
tnington train of cars the same day.
sion, is distinguished for his very beautiful
edition of the Greek Testament, which
forms the basis of the one now. in com
mon use. An idea may be formed of his
extensive erudition, as well as of the learn
ing of the times, from the following account
of his biographers: "He received only
such compositors into his printing office
as were conversant with the Greek and
Latin languages. His workmen, in and
about the office, were obliged to speak Lat
in. His wife and "daughter understood
this language thoroughly, and assisted him
in carrying his directions into, effect; so
that throughout his whole house and pnn
tipg establishment, from the bureau of bu
giness to the kitchen, nothing was heard
but the Latin tongue. He usually employ
ed the proof-readers all from foreign cotin
tries, who spoke the various language
which they corrected... The zeal of thi
early and learned printer for -study, .for
maintaining the honor and dignity of tM
press, and for the public good in general,!
er the battle, as the Lieutenant was visit
ing the quarters of his company, he observ
ed these soldiers in the act of making
heir toilet. The former was vainly en
deavoring Uo guide his feet through the
mazes of a very dilapidated pair of panta
loons that had- been literally shot off his
legs during the action,, while the latter
was very complacently admiring the set
of an elegant pair of blue-cassimere which
he had stolen on the previous night from
some unfortunate Mexican gentleman, and
which fitted him to a.hair. 5 The, Lieuten
ant, acquainted with the previous conduct
of, both , parties, called .them, before: him,
nd ordered a "swop" instanter. ; '
The .process of. '.undi easing, swopping,
and redressing, drew. around the spot a
crowd of? their, comrades; wbo.Were so
nlsased with this instance of summary jus
tice, that a cheer rang around the walls of
the charge, Capt.. G. did not learn.
Late or Early Marriages. The Ma
con Telegraph thinks the long mooted
question of late or early marriages has
been settled by Gen. , Taylor's s toast at
Donaldsonville at least so far as one of
the sexes is concerned. The, toast is in
the following words: , :
"The ladies of Donaldsonville: Unsur-
passed in beauty and gracehealth and
prdsperity for those who( have husbands,
and , early marriage to those who have
nOt." , - . :f ....
The General is sure of the vote of Don
aldsonville. t- 4
Havoc by Measles in Megncq.Tbt
Patterson N. J. Intelligencer mentions.
the authority of a private letter " Trorr
Mexico, that measles are raging to a fright-
'The mourning, gay dressed, fringe,
every thing. "Oh! Maria laria!'
'You rave!' - ? "
'Do you take me for a fool? -'Certainlynot,
my dear. .
;'You expect me to be out of the way in
'Yes, love, the Doctor said you would
be well in that time , , . , . ....
'What means the dress?'
'It is the one you bought for me before
you .were taken sick. u u i ; '
'But you were speaking of mourning?'
' We w"ere talking of Mrs. Taperly.'
'Oh, that is it?' ! ' " ' 4
'Yes, love. V.You know she is poor,and
the family is large, and it mpst incopyeni
ence her very much to go and get moun-
mg for them all. Un this ground alone, I
oppose it. m U i . k
So so; that's it? I thought you were
speakingof nie, and it distressed me. Let
.Y f Br.er'dt f All (a Ka mnw MAnAf..! Vk (hp1.
future i i V
Clark was ouHn three days, and he no?
iaughs at-the matter, which then appwrjd
so horrible. 4
"Mjss Seraphina, do you w!t.prose.Qk
poetry for the Magazmes?' Nary pne
1 writes small hand."
,x i- j
? ;".:
4 f
i ( 4
1 . '
. .5;".)
Y .
: y n
J.t .. ( 5
r ! .
4 .i
t j
' . 4, V - l
' i I i
' i
1 V 2
? .
1 1 L
.5 .4 i
r I
' " i
j t
Ii !

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