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- V-
Iliiolc wVo. 1 144.
Tarborouglu Edgecombe County 9 Saturday, Tlarch i 8, 1 48.
Vols XXIII. JVb. I 9.
tiniiiii III
UIHJJI pill ipil
Ig published weekly at Two Dollars per year
if paid n advance-or, Two Dollars and Fiftf
Cents at the expiration of the subscription year.
Advertisements not exceeding a square will be
inserted at One Dollar the first insertion, and
Cents for every succeeding one. Longer ones a
that rate per square. Court Orders and Judicial
advertisements 25 per cent, higher.
Fare Reduced.
fjpME Stage Fare from Rocky Mount to
Washington is reduced to g5 or,
Frora Rocky Mount to Tarboro
2 00
" Falkland
. Greenville
" Pactolus
- Washington
Tarboro to Sparta
' Falkland
O Pill
3 00 :
4 oo
5 00 i
0 50 .
1 00 1
2 00
For seats, &c. apply to B. M. Selby,
Washington Goold Hoyt, Greenville
or to GEO. HOWARD, Tarboro
February 1, 184S.
Just Received,
A FRESH SUPPLY of Whittcmore's
concentrated vegetable , syrup, a sure
remedy for diarrhea and howel complaint also,
Hemsley's worm-destroying syrup,
" anti-miperal pills,
Whittemore's American plasters doi on paper,
Durkee's Green Mountain vegetable Ointment,
For sale by Geo. Howard.
Tarboro', March 6.
Jayne's Expectorant.
This medicine has already proved itself
to be-all that it has been recommended, by
those who have given it a fair test in this
country, and the demand for it increases
daily. We have just heard of an impor
tant cure of Asthma, which has been effect
ed by the use of it, in a neighboring town
. the case was that of a female who had
for a long time been tinder the care of a
physician but had received no relief, and
her case was considered hopeless. As a
last resort she purchased a bottle of Dr.
Jay ne's Expectorant, which caused her to
expectorate freely, gradually ceased her
cough, and is rapidly restoring her to
health. We have no hesitation in saying
that this preparation of Dr. Jayne for cure
of coughs, colds, influenza, asthma, con
sumptions, &c. is the most valuable medi
cine ever offered to the American public.
There is no quackery about it Dr. Jayne
is one of the most skilful practising physi
cians in Pennsylvania; and wherever his
various preparations have been thoroughly
tested, he is looked upon as a great public
benefactor. Somerset (Me.) Journal.
PLAINT may be cured with certainty,
and at a trifling expense, byT taking every
night, at bed-time, two or three of Jay ne's
Sanative Pills, and a dose of either his Al
terative or Vermifuge three times a day.
This treatment never fails to cure.
BALD, and can't help it, is frequently
expressed by those whose Hair, (like a
false friend) is leaving them. Now this
is ill a mistake; Jayne's Hair Tonic, faith
fully applied for a week, will preserve the
Hair from falling off, remove all dirt andjjority of the Counties.
dandruff, prevent its becoming prernature
y "ay, cure eruptive diseases of the scalp,
and still More, by its continued use re-
clothe the head with new and beautiful
Prepared only hy Dr. D. Jayne, Phil
adelphia, and sold on agency by
Tarboro', Nov. 9. r.
For Sale.
)R. MURPHY'S sugaj-coated vegeta
ble anti-fever pills,
Dr Mnrphy's si?ftr-coated anti-bilious pills,
Dr. Hull's vegetable fever & ague & anti-ferer do
medicated cough lozenges, .
Di Spencer's vegetahle cathanic pills,
vegetable tonic and restorative bitters.
I'arboro', March 13.
From the Raleigh Standard.
We publish to-day the Proceedings of
Democratic Meetings in Cleaveland, Hali
fax , Sam pso n , Wa rre n, a n d Joh n sto ri , a n d
expert soon to have the pleasure of laying
before the Dublic. accounts of the move-
mentg of the Democracy in many other
rounlicSL ' 0ur information from all quar-
tersof the State enables us to say, that Ihe
, . .... i i il.
nestsmrii is anroaa amonji me nariv uui
j-. - C7 I
mends arc united and narmonious, r andj
ii c i i I H7- it. -
11,11 01 commence ana nope, e owe il iu
our cherished principles and to the cause of
the country to make a vigorous and pow
crful effort in the approaching campaign
Now is the time to redeem ft or I h Caro
lina. Not less than five hundred mem
bers were in attendance at the late Demo
cratic State Convent ion in Virginia; let our
friends come up to Raleigh, on the 12th of
April, not by tens and twenties, but by fif
ties and hundreds.
We would respectfully suggest to our
friends in the various Districts the propri-
ety of taking eirly steps to nominate Eicc-,
tors and appoint Delegates to .Halliniore; j party, with many other distinguished gen
and as the Districts are not the same, sepa- jtlemen of both political parties, at the
rate action will of course be necessary as, p(sidcn't's house. The party is said to
to Electors and Delegates. In a letter have been a very pleasant affair the vi-
from a distinguished Democrat, just roceiv-i
will t v...-. . . ;
cd. it is advised that each Congressional .
District appoint three or four Delegates to
Baltimore, sons to ensure a representation
from all the Districts. We like the plan, ;
and would commend it to the attei
ntion of
our friends. Of course each
vvnnhl Ii.tvp. hut nr vote, and it would
. . . - "
m i L r nrt tltTMrnnrn if hnlf n flo7.PO Drln-
- -" - - - - - ,
gates should concur to cast that vote; and him to put in requisition those insinuating height of twenty feet. Agiiin, very rccnt
in addition to this, thcprcscr.ee among the talents which he possesses in so eminent a Yf li has vanished, and both4 Wells arc
people of a number of Delegates fresh degree, and which arc irresistible even to now dry. Upon what principle of philos
from the Convention, would be productive njs cncir.ies. Mrs. Polk, with her usual ophy this hydraulic phenomenon is to be
of benefit to the cause. Let each Distnct,
lor instance, appoint four principal Dele- courteous to her distinguished uest, on science has revealed to us; and it is a quos-!vonn wiieeier against. issachar U.o s
Kates and four substitutes; and let the State whose good opinion, as of all who share : tion wich we submit to those more skill- CUP an(1 which has occupied the Court
Convention appoint two principal Dt !e- the hospitalities of the White House, she ed than we are, in the knowledge of the ! more.tnan a week was terminated this
gates and. two substitutes; and in this way uid not fail to win. pply. motion and forca of fluids. VVej norninS (Friday, Feb. 25) b averdict for
a large representation would be secured.' "Madam," said Mr. Clay, in that bland believe we have stated the facts in the case jlhe Plainti, with 55950 damages. It was
the opinions and wishes of the party could
be fully reflected, and the eleven Electoral
votes of the State could be given to the
man of their choice. These suggestions
are thrown out from ho desire to thrust
our views upon our friends, but from a sin-
cere desire to promote the best interests of
theparty. I
So far as this Congressional District is
concerned, the Democrats of Wake.it will
be recollected, suggested that the Conven-
tion to appoint Delegates to Baltimore be
held here on the 12th day of next month, i
This was done, because it was thought the.
time would be convenient, as the Delegates
to the State Convention might also be
charged with the dut v of annointinn Dele
nates to Baltimore: but our friends in War-
ren, we perceive, have recommended Nash-
ville as the place and the 27th day of April
as the time for holding the Convention.!
Johnston County, on the other hand, agrees
to meet at Ralekh-on the 12th. The
any point that may be fixed upon .by a ma -
Let our motto be, union and concert-
Delegation from Wake, we have no hesi-inext, it shall be surrendered to you in per
tation in saying, will cheerfully attend at fect order from garret to cellar."
organization and the usages of the party I manner nor the occasion of it, did notper
and no quarters to Federalism until the jmit the guests at the lower end of the table
'State is redeemed.
From the Raleigh Register.
,-5 '
Generals Scott and Worth. The
New Orleans Delta has published, in a
supplementary sheet, the correspondence
of Gens. Scott and Worth, relative to the
late difficulties in the army, subsequent to
the publication of the army orders, censu
sing severely certain letters written to the
United States. The supplement does not
appear to have been sent in this direction,
but we find in a Western paper the follow
ing brief notice of the correspondence:
Gen. Worth addressed a , letter to Gen.
Scott stating that he learned with astonish
ment that it was the opinion of the Army
that the imputation of scandalous conduct
mentioned in a general order, referred to
him, and asking if such was the Intention
of the Commander-in-chief.
Gen. Scott replied that the order clear
ly expressed that he meant to apply the
imputation to the author of the letter sign
ed "Leonidas." -
Gen. Worth rejoined, and said he did
not consider the answer 'satisfactory.
Gen. Scott replied that he could not be
more explicit. ' He had nothing to do with
the -suspicions of others, and, if he had
valid information of the authorship, he
would prosecute the parties before a court
martial. ' ; '. n-r: :--...
Gen. Worth replied that he supposed
the Commander regarded him as not de
serving a satisfactory answer, and, feeling
himself aggrieved, he should appeal to the
President. He concluded by accusing
Scott of acting in a manner unbecoming an
UfJ a ntIeman-
Gen. Scott then ordered Worth under
arrest, for behaving with contempt and
disrespect towards the Commander-in-chief.
From the Richmond Enquirer.
Mr. Clay and Mrs. Polk. We find
the following well-told anecdote in the
Western Continent, of Saturday. , It is, no
doubt substantially true.
"It is doubtless known to our readers,
that shortly before his departure from
Washington, Mr. Clay attended a dinner
ar,ds were . choice, ithe wine was old and
Sparkliug-good feeling abounded, and
uitandlively repartee gavczest to the
cnsion. while Mis. Polk, the winning and
accomnlishcd hostess, added the finishing
.. . - ... . . i
Rrace cfhcrexce ent housewifery n the-
r..: r' iv t . '
an Kinn ii ii i iuciiiu i inu . in .
!... ...... f K...i..l ...:4l.
vi.iy a.i ui ioiii uuiiuitu viiii u acai
r... 1 1 P,.u:.nri '1.1. ...lvn I kn
iivii inc . iviiriivui ,.i iiiii , nci c ii ulliIiuc
frank and affable manner, was extremely
manner peculiar to himself. "I must sav
ih:lt in my travels, whercv
er I have been
in all companies and amongnll pailies, I
have heard but one opinion of you. All;
acree in commending in the highest terms
your excellent administration of the do-
"rnestic affairs of thu White House. But,"
he continued, directing her attention to her
husband, as for that young gentleman
there, I cannot sav as much. There is "
said he "some little difference of opinion
jn n.oard to the policy of his course."
"Indeed," said Mrs. Polk, "I am glad
to hear that my administration is popular,
And in return for your compliment, I will
pay that if the country should electa Whig
npri f ill T tnnwnl ni)nnrMvhpppr!iiinn
WM nlon mo mnm ih,n thnt nf HrJ'inz rejected in his suit, he armed himself
.Thank you, thank you, Madam."
"And 1 will assure you of one thinjr.
If you do have occasion to occupy the nne auempieu to cut ner mroai. roiieu
While House on the Fourth of March!inthis attempt, and seeing a young man
! I?m certain that-
But: the laugh that followed this pleas-
. ... .. .!
ant repartee, which lost nothing trom the
to hear the rest of Mr. Clay's reply.
Whether he was "certain that" he should
be the tenant of the President's mansion,
or whether he only said he was "certain
that" whoever did occupy it wculd find it
in good condition, like the result of the
coming contest for the Presidency, re
mains a mystery.
The fatal Chloroform ase. The
Cincinnati papers of Friday last, contain
references to the case of Mrs. Simmons,
who suddenly sunk, as in death, while
having teeth extracted, under the influence
of chloroform. The Commercial says:
"The post mortem examination of the body
of Mrs. Simmons had not taken place last
eveuing, and the attending physicians ex-l
press the hope of , a possibility that she
may yet be restored to life the body be
ing still warm! Efforts are made, of course,
to restore her.
There were several rumors on Thurs
day afternoon, that she had partially re
vived. But the Cincinnati Queen City of
the 24th ult., says that every effort was
made to restore her, but in vain; the vital
spark had fled.
Fatal Experiment with Chloroform.
A young lady, daughter of Mr. Mac
donald, a baker in Catharine street, in this
city, recently met her death in , the most
awful manner, from , the use of this dqw
fashionable but most dangerous preparation.
About three weeks ago, the ether was em
ployed to allay the toothache; , but subse
quently the sufferer was supposed. to die,
from what cause does not appear. :The
apparent death, however, was only a trance,
or protracted swoon; for, on opening the
coffin a day or two ago, the unfortunate
girl had turned round upon her face, and
in her agony and desperation had actually
destroyed two of her fingers, on recover
ing from her temporary death by ether.
The coroner's investigation should elicit
the fact as Ao who prescribed a remedy
which produced this most frightful result.
' AT. K True Sun.
From the Ut-teih Register.
How shall it be accounted for? Some
i t ii . " i i
ten years since, a Well was sunk upon. the1
premises, ot Judge ( ameron, of this Cily,j
to the depth of 70 fect?and a plentiful sup
ply of good water obtained; but shortly I
after, (within a year,) the water disappear-
! and Wdh s generally must abundant; and j
oc-!!he Well became entirely dry. Another!
eu. ai mat season wnen water in Springs
Well was then dug in the vicinity, and
again an abundant supply was found
a fVn. ii,. i.n. f u , '
After the 'apse of some time, the water ;
disnnneared in this WpII nlsn, ht sh p. I
j j s
qucntly, alter long absence, it rc-appeared
i ' ' r j - - rt ; r
lit both'-WclIs. risinfl"'m-thfftimf tft tVr'f
.7 r - . w i
accounted for, is more than observation or
Ullh accuracy, and invite a solution of so!a
remarkable a freak of that most serviceable
and necessary element
r -
CtTThc Legislature of New York has
Passed a general law for the establishment ; s,fhnS ,n thetown ot H.ast Uloomlield,and
of manufacturing companies in that State. !lne defendant a clergyman ol the Baptist
U,ldcr its provisions companies can be i denomination and a married man. The
rmed without any further legislation.' v,ctim 18 an interesting and prepossessing
The provisions of the law are said to be ' youn& ,ady of lhe age of 21 years, and to-
verv judicious, and well calculated to guard
the public from loss. ib.
Alrocious.A villain, by the name
Pettis, some sixty years of age, recently
paid his addresses to a handsome young
widow residing in McGoonin island. Be-
and went to her house; on her still persist-
. ... .
!,18 in refusing him, he struck her on the
nead u,ln a hammer, and with his bowie
approach the house, he seized her by the'
nose and cut it off. St Louis Reveille.
Melancholy Accident. Two Ladies
HT-ifos fi ft f hi D F? 1 1 1 fvfi n rl A e ilio nftoi.
nuuu iraiu ui. cars, un i iiursuiiy cvuiunj,
was passing from Fitchburg to Athol,
Mass., on the Vermont and Massachusetts
line, and when near the crossing about a
mile and a half above the depot in Fitch
burg, a horse and sleigh with two ladies
passing the railroad, when the horse be
came frightened and backed the sleigh on
the track, by which both of the ladies were
thrown out in front of the engine, run over,
and instantly killed. The engine, as soon
as the horse was seen to back, sounded the
alarm, and the train was nearly stopped
when the fatal collision took place. The
unfortunate ladies who thus lost their lives
were Mrs. Osborn, wife of Mr. Abraham
Osborn, of Fitchburg, and her daughter,
Mrs. Jacob Tolman, of West Sterling.
The head of one was severed from the body.
Y ' Commercial.
An Importer. Many of our readers
have noticed. that nearly every Sunday, in
front of "Cathedral has stood an old
beggar, who, tin cup in hand, presented
the strongest kind of appeal, by his wo
begone appearance, to the sympathies of
all who passed by. The police of the
First Municipality have lately discovered
that, far from being an object of chanty,
he is a holder of some $15,000 worth of
property in Lafayette, and about 5,000
deposited in the various banks of the city.
A very largeportion of this sum has been
raised by begging, which he has followed
for many years. r During the week : his
"tramp" is on the Levee; and on -Sunday
his scene of operation is confined to the
different churches. When arrested by
Officer Trescazes, he had on his person six
dollars in dimes an'd picayunes. -His
name is Antonio Fanchieu, and, with his
wife, he has carried on the most systemat
ic scheme of imposition thattve have heard
of for a long time. -AT. O. Delta. :
Jersey Pjor k.-The steamboat Indepen
dence from Sweedsboro', N. J., arrived
here on Tuesday afternoon. She'iwl on
board twenty hogs, ten of which weighed
one thousand pounds each. Phil. N. Am.
- r
IVidows of Revolutionary Soldiers.
An Act of Congress approved 2d Februa
ry, 1843, makes further provision for sur-
V1'"8 U1V, "7U,U-
lion, enuiiinc ine iwiuovvs oi an sucn soi-
. &
' - - . .
1st of January, .1794, to. receive, for and
during their natural lives, from and after
il. l . U A 1 I- 1 O A i I U 1-
would have been allowed to their husbands
,1 A 4 f T 7f I 1 CQfl fl f
f in.e A" 01 June aiv i&JH Jiving at
he Um? u was Pd, subject .tosame
, lr ,
1838 granting half pay and pensions to
! certain widows. And further, all widovvs
certain wiuows. ahu luriner, an wiuo
unaaie ncw i a f
entitled to the benefits of this latter Acti
, . , , , c r , .
From the Canandaigua Repository.
Trial of the Rev. Issachar Grosscup.
-The Jury enipannelled in the cas? of
' T 1 IT ITTl 1 . . . r-.
case unusuai in our couniy, oeing lor se-
uucuon OI ine Pantiu s oaugnter, ana
therefore, as well -as from other causes,
excited deep and pervading interest. The
plaintiff is a highly respectable farmer re-
. Seiner wnn ner parents, anu some oi ner
brothers and sisters, members of the same
denomination. It appeared that the defen-
ofidant had boarded in the plaintiff's family,
and was treated with every kindness ana
confidence. It was on these accounts and
the means resorted to by the defendant to
i escaPe penalty oi ma iranrcnsitlo,
! i 1 iLn Unt.mt.l nnrl t erl t n t m n tone 0n.
dered doubly aggravating.
Woman frozen to Death. The Prov
idence papers report the death of a woman
named Welch, in the woods near that place
on Monday night. The woman lived in
Olney ville, and in the afternoon was on a
visit to some friends about a mile and a
half distant from her home. In the eve
ning she started on her return, in a snow
storm, goflost in the woods and wasfroz
en to death. She has left a husband and
six children.
Alleviation from Cough. Persons us
ing stoves for warming apartments, will
find that a small piece of common resin,
dipped in the water. which is placed in a
vessel on the stove, will add a peculiar
property to the atmosphere of the room,
which will 'give great relief to persons
troubled with a cough, who breathe the
atmosphere of the apartment. The heat
of the water is sufficient to throw off the
'roma of the resin, and gives the same re
lief as is afforded by a combustion of the
resin! It is preferable to combustion, be
eaiise - the" evaporation is more durable.
The same resin may be used or weeks.

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