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THE undersigned having at February
Term of the Court of Pleas and Quar
ter Sessions of Edgecombe county, qualifi
ed according to law as the Administrators
of the estate of James Dotvning, Senior,
dee'd, hereby give notice for all persons
to bring their accounts and demands of ev
ery kind and denomination to the Admin
istrators or either of them for payment
within the time prescribed by law, or this
notice will be plead in bar of their recov
March 18, 1S4S. Administrators.
JjpIlE Subscriber having qualified at
February Term, 1848, of the County
Court of Edgecombe as Administrator on
the estate of Williams Hi nes dee'd, here
by notifies all those having claims against
said estate, to present them within the time
111 1 . 1
prescribed by law, or this notice will beinotjcc
plead in bar of their recovery and those
indebted to said estate, will settle forth
with as no indulgence will be given.
" February 29, 1648. 10-3
Hp HE Subscriber having qualified at
February Term, 1848, of the County
Court of Edgecombe as Administrator on economy,--and if properly carried out by
the estate of Martha Hines dee'd, here-1 th use of WRIGH P'S INDIAN VEGE
by notifies all those having claims against TABE PILLS, will certainly result in the
said estate, to present them within the time complete abol.tioo of disease, we oiler ihe
., ... l- following testimonials, from persons of the
prescribed by law, or this notice will be , . " , . .... m v i i
1 , , . , J , , highest respectability in New York, who
plead in bar of their recovery and those . . . , . nh.,;a,.'Pnm.
indebted to said estate, will settle forth-; pajnta, poey by the use of Wright's ln
with as no indulgence will be given. ian Vegetable Pills of the North Ameri
February 29, 1848. 10-3
The Subscriber
TO AS obtained a very large and well-!
formed JACK, from Mr. Bailey of '
Person county. He is said to be a vigo-
rousand a sure foal-getter.
Will stand at my plantation and be let to j
mares, durine the ensuinrr season, for S4 i
the season and to insure, and twenty-
7 O O I
five cents to the groom in every instance. induced to maUe a ,rja of yoilr exiraordi
A sale or change of a mare will forfeit the nary 'medicine, I send you thi? st itenum,
season or insurance. The season will com- with full liberty to publish the same if you
mencethe!5th March, and end 15th June.jthink proper. G. C. BLACK.
Every care will be taken, but no responsi
bility for accidents. March, 1848.
nnHE copartnership heretofore existing
under the firm of Patterson & Wills,
is this day dissolved by mutual consent.
Either of the partners will attend to the
settlement of the business of the concern
Pcteisburg, Jan. 1,1848.
fin HE Subscribers have associated them
selves under the firm and style of
Wills Lea, for the purpose of conduct
ing a general Grocery, Commission
Forwarding Business, in this place.
They will promptly and faithfully attend
to any business intrusted to them.
Petersburg, Jan. 1, 1S48 5-7
New Co-partnership.
TTOHN H. PATTERSON havi ng assoc-
iated himself with J. H. Cooper & P.
W Walker, of Hicksford, Va , under
the firm of Patterson, Cooper Co., for
the purpose of conducting a
General Grocery,
Respectfully offer their . services to their
friends and the public, pledging themselves
to pay strict Ettention to all business en
trusted to them.
Petersburg, Jan. 11,1 848.
H0 J3. Their business will be conduct
ed at the old Stand, formerly occupied by
he old Cinv, Patterson & Wills.
Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills
Beware of CounterMs! The safest
course is to buy of the regular agents only.
For sale by Geo. Howard.
Thomas L. Liddon,
1TNFORMS the Public that he is now
fully prepared to execute all jobs in his
line of business, that may be entrusted to
him. He has competent workmen, in his
employ, and can give satisfactory assuran
ces, that all work entrusted to him will be
executed expeditiously and in a workman
like manner. References.
IVm. Norfleet, Tarboro,'
Baker Slat on , Edgecombe Co. ,
Goold Hoyt, Greenville.
Tarboro', Oct. 12., 1847. 42
rniHE Subscriber informs the Public,
-u- that he still continues to make and
Carriages, Buggies, Harness,
SADDLES. &c, in Greenville, Pitt Co.,
and that he will occasionally visit the ad
joining counties, at public time. Those
wishing to purchase, or have such articles
repaired, can rely upon their being done
in a workmanlike manner, and at short
A first rale Rockaway and harness now
in Tarboro , for sale, apply to Geo. how
September 14
Indian Vegetable Pills.
A S a further evidence that the principle
of curing disease by cleansing and pu
rifying the body, is strictly in accordance
with the laws which govern the animal
can College of Health.
From Jamaica, Long Inland
Dr. William Wright Dear Sir: It is
with great satisfaction that 1 inform you of
m' having been entirely cured o! Dypep-
sra ol five years standing, by the u$c of
your Indian Vegetable Pills.
Previous to meeting with your celebra
ted medicine, I had been under the care of
several physicians, and had tried various
medicines, but all to no effect. AOer using
one twenty five cent box of your Pills,
however, I experienced' so mucn benefit
that I resolved to persevere in the us of
them, according to directions, which I am
happy to stale has -resulted in a perfeci
curcv ln gratitude to you lor the great
benefit 1 have received, and also in the
! honft that others similarly afflicted m,iv he
From New York City.
Dr. William Wright Dear Sir: At
vour recommendation, I sometime since
made trial of Wright's Indian Vegetable
Pillf, of the North American .Colh-ge ol
Health, and can consciemitmslv assert,
that, for purifying Ihe blood and renova
the syslcm. I have icc-ived more
benefit from their u-e than Jrom any other
medicine il hris been my good fortune to
meet with.
I am, dear sir, with many thanks, your
obliged friend
No. GO Hammcrsly street. New York.
Fi-om Warwarsing. New York.
I)er Sir: I have been slfl ctcci for seve
ral ye-vs with in wan! weakness and gene
ral debility, accompanied at times with
pain in' the side and other distressing com
plaints. Afier having tried various medi
cines without effect, 1 was persuaded to i
make trial of Wright's Indian Vegetable
Pills, which I am happy to state have re
lieved me in a most wonderful manner. 1
have ustd the medicine yet but a short
time, and have no doubt, by a perseverance
in the use of the medicine according to di
rections, that 1 shall in a short time be
perfectly restored.
I most willingly recommend said Pills to
all persons similarly afflicted, and in the
full belief that the same beneficial results
will follow their use.
1 remain, your sincerely,
W'arvvarsing, Ulster county, New York.
Beware of Counterfeits of all kinds!
Some are coated with sugar; others afe
made to resemble in outward appearance
the original medicine.
The only okiginal and genuine In
dian Vegetable Pills have the sig
nature op William Wtright written
box. None other are genuine, and to
counterfeit this is porgert.
ftTOffices devoted exclusively to the
TABLE PILLS, wholesale and retail,
169 Race Street, Philadelphia, 288 Green
wich StreetNew York, and l98Tremon
Street, Boston.
For sale by GEO. tl WARD.
Tarboro V Nov. 5. . y
TOESPECTFULLY inlormsVtne citi
"vfzensof. Edgecombe and adjoining
counties that he carries on the '
at the old Stand next door to the Post
Office where will be found a choice assort.
ment of
(and all articles in his line of business,)
which he is prepared to make up, ' at the
shortest notice and on reasonable terms
Thankful for the favors already received,
he solicits a continuance of the same,assur
mg all who may favor. him with a .call,
that none shall go away dissatfied. Cut
ting done at the shortest notice.
N. H. Always on hand a few select
articles of ready-made clothing of his own
Tarborough January I, 1848.
An unequalled Remedy
And an Almanac for 1818
T ST For colds and feverish feelings
and preventing Fevers.
2nd For asthma, liver complaint and
bilious affections.
3d For diarrhoea, indigestion and loss
of appetite.
4th For costivenfss in females and
5th For stomach affections, dyspepsia
and pihs.
THE GREAT POINTS are, it is not
bad to take, never gives pain, and never
For all these things it is warranted un
equalled, and all who do not find it so may
return the bottle get their money back
This medicine is LONG LEY'S
Western Indian Panacea.
We assert there is no familv medicine
of lulf iis virtues, and none that will so de
light ihe users of it, and to convince ill
that lhe.se are facts we ofTer as above
Try it without price if you are not charm
ed by its cflkds. Fuller descriptions and
an lmanac for 1 8 IS. gratis, with the A
gents. for the county. (Sec below )
The Unman Hair
Is admitted by civilized as well as bar-
harous nations to be, when full, (lowing '
and perfect the greatest ornament, and j
nun mineripci or wanunir. Hie ereaiesi
defect and disid vantage to the personal ap
pearance ol in-ile or lemale. -1 hat it is a
duly to preserve and beautify it, all. will
admit. This article has been fur mure
man years useti exicii vet v. n nas
the trshmony of many of the most respec
table ci'izens in this cotintry, who certify
to the tact that the BAL.M OF COLUM
BIA: First, In all cases stops the Hair fall-
ing out or res:oies it in most if fallen, and
in all cases if lost by -sickness and keeps
oil dandiuu and scuri on inlan's and adults.
Second, Perfume the hair and pre
serve it, to old age, from turning grey.
Mi 'Hi Id always be used at toilette.
Third, Gives great vigor and rapid
grovth to the Hair, and causes it to curl
i jelai iy i i c v cinjii null or i s conse-
r ii r iM t f . mi i' ii i 1 1 i mii v iiHiinv unfi pvpoonu :
all other articles for ihe hair in quality,
quantity dntl cheapness.
Manv articles have been started on the
reputation of this, and are without merit
i hough they hate oeen, and are sold at dou
ble the piices ol ihis B.dm.
MATISM. &c Hays' Litti??ienlisan
article more justly celebrated as a cure for
she above, than any or all others. Theca-
es of cure are almost innumerable, and it
i only necessary to let those who know
the article and have used it with such great
success, know that it is onlv to be had true
anil genuine, (for there are counterfeiters,)
of Dr. Lucius Comstock, 21 Cortland! st ,
New Yor k, and so of the rest of the arti
cles here named.
10 DEAF PERSONS Dr. McNair's
Acoustic Oil will relieve & generally cure
he deaf. Theevidences are abundant.
Hewes Nerve' and Bone Liniment is the
most effectual cure for Rheumatism and
contracted cbrds and muscles.
THE GRAY HAIRED will find the
Indian Hair Dye perfect and effectual.
FOR WORMS. Kolmstock's Vermi
fuge not Fahnestock'switt eradicate
and cure all children and adulis who have
worms, caution, neware oi an unless
the name is spelled Kolmstock's, the old
r- n C II I
Dutch name of the inventor.
FOR COUGHS and Lung complaints
use Dr. Bartholomew's Pink Expectorant
SICK HEIJ AUllii, tnougn constitu
tional or incidental, is cured by Dr.
Snohn's Headache Remedy
L,IIN' dal.vi ur.uuiiin, ior me
cure of all diseases of man or beast that re
quire external application.
Sold wholesale by Comstock & Co. 21
Cortlandt st. New York by Geo How
ard. Tarboro' M. Wesson, Gaston F.
S. Marshall. Halifax Bennett & Hyman,
Hamilton F. W. Moore, Williamston
and by one person in every, village in U
States and Canada?. " ? Nov. 9, 1847.
; Tarboro9 Academy
TKN THE recommendations of the True
tee, we have employed a competent
Assistant in the Female Department of thi
institution; and we are how prepaied to
give thorough instruction, Mo a large num
ber of Pupils. ; ;
Tarboro'-U a healthy, and a delightfu
town, v If containsa large number of well
educated people, and is situated in one of
the most enlightened and prosperous coun
ties In the State. 1 - 15 " ' - -
Our terms of tuition-are verjr low, and
board -with us, or i with other ; families; in
the village, is very cheap.
T. R. $ M. B, OWEN.
February, 1S4S. G G
Corn Fans,
Straw Cutters, ami Farmin
For sale by
Matthewson Norfleet.
Tarboro', June 1. 23
$10 Reward.
LOST on Sunday, the 23rd inst , a
Calfskin Pocket-Book,
The contents of which are not very well
remembered It contained one $20 Cape
Fear Bill, and three S3 Tarboro Bills, one
note of hand against Drury Grimmer, en
dorsed by L S. Dunn, for $400 one do.
.lo-ainst John Calhnun for 5?40 onencminst
D & J. Hopkins for 36 -one due bill
against R. Belcher for $212 38 one do. ,
against R. Helcher for $106. 48 one do. j
againsl U. Belcher Jor 39, 20 and several
other notes and accounts, the amounts not!
recollectedj , The above reward will be
given to any person, that will deliver to
me the said Pocket' nook and contents.
January, IS4S. 5 3.
Dr. TownsentVs
JS used successfully in Acute and Chron
ic Rheumatism, AtTecfions of the Blad
der and Kidneys, and Bilious Fevers and
the Spinal complaint. It is a perfect pre-
ventative of Bilious and Western Fevers,
ana lhe bcst remedy ever used in restoring
the patient, after being prostrated by Fe
ver, &c.
Dillons Colic and serious looseness,
Costivencss, Colds and Coughs, Colic,. In-
sipicni Consumption used with the great
est success in this disease, in its first stages
Corrupt Humors, and the Dropsy.
No person, with, this distressing disease,
should delay using this medicine immedi
ately; it positively cures all cases of Dys
pepsia, however severe; Eruptions of the
skin, Fever and Ague,
Flatulency, Foulness of Complexion, and
General Debility. or general Physical
Prostration, caused by disease, medicine,
or indiscretion committed in youth, aber-
niiQns of min( confusion Qf ideas, loss of ;
r . .w
memorv, dimness of vision, a hopeless ex-
pression ol countenance; and for this class
of diseases generally, this medicine has:
ua u. "i ciAA.ce I
never had its equal. Gout, Giddiness,
Gravel, Headaches of every kind, Inward
Fever, Inflammatory Rheumatism, Impure
Blood, Jaundice, Loss of Appetite, Liver
Complaints, Leprocy, Looseness, ;
Mercurial Diseases'.
Never fails to eradicate entirely all the ef-
, fect3 0f Mercury infinitely sooner than
any other medicine; Night-Sweats, Nerv
ous Debility, Nervous Complaints of all
kinds, Neuralgia, Organic Affections, Pal-i
pitation of the Heart,
Painter's Colic Piles:
This Sarsaparilla is a certain cure for this
distressing complaint; Pains in the Head,
Side, Back, Limbs, Joints and Organs,
Rush of Blood to the Head, Scurvy, Salt
Rheum, Swellings, Sick Headache, Stiff
ness of the Joints,
Scrofula, or King's Evil,
Syphilis in its worst forms, Ulcers of ev
ery description, and the Erysipelas, Ex
posure and Imprudence in Life.
Female Complaints.
Ladies of pale complexion and consump-
ive habits, and such as are debilitated by
hose obstructions which females are liable Sofag rockins Chairs,1 breakfast and di
o, are restored, by the use of a bottle or ning fables, French & curtain Bed-steads,
two, to bloom and vigor. It is by far the
best remedv ever discovered for weakly
nKJtrlrpn.nnd such as have had humors; be
JMMnt. iHpv readily take it. It im
"& r v j
.. A , . ' eforrfk
edmtely restores the appetite, strength,!
and color.
For sale by A, H. Macnair, Tarboro
March 1, 1848.
Constables' Blanks for sale,
The opinion of a Congressman.
The'fol!ovitii! ?romjthe Honorable
Lewis C. Ivin. Member of Congress,
from the first Congressional District Pa.,
and formerly Editor of?th Philadelphia
bun: ...;.:,. .,. .. 4 --'
It has been said, that we ' wcrey influenc
ed by selfish considerations,' in bearing our
testimony in favour of "Jayne's Expect
ORANTjV.arid that as a reward for bur ser
vices, lie pays largely as an' Advertiser in
the Sun. Now,'loiig before the Editor's
connection with this paper commencec'.,
he had been relieved from hoarseness and
oppression of the chest, by the use of this
unrivalled remedv, and from a sense of
duty, recommended it to the public. Jit
that lime, he had not the most remote
idea of editing a daily paper; and Dr. Jay no
gives a preference to the Sun, not only on
account of its large and rapidly increasing
circulation, but because the paper opens to
the Advertiser a new class of readers, who
were never in the habit of taking the daily
penny ' papers of the city. f In bearing our
humble testimony to the .virtues of. the
Expectorant, we do not stand , alone.
Thousands in this rity atlest , its curative
powers, and although opposed to the use of
what are termed ''Quack medlcines,,, gen
erally, yet, When as in this case, we have
ieit tne nenent oi tne remedy when, as
we freely acknowledge, we keep it con-
iwluV 111 our wmny, as a certain ana
prompt remedy for Croup or Coughs, we
feel that we subserve the interests of soci-
ety, when we state such facts to the public.
The misrenresentMions of interests! in-
r . . ...
.dividuals, have forced this explanation
upon us, which we cheerfully give."
Prepared only by Dr. D. Jayne, Phila
delphia, and sold on agency by
Tarboro', Nov. 9, 1S47.
Names and Prices of Dr D Jayne1 s
Jayne's Expectorant, per bottle, 1 00
Hair I ojiic. v - 1 00 :
Tonic Vermifuge, 0 25
Carminative Bajsam, large, 0 50
" , small. 0 25
Sanative Pills, per box, 1 0 25
American Hair Dye, 0 50
Alterative, - . 1 00
Ague Pills, - 1 00
For sale in Tarboro' by
October 5. 1
A CONSTANT supply of Bacon and
Lard for Sale, at'th store of
Tarboro, Janua
pypHE Subscribe
.iforms the 'Public,
Jl that he is now luily prepared to
Build Bridges,
Either on the plan of driving the post?, or
bv mud sills Commissioners for building
Bridges, or individuals desirous of contrac-
tin for the same, of any dimensions, will
ro P - Edgecombe county, N. C.
April 29, 1S47.
Doors opened at 7 o'clock A M. and clo
sed at 6 P. M. Admission Free.
At the well known Furniture Ware
Room, may he seen the finest assortment of
Cabinet Furniture,
Consisting of marble and mahogany top
Side boards, ladies' plain and hne man e
and mahogany top Dressing Bureat 8,
Ward Robes, China tresses, Secretaries
and Book-cases, Candle and Wash-slands,
Windsor Rush and Cane bottom Chairs,
&c. &c. &c.
- Having iust Kh IUUINhU t KUiU
I m m. m m & w - m
hnnn vrinMiit ,i t i
- 1 1 w,in a sp'ennm assort-
ment of materials and the tips of Fashion,
.h workmen , fee, 'f re,i to fur.
nish my patrons as fine articles of. Furni
ture and as cheap, as they can be bought at
any of the Northern cities. Call and ex
amine for yourselves. F. L- BOND,
Proprietor's. Manager,
Nt xt door to Dr. Thomas DrugStQre

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