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inri JlLV ?r
R. F. Hibbara & io. s
H'ild Cherry Midlers,
HIS preparation is a certain sedative cj
allaying all nervous excitability and is
calming nervous irritation palpitation of
and all diseases arising from sympathetic
affection of, the stomach, are.entirely rehe
ved by a few doses of these bitters.
Circassian Halm.
For the cure of all diseases of the Wn,
bUmS anq SCaiUS, CanUCr, Ul UW IIIUUUI, -
... I
cleansing the teeth, cuts, bruises &. sprains
also an excellent article tor Shaving.
j I I f' f li'Jf ,1
t Ctiuviv i iuniy i
These pills bave been long known to1
the nroprietors, and an experience -of more
than twenty years enables them to speak
with the utmost assurance -of their medical
uavminatwe scuve,
Originally prepared by the Rev. B.I
Hibbard. This salve is one of the valuable
remedies known for Colons, b
iles painful
' !
ulcers, &c.
For sale in Tarboro' by Geo. Howard.
September 7, 1847.
Patent Medicines, $c.
IJJJ.R AYs Ointment, for the cure of white
swellings, scrofula, sore legs, &c.
HarrelPs febrifuge, or vegetable tonic,
courh mixture 6f carrageen mossfc squills,
extract of sarsaparilla and blood root,
anti-bilious tomato pills,
"Sappington's anti-fever pills do. book onfevers,
CJoelicke's matchless sanative, for the cure of
consumption, "coughs, colds,-i&c. '
Phelps's tomato pills Peters's vagetable do,
Thomson's eye water, chemical opodeldoc,
'Lon trey's great western Indian panacea,
Oil spike, British oil, Bateman's'dropslaudarram
Paregoric, essence of peppermint, lemon, &c.
Harlem oil, castor oil, liquid ointment,
French plaster to cure corns, Kast India hair dye,
Compound chlorine tcotb wash, fancy soaps,
Connel remedy for diseases of urinary organs,
Sherman's worm and headache lozenges,
Hull's cough lozenges, Hull's anti-fever pills,
Roof's founder ointment, for horses,
Clements'vegetable tonic mixture,
Armstrong's do do
""Evans's family aperient pills, Evans's tonic do
Turner's ague and fever and chill and fever pills,
Tyler's vegetable fever and ague pills,
Yvistars halsam of wild cherry, &c. &c.
R. MURPHY'S sugar-coated vegeta
ble anti-fever pills,
Dr. Murphy's sugar-coated anti-bilious pills,
Dr. Hull's vegetable fever & ague & anti-fever do
' medicated cough lozenges,
Dr Spencer's vegetable-cathartic pills,
vegetable tonic and restorative bitters.
For sale by tGeo.-IIowarU.
- Tar bbro', March T3.
During the approaching Presidential canvass,
To he exclusively devoted to the advocacy and
dissemination of democratic , principles, and the
support of the nominee for the Presidency, tif the
National Democratic Convention, which w 11
convene at Baltimore in May next
The subscribers propose to commence, on the
I6th of May, a campaign paper under the title!
above, and to continue the same, weekly, for ,
the term of six months preceding the presidential
election, "which is to take place in November next.
The paperwill be devoted exclusively to the discus
sion & advocacy of democratic principles mea
sures, and pledged to the support of the candi
dates who may be presented for the suffrages of.
the American people for the two highest offices in
their gift, by the iNationaLDemocratic Convention
which will assemble in Baltimore in May next!
In announcing our intention to publish a cam
paign paper, in a form so cheap as to place it with-
in the power of every one to have a copy, to be
exclusively devoted to the support of the princi-
pies of -tho great party to which it is our pride and
pleasure to belong, we deem it also out duty to
apprize our democratic friends, that in our ooinion.
the approaching contest is destined to be wao-ed
on the part of our. opponents with a degree of des-
peration and recklessness unprecedented in our
political history. The ostracism of the federal (or
-wuiuii is me same, modern whig) party from office
an.ost from the organization of the government to
the present time which is but the result of a be -
lit t on the part of the American people of the ho3-
imiy oi.tne leaders of that party to the creat prin
v.p.cn u. jusucevaM noerty which lie at thefoun-
dl-n. ct-!1l institutions, and of their want of
patriotism, as manifested by their reprehensiblp
ot to say treasonable, conduct towards their
country and government in etery contest with a
foreign nation In which it has been compelled u
engvigcnas bo siur.g ana maddened them to des
peralion, as to induce them to lay aside all n
v otic principle arid all decent regard for the intellf
. 1C, . HJO vuuieia WhIch th
IlAYft. fnrtholaet nr.l. . i.
-oJ; " r n- . "jrwwiwua ox the pos.
- V4 ana power. Hence we now
hold th sorry and disreputable spectacle exhibited
abandoning the principles which they haVe'liilW
to avowed and insisted upon as the only true prin-
rinles on which the irnvernment should he admin-
tered, and deserting the man who has, for more
than a quarter of a century, been their bold, abl
and eloquent leadervever sharitrgrin their defeat?
and never enjoying 'he fruits of victory, in the for
lorn hope that they may rally successfully under a
military chieftain, who has gained all his laurels
in a war which they have denounced and opposed,
and who spurns their support, when tendered asu
t0 "hlch bnl ! a"d lheJ bf ' !l
SUVII a 'UIJ ' . f iiiijihu I'll u iu iniuij vruu
r - vtAnlll1 - niinMnloe nnrl Krnrwlorl anH eti(rm
tized by the sentence of popular condemnation for
conduct as .partisans, which has rendered their
cause and their party appellation odious and repul-
Rive III uie csumauun ui mi; jidiriuuu piuvn ut mo
American people; it is such a party, thus stung to
phrensy and maddened by disappointment, that
the proud and n ble democracy of the Union have
got to encounter in the approaching contest. Of
ursp' ine co-m ,cl wu "f . . , :V s.8
desperate; yet in our oeuet, aviui uoa s messing
rn aotinaf' tn n irort Vi rn 7 inr1 Milt trilm mn?l
4Jut,in order lo win the great hattle-which is to
securethe ascendancy oi democratic prmcip.es n.u
measures for years to come, and thus to preserve
the integrity and honor of our beloved country, it
is incumbent on those who love the cause and are
devoted to thetruo faith to be on the alert; to or
ganize promptlyifor united, vigorousand. effective
action; to rally the lukewarm; to encourage the
timid; and to make every preparation necessary to
ensure a triumphant and glorious victory. All
bitterness and animosity must be laid aside; con
ciliation aud harmony must be preached; in short,
we must adopt and act upon the noMe motto of a
distinguished apostle of the democratic creed
"Union, Harmon v, Corcession every thing
tor the cause, nothing for men."
In the approaching contest, the democracy have
every thing to-encourage them. Their principles
are in the ascendant, and their great measures
have triumphed in the administration of the gene
ral government, and have received the sanction
and approbation of the people.
l. The democratic party have .rcomplihed tha
great reform of a Separation of Bank and State
thrcugh the instrumentality of the Constitution
al treasury. That salutary measure has been in
operation'lbr two years, and has answered all the
expectations of those who projected, -and those who
have carried it into successful operation It
has borne the country -safely through a for
eign war, and a commercial crisis which
has shaken other nations to their founda
tions. -It has. proved to be a salutary 6heck t:pon
the banks, and has preserved a sound and stable
currency for the people.
2. Under the auspice of the democratic party a
liberal hkvknue tariff' has been established, by
which for the first lime in our legislation urin
the last thirty years, the rights and interests of the
farmer and laborer have been regarded with the
same Just and equal favor which has been extend
ed to other classes. This great measure of re
form, for which the democracy have so long struggled,-has
.proved to be eminently successful. It
has provided ample revenue 'f r the government,
and secured to the people a degree of.properity
almost unprecedented in our history.
3. For the benefit of the mercantile community
and indirectly for the advantage of all classes, the
democratic party has devised and put in operation
a system of warehousing, which has also.proved
successful in practice, and the benefits of which
the country is now enjoyingt
4. Lastly, the democracy have waged to a suc
cessful termination (as we hope and believe) a
glorious war a war in which we were involved
by 1he act of another nation, and justified by th
most wanton aud unprovoked outrages on the part
of our enemyi That war has been unparalleled in
the ann Is of the woild, for the uninterrupted ca
reer of victory which has attended oitr arms. Its
achievements hve adorned and illustrated our
country with a halo of glory extended the fame
of our arms to the mostdistant nations forced re-
luciani aamirauon irom jealous monarcnie
have with envious eyes watched our progress
and secured to our country an additional domain,
equal in extent to the largest empire of Europe.
This just war we may most truly say was waged
by the demociacy a,nd Waged too against Mexi-
cans ln Mexico, and worse than Mexicans at home
we mean the traitorous party and its leaders who
openly and unblushingly espoused the cause of our
enemy, and opposed and traduced the cause of
their country.
If the whig party shall succeed in the approach
ing contest, all these .great measures will be over
thrown; a National Dank and an unjust and ep
pressive tariff will be established, in their stead.
The glory of the war will be eclipsed, and the
fruits of the peace will be frittered away . Are
democrats prepared to see such burning shame,
such darauing disgrace inflicted upon their coun-
lrv Forone, we are ot; md wcihll exert ev-
erY nerve an-d make evry honorable effort to pre-
ven! 8UC" .a uasier. urinis contest we invoke
die aid of every true hearted friend of his country.
iwe summon them, one and all. to.rally at once un
ler the glorious banner of democracy, which is
- he emblem of truth and justice, of glory, of patri
otism and ot "berty!
The "CAMPAIGN" will be printed on a mam
moth sheet, nearly twice the size of the "Daily
Union," and folded in z convenient form for bind
Clubs will be furnished with 6 copies for $5;
13 eopies for,$t0; 20 copies for $15. :
I he last number of the t A VlPAlGN" will
be published after the elf ction, and will contain
I . . . ...
I ocial returns of the canvass in every Slate.
h..l ' BTTnilTi? . rji? rct
-J 4 f ?
Vertical waterhels
. -. -S . .' '''
FOR SALE by D. McNell & Co. Fay-
etteville, and " K
' i Howard, Tarboro
June 1, 1847. 22
Dr. Champion's
A safe and , CER TAIN CURE, for
' CHILL and fever.
In all its complicated forms. Also, an ef
fectual remedy for
Fevers of" every description
fJp HIS' 'medicine has been before the
public for a number of years, and the
beneficial effect so fully developed, tha
the demand for the pills has increased to
a very great extent. For although the
prqprictor has manufactured near Half
Million boxes during the past year, he
has not been able to supply many parts o
the country. This medicine may be relied
on.in all cases to cuie the chills and fever
the first day.
Bilious fever, typhus fever, winter feve
and scarlet fevers, all yield to the use of
this medicine, and are cured by this sys
tem of praclice,in a shorter time, and with
much more certainty than by any other
system that has -been .recommended.
Each box contains twenty-four spills,
twelve of which will cure any ordinary
case of chills and fever. A;pamplet ac
companies each box giving full directions1
and numerous certificates of theeflicacy of
these. pills. .Price reduced to $1 ,per box.
Dr. CUAiflFlOiVS
Vegetable flnti- Bilious
Jinti-lJyspeplic, Purifying,,
and vathartic
Possessing four important combined
propoties for the cure of diseases, care
fully and correctly combined, one article
to assist the effect of another, for the
benefit of the health of mankind.
The. prqprictor asserts, and wilhout'fear
of contradiction, the demand for these pills
is not equalled by any medicine in the
United Stales. He has in his possession
(Treat numbers of certifie.ites nflho mntt nc.
o "
lonishing cures that have been effected by
the use of these. pills.
They are recommended to the attention
of those afflicted with liver complaint,
dyspepsia, billious habits, costiveness, dhbl
cra morbus, rheumatism, scrofula, foul
stomach, depraved appetite, worm, jaun
dice, headache and sick stomach, rpajpitc-
tion ot the heart, diarrhoea. Nervous afTec-
ions', obstructed merrsturation, dysentery
or flux, heart-burn, while swelling, and all
hose diseases arising from impure blood.
Price twenty-five cents ,per box. A
pamphlet accompanies each box with full
directions and amnle testimonials of the
good effects of --these -pills. "
This is to certify that we have used Dr.
Champion's vegetable ague medic-ine, and
also, his vegetable anti-billious, anti-dyspeptic,
purifying and cathartic pills, in our
amilies for a number of years, and have
also, learned much -of their celebrity from
great numbers of persons who have used
hem in their families. We do think
hem very efficient and valuable medicines
or the cure -of diseases for which they are
Maj James Pearson, Twi gg -county, 3a.
Jjrz Durfee, M.D. . ' y, do .do"". do .
J Matleck, merchant, Blakeley, do
Col John Dill, Fort Gaines, , do , !
W H Rawson, merchant, Lumpkin, do
Robert Wtwe, 31 D Columbus," do'
S Middlebrooks, planter, Jones, do
Alex, Lowrey, M D Jefferson, do
AC Holbert, J P Doreviile, Mississippi,
Maj J Ncijruttee, Cajuga, do
J I Lewis, Aubram, do
Col WF Dillon,' Oakley, do
S-B Simmons, planter, Roselaune, do
C Stancif, merchant, Carrollton, 5 do
Judge CarbryCoffeeville, do
H B Arnold, planter, Graball, do
B Meek, merchant, Louisvilte, do
James Lowry, merchant, Raleigh, do
D F N, Turner, P M Monticello, do -
SamueUayne, P M Broolihaven, , do
G H Sheldon, merchant, Gasten, Ala.
W M Gilmore, planter, Pickens co do
R Long, planter, do do do
For sale by Geo. Howard, Tarboro
Dr. Wm. A. Shaw ami Wm. O'Cain
Washington. Bateman i& Nichols, Ply
mouth. Alfred H. Hise, Greenville. ; P;
W. Moore & Bro ; Williamston, and M
JWestRockyMountj1 June 18-1847.
dntUbilious Familu Pills.
Composed of Medicinal Proper lies pos-
sessed by various vegetaoie
CTING specifically, on the L,iverand j
tion, purifying - the blood, cleansing the
srlands. in short, reviving the nrostrated ;
o ' ' " , ., ;
aysieiii, uuu uiuuaiug hmjui au ow
throughout the human frame.
The following aie presented out of many
v Cornwall, Orange county, Ni Y
May 19, M7.
Dr. A Gilbert. Dear Sir: Suffering for some
time with evere bilious affection and liver com
plaint, I was recommended to try yonr anti-bilious
family pills; and I am; pleased in Dejng awe to
say, that after using a few doses I found great and ;
permanent relief. To all those afflicted in a simi- j
lar way, I cannot refrain from .thus publicly re-;
commending them, as J consider them a valuable;
medicine to possess, especially in the country,
where persons are removed from the opportunity
of receivins medical advice. Yours, -truly. v
We, the undersigned, -dealers medicines,
having for two -years past sold A. Gilbert's anti
bilious family pills, take great pleasure in stating
.that so far as we know, the medicine has given
universal satisfaction; and we believevit, from lhe
several expressions made to us, to be the best anti-bilious
medicine now in use Signed.
Aaron A. Wing, M.rD Peter Hanlook,
A. A. Martin, Jasi Nollner, MiD.
Norfolk, Va. May 20, M-i.
Mr. A.-Gilberti Jiearsir, please send me four . ; : 1
gross of your pills by.e very first packet", as I addition to the princely Sarsaparilla,
am nearly out of them. The demand for thein.is , this preparation contains Guiaccum, Man
very much. increased, which -can-only be attribu-1 drake, Burdock, Elder, Yellow Dock
ted to their being recommended by those who
navc .been benefitted by the use of them. You
can draw on me at si"hlfor the amount as usual.
Signed ; , ; . ' ' ' - ; G. J.
New Orleans, March 7,;M5.
For sale by GEO. IIOWARi).
Tarboro Nov. 9, 1847. 46-ly
Graefcnberg Company
lUT'EREBV ive notice thnt the GEN-
ERAL AGENT for the Slate of
Korl Carolina Is Capt Wileiam Jones,
of Louisburg, Franklin county.
"Bulletin J o. 1 .
having been welcomed in every ssction of
the United States with the unparalelled
I enthusiasm; andrfheir medicines living
rcntIered an enormous circulation, will
; hcncciorward 1SSUQ
That they may the more perfectly inform
the public of the principles of the
-Jimerico-'GrsJfcnberg system,
And of the vast superiority of their Medi
cines over a4iy others ever .presentod to
the -world. -KaGh iBalttMrn nvili contain
something -of the gieatest importance to
the health of the community; and all classes
of readers, the clergy, jurists, statesmen
and private 'individuals, should not fail of
reading them, to sny (he .least. O no trial
alone of the medicines will convince the
most sceptical of their extraordinary
3n the present Bulletin we will only say
1. The Graefenberg Medicines are pure
ly Vegetable.
2. They have hecn tested in tens of
thousands of cases with perfect success.
2. Of the vegetable Pills alone, 30,000
boxes are sold each and every week!
4. The demand is certainly increasing.
J. -Every article purchased of the com
pany or any of its Argents is warranted,
and if.it does not give satisfaction tire mon
ey will be refunded.
The Graefenbtvg Vegetable Pills
Possess almost magical power 'in nreVferrt-
ng and curing the ordinary diseases which
effect humanity, ., (especially bilious.)
There are some facts connected with then
preparation and use, which the limits of
the present notice forbid us to name.
Suffice it to ay, that they are the product
of the most extensive and pliTlorsophic re-
searcti, aided by all the lights of modern
science. All other patent nills are made
-i" .
from the recipes of less enlightened ages;
these from the combined wisdom of an
cient and ftfodern science. In fact thev
are a Perfect Pill! worthy of the age
and of the country.
Is prepared to show to the public the
most unquestionable evidence that. these
celebrated Pills, are every -day curing all
disorders of the Iiyer, ; Stomachy Bowels,
Dyspepsia, t Jaundice, Erysipelas, Green
Sickness, and all diseases to; which Female
are subject, Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Head-
Jache, ic. aU Bilious Cpmplaints? &c.
Twp?iderful efficacy arises tfoWa
power-to open the-pore's; H6 clean J,
I strengthen! the. stomach .and bowel. .
make the urine and - monthly discl.ar
flow Wealthy; and to give tone and vil0MS
l-r cti;tn tr-i
4. nee cents a b
familyhpuld be without them '
tney nptgive satisfaction, the m Q
w;u be promptly refunded; and
ont'ls'h'prpnv 'insfrirrtPf4 -V?Ty
"o - j i niai ClJtpf.
The Graefcnberg Health Bitter$.
Entirely Vegetable
ed to make two quarts of incomj)arar.
Bitters. : They are skUfully and eleramC
prepared "by tljw.Cpmpany from a number
of the , most purifying, : invigorating and
healing Hoots, Barks, Herbs and V;
! gathered on the wide domains of na( '
both hemispneres. i lie use of thrcp n-
ters wm prevent sickness at all se
flnd in every exposure. Thev will r0"55'
gt f .- of.bod j resl0
CQm? C ccss
r ana create
" " 1 uwno are affl,.
ted with occasional ill health, low SmVlt
and loss of appetite, should procure them
at once. Price 25 cents a package.
The Graefenbcrg Fever and 1gUe p
This Pill is the great conqueror of Fever
nnVl Airue . and '-Fever nf nil u., .
! anJ forms.
n , - - - v. uii umer types
The Gmefenberg Sarsaparilla Com
" pound.
This, is now the standard San-
aration of (he day; far surpassing all
: Queen's Delight, and three other roots.
It isialdng the place of all other Sarsapa
rillas .and should be tried by all who wish
to use any tiling of the liind. Price 81,00
a bottle,"'W'hlch will make two quartsofthe
greatest possible strength.
The other Medicines are The Graefcn
berg Eye -Lotion. The Children's Panacea,
The Green Mountain Ointment, The Con
sumptive's Balm, The Dysentery Syrup.
(pva&'if V ,a II E 5 10 OB.
' The high aud envied celebrity which these pre-eminent
Mediciues have acquired for their iuvariabie eflieacy in nil
the diseases wIm'cIi they proksi to cure, has rendered th
usu:il practice of pufllug not only unnecessary, but -uuwor-
thy of them. They are known by their fruit; their i;ood
vorks testily, fir Uiem, ul they thrive uot by the faUU of
In tne cutlrand west, where these diseases prevail, they will
be found L.KiluaWe. 'Titclcra, feruim, aud others, wlw mr4
u?e these Medicines, will never afterwards be without t.m.
CONSUMPTION. Used with grwit success in this diss&se.
DlT&PEF&Xil No person with this diatreesins dis
ease, should delay nftiglwse medicines iinmediatclf.
FEVER aHA ACUE. Porthts scourge of the wet
tern country these mcdieint will be found a safe, speedy, and
certain remedy, ihcr metHuoes 4esive the system subject to
relttrn of Hw disease cure by "these medicines is pcnuwicut
TITE. . -.-v...-
M 10 II C V 11 I A L , DISEASES.
Neer fails to eradicate entirely all tlic effi cts of Mercury infl
nitely sooner than the most powerful prtnaration of Sarsaparilla.
3P lis U S The original rnp ietor of these medicir.es
was cured of Piles of 35 years atandrng by the use or these Life
. Mnrftcirte clone. ... ?
PAINS in the head, side, back, limbs, joints anrf organs.
It II U JI A T I S M. TIhmo nfflicled With lb
terrible disease, will be sure of relief by the Life Medieines.
worst firni, ULCERS, of every description
W O XI It! S of all kinds, are effectually expelled by
these Mediciner. PurehU will-Ho welllOHdmrnister them when
ever their eiistence is suspected. Relief will be certain
. the im nns ,m. nmn eittebs
And thus remove &lf disease from the ?ystem.
A single trial will jrle tlie L I F t P 1 L L S and
PHOEN I X BITTERS beyond tl. reaeb of comy
lilion in'the estimation of every patient.
The genuine of these mediciues are now put tip in vhlt
Wrappers end labels, together with a pamphlet, caliej
MorTatS'Good Samaritan," containing the directions, ice,
on Which is a drawiug of Broadway from Wall street to our
Office, by which strangers visiting the city can very easily
find us. The wrappers and Samaritans are copyrighted. -therefore
those who -procure Ihew 'hh white M raj.pers caa
be assured that they are genuine. Uncareful, and, do uot
buy those with yellow Wrappers; butsTjou do, be satisfied
that they come direct from us, or dout touch them.
Prepared awfl sold by ;
339 Broadway, comer of Anthony street, New Yrffc
For Sate by -
'Geo Howard. A genU Tarboro',
Satanic Jiledicwcs.
npHE subscriber has juit i;eceh:e4
rect irop xsew Xwk,
Tlioisisonian IYIediciiies
Lobelia, green and, brown 2nd and, 3rd Prepaid
lion of do myrrh, cayenne pepper, pond lily
Composition, bayberry, barberry, tspice BitterSa,
Golden seal, poplar barki slippery elm, berRock4
Nerve powder, nerve ointment, biliei ''root,''
Cough powders, coogh.syrup. womaa's.,friemI, ,
Syringes of various sizes,. ffo. G, &c &c.
whleh.he is enable4 to sell a greqlly re
duced prices. . GRO. HOfKffiQ .
Tarboro', Tyn v-

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