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Whole JVo. 1 1 65.
Tarborough) Eilgcedmbe County, JSW. Saturday, August 12,1 849.
. M IH lii lip lii lifiil pm IfipM mijm Immnn I SI ink HMfcHi 2 jii
Is published weekly at Two Dollars per year
if paid in advance or, Two Dollars and Fifty
Cents at the expiration of the subscription year.
Advertisements not exceeding a square will be
inserted at One Dollar the first insertion, and 25
i!vni for everv succeeding one. Longer ones at
that rate per square. Court Orders and Judicial
advertisements 25 per cent, higher.
Fare Reduced.
fTpHE Stage Fare from Rocky Mount to
Washington is" reduced to $5 or,
From Rocky Mount to Tarboro'
$1 50
. Sparta
. Falkland
2 00
2 50
3 00
t . Pactolus
u i Washington
Tarboro' to Sparta
4 00 1
5 001
0 50
1 00
2 00
H. Wiswall,
For seats, &c. apply to
WnsVi'incrtnn GooUl HoV't
or to
G E 0. HO WARD, Tarhoro
February 1, 1S4S.
Dr. Jayne's Family Medicines.
Everybody praises Jay ne's Hair Ton
ic and for the best reason-in the world,
bbcause it is the only hope that the bald
headed can have of once more regaining
Un f..ll ( n nr Lnl o r T li 1 1 t K wlllflt
nature adorned - their heads in youth,
which it does to the admiration of all who
use it as directed. Tryjt, all of you who
need more or handsomer hair. It is the
very thing for you. .
Worms! Worms! Worms! To re
move those troublesome and dangerous
inhabitants of the stomach and bowels,
which so often impair the health and des
trtry the" lives of childrerij" use Jayne's
pdiation for the removal of the various jp IE defendantTBcnjamin C D. Eason,
3vinc?s of worms, dyspepsia, sour stomach,; is hereby noticed, that the above At
want of appetite, infantile fever and ague, ' tachment was duly returned at.May term,
and debility of the stomach and bowels! 1843, of Edgecombe Court of. Pleas and
in-! organs of digestion. It., is without Quarter Sessions, and that unless he be
exception one of the'.most valuable prcpa-
rations in the world.
"... .
Hear Dr. Hizbv's opinidn.--Vir. L. J.
Higby, Milwaukie, W. T., Nov., 1845, and there replevy ttdpledd to issue, jndg
wriles to Dr. Jay ne, and says, Your ' Car- j merit by; acfauit 1 final. . Will be ' .entered
minative Balsam, Hair Dve, and Hair' aga'nst hJm; and the properly levied oti
Tonic, all go well, and the. Balsam goes'
finely. It has saved many lives this sea-:
son I had to get twice supplied from!
New York in September last. I shall
want of you at least 200bdttles. 1 have
on sale, and have seen tried many of the
4crack articles" for this Bilious Diarrhoea,
which we are subject to; and of all, yours
is invaluable. I could get $6 ner.f bottle
. ... .. . ? . 1 f UK
for it, if it could not be had for less, and
any quantity of certificates of the strong
er kind. These Diarrhoeas are the worst
diseases we have here, and your Balsam
is the only thing that cures them.
Prepared only by Dr. D. J wne, Phila
delphia, and sold on agency by
. Tarboro', Nov. 9, 1847.
State of urth Carolina.
Palsy Holland, .;
Jno. Holland, Epenetus Holland, & James
Stallings and Martha Ann his wife,
heirs at law, and devisees of the late Da
vid Holland the two first being non
residents. Petition for DowerIn Edgeddnibe Court
of Pleas and Quarter Sessions May
Term, 1348.
JpHE defendants, John and Epenetus
Holland, arc hereby notified respec
tively that unless they" appear at the next
term of said Court, to be held at the Court
House in Tarboro', on the fourth Monday
of August next, and then and there pfead,
answer, or demur to the petition of plain
tiff, judgment pro confesso will be enter
ed against them, 'and Mthe cause heard
ftp parte so far as they are concernecl. I
By Orcjer of said Court May Term,
A. P, 848, , , !
State9 of North Carolina.
Ichabod Moore,
Benjamin C. D. Eason,
Original Attachment In Edgecombe
County Court
Joshua Speight,
Benjamin C. D. Eason,
Original Attachment In Edgecombe
County Court.
Both cases returned to May Term, 1818,
of said Court, with the following return
of Sheriff:
"Executed by summoning Wyatt Moye
and R. S. Adams as Garnishees May
njniE defendant, Benjamin C. D. Ea
son, is hereby notified, that both the
above cases were returned at May Term,
A. D. of Edgecombe Court of Pleas and
Quarter Sessions, tnd that unless he ap
pear at the next term of said Court, to be
held at the Court House in Tarboro', on
the fourth Monday of August next, and
then and there replevy and plead to issue,
judgment by default final will be entered
against him, and the debts due from the
Garnishees as confessed by them, con
demned to satisfy the plaintiff's recovery.
By Order of said Court at M iy Term,
A. D. 1S48.
J NO. NORFL EE Ty Clerk.
State of North Carolina.
R. & H. Belcher,
Benjamin C. D. Eason.
Original Attachment In Edgecombe
Count)' Court
Returned to May Term, IS 18, with the dercd illusttious by the greatest names in
following return of Sheriff: "The our history. But should the selcction-of
within attachment was this day execu- the Whig Convention be confirmed by
ted by levying on a certain tract of the people, I shall endeavor to discharge
land, formerly John Thigpcn's, adjoin- the new duties then devolving upon me so
ing the lands of William Y.. Moore, ' as to meet the just expectations of my fel
Burrell or Allen Gay, and Levi Ilar-jow citizens, and preserve undiminished,
rell 240 acres, be the "same more or ', the nrospei itv and reputation of our com-
and appear before the Justices of said
Court at the next term thereof, to be held
at the Court House iaTarborougli on the
fourth Mouday of August next, and then
condemned to be sold to satisfy the plain-j
tiff's recovery. I
By Order of said Coartj dt May term,
A. D. 1848.
iftbitssinian Mixture
& ti r r j
For GoNORnnc3A4 Gle Fluor Al-
BUSj Gr'avel, &c.
Letter from Dr. Jarrtes It. Callumi dated
Milton, N. C. August 14' 1847.
Dr. J Kuhl Dear Sin
Your mf(Iicirie3 dave given entire satisfaction
in this section of country, the Abyssinian Slixiurc
especially, is highly approved ofvithas never fail
ed W cttfe in every case. It sells like hot cakes.
1 have never had enough (6 Supply the demand.
You will please send me a large supply of it as
soon as you arrive at homei Yours, respectfully,
Milton Druff Store.
From the Milton thronicte.
Laurel Grove, (nearMilton) Jan. 15,1848.
Dr. Kuhl Dear Sir: ,
We have now been abont seren years. Agents
for the? sale or yonr Restorer of tht Ifltrod, and oth
er $ledicrnes, and are happy to slate (hey hate
given in all cases general satisfaction, particular
ly the fjlbyssinian fM&lure 5bas gireu universal
satisfactiorr, sal that every orie Who has used it,
has received that relief thaf you guaranteed in
your directioo. Mr James M Verntm, to whom
you recornmended rypttr: Aromatic Extract for
Rheumatism, bought a-bottle of it at 50 Cents
and two embrocations cured him entirety, and the
disease, has fleVer fetornedi Yours, respectfully,
AgxtsGEO. ' fWlMliDi Tztfif- Y Hi
Marsh'af ly Haliax? James Simmons, 'Weldon; C.
CV Pogh, (JastoflV ' ' ! " E Cobk, ' Warrehto'b; Hen
ry Goodloe, Warrenton; Pi C. Brown, Loui&burg;
John:H. Brodie, FranklinC Louis H. Kittle, Hen;
derson; Hi Hi Mitchell, Oxford. May 16.
The following is the letter of accept
ance of the nomination for the Presidency
by the Whig Convention:-
Baton Rouge, La.9 July 15i, 1S48.
Sir: I have had the honor to receive
your communication of June 10th, an
nouncing that the Whig Convention which
assembled at Philadelphia on the 7th of
that month, and of which you were the
presiding officer, has nominated me for the
office of President of the United States.
Looking at the composition of the Con
vention, and its numerous and patriotic
constituency, I feel deeply grateful for the
honor bestowed upon me,' and for the dis
tinguished confidence implied in my no
mination by it, to the highest office in the
gift of the American people.
I cordially accept that nomination, but
with a sincere distrust of my fitness to ful
fil the duties of an office, which demands
for its exercise the most exalted abilities
3ntj patriotism, and which has-been ren
mon country. s
1 have the honor to remain,
With th; highest respect,
Your most obedient servant,
To the Hon. J. M. Morehead,
Greensboro', Guilford Co., No Cav
Front the Petersburg Republican.
As. the views of Gen. Taylor oil polltl
cal subjects arc important at this time we
ruve careluliy Selected his opinions from
his correspondence. It will be observed
that he has, without One single exception,
declared his unalterable purpose to refuse
kf riflnnl !nn tf hnrtv fil lnrirlfS nml ihp
mnlM.l r,fh,rlv inflnonrr.,. It in his M -
tcr of accet)bnec bftlie parly nomination
he hasjiist received he shall chanj
e hiSilM-!!
political position before the country, it
will depreciate very much his high charac
ter. .
In a letter addressed to James W. Tay
lor, of Cincinnati, dated Camp near Mon
terey May IS, 1847, he says in reference
to the Presidency
44 1 am not prepared to say that 1 shall
refuse if the country calls me to the Pres
idential office; but that I can and shall
yield to no call, that dacs not come from
the spontaneous action of the free will 'of.
the nation at large," Sid -
To Mr. Edward t)eloney, dated Mon
terey, Mexico, June 9, 187, he toysi
"Should I ever occupy the White
House, it must be by the Spontaneous
?e of the people, and by no act of mine,;
, , 1 . A '
hat I could o into the office, untram'
so that
melled and be the chief magislrat&of: the
nation and not of a party.".- ; . ,;
. T,o Gen. Peter Sken Smith, oT Phila.,
July 6, 1847 he says:
"If i ever fill that high office it must be
untrammelled with parfy . obligations or
interests of any kind, 6c.
To J. A. Barkery, Esq, July 13, lS4f,
he says:
51 am not
of -any party
litical. creed
To the Hon. J..B. Ingersqll, Aug- 3d,
1847,. he 9rtii
"At the last Presidential election, k I
willing to oe the candidate commencea on r nuay. iasi
..7. v.; - ' . ." - - ?!.. . ,:L t-Jt'titii.-i 11 W-1a1,
to pledge myself to any 'po- A, W, and ended oKthe next morning at
ave that wnicti,proieeeds di- o o ciock a. iu.,
.,-'i:';.;:7UiU ,x I kdi -hliivW -on record TheTerritdri-
was decidedly in favor of Clay's election,
and would now prefer, seeing him in thai
office to any individual' in the Union.-
I must say I have no wish for the Presi
dency, and cannot consent to be exclu
sively the candidate of a party. . r
To F. S. Brownson,of Charleston S. C
Aug. 10, 1317, .he says; - . . '
I need not hardly add that I cannot in
any case permit myself to be brought be
fore the people exclusively , by any of trie
political parties, that now so unfortunately
divide our country, as their candidate for
this office." ,
To Wm. S. Goodj Esq., of N. Y4 Sept.
23, '47, he says: t ..v , .' ..t l
I do not feel myself at liberty to ex
press any sentiment having the nature of
a pledge to any political party." . ..... .
. To the Hon. Andrew Stewart, Pa.,
Nov. 25, -1847, he says:
"I have no wish or intention of chang
ing the position in which 1 stand toward
the people of this country, in relation toStates, 9 of them whigs arrd 9 of them c$
the Presidency, or the course which I
have felt it my duty -to pursue."
To Wm.,M. Murphy, and others, Jan.
30, MS, he says:
"I shall offer no active opposition to the
use of my name in connection with this
responsible office as long as they continue
to use it thus independent of party dis
To Gen Peter Sken Smith, of Phila.,
Jan. 30, 1848, he says:
'lt they the people) desire such a re
sult, (a nomination of President,) they
must adopt the means best suited to their
opinion, to the consummation ol the pur
pose, and if thc$T think fit to bring me be
fore them for this office, through their
legislatures, mass meetings, or conven
tions, I cannot object to their designating
these bodies as Whig, Democratic or Na-'
. - . . 4 . " . '
tivc. liut in being thus nominatcti 1 must .
insist on the condition, and my position
on this point is immutable, that I shall not
be brought forward by them cs the candi-
lie says In subMancer
I f t am elected I' willlook to the con
stitution and not to a party for ray rule of
To Messrs. Baldwin k Gallahefy April
20, '48, he says in substance: --;
1st. "That if Mr. Clay is nominated he
will not Withdraw his name from the can
vass. 2d. That he has never Said that he
date ol their parly or considered as the Mr. Clayton, in the Senate, for the organ
exponent of their party doctrines." ization of the territories of Orecon, NevV
io loi. Miicneii oi unio, icd. Mexico and California, and which finally
was in favor of the tariff of 140, nor thefornia and?NeV Alcxlc'are'lcft4 open io
subtreasitry, not that he originated the the Immigration ofall persons With their
war,;nor that if elected he would select property of every ::kthfl, and if their right
his cabifict ffdm both political parties.,, to introduce slaves; be contested undcr the
To . Capt. J. S. Allison, May . 1, 1848, gefnCfa! principles of the constitution, the
he says in substance: question of right will be decided in the
1st. "That' he is a Whig, and if elected first instance, by theerritoridl Judges, and
he tvcruld hot he the there President o( a i in the last fesoftj bv the United Stales
pariy. 2U. 1 hat he is opposed to.the e-,
UrcUc - oM VetopOWef. . 3d. that the
j'"lgcmeiit of Congress is the measure offbcing prohibited from passing la on the
. . )l
To Brants! Mayer, of Baltimore, he
says in substance! s -
lf elected I will serve the people
strictly as a constitutional, and not as a
party President.
All his Life in Office.
TAiS is fl( lll2
objection to Gen: Cass. Unuckil, it is
an argument with a dcfublfc edge, its keen
est one being for.Gen. Taylor Gen. Cass
has filled a variety of-civil offices, all of
which were schools in which to form the
man of business And the statesman. Cen.
Tavlor entered the armv as lieutenant at
19 j'ears of age, has beenln the army, and
in thq y of the government, for 43 years.
He holds at this moment the highest rank
l in Ko nw.,n, i nan.Iiflntff for the? PrP-
J . . 7 j
sidenc', and receives between 7 and
rii , , . .A . ....t,... .
,uuu annual saiuijr. aiuiuugu ui
his life in ol5ce, it has not been in offices
where he could learn how to' make a Pr csi
dent He acknowledges that himself.
Boston Post.
, , Prom the Union.
A Io fig Session and an important
The1 session (sf trie fSenateV which
al Olll,SUIng, wi iu preseni,uit:
uhddFcowideration, and its' fi Vends wcicj
determined to press it to a vote. Through
out the long night, grave Senators kept
their seats, whilst speech after apeech7for
hc. mos part against the bill, 'was made.
At last, as we have, elsewhere noticed; tin!
bilfwas'put to affinal vote a little before
8 'cloclc oh Saturday morning It rnay
not be entirely uniustruclive to analyze
this vote.4 The vote stood 33 yeas
nays. Of the 33 Senators who' Voted for
the bill, 25 are from slavchold ing Stated,
and 8 from the free States." Of those whi
vole 1 for thVbill from. thVsIaye Stales, 1 9
are -demderats r and' 6 whigs.-'.-KOf tlitf 8
Senators ' from" the free States v?who v6tei I
for the bill, 70a re democrats and 1 only i
a whig. Of 'the 2 Sehators who voted
against the bill, 4 were from' slaveholdih
Stafcsi-ffI-viz.i Mr; BADGER
of North Corolina, Mr. John Bell of Ten
ncsseef and Messrs. Underwood1 and Met
calfe of Kentucky. Of those whd voted
(against the bill, 18 were from the) Tree
mocrat?. Two whigs and one democrat
we're" absent All the Southern democrats)
voted for thebilirOurofthe 8 Northern
votes for the bill, only one was a whi
vote. There was only 7 whig votes'alto
gether cast for the bill. " ' -
"Wre cannot imagine what reason George
E. Badger of N, C, has, to offer to his cop
stituents why he voted with trie North on
this great sectional question.'' We have
not seen his reasons. ' We do not know
what can excuse him.; If will be seen
frOni 'an examination of the Vote as stated
above, that the democratic Senators, both
North and South, supported the bill, we
mean as a body, whilst the whig Sena
tors, as a body, VJted against the bill.
Why this was the case, we are not at the
moment of writing this article, prepared to
ay. So soon as: we get the facts fully be-
f 1 II . . . I 1 1. . - !
i"e us, we snan recur loinesuujeciaguiu,
The CompromiseThe following arc
the main features of the bill reported by
passcq that body oft the 27, Ult 33 to 22.
1. That the present laws of the Oregon
territory are confirmed until they shall be
aiiurcu uy me popular lerruonai legisla
ture, under the new 'organisation and as"
these laws are now understood to exclude
slavery, the bill so far, perriBpsdmits the
right of the territorijil-Je'gisraitife .to; pass
laws on mat sunjecn. nui3'.v vi nat cau-
Supreme Couft. The Gubernatorial ar.d
Judicial Legislatures of these territories
subject of slatery, thepnnciple of non-in
terference js distinctly acknowledged.
This schefne ts( compromise emanated
from a cothmitteeof eight, by ballot of t lie
Senate YoUr fr6m flhe section of the-1.
niart, and four from the olhcrwhalfof
(hem democrats, haif whiiiS: Mr. Cl.iv-
frfn CKrt'iHnart nf. iht 'fitimfaUttdl hnr
from a State situated in the middle' 6f the
tfnion neither, in fact, northltfr south.
The N. C. Regiment 'tUe tciir com
panies of the N.iC; Regiment,' Under com
mand of Lt. Col. Fagg and Major Stokes,
now at Old Point, are an brderly and fipe
looking set of men. We h(iard it remark
ed with pride,y titie of tlic officers of the
Regimeni, that none 0 his men ivete scei
drunk or disturbing in any way, the quiet
of the neighborhood in which they were.
They had cheerfully borne the" exposures,
perils and privations of1 the Camp, in the
service of their country, andfreie now on
ly awaiting an honorable discharge in or
der to return to their. hdrhesv
' Norfolk IJcacon.
VC3A Vans letter writer says that with
each company of the Garde Mobile, be
hind! the drummers fcut liri front of the
company, marches a pretty girl, in panta
loons, frock' coat ahd faftcifu! hat arid fea
ther; to; indicate her office, -she. carries a
hAit1 nf .;nft in one han, and a glass
MimbleHin theothr. She is 'called Uiq
Cantonicrewr. of Com: - I

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