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R. F. Hibbard & Co;'s
fHld Cherry Bitiers,
THIS preparation is a certain sedative
allaying all nervous' excitability and
.Hi.;nr nrrrous irritation- palpitation of
the heart dizziness of the headfain tiness
and all diseases arising from a sy mpathetic
affection of the stomach, are entirely relie
ved by a few doses of these bitters.
v Circassian Halm,
For the cure of all diseases of the skin,
burns and scalds, canKer of the mouth,
cleansing the teeth, cuts, bruises & sprains
also an excellent article for shaving.
Vegetable Family Pills.
These pills have been long known to
the proprietors, and an experience of more
than twenty years enables tliem to speak
with the utmost assurance of -their medical
Carminative Salve,
Originally prepared by the Rev. B.
II ibbard. . : This salve is one of the .valuable
remedies known for felons, biles, painful
ulcers, &c. :
For sale in Tarboro' by Geo. Howard.
September 7, 1847.
Patent Medicincs, c.
R AY's Ointment, for the cure of white
swellings, scrofula, sore legs, &c.
HarrelPs febrifuge, or vegetableionic,
cough mixture of carrageen moss & squills,
14 extract of sarsaparilla and blood root,
antt-bilioup tomato pills,
Sappington's anti-fever pills dd book on fevers,
Goelicke's matchless sanative, for the cure of
consumption, coughs, colds, &c.
Phelps's tomato pills Peters'o vagetable do,
Thomson's eye water, chemical opsdeldoc,
Longfey's great western Indian panacea,
Oil spike, British oil, Dateman's drops, laudanum
Paregoric, essence of peppermint, lemon,' &c.
Harlem oil, castor oil, liquid ointment,
French plaster to cure corns, Cast India hairdye,
Compound chlorine tooth wash, fancy soaps,
Conncl's remedy for diseases of urinary organs,
Sherman's worm and headache lozenges,
Hull's cough lozenges, Hull's anti-fever pills
Roof's founder ointment, for horses,
Clementss vegetable tonic nurture,
Arrastro rig's do do
Evans's family aperient pills, Evans's tonic do
Turner's ague and feverand chill and fever pills,
Tyler's vegetable fever and ague pills,
Wistar's balsam of wild cherry, &c. &c.
For sale by Geo. Howard.
Cotton Yarn.
npiIE subscriber has just received a
Persons desirous of purchasing cheap,
will do well to call and see.
Feb. 4. Geo, Howard.
Bowel an l Summer complain
- Dr. Jayne will guarantee that his Carminative ,
Balsam will; cure Diarrhoea, Colics, Cramps,
Griping Pain, Cholera " MorbuS, Summer
Complaint,zad jther derangements of the Stomach
and Bowels, in ninety-nine cases out of a hun-
dred,andin less than half the time it can be j
effected by any other roean3. 1
11 is exiremeiy pitrdbam, aim cuuurei, are tuuu 1
of it. It is equally as effectual for adults as
children, and when the directions are followed, &
a cure is not effected, the money will be cheerfully
returned Price 25 and 50 cents a bottle
From the Rev, Charles C. P. Crosby.
Messrs. Ai B. & Di Sands I am glad to
inform vou that the medicine sold by yon for
quantity ox motion lain, umcreni . "7 U91 "i-i,fl-u kji ou,- . . ,.. .. , . 1 r .:
numbers which he will sell very low 'the labors of science, and research were rewarded h. depraved appetite, worm, jaun- slight chdls or- sh.venngs drowstne.s faUgue,
numbers, which he sell very uw b dis whicll fully reali.ed the fondwa j dice headache and sick stomach, palpila-' celled stomr.ch or hmbs, m,ng and choking in
tOY Cash or barlir .. ofhft m .j . ,trilhv an , w. - . is iaMv ; lSijn of the heart, diarrhoea. Nervous affee.' loat turbid urine, frequent desire to evacuate
dowel and summer complaints has proved : ingredients, evacuates and purifies; thus they
singularly efficacious in my family. .My wifej superinduce no torpidity r lassitude of the diges
has for years been extremely liable to a most'; live functions. & hence their operations are allend-
distressingr dysentery in hot weather: but by the
use of Jayne's Carminative Balsam for two
seasons, the attack has been obviated in the course
of two or three hoursi 1 have known children,
when attacked by a violent Diarrhoea, cured im
mediately by this medicine. 1 considerDr. Jayne's
medicine prepared with great skill, and highly
beneficial to our infirm human nature.
Yours respectfully, C Ci P. Crosby.
New York, Sept., 1837.
Drt D. Jayne Dear Sir Having used in my
family, for eight years, your Carminative Balsam,
1 deem it due to yourself and the public to
Etate thatl have uuiformly found it efficient in
relieving and removing the complaints for which
t is intendeds I am strongly opposed to ail
quackery, but touching the above medicine, 'l
have testified that which 1 do know" ana that
Which Jiaoe experienced.
Respectfully yours. John C, Harrison.
. Pastor of Baptist Church, Bordentown, N. j.
June 1, 1839.
Prepared only by I)riJ, ATnk, Philadelphia,
nu on agency ny UEO. HOWARD.
aiboio Not, 9.
, ...... . 'L" , ' ........ ; :
Reduced cents.-
' " ' ' : '
Dr. Cliampioii9 ;;-''
Vegetable Agile Medicine, -
A safe and certain cure for: Fevers of every de
scription ALSO, 1
Dr. Champion's anliJiilioiis pills
For sale by" i GEO. JIOWJRD,'
Tarboro', Nov. 9.
JYbticc. .
ARSAPARILLA, Comstock's compound ex
tract; there is no other preparation of sarsa
parilla that can exceed or equal this. If you are
sure to get Comstock's, you "wilt Hud it superior
to all others . It does not require puffing.
Magical - fain tijcli u tor,
The most extraordinary salve ever invented for
the cure of new or old burns and scalds, and sores
and sore eyes. lt has delighted lhousandsi Iti
will take out all pain in ten minutes and .no fail-;
ure It will eure the piles, &c.
Indian JFegclablc Elixir, a sure and safeTemcdy ,
for rheumatism, acute and chronic, gout, and all ;
the chronic pains of bor.es, joints and muscles, ,
arising from a too free use of mercury, &c. 1
Drt Spohn's Elixir of Health, for the certain
.i . i ,f -t , I i.ni'
ing the siomach m most perfect order, the bowciS;
regular, and a determination to the surface. Colds, '
coughs, pains in the bo.ies, hoarseness, and drop-
sy, are quickly cured hy it. Know this by trying,
Dr. Spofinys Jirur PiltsK warranted to cure if ta-
ken ac-ording tc directions; thousands have in
one year been cured offcgueand lover hy then.
Dr. Lin's edcstiul hahn of China a positive 'cure
. .. , ,, J ... ' . . ,
for the -piles and all external ailings internal
i ! . . .i e k,. r,;,..i ,viii.
irril-ifir.no frrnfrlit tn hp nrlaf hv rK'IIOtl Willi
this balm; so in coughs, swelled or sore throat,,
tightness of the chesl this balm applied on a flan-
...,v.v... -
aJ,vill rAliav A ,nrP ...rmf.P, Fresh.wbunds
or old sores are rapidly cured byit.
Lin's temveranc? Litters, on th rrincinle-of sub-
suiuung ine ton?c insieaa 01 uie siiiiiuiaiu pnnti
pie, which has reformed so many drunhardsi
The cclohratcd compound Chiorinn Tuoth wash,
renowned for its efficacy inrpurifyingths breath,
and preventing the decay of teeth, tmd keeping
the gums healthy and sound.
Forsa'Hhv" GEO i:6:.l ;!
wild mim
.fiAiifilLt A
31 Js IT
TI1E startlinrr drawback on nearly all medi-
cal aaents has ever hern that in their pro-
cess of purgation and purification they have also
debilitated the system. Hence purgative me-
dicines were regarded an at best hut a necessary
evil, patients resorting to them for the relief of one
disease at the expend of Anotuk. To obviate j
this, physicians have long sought fr an agent '
that would at the same Time ,rgo. purifv and
RirenhPn: hut their tTorts were n.lv fruftless '
o j
regarded as one of the most important iriumphs
that pharmacy has ever achieved. This imFrt-!
ant desideratum is named
f - -
53t $Lt 2rlO! 8
Vcsctalilcv Universal Vttl
which purify the blood and removo ui eoriiij-t
vitiated humors, and unhealtliy accinnuht:lms !
from the body in a manner never he fore rivalled, :
and which yet produce no weakness or lassitude j
whatever; but on the contrary, t me the stomach j
and invigorate the constitution during the pro-j
gress of their operations! Dr. Lc Roy's pills in
fact unite those heretofore irreconcileable hut;
most aesiraoie qualities, evacuation ai.d mvigora- 1
tion; (or they are at the same time a strengthening
purgative and a purifying tonici The two princi-
pal ingredients in Dr. Le Hoy's piMs are
so prepared that each promotes the beneficial effect
of the other, the former strengthening, while the
latter, through its union with various vegetable
ea DV no reaction, or suosequent cosliveness.
Dr. Le Roy's pills are the most active and
searching medicine in existence They at once
attack the very root ot diseases, and their action
is 60 prompt, that in an hour or. two after they are
aken, the patieni is aware of their good effects.
They not only operate on the blood, but also on
the chyle of which the blood is formed, and this
secures good blood from the fountain head; more
over they produce, neither nausea, griping or debi-
lty, and as a family medicine they have no rival.
Put up for the public with full 'directions' by
American Agerlts, New York.
For sale by Geo. Howard, Tarboro; Hale &
Willard, Spartai March 23.
amt s and prices of Dr. Jayne a
Family Rledicincs, riz:
Jayne's Expectorant, per bottle, $1 00; Hair
tonic, 1 00 tonic vermifuge, 25 Ctsi carminative
balsam, 25 cts. sanative pills, per box, 25 cts.
Vruericau hair dye, 50 cts. alterative, 1 00; ague
dills, 1 00. For sale bv GEO. HOWARD.
Tarboro', Nov. 9.
0 ;f'i"i innrhsN rhpumnticm ' crrliili trm! , , t . . nnn.,i!i Irtontmaa ln!niis
er.'--!T TTk" "1 - '
: - ust ucceiveu,
FRESH SUPPLYof WrHttemoje's
concentrated vegetable syrup, a surc
remedy for diarrhea and bowel complaint also,
HemsIey V worm-destroying syrup j . '., I
anti-mineral pills, ; ' jg
YVhiltemareVAmerican plasters dot on paper,"
Durkee's Green Mountain vegetable Ointment
For sale by Geo. Howard.
I)r. Champion's
ague miccihr;
v2 safe and' CEIi T.4IN CURB for
In all its complicated forms; Also, arret
" - fectual remedy for
Fevers of tvtrij description
HP HIS medicine 4)as been before the
public for a number of years, and the
beneliCial etiect so mny ucveiopeu, uiai
the demand for the pills has increased to
a verv great extent.
P or although the
proprietor Ikis manufactured near Half
jjnn07lr boxes during the past year, he
. t , . SI1Mniv manr nnrts of
the country- This medicine may be relied
on in all-cases to cure the chills and lever
t lie first da'.
liilious fever, typhus fever, winter fever
ltul scarlet fevers, all yield to the use ofi
this medicine, and are cured by this sys-
tem 0fpractice, in a shot ter time, and with
much more certainty than by any other
system that lias hron recommended,
' , , . ' r ...
!"-' eh box contains twenty-lour pills,
- J '
twelve ol winch iv.ll cure any ordinary
case of chills and fever. A pamplet ac-
eo.niKinirfi ftflnh hnx.rivm.r full flirpptiotml
and numerous certificates of the efTicacv of i
.1 :n n: 1 , c, t. i
. 9 . . i f
jii ;.'7c, i a ikying,. ;
rt.vif thattic !
Pu-';pshiir fmir important combined
propeilus for the -cure. f diseases, care-
'n"y a,ui c(,rrt'l:i !!J combined, one article
to assist tfic cii c oj another, jar the
benefit of -the health of mankind.
The proprietor asserts, and Without fear
. - , ' " . . 1
,s n0t equnhed by any mecheme in the
United Stales, lie has in his possession
sreat numbers of certificates of the most as-
hushing cures that have been effected by
U,c use of these pills.
Thcy are .ecom mended to the attention
f .iffl. t . ... y comnM:nf
. clcd ' COmP,a.in '
(1v Hps,.,, b.ll.ous hahUs COStiVCness, chol-
,..u.. .: r..i. c 1
t;i.i uiuiuus, ii:ctiiiiuusiii, SLTUiUKi. ou
' 1 -
1 jor,, obstructed mensturation, dyst-rieiT
or flux heart-hiirn, white swcIHur, and all
lUe Jis-i trisin- from im-t-ro hloo.l
i.iosc uisascs .iMbing liom impt.ic hlood.
Price twenty-five cents per box. A
pamphlet accompanies each box with full
i directions and ample testimonials of the
f0' effects of these pills.
m . .
rhls.iS lo CCrtl!y that VC haVG USGtl Dr
Champion's vegetable ague medicine, and
also, his vegetable anti-billious, anli-dyss-
peptic, purifying and cathartic pills, inour
families for a number of vca' s and have
atso learnCfJ m,,cu n( tunu nou,uvt.. rrnm
1 - - w - m m -J m . V W .
great numbers of persons who have used
them in their families. We-" eta think
them very efficient and valuahle lusdieines
for the cure of diseases for which tvey are
Maj James Pearson, Twigg county, (7a
Ira Durfee, M.D do do da
J Matleck, merchant, lilakeley, do
Col John Dill, Fort Gaines, do "
W H Rawson, merchant, Lumpkin do
Robert Ware, M D Columbus, do
.N S Middlebrooks, planter, Jones, do
' Alex Lowrey, M D Jefferson, do
A C Holbert, J P Doreville, Mississippi,
Maj J McGuffee, Cayuga, do
J I Lewis, Aubrom, do
Col W F Dillon, Oakley, do
S B Simmons, planter, Roselaune, do
C Stancil, merchant Carroll ton',' do
Carbry, Coffeeville, do
B B Arnold, planter, Graball, do
B Meek, merchant, Louisville, f do '
James La wry, merchant, Raleigh, do
D F N Turner, P M Monticello, do
Samuel Jayne, P M Brookhaven, do
ij h csneioon, merchant, Gaston, Ala.
W M Gilmore, planter, Pickens co do
R Long, planter, ' do do do
For sale by Geo: Howard. Tarboro9,
ur. yym. a. bhaw and Wm. O'Cain,
Washington. Bateman & Nichols, Ply
mouth. Alfred H. Hise, Greenville. F.
Wj Moore & Bro., Williamston, and M.
Weston, Kocky Mount. June 18.
.Tin. Ware.
. o .-
Hp HE .subscriber has just received. . a
: fresh supply of TIN 'fVarc, manu
factured at Washington, in this State, viz:
jLard stands, of various sizes, buckets do do,
Coffee pots do do, measures uq do, wash t asias
Lanterns, scoops, milk strainers, eulenders,
i Oil cans', pepper boxes, cups, dish pans, &c
which will be sold . oii reasonable and ac
commodating terms." ..
Orders for gutters ; conductors, and
tin ware Cof every description, will be at
tended to forthwith. Geo. Howard.
Tarboro', March 6. , , . ,.r
r Notice. f
. - 1
r ;- - v. rTtv . . .... -
IL OF TANNIN, or leather restorer, a new
chemical discovery, which penetrates the
stiCest and hardest leather, i has been twenty
years in use; and if, tears easily with the linger,
it.imspart at onee a strength that is utterly ucre
dible until seerii
- Horses that have ring bqge, spavin, wind galls,
&c. are cured byTlooPs Specific; and foundered
horses enli'cly cured by Roof's founder ointment.
Corns the French plaster is asure'eure.
I)r Conner gonorrhea mixture, an invaluab?o
curp. for all diseases of the urinary organs.
Dr. Jay lie's F;ifiiiily Mcdiciiics.
Loss of Unir and Vtaldntss
Hear what Dr. Quiglcy says.:
Shepherd's Town, Fat Oct, 10, 19-13.
Dear Sir You inquire of me whether 1 have
. .. on 1 .1
usc-u your.na.r , onic, ana , .:uc.
veral ynars ago iryluir began to fall rapidly
,ram 1110 scatp,anu 1 nau nit; r"u ui i-.tma
During several "years 1 used
various preparations
recommended for the hair,
from which I derived no benefit. At length a
friend recommended your Hair Tonic, I used three
or four bottles according to the primed directions
and at the end of six mouths my hair was thick
st t, and since its tendency to turn gray was arres
Ud. I have never hef re iiven a certificate recom
mending patent medicines, which indiscriminately
used, as they often are, lo much injury, hut in a
case like the present where 1 know the article tf
he heneiVial,- and that it can do no harm; I haw
no RrrnnU'S in statin? ' facts within my own
u - -
Yours, &c. JOHN QUIOLEY, M. D.
To Uui D. Jays!, Philadelphia!
r. nr? iavne's VRRMI-
w.w,. .. ..... .. -
FUG 12 has never oeen known to fail to cure ...
the worst stages, .
Symptoms of or. -These are headache,
vertigo, paleness of the hps, with flushed cheeks,
grinding the teeth during sleep, disturbed di-eams-
8!ec broken off by. fright and iniJ;Cl,i"
sions. fevenshness, thirst, bad taste n the mouth,
otTensive breath, difficult breathing, itch.ng of the
noslrils, pain in the stomach, nausea, squeamish-
nnss. vnrarinus anne.tue
1 1
the bowel 5, discharge of slime and mucus, &s.
, r , nftrv0Usil.effS:
cart, &c., if gives immcdu
rieu,raiizes acidity o istomach, c
' strengthens the whole system, ai
For nervousness, sick headache, palpitation of
te relief. It also
creates an appetite.
ystem, anu cures mo pucs.
Prepared only by Dr. D. Jayne, Philadelphia,
and sold on agency hy GEO. HOWARD.
Taiboro', Nov. i.
Horses, fyc. for hire.
rHl HK sub1"' ..-oer continues to keep horses and
vehicles fur hire on the following
For carriage, two horses, and driver, $5 00
carriage and harness, -barouche,
two horses, and driver,
barouche and harness, " -'
carryall, two horses, and driver,
carryall and harness, ;
i buggy and horse, - .
uSy and harness, . - -
horse, saddle and bridle, -
horse, . . - -
, horse and cart, - .
Cart and gear, ; -
: Horse and plough, .
plough and gear,
" Wagon and dray, by contract.
- 2 00
4 00
1 50
.3 50
1 00
2 00
0 75
r 25
1 00
1 25
0 25
1 00
SO 2 5
- The above charges are for an ordinary day V
travel longer or shorter distances, by contract.
April 13 - GEO, HOWARD
.' JTotice. ;-
For coughs and lung complaints use Dr. Bar
tholomew's Pink Expectorant syrup.
; : Sic7t head ache, though constitutional or inciden
tal, is cured by .Dr. Spohn's head acheremedyi M
Lin's balm ofCkinat for the cure of all diseasefr
m. I I tCW 4P
that require external application. ,. ,
The gray haired will find the Indian Hair Dy
perfect and effectuaL
For sale by Geo .Howard.
LUe Pills ana Phscnix BUicrs.
t; Tb Medicines have now ben born the n,,K
he for av period tot FIFTEEN YEAHS and
dunujr.lbttV.tMne have maiutained a hjl7diarict
in almost every part or the globe for their cxt'-W
dmary aud munediiita power of restoring mtfjl
health-to persons uflcrinsj- under nearly every kiU
of ditcaso to whicbj.hR hma frame is liable,
of certilicatcd instances, ttiey hare ercn rescue
sufferereJrom the very verge of an untimely pruv
after all the deceptive nostrums of the day had m'
terly failed; and to many thodsaudd. th(y i,uv
permaiieutly secured that uniform eujoyrnent ('f
health-, without which life itself is but "a pirtia
blessing. - So great, indeed, has their efficacy iirva.
riably and infallibly proved, that -it has appeared
scarcely less than miraculous to thos? who wera
acquainted with the beautifully philosophical prjn.
ciples upou which thcy. are compounded, and up0
which they, consequently act., It was to their
manifest and sensible action m purifying the sprint,
and channels of rlifei," aud enduing thorn with re
newed tone and vigor, that they were indebted far
thr nan;.: .. ....
' JJiibkj the host of pernicious quackeries which
boujiC of vegetable ingredients, the LIFE HEDT.
CIKES are. purely and solely. vegetable ; and con!
taju neither Mercnry.'nor Antimony, "or Arss-
Hie, r any other mineral; in my form whatever.
They are entirely composed of extracts. frOm rar
and powerful plants, the virtues of which, thoujrh
long known to several Indian tribes, aud recently
to sine eminent pharmaceutical chemist3, are alto,
gether unknown to the Ignorant pretenders to
medical science ; and were never before adminis.
tored in so happily efficacious a combination.
The first operation is to loosen from the coats of
the stomach and bowels the various impurities and
crudities constantly settling round them ; and to
tamovo the hardened feces which collect iu tii
convolutions of the smalliiitestines. Other medi
eines only partially cleanse those, and lea' 8UC
collected masses behind to produce habitual GusUe
ness, with all its train of evils, or sudden Diarrhea
with its imminent dangers. This f.tel is well
kuown to all jegular anatomists who examine tfia
human bowels after death ; and hence the preju
dice of these well-informed men against the quack
medicines of ' the ajfe. 'The second effect of th
cleaiise the kidneys and the bladder ; and, by (his
means, the liver and lungs, the healthful action of
which entirely depends upon the .regularity of tha
urinary organs. The blood, which takes its red
color from the agency of the liver and lungs, before
it passes into the heart, being thus purified by them,
aud nourished by food coming from n clean stomach,
courses freely through the veins, renews every part
of the system, and triumphantly mounts the banner
of health in the blooming cheek. .
The following are among the distressing v iriety
o; human diseases iu which the VEGETABLE
LIFE MEDICINES are wel1 known to be inlal
hb!e: -
DYSPEPSIA, by thoroughly cleansing the fust
aud second (stomaelis, aud creating a flow of pura
health v bile, instead of the stale and acrid kind;
FLATULENCY, Loss of Appetite, Hcurihurn,
Headache, - Restlessness, Ill-temper, Anxiety,
Languor, and Melancholy, which are the genera!
symptoms of Dyspepsia, will vanish, as a natural
consequence of its cure.
CostiveneSS, by cleansing the whole leiijlh of
the intestines, with a solvent process, and without
violence: all violent purges leave the bowels cos
within two days.
Diarrhoea an Cholera, by removing tin
sharp acrid tluids by which these complaints ar
occasioned, and by promoting the lubricative secre
tion of the mucous membrane.
Fevers f flH kinds. by restoring th H-.-'.H to a
regular c.renlation, through ho prr" -pi
ration in such cases, aud the thorough solution ci
all iulestiml obu action in others.
The Like Medicines have ben known to
cuie. RHEUMATISM permanently in threo
weeks, aud JtbTi' ia half that" time,, by removing
local iuQam- j' iV.Mii from tha muscles and ligainenti
of the joiut8. - .
, Dropsies ot all kinds, by freeing and strength
ening tho kidnejs and bladder . theyjrate most
delightfully on these i'mportaut organs, aud Uj;C9
have evor boeu found a certain remedy for
worst cases of GRAVEL: : 1
AlsoonilS, by dislodging from the lurniugi
of lie bowels the. slimy matter to which tlicM
creatures adhere. t
.Asthma and Consumption, by reliovirg lh
air-vessels of the lutigs from the mucous which even
slight colds will occasiou, and which, if not re
moved, becomes hardened, aud produces thess
dreadful diseases. " ".. . '
Scurvy, "Olciers, and Inveterate Sores, by
th perfect purity which 'these LIFE MEDI"
CINE3 Slive to the Wood, and all t!r. nuiiiers.
. Scorbutic Eruptions" and Bad Complex
ions, by their alterative effect upon the thuds Umt
feed the skin, and the morbid state of which occa
sions all eruptive compJaiats, sallow, cloudy, aud
other disagreeable complexions. ,
The use of these ftlls for a very short time will
effect 'an entire .cure of SALT RHEUM, and a
striking improvement iu Uie cleanup of the skiu.
always ba . cured by one dose, or by two even iu
the worst cases. . , '-, "
PILES. As a remedy for this most distvs? ng
and ohsstmiite malady, the VEGETABLE LIFE
MEDICINES deserve a , distinct and ec-'jiii :uc
recommendation. It js .well kuown to hundreds ia
this city, that the former proprietor of thee va!u
able Medicines . was himself afHicted with thii
complaint for upwards of TitiErr-five years; and
that he tried iu vaiu every reii.edy prescribed
within the whole compass of the Materia Media
lie however at length tried the Medicine which ii
now offered to the public, and he was cured iu
very short time, after his recovery . had been pro
. nouueed not uly improbable, . but absolutely id
possible, by anv human means.
- For this scourge of-tha '.western count ry
Mediciues will be found a safe, speedy, and certain
remedy. Other medipiues leave the system sub
ject to a return of the disease a cure by thesa
medicines is permanent TRY TIIEM, HE SA
Bilious Fevers and Liver Complaints.
General DeWUty, Loss of Appetite, n8
DiSKAses ok Fema1.cs these medicines have beta
used with the most bcueficial results in cases of tl''1
- di-scription : Kino's Evil, and Scrofula, u
worst forms, yields to the mild yet powerful action0
theso remarkable Medicines. Night Sweats
Neavors Deuilitv, Nervous Complaints of JI
-kinds, lAX.riTATioji op the Heart, Faints'1
Colic, aro speedily cured.
Persons whose constitutions have become im
paired by tho injudicious use of Mercury, will
these Mediciues a perfect cure, as they never
to eradicate from: the system all the eft'oc "j
.Mercury infinitely sooner- thaa the' most pn'ij
preparations of Sarsaparilla. A single trial w
place them beyond the reach of competition, iu ta
estimation of every patient.
Several have lately been discovered, and
nefarious authora-arrested, both iu the city of 3w
York and abroad. : .; . . . .
Buy of .no curwho is , not an AUTi:oais
Agent. - ;-.
Prepared and sold" by Dr. W B. MOFFAT.338
Broadway, New-York.' '' '
? Geo. Howard, Tarboro
November 23y 1 849. s
s; . EE. M2. 'Turner's
For sale by: ' ' Geo. '

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