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jVD Quarter? 21st Reg't, N.C, M. ?
Tarboro' Sept. lGth, 1S50.
Unorder of Major Gen'J Singeltary,
this Regiment will meet at Tarboro on
Thursday the 10th of October .next,jirtn
L and equipped for parade and review.
He commissioned officers will attend the
ay before (Wednesday) for officer drill
nj Regimental Court Martial. By order,
Col of 2 1st Regiment.
?. R. Bridges, Adjutant.
Jjove Grove Plantation
THE subscriber offers his plantation
for sale, situated on the W. & R. Rail
low, one mile ir )m town, anu wen
noivn as
ontaining 100 acres, more or less, all un-
jler fence ahdin a high state of cultivation,
an abundance of marl and much on the
I U( Ilia dLUUlllilJUuauiiii i nic IUH.UOJVI.
V desirable the mules, hands, &c. will be
isposcd of with the land For further
particulars apply to & ?. POTTER.
Wilmington, Sept. IS.
State o North Carolina
William Worsley, Sen.
Nathan G. Worsley.
Igecombe County Court, August Term,
0 iginal attachment.
THE defendant is hereby notified that
laid attachment was duly returned to Au
gust Term, 1S50, of the Court of Pleas
n (I Quarter Sessions of said County, lev-
fed on a tract of land situate in said county,'
itijo.ii.ng tne Unas ot wui.am Worsley,; . Rt counlicSf lhal hc ha3
gen. and 13. Melton, and containing 33$ , P , ...
L e i ii i u I Iiema(l to Ham Hit a s
kcrcs, more or less and unless he be and I - . , ,,
Ippear bcfoie the Justices of said Court at And lS fu ? PParod t0 cxeclU a11 Jobs "
the next Term thereof, to be held at the his linc of bus,ncss ,hat nia-v be entrusted
tourt House in Tarboro' on the fourth lo him- He has competent workmen in Iiib
Monday of November-next, and then and emIjloy' antl can -ive t'actory assuran-
Ihere replevy the property attached and ccs lhala11 work enlrusted to him will be
lead to issue, judgment iro corfesso will executed expeditiously and in a workman
be entered against him and such other ; manner. References.
tvocccdings had therein as to the Court !
1 1 11 1
I nan seem ngnt anu proper.
Done by order of said Court, at August
.Term, 1S50.
Tarboro', Sept 7th, 1850.
Farm for Sale.
i BEING desirous of removing to a war-
Liimaie, 1 now oner ior saie, my pian-
station in Warren County, lying on Fish- drctl bales of Colton and one thousand bar
ng and Ilccdy Creeks, and adjoining the rela of Corn. All of the Farm is above
tends of Rev. Wm. Hooper D, D. and oth- vvatcr mark. There is timber suffi-
in a pleasant and healthy neighbor- cient lo keep a good fence around .said
worl-.and convenient to the Select High Farm close and convenient. It has on it
jOciool oi Ur. Hooper.
I The farm lies 12 miles east of Warren
jton and 7 miles South of Littleton Depot,!
nu contains
1 710 Acres.
I There is on it a large and commodious
IT) ir
jewelling, containing ten rooms and eight
fireplaces, all com)ptc, with all necessary
lout houses, Barns, Stables, &c. '
J Five-ninths of 70S Acres, containing a
J large quantity of low grounds, lying near
Jthc above mentioned tract,
j These Lands are well adapted to the
j culture of Corn, Wheat, Cotton, Oats and
I Tobacco.
j rftso for Sftlc,
I An interest in a Store House and Loi
1 T.t T .! t tin n.t r l I I T 1
1 - "'muuii uupui, on wnicn i nave never
Received less than fifteen percent, and am
j now receiving Twenty-seven per cent ir.
J All, or any part of the above property
VP'dl be sold on accommodating terms.
lijnd and approved Security required.
Persons wishing further particulars will
jl'leasc address meat Littleton Depot.
August 29th, 1850. .
Flour! Flour I!
JUST TlV.f!RIVEI). a lof of nrime
mix ;n lirro1e 4 ml Vto 1 f K'ti roU.
" lUUl) til VJ Lk k J 111! 11 UUS-wk
T;,qr-sale by eo. Howard, Tarboro9
and rope.
THE Subscribers have now on hand
their supply of
IS.iSgihg anI Uopc, viz: -
Heavy Gunny and German, bagging
Best Kentucky Hemp" and lube rope
all for sale at unusually low prices.
Petersburg, Va; August, 1S50.
For Sale or Rent.
a v vluadli i , situated at
Rocky Mount, in front of the storehouse
occupied by M. Weston, with a comfort-
i . . . .
able mansion and outhouses fitted up for
the convenience of any person who may
desire a Lot; together with a new store
house just now completed, well finished
and arranged to suit any, person wishing
to engage in the mercantile business. For
further information apply to William H.
Mines or E. G. Armstrong.
August 27th, 1S50.
Fare Reduced.
rW. rT. - . .
11 U,1L "
Washington is reduced to $5
61 50
2 00
2 50
3 00
4 00
5 00
2 00
1 00
2 00
From Rocky Mount to Tarboro
" " " Sparta
" " Falkland
" " " Greenville
Tarboro' to Spar:a
" Falkland
" " Greenville
For scats, &c. apply to IT. Wiswall,
Washington Guohl Hoyt, Greenville
or to Geo. Howard, Tarboro.
February 1, IS IS.
Thomas L. Liddon,
INF0RMS the cjtizcnsof Warlin and the
Jo, fhatfo, Hamilton,
Wm. Norjlcet, Tarboro,
Baker Saton, Edgecombe Co.,
Goold Hoyl, Greenville.
Hamilton, April 3, ISoO
Valuable Farm
0N saia yavm Cil be made two hun
i good ilia r I bed,
ivhirh n pnii.il trt nnv in the Slate. It is;
50 vards in width and i of a mile in length.
A great deal of the marl is accessible at
any lime of the year, varying from 2 to 6
fect in depth. There is also a great deal
of swamp and creek mud extending the
whole length of the Farm, and several
swamp and ridges of good land lo clear.
All of the Farm is easy to cultivate. There
is on it a large and comfortable
&i vei tins MioiiScs
together with all necessary out houses,
such as kitchen, smoke house, dairy, woik
house or weaving .house, cotton or wool
house, milk house, brandy, house, &c. &c.
&c. an excellent gin chouse and rotlon
screw, ten small corn cribs which will
hold 150 to 175 barrels of corn, four large
barns which will hold 400 barrels each;
also, six large fodder shelters, with a great
many good negro houses, and a good over
seer's house many other things entirely
unnecessary to mention. The said Farm
is situated in a pleasant and healthy neigh
borhood, ten miles north west of Tarboro'
on the road leading to Enfield, eight miles
south of the Wilmington and Roanoke
Rail Road. I will take much pleasure in
showing this Farm to any one" who wish
es to purchase. A credit of six years will
be given to the purchaser.
December 22nd, 1649. J
Gash iidyariees.
v THE undersigned will advance in Cash,
three-fourths (I) of the market - value
here of Coin, Cotton, and Naval Stores,
deposited with him for shipment "to .his
friend G.-Williams, Esq.;New. York.
- Wf Hi W I LL A R D.
VVashington,N.G. 17lh Nov." 1849.
To Turpentine makers.
WE WISH to contract for flake scrape
I urpentine, !o be 'delivered next fall and
winter, for which we will give a liberal
price. JOHN MYEUS $ SON.
Washington, 19th Aug. 1350.
Land for Sale.
- . .
THE Subscriber is desirous.to sell his
lanus anu plantation wnereon no now
lives, in Edgecombe count', about threo
miles southwest of Sparta, lying oh a
swamp called John's Branch, adjoining
Peter Evans, Edward Cobb, and Jonas J.
Carr's lands, containing
SOO Acres,
As subject to imptovement as any pincy
land whatever, with a prospect of about
two hundred barrels of turpentine per
year for a few 3'ears. Any person that
would like to purchase such a situation,
may apply to the subscriber. Payments
will be made easy.
August 2Gth, 1S50.
Doll'! yOn Want tO ridC?jlcn.?lh of time as the above stated
THE subscriber keeps constantly on
hand, a large variety of vehicles compris
ing. 2 nzzies, -Barouches, fv.
of every style and finish.
He also manufactures to order any de
scription of vehicles, from an ox cart to a
fine carriage, in a style not surpassed in
this country, and at prices as low as can
be afforded anywhere.
He also carries on a large harness man
ufactory sets of harness from $12 lo!
Vehicles of every description repaired
at short notice and on reasonable terms.
The subscriber will aitcnd the Courts
of Edgecombe, and be prepared lo make
contracts as above, on favorable terms.
Greenville Pitt Co. July, 1850.
Mullets! Mullets!!
JUST RECEIVED, 10 bbls. New
Mullets, which will be sold cheap or
Cash, by Geo. Howard.
HAVING associated with me Mr. Jno
W. Saunders, of Petersburg, Va., an expe
rienced workman in the various styles of
Architecture. I would announce to the
for the building of plain or ornamental
' . ..... . 1 . .
f tl?Scs' Pu,blic , buildinS. churches, &c.
tion. We will cither contract by the job
or by the day.
Tarboro', Dec. 21, 1849.
200 Kegs nails from 4d to 20d inclu
sive, for sale very low by
VV. H. Wil LARD.
Washington, N. C. June 29th, 1850.
i0 bags Laguira and Cdpe cofltc, for
sale by W. H. WILLARD.
Washington, June 29th, 1850.
33 i hhds. 7 good retailing molasses for
40 bbls. sale by W. H. WILLARD.
Washington, June 29th 1850.
Flour and Pork.
; tffj bbls. Flour, 00 do Mess Pork for
sale by W. H. WILLARD.
Washington, June 39th, 1850.
Grrfc fen berg Hedicines.
JUST RECEIVED, the Graefenberg
Sarsaparilla Compound the celebrated
Children's Pafiacea the Eye Lotion the
health Bitters the Fever and Ague Pills
the Vegetable Pills, anuV the Green
Mountain Vegetable Ointment.
1 For sale by 4 "J Geo, Howard.
- : . r v J- . , :
'- - " . -
Important Sale of
Land, $c.
In Jash county , J
- - ; .
THE subscriber being about- lo move
to Texas, or some southern Slate, offers
for sale the tract of Land wliereon he now
resides, six miles north of Nashville, and
four miles south west of Hilliardston,
- ' Containing 320 Acres,
with a good log house with a framed, shed
and piazza to it, good dairy, kitchen, ne
gro houses, good barn and stables, with
about 150 acres of fresh cleared land on
it, all, cleared in the last four years, with
about 5000 turpentine boxes which have
not been worked but one year previous to
this This land lies in a healthy neigh
borhood and is well watered.
ALSO, one other tract adjoining lo
that, v
Containing G27 Acres,
lying on the road leading from Nashville
lo Hilliardsioxvn, with a new framed
building on il 32 feet by 18 ten feet pitch
but not completed, a framed kitchen and
that not completed, a horse apple orchard
capable of making ten or twelve barrels
of brandy, and between 150 and 200 acres
ol cleared land on it, 10,500 turpentine
. i i i
uuxus which luvc ucuu wui ucu nit: sdiuc;
A LSO, a one acre
Lot in the town ofTVashville,
;ith a good store house, tailor shop, con-!
fccliontry shop, and .en pin alley. JUh
lot li.sa.IjoirMng Ihepubhc square onl the;
1 . t...tjw nni i o AMnlilarrjil Ana rl inn
best business places in Nashville.
All of which I .will sell together or
separate so as to suit a purchaser or pur
chasers. Those wishing to buy would, do
well to come and examine for 'hemselves
before they buy elsewhere, as I intend to
sell. All of which I will sell low for
cash, or young negroes, or bonds with ap
proved security. '
June 20, 1S50.
Bacon and Lard
FOR SALE at- the store of
J. J. Pippen Son.
Tarhorb'' .tune 13. 1S50.
100 casks Thomaston Lime, just receiv
ed, for sale by W. II. WILLAUD
j Washington June 29th, 1S50.
Cotton Yam and
Manufactured by the lilount's Creek
Co., of Fayelteville, for sale by their
! Aacnt. W. H. WILLAKD.
Washington, June 29th, 1850;
Koekyillount, Sept.Sih, 148
Cotton Factory $ Mills.
- - mm
npnE undersigned, successors to Battle
Brother in the above property,
have associated themselves together under
the title 6f
They have been at great expense in en
largingthe operations of this establishment
and in the purchase of n'eib' machinery,
and feel warranted in saying, that they
can now ?nakensgood an article of
Cotton Yarn
as tin be manufactured ahjr where iri the
U. States, and are determined to sell at as
5Loto ssmcm
All they desire, Jn order to secure
the trade of merchants and dealers in this
part of the country, is, that they examine
the quality of their Varns,and their liber
al terms, before purchasing elsewhere.
We do only a quarterly business; but
will make the liberal discount of 2 per
ct. for Cash. B. D. BATTLE,
Printing neatly eafetute.il,
AT THIS omCS ' ": - - :
Watch. Clock; arid
Jewelry nepMrins
HAVING employed at very superior
German wnrlrman hv the VeaK I WOuId
wwa J ' a
most respectfully inform the public, that
they can have their r
Watches, &c. repaired,
At my shop in Tarboro', in a style equal
to and as cheap as they can be done else-,
where. '
Jicarrant my workjor twelve months --thus
my 'patrons have the advantago
over those that send their Watches at a
distance, by, having the opportunity of
having them overhauled and repaired freo
of charge, should there beany deficiency
in the previous work, which must some
times happen to the best workmen.
J2 select assortment of Jewelry,
As cheap as can be bought elsewhere.
: ' JO. S. PENDER.
Tarboro', June C, 1S50.
The Subscribers
HAVE formed a Copartnership under the
style and firm of
t ill man & Cuthbcrtm
FoVthe purpose of conducting a general
.furl Commission JSusincsst
They are now receiving from the North
rxo. . , v. .
isortment of GOODS in their line, which
, . - .... .
having been purchased oy meir agenis
there for Cash, they will be enabled to
fill the orders of their friends upon the
I vppv host forms.
. ff . . . fi . .. p :
olhers of Noe,h Carolina in thesacof
(hc.r ju c,,ai in advance lhe!r
best exertions to render entire satisfaction.
They will be prepared at all times to,
make liber-al advancements on produce
when required.
Petersburg, Jan'y 1, 1850.
(JpB. Pitt man, will as formerly attend,
the Courts of Edgecombe county.
S. R Ford,
DEALER in Marble Monuments;.,
Head and Foot Stones; Paint Stones; Im
posing do.; and in short, an) article called
for of either Italian, Egyptian, or Ameri
can Marble; and work warranted to please
or no sale; and if damaged before delive
ry, it is at his expense.
(0csOrdefs left with Geo. Howard;
Tarboro', will be attended to forthwith.
March 15, 1S49.
RESPECTFULLY informs the citi
zens of Edgecombe and adjoining
counties that he carries on the
at the old Stand next doOr to the Vyqnt
Office, where will be found a choice assort
ment of . . ,
(and all articles iri his line of business,)
which he is prepared to make up, at the
shortest notice and dti reasonable terms.
Thankful for the favors already received,
he solicits a continuance of the same, assur
ing all who may favor him with a call,
that none shall go away dissatisfied. Cut
ting ddne at the shortest notice.
N. B. Always on hand a few sflect
articles of ready-made clothing of his own
manufacture. JAS. ME HE G AN.
Tarborough January 1.
Miridge Building. -:
JpERSONS desirous of having bridges
built, either on the plan of driving
ihe posts or by mud sills, are informed!
that they can be accommodated, on mod
crate terms, by apply:ng to tho subscri
ber, who has under his direction negro
ELI, who has had considerable experi
ence in that business, and is fully prepared
to undertake such job?.
tarboro', N. C Dec. 1, I84S.
- -
Forcougfo and lung complaints use Dr. Bar
tholomew's Pink Expectorant syrupy
Sick head ache9 though constitutional? or inciden
lal, is eured by Dr. SpohnV bead acht remedy. ;,
Ldr?s halm of China, for tho cure of all disease
that require external applieation.
The gray haired will find the Indian Hair, Dy
perfect and effeetaah
f For sale by Gw lloicartf.
'i i

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