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TT t D.'nnc M
TflE undersigned respectfully rails the at
tention nf the public to the splendid, highly
finished New Scale
Hose wood and lFahogany
toilhah entire east iron frame handsomely car
ved and gilt this iron frame comhines the en
tire instrument, prevents it from warping and
getting out of time. For fifteen years have they
been tried in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Vir
ginia, and some in constant use in Institutions,
by Professors, and private families, and have
given entire satisfaction? the' climate or change
of waihr have little or no effect on the Instru
ments thetone is powerful, brilliantand sweet.
Principals of Academies, professors and mer
chants will find it to their interest to purchase
these Pianos. AH instruments are warrantee.
Orders and letters will be promptly answered
and attended to. Respectfully,
Address, A. KUHN & CO.
No. 85 NoTth Green St. Ball.
Pianos with metalic plate in Rosewood c
mahogany cases, 6 octave, from 180 to $250,
With iron frame, 225 to 300. 6 J octave, 250 to
350. 6$ 275 to 350. 7 octave, 300 to 500. 7
octave, Grand Pianos, very powerful and bril
liant, from 500 to $1000. Harps from 350 to
The above named Pianos afe constantly man
ufactured with all the latest improvements, and
will be sold on the most accommodating terms.
Any person wishing to purchase a Piano will
please notify the subscriber, and a Piano will be
ent hereby A. K & Co.and if the instru
ment or price do not please, they will be at no
charge oc expense for transportation of said Pi
ano. GEO. tUnVJlIW Tarboro
Patent Medicines, fyc
(jj-RAY's Ointment, for the cure of white
swellings, scrofula, sore legs, &c.
, Harrell's febrifuge, or vegetable tonic,
COTgh mixture of carrageen moss & squills,
" extract of sarsaparilla and blood root,
anti-biliou tomato pills,
Sappington8 anti-fever pills do. book on fevers,
Goelicke's matchless sanative, far the -cure of
consumption, coughs, colds, &o
Phelps's tomato pills Peters's vegetable do,
Thomson's eye water, chemical opodeldoc,
Longley's great western Indian panacea,
Oil spike, British oil, Dateman's drops, laudanum
Paregoric, essence of peppermint, lemon, &c.
Harh'm oil, castor oil, liquid ointment,
French plaster to citth corns, Hast India hair dye,
Compound chlorine tooth wash, fancy soaps,
Connels remedy for diseases of urinary organs,
Sherman's worm and headache lozenn-os,
Hull's cough lozenges, Hull's anti-fever pills
Koof 's founder ointment, for horses,
Clements's vegetable tonic mixture,
Armstrong's do do
Evans's family aperient pills, Evans's tonic do
Turner's ague and fever and chill and fever pills,
Tyler's vegetable fever and ague pills,
Wistar's halsam of wild cherry, &c."&c.
For sale by Geo. Howard.
Just Received,
Dr. Spwicer's Vegetable Pills,
vegetable tonic and restorative bitters.
Dr. Hull's Fever and Ague Pills,
Dr. Murphy's 6ugar-coated anti-bilious
Ague and Fever Tills.
The above medicines are inferior to
none one trial will convince.
For sale by Geo. Hoivard.
Groceries c.
SUGAR, molasses, coffee, Apj)le and French
Brandy whiskey, Madeira andMaTlga wine,
Lorillard's and Outcalt's Snuff, Candles
brown and fancy Soaps, Grouud pepper and
6pice ginger, Starch, indigo, ink and ink
powder, Cap and letter paper, ruled and un
ruled, Steel pens and pen holders, &c. &c.
For sale by GEO. UOWRAD.
Botanic Medicines.
MlE subscriber has just received, d
rect from New York,
TUotnsonian Medicines
Lobelia, green and brown 2nd and 3rd Prepar
tion of do-myrrh, cayenne pepper, pond lilv
Composition, bayberry, barberry, spice bittern
Golden seal, poplar bark, slippery elm, hemloci
Serve powder, nerve ointment, bitter root,
Congh powders, cough Byrup, woman's frteuc
fcynngea of various sizes, No. 6, &c. &c.
which he is enabled to sell at greatly r
duccd prices. GEO. UOfVJMr
Tarboro'. Jurm 23.
:) India Cholagogue
For saU by Geo. Howard.
Reduced to 75 cents.
Dr. 'Champion'-
Vegetable Jgne Medicine,
A safe and certain cure for Fevers of every de
scription ALSO,
Or. Champion's anti-bilious pills
For sale by GEO. HOWARD.
Tarboro', Nov. 9.
- -
ARSAPARILLA, Comstock's compound ex
tract; there is no oiheT preparation of sarsa
parilla that can exceed or equal this. If you are
sure to get Comstock's, you will ftud it superior
to all others. It docs not require puffing.
.Magical t'ain Extractor,
Tire most extraordinary salve ever invented for
the cure of new or old burns and scalds, and sores
and sore eyes. It has delighted thousandsi It
wjll take out all pain in ten minutes and no fail-
uroi It will eure the piles, &c.
Indian Vegetable Elixir a sure and safe remedy
for rheumatism, acute and chronic, gout, and all
the chronic pains of bones, joints and muscles,
arising from a toofree use of mercury, &c.
Ihi Spohn's Elixir of Tfealth, for the certain
prevention of fevers or any general sickness, "Veep
inor the stomach in most perfect order, the bowels
regular, and a determination to the surface. Colds,
coughs, pains in the bo.ies, hoarseness, and drop
sy, are quickly cured byit. Know this by trying.
Dr. Spokn's Ague Pills, warranted to cure if ta
ken according tc directions; thousands have in
one year been cured of ague and fever by them.
Dr. Lin's celestial balm of China a positive cure
for the piles and all external ailings all internal
irritations brought to the surface by friction with
this balm; so in eouglrs, swelled or sore throat,
tightness of the chest, this balm appTied on a flan
ne. will relieve and cure at oncci Fresh wounds
or old sores are rapidly cured by it.
Lin's lempci'anee bitters, on the principle of sub
stituting the tcnic instead of the stimulant princi
ple, 'Which has reformed so many drunfkr.rrisi
The celebrated compound Clilurim Tooth ivash
renowned fur its efficacy in purifying ths breath,
and preventing the decay of teeth, and keeping
the gums healthy 'and sot.d
For sale I' v
':.') HO'IAIID.
rfpIfE startling drawback on neirrry a!l mrdi
cal agpnts has ever heeji that in their pro
cess of purgali'-n and purification they have also
debilitated the svstem. II pnee pu rgati vo me
dicines were regarded as at best hut a r rcesnry
evil, patients resorting to them for the relief of onh
disease zl the expense of another To obviate
this, physicians have long sought for an agent
that would at the same time purge, purify and
strengthen; but their lTorts were nearly fruitless
and they had almost e.-spaired of success whett
the labors of science, and research were rewarded
by a discovery which (uUy realized flie fondest
desires of the medical faculty, and which is justly
regardel as one of the most important triumphs
that pharmacy has ever achieved. This import
ant desideratum is r.amd
23 r. fLt liQU'fl
Vegetable Universal
which purify the blood and remove all corrupt and
vitiated humors, and unhealthy accumulations
from the body in a manner never before rivalled,
and w-hich yet .produce no weakness or lassitude
whatever; but on the contrary, t ne the stomach
and invigorate the constitution during the pro
gress of their operations! Dr. Le Roy's pills in
fact unite those heretofore irreconcileablc but
most desirable qualities, evacuation ar.d invigora
tion; iox they are at the same time a strenorthenino
purgative and a purifying ionics The two princi
pal ingredients in Dr. Le Roy's pills aYe
so prepared that each promotes the beneficial effect
of the other, the former strengthening, while the
latter, through its union with various vegetable
ingredients, evacuates and purifies; thus they
superinduce no torpidity r lassitude of the diges
tive functions. & hence their operations are attend
ed by no reaction, or subsequent cosliveness.
Dr Le Roy's pills are the most active and
searching medicine in existence, They at once
attack the very root of diseases, and their action
is so prompt, that in an hour or two after they are
taken, the patient is aware of their good effects.
They not only operate on the blood, but also on
the chyle of which the blood is formed, and this
secures good blood from the fountain head; more
over they produce neither nausea, griping or debi
lity, and as a family medicine they havfc no rival.
Put up for the public with full directiDns by
American Agents, New York.
For sale by Geo. Howard, Tarboro.
March 23.
Yamis and prices of Dr. Jayue's
Family IfJedieihes, viz;
Jayne's Expectorantper bottle, $1 00; Hair
tonic, 1 00 tonic vermifuge, 25 cts. carminative
Nnlsam, 25 ctSi sanative pills, per box, 25 cts.
American hair dye, 50 cts. alterative, 1 00; ague
inis, l 00. For sale by GEO. HOWARD.
i Just Received,
.A FRESH SUPPLY of Whittemore'd
concentrated vegetable syrup, a sure
remedy for diarrhea and bowel complaint also,
Hemsley's worm-destroying syrup,
anti-mineral pills,
Whittemore's American plasters doi on paper,
Durkee's Green Mountain vegetable Ointment,
For sale by Geo. Howard.
Tin Ware.
THE subscriber has just received a fresh sup
ply of TI.Y Ware, manufactured at Washington,
in this State, viz:
Lard stands of various sizes, buckets do do,
Coffee pots do do, measures do do,wash tastes
Lanterns, scoops, milk strainers, culenders,
Oil cans,, pepper boxes, cups, dish pans,&Ci
CC'Orders for gutters, conductors, and tin
ware of every description, will be attended t
forthwith! Geo. Howard
Tarboro', March 7i
To Pensioners,
TH"E Subscriber continues to act as
1gcnt for Pensioners,
At Fayetteville, North Carolina;
Charges moderately for his services; furnishes
all desired information, and supplies all neces
sary Bla iks without charge.
January 113, 1850.
From I?a1cih to Rocky Hoimi.
Fare Rcducrd.
THK Ru!)3fri!)er has taken the contract for car
rying the mail from RaU-igh to Reeky Mount,
and will place on the line comf rtahle stages.
(too 1 horses and careful drivers, and will ru it
to connect with the cars on rlie Wilmington-Rail
Road, and with his stage line'from Rocky Mount
to ashinijton he will
Ri dace the Fare ax follows.-
From Rah igh to Easle Rock, SI 00
St -.mi hope,
Rockv VI unt.
1 50
2 50
3 50
4 50
'I'runks, of ortliaary siz and weight, 81 SO
ait of the wavin proportion snaali packages, 2C
cuts boxes and brudlcs agrceub'y to size and
Trunks, packages ir-n.-t be drpo-'itcd ct ?
( nc an'.-ve ptaees i u uo irei. in p?.ui, or wie suo- i
scriber will n l e rt'Spr nsibV f r their safety.
Fr scars, fcc apply to VI. Varbrnjiolj, H
cigh T. R. Di-bnam.'HPfileK.v'k A. J. T.ster,
Wakefield I). S. Crenshaw, Stai.hope B. II
Freemnn, Nashville Wi Ij. Quails, Rucky
Tarboro', April 11, IS ID
To Farmers and M2 airy men.
Jlnthvny $f EmersOis
i'ntent double acting rotary
F o r s a 1 c b y Geo. Ho wa rd.
A scientific Meclizine.
Til andrclh Fills
for sale by Oto. Howard.
To thr. in!4ic.
HE concurrent testimony of mm of integrity
and worth is the best evidence wc can have
of any fact o which we have no cognizance our
selvfls The great advantages possessed by this
article over every other, are its certainty, safe
ty, convenience and economy. All physicians
admit that great danger is to be apprehended from
drugging the eye when in an inflamed and unheal
thy state. In the use of this salve this objection
is entirely removed, as no harm can possibly re
sult from its use: itbfcingin all cases applied to
the external portions of the eye, thereby avoid
ing all the inconvenience, pain and danger, which
necessarily attend the introduction of any pungent
article into the eyei Its activity in subduing in
flammation is so great that but few cases require
the use of more than one bottle to effect a perfect
cure. One physician remarked to us, after hav
ing witnessed its effects in several instances, that
it was a "perfect fire killer." We might
multiply reasons why this salve should be prefert
red above every thing else in the treatment of dis
eases of the eye, but we prefer it should stand on
its own merits. AH we ask is that its virtues be
thoroughly tested, and that the directions be strict
ly followed.
Every bottle of the genuine salve has the name
blown in the sides of the bottle and the written
signature of the proprietor, D. Mitchell, on the
outside wrapper. D. MITCHELL.
Perry, Wyoming county, N.Y
. ALSO, Dr. Gordon's vegetable anti bilious
family pills, and Dr. Tyler's ague & fever pills,
Raleigh Book Bindery.
OS ' -
tfolm tt. M2e Carteret
RETURNS his grateful acknowledgments to
the public for the very liberal patronage which
has been extended to him, and respectfully an
nounces that he still continues the business of
Book-Bindinr in all its forms, in the City of
Raleicrh. where it 19 conducted, as heretofore,
over , . .
The North Carolina Book Store.
where every material and instrument necessary
for binding, re-binding, repairing, will be kept
coustantly on hand, and all-work entrusted to
him will he promptly and faithfully executed,
in as substantial a manner, as elegant a sty U, and
upon as reasonable terms, as it can he done any
where. ' .; .
He will also execute to order, all lurwls of
bound in plain or line style to suit purchasers,
which cano.t be srpassed by the'North-em
work, viz Ledgers, Journals, Day Hooks, Re
cord Books, Invoice, Cash, Letter Books, &c
&c. .
All orders will be executed with neatness and
despatch, and the patronage of the public is res
pectiully solicitedi
A liberal discount for cas!a
R ileigh, August 15th, 1819.
QTj-Books, &r? sent to, or left with, Geoi How
ard, of Tarb-ro', will be forwarded with de3
patch i
R. F. ilibbard & Go.'s
J J Ud Liter ry Bitters,
TT11S preparation is a certain sedative allay
ing all nervous excitability and calming nervous
irritation palpitation of the hc.irt dizziness of
the head faintiness and ail diseases arisii ;r
from a sympathetic affection of the stomach, ate
entirely rclioved by a few doses of these bitters.
Circassian Balm,
For the cure of nil diseases of the kin, burns
and scalds, canker of the mouth, cleansing ihe
teeth, cnts, bnrises m.d sprains alsso an excellent
article for shavingi
Vegciabl-e yimlly Vills.
These pills have been long known to the pro
prietors, and an experience of mor than twenty
years enables thtm ao speak with the uimost as
surance of their mefitc il virtues.
Ca rm inative Sa Zr e.
Originally prepared by the Rev. B. Hibbard
I his salve is one of the valuable remedies known
for felons, biles, pain ul ulcers, &c.
For sale inTarboro' by Geo. Howard.
IL OF TANNIN, or leather restorer, a new
thetnical discovery, which penetrates the
stillest and hardest leather, i has been twenty
years in use; and if tears easily with the ringers,
ituiispartat once a strength that is utterly ncre
dible until seem
Hordes that have ring bone, spavin, wind galls,
&Ci are ecred by iloo'f's Specific; and foundered
horses entirely cured by Roof's futinder ointment.
Corns the Frt nch plaster is a sure cure.
Dr Conn cts gonorrhea mixture, an invaluab!e
cure for all diseases of the urinary organs.
Fcrsaleby GEO. HOWARD.
Tarboro', Nov. 9.
ilorscs, fyc.for hire.
fn HE subr- .ner continues to "keep Wr&fe and
vehicles for hire on the following
For carriage, two horses, and driver, 85 00
,, carriage and harness, - 2 00
, baVotrche, two horses, and driver, 4 00
,, barouche and harness, - 1 50
carryall, two horses, and driver 3 50
carryaii and harness, : 1 00
buggy and horse, ' 2 00
buggy and harness, " - D 75
horse, saddle and bridle, - 1 25
horsB, - 1 00
, horse and cart, I 25
,, Cart and gear, - 0 25
Horse and plough, 1 00
ii plough and gear, . O 25
Wagon and dray by contracts
The above charges are for an ordinary day's
travel longer or shorter distances, by contract.
APril 13- GEO, HOWARD,
Cotton Yarn.
'P HE subscriber has just received a
. quantity of Cotton Yarn, different
lumbers, vvhich he will $e very Iqa
For cosh or bnyttv.
Persons desirous of purchasing cheap,
vill do well to call and see.
Feb- 4- ; ?f UqiQard.
Life Pills and Phrcnix Bits
titroo ..it..n,iuc nave now h pn iuir
he for a penoJ of FIFTEEN YEAP
dwring that lime have tnuintiiiu,.,! almff' M
in almtwt every part of tho clobe f.ir li,r,l,i-r
dinary and immediate pover of r'sio
health to persons nn fieri nor nn,l..i-... ' ". '"'S
of disease to which the. human frame isi'ii5
of certificated matinees, they liavo evon
ufferers from the very verjre of an u;iti,flPu.r,'s' N
after all the deceptive nostrums of i!,e ,j . ,r;i.
terly failed; and to many thousand,, au
permanently secured that uniform eniov ' 'V(
health, without which life itself is but ";
Messing. So fjpcfit, indeed, has their efficat
riaWy aud infallibly proved, that it hw "
pcarcely less than miraculous to those wh
acquainted with the beautifully philosophic
ciples upon which they are compound.'.! n. J'
which they coiwequeutly act. It
Wlls to i'?
n-iMiiilVat sensihle. action in tiiirf,-;
. . ,:r. ... j J . 6 1110 SDrli,...
1 7iT
ana cnannera oi me, aim enaiung tnem
newed tone aud vigor, that they were iadel 'i
their name. -fcJ
Unl;k the host of pernicious quacVerios -boast
of vegetable ingredients, the LIFE
CINES ure purely and solely vegetable ajj'
tain neither MerCliry, "or Antimony, lior A?' I
DlC, nor auy ol,ier rural,iu any form wl,83" f J
They are entirely composed of extracts fro"''' I
and pwerfttl plants, the virtues of which ,1
long Known w several iiiuian inoes, and rr T
to some emiuem pharmaceutical cliemists art
gether unknown to the ignorant pretondT
medical science : and were never
tered in so happily f5eaeioHs a conibinalinn
Ttxo first operatiou is to ksoxen from the coats f
the stomach and bowels tho various impurities j
crudities constantly settling round them ; a J,
remove the hardened fseces which collect ia ii
convolutions of the small intestines. Other m
ernes only partially cleans these, and leae sl
collected masses behiud to produce habitual Cobtr
4iess, with all its train of evils, or Budden Diarr
with its imminent dangers. This fact is !
known to all regular anatomists who examine tU
huinau bowels after death ; aud Leuce tlni
dice of theso well iuformed men against the uac
medicine oC the aje. The second effrt vV
cleanse the kidneys aud the .Madder ; aud, bv tVa
means,' the liver aud lungs, the healthful action of
, which entirely depends upon tho regularity of
urinary organs, 'f he blood, which, takes its t4
color ficm the agency of the liver aud luiiirs.befe,
it passes into the heart, being thus purified by then
aud nourished by food coming from a clean stormy
courses freely through the veins, renews everypy
of tho system, aud triumphantly mounts the bliim
of JjeaJth in the (dooming cheek.
Tlie following are among the distressing varifiT
of human diseases iu which the VEGETABIj
LIFE MEDICINES are well known to be m&
ht!c :
DYSPEPSIA, by thoroughly cleausin t!)e fa
and second stomachs, and creating a flow of p;,
healthy bile, instead of the stale and acrid kind
FLATULENCY, Loss of Apptthc, HeanUtl
Headacite, RcstUsexess, Ill-temper, Anxiety,
Lunguor, aud Melancltoli, which are the geatrs!
symptoms of Dyspepsia, will vanish, as a uatirj
consequence of its cure.
Ccstivsiiess, by cleansing the whole Icnthof
the iutet-tiues with a solvent process, and without
""Violeirce : all violent purges leave the bowels cos;in
within two days.
Diarrhoea and Cholera, by removing tin
burp acrid iluids by which these complaints a
. occasioned, and by promoting the lubricutive seers
lion of the. mucous membrane.
Fevers ot dl kiuds, by restoring the Woodtu
regular circulation, through tho process of pppj
ration in siwh c:ist s, and the thorough solution i
all intestiiiui obtruition in others-
The Liff. Meiicinei have been known ti
riu RHEirirlATISlI permanently in tlia
weeks, and GOU T in half that time, by r?mon
local inflammation frem the muscles and li&i iwcti
of the joints.
Dropsies f aH kinds, by freeing and strengLh
ening th kidneys and bladder, thoy opera;? vM
ficlightfuHy on these important organs, aud hm
have ever been found a certain Vemedy fur tla
worst cases of GRAVEL.
Also "Worms, by dislodging from the tunitoji
-cf fh3 towels the slimy matter to wln'i:k liiew
creatures adhere.
Asthma a"d COMtimption, by relieving fti
air-vessels of the lungs from the mucous which m
tlight colds "will occasion, and which, if iwt re
moved, becomes hardeue4, and produces tlic
dreadful diseases.
Scurvy, Ulcers, and Inveterate Sores,
the perfect purity which these LIFE ME2I'
CINES S,ve to fheblood, and all the Immure.
Scorbutic ErnptionB and Bad Gaapler
ions, by their alterative effect upon the fin ds that
feed the skin, and the morbid state of which occt
ems all eruptive complaints, 6allow, cbmdy,ud
other disagreeable complexions.
The use of these IMls for a very short titue wi!i
effect an entire cure of SALT RI1EU.M, and i
striking improvement in the clearness of the skit
always be cured by ouo dose, or by tv.o even in
the worst cases.
PILES. As a remedy for this most distrps
and obstinate malady, the VEGETABLE IlTB
MEDlClljES deserve a distinct aihJ uv.fiM
recommendation. It is well known to hundreds a
this city, that the former proprietor of the? vain
able Medicines was himself afflicted with M
complaint for upwards of thirty-five veau8; m
that he tried iu vain every remedy prescribed
.within the whole compass of the Materia Mdci
He however at length tried the Medicine which
now offered to the fmblic, and he wes cured ia
i .
very short time, after his recovery had neeii r
nounced n6t only impiobable, but absolutely ifl
possible, by any human means.
For this scourge of tho western country1'
Mediciues will be found a safe, speedy, and certei
remedy. , Other medicines leave the system
ject to a return of the disease a cure by
medicines is permanent TRY THEM, M"
Bilions Fevers and Liver Complai;
"General Debility, Loss or Antra an
Diseasks oir Females these medicine ',ave 1 V,,
used with the most beneficial results in esses ci w
description : King's Evil, and ScronJAi 111
worst forms, yields to the mild yet powerful action
theso remarkable Medicines. Night &ff,lj
Nervous Debilitt, Nertocs Complain 01 '
kinds, I'almtation of thb IIeaiit, Fain
GoLrc, are speedily cured,
Persons whose constitutions have become J
paired by the injudicious use of Mercury.
these Mediciuef a perfect cure, as they
to, eradicate from the system all the efieotf .,
Mercury iunVitely sooner than the most pff?
preparations of Sareaparilla. A p.i if '4
place them beyond the reac1 o j coJjipei;i a n
estimation of every uatlent"
!5PYe?al have lately been discovered,1 aud M
nefarious authors arrested, both hi the city a
Vork and abroad. " '
Buy of no one who is not Airriio
Prepared and .sold by Dr. V B. MOFFAT,!?
BrpadwuyyJfew.York. ' '
' Geo Howard, TMWX
Novom bcr S3, 1649.
infallible Ycmj FQWh
For sap by " dep, HQyW1
November 2t
Tarboro', Novi 9.
I For sale by GEO. HO WARD.

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