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(fWc have enclosed in, this paper
Hie accounts of some of our subscribers
x ho are in arrears, and earnestly urge
ihcm to forward their respective dues as
speedily as possible by mail or otherwise
JWe tender our thanks to Hon. J.
H. J. Daniel for a copy of the Patent Of
ike Report for 1849 and 1S50
The Slavery question and State Rights
We invite attention to the Repot ts :
the Committee on the Slavery question
-and State Rights, submitted to the Ges
ral Assembly by the Joint Committee m,
pointed for that purpose, which will b
found on our first page. The doctrine of
secession is now as virulently assailed ax
nullification was, and should the federal
ists be as successful in the former as they
were in the latter case, we should then
change our name to the United Nation of
America, instead of the United States.
olina on certain cOndkiontwhichs a-! wealth of Virgmia; asls now :iy lawsP-;
d led " ipropriated to send such person to Liberia,
Mr J J Williams introduced a Bill and .another ; addingf expatriation to the
providing for compensation to Justices of : punishment of colored persons for hr
the Peace appointed to settle the account; ceny. '- -
of-Guardians, Executors andAdministra- . ; f
tors, and to lake the tax list. , Referred to! SW.-They had a shad las week in
the Judiciary Committee. Bill provides, Savannah which sold for five dollars. It
a compensation of $2 per day, to he paidj ws the first of the season. r
by order of the County Courts. j
On the 18th. Mr. Barman nresented a! New Enterprise There has been an
Bill to prevent the selling of Spirituous association formed in Raleigh under the
limmr to Slaves, which nassed first i title of the "North Carolina Industrial As-
readin and was referred to the Commit-! sociation," of which Gov. Morehead of
tPon ih .T.idiciarv TProvides for in- Guilford, has been elected rresiuem lor
flictinc a nenalty of not less than 15 nor! 12 months from the 19th insf.
mnm than 30 lashp on nnv - nerson or! The object of the Association is to
no nnnnA r n:M i: tJ. "hold a Pair for the exhibition of articles
slaves without a written permit from hisjof production, ingenuity and skill in the
nrher master or owner.
On the 21st, Mr. Steele presented a
resolution instructing the Committee on
the Judiciary to enquire into the expe
diency of making it obligatory upon all
Banks to redeem their notes whenever
;hev may be presented, without reference
f the particular place at which they may
-)'. made payable Adopted
On the 21th, Mr MeKov introduced a
?i!l for the relief of indigent Widows and
Maidens, by taxing Bachelors and Wid
owers, and for sundry other purposes.
Laid on the table and made the special
order for So'clock.
I Agricultural, Mining and Mechanical e
partments of Industry," to award pre
miums (through the agency of a commit
tee,) 'for the best specimens of produc
tions of ingenuity and skill in the depart
mcnls of Industry, exhibited at the annu
al Fair." This offers inducements for in
vention atjd enterprise in the various in
dusttial pursuits in the State.
We look tmon this as the very best
thing that has been attempted for the State,
for nnny years; and we hope that those
who have thus made the move in the mat
ter, miy meet with a hearty cooperation
throughout the Stute
There h.33 been a committee appointed
to prepare an address to the people of the
State, and we hope when it shall have been
published, it will meet with a hearty re-
1830 was a trifle over 4,000,000. The iiaUK IlOaU NlHU'
125 square miles, which gives a square
mile to every twelve inhabitant. The
returns of the present census indicate a
large increase of population in some of the
States, while in others the gain has been
quite inconsiderable. In Maine they have
fi!2.f)f)f). heinor an increase, in ten years of
5 ' 1 J5 '
BOOKS of Subscription to lhe
ville and Raleigh Plank Hood C
will be opened cnthe 1st Day ofT''-'
next, and remain open lor i;irly
the following places, viz. '--at
' 111 or .1
rection of John Myers, y
110,207, over twenty per cent. Massa-; James E. Hoyt,B. F. Hank
President Fillmorey and South Car
olina. Recently some additional U S.
troops have been sent to Charleston. The
Governor of South Carolina addressed a
U tter to the President, asking why this is
done at the present time. The President
in reply states that he is by law Comman
der-in-chief of the Navies and Armies of
the United States, and he is not aware
that he can be held accountable either to
individuals or State authorities, for tin
manner in which he may deem it necessa
ry to perform his duties. He is alone re
sponsible to a k Higher" Power.
The Election of Treasurer. The e
lectioa of State Treasurer came on in the
TTrtneA nf Pnrnmnns nn Thn rr1:i v thf Otll.
r a i . 1 n . t wr n , rn 1 ! sponse in this County
ingham, received 81 votes. C. L. Hin
ton, 79 scattering 3.
Second ballot Courts. 84 Hinton, 77.
So Mr. Courts was elected.
Scattering I.
Death by Drowning.
We regret to learn that intelligence has
been received from Tallahassee, Florida,
confirming the report of the death by
'drowning of a citizen of this county on
his return from Florida, which was pub-
C on stress.
The Holidays having gone by, we may
now reasonab expect that both Houses
will rapidly dispose of the business before
i hem.
IVarrenlon News.
From the Fuyellevillc Carolinian.
chusetts has 1,000,000, being an increase
of 220, 172, also upwards of twenty per
cent. Pennsylvania has 2,300,000 show
ing an increase of 575,597, or over thirty
three per cent. Ohio has 2,200,000 show
ing an increase of 670,732, orover forty
per cent. Wisconsin has 350,000; she
had but 30 000 ten years ago. The Dis
trict of Columhia, on the other hand,
has gained but 7,000 She has now 60,
000, or less than twelve per cent, increase
North Carolina has 800,000 being an in
crease of 46,581, or only about six per
cent South Carolina has only 63S,099,
being-an increase of only 44,701 less
than eight per cent. We have returns
from only one other southern State, that
is Georgia, the population of which is now
1,000,000, showing an increaseof 30S,60S
or about forty-five per cent. The ratio of
increase in the whole Union, estimated
from the returns received of seventeen
States, is about thirty per cent. That of
Georgia is fifteen per cent, ahead of the
average, that of South Carolina is twenty
two, and that of North Carolina twenty
four per cent below the .average. In the
Northern Slates heard from, the rate of
increase is uniformly over twenty per
cent. i
aiui J.
AT GREENVILLE, under the .
tion of Goold Hoy 1, Charles QrPr "i?'
win H. Goelet, Win, Bernard s 1
Henry Bell, K H
the directiorrbf Jonathan Rountre T''
farmer and Barron C. Watson 11
AT EAGLE ROCK, und a ,.
tion of T. R Debnam, Wm. II, u
iNeeonam nice.
AT RALEIGH, under the , .
of Thomas D. Hogg, Wm. II
James T. Mariat.
Amount of shares $25.
Two Dollars on each share to' bo m'i
o n su bscri b i n g J O Ar M y .; ,
E F. IMkks
Washington, N. C, 27 Dec. 85o.
last of Letters
ivem.uningr in me rosi Ufiice ati'aiboroV ihel,.
ot Jn. ibM, which it not taken not l,, t .
1st of April next, will be sem to the Gtnr
Post Office as dead lettcrsi
Andress Wall is 2 Jenkins F II
Andrcss Gray Jenkins J F3
Adams Mrs E Jones Eiizabdh
A II James Knight .1 C 2
Brown Miss Analiza Knight John
From the Raleigh Standard.
Jl Eeauliful Complexion.
Mnw'.eJ v nrrr rn l lure s not a man or woman on tlie
l- I II K'. ' V IIWIIL Ullllllll, iUH III ',i - . , . ,
r . . i . i Vll iH i. I.iin noluin O U i lnl r
r t.,.n r nt..k i. .., -1 i ace ot l la e earth .out what admires a nure. "" u5nuaniucurew i
commenced the work of imnrnvrniPMt hv!t!n and healthy skin; yet how many I lian Edward Lyon Mrs Martha
doing the State some service, as follows: j thousands are there who are sorely annoy-ICCT L
l i?nJ;.wh.im r..ir.f .... imK ed with a nimoled. blotched, and discolor ! y "
an iut,iiii(.iiuiu luuih y . Ull 1 C 1 1 1 I 1 1 3 I CI I i I , '
" r XT i .1 rv
Hon. D.i id S. Reid and Miss Henrietta
ed skin. Ve who arc thus suffering are
W., daughter of Hon Thomas Settle.
j advised to try
j Rudway's Chinese Medicated Soap.
CQThc Liberia packet sailed from ! h is aPl"lof the great men in
B .himore on the 2Kst inst., for Liberia. i tlle NCwn a,,d IS USCtl t0 the eclus?on of
-1 . i r m r i all other soaps by the bon ton ot fashion,
with I emigrant Iree negroes 12 from; 1 J
North r,:,roiiii:. ii 11 IS UtiULl 1114,11 aU 01,11,1 H'aP 10P UU" 101
Virginia. Gov. Floyd, of Virginia
hns sent in a special message to ihe Lej;
islature of that State, in which ho takes
rorifc crounds uuon the Slavt rv duration?'
ii i . f7T . I' ii n v riinl lipr tiit nf rr:n:i
inn auvises a uonvcniion 01 all the Mates,! v- j ,jcs torr)1
to bt.' held nt Haltimnre in M.nv nnvi. tnicia,iS l);,cd 'bioijh Wilnnnton lastL, '
make a final settlement of the whole ! Sunday to Chat loio.i Oil Sum
nucsiion. This nronosition doos not -in-! there was a tremendous Llow, not only on
r.... w., i, r, ...... the coast, but all through this section
(IVai , U1UJ Ml . -Villi UlUV.il j
' country. Die Journal says that &rcat
let and its medical properties for the cure
of Salt-Rheum, Ringworm, Tan, Pim-
iew, Rouh Skin, chapped
, . , i1 lesh, the bites of Mosquitoes, and all oth
lay nicht . . .
. er cutaneous eruptions, is superior to any
P other preparation in u?e. It is truly a
i r .
wofKieriuj nrenaralion. As a ntirserv
Bradley David
Bryan James
Bryan F
Baits Mrs Louisa
Lawrence John 2
Lane William H
Mooring MissC
Martin RevLW
Mariott R 11
MackcnaSl Willia.u
Cherry Miss S E J Morgan Willis 1)
Gh erry Lunsford Ii Mavo Thomas
Callaghan John
L'urie Thomas
Uancy L L
Edwards M P
F armer Is ae B
Gardner John 2
Gay James A
Giegorv S V
Mayo Lcuiza
Mercer & Rurou
Neal Charles E
Pender C W
Phillips M5sSr
Pitt John 11
Paton Warren
Purvise John VV
! Jiti
1 '
Doub, Esq., has been
anxiety was felt for the safety of the
soap it excels every thing of tjw kiml ; Grimmer W A & Co Right J E
! steamer Gladiator, which left Wilmington
children washed with
l ! T I l- . . 3
r- i. i r . r .l. , .i. u i as.suciaien w a t LPin.iv niii rmn.nsin
wiau.rp.p.nui.Hiii u.i, :r-in,. , P , ' ' . ' ' ... .' . i for Ciiarleslon on that day
irittorj iiowell, of this county, has re- , . . , . r , ., . i
wou'j iim rigm fjj 'i ifiiowsnip, anu ;
ways possess u sweet, p
thisfroAD will
S - ...
y I l
ure. lair
Garrett Alfred
ceive1 s !: ucr informing him of the dc-
parl-vr-- his son, Green B Howell, from
Talliha' and enclosing the following
extras! !(?!' i late. S.ivmnah paper:
JJThe body of G. B.' Howell, who
f.Il overboard from the steamer tVm
wish him a pleasant and successful career'
in his new vocation. ib
ton Mercury,' that the Gladiator arrived
then; about 9 o'clock Monday nicht. a
bout 13 hours later than her usual lime. -ib
; i
(JJ Wo. learn that W W. Avery, Esq.,i "
of Burke county, has been invited to ad- South Carolina 11. B. Rhett has
dress the two Literary Societies of on; heon elected Senator in Congress by the
Rogers John P
anu neat-1 " ji.vc.
K.. , l. : i ill v man l enru .ivnorp .l;ini x
. S. W e icarn since from the Charles- J J .. m , .. t , c
prelerence to casttle soai) toi washing sore s. i " oun& 1,1 1 J
T r t nrrlop in irot thn .mnninP onnn vr-n ihil I HsklDS JeSSee Short l W
fi fm; :;n lb ninnl nf tJna -QfWh nlf was i
i I i r I n n o
1 V 1 . . , ' 111
rtcsveifu near iSrunswick on the otn msi.
A coroner's inquest was held on it, who
leturned a verdict of "drowned," after
which it was interred near that town.
There was found on the person of the
deceased one dollar and thirty cents, and
a letter; the latter, however, was so much
defaced that its contents could not be as
certained. Mr. Howell was from Edge
combe county, North Carolina,
General Assembly.
On the 7lh ult. Mr. Clarke, from the
Committee on amendments to the Consti
tution, to whom was referred a bill for
calling a convention to alter and amend
the same, reported unfavorably. Ordered
to lie on the table.
On the 19th, Mr. Clarke, from the
Committee on the amendments of the
Constitution, to which was referred the
bill to abolish the freehold qualifications
for voters in the Senate, reported a sub
stitute and recommended its passage.
On the 23rd, Mr Joyncr presented a
memorial from Stockholders of the Wil
mington and R R R. Company, praying;
an amendment of the charter. Referred
.to Committee on Internal Improvement.
House op Commons.
On the 6th ult. Mr. Barnes of Edge
combe, presented a resolution that the
Committee on the Judiciary be instructed
to inquire into the expediency of giving
County Courts the discretion to pay War
dens of the poor. Referred.
On the 17th. Mr. Caldwell introduced a
the signature of R G. Railway is upon
each cake. Price 25 cents per cake.
Dudley's Anti-rheumatic Oil, a certain
cure for chronic Rheumatism.
University ?t the annual Commencement, Legislature ol bouth Carolina. 1 he Leg r i . i ia
next. Mr Averv hns accepted .islature ot tins btate has also passed the f. ( . . XT f
.... . . . thf m frn rnn nl t rt rsj I
. . -.. . m-n. .... i r i i . . ...... . ..... t . ... .
the invitation. Ualctgh I trnrs. , xi iui mt- cjlxuuu oi ociegaies to a
. Southern Congress, and members to a
State Convention in February next, to be
Small Pox This loathsome disease,
we are concerned to state, is prevailing convened by the Governor, at his discrc-
ALSO. by W Bernard, Greenville;" R.
A man, A man's mill; Mr. Alston. Golds
boro' and Geo. Howard. Tarboro
extensively in portions of the State, west
of ibis City The Commissioners of Sal-
The bill of the Senate of South CarolU
sburv, Charlotte, Concord, and other nla- na appropriating i$300,00Q for military,
ces, have taken precautionary measures to : purposes, lias neen unanimously passed by
prevent the spread of the contagion.
Raleigh Register.
Pork. One Drove of hogs numbering
300 and the principal part of another
drove (number unknown,; have been dis
posed of in this market, within the past
week, at $6. We Saw a lot of fine coun
the Lower House.
The Georgia Convention
try pork sold on Tuesday last at $4 75, i Umon dePends 011 faithful execution
adjourned on Saturday Uth. inst , after a- Jn this county, on Thursday evening,
dopting the report of the committee of 26lh ult. at the residence of Mr. Mayo
Thirty-three. The report is moderate Worsley, Mr. Charles G Wilkinson to
and conservative in its views. One of its Mlss Bthia Wi daughter of
uduuaiwduue perpeiuuy or me Blake Wiceins dee'd.
Hvn.an Miss M E Stallinons S W
Hopkins MrsSabry Staton J P
Jordan H A Taylor Doufoa
Jenki:is Mrs Sally 3 Taylor S. ily
err v Pinker H
Vines Miss M iry S
79 S E. MO0UE, P. M.
Jenkins I
To Print: rs
and another lot at $5 50. Our market is
not more than half supplied no hogs in
market. M ilton Ch ron itle.
Pork has been selling here, recently, at
$6 per hundred. It will not fall much, if
any, below that figure, while it may go a
bove it. We learn that it is commanding
$7 in Granville. Raleigh Standard.
Virginia. Plan for disposing of the
Free Negroes. Both houses of the Vir
ginia Legislature organized on Monday
with perfect harmony and good feeling.
In the Senate, Mr. Dennis was re-elected
Speaker and, in the House of Delegates,
Col. Geo. VV. Hopkins was unanimously
elected Speaker. A very considerable
portion of Gov. Floyd's message is devot
ed to the subject of the internal improve
ments of the State. He proposes two ad
ditional modes of eettinor rid of the free
Resosution instructing the Committee on negroes of the State one by allowing the
Miliary AQVirsto inquire into the expe- i same amount to every free person of color
- y naming uu:Muskets, rannon?i who shall prove that he has purchased
w vuiuaieer compares m North Car lands beyofrd thj
glands beood the limits of the CcuinjQn-J 7,000;0p0; during the Jast ten y ears. Thej
of the f ugitive Slave Law The vote
on its adoption was, yeas 237, nays 19--not
voting, 8.
Male JlcAidemy.
THE Spring Session of 1851, will
Great Triumph of the Compromise, j commence on Monday, the Gth of Janua
It will be seen that one more fugitivelry. The location possesses the advantages
slave has been arrested and delivered up j of health & excellent society. Thesubscri
in Philadelphia. The proceeding was a j her is well known to the public, having, for
striking instance of the immense moral
force of the law. The fugitive was arrest
ed on a pretence of chicken stealing! he
was stolen away from the Court house by
the officer and owner through a back door,
to escape from the mob in front.
As the Compromise w as passed under
false pretences, it is perhaps appropriate
that it. should be executed uuder false pre
tences. Southern Press.
The United States Census. From the
census returns, which arc :gradually com
ing in, it is estimated that the population
of the thirty-one States will not be less
than 24.000,000, or an increase of nearly
several years, had charge uf a large and
flourishing school at Midway. Thorough
and systematic instruction will be given
upon all subjects usually taught in Acade
mies of the highest grade. Students de
siring it, will be prepared for an-advanced
class in college. All reasonable efforts
snail be rrfade to elevate both the intellec
tual and moral character of the stmlents.
Terms: Tuition in the Classical and
higher English and Mathematical depart
ments. 15 per session.
Common English branch-
es . 10 h
Board with the Principal. 8 'V month
T. M. JONES, Ji. M. Principal,
December 26lh, 185& - !
PRINTERS and Publishers of News
papers are informed thnt the yubscn'ucri
are extensively engaged in the manufac
ture of Printing Ink of every co!r aod
quality, which they know to be equal, to
any manofactured, and which they 1
sell at the lowest prices for cash; as they
are determined that their InkshaM rccca
mend itself, they only solicit one if'aI of
it, relying upon its merits for k'!IlC I)3t'
ronage. Their Colored Inksare warrant
ed superior to any manufactured.-1'
lars containing prices will be sent to thccr
who desire it. Orders for cash or
gents accepted.
tT Publishers of newspapers
this advertisement to the amount ot5
and sending us one paper at any U ffc .
taining it, by remitting $5, will rcce:
30 lb. keg of extra News Ink.
T. F. JlDAMSv 10
Steam Printing Ink Works, Phib
(CPA gents for the sale of reVV
second hand Printing materials.
Franklin Institute,
Cedar Jiock, Franklin County.
THE Spring Term for 1S51. wi
mence on the 1 3th day of January .
isew Acouenay win oe aeuicMiu-.
(lav. The Students arc earned W.
ing particulars, agpiy to ure
Belford P. 0., Nash Couul
Wash, Dec. " .

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