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County of Edgecombe.
We are indebted to Col. J. P. Pitt,
Deputy Marshal, for the following addi
tional statistics of this county.
The county of Edgecomire was first set-
llpd in the year 1720, and was organized
as a county in 1741, by settlers from Vir
ginia and England. The town of Tarbo
ro' was settled in 1760. The county
contained on the 1st of June 1830, 14,933
inhabitants on the 1st of June 1S40, 16,
OSS on the 1st June last 17,674, as follows:
Free population
Slave do.
$1 7,674
Valuation real Estate,
personal do. .
State tax, $5,105.
County do. 3,32l.
Poor do. 1,847.
Common Schools 43, averaging 30 pupils
Received from public funds $3,200.
. XfmAo. V-.,",-Kr. 1 TTnl rnnn 1 4 Tpth-
odist 1 Missionary Baptist, 10 anti
missionary Baptist.
Paupers 50 annual cost of support $1500.
Ciiminals convicted within the year, 67
one in prison.
Monthly wages of farm hands with board
6,50 average to a day laborer with
bo ird, 37$ cts.; without board 50 cts.
Average day wages to a carpenter, with
out board, $1,25.
Weekly wages to a female domestic, with
board, 50 cts.
Price of board to laboring men per wccl;
Si, 00.
it not the same thing, as if I were to make
a will containing the following clause,
'Item 1st. "I give, devise and bequeath
"unto my worthy and esteemed friend,
"Prompter," and "BS respectively, all
"the properly they now own and which
"'they may hereafter acquire, and as the
"latter is very young and therefore soft
"pated, not 'hard headed V.I meant to say,
I would earnestly advise him to beware of
"locking horns with an aged Sir William,
"although his hirsute appendage does not
"give him any claim to reverence." And
docs it not inevitably follow that the only
persons who can gain by the legacy are
the tax payers of the county?
5thly. If the Poor of Edgecombe have
not heretofore received what they were
legally entitled to, owing to the faithless
ness of the Justices and the Wardens,
what advantage have they, in enforcing
trreir rights, under the will of Col. Wilson,
more than those they possessed before?
Does it not expressly provide that the
fund sliall be administered by the Justi
ces? Will the7 or ought they to apply
it, except by and zander the advice of the
Wardens, whose peculiar duty it is to
visit the Poor-house and ascertain their
wants, and who must therefore be suppos
ed to be test acquainted vith their con
dition? Is tlrere any reason, in the ab
sence of plain and explicit directions to
the contrary from the donor, why the Jus
tices and the Wardens to whom an indi-
. The bill- to prevent merchants and olh-: d?y- Ifc ws pronounced, on Wednesday
ersfroii trading with Minors was report- last, in the Hall of the Houseof Commons
ed back to the Senate by Mr. Shepard and! and was greeted by the large audience in
road the 2d time and passed, auemiance witti me warmer wuiih-
- House op Commons. I tio"9 of aPP!aus.e- . , ..
1 nis admirable document speaus ior ii
i self. We approve every word of it, from
a 103c; western Sides i a 7
Shoulders 61 a Gc 4C;
On the 26th ult. 1VK R. M. Saunders,
from the Joint Select Committee to whom;
ho ft rat lollop tr iho Ioo linn lV( PV-
was referied so, much of the Message ot , r . ., . tfB . ,,
. pect to delend the principles it lays down,
his Exce ency, the Governor, as relates; r ' r .
.. . .. . i i c ,i ! and the positions it assumes, under all qir
to the Mock of marble .mended for the cumsta Jes an(, uve We sha (Jo
Washington Monument, presented the fol- ih )rici es arfi ri hl-ant,
InwirtfT ronnrl' ' 1 o
Lard. Prime Virginia Ln
ir kt,
lowing report;
The Committee have examined with
care the very interesting documents which
have been laid before them, and are proud
in having it in their power to say they
establish beyond all question the highly
important fact that American Independ
en.ee. was first proclaimed in the county of
Mecklenburg, and though at one time it
may have been a subject of controversy,
yet, since the publication of the evidence
in relation to it by the Governor under
the direction of the General Assembly nf
1830, other evidence has been obtained
which places the fact beyond all doubt
its positions correct and just; and we be
lieve they will be sustained by an over
whelming majority of the, people of the
Upon the Slavery question the most
absorbing of all- Gov. Reid is equally de
termined and explicit. He alludes to the
wrongs inflicted on the slaveholding States
by the Federal Government, and declares
that aggressions' upon Southern rights
have "proceeded to the farthest allowa
ble point." Here he takes his stand, sol
emnly announcing to the free States that
if dissolution must come, they, and they
T j"h Vfc "k in i I 1 I- m , rf-x ir i i-Y 1 rx r -. 1 I - .Mik h
1 hn I nmmi pp flrr crrnliiiPil in snuinui ' '
" t " "V .u r .ft:, i a
f Lcgisiaure ui ins nearly co-operati
the discovery by Dr. Joseph Johnson, of
Charleston, S. C, in 1S47 of "The South
Carolina Gazette and country Journal" of
the 13th June, 1775, and the discovery of
the Hon. George Bancroft of a duplicate
number of the said newspapers in the'
State paper office in London containing
the extraordinary resolutions by the peo-
viuual commits a lunt! tor the support of!pIe in Charlotte Town, Mecklenburg
the Poor, should depart fr OTTl the line Of: Count o ivj nnni miinilpfl til tli"f Prpi.
conduct observed by them before it came dent of the United States in IS IS, and by .rep,C.lC WIlil Um (Jevol,on 10 llUe Ucl)U,J
. riaAM...n . I . . 1 : a. u 1 1 : 1 1
to tnuir hands? It they haveheen here
in any measures which it, in its wisdom
?nay devise, to preserve the rights of the
State and perpetuate the Union, "accord
ing'to the Constitution.'
But we detain our readers from a peru
sal of the document itself, ftcad it, and
then hand it to your neighbors, and let
them read it also. It is just like its auth
orplain, franlf, Canxlid, and honest, and
January 3rd, 1S51.
Mr. Editor: I have not been an inat
tentive observer of the triangular war,
which has been carried on through your
columns, respecting the legacy of Col.
Wilson for the "use and benefit" of the
lJoor of this county; and without express
ing a direct opinion on the subject, I beg
leave with your permission to propound to
"Prompter," "B," or any Tother ''friend of
Caesar's" the following questions--
1st. Is it allowable or proper, in any
state of society, Ven where Christianity
and civilization have reached their zenith
(the millennium of course excepted,) that
those who are entirely destitute of prop
erty and unable by reason of bodily or
mental infirmity, to earn a livelihood, and
who are therefore entitled to a suitable
provision at the expense of the public,
should receive more than is necessary for
their comfortable support?
2ndly. Are not the Poor of Edgecombe
under the laws of the State, entitled to a
comfortable support, and is not their right
to it just as Valid to all intents and purpo
ses, in a legal sense, as mine to the coat on
him presented to the Governor of the
tofore negligent in the discharge of (heir ! State, leave no longer any reason for
duties or what is worse, if they have been ! doubt on the subject,
prompted by motives of interest to cheat! Those facts will hereafter find their
the Poor out of their rights, what induce- Wav into the history of the country which
merit have they now to greater diligence shall altemnt to trace the origin of the
or more honesty? American Revolution, and th Committee
6tMy And lastly. If A. say to B. that j cannot withhold the expression of the
he intends to charge his gun with powder j grateful sense they entertain of the I ber
and ball and at sight to shoot C. aiming at j alily which prompted the efforts of these
his heart, does not A. declare his purpose gentlemen citizens of ollrcr States to
to killC. with as much certainty us if he 'search out and communicate the evidence
had said so, in terms? I have not staled which has bcn spread before the public
indirect language what is my construe- j on the subject. The Committee do not
lion of the legacy in question, but does ! hesitate to recommend that the inscripti6n
anyone doubt respecting it? Col. Wil- jn commemoration of this great even!
s-on did not in so many words make ' phall be placed on the Block of Marble
known his design to relieve the people of which has been forwarded to this city by
the county from taxation, but if he gave the patriotic citizens of Lincoln county,
to the Poor of Edgecombe just what they ' for thL. purpose of being scut to Washing
were already legally entitled to and no ion in order to form a put of tho monu
more, and what the entire property of the ment now in the progress of erection to'
county is .pledged to pay (for there is a the memory of the Father o'f his Country,
lien in behalf of the Poor on every man V and with this view they propose for adop
cstaie,) and if the inevitable and only ef- tion the resolutions herewith reported.
.ecioi ineocquest, it it stands, mfisl be to 1. Resolved. That his Excellency the
rLi.cvc me people Irom taxation, because Governor, cause to be transmitted the
Iicanism and nonular rights, which has
given him so strong a hold upon the affec
tions of tire people generally.
We had the pleasure of seeing a num
ber cf Democrats from a distance, who
had come up to witness the inauguration.
All of them, with whom we have convers
ed, are well pleased with the sentiments
and principles of live Inaugural Address;
and indeed, several whigs have expressed
to us their approbation of it, and their un
qualified concurrence with the Govern
or in his views on questions both State
and iederaJ.
, V? Vwlful Comply
. There is not a man or Womar
face of thVearth but what aJmil.Vn l'
clean and healthy skin- vm 1
thousands are there who are sore'
ed with a pimpled, blotched, ;Mu ;1a '!1()
ed skin. Ye who are th lie o. it
advised to try
liadwaifs Chinese Medicated
It is approved of by all the
the Nation and is used to tin. n
all other soans bv the hnn 1 uMni,
I- -J wai 1,1111 ,. n
It is better than all other soaps fo
letanu us medical properties for
of Salt Rheum, Ring-wo.
t'm. T
pies, Morphew, Rough Skin
an, p
ls Uulv
3 IMlf.-
Flesh, the bites of Mnsn,..., . dm
i-'i-uv-s. an, ii
fr -nf nnnnn oriir.lir.iic .o . 'M
... ,0 auperior (0 ,
nlhef nrennrntinn in iic t. . aj1'V
I. 1
wo mlcrl u 1 prepara 1 1 on. As
soap it excels every thing 0f the i
children washed with tiiis so.m
. , iatr anrl L.-
uiydkiih' i-nysicians recommend it :
preference to castile soap for v;,shinSOr ?
In order to get the genuine soap,
itif. siirniturn nf I? ft T)...t. ""'
Ona.l Ito I. CI T-'aai.A OS . I
ban -u v.. j. 1 1 Vv u u veins per r aig
Dudley's Anti-rheumatic Oil, a
cure tor chronic Rheumatism.
Sold by VVm. II. Mayhew, the only a.
gent for NeCvbern. and General Agents
the eastern counties of N. C.
ALSO, by VV Bernard, Greenvilie. fl
A man, A man's mill; N'lr. Alston, Goldl"
boro7 and Geo. Howard, Tarh
1 1 la 1 1 1 11 VI KnWUSltaVl.- Jf v
a cert a:-
The proceedings of Congress th'iis far,
ne but of little general interest, if the
following new invention, which has been
recently bro't before them, esilld be suc
cessfully introduced, it Would nc of great
utility in theso parts also, particularly in
such dry seasons as we have had recently;
but we would insist upon its being first
'tried at the expense of the inventor
T a I T T '.
whatever it contributes to the sunoort of nini. mm k.. .1,. in ine 110USG 0l representatives, on the
... . muni w i HliMUIC HCOtUltU UV lilC U.IU 1- (ii.i 1. f TT 1 1 i ,
the Poor, nece.rily discharge, tl.o pub- otic cilfecn, of Lincoln County for the-f?. , V.atmooa ,nlrolduc-.B
lie pro tanto-.nd if the selection of the Washington Monument, and that he cnuse , J""1'"?. for a f the Oh.a
very San-agents as trustees to administer to be made on it the folloinK inscription. "' " lrlf .v,e.w '? "le ,m-
H.e legncy, which the law employs to dis- together with the coat of arms of theStatc Pf """ f ,l,e,r "avlSat,on by mc4ns
pense the tund levied by taxation, raises to wit:
the presumption, that he intended to sub-! NORTH CAROLINA,
stitute the former in lieu of the latter, es- nRCT,JtR ATION OR IMn'RIRMh-
May, i'775.
. Hcs lved, That the Governor draw
pecially as there is no direction to the;
contrary, is not the purpose or design of!
Col. Wilson just as manifest, as if he had
superadded to the clause the following
Words, "It is my meaning and intent to1
relieve the people of Edgecombe from ,lis warrant on the Treasurer of the State
taxation?" for such sum as may cover the expences
I had supposed my stock of interroga- for lhe freight and for carrying into effect
tories was exhausted, but one yet remains the foregoing resolutions and that the
my back, or the slave I have purchased? ! to ,,e Pu to "B,,-who and what is an reasurer be auihorized to pay the same
And if they do not receive it, is it not the
fault of the Justices of the Peace and the
Wardens who take a solemn oath faithful
ly to perform the duties which devolve on
them respectively?
3rdly. Do the laws of the Stale, or
ought they, to permit the paupers of
Edgecombe, while they continue puch, to
receive from such source more than a
comfortable support; and if not, may not a
trust declared in a will for "their use and
benefit," without perverting the lan
guage, be construed to mean a support,
and can any other construction be put on
the words without violating what n and
should be the policy of the laws? and if it
be judicially to give them Such
an interpretation as will reconcile thorn to
and harmonize them with thd policy of
the law, is not the bequest for & plain rrrfii
on which "B" will underhand (I laku
him to bo a lawyer) utterly void?
4thly. If the legacy contained in Col.
Wilson's will, to be valid, must be con
strued to be a provision merely for the
support of the Poor of Edgecombe, can
they take more under it, than they were
before entitled to by law from the public;
and. if not, how does or how can the do
nation benefit them? Practically, how
does t!ii- Min rtiflVr frArv K rv , .
01 my own property, to which the testa-
Jnr iM . ...
,uu uu mi? nor set up any claim? Is
"errant Knight of the Synagogue?'
General Assembly.
On the 27th ull., the bill to amend an
act of 1848 49. entitled an act more effect
ually to prevent the selling or giving a-
way spiritous liquors at or near places of
public worship, was read 3rd time and or
dered to be engrossed.
The bill to prevent the giving or selling
spirituous 1'quors to Negroes and Indians,
and for other purposes, was read 3rd time
and pned.
The Hill to prevent the sale of spiritous
liquor to Free negroes and Minors, being
under consideration; Mr. Bynum moved
an indefinite postponement. Mr Pender
expressed himclf against the postpone
ment, but was in favor of striking out the
clause which related to Minors. lie also
called the attention of the Senate to the
fact that he had that day presented a mem
orial from the chicns of Plymouth on
the subject of liquors being sold to free ne
groes. On the 28th, Mr. Joyner, presented a
bill to prevent merchants and others from
improper trading with Minors Refer
red to committee on Education and Lit
erary Fund.
On motion of Mr. R. M. Saunders, the
rules were suspended and the resolutions
passed their second and third readings.
On the 27th, Mr. Swanner, a memorial
praTing the Legislature not to grant acts
of incorporation to religious or moral re
form societies and particularly to Sons of
Temperance. Referred.
Mr. S. j. Person, from the Committee
on Finance, reported adversely to the
bill to appoint tax collectors for the State
of North Carolina. Laid on the table.
Also, the resolution instructing them to
inquire into the expediency of changing
thetirne of possession of property listed
for taxation from 1st. of April to 1st of Ju
ly and report that they deem it expedient
to make the alteration. Concurred in.
The Standifd says: The two Houses
are now working with much rapidity and
earnestness, and the calculation of some
is that they will adjourn sine die on the
20th instant. The Senate, it will be seen,
have passed a Resolution proposing to ad
journ On the 13th instant. They may
adjourn on the 20th but we incline to the
opinion that they will not adjourn before
the 27th.
From the Raleigh Standard.
Gov. Relays Inaugural. Out readers
will find this document in our paper to-
From the Raleigh Standard.
. - ijj jjc. suns iiaviij-g uuu's or account
against the subscriber, are .requested to
present them immediately for payment
The notes and accounts of the subscriber
as well as all his unfinished Constable b.
iness are placed in the hands of IW.
Norflcet for settlement.
January S, 1851.
Agricultural ociety
UiN THURSDAY, ihe 23rd thy of
January, the Edgecombe Agricultural So
ciety will hold its first Quarterly meeting.
January S, 1851.
Budlcy's AfiiYi-rhetiinaticOib
A certain and speedy Cure for Chronk
Rheumatism, Spas?is of the Mus
cles, Ligaments and Backhand
for Sprai?is, Bruises, and
THE history of this invaluable nvedicir.eisre-
'mark able. It has risen into notice, and estab
lished a high und just 'eputition in the region
nf f.niintrv wlipr it has hron tttA. .'lane fruill th?
v uuviii.. - " - - ,
sorprising.and numeroes cures it lias effected
The. Pioprietor, Dr. Samuel Dudley, Hospital
NriTurfnn. on the Islam! of Portsmouth. Xr'h
(j3The first white Shad of the season
was served up at the New Berne Hotel,
on Thursday, 2d tnst. Ncwbern Rep.
the steamer Baltic arrived at New
York on 30th Dec, Cotton advanced an
eighth in Liverpool--in New York one
fourth of a penny.
Corn is soiling in this City at 4 25 per
1 I a a 1
oarrci, anu meal is not to be had. We
heard of some, vesterdav at l 11 irr Carolina, hasused it with unfailing succes
bushel! We hoe our country friends Will ! in the hosllital atld in hU Privalc practice about
brinuin some of hofh if ,L u,. tweaty Icars -fcring that period ithasbnat-
noueh and tn r, Tu r lracnP Vuhc attention, and gradually rising"
. " -r"--. .d,.i3 a.u wen-eraiand hi ffh rentita-tidn itt all thrtregioa
ueiiveiing pork ,t 6 per hundred. Good of country, solely, by the surprising cery of
UOUr Wli'l brintr 7 nor Kirrr.1 In iU'. r..A, . . 1 i. . rr . j rT.ll vert
a . ,w. .v. .j n,,., liiat - xne cures 11 nas unnormiy vnecito. iiu '
ket. . il -.,1., nr.'.;n. Kwn. a,j.,A,i;1 nnr have
any pains been taken to extend its celebrity' lts
high reputation therefore is permanent, brcau8
it is based upon surprising and unj ailing cxpeii
rapnts alone. The Proprietor encouraged ") lis
eminent success in cases of Chronic BIiuma
tisni, and by the advice of his friends, and he
will add, actuated by a desire to extend a
possible the benefits of its healing properties, is
now takitiji measures to make its wonderful F,a
I perties generally knowni All he asks is" '
trial. It is now offered to the a icted m
Eastern portion cf N'orth Carolina. Tht P'0
prletor is perfectly willing to pot the result cf i3
success or failure upon its success or fti'ure'
Curing or failure to cure any case 01
Rheumatism, or other affection for which 111
Certificates from highly respectable sorc?s
like the following, can Jbf. multiplied 10
any extent. A few are appendedi
The following has hpn nnlifplv farm?
that highly esteemed citizen, Col. Joshua Ta)1'1-'
of Deauf: county, Ni C.t well known as a
uiinie memoer 01 our state senai', 1
Collector of the Port ofOcraccke, North a;J
'At the requestofDr. Samuel Dudley ofP
mouth, North Carolina, I state that some yv
'ago one of my sons had a severe and ProtrDlj,
attack of Rheumatism, and by using hi
Rheumatic Oil" he was relieved.
It gives nae great pleasure also to, say lat on
sides this case, 1 have heard ofothe which r0
vince me that this oil is; yery wJuable i r ;
Rheumausm," JfiSHU TMut"
Washington, Nt June 2P, 1848
Fqrs.ale by ." ' ' ' Bi)
Washington market, Jan 8.
Bacon, 7 to Sets; Lard, S to 9 cts;
Corn, $3 25 to $3 50; Turpentine, new
dip, $2 10 to $2 25; old, $2 10 to $2 25;
scrape $ 20 to $1 25, Tar, $1 10 to
$1 15.
Norfolk Market, Jan. 3.
Corn. White 56 a 59c. Yellow 59 a
60c. Mixed 56 a 5Sc. " :
Cotton. 12 a 13 cents.
Petersburg Afar ket, Jan. 3.
Cotton. -.There has been an increased
activity in the . market to-day. Many
parcels have been sold at 12ic. One of
fer of 1 2 c was refused.
' Corn. We hear of no sales, and quote
nominally at 60 a 62c. for prime.
Va. cured hog round 8 a 9c; do. and
N. C. Shoulders Sf a 9c; Prime Hams 10

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