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X IS 15 OKOD tm EI :
SATURDAY, MAY 24, 1851.
Southern Rights.
Wo invite the attention of our reader
lo the Address of the Southern Rights
Associations of South Carolina, in Con
vention ambled, to the Southern Rights
Associations of the other Southern States.
Nothing so forcibly illustrates the out
rageous nature -of the wrong inflicted
upon the South, by the so-called Com
promise, as the recent Convention in
South Carolina, and the Address they
have put forth. No ordinary circumstan
ces could have drawn such a body togeth
cr so large, so talented, so united. Fee!
ing deeply the injuries inflicted upon tin
South by that most iniquitous scheme o!
plunder and spoliation, they have spoken
with the spirit of freemen who know
their rights, and knowing lare maintain
That South Carolina will go out of the
Union wc can scarcely entertain a doubt.
from the evidence of unity here presented
fallow ho blames her? Virginia, who
took the lead in this matter, and invited
the South by her trumpet calls to stand by
their arms, has meanly sneohed out of the
con testcraw fished suhmit'.ed arid how
asks the other Southern States to follow
her example. Forbid, it heaven.
But South Carolina will not be turned
aside from vindicating her honor, by all
the gratuitous advice of imbecile and fallen
Yiminia. She will vindicate her honor,
though all should desert her.
What then? will the General Govern
ment interfere and endeavor to force her
back? She dare not. The first drop of
blood shed will rally a million of South
ern soldiers to her side, who will die in
the last ditch, in defence of cur institu
tions. Our Congressional District,
Last week the County Court of Nash
was held, a?d wc learn that no public
meeting was proposed, nor any desire
manifested to hold a convention to nom
inate a candidate for Cbngrcss. So far as
Wc can discover Edgecombe, Nash, Hal
ifax and Warren retain undiminished con
fidence in tbci
r prcseni uepreseniauve, j
1 r n;
chanae. v c arc not so well 1
and desire no
advised of public sentiment in the other
counties of the District, ribr whether del
egates will be appointed to attend the
Convention proposed to be lieid at Nash
ville on the 5ih proximo.
A meeting of the Democrats of
Johnston county was held atSmithlield on
the 301l ult. at which resolutions were a
doptci.1 recommending a District Conven
tion to be held at Nashville on the 5th of
June, to nominate a candidate for Con
gress. Twenty delegates were appointed
to attend said Convention. The third
resolution rea.'s as follows:
Resolved, That-wc wish ndl to support
any man to represent us in Cdrigress at
thi particular crisis except he be a State
Right's Reoubliean in the fullest sense of
the term; nor unless he acknowledges the
right of the people of a sovereign Slate to
secede and peaceably withdraw from tiie
Union, when that Union becomes a curse,
and when the Federal Government claims
the power to coerce and reduce to abject
submission an independent State having a
separate organization.
(fCPA correspondent of the New York
Day Book, under date, Louisville, Ky.
May 3, writes as follows:
inow a lew words on the "peculiar in-
stitulion. ihe KcntucUians aic sorely
puzzled to learn the current of northern
politicians. They are unable to decide
Which of the two great parties toadies
most to abolitionism They are willing
to tilk "Union! every thing for the
Union!" and this in edod faith: but if f;,i
should wiB their hopes to blast, they will
tM as a nilhr of th South. Tliry se-
V -t.l
riously believe that South Carolina isa
bout to withdraw from the Union, artel
should the North still cling to her Seward
and Sumhers in this crisis, and the Presi
dent call out the U. S. army to subdue the
Palmettos, fifty thousand Kentucky bay
onots will face the music of Uncle Sam
and make Carolina's cause her own. Mark
this prophecy. b. b.
(ffpWe learn that at the Vhig Con
vention, held in Washington on Tuesday
last-, Wm. II Washington was nominated
as the Whig candidate for Congress, in
that district.
tJ'fhomas II. Seymdur has been re
elected Governor 6f fcdnnecUcut by the
Legislature of that State, l ie got the en
tire Democratic vote of both branches of
the Legislature giving him a majority of
three. Strong hopes arc ndw entertained
that Gov. Yancy will be elected Senator
to 'ongrcss.
The Legislature of Rhode Island met at
Newport on Tuesday Gth inst. The
Democrats have a majority of two tm
joint ballot.
Codey's Lady's Hook.
The June No. of this splendid work,
completes the vol. and exceeds in manner
and matter its predecessors. Notwith
standing ibis, the erderprifcing publishcr
avows his intention to make the next vol-
umc"of unusual beauty and m,gniIicenco,,
and from his successful efforts hereto-
fore, there can be no doubt that this will
continue to be ''The book of Beauty and
of the Nation!'
Terms One copy, 1 year,
Two copies 1 year,
One copy 2 years,
Five copies, I year, or onc
copy 5 years.
Ten copies, I year,
An extra copy one year to the person
w ho ends the club of ten.
The law passed at the last session of
Congress has greatly icduced the posture
on periodicals. Those w ho w ih the
'Lady's Book' will now find it to their
advantage to sehd directly to the publisl
er; they w ill then receive the woik at least
two weeks earlier than through agents or!
dealers. The postage, under five hundred I
miles, will onl v be two cent under fifh.n,. !
' J J
hundred miles, four cents.
(TJF'Iu giving an account of the tiial dt
negroes Damon and his wife for the rnur
der of Tilghman Hunt, the Fayelteville :
Observer says:
We understand that some of the wit-
1 v ,
pear at Lugccombe Superior Court asi
. . . u'
witnesses against a Dr. Spencer D. Arm
strong, of Rocky Mount, who is inditled
as accessary to the riiUrder. Pitt has hot,
been heard of, we belieVe, since his sup-1
posed departure from Novv Yjrk ia the'
steamer for Havana.
Our County and Town.
Wc have heretofore given statistical
statements of the rapid advancement of,
our county and town in improvements of j
every description. We cannot undertake
now to specify the recent improvements,
J '
in agriculture, dwellings, &c. in the coun
ty but we will unhesitatingly say, that
duiing a residence of about twcnfy-fivo
years in Tarboro', we have not previously
seen so
many signs of improvement in the
town and vicinity as the present, and past
year have exhibiteili
In the town, Mr. Nathan Malhcwoil
hds erected a beautiful and elcgmt build -
ing in the cottage styIe,opposite the Bank
Wm. F. Dancy, Esq., is erecting a spa -
ciotis building opposite Mrs. Austin's
Dr. J. Lawrence is building onb opposite
Cottcn's Store and Mr, Jo. S. Pender is
enlarging and improving the Hotel, and
purposes making it one ofthe most splen
did and convenient public houses in the
State. In addition to these, several other
private buildings stores, &c.j are in pro
gress of erection and improvement.
In the vicinity of town, the Grove, late
the property of Col. Wilson, has passed
into the hands of John L. Bridgers, Esq.,
i and Mr. Solomon Pender Mr. Bridgers
j possessing; tho part on the north side of
ihe road and Air. Pender on ifie south
side. Mr Bridgers lias much improved
the GroVe buildings, And has disposed of
part of his land to his brother Robert R.
15 rid gers, Esq., who pu rposes improving
his part also. M'r. Pender has erected a
beautiful building opposite the Grove,and
has sold building lots to Dr. Macnair, R
E. Macnair Esq., and Mr. Henry 1 1 y
man. Dr. Macnair has erected a neat
and commodious building next to Mr.
Pender's, Mr. Ilyman is erecting a spa
cious and magnificent building and oth
ers are in contemplation. Col. II. T.
Clark has purchased that part of the IlUn
ter 'tract tfland on the north side of the
road leading by Mr. Sh'urley's and is bus
ily engaged in collecting materials for the
erection of buildings on it. The Parker
tract of land, adjoining town has been
purchased by Messrs. John S. Dancy and
Robt. Noifleet, who contemplate making
many impiovements., The Dancy tract,
across the bridge has been purchased by
J.J.B. Pender, Esq., Vvho also contem
plates making great improvements. A
large number of work men have been col
lected here, giving our place an Unusua
uir of bustle and activity.
EJgecombe county is in the 8th Con
grcssional District, represented by blon
.1. R. J. Daniel the 15th Stale Senaloria
Disiiict the 3nl Judicial Oistiict am
in the 5th Brigade 7th Division N. C
Officers Civil, Mimtauy, Judicial
&c. &c.
filcmbof of Jlssembly.
Henry T. Clark, Senate.
Jo:hua Raines, Keu'th Thigpen, Com'ns
Special Court.
John P. Speight, Chairman.
David Hallow, John S. Dancy,
Henry T. Claik, Jesse C. Knight,
County Solicitor Wm. Noifleet.
County Court Clerk John No? fl -el.
S,jerior Cnut CUt A Robt. 11 Pender
Clerk M. Equity Iv. II. Lea is.
Sheriff James I Jenkins.
Ji i ior R e n j V i 11 i i n ; .
; Dounti Trustee 1
tohi. (I. Austin.
Resist er. os J iViier.
Coroner Willie Bradley,
Stitd.ird Keeper James Bitjgs.
County Surveyor Louis C. Pender.
En try Take t Clerk County Court.
Ranker vacant.
Justices of 1111: Peace.
Tarbbro1 District, No. 1.
John S. Dancy, Robt. Noifleet,
Henry T. Clark. Will J. Staton.
Rocky Maui, No. 2.
rhco llilus Thomas, Warren E. Spiccr,
Duncan IiVrnnnn.
Joiner' 's Depot, No. 3.
u,,liam J- Armstrong, David Williams,
Wm. H. Hincs.
IVitsoh,No. 4.
Joshua Barnes, Klisha Barnes,
Jolin Dew, John T. Parmer.
Pinevitle, No. 5.
John G. Williams, David Barnes,
Robt- Bynum James L. Taylor,
James W Barnes
Saratoga, No. (5.
W,ioht Edmundson, Wm. Kills,
tir tin.. t Lin-'-
4 . - 1
wm. iu. sianion. iewis lidiis,
Jacob Barnes.
13(irierftclil No. 7.
William V. Moore,
Snarta. No. 8.
J h p ,
j Bollinw B Birrnn
Pender's Mill, No. 9.
hichafd Harrison, David Barlow,
; Lewis t. Perider, C. B. Rillcbrett.
! Cokey y No. 10.
! Jesse C. Knight, Wright Barney
John Mercer, Wm. F. Mercer.
Cone to, No. 11.
Jesd Iiarrell, Elisha Cromwell,
David Cobb, Rufus Thigpeii,
Jos. J. Pippen,
Hickory Fork, No. 12.
William R. Cherry. .
fieep Creek, No. 1 3.
William S. Long. Jtenocth Thigpen.
Iogsboro No. 14.
Hugh B. Bryan, Lemon S. Dunn,
Jordan Thigpen
Swift Creek, No. 15.
John F. Speight, Lunsford R. Cherry,
William F. kcwis, fteddin .f ittrrtfn.
jjaimuoro , -
rhomas h. Manor Duko W. wancr,
Town Creek No. 17.
Theophilus Atkinson, Dennei a .
C John R. Put.
Districts - Constables .
1 j D Hyatt and .9 William Peel
Joshua Killebretv 10 Garret
2 Reddin Petway U Amariah Cobb
3 Henry Dixon 12 vacanl
4 Joseph Farmer 13 Andrew
J Kniahl
5 Win W Baits H vacant
6 James SEason 15 vacant
7 Rich'd Johnson 1G Henry Odom
8 Henry Belcher 17 Edwin Bridgers
John L Bridgers Henry T CLrk
William F Dancy
Wardens ok the Pooh
Joshua L Horn Ci'n Charles Mabry
Rob-.Tt Ricks Benj Bynum
Joshua L Lyons John A Vines
Baker Stalon Treasurer
John d Williams Vestry Clerk
Supcrintendants of Co i Anion Schools
D.vid Barlow Jesse Iiarrell
Boiling B Barron Charles Mabry
Wm foil is
Win R berry
Wm l) Petway
Wm F Lewis
Josiah D Jenkins
Robt Bynum
20 h Regiment at Bri'dgsrs's
Colonel Commandant tolling B Barron
Lt Colonel John W fcYrmer
21s Regiment at Tarhoro
Colonel Henry T Clark
Lt Colonel Francis M Parker
rfrfutunt Robt R Bridgers
Post Offices and Post masters
Tarboro Samuel E Mcoro
Sparta John F Hughes
Rattlcboro.) W Ricks
Rocky AJounl Malachi Westcii
Joiners Depot W G Sharp
lVilso)i K G Clark
Sicuitonsburg J II Adams.
Town of Tarbord'
A agist ate of Police John Nor fleet
Robt R Biidgers William Norflect Thom
as Macnair Com?nissio?iei s
Branch rf the Rank of the Stale
James Weilde.ll President
lienty T Claik Robi II Austin
Henry II y man Renj M Jackson
P P Lawrence Cashier
Russel Chapman Teller
7"rustccsof Tarboro Academy
Will Geo Thomas President
James W'etld'ell Jolin S'Dancy
Robt H Austin Robt R Bridgers
James M Redmond William S Baker
John L Bridgets Treasurer
Henry T Clark Secretary
Dsmah Department 50 Pupils.
Rev. Thos. Iv. OvNCr. and LkIv. Prh,r's.
Miss Sarah E. Howard, Teacher of Music.' beii infarmcd lhat a ,etkT ,,aS bccnrc'
Mnl, n,,r.., Ao o....:i, ' ceivcd here stalinS ,hat tJie Mr' C!a,1,0!1.
Robert H. Winb jrne, A. M. Principal:
Societies and Associations
Concord Chapter No 5 at Tarboro
Will Geo Thomas II P Lewis Bond It
Henry T Clark S 32 members
Concord Lodge. Ao 53 at Tarboro
Wm H Hines W M Will G Tho.hds S
W S Long J W G7 members
Joseph IVarren Lodge No 92 Santms-
Wright Edniondsoii VV M LJ Donch S
A J Ellis J 34 members
Mt Lebanon Lodge No 117 IVilson
D C Watson W M Larry D Farmer S
E II Stephens J 43 members
10 of o i
If inchester Lodge, Rocky Mount
Jesse Bulluck, Noble Grand.
VV L Quails, Vite N G
Robert Ricks. Secretary.
Thomas Wilkins, Treas'r.
-Medical Society of Edgecombe Co
James J Philips M D President
Josiah Lawrence M D Vice President
Phesanton Sugg M D Treasurer
Will Geo Thomas M D Secretary
N J fciuman Jno R Mercer
Barron t Watson Jno G Rives
Wesiley Swift Louis J Dortch
Willie B Ricks Joseph J Garrett
Agricultural Society of Edgecombe
Ralph Macnair President
John H Daniel ? , . '
Jesse Mercer President
John L Bridgers Secretary
ra P Ltwis Trcasttr-cf
T'os Fire Compa
II Au.tin. iWJ
Nathan Mathewson )
Thomas iSlacnair ista?,
Sons of Temheranhp h,, '
ion No 201 nrboroT1
R H Winbornc 1) a w '
William Geo Thorny pW
Jno W Saunders p
David W Bulluck VV S
Thomas W Hussey vj
George B lipscou.bo A
William 11 Johnson K s
I nomas J SreVvatt 'p
W II BunnC
Joscpli Cobb A 0
W B Howell I $
Lemon Atkisson 0 S
Town Creek Division K0
Rev Mark Bennett W P
J oshua L Home VV
Francis M Garrett s
W m F Mercer A U S
D'r Jno Mercer C
David V Mercer A C
John J Garrett F S
Henry B S Piu T
J L Rix I S
John Boscnian 0 S
ft A Trreml writing Uj f
ville, Pitt county, says the eeifci,
Temperance are industriously 'j'8 01
a report through that section, thilin
S. White has violated the pledge Ji'i '
abstinence! It is only necesary
say, that the charge is m8licioJvf
without the least shadow of i, ' '
U e are requested to ask the papuf,;,
State, not opposed to 'nYliUcr l
lish this contradiction, as the remm
ing injury to the Cause.
Writ oj tha
The Plank oai.nermaiM
a meeting on Friday last, and dctcriLiMd
10 have a survey of the whole roiit,
Raleigh immediately. The survey iviil
be commenced to-monow under two par
tics, one commencing at Raleigh, the oth.
er at or near Wilson. The work en th.
jteiiniiies that have been located, from
t Greenville to Tyson's Bridge, is nro-
at j ureei
gressing as rapidly as could be expected
under the circumstances. The steam saw
toills purchased by the company arc ex
pected here daily. Washington Whk.
03 VVe clip the follow ing from the
Pcnnsylvanian of the 8th ins:
"Ji Southern Tragedy. & pi n'cp
named Clanton, in Providence parish La,
U'as '.died in his bed, a short tin. c Mate,
by two of his own negroes, who after-
j wards carried his body out in a (kl l and
burnt it on a log heap. The neigJiljoi
j made them confess the deed, and then
hung them to a tree.
Sincc lHe abovfe w in t pc, we l.ar&
mehtioiied, was Landon Clanton, aw
j Wrri. Clanibn, Esq., of this county. This
! is a sad blow to the fond father and ollitr
j near relatioti!!, and also to the large nun
j her of friends of the deceased in this coun
j ty. He was a j oung man higld)' esttcm-
I . . it.. 1 . L .' I
tu tor ins many amiauie qualities uu
who knew liim. We have not seen ibe
letter alluded to above, and cannot, there
fore, give the particulars of tl' hrrUl
transaction, but there is no doubt of the i
dentity ofthe victim of the fiendish H'5
edy. fVarreiilon News.
The teamer Franklin has anircd
NcvvYoVk, with English dates to 7
inst. Cotton was in good deroam) at
advance of 4d. Other articles isnchsn-
The all absorbing, topic in En2'l!ii
is the great Exhibition, opened
Majesty on May day, in the picscncc'
30,000 persons, without disorder or ac'
Washington Market, 1?'
Naval. Stores. There has been
small lots of old dip in hiarkct tbw (
which sold'for S2.30 to 2.35. ff3'
Si ,35. Tar $9 20 to $ 1,25.
Corn is selling this week at
3,25 from boati?. 1 0,j,
Baeon.-HamslI to 13 cents; -
dere and Sides 10 to 11 cents.
Lard Is wanted at 10 to H , :
Fish.-Our market is er P,
present than laM week with Iv 0
which sell ot 4 to $5-, cut scart-t
Herrings! Hcrrn

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