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fashionable Dancing.
J. Frcnsiey,
jj S the pleasure of announcing that
, vVJl iVit Tarboro' on the 1st ol June,
jg5Iflbr the purpose of giving instruction
in liiC
s style IS systematic, easy and graceful,
a a . .
bracing all the forms of the above beau-
-r, , i ir.j imporwui orancn 01 lasnionauie
U'1" 31 L
i. nation: alioruir.g Young Ladies, AIiss-
c;J Masters and oenilemen a thorough
nml practical knowledge of this art. His
School will commence on Friday Oih June,
3I tlic largo
tsom?!y Room,
tor Lawrence's Drug Store,
possessing conveniences not afforded by
3l!V other room in Tarboro'. Mr. F.'s
iioo will be conducted on such princi
ples as cannot fail to give entire satisfac
tion to parents and pupils, embracing eve
lV lJi'l room and Drawing room dance
ta.!.;H: in this country; together with a
mi.n'ji?r taught by no other teacher. He
(0w3S M lzurkas. two three and five lime
Waltzes, the riew jenny Lind Mazurka,
Jenny Lirtd Polka, also the Polka and
Mazurka Quadrilles, cotillions and fan
cy dances, as introduced by Ellsler, and
otter eminent artists Mr. F. will only
pivu Oiie course of lessons in Tarboro.
Entire reliance may be placed by parents
aa.l gmr liatis, on his experience, capacity
3iid determination to impart to his pupils
all thj graces of this desirable accompli sh
ment Mr. F, has taught in each Female
Seminary of Warrenton, to the Principals
ft . I . ft a
of which, he rcfi-rs. as to efficiency, &c.j ww Co, is this day dissolved by mu
A new style; of school music will be intro- tdal consent.
Juccd, which from its sweetness and cor- The business will hereafter be carried
redness, is well calculated to improve the;on by IVm. A. Grimmer, and Mercer c
car and cultivate the taste. lie will also, Barron, who will close up the late cou
teach the admired Schattisch, a Parlow ':eill. All persons indebted to the late
dance, which he has had the honor of in-j firn, wiil please make payment, and those
trouncing in N. C , with music adapted ; having claims against it, will present
and published. Male classes will be j them immediate! v for navment
huabt in the evening, from 1 to 10
o'clock. Private lessons given if desired
Mav 15, 1851.
11. F. MSnson, 19. &t
WOULD respectfully make known to
the citizens of Turborough and vicinity, j
that he hopes to see them in due time.
Being known, he deems it unnecessary
tosay anything more than to congratulate
those who have been unfortunate (with
these pris eiess ornaments,) upon the ma
ny improvements recently introduced for
their relief.
Communications left for, or directed to
him before, or immediately after arrival,
will be promptly attended to.
March, 1851.
HIE subscriber being well prepared to do
ln(l Commission Business
respectfully solicits the patronage of the
public in Tafboro', its vicinity, and Edge
combe co. generally. He has ample and
mfe room for the storage of Naval Stores,
""in, and other produce; his charges are
Moderate and quick dispatch invariably
. , . . . . , . r.. J
lo hi3 di-
g:ven to all business entrusted
Macnair & Brother, Tarboro' N. C,
William Bernard, Greenville, Eli Hoyt,
Washington, N. C., George H. Brown &
brother, Washington. B. J. Par melee.
Washington, N. C., Hon. Judge Manly,
vbern, N. C, .1. A. Stanly, Wilming-
X. C, Wm. Bryce& Co , New Vork,
U-man & Ruddorow, do. Mallctt & Paul
fflin.do. L. ,. LJiiiAUBt).
Washington, N. C, April 12, IS51.
To Capitalists.
TllK Subscribers offer for s'ale the
,Jinihs of the Town of Wilmington, to a-
m of One Hundred Thousand Dollars,-
!!1 s'J;ns of five hundred and one thousand
''jlLr, puvable in from ten to twenty
-e4r and bearing interest at rate of six
l,i::r.fint. payable annually.
,n l !iflo Ronda arc the only debt of ihe
10lv', and are duly authorized by act of
s!uhlv with amnle provisions for the
of principal and interest, and bc-
xept froni taxation also, they pre-
opportunity for secure and desir-
"ivcstmpnl rnrtdv met with in the
ili,e- Apply ,0
. . DeBosset 8? Brown.
'in-lon, N. C.; April 12, 1851.
v , ' uu"M,roui removing
' , k . 7 "w "u"
ilnchrm known -
lOOO to
A particular description of the premises
unnecessary, as no one will purchase
without examining for himself.
l v- F. DANCY.
Tarborough, Jan. 27, 1851.
E C. fiobinson,
Surgeon Bentist,
RESPECTFULLY returns his sincere
thanks to the Ladies and Gentlemen of
Tarboro', and surrounding counties, for
the very liberal patronage extended to
him, during his late visit.
He will bo in Tarboro' during May
Court, and will in the month of May visit
the towns of Wilson and Stantonsburg.
Teeth inserted from one to a whole set
either with springs or by atmospheric pres
sure. Tarboro' March 10, i$5t.
THE boating business heretofore car
ried on under the name of IVm. Jl (Jrn.
11 m. 1. Grimmer.
Macnair S- lirotker.
Afetccr $ Dur run.
January 15th, 165 1.
1 A
1 wish tn contract for lOi) m
Red Oak
J. I, .1 C P A r I?C I. I . I ! i :
uiiw i i lj.-j, iu wu uenvcreu next i.i 1
and winter
dimensions as follows 13
inches long, 3 do wide, and 1 do. thick
on the thin edge. IV. IVUlard.
Washington, N. C. April 28, 1S51.
ushels St. Martins salt,
3000 1!
cargo of sch. Roujrh Iie.i
dy, on the way and daily expected, for
sale by t W. . IVWard.
Washington, N. C. April 2Sth, 1851.
Liverpool Ground
Salt, for sale low by
Washington, 21st April, 1S51.
1 1 lids new crop Molasses,
25 bbls clarified Sugar,
10 hhds P. R. do.
200 bbls Flour, various grades,
SO bag Rio and Lnguayra Coffee,
5 bbls mess Pork,'
0 boxes Tobacco,
, .,
150 kegs Nails,
10 bbls t;oj)perirs,
80 !b'js Whiskey,
Just received per sch'nrs" Ann C. Baker
and Osceola, for sale by
w. ii. willar'd.
Xpril 21st, iS5l.
Cabinet Furniture.
THE subscriber respectfullly informs
Iris friends and the public generally, that
he will continue the
Ratline! 31 uking
at his old s(and. His Furniture w ill be
made of good materials, well made, and at
reasonable prices.
He has now on hand variouf eh fetes of
furniture for sale. He hopes by strict at.
tention to business to merit a continuation
of ihe patronage he has heretofore receiv
ed. I would take Jin Apprentice to the a
hove trade a health v boy, not over fit-
teen years of age, and of good moral char
Tarborongh, January 21st, 1S5L j
Bacon and Lard,
For Sale at the Store of
Leigh Sf Son.
Tarboro, May G, 18.51.
To Cotton Grower.
THE undersigned wishes to purchase
Cotton, for which he will pay within a
shade of New York prices.
VV. li. WlLLARD.
Washington, N. C, 16th Dee. 1S50.
Cheese and Butter
210 Boxes very superior dairy Cheese,
5 Kegs dito. Butter,
Ju3t received for sale low by
Washington, Dec. 7th, 1S50.
Flour and Pork.
238 Bbls. Flour, Pine and superfine,
75 Mess Pork.
Just received for sale by
Washington, Dec. 7th, 1850.
White Oak Bbl Staves
TflE undersigned wishes to buy W.
0. Bbl. Staves, for which he will pay the
li'ghest mar ket price for a good ui tide.
W. li. WILL. -MUX
Washington, N. C. Dec. 7th, 1850.
it i ! i&a
A Roanoke Plahtallon.
HAVING determined lo move South,act asafrents forme, will be thankfully re-
now oiler lor sale my very valuable
i plantation on Roanoke River, lying seven j
; miles auove uaston, live miles Irom fie;
Peteisbii' g Hail Iload, and twenty one or
two miles from Warrcntdn. This planta-
lion is in (he ('ountv of Northaiiihton.
. V IIUIIlll W 1 "
; wt
ounlies oi v arren, llahlax, and liruns-
wick, Va. The tract consists of
iuchfding more than ha!f of Pugh's Island,
which is classed with the best land in the
State for the growth of Corn and Wheat,
The uplaiuH arc exceedingly well adapted
to the cultivation of Tobacco. Tlic 'Res-
iJence upon this land is one of the most
beautiful and eleg.mt, t lie situation bein
tnftrior to none iu its genet al appearance
Only one mile from the dwelling there is
a Mineral Spring (belonging to the tract,)
and it is considered in its properties by
all those who have drank of its waters
equal with that of Shoceo or Jones' While
Sulphur. I consider it useless to say more,'
j as those who wish to purchase will come;
and examine for themselves. I am ex
ceedingly anxious to sell, therefore feel
willing to make a considerable sacrifice.
Chesntit II ill, N. C. Oct. 17.
P. S. Persons wishing to' purchase can
learn the terms &c. by addressing me at
Marianna, FIori!a. B Jl. D.
Jew Hoarding House.
itlrs. E. A FORD,
WOULD respectfully inform the pub
lic, that she has taken the House lately
occupied by M. Swahn, as a boarding
House, and having had it thoroughly re
paired, and fitted with new and handsome
furniture throughout, she will be enabled
to accommodate a number of transient or
permanent Boarders in the best manner.
The House is as pleasantly sittrated aJ any
it li'llniiiigtoni
and a number of her best rooms will be
reserved for the accommodation oftran-
sient visiters. Mie can continently be
speak the patronage of those desirous of
obtaining a Boarding House of the first
class, as she dattcfd herself that her ar
rangements cannot be surpassed for com
fort and convenience, and no exertion
will be spared calculated to add to the
happiness and contentment of her guests.
The House is now open lor ine recep
tion of permanent or day boarders, for
terms, apply to .Mrs. Ford.
Nov. 15, 185Q.
jaurify tt)c Blood.
fixe best Family Medicine now before the public.
It has been computed, tliat during the la?t
twenty years, three millions of persons have
annually been benefited by the use of
these Medicines ; fuct which sjwaks volumes
in favtr of their Curative properties a einte trial
will place them loyond the reach of competition in
the estimation of every patient. By their use the!
Wood is restored to a pure and healthy state,' freed
from all impurities The system is not reduced
during tlieir operation, but invigorated, and they
require no restraint from business or pleasure.
The afflicted have in Moffat's Life Pills
and PhconiX Bitters, a remedy tlxat will da
for them all that medicine can possibly etFoet
The genuine of these medieines are now put up
with a tine steel engraved wrapper ami labela,
and copy right secured according to the laws of tha
United States.
Prepared by W. B. MOFFAT, M. D., Ne
Fur sale by
Geo. riowardi Tarboro
I WOULD beg leave to inform
Merchanls-&c , that 1 manufacture
Can files ;f a superior quality ,
and will sell as cheap as they cdn be pur
chased in any of the Nor.bern Cities,
and one cent per pound less than they
tail be purchased in Petersburg of any
commission house or store, with the ex
ception of my agents, of as good. quality.
Orders left at the Factory, or with
Messrs. Watkins & Morton, merchants,
corner of Tabb and Sycamore streets, who
ceived and punctually attended to.
Petersburg Va. Nov. 12, 150.
HAVING associated with me Mr. Jilo.
W. Saunlors, of Petersburg, Va., ah expe
rienced workmdu in the various Styles of
Archhectdre, I would announce to the
public, that we are prepared td contract
for llie building of plain or ornamental
cottages, public buildings, churches, &c.
&c. in a style and finish to defy compti-
lion. We will either contract by the job
or by the day.
Tarboiro', Dec. 21, 1840.
$10 Reward.
RAN A WAV from the Subscri
ber, on 'Tuesday last, negro man
Elick, mulatto color, aged between
30 and 33 years', 5 feet 6 or in
ches high, stout built, weighing
: 1C5 or 170 pounds he has a front tooth
next to the eye tooth out has a down
look when spoken to, and speaks slow.
Elick was raised near Logsboro', and for
merly had a wifo at Mrs. Mary Exum's,
near which place I expect fie is Ktrkrng.
The above reward will.be paid for his ap
prehension dmt deliver to me,' or if con
fined in Tarboro' jail so that I get him a
Edgecombe Co., May 1 5, 1 5l.
Thomas L. Liddon,
INFORMS the citizens of Martin and the
adjacent counties, that he has
llemoietl to iinmiltoHi
And is fully prepared td execute all jobs in
his line of business, that may be entrusted
to him. He has competent workmen in his
employ, and can give satisfactory ass u ran,-
ccs, that all work entrusted to him wjj bc
executed expeditiously and in a Workman
likejnanner. References
J0. fVahlo, Harriton,
Vm. Norjlel. Tarboro,'
Jlaker Staton, Edgecombe Co.,
Goo Id HoyU Greenville.
Hamilton, April 3. 1850
Flour! Flour!!
A FEW barrels Northern and up
country Flour, by the barrel or retail,
For sale by Qeo. Howard, J
Watclif CSockr anc
Jewelry ) IZepairiiig
HAVING employed a very superior
German workman by the year, 1 would
most respectfully inform the public, that
they can have their
Watches, &c. repaired.
At my shop in Tarboro, in a style equal
to "and aa cheap as they can be done elsewhere;-"
warrant my workjor twelve months
thus my patrons have the advantage
over those that .send their Watches at a
distance, by having ihe opportunity of
having them overhauled, and'repaired free
of charge, should there be any deficiency
rn the previous work, which must oine
times happen to the best workmen.
. 2 select assortment of JeWttry
As cheap as can be bought elsewhere.
JO. S. P END Ell.
Tarboro', June 6, 1S50.
To the jail of Edgecombe County,
on Saturday, 3rd inst, a negro
man who calls himself DOB, and
says he belongs to Dr George
Roberts, of Granville county, who
purchased him iii Richmond abobt a
month ago. Said negro appears to be a
bout 30 years old, black complexion, and
middling sie. The owner is requested
to come forward, prove property, pay
charges and take him away, or he will bo
dealt with as the bw directs.
Tarboro', May 14, 1651.
.. . -
3. R Ford,
DEALiEU in Marblo Mbniiments;
Head and Foot Stonds; Paint Stones; Im
posing uV; and in short, any article called
for of cither Italian, Egypthni or Amert
can Marble; and work warranted io please
or no sale; and if damaged before delive
ry, it is at his expense.
(0Ofders left wiih Geo. Howard
Tarboio', will be attended to fdrdivvilh
March 15, 1849.
E3PECTFULLY informs the citi
zens of Edgecombe and adjoining
counties that he carries on the
nt ihh rihl Stand next doof to the Post
ffic whcrc will be found a choice assort'
, t ' c
meht of
(and all articles in his line of business,)
which he is prepared to make up, at the
shortest notice and on reasonable terms.
Thankful for the favors already received,
he solicits a continuance of the same, assur
ing all who may favor him with a call;
that nOne hall go away dissatisfied. Cut
ting done at the shortest notice .
N. H. Always on hand a few select
articles of ready-made clothing of his owa
manufacture. JAS. ME HE G AN.
Tarborough, January 1.
Don't you want to ride?
THE subscriber keeps constantly on
hand, a large variety of vehicles comprises-
. .. ... .
Buggies j Barouches , &
of every style and finish.
He also manufactures to older any de
scription of vehicles, from an ox carl to a
fine carriage, in a style not surpassed ni"
this country, and at priced as tow as cau
be afforded anywhere.
He also carries on a large harness man
ufactory sots of harness from $12 to
Vehicles of every description repaired
at short notice and on reasonable terms.
The subscriber will attend the Courts
of Edgecombe, and be prepared to mako
contracts as above, on favorable terms.
James jvelsok
Greenville, Pitt Co. July, '850.
Cash Advances.
- wfjta)
THE undersigned will advance in Cash,
three-fourths () of the market valuo
hie of Corn, Cotton, and Naval Stores,
leposited with him for shipment to his
friend j. G. Williams, Ef.c, . New York.
WahintGn,N.$. 17th Not. 1819.

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