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J I .
John H. Smith's
nenovitttnz Ointment ana
'.G .
THE author our existence has caus
ed to grow up spontaneously, throughout
the world, such vegetable properties as
tvill at once cure, when properly applied,
all curable diseases. The proprietor of
these truly valuable Medicines jnight lill
n volume with Certificates and testimo
nial in favor of his articles;, but, consid
ering such puffs wholly useless, since
they ate so readily manufactured, and
made use of to such an extent to palm off
some useless trash upon the public, I shall,
therefore, state at once, the various disea
ses that can be speedily cured by these
Invaluable Horse Renovating Powders,
viz: Glanders, Hidebound, and Horse
Distemper. It also carries off all gross
humors, and purifies the blond. It. is also
a safe and certain cure for the Heaves; it
will also cleanse, at once, the stomach and
maw from bots,worms,&c.and again restore
the stomach nnd bowels to healthy action.
is an invaluable remedy for horses, i n't he
cure of the following diseases: Fresh
wounds, (Jails, of all kinds, Sprains, Brui
ses, Ringbones,. Poll Evil, wind (Sails. Spa
vins, Sweeny, Fistula, Strains, Lameness,
Foundered Feet, Cracks, and Scratches.
The above articles are to be had in most
of the Cities & principal Villages through
out the United States, and the Canada
For sale, wholesale and retail, at John
II. Smith's Depot, No. 123 Fulton street,
(2d fl jor,) New Vork.
Price, 25 cents per box for the Ointment;
GD cts for the Horse Renovating Powders.
For sale by Geo. Howard.
Patent Medicines, Sc.
J.RAY?s Ointment, for the cure of white
swellings, scrofula, sore legs, &c.
IlarrelPs febrifuge, or vegetable tonic,
cough mixture of carrageen mo3S& squills,
44 " extract of 9arsapari!la an J blood root,
44 anli-biliiu tomato pills,
Sappington's anti-fever pills doi book on fevers,
Goclicke matchless sanative, for the cure of
consumption, coughs, colds, &c.
Phelps's tomato pills Pcters'a vegctablo do,
Thomson's eye water, chemical opodeldoc,
Longley's great western Irtdian panacea,
Oil spike, British oil, Bateman's drops, laudanum
Paregoric, essence ct peppermint, lemon, &c.
Harlem oil, castor oil, liquid ointment,
French pla-aor to c 're corns, East India hair dye.
Compound chlcrir.c tooth wash, fancy soaps,
Oonnei's remedy for diseases of urinary organs,
Sherman'4 worm and headache lozenges,
Hull's ct h lozenges, Hull's anti-fever pills
Itoof 's f der ointment, for horses,
Clements's vegetable tonic mixture,
Armstrong's do. do
Evans's family aperient pills, Evans's tonic do
Turner's ague and fever ana chill and fever pills,
Tyler's vegetable fever and ague pills,
Wistar's balsanv of wild cherry, &c. &ci
For sale by - Geo. Howard. ,
Just Received,
Dr. Spcoeer's Vegetable Pills,
i veo-e:ahle tonic and restorative bitters.
Dr. Hull's" Fever and Ajue Pills,
Dr. Murphy's sugar-coated anti-bilious;
Auic and Fever Pills.
" , " .T . r a
none one trial will convince.
For sale Wy
Geo. Hoivard.
a. jfy
wraccries c.
SUGAR, molasses, colTec,
Lorillard's and Outcalt Snuff snuff boxes,
Candles brown and fancy Soaps ginger
CJrouud pepper and -pice Starch, indigo,
Cap and letter paper, ruled and unruled,
Ink and ink powder, &c. &c.
For sale by GEO. HOWARD.
Botanic Medicines.
JjMlE subscriber has just received, d
rect from New York,
Thomson. ait Medicines
Lobelia, green and brown---2nd and 3rd Prepa
tion of do myrrh, cayenne pepper, pond lily
Composition, bayberry, barberry, spice bitter?,
Golden seal, poplar bark, slippery elm, hemlof
Nerve powder, nerve ointment, bitter root.:
Cough powders, cough syrup, woman's frtel :
Syringes of various sizes. No. 6, &c. &c. "
which In, is Enabled to sell at greatly
Huced prices. GEO. UQW&lll
Tarboro', June 23,
Reduced to 75 cents.
Ir. Champion's
Vegel ibl? Jgrie Medicine,
A safe and certain cure for Fevers of every de
scription also, k
f)y. (Viumpignis uuti-bilious pills
For sale by GE O. 110 WARD,
Jinli bilious Family Pills.
Composed of Medicinal Properties pos
sessed by various vegetable
" i substances.
.CTING specifically on the Liver and
other secreting organs, promoting diges
tion, purifying the blood, cleansing tin
glands, in short, reviving the prostratcc
system, and diffusing health and vigo
throughout the human frame.
The following are presented out of man
Cornwall, Orange county, IT.
May VX M7
Dr. Ai Gilbert. Dear Sir: SutTerin for some
time with severe bilious affection uid iiv ri .
plaint, I was recommended to try your anii-bilion
family pills; and 1 am pleased in being able t
say, that after using a few doses I found great a?
permanent reliefi To all those afflicted in a simi
lar way, i cannot refrain from thus publicly r.
commending them, as 1 consider them a valuab!
medicine to possess, specially in the rmmt;
where persons are removed from the opportune
uf receiving medical advice. Yours, truly.
VVf, tho undersigned deaiers in mcdieii'.
having for two years past sold Ai (iilberi's .i
bilious family pills, take great pl-,;isure in st.i'i
that so far as we know, ihe medicine has M..
universal satisfaction; and we believe it, from n
several expression made to us, to be the besi
ti-bilious medic in now in usei Signed.
AUON A. WlNO, M. D. PrTEK ll M t)Ch
A. A. Martin, Jas. Noi.lnkr, M
Norfolk, Va. May 29, '41.
Mr. A. Cilbcrti Dear sir, please send me fow
gross of your pills by the very first packet, n
am nearly out of them. The demand for them
very much increased, which can only be attribu
ted to their being recommended by those v
have been benefitted by the use of ihem. Y
can draw on me at sihtfor the amount as usuvi1
Signed. (i, .1
New Orleans, March 7, '15
FTI111E starllinsr drawback on nearly nil medi
cal agents has ever been that in their pro
cess of purgation and purification they have also
debilitated tue svstem. Hence purgative :i;e
dicines were regarded as at best but a necessary
evil, patients resorting to them for the relief of om
disease at the expense of another. To obviate
this, physicians have long sought for an agent
that would at the same time purge, purify and
strengthen; but their fforts were nearly fruitless
and they had almost despaired of success when
the labors of science, and research were rewarded
by a discovery which fully realized the fondest
desires of the medical faculty, and which is justly
regarded as one of the most important triumphs
that pharmacy has ever achieved. This import
ant desideratum is named
which purify the blood and remove all corrupt anH
vitiated humors, and unhealthy accumulations
fro,n tlie body in a manner r,ever heforo rivalled.
1 and which yet produce no-weakness or lassitude
: whatever; but on the contrary, t me the stomach
! and invigorate the constitution during the prn-
! gress of their operations! Dr. Le Roy's pills in
fact unite those heretofore irreconcilable but
most desirable qualities, evacuation ai d invigora
tion; lor they are at the same time a strengthening
purgative and a purifying tonici The two princi
pal ingredients in Dr. Le Roy's pills are
so prepared that each promotes the beneficial effect
of the other, the former strengthening, while the
latter, through its union with various vegetable
ingredients,. evcuates and purifies; thus they
superinduce no torpidity r lassitude of the diges
tive functions. & hence their operations are attend
ed by no reaction, or subsequent costiveness.
Dr. Le Roy's pills are the most active and
searching medicine in existencei They at once
attack the very root of diseases, and their action
is so prompt, that in an hour or two after they are
taken, the patieni is aware of their good effects.
They not only operate on the blood, but also on
the chyle of which the blood is formed, and this
secures good blood front the fountain head; more
over they produce neither nausea, griping or debi
lity, and as a family medicine they have no rival.
Put up for the public wjth full directions by
American Agents, New York.
For sale by Geo. Howard, Tarboro.
iayne's Expectorant, per bottle, $1 00; Hair
. ic, 1 00' tonic vermifuge, 25 cts. carminative
;isam, 25 cts. sanative pills, per box, 25 cts.
American hair dye, 50 cts. alterative, 1 00; ague
.pills, 1 00. For sale bj GEO, HOWARD. -
A FRESH SUPPLY of Whittemore's
concentrated; vegetanie syrup, a sure
remedy for diarrhea and bowel complaint also,
Hemsley's worm-destroying syrup,
anti-mineral pills,
Whittemore's American plasters doi on paper,
Durkee's Green Mountain vegetable Ointment,
For sale by " '" " ' " Geo. Howard.
TinWa7c7 .
THR subscriber has just receive ! a fresh sup
ply of TLY Warty manufactured at Washington,
in this State, viz:
Lard stands of various sizes, buckets do do.
Coffee pots do do, measures do do, wash asi s
Lanterns, scoops, milk strainers, culenders,
Oil cans, pepper boxes, cups, dish pans,&c.
Orders for gutters, conductors, and tin
ware of every description, will he attended t
forthwith. Geo. Howard,
Sich head ache, though constitutional or incide
.1, is cured by Dr. Spohns head ache remedy.
Dr., Spohn's Elixir of Health, for the cerini
revention of fevers or any general sickness, keep
ing the stomach in most perfect order, the bowels
regular, ami a determination to the surface. Colds
coughs, pains in the bones, hoarseness, and dro
xy, are quickly cured by it. Know this by trying.
lr. i.itf celestial balm of L'uiuu. a positive curt
r the piles and all external rvilings .ill internal
.rritatjons brought to the surface by friction with
his balm; so in coughs, swelled or sore throat.
ii-:ht.ies-! of the chest, this balm applied on a fiV:
ih' will relieve and cure at oncoi Fresh wounds
t old sores are rapidly cured by it.
t.ius temperance bitters, on the principle of sub
suming the tonic instead of the stimulant princi
which has reformed so many drunkards.
' crit rated compound ('hluriis Tooth vast,.
renwn d for its effica-y in purifving ths breath.
ad preventing the decay of tteth, and keepin-.'
'lie gums healthy and sound.
7' the hall and lame lr. llewes' nerve aii'
liniment is the most effectual curefor rheu
..t sin and contracted cords and muscles.
ihe gray hairid will find the ludianllair l)y
j.erfett and effectual.
Fur coughs and lung complaints use Dr. Uar
iho'.omew's Pink Expectorant syrup.
For jalr hv Geo. Howard.
To Farmers and ZPairymen.
Vint hi n fj iV Emerson's
i'ulcnl double ucliw vntavij
For sale by
Geo. Howard.
rn the r'hblic.
'fnilK concurrent testimony of men of nfegriij
if any fac t o which we have no cognizance our
- , The great advantages possessed by this
article over every other, are iu certaintv, safe
rv. convenience and economy. All physicians
admit that great danger is to be apprehended from
d rugging the eye when iu an inflamed and unheal
thy state. In the use of this salvcnhis objection
1- entirely removed, as no harm can possibly re
sult from its use: it being iu all cases applied to
lne external portions of the eye, thereby avoid
ing all the inconvenience, pain and danger, which
necessarily attend the introduction of any pungen
article into the eye. Its" activity iu subduing in
fi.iiniiiation is so great that but few cases require
le 'ie of ul ire than one bottle to efTect a perfect
cure Uue ntivsieian remarked to us. a ter hav-
i j - - - -
ng witnessed its effects in several instances, that
it was a "perfect fire killer." We nnchl
multij)ly reasons why ibis salve should be pretext
red abuve every thing else in the treatment of dis
eases of the eye, but we prefer it should stand on
its own merits. All we ask is that its virtues be
thoroughly tested, and that the directions be strict.
iy followed.
Every bottle of the genuine salve has the name
blown in the sides of the boUle, and the written
signature of the proprietor, D. Mitchell, on the
outside wrapper. D. MITCHELL.
Perry, Wyoming county, Ni Y.
ALSO, Dr. Gordon's vegetable anti bilious
family pills, and Dr. Tyler's ague & fever pills.
For sale by GEO. HOWARD.
Cotton: Yarn.
. -
HE subscriber has just received a
quantity of Cotton Yarn, different
numbers, which he will sell very low
For cash or barter
Persons desirous of purchasing cheap.
-vill do well to call and see. .
Feb. 4. s . Geo. Howard-
... 6 -
(food'it India iltolnuosue
Tcj sale by
.John MS. r&c Carlcrvt
RK TURNS his grateful acknowlcdgrrients to1
the public for the very liberal patronage win en
has been extended o him, and respectfully an-.
nounses that he' slill continues the business f;
ttook-IJindincr in all its forms, in the City ofj
Raleigh, where it is conducted, as heretofore,
ov r
The Xorlh Carolina Honk Store
where every material an I instrument necessary
for binding, re-binding, repairing, will be kept
custantly on hand, and all work entrusted to
uiff. will be promptly and faithfully executed,
in as substantial a manner, as eleganta sty lt, and
upon as reasonable terms, as it can be done any
iie will also execue to order, all kinds of
tound in plain or fine style to suit purchasers,
WlllCIl canot be. SU'paSSed by the Norlliern
work, viz. Ledgers, Journals, Day Jooksf, Kf.-
cord liooUs, Invoice, Cash, Letter Books, 6i,c
Ai i orders will be executed with neatness and
despatch, and the atronuy;e of the public is res
pectiuily Kolicitedi
A liberal disc unt for caslu
Ji ileio-h, August 15th. 1819.
Xooks, &i: sctit to, or left with, Geoi How-
ard.of arburo', will be forwarded with de
patch. -
Li. F. Hibbard & Co.'s
ild i tievi ij Hitlers,
THIS preparatiDn is a certain sedative allay
ing all nervous excitability and calming neivous
irritation palpitation of the hotrt dizzirfss o"
tlie head fai.itmess and all diseases arisi' o
Iro.n a sympathetic affection of ihe stomach .t.t
entirely relieved by a few doses of these hitteis
i trenssian Hulm
For the cure of all disea es of the. skin, burns
and scvtlds, canker of the mouth, cleansing th
teeih,cuts, bruises and sprains also ancxct llern
article fur shaving,
r .v i mi native Salve,
Originally prepared by the Itev. 13. 1 1 ibliar 1
his salve is one of the valuable remedies know
for felons, biles, pain ul ulcers, &c.
For sale inTarboro' by Geo. Howard.
J'ljf OF TAXX1N, or leather restorer, a nev
mica! discovery, which penetrates Uir
stillest and hardest leauiek, it n has been twenty
. . ... . ..... .
years in usr; and if
tears easily with the lingor-i,
ii.imspart at once .a strength that is utter!)' ncre
lib!e until .een
(trns tlie French plaster is a sure cure.
J)r (m)ieVs gonorrhea mixture, an invaluab'',
cure for all diseases of the urinarv organs.
For worms Kohnsteck's Vermttu not Faf,
ncstoc'S will eradicate and cure a children and
adults m i.o have worms. Caution. icvare of ali
i unleSs the ti.tne is spelled Klmstocks the u!c
Dutch name of the inventor.
F r srle by
Tarboro, Nov. 9.
HorscSy fyc. for hire
'HMltj SUl' .Oer COIUinuPS to keep hOrSCS ant;
M m m w . r-m . ...
vehicles fur hire on the following
For carriage, two horses, and driver,
r, carriage and harness, 5
,, barouche, two horses, and driver,
,, barouche and harness,
carryall, two horses, and driver,
,, carryall and harness, :
i, buggy and horse,
65 00
2 00
4 00
1 50
3 50
1 00
2 00
,0 75
1 25
1 00
1 25
0 25
1 00
0 25
buggy and harness,
horse, saddle and bridle,
horse and cart,
Cart and gear,
Horse and plough,
plough and gear,
Wagon anddray, by contract.
The above charges are for an ordinary day's
travel longer or shorter distances, by contract.
April 13 GEO, HOWJfW
the p.rrkjyr
Porous Plaster
I'm ...
3,1 cases where 11 13 thought advisable u
keep up permanent stimulant impressions on
or near the organ diseased, these plasms will be
found highly valuablei In factj all the benefit
that can accrue from a contfnuous ; counter-irritant,
will be produced in the most efficient manner b v
them. As iri rheumatism, gou,? enlargement oj?
the joints, chronic 'disease of the liver, spleen,
lungs, or other internal organs, in short, n all
other cases where warming or strengthening-plasters
are beneficial, these will be found to be supe
rior to any now in use." For sale by
"7- - - -.. . -"h-wjii
For Ihe Kcnmvul and Prini. unit In re of all
And of those Complaints which are caused by n impair i
weakened or unhealthy condition of' the '
This beautiful and convenient application oi the i'i.tpr
wnvers of GALVANISM and M AU.N KTISi, ha 'b,-ei, ,
, United States, to be the most valuable mtduivui l,.otY)J
. th''- unTomTnic n ATtrn. r.
nounced ny. (Ustingmsnea physicians, uotu in Kiiki
a no
31 A U NET1C
is usefl
with" the most perfect and certain success in !
cases ot
Strengthening the weakened body, giving tone to the Tariom
organs, and invigorating the entire system. Also m tuv
NEURALGIA, PAINS in the SIDE and CHKST r ii'iu'
complaint,. spinal complaint, and clt.vature
ERG Y, ana an rsiuitv uus uist,Ai!-&, i"iucucomjilaiiiUarU
from one simple cause namely,
A Derangement of the Nervous System.
Orj- In NERVOUS COMPLAINTS, Drugs and Me.iieinei
ititft es the diseaser(or they weaken the vital eni!gie' 0 y19
aireaay prosiraieu sybiein ; wuue miner uie st: f ngtlieiuns
life-giving, vitalizing -influence of Galvanism as applied hv
this beautiful aud wonderful discovery, the exhausted natierlt
ana weaKeneu shhbii is icmuicu u lormer ueam., strongtQ.
elasticity and vigor
The great peculiarity and excellence of
Dr. Christie's Galvanic Curatives,
consists, in the fact that t!iey arrest and cure disease bv out
v aid application, in place of the usual mode of drugging and
physicking the patient, till exhausted Nature sinks hopelessly
under the infliction
They strengthen the whole system, equalize the circulation of
the Mood, promote the secretions, and never do Ihe slishitsl injury
under any circumstances. Since their introduction in lt
United States, only three years since more than
60,000 Persons
including all ages, classes and conditions, a 1110115 which wers
B large number of ladies, who are peculiarly ui.ject to Ner
ous Complaints, have been
when all hope of relief had been given up. and everj thir.g
else been tried in vain ! '
To illustrate the use of the GATVAKIC BELT, suppm
the case of a person Btilicted with that bane of civili.atinn,
DVSPKPSIA, or any other Chronic or Nervous Disorder In
ordinary cases, stimulants ar taken which, hy their action on
ttie uerves and muscles of the stomach. n..n: nn, ,a.y relief,
but which leave the patient in a ,owei state amTuiut injured
faculties, after the action thus excited ha oesei Now com
pare this with the efl'ect resulting from the application oi the
OALVANIC BKLT. Take a Inspeptic sufl'erei, even in the
worse syniptomb of an attack, and simply tie the Belt feroiiml
the body, using the .Magnetic Fluid as "directed. In a short
period the insensible perspiration will act in the positive
eir-ment of the Belt, thereby causing a Galvanic circulation
which will pass on to the negative, and them e back again to
the positive, thus keeping up a continuous tialvanic circula
tion throughout the svstem. Thus the most sever ehses of
is oktkn amply sukficiknt to kbadumk the '
wiPCAor. tr HiAna.
Of the most Undoubted Character,
From all parts of the Country could be gneu. suiticicnt to Ell
every column in this pajr '.'
which conclusively rie that
" Truth is stranger than Fiction."
Rev. Dr. Landis, a Clergyman
of New Jersej, of distinguished attainments and exalted
reputation :
Sidnkv, New Jersey, Jul) u,
Dr A. II. i:hristie--Dear Sir: Vnu wish to krii.M, l ma
what has been the result in my own case, of the njh iiratun it
TIIK GALVANIC' BELT AND Nt'.CKLAcX. i) rcj.-ly isa
f(ll(ivs :
For about twenty vears '. had been sufl'oring fmn. Uyspe
eia. Every vear the svmpioins became voit no; ciulJ I
obtain permanent reliet "lront course of medical treatment
whatever. About fourteen ve.rs since, in consetjuence of
frequent exposure to the weather, in the discharge of my pas
toral duties, I became subject to a severe Chrome Kheiuna.
tism. which for year after year, caused me indescnlath
anguish. Farther : in the winter of '4-i and '46. in consequence
of preaching a great deal in my own and varum. other
churches iu this region, I was attacked by the Bronchitis,
which soon became so severe as to require an immediate sus
pension of my pastoral labors. My nervous tystein was now
thoroughly prstr&ttd, and as my Bronchitis became worse, so
also did my Dyspepsia and Rheumatic artection-thus evincing
that these disorders were connected with each other tniougu
the medium of the Nervous System. Iu the whole pharmaco
poeia there seemed to be no remedial agent which couw
teach and recuperate my Nervous System ; every tiling tnai j
. 1 ' W 1 1 . U ,l Llllfl IU1UU3C uau v-vfiij t-fcv t , ,
was led by my friends to examine your inventions, ana iiiwub..
to try the elifect of the application of the GALVANIC
in June, 1S46. To my rkat astonishment, it two dats ur
Dyspepsia had oone ; in eight days I ws ekableo t
rksl'mk my pastoral labors ; nor have i since 0mitt't
a 8inoi.f. service oj account ok the bronchitis ; "d
Rheumatic akfkction has entirely ceased to trolbi e m
Such is the wonderful and happv results of the expeument.
I have recommended the BELT and FLUID to man
have been likewise suffering from Neuralgic affections l oy
have triad them, with happy results, I believe, i f KB
I am, dear sir, very respectfully yours,
Is used for all complaints aff ecting the Throat or Head, such si
Bronchitis, Inanimation of the Throat. Nervous ana
Headache, Dizziness of the Head, Neuralgia in the r .
Buzzing or Roaring in the Ears, Deafness, which is genev
Norvous, aud that distressed complaint, called Tic Duioreu-
Are found of vast service in cases of Convulsions or
Spasmodic Complaints, and general Nervous Affections oi
Head and upper extremities Also in Talsy and f aialy"-
all diseases caused by a deficiency of jiower or Nerk
Energy in the limbs or other organs of the body.
fjr?- iTany hundred Certificates from all paiU o( the c0".
of the most extraordinary character can be given, u req
Qr?- No trouble or inconvenience attends the use of
rHRiTit" c.flrKiviP .ABTfrf FS aud they
be worn by the most feeble and delicate with perfect .eale -a
I safety.- In many cases the sensation attending then u
highly pleasant and agreeable. They can ue seai w
of the country7 .-"'.., '-'
The Galvanic Belt , " Three Dollars,
1 The Galvanic Necklace, Two Dolla
; Tho Galvanic Bracelets, " One Dollar ac.
' TMe Masrneiic Fluid, One jj&uav
The articleg are accoml,8njed by fuii and v
S&riJff AgeS. fU" paricuIars may Le
j ft?- Beware of Counterfeit and Wonhh "a""n,
W4 mm v& j v
For sale by Geo. ttvicuru,
Griiiftfie ThoinsmwmMtdicines,
- Jayue's lulls, tec.
For sale by Qco-UwWk

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