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Tarboroitffh. Etsrromt Cotntfi;. .V, Satunlny, MMeambet
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The Tarborai Frcts
i published weekly at rwoI)oLiRS per year
,J I n 4J vance or,Tyo Dol r. a rs and Fiftv
1,1 ,. 1 . ;
verlisemems not exceeding a square wiiibe.,,; . hv -p.. , ' '
-I , ri d iOnri)ollak the first insertion, and 25
!f . i , I
A f tor every succeeding one. Longer ones at !
T ........ i
i rte per square. Court Orders and Judicial
Jjvertisements 23 percent, higher.
p the twenty first annual session of '
tlr rnntmtn'a Baptist Association, Brethren James S Battle, William Thig
frfdat Red Banks m h Pitt county, pen, Joseph I). Biinrwud Richard Harri
r on trie sva. itiui.atid Ulti
clays of October. 1851
Saturday, October 25.
I 1st. Pursuant to adjournment from last
'ear. Elder Jacob Herring preached the
Ijitrodiictory Sermon from Isaiah. 42jf?room.
c i)fer and 1 6t h v And I will brine he
IJi.i I by a way they know not: I will lead
th i in piths that they have not known:'
I will nuke darkness light before them,
flaai-'s f Churches and
Coumie-s wherein
Autrv s ' reeK,cng cumuc innn it. M ore, iepnen
. i r 1.-. r . ...
Hi ck Oeek. ifnync, AVrn bass Liny Uell,
Mini's treek, ffeaufort, . J, IV"vi, JJ irney
Fri. it tship, Ur'tyne,
Jacon Herriiijr .(nie i Parker,
iNoaii .liuck, Asa tid wards. am'l Hoyd.
;Lanear Gritlia, John S.iiiih Joseph Vx.
Beuj Hyu in. VuonJoyner, vV. Turn age,
Ki .way's, r,
i .-o.;k,s, 'iff.
lVashwirton Hooks,
ijohn S dnuson,
fi l : i-O i. ' Vtftvl,
K . .fluid, f atiff.
Siiattneu Pa e. Silas
.v - 'a a iel. IVaane.
Sanders P Oox v oil li
f. tsiut Hill. EtKo:nbe Jacob Pr ctor, Fred'
P... rt Pl m f limr- V,VrirrlitS i.it'n
ii.i iks, Pitt, 13 Griffin. Insiah Selson, Cal via Evans, 2
1 ' t S.iaron. Ltmnr Wilson I ijr'iliri tn,
1 ..iy d ttom, Lenoir, J K. Cr.oin. It Crom
lA.h's Creek, rraren9' ,B Whi f)rd s Aiili.;e
J f-r U I J I'lllll Fltl.JT- Urilj(lii J
' i - ot, Eitgesomb', Lanv lew. VV m. Uai fo-t, 11 Plway 6
' w t Crek, Edgecmbe J, C Knight, . V einiujr, J. S, Dujjan, 0
J i ) i, FAg co iit te. Kl-y Tayloj, David M Te, : 1
hiie Oak, Edgecombe. .1. Moore. J B- W oo.iard, W". M. Stanton, (
I Ahseut,
7th. Called for petitiomry letters, when
' -ntlC IVK IHkImiI 111 frn.ti liltrtn I'l'.nran
v. - " . . w . v ii , v mini
county, and alter the letter was 'read the
JVIoderator ,ave the delegate the right
han I of fellowship; and that church was
eceived a member into our Association.
8th. ppointed our next Association
o be held with thechurch at Swift Creek.
raven county. N C. to commence Sit
rdiv before the 4th Sunday in October,
352, at 1 1 o'clock, V M. and that Elder
, in ar Griffin preach the Introductory
r oou, and if he fail, Elder Benjamin
9:h Appointed ministers to the stige
to -morrow, Elders M. lhompson,
o ii'B o iut (ooper, and John H. Daniel; wor-
ship to commence at Id o clock, A .
Intl. 1 '. rti. ri rxi I (all Vlfitlrliir 1 fl
1 II 1 1 i ilCII till llljl llb'4 till i. wiili avr
0 clock, A M.
Scxday Morntno, October 26.
llth Met at the stage at 10 o'clock,
A M. when Elder Cooper introduced the
worship of the day from the Epistle of
h nes, 1st c. and first parf of the 27th v.
Pre religion " Elder G. M Thompson
followed from Hebrews. Sth c and 7 v
H'o, if that first covenant had been fault
less then should no place have been
'Wit for the second, &c." The breth- cock's. August yru; .veauow, ep.emoer p( fp M beC0ine milch won. down, oc
WaVeached with zeal and we hope the 4th; Memorial, October 1st; Nahunta,', casionaliy (as mi;ht be expectecl) was
Lord did bless their labors to the good of September 3rd; New ( hapel, September melimes fre!fuL an(, not ea to suil
(the people, for Jesus' sake.
Monday Morning, October 27.
12th. Met according to adjournment
from Saturday last, when the Association
was opened by prayer and praise by Elder
13th Called the roll and noted the ab
sentees thus .
Hilt Called for letters from sister As
sociations, vvhen one was handed in frm
delegates: also, one
j ' inn; W.in, ujr " - - - o i
ff)'" Kehukee.
15m. The Committee on finance report
--Find in the hands of our Treasurer
ast ear,
i .
j Contributions this year,
7 15
21 25
N-v in the hands of our Treasurer, 40
16th The Committee that was appoint-
kj . . .11 vr....
c to ffetn trnfrint. ol tne oiu uruc
n r
sociation reported, and vvas
'. :.u k nA.
-report again next year, w,u.
u,"-n Elder Ichabod Muore added to
and crooked things straight. These
j things will I do unto them, and not for
sake them."
2nd. The delegaes met together, an .
ine AMociation w a opened by prayer and
0 , . . '
Ji'!. 1 he Association appointed Elder
. . u c
Heiiiamin Bvnum. Moderator, ami Rid. .j
Ichabod Moore, Clerk, and
Jesse C.
Knight, ssistant Clerk.
4th. Ministers and messenger
sisier Associations wre invited to take
seals with us. Vh-n Brethren trom the
Kehukee took s mis wtMi us: Eiders
iJOUI1, Cooper, John H Daniel, and
son. From White Oak. brethren Elders
Davis and Willie From Kentucky El
der O. M. Thompson
5th. Appointed a committee on finance:
Brethren Sanders P. Cox and Joseph B.
6ih. Called for the letters from the dif
ferent Churches in this ssocialion, audi
entered their contents as appears in the!
following table.
CS 53 !3 S " ?
"ts ? -5. .' 3 25 a ' ; i
S Cis
33 1 00
Ahtaham ivamh,
1 J3
i 50
1 00
m -
I oO
i 50
i.SullPr. vV. Picoi.: 10
Pate, Lenoir Pate, 1
m. loim VVeas, I
1 :
I 00
1 00
1 00
1 0
1 50
41 '25
ick Proctor,
A. W, i oo'en
l Aillice,
1 i
1 '
1 1
33 I
2 4 R 10 G5b'
I7ih. Appointed delegates to sister As-
ci ilinni:. 'P.. Z . I r . . V? A . . : .
I jui iniiuiu, xv ikUiillnLl -d ill1 ic '.lll.lllllll
Bynum and Ichabod Moore, and brethren
John S. Duggan, JR. (room, J C.
Knight. John S. Brinson, Noah G askill,
I Bry ant Whi i ford an I John Smith. To
While Oak. Elders Shadrach P.te and
Benjamin Bynu n, and brethren John
Smith, Noah Gaskill, and John S Dug-
gan To Little River, Eldets William
B ss and Sh adi ach Pate, and brethren
Jesse U. Knignt, William Barefoot, Silas
Pate, Linsy Bell, and Washington
Hooks. To Countrv Li'e and Abbot's
iSh. Appointed Ichaood Moore our
Treasurer, and to transcribe and uperin-
tend the printing ol these Minutes, and
liira'Ciia Ii 1 1 , . l r r t Pomnj ni'inlmi
1 1 tit L ltv iiuum .u vj 1 1 n c iniiiivvi HUH
, , , . . ,
.send them to the churches by mail
! lh. Ordered that a letter c uitaining
a Biographical sketch ot . he life and death
oi cuer .ionu mnn, .ate o. ay ue coun
ly, be printed with these M. miles.
20th The lime of holding the yearly
meetings; At Autrey s Creek, ept. 1st;
Blaek ( reek, Octoher 4ni; u.ount s
Creek, 5th Sunday; Friendship. August
4th; Galloway's. September ht;
. 2nd; I leasant Hill. August 4h; I leasant
plains, dinner ami; iteu i.a..K, epiem -
her 2nd; Rose of Sharon, 5th Sunday;
.i . . tl I 11 I. . o .
banuy bottom, August -v,
Sept 4th; Tison's, October 3rd; Toisnot.
August 4th; iowi, i,reeK, .-uBum im,
Jioii, August 3rd; White Oak, August
2 1st Then adjourned to time and
place above.
Ichabod-Moore Clerk.
BTOGK vpnY op
We, in giving a short history of the
i:f. f'n..r much esteemed brother, don't
feel actuated so to do, Parlic',lar,-V
long standing custom; but hrst b
think mere if - r
I . Un ...rtrrl nf til)( SO IU
example w tw
before h
instance, our Diesseo iM ',r-
' ffives us a b,
; men on m y
graphy of his life, in the iastilutioa of "the
Supper; and this we know, was ever to
Keep them or us, in memory of hint, un
il his second coming
2ndly, As pious, godly men, and espe
cially ministers of the gospel are so few
in number, we think that a record of i heir
lives might b of service to the surviving
generations; for the si red writer saith,
they should be esteemed very highly for
I heir works' sake,
Elder Smith was born, according to
the record given us, November 5fh 1S0S
lie, like n my others in his youth was
wild and rattling, and contracted some had
habits, became very fond of the fiddle,
and was apparently as much in his eh'
ment when dancing after the fiddle, as the
next youth to he found: and while this
was the case, he became a habitual pro
tane swearer, for the writer of this me
moir, has heard him say, that he thought
that would be the hardest thing to quit of
all the vices he was guilty of. Yet we
feel assured, that the Lord wis pleased at
his own appointed time, by his raee, to
bring this profligate son to a knowledge
tof himself, and ultimately, to know Jesus
Christ, whom to know is life eter
nal. To specify the precise time when he
was arrested by the Spirit of the Lord,
we cannot; but know it was at an early
period of his life And after being, as
we believed, awakened or quickened into
divine life, his convictions were deep, and
sore; for he often said, that he not only
saw. the dark bewildered condition that
his soul was in by ivason of sin, but tnat
the darkness was so thick that it seemed
that he could feci it; so that with all the
1 ft a
eves h had. he could see no way to es
cape the vengeance of
lmi'htv God
Yet that (od with whom all things is
possible, by his Spirit drew him down in
the valley of humility,
self-abased and
idf-.hn;..1 nn.l ri.vi.al .l.wnc k tho ..i.u.i'.
est of ten thousands, the way to heaven
' -
C I . .1 I ... .. l. .. .
,,M ano me viy ,o nea-
vvn for him And now. as was the case
with Daxid. a new soog was put in his
mouth, even praises lo his God He notj
long after thiscame forward to the church j
at Nahunta, and was received to baptism,.
and was baptized in July, 1883 Vnd
not long after this he commenced exercis
ing his gifts as a preacher, and was very
promising in the otitset; and was directly
so highly approved of, that the church
not long first called him to ordination,
after which he continued to preach, and
serve churehes around him, and was much
beloved by the brethren in general that:
lormed acquaintance with him. He wis
a very candid preacher, and wc believe
to be oithodox; and vye think we can
safely say, for his age in the ministry he
was not excelled but by few.
But it was not the will of God that he
, l . . .. r, .
should stand long on the walls of Zmn.
iu . . . e
W . ,np Imp I i . t tin iDinlaK rt I ii Kl ..tin..
othf.p jfflK.t jons hl ha a (mor tQ come
under one of uh jaws whieh wa9 lhe
. of . , . (fr(,riny. fln(.
j which Rfew q fl firRal
a, re,no(es fai,e( thon?hMlt n(jt
, ,oclor from lhe north, and the wound
heae(, up Yet that, or something that
a,,Cnded with ereat suffering kent
i him down and grailuillv sinking; and af-
j jt miftht be rQm hat cause that his
, enemies said more than they would other-
wjge h;ye Mj( Hat we knovv that tney
foM falsjfchdorJs in gJvinK of nim tha, he
become convinced the doctrine he had ;
Drc.ched was false, and that he should eoi
1 r t I
to hell, and suffer the greater damnation,1
for his false preaching; together with
tales of the like character, all of which
we pronounce to be false, and without
any foundation As he lived to hear of
some of those false reports, he seemed to
wish to be raised to rebut them himself,
but was not. permitted.
A few weeks before he died, the writer
of this memoir asked him if his faith was
strong in the doctrine of predestination
and election as formerly; and if he was
raised up. would he preach it as hereto
fore. And his reply was yes, stronger it
possible than ever. But Jiis preaching
was done, and Saturday morning, the 8th
...f March, 1851 he died, we believe in
the triumphs of faith, and has been taken
to tint rest that remains for the people of
of the University Mag rzine.
" 4
The Students of the University oi
Xorth Carolina, having deliberated, in a
body, on the expediency of establishing
literary organ, and being well convince''
olhe menial and perhaps moral benefit
which may result there fro m, have resolv
ed to exe-mte their design. We take tins
appropriate means of announcing it to the
public. No legitimate department of
Literature will be excluded from the 1 an
aztne, and it is presumed thai nothing vvill
be held objectionable, provided the arii
cles he thoroughly winnowed of the chaff
of improprieties. Every effoit will be
made to interest our readers wim origin
ality and enlighten them with valuable
information. We do not. indeed,, expect
to produce aught ''which the worit will
not willingly let die," hut we are aiding t
in the purpose which has placed us at
College, and on that account, at least, may
expect encouragement To those who
lake any interest m us personally, and fo
those who sympathise to any degree in
the cause which prompts us, wt? appeal
unceremoniously and with sure hopes of
success The Magzine will be issued
monthly with the exception of January
and July.
Plank Ko:ul Aolirc.
AT a regular meeting of the Directors
of the Greenville and Raleigh Plank
Road Company, held at their office in
(lrL'envi,'e on Phursday the 9th day of
lictoner. 1)1, tt was ,
ftesofved. That Books of subscription
he opened by the commissioners first ap-j
no'iuted under their Charter, for the our-
pose of increasing the capital stock of
. , ......
Cfiiil C-rm'iM -jml t It -i t th li hnil IimI'
P 'V in a sum equal to that called m and
Pal(i l,V original stockholders.
'2ftred Mnie. President.
By Goold Hoyt, Sec.
Land PI scv
150 Casks, 500 lbs. each. Land plaster,
100 Barrels do
for sale by John Myers S; Son.
Washington, 6 Oct.
Fill'Iliei'S of E'.lIgtTOIllbC
OYSTER SHELLS for sale, deliver
e 1 to t1ie flats from the w harf in this place
Annlv to IV. IViUard.
Washington, 9th June.
100 Bags Rio-Coffee
50 " Laguayra do
Just received aid for sale bvr
W H Willard.
Washington N. C, 6th June.
o jOBblsNew York and Baltimore
Flour fresh ground, just receiv
. f
sale by W. H. Willaid.
Washington N. C. 6th June
50 Bbls and hi f bbls butter, soda and
sugar crackers fresh baked, for sale by
W H. Willard
Washington, N. C. 6 June.
25 Bales Cotton Yarn, manufactured
bv the Blount's reek Factory. Fayette-
villeN Cforsaleby W H Willard
Washington N. C , 6th June.
50 Bbls F R and N O sugar
5 lihds ' sugar
for sale by W H. Willard.
Washington N C, 6th June
FI mv and Pork.
228 Bbls Flour. Fine and superfine,
75 Mess Pork.
Just received for sale by
Washington, Dec. 7lh.
White Oak Bid Staves
THE undersigned wishes to buy W
O Bbl Staves, for which he will pay the
highest market price for a good article.
Washiugiou, N. C. Dec 7th.
itst of Ijt ttt rx,
Remaining n- the I'ot-tOhVeat "Iarboro the 15th
of Nov 1851, whict n i,oi taken ut l l e the
Is f I ii next, will he sent, to the General
Post OtfiVe as dead ietters.
Bell I) B
Hiker Moses
Biyant Mr & Mrs
Bradley Stephen
Hornet t William
Bollock J K
Bui hans I)r
Ba'tle W S
Jenkins Thomas G
Jenkins J F
Jenkins J L Miss
Lodge William 2
L w jld Geoi ge 2
L-ggeM Leven
Little S E Miss
Lane Mary E Miss
Bry in.' Eihehiridge Montte-s D V
Bar.ow David Mooie E gaha
Cooper Blount Kev Mooring . I L
Dwnn LS MoigMi Henry
Dicken v L MaMin Moses
Denton Sarah Miss Nirlleet Wiliiam
Davis Uebecah Mrs Pender L H Miss
Dupree Redmond Pitt John R
Fly Thoinas
Farmer ls.-.ic B
Hewlett S M Z
Parker Mary R Miss
Pippen Silas
Statoo Nancy Miss 2
Staton Catrol
Savage I oho P
H ussev TC
Hussey John B
Howard Mary Miss Williams John G
Horn J L Williams Miss
Jenkins J D 2 Weks Silas
Weeks C
55 S R MOORE. P. At.
AKSAPARILLA, Corosock's compound ex-
parilla that can exceed or equal this. If ymi aro
sure to gel OomstocVs, yon will find it superior
to all others. It does not require puffing-.
Aiugicil ant HjcLiui t i
The most extraordinary salve ever invented for
t he cure of new or old hums and scalds, ami sr;res
ami SOre eyes. It has delighted thousand. It
will take out all pain in ten minutes and no tail
ure' It will cure the piles, &c
mi. . . ii i ... . c
' Puw orr; """"
the above thai- any or d! othe--'. 1 he case's f
cure are almost innmuerable and it is only tMe.-;--
gary tQ thoge who know lUe a,H,
! used ii with such reat suc-ess know that it o
: be had irue and genuine (for there are count- g
feiters) ot Dr. Lucius Comstnck 21 Cort!a .at
st New York and so of the rest of the articles
here named.
Lin' halm of China, for the cure of a I diseases
that require external application.
Oct. 9. Idol. Uo. iiw.rd Tarboro'.
tiiJfiy' lati-rIieiBii:il(c it
A certain and speedy Cure fin Chronic
Rheumatism. Spasms oft he ,!
cles. Ligaments and Hack and
for Sprains, lirmsts, and
THE history of on i vai-i.Oile n edicir.e is re
markable. It has risen into notice, and t-stab-hshd
a nigh and just peput lion in the region
of country where it lias been tried, alone irom the
surprising' and numerous cures it has t tiecled
The Proprietor Dr. Samuel Uuuley, Hospital '
Surgeon, on the Island of Portsmouth, riK'"
Carolina, na- use a it wuh uni.tiiinj; nc i ss, hoth 4
in the hospital, and in his private practice about
twenty years liuiing ihaipenou u 1ms net., at-
trading .u.,iic atienuon, and gradual ns,. in-
tog iterat aim tiigu reputalloi in all ilni ition
. , . . ;
ol country, soiei, oy me surprising renaimj ui
tttctures it naa uiiitorml v elite ltd. Ui.tn v.ry
recently it has nevt i been advertised, nor nave
any pains been taken to ex lend its celeLiitj its
tugn reputation therefore is periiiaem, heeause
it is oased upon surprising and uhjaiimg expert,
menis ;.lonei l he Voj neior enoouragt its
eminent success in cases ot vJhroiuc Kheuma
tim, and ' V aUVK-fc vf his trienus, oid ho
..o h. actuated bv a desire to exienn a f.i; as
possible the nenefiis ..t its healing propertied i
now taking measures to make its wond rf. I pro.
rerlies generally knowio All he asks is a lair
trial. It is now ottered to the a icted in the
Eastern porti n f tirth Carolini Th pro
prietor is perfectly willing to put till -t its
successor failure uion its suecpfs or faihe in
curing or failure to cure any ease ofCr.unic
Rheumatism, or other affection for which it is re
commended The following has een politely furnishrd hy
that highly esteemed citizen. Col. Joshua Tayloe,
of lleauf county, (., well known as a val
uable member of our State Senate, and present
Collector of the Pnrt ot Ocracoke. S- Car Una:
At the request of Dr. Samuel Dudley of Ports
mouth. North ' nrolina, I state that eou.e yers
ago one of oiy sons had a severe and protrac-d
attack of Rheumatism, and by using his "Anti
rheumatic Oil' he w as relieved "J
It gives Tie great pleasure alflf t say that be
si e thisca.se I have heard of others u hirh con
vince ,ie that this oil is very a!uahte in case-s ol
:heutuar.sm " , JOS 11(7.1 TJYHtE.
Washington, Ni C. June 1, ISIH
For sale by Geo, Howard,

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