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Oct. 29,1875
uatus of advf;utisi.u:
Advertisements will bo inserted in tho Tarboro
Soctbirser st the following rates. Ten liDes
of Misiox, or one inch lengthwise will constitute
a square :
One square oae insertion, - - gl OO
Each iubseauent insertion, ... 50
lmo.2mos. 3 mos.16 mo. 12 mos
3 0 6 0t 7 00 10 0(1 15 0O
B(X! 8 00 10 00 15 iM) 20 00
7 00 1 10 "K. Ifl no 20 00 27 50
9 00 15 00 18 00 25 00 35 00
12 50 18 () 20 00 27 50 40 00
18 00 25 00 30 eo 40 00 60 00
22 501 36 00 45 00 to 00 100 00
One square,
Three "
Four "
i column,
H ",
One column
Court advertisements inserted 6 wt-eks for $8.
9Marriage, Funeral and Obituary notices, not
mora than tea lines inserted rur of cjiaboi.
Subscription 92.50. II paid each at
Unit? otsubncribiMff S2.00.
Legal Notice. 1 wilt be ai my office in
Rocky Mount on Mondays, Teusdays, Fri
days, and Saturdays of each week, for the
transaction of business, as usual.
Clients can see me at the Socthebser of
fice, io Tarboro, on other days.
Dossey Dattlb,
Attorney at Law.
Try Alup's fresh Ground Co ffee.
After tbe Mail, the Southerner is the
most popular paper in Nash.
Autumn leaves arc falling so are not
the pin-backs.
If you want to build up the South en
courage home manufacturers. t
Col. Doxas has proved that marriages
and deaths should go together We agree
wtth him, if he will place them far enough
Buy your heavy 4-4 Brown Sheeting
your Cotton Yarns and your Plow Lines,
of Battle & Son's Rocky Mount Mills, t
Glycerine is excellent to rub on chafes,
burns or chapped hands or sun scalds.
The woek that is now DoD(e)on the
Sentinel is startlingly crisp and fresh.
Bro. Thorpe attended the bear fight at
JVeldon. Look out for an inflation next
Take the Southerner if you desire the
news current in your county.
Matrimony is raging in some portions of
the State so are meazlcs and hog cholera.
Thanks to that ( lever lady who helped
out a batchelor editor in his distresses. -
High rents are not pleasaut.
Capt. J S Dancy presents us with on
eight pound potato. It is big enough, if
eaten raw, to double the town in suppliant
The item of cotton rope for plow lines
seems a email matter. In the aggregate it
is worth keeping at home. Order from
Battle & Son's Kocky Mount Mills, Rocky
Mount, N. C. t
Rev. T. J. Allison, pastor of the Presby
terian church in Tarboro, preached excel
lent sermons at Rocky Mount on Sunday
last. His appointments at Rocky Mount
are on the 4th Sunday in each month.
Sekiocs Loss bt Fip.e. The gin bouse,
stables and fotty bales of to! Ion, he'opging
to II. L. Staton, Esq., about ten m'les from
Tarboro in Edgecombe county, were burned
on Friday niht last.
It :9 a ser'ous los3 and fa!'3 heavy on one
of oar worih'est c;i;zeas. No insurance.
True. Trying to do bu i-ic-s without
advertising is like winking at a pretty girl
through a pair of green goggles ; you m vj
know whf-.t you are doing, but nobody else
Chowax Baptist Seminaht. This In
stitution, situated at Murfrcesboro, opened
with 73 pupils, the largest number ever
registered the first day.
T. B. Kingsbury, Esq., proposes writing
for the use of schools and families, a history
of North Carolina from tbe year 15GS to
1360, and will begin the work forthwith.
. . .
Changed Owners. Griffin's bear, at
Rocky Mount, made historic by Ero.
Thorpe, has been sold to T. J. Re3my.
This animal has been quite a windfall to
the MaiL
How Bro. Thorpe can bea' this local los3
is a mystery to us.
Attention is called to legal card of J.
H. & W. L. Thorpe, Rocky Mount, N. C.
We are intimately acquainted with these
gentlemen, and know them to be entirely
Also, to house for sale by W. L. Thorpe,
and house for sale by Dosscy Battle.
See Advertisement of E. J, Snow &
Co., of Raltimore. Our fiiend, Freak
Young, one of the cleverest of a proverbia
ly clever set (drummers) wishes to extend
his acquaintance.
We assure our merchants they could deal
with no more reliable a man.
C)Utit'-y Merchants will find it to their
interest to buy 1 laid ware at W. G. Lwis'
Ilardware Store. Terms CAsn. 4t.
Notice advertisement of S. H. Marks &
Co., Petersbuig, Va. The finest confec
tioneries ever brought into this market,
come from this house. Mr. S. II. Marks,
in person, honored our town with a visit on
yesterday,and no cleverer a gentleman solic
its the tiatle of this section.
Mr. J M Spraggins will testify to all we
say in his favor.
Tde Pin Backs. A fashion paper says
that the extreme tie-backs are gradually
going out of fashion, but dresses will re
main quite narrow yet. In order to give it
the desired narrowness in front, a cas'ng is
Bet in about half way down its depih, and
a drawing strim attached. The new pol
onaise, which buttons down behind, and is
something of the princess shape, will only
be worn by you.ig ladies who adopt extreme
Teel Hall on Tuesday Night. Tbe
New York Comedy Company occupied the
boards) on Tuesday a-id Wcdntsday even
ires, in Tarboro. The Company was uier
itonaus, and Clara Wildman especially
happy in her parts.
We regret their agent did not arnve in
town early enough to advertise in the South
erner. On this account the country people were
not apprised of the presence of the Troupe,
and a small attendance was the consequence.
Yerily, it is easier for a camel to perform
the passage of a needle's eye, than to obtain
an audience without advertising. Selah.
The moot complete stock of cooking and
Heating stoves of every discretion eer of
frred in this market, arid at prices a low as
they can be bought in Baltimore. Philadel
phia or New Yotk, at W. Q. Lewis' Hard
ware Storo. TsbiuCajs, 4i,
UnYeiliuiT FIr' Statu of StwaU
Jackson Imposing Ceremoaies
Veterans ia Line Unparalleled W
pitulity of Citizens War Hemlni
cences Citr A blare with Illumina
tions Oen. Jackson's Cbild Old Sal
diers Shedding Tears, c, &.C.
On Monday, just in time to find the ho
tels crowded, we arrived in Richmond.
Were lucky enough however to, se
cure a. room, and girted our loins for a
Bmall amount of business for the veteran
Southerner, and a ponderous proportion of
pleasure. We had not visited the city
since 1864, as a soldier boy. Then we
were familiar with every nook and corner.
That was more than ten years ago. Now
we find it rebuilt after the burning in 18G5
with larger and more imposing structures,
four-story brick buildings standing on the
ground of the former piles.
We were piloted and chaperoned by that
clever gentleman, patriotic soldier, and
kindest friend, Mr. N. Frank Young, now
with E. J. Enow & Co., of Baltimore, and
a resident of Fianklin county in our State.
Confidentially the radicals indit' ed Frank
for voting in our last election, whereupon
every prominent lawyer in the Stite assu
red him there was no law for such a pro
ceeding, and volunteered to defend him
without fee or reward.
. Mr. Young introduced us to that noble
and highly esteemed band of brother s
known as the Baughman Brothers, 1S17
Main St., the largest Stationers and Prin
ters in the ei'y. To say these gentlemen
received us courteously would not half ex
press the kindness 6hown us. They took
us to the prominent business men ie the
city and introduced us, and lu. uL'y made
us a most welcome guest. The unobtru
sive warmth of a Virginian gentleman's
treatment of of a friend is proverbial. So,
we were received by Messrs Grier, Charles
and Melius Baughman and their good peo
Boughman Brother's Store was thronged
with customers, and all busy as bees. Thus
we readily perceived the popularity of the
house. Their very name is a : ytionyin for
honorable dealings. The:r trade is grow
ing in Norih Carolina, especially in the
item of paper bags, and we assure our
merchants if they should try this firm and
not be sa.istied, we will, individually, give
bond and good eecuiity, to settle the dif
ference. It was a bad time for drumm'ng for ad
vertisements. Many of the merchants
were absent attending to the details of the
"unveiling" ceremoaies to take place nest
day and on the various Fair Committees.
Those remaining in the stores were up to
their eyes in business. All were favorably
disposed to seek Eastern Carolina trade
and invited ri3 to call again, wh'ch we will
do soon.
It is singular, Richmond has not seen
advantages that would accrue by becom
ing better acquainted with us. With low
er tariff, and shorter distance, they might
esliy oui strip more Northern markets.
Tuesday was isolated i.i the annals ef
Richmond celebral'ons.
It s.eod ) OiB:nntly fo: Ih as the grealest,
lovel;;t oasis, to wh'ch all othMs were as
the scorching ands of Saba. a.
Though dead iu body, the ;mmortal part
of S.oneKfiill Jacksoii.. cominemm.i-D.fd
in at-taMie by Foley and prese.ujd to V r
giiia by geaLiemen of Enalaml. was impas
sively unveiled to public gaze wi.h appro
prale ceieuionies on that dav. His soldiers
hve to do ho'ior io ,.be njenxvr of tbti'
great leader. So in a
gra.sd pkocessios,
Tiaversinj the p. inelp?' kt eeis the survi
vetf ol' th Stonewall B'iade, ad array
No hem Virginia did hea t boiua j to tbe
There bains no o-'sa:rz3iion from N. C.;
we were io? ued to be an honorary member,
for the nonce, of that band of p.i .riots com
prising CKey's Eai-.ery from the city -of
Richmond. Pioud of the . honor conferred,
it s.ir.ed our hesvt with a gush of old ;ec
ollections to see the 6cld:ers who bad shar
ed the same drover with v jd oit mis
fortunes were a common lo. We a e re
conslrpcied. and did not want ( fi'jbt again
but we w ulu not w.ench fiom oar bosom
the kindly fee'.'nw for cnrcomisdss. for efn
the best gorernment the wo )d eer saw;
our heart was- thronged with the b.vouac
reproduced, the camp-3 e Jijh.ed, tbe jest
recalled and the battle fonjlu attain.
We noaced no cheeiinj when the new
soldiers, cadsis in nnii'orm &c. passed ;
but -he yells lli! ranjf oat from pavement,
balcony and house top, when the ve cans
approached filled us with enthusiasm that
we would not ren.ess.
Carriages, contairiug the un- med, who
could not walk, occupied a pioper place iu
toe Pre, ud .he occupants weie 1 oe recipi
ents of showers of boaque.s and much aUen
At 12 the procession filed in the Cupi o!
Squaie, where Dr. lloge was to deliver the
addt ess.
This was perfect in lone, senliment and
delivery and upon its conclusion the yiel
was torn a-ide, and a fine siaue of Stone
wall Jackson w?s revealed to the ecpptor
ed caze of the vast muuiludc, and hnzzaB
tanj liom my. aids of thioais, laken np aud
r-pe?led far out ofsiht aou souud of ths
Square by the people on the s'ree 's.
Gov. Kemper led the little daughter of
Ger Jackson to the edje of the stand and
ititioduced her thus:
"Soldiers this is Gen. Jackson's danh
rtr." The welkin lesonnd-d with hearty
plaudits. Then Jackson'a soldiers crowded
up to grasp the hand of the child of their
revered leader, and in many instance, tears
rolled down their son-burnt, whiskered
cheeks. The hearts of few witnesses to such
a scene failed to ibiob heavily.
With the ev ep ion of Co "A", fiom Ricb
inond, ih salires were mure ,:ke the spas
modic xhooiing of a Kcii misb line than a
volley. Some one in imitation of old sol
diers yelled "look out, lie down." The line
of veteians moved not ; they only said "We
nave been there before." And they bad.
Another episode occurred on tbe march
showing that memories of the war are as yet
little moved by time.
Pea-nut venders lined the side walks, en
deavoring to sell peas to tbe passers and
followeis of the band, but they 'got when
the veteians came np, exclaiming, "them
fellows are tricky, I know them of old, let
me Rit from here."
Oar want of space forbids futthnr notice,
bat we cau't refrain testify ing to tU perfect
ordejv'shd splendid appointments of every
thing connected with, the ceremony cf uc
"Hilrng'the' stStue...'-. '''
Every bouse, hovel," palace and shop pub
lie and private was aglow with Chinese lan
terns, gas jets and other briliiances on
Tuesday night, and no mansions shows
greater variety or better taste than those
of the Baughmap Brothers.
In a party of pleasant ladies, wa forgot
how Unas passed; and - distance traveled as
we promenaded a considerable portion of
the-fsshjouabie streets of the city.-"' TJnac
qnaijued. wiLh iiiu'eog apby of he fewn,
enraptured, wewe,aded cur way exclaiming,
"Our hops, onr heaven, onr life stall be,
Our gentle guides in following ye."
The display of fire works in the squate
was dimmed by the rain, thouah not eclips
ed. Mrs. Qen. Jackson was present, the
guest of Gov. Kemp.tr.
The Poob Manb Fkiend. Why ? Be
cause he sells goods within the, rwtch of
every poor man. - - ' ' ' "
What is his nalne ,.- Every body knows
JL". W. Arrington of Rocky Mount. 4,t
An Episode ot tbe Ciecus. It hap
pened at Nashville, Nash county.
Wm. Henry Tisdale had been appointed
t special policeman to preserve ordei,
while Sells Bros. circti3 was in town last
Friday. This is a benevolent place. It is
the fashion in small towns, as it extends
the freedom of the circus to a deserving
class of young men to appo'nt special
police, f; :SVellv: .the-; clown came ' in,
among the spectators' under the canvass
arrayed and acfufg its. a- drunken Irian.-'
Ye valiant tisdale -promptly arrested the
said clown and wf.s about to eject him.
The following colloquy ensued :
Tisdale "Come out o'here, no drunken
man can stay iu here."
Clown "An would ye be afiher puttin
out a poor orphan, and not let him see the
how ?".
Tisdale "Come out, come aloig."
Clown, turned a back-somer-ssiult, and
landed in the ring, "placed his thumb on
the extremity k)f Sis nose and wriggled h;s
fingers at fhe pof'cdman. This wasehorgh.
The crowd yelled, Tisdale vamoosed the
ranch, bought a ticket, and quietly sub
sided in tbe raultFuLe.
Farmers, Curriase Makers, Carpenters
and Machinists, will tiud it to iheir advan
tage to buy at W. G. Lews' Hardware
Store. Terms Cash. 4c
Weldon Faib. We passed through
Weldon Monday evening, and learned from
Dr.- H. E. T. Manning, Sec'ty ef the so
ciety that ; .!:( were 200 more entries
than ever before ; the crowd was equally
as great as on Wednesday of any previous
Fair. We heard from all, that our Mar
shals were acquitting themselves hansome
ly, in fact covering themselves all over
with glory.
Mr. J. S. Battle, chief, displays great
executive ability and the most perfect or
der and system prevails. His command
ing presence and perpetual urbani y would
guarantee this.
TheEdgec horses Bob Lee, . Billy
Bowlegs, Flora, t'tc., were vanquished,
though second. 1 hey had yesterday to
recover lost laurels. We go up to-day
and will tell all about the Fair next week.
Lost. One case of s irgic-.tl instruments
on the road from H;ll;ardston to Rocky
Mount. The finder will be liberally re
warded by delivering to editor. It
Convenient- We congratulate oar citi
zens on the fact that T. J. Reamy has
settled at Rocky Mount with his champion
House Hover. He moves any building
without deranging y '' 4t -
Liberal Premiums. To still further en
hance the locul value of the Southerner,
we hereby offer for news items anywhere
in Edgecombe, Pitt, Beaufort, Maiiin,
Nash and Halifax, the following premiums:
Murder, 20 cts.
Assault with razor, 15
" " other deadly weapon 10
Rape, 20
Aasaolt with intent ; lif
Arson and burglary, . 15
Accidents, death ensuing, 20 .
" " otherwise, . 10 ,
Big Snake St )iie3 32J
44 Rat 44 32J
All other marvels 10
Country Merchants will find it to their
interest to buy Haidwate at W. Q. Lewis'
Hardware Store. Terms Cash. 4t
GameFowxs. 'Squire Burtis Cone, of
Nash, obtained a premium. for game ch'k
ens. He says his cocks Lave never been
whipoed. They may have occasionally
been killed, but not one ever showed the
white feather. '..
For applo brandy and game cocks, Nash
has never been beaten. . 'Squire Cone's
chickens are of the old Nick Arrington
Bio Deer Sioby. A few days ago Mr.
Crumpler, of Nasa county, started a deer,
shot and wounded it. He bad thtee dogs,
which pursued it into Tar River and killed
it. Two of the dogs became exhausted
and with difficulty swam out, the deer sank
to the bottom and the third dog dived for
it, seemed it aud brought it to the shore.
Tbe deer weighed 177 pounds.
We give the above upon the authority of
Capt. Joe Vick, aud noWj ask him to give
us a snake story. Rocky Mt. Mail.
Bro. Thorpe beats on -the deer business.
With his voucher we concede the vic(k)tory.
We are yet ahead on snakes.
Machinists, will find it to their advaulase to
buy at W. G. Lewis Hardware Store. Terms
Cash. u
A Woman Chase. A man pursuing a
weman is of o ordinary an occurrence as to
excite no rem iik,; ,,
This chase, however, .has distinctive fea
tures. A white woman ran away from John
Credle, at Washington, and rented a house
in Tarboro, near the classic precincts of
Grab All. Her name was Sally Williams .
Credle sent a warrant from a J. P. to
have her arrested for larceny.
She got away from the Sheriff just over
the bridge at Tarboro, and Credle, who
was in ambush, gave chase. The woman
screamed, and all Grab All hollered.
, The sympathies of the, .crowd evidently
leaned towards the woman, i She swore she
wouldn't live with "Credle' again, that she
would go in jail, or do - anything, but live
with Credle.
He said she was his salvation. She de
clined to again cradle her head on his be
traying bosom.
Intense excitement prevailed for a short
while, but what could a poor woman do in
the clutches of the law? With wrathful
eye And blistering tongue,' she was borne
away U Washington,
Johnnie poke the monkey,
Tomoaie stir up the bear, ,
Mako C'hristopherColnmbus and Washing
" ton Bjjhtt-.
' And pnll each other's hair.
There's nothing like a show. Brother
Blonnt, locum tenens of the Wilsoa Plain
Dealer, told us the European was a No. 1
show. We never take anybody's word for
it. It showed in Tarboro yesterday ; we
went, saw and were conquered.
The menagerie was rilled with select
specimens from the animal kingdom.
Our progenitors, according to Danvm)
the monkeys,' "w?re. just as industriously
occupied in catching supposititious fleas.
The biggest bear in America, 40 years on
esbibiiion, rolled in his den.
The finest elephant of Ler age, only 10
years, occupied a conspicuous place, and
all others of same character.
The circus performance was of more than
ordinal y merit.
Willie Sells, the boy bare-back rider,
hardly big enough to quit sucking his
thumb or play niumlde-the-peg, executed
all sorts of things on a, horse having nqth
ing on save h'de and hair.
Chas. Ewers, the agile bare back rider,
does more things on horse-back than any
body else can do on the ground,
Tournair is another fellow of the same
sort, only not quite as much so.
But when Cobb brings in his dogs, goats
and monkeys, all trained to perform, as a
darkey from Conetoe ejaculated, "it almost
kills mje dead." .f
. Livinglone Brothers have no successful
rivals as athletes., ,, -
With these ex telleht specialities, we agree
with Bra. Blount that it is the best circus
traveling through the country on wagsns.
Sells Bros , the gentlemanly proprietors,
permit no gambling andnor'.'suibanceraars
the enjoyment of the multitude.
The pretty Circasaioa iu the side show
will well repay a visit.
, There is a fat woman there so fat she
sweats lard. Her hair oil bill is insignifi
caut. ., -. ; ,1
We wrote an edltoriaf ou " Amusements
for the people." V
Hygienically considered, it is conducive
to health. -
Snap a few drinks or chews of tobneco,
and go to the show with the money. It
will help you.
Butter, Cheese, Crackers, Hominy and
Home Light Oil, just received, at Gat'ln.
Bear Fiout Reamy's bear was clean
ing out the curs at Weldon w hen last heard
The most complete stock of cooking and
Healing stoves of every discription, ever
offered in this market and at prices as low
as they cau be bought in Baltimore, Phila
delphia or New York, at W. G. Lewis"
Hardware Store. Tekms Cash. 4t.
Religious. There will be preaching in
the Prestyierian Church ou next Sunday.
Tarhoro, N. C. I
Oct. ISih, 16, 5. s
Editor Tarboro' Southerner Ou tbe
above date, five subordinate Granges,
Sparta, No. ,86, Eureka, No. 5:,5, Li tie
Cieek, No. 2-!-G, Indian Branch, No. 112,
ITcko-y Fork, No. 3S3,'" in Edgecombe
county, met in the Little Creek Grange
Hall, and organized the Edgecombe County
or District Grange, by electing the follow
ing officers :
Mas'cr J. H. Erum.
Overseer J. T. Howard.
Lecturer W.J. Staton.
Chaplain Jesse Stancil.
S.eward Sol. M. Pender.
Ass't Steward Geo. W. Howard.
Sccretajy D. W. Bullock.
Treasurer W.T. Cobb.
Gate Keeper J. H. Thigpen.
Ceres Miss Stencil.
Pomona Miss C. F. Cherry.
Flora Miss Delia Stalon.
L?dy Ass't Steward Miss SalUe Bradley.
The meetings of the Edgecombe Cotin'y
or Distrct Grange will take place at such
times aud places as shall be hereafter des
ignated. By order of the Master,
I). W. BULLOCK, Sec'y.
Didn't Come. Judge Watts 1000 pound
pig didn't eome to Weldon. 20 a day
tax at Peterburg disgusted the Judge
hence our people didn't vieiv the gtand
Ricn.MOND Personals. We were made
acquainted, through the courtesy of a friend,
with Moses J Handy, Esq., of the Rich
mond Enquirer, Col H K Ellyson, of the
Dispatch, and Mr' Earnest Wilkes, jour
nalist, wjjile in Richmond on Tuesday.
Col P Donan, of Raleigh Sentinel, was
with us at the Exchange Hotel.
We regretted our inability to stay aud see
that good old time he promised us.
Gen W R Cox, the soldier patriot from
Raleigh, and Messrs Arch Brr.swell, J M
Mayo, W C Taylor and others from the
county were in Richmond viewing the
grand cc emonies of the unveiling.
New Calicoes, Kid Gloves, Black Cash
meres and Dress Goods, at Gatlins. 2t
Edgecombe Guaeds and Rocky Mount
Light Infantry. We published a commu
nication in our last,' urging a re-organization
of the Old Guards.
The second Tuesday in November was
suggested as the clay, and the Court-heuse
in Tarboro as the place, of meeting.
We hope there will be a large attend
We have heard many old gentlemen 6ay
they would equip one man each.
Tarboro cau get up as fine a body of sol
diers as any town in the State.
We call on Col J L Bridgcrs, Gen W
G Lewis, ol fl ' A Dowd, Capts. J S
Daucy aod,tred Philips to take an active
part in the matter and success is assured.
They are old aud tried officers.
We suggest that the ladies get up some
sort of an entertainment to purchase a flag
and some patriotic citizen give a barbecue
to krnp the ball in motion.
Edgecombe Guards, rally ! Friends of
the proposi tion come to the meeting. Shall
Goldsboro and Wilson and other town?
beat us?
Remember the 2nd Tuesday in Novem
ber!" ' -
And why not re-organize the old Rocky
Mount Light Infantry ? Citizens of Rocky
Mount let us bear fiom you.
Our columns are open to any communica
tion on the subject.
Butter, Cheese, Crackers, Grita, Homi
ny and Home Light Oil, just received, at
Gatlins. 2t
Thanks For our married partner,
R. B. Alsop for a present of fresh ground
coffee, aromatic au4 strong.
Large Potatoes. We return thanks to
Mr. G. W. Howard, of this eunty, for a
lot of the finest yam potatoes we have seen
this year some measuring fourteen inches
in circumf orance. They are mammoth in
size, and he informs ua that he has a whole
field of the same sort. Beat him if you
A PnoDiGtors Pea Vine. Mr. B. J.
Lancaster, of Cocoa township, says he will
make affidavit, that
from on- pea wnev a
volunteer, he saved 4284 peas.
That he fed two colts and tlx hogs from
the same, allowing the usual quantity, and A
guuu pile was icii. Auisvasi vegewUH(
vineyard covers an area of ground thfrty
four feet each way, and the vine itself is
two inches :n diameter. s
The vine and sample of peas can be seen
at Mr. Lawrence Lancaster's in Rocky
New Calicoes, Kid Gloves, Black Cash
meres and Dress Goods very low, at Gat-
lins. 2t , J
Acknowledgsmests. We are the recipi
ent of kind favors'7' fr'orn Col. A. Shaw, the
popular and efficient Superintendent of the
Richmond & Petersburg Railroad.
Also from Maj. H. T, Douglass, Superin
tendant of the P. & VV. R. R. Under th i new
organization ol the road the poiition could
uot have liilleo into ibler hands.
Also to S. P. Arring;on, Esq., that true Pe
tersburg son of North Carolina, and son of
Dr. Jno. A.-rington, for the many kindnesses
he has ever Bhown us. We were comrades in
the late unpleasantness.
Cikous at Nashville. Sells Brothers
showed to a large crowd at Nashville tn
Friday last. Bro. Thorpe informs us it
was a perfect success. Every thing passed
off pleasantly, so far as circus was concern
ed, though a tight occurred in town between
Emerson Cobb aud Wallace Batchelor.
They were bruised and battered some
what, but no eerious damage was done.
Our Raleigh Adv. We regret the no
tice of adv. of A. D. Royster & Bro. was
accidently left out of our last issue.
They are home manufacturers of pure
candy, and are pioneers in an important
branch of industry.
They sell at Northern prices, and the dis
tance bc'.ng shorter and freights lower, we
feel sure our merchants would do as well
by keeping their money at home.
Please give these geaMemen a tr'al.
Ye, who have an eve tor the beautiful in
Nature and Art! Hasten to Sir. J. H.
BELL'S where the elitlerng arrav of Dia
mond Rings, Plain Gold Ritiffs.-Solid Stiver
Ware, Watches, Jewelry, &c, will dazzle
your aze. -
All goods warranted as represented. '.
Our New Richmond Advertisements.
We especially call attention to our Rich
mond adveri isemeuts. We have called at
tention editorially to the advantages offered
by Richmond as a market for East Carolina
Messrs. Millhiser & Co., wholesale deal
ers in dry goods and clothing already do a
large brines in our section, which must
increase as they become better known. We
especially commend them.
Messrs. Whhloek & Abram, manufac
turers of fine cigars, are too well known to
require endorsement from us.
Their brands of cigars are favorites eve
ry where.
The "r'r. ilean Show" has again come to
rief. We learn from the Raleigh Senti
nel that the 6heiiff of Wake has seized the
tent, nobby horses and whole 4'fiy lug-jinny"
machinery of the 44 Mexican Sensation
Troupe," for an unpaid state, county and
city tax bill of $00. Part of the traps had
bea sent to the depot preparatory to a
general shipmpnt and emigration.
The Fever Tree. We publish the fol
lowing paragraph from a recent article in
the Baltimore Sun, for the information of
nurserymen in this section. If the tree is
what it is claimed to be, we can see no
reason why it should not be as successfully
cultivated here as anvwhere :
4 "Considerable interest exist about 44 the
fever tree," (eucalyptis) and its wonderful
medical qualities. It is said that if planted
in our fever and aue districts, it will 6uck
up and dissipate malarial poisons and'drive
tbe shaking terror entirely away. Here is
a chance tor immortality. Let commis
sioner, of Patterson Park, direct that most
excellent gardener, Frazier, in charge there,
to procure seed aud start an encalypltc nur
sery at once. air. w. A. Jiaitnews, oi
Sacramento, has planted o0,000 ot these
trees. The seed can be had in San Fran
cisco, and the growth is wonderfully rapid.
Three pounds of seed will produce 50,000
trees. The iron bark variety is said to be
the best. Garabaldi will likely win more
fame by redeeming the fever infested re
gions about Rome by planting this tree,
tha i all his wild dreams,as well as his many
good acts of the past, will ever secure for
Chamberlain & Rawls are offering great
inducements to purchasers of goods in their
line. A splendid assortment of Clocks just
received. A full line of 18K Rings, Vest
and Opera Chains, cheaper than thev were
ever oiteteu Detore in laruoro. ivery
thins else in their line 44 dirt cheap." Fine
epairing a specialty.
Newberne, N. C, Oct., 29th 1875.
E litor Southerner : The case of tha
United States vs. John W. Carson come up
to-day lor tiia'.
The eviden 3 .Wen i3 by your typo.
i. G. Pennin' on caused laughter ana ap
plause :j the coin t room, he told the court
tu di3sieuce between Granger Bitters aed
uiean wlrskey. Tne foMowinj conversation
look place between lenninaion and tae
Council for Defemlan .
C '"V. nat kind of liquor was it 1"
p it looked like wi.'iskey of some kind.
C "rlow did the whiskey taste1?"
P Did you ever drink anv mean whis
key? f Applause if you ever did that's what
it tasted like." The Counsel gave up and
Carson was lematided to jail to await Ihe
sentence of the Jude to-morrow mo'ning
which will be severe. Tarborean."
The Bust in the Commonwealth for the
money, Meheaan'a Banker Segars and Glee
Club Segara. Ask your Druggist.Hotel Keep
er and Grocer for the Bankers and Glee Club
Segars. Manufactured in Norfolk, Va., by
mrl9.-tf. W. A. MEHEGAN.
Improved CUCUM-
is the acknowledged
market, by popular
verdict, the best pump for the least
money. Attention is invited to
Blatchley's Improved Bracket, the
Drop Check Valve, which can be
withdrawn without disturbing the
joints, and the copper chamber
which never cracks, scales or rusts and will
last a life time. For sale by Dealers aad the
tfade ger- - rally. In order to be sure that
you get Botchley's Pump, be careful anu
see that it has my trade-mark as above. If
you do not know where to buy, descriptive
circulars, tegether with the name and ad
dress of the agent nearest you, will be
promptly furnished by addressing with
CHAS. G. BLATCHLEY, Manufacturer,
606 Commerce St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Feb. 12, 1875. 9m
2 !
VOOIW oa9flor;sT,NjG, ( -
v - ,u-r - a 0ct- 2Ctli 1875-
Jlaioit SotrrHBETEji : A field dJ in
Kashville, and' tha Southerner not repre
sented; how was this,, tMr. Editor?
44 The great European Circus; " under the
management of the Sell Brothers, had for
days and weeks been advertised and posted,
and the town had not, since the departure
of Carrington, of circus renown, known
half the joys which were last Friday pre
sented to its enraptured vision.
A thousand hearts beat happily and. two
tUoWand' eysardaaierrilyv:ai,ithe
gorgeonj cavalcade 'paraded thejsafeeta
to the enlivening strains of the cijxruj band
and the Steam Piano. - ' :t
44,Dixie," bvihabaBcVnd 4 Up In a
Mfloon,;,boys ssibysM
great balloon aioetsionit take place .later
in the day,) by the calliope, was truly en
livening, and NaahvHje was, for. the time
being, truly happy. The different sections
of "the gloriful old county of Nash," vied
with each other in furnishing their quota of
the oldest and youngest, prettiest and
homeliest. -
Nash never does anything :. in differently,
and from elcctiiig a democratic representa
tive .tquattehdiog :a democratic! circus, it
gqetlUhe whole, porcine.. As to! Its oldest
representative, :let Mst Bennett '. Crumple
speak. He Bays that i his ircmediate
neighborhood, there are at tetet L dozen
octagenarioris, but tMt- 40 yearaitgoi his
father used to spoak of quite a 'number of
these persons as being eighty years old then!
I have to add, and find that 80 plus 40 make
120 "how is this for high" figures. In
credible as this may seem, one or more of
these came to see the circus. I pass over
the youngest they being interesting only
to fond fathers and doting mothers.
And now, what shall I say of the fair ?
Fortunately, little i3 needed, for they ever
speak for themselves. Sjme half dozen
faces were so radiantly fair gt ;the most
confirmed misogynist would Have gazed and
felj hforfsith growing. weak Let one such
but fall under the influence of. either of
these glorious faces, and his cynicism would
be scattered as the frost before the glow of
a generous October sun. And now, Mr.
Editor, a little incident descriptive of the
last class mentioned. Note the following
conversation : 44 How do you do ! how do
you do, Miss Sary "! 44 1 don't bel'eve you
know me," said a hard favored eon of the
soil to a woman just ahead of him. She
turned at this salutation end, gaz:ng at er
friend anzious-for recognition, relieved his
anxiety and his mind truly. 44 Yes I do
aint that you Jesse"2L'J'Yes, this is me,"
quoth he of anciaafc. memories, f Is that
yoar wffe"? slie asked.' The wife in ques
tion 6aw proper to acknowledge the rela
tionship and meekly asked wliy t the query.
44Oh! nothing in particular only you ought
io take a stick and break your husband's
back for being so ugly." Ye Gods ! what
a stunner; perhaps the man could have
smashed a glass house in return. But the
dark and ominous frown which first im
pressed his features gradually relaxed into
an amused smile and a merry twinkle of
the eye, as he cast a last look over , his
shoulder at the retreating form of hi3 plain
spoten triend.-; .., , . . - ?r .
I could not bot speculate on the possibil
ity of ancieut rongs;' novf righted, sor' at
least with" some of t heir noisnanev asisaed
by this terrible shaft. Had Jesse been an
old sweet-heart, who had loved to woo, but
always forgot to wed? If not. whv the
shaft at both man and wife.
As you will have the the circus with you
next week, I will only say that it was good.
Our fiiend W. G. sivs that a circus, like
whisky, is never bad, but eood. better, best.
There are many things which I intended to
say, but my communication has grown fear?
fully long, and you will have to curtail un
sparingly. Nashville is eminently Hibern-
lau, for she has a sepxe-of sous-who are
peculiarly 44 band v tvith. their' ftels, " and
who are likewise vrfttlft a loss to know how
to handle a shelelah.
She sustained her ancient rarlorv on last
Friday by contributing one or more pugil
istic encounters to swell the lonz list of
former exploits in this direction.
Gentlemen of the law : may it not be
that treacherous Cincinnati rve is the cause
of most of these encounters ? What have
you done with all of the 44 good old Nash
brandy, for which tho countv was once
so famous ? I fear me greatly, that, like
the thrifty Dutch farmer, you have sold all
of the best and retained only for home use
that which is of inferior quality. When
Lucien opens, if he will only keepMartelle
and Heidsick and old Nash brandy to sell
them at 10 cents a glass, he will soon have
no competitors, and some one will be ruined.
Capt. Joe lck is responsible for the fol
lowing : During the Convention campaign
iu Nash, our amiable and versatile friend,
Capt. S. T. W., wil'ing and anxious to im
part information, both political and other
wise, is said to have tendeied his services
to teach a fair pupil the multiplication ta
ble, one question was asked, and all far
ther proceedings were "tabled," and now
the Capt. teaches multiplication no more.
Our former townsman,'-Dr. Robt. Sills,
is making f or himself hosts "of friends in
and around Nashville, aiiid - when, there a
few days since, I heard the giucere wish
expressed, more than'oDce, that a certain
fair lady would not heed what Mr. J. of
Wake, was saying. 4'So mote it be," my
dear doctor.
And now, Mr. Editor, please excuse
the great length of this communication, for
I have repented greatly the infliction caused
IIORNE.-.-Near Campleton, West Flor
ida, Es. Mart E A House,- wife of Duke
norne, inner ootn year, formerly ot
th's place. ; ' )
TOLSON. Near this place, at the res
idence of CofHeld K'njr, of Jaundice, Miss
Saevh Toibon, daughter of Henry Tolson,
of tins county, aged 19 years,
Tarboro' Market.
E. B. ALSOP, Grocer,
Home vroduction are quoted at the buying
price, and all others at the selling price from
Bacoh 8. C. Hamsdn canvass, per lb. 19(320
8houlders 1212
Bides, back bone aid rib,--"15l6c
Bulk Meats. Shoulders, per lb- ll(512c
Sides, clear, 13(14c
Beef. Fresh, per lb. 68e
Spiced Family per lb - v T2$c
Bagging,. per yard,--"15'6
Beeswax H. S25c
Butt eb . ; V 4050c
Cotton," per. pound, 12(g00
Oottos Tarn, per bunch, $1 25135
Uorn, per bushel, ....-boefflfoe
Chcbsb, $ lb 4 2025c
Chickens,- 5c35c
Eggs, per dozen ........... A ir 2025c
FioCB Fatapsco famUv bbl- .$10 50f 11
' f. . Other . brands .v.-.......f7$9
Hides Dry lb.... v.k..910c
, , Green, lb.. ...., 3c
Iron Ties, fl W.'.V . . .66Xc
Lard, lb I920c
Meal, per bushel 80c
Molasses Bnsar House 19 eallon.- 3550
Cuba " ....55V5
Omoirs, per bushel, tl 502 00
Fork Mess per bbl. $25 0026 00
Rump. $23 00023 00
Potatoes, sweet, per bushel, 6"c75
Irish, per bushel- 50(?$1 75
Peas, per bushel. 7585c
Salt, G. A. per sack, $1 75$2 00
Liverpool, per sack, $3 00250
Sausawe, per lb, -20c
Tea, per lb, .$1 50g$2 00
Tallow, per lb. r.... 68c
New York Markets.
New YoKirOctober 27. Cotton steaey
sales 945; uplands at 17 3-4; Orleans 181-4
Baltimore Markets.
Baltimore, October 27. Cotton
middlings 13-78.
21l sexes, done by
Tarboro', Oct. 1st, 1875. 6m
FdMmSTESi- 1876.
A V. . Sn v- ?!- '54 SCv-si-1 ":my " . i ; V ... 7
''f rTiJayp received
,iTHl and
to " exhibit the
. ,! '... .-
ever, offered in Tarboro, and at
, to .Suit the Times.
Ita, Yiis'il Boys Oi
DrjL ooiis Boats mid
Shoes, Mfits and"Caps9
Gents Furnishing1
(Roods, Notions,
Thanking our
vors, we hope to merit
liberal patronage.
tt MUift
Tarboro, Sept. 24, 1875.
The public will find
Axes, Grab Hoes, Shovels Spaids, &c.
Rims, Spokes, Hults, Axles, tire band Round-' Iron" aVid EquaTe Iron, &c.
Everv voriety of 'in ware, and house, fernlshinsr coods, A nice line of
Fire Irons, Shovels and Toners, Dog Irons, &c. Ery Licrip
tion of Counter and Platform Scales. Leather for
. ... .. Farm use,;Lace Leather an'd'Lace strings,
- ... EVary kind of Gin and Saw mill belling.
! .. Tho best and finest stock of
Rogers, Wostenholm's
Triple Plated bpoons and Forks, ever
offered in this market.
Powder Shot and Caps, Game bags) Powder
helves, Pick Ads helves. Tubs Spiders,
Eanv. Chains. iBellowt. Corn '
The nicestftlie of Sportsmei's Joods, Breach Loading Shot Guns, Win
cheater, Rffles, Boy's Shot Guns, Brass and Paper Shells for
Breech Loaders and three qualities
O. Five kinds of Cooking Stoves, both
ces. Carpenter's Tools, Coffee Mills, &c, &c.
Ca. A nice line of BABY CAKKIAUIS
than ever sold in Tarboro for Cash.
Tarboro Oct. 8th 1875.
Wiesenfeld, Stern & Co.,
Cotton Factors
Make liberal
Also with approved security, will
SUPPLIES t FARMERS for carrying on this year's crops.
Those desiring to avail themselves
our Agent, J. B. Coffield, Tarboro',
Gen. Commission Merchant
Whiskies, Wines, Tobacco, Segars,
' Ssh, Blinds, Doors, Building
and Shell Lime, Gu
anos, &c, &c.
Tarboro', W. O.
Feb. 19, 1875, ly
feme w Sttfeorepared
Customers for past fa
a continuance of their
a complete Stock of
in part of
flames'- - Collars, ' Siildles, Bridles &.c.
and other Cutlery, and
Flasks, and Shot bass; Steel Traps, Axe
Uven,; ro, L'yw neiis, tea ivitties, try
ihCllert, il'an? Mills .and Nails.
of Powder.
for wood and coal
A full line of Whips, Tra;
ottered at about iost.
All these goods lower
Tinware !
Commission Merchants,
Baltimore, IVI1.
Cash advances on consignments of Cotton and othet
advance on accommodating
of the above offer, will
apply to
N. C. ,

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