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April, 7, 1876
Salisbury Odd Fellows are going to
lave a celebration.
The recent advance in prices has
caused an influx of cotton to Char
Governor Brogden haa appointed
Orrin D. Davis, of Salisbury, a notary
The Wilson Hook and Ladder Com
pany organized last Tuesday with
Capt. E. C. Woodson, of the Advance,
as Captain.
One hundred and sixty-six boxes
of shad were shipped over the Sea
board and Roanok Railroad on
Thursday from the North Carolina
The Ooldsboro Messenger says :
Joseph Woods, of Wilkes county, was
shot and killed in his own house by
unknown parties who wanted his
money but failed to get it.
The Goldsboro
says :
In a recent rencontr between A. W.
McCorkie and Green Cauble the lat
ter was dangerously stabbed. Both
are of Salisbury.
Mr. W. C. 13atta, of Wilson, has a
Cochin China hen that yielded for
him on Monday last an egg of the
eggstraordinary weight of 6 1-4 oun
ces and measuring 7 by 5 h inches,
The Winston Sentinel says : From
information received we learn that
the recent cold snap pretty effectually
killed the tobacco plants through this
section of the State.
The Goldsboro Messenger says:
Miss Cobb, daughter of Debro Cobb,
Greene county, who was so seriously
burned a few days ago, has since did
from her agonizing injuries.
The Goldsboro Messenger says :
Trenton, the county seat of Jones
oounty, is now a remarkable quiet
village. Iso spirituous liquors are
allowed to bo sold within three miles
of the place and this accounts for the
absence of the former bacchanalian -ism
for which Trenton was so noted.
The MeBsenger says ; Two notori
ous horse-thievee, Riely Beaie and
John Conner, who stole a horse and
two mules, some time ago from En
dor Iron Works, were convicted at
Pittsboro last Wednesday and sent
enced by His Honor Judge Kerr to
20 years each iu the penitentiary.
The Raleigh Sentinel learns that
nearly $20,000 have been subscribed
towards building the Methodist Me
tropolitan Church in that city. $40,
000 are to be raised, and no difficulty
is anticipated in raising that amount.
In the proposed church there will be
a pew bearing the name of each
county of the State engraved on a
silver plate.
Hillsboro Recorder : Quite a large
audience assembled at Masonic Hall
Sunday afternoon to listen to a ser
mon from Mrs. Caroline Shurtz. She
ia an old lady about Bixty years of
age with sharp foatures and a strong
voice, and seemed perfectly at home
on the rostrum. She read the 5th
charter of 1st Thessalonians and then
Dteached ud and down the bible
wherever she could find a word sea
sonable for doctrine.
Tho Ashville Expositor says : The
committee to whom Gen. Vance refer
ed the matter have recommended
John Wakefield of Caldwell, for the
cadetship at West Point, John Cowles
is recommended as alternate. No
doubt Gen. Vance will regard the sug
gestion, of the committee and make
the appointment. The committee were
Col. Folk, Dr. J. Mason, Spainhour
and Ilorton Bowers, Esq.
Governor Brogden has been notified
by the police authorities of Ports
mouth, Vt., of the arrest and deten
tion in that city of George Wilkins, a
fugitive from Pasquotank county,
some time ago arrested for horse steal
ing and sentenced to fifteen years in
the penitentiary. He is held subject
to the requisition of Governor Brog
den. The Wilmington Star says ; A
young colored woman went into a cer
tain store, yesterday, with two twenty
five cent bills, in her hand, which she
endeavored to exchange temporarily
with the proprietor for two silver
quarters. Upon being asked what
she wanted with them, the girl replied
that she had been requested by an old
woman to get the silver for her, as
she wanted to boil tho pieces and get
the tea with which to physic a person
who had been "goopherd."
The Balaigh Sentinel says : The
famous Mann gold mine is in Nash
county, near Ransom's Bridge and
the Ports mine is near it William
A. Brown, of Philadelphia, for Cake,
Kusrh and others, is developing the
the mine with great success. Some
threo weeks ago they ground 1,000
pounds quartz which yielded over
ounces cold worth more than fifty
dollars. The supply of quartz on the
urooertv is indefinite and immense,
Other lands adjoining are attracting
notice and are thought to be of great
A fatal accident that occured on
the farm of Mr. Allen, of Eichland
Creek, in Haywood county. On Fri
day, the 17tb, a number of the neigh
bors of Allen assembled to help him
remove the felled timber from his
land, and among them were two broth
ers by the name of Norwood. While
they were busily engaged at the work,
a large tree wa3 blown down, a limb
striking W. W. Norwood on the head,
crushing his skull and producing in
stant death. Wooten Norwood was
also knocked senseless, but his inju
ries were not serious.
The Newborn Commerce says: The
Eev. J. W. Larmour, rectir of St
Stephen's (Episcopal) Church, of
Goldsboro, warns the public against
"a one-legged Confederate soldier, by
the name of Duncan, who is travel
ing through the country, soliciting
aid on the strength of letters from
Bishop and Clergy of the Episcopal
Church. The letter was given to him
when he was, perhaps, a better man,
but he has abused the confidence
placed in him, and is in no way wor
thy of credit or belief."
Advertisements will be inserted in the Taisoso
Socthiknib at the following ratei. Ten line
of miniox, or one inch lengthwise will eonstitute
One square one insertion, - - tl 00
bach subsequent insertion, ... 50
1 mo.2mos. 13 mes.ls me. 112 mos
One square,
Three "
Four '
M "
One column.
7 00
IS 00
22 60
6 00
8 00
10 00
15 00
18 00
25 00
10 00
15 00
16 00
20 00
26 00
27 50
0 00
15 00
20 00
27 50
36 00
18 00
20 00
45 00
40 00
(0 00
100 00
wMarriage, Funeral and Obituary notiees, not
more than ten lines inserted ran er caio.
Subscription X.50. If paid cash mX
time er susxcriDins;
A cross mirk on your paper indicates
that your subscripjtion has, or will
expire in two weeks YT and, unless renew
nd, the paper will Jr. be discontinued
Vi'e hope all will renew at once.
Lkoal Notice. I will be at my office ia
Rocky Mount on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fri
days, and Saturday! of each week, for the
transaction of business, as usual.
Clients can see me at the Soutubskbb of
fice, ia Tarboro, on other days.
Dosset Battle,
Attorney at Law.
Send iu your subscriptions.
Look on the sunny eide of things. The
word "worst" appears only once in the
Cotton Planters and Openers, very low
at the Hardware Store of W. Q. Lewis.
When silver comes into general circula
tiou the people will have to carry around
1,400 tons of metal.
Cotton Rope for Plow Lines, lower than
ever offered in this market, at the Hard
ware Store of W. G. Lewis.
Weldon News says: Strawberiea are
passing this place from Florida, for the
Northern markets.
Go to Austin's for Brick Lime, Lathes
and Hair.
Another relief for tax payer witnesses
before Grand Juries in future will have no
Go to Austin's for Can Peaches, Toma
toes, Corn and Macaroni.
Call at the Hardware Store, and purchase
all your Hardware and save money. W.Q.
Lewis. Apl-7-4t.
The late rains pat the ground in good
order for ploughing, as it was getting
rather hard.
If you want to build up the South en
courage home manufacturers. t
T. H. Gatlin is offering Spring Goods at
panic prices, see his advertisement.
Now is ycur time to Subscribe. The
Southerner from now until the Presiden
tial election is over, only $1.00.
If you want anything to eat or drink,
Austin's is the place to try.
The days are gradually growing in
length, while the nights are becoming
"beautifully les3."
Hardware of all kinds extremely low, at
the Hardware Store of W. G. Lewis.
Go to Austin's for Spice Beef for Fam
ily use.
The left eye of the young lady of tho
period is constantly cast heaveaward to
see where the rim of her hat oa that side
has gone.
Weeding Hoes very low at the Hardware
Store of W. G. Lewis.
The piroxysai of cougliiag may often be
prevented or cured by using a little dry
salt as a gargle. It will stop the tickling
in the throat.
Austin is Agent for Peter's Ammoniated
Dissolved Bone, prepared expressly for
Farming Implements of all kinds very
low at the Harware Store of W. G. Lewis.
ADAM'S Hotel is still open for the ac
commodation of the traveling public at the
low rate of $2 per day. tf.
A nica lot of Cooking Stoves at Northern
prices, at the .Hardware Store of W. G.
Lewis. 4t
Take the Southerner if you desire the
ews current in your county.
Go to Austin for Patapsco and other
brands of Flour.
An exchange says: "About this time
look out for colds. ' But it is not neces
sary. The man who cannot catch a cold
without looking for it, hasn't enterprise
enough to sneeze if he should catch one.
Buy your heavy 4-4 Brown Sheeting
your Cotton Yarns and your Plow Lines,
of Battle & Son's Rocky Mount Mills, t
A. Whitloclt has received his Spriag
Stock of all the latest styles.
If you want Fine Whiskey for medicinal
purposes and cooking wine, go to Austin's.
The item of cotton rope for plow lines
seems a small matter. In the aggregate it
is worth keeping; at home. Order from
Battle & Son's Rocky Mount Mills, Rocky
Mount, N. C. t
Chamberlain & Rawls are offering great
inducements to purchasers of goods in their
line. A splendid assortment of Clocks just
received. A full line of 18K Rings, Vest
and Opera Chains, cheaper than they were
ever offered before in Tarboro. Every
thing else in their line " dirt cheap." Fins
epairing a specialty.
by the use of the Triumph Truss and
Triumph Rupture Remedy manufactured
by the Triumph Truss Company, 334 Bow
ery, N. Y. This Truss and Supporter
took the medal at the last session of the
Great American Institute Fair. Send 10
cents for their new book. ly
Photographic. Persons wishing a true
and perfect picture of themselves can have
their wishes gratified by calling on Swin
dell & Newcomb at their Gallery, on Main
Their work is equal to any turned off in
Northern Galleries. Their prices are mod
erate and their work excellent. You need
not fear, all ye who have tried to have
good likeness taken and failed.
Give them a call. tf.
Visitobs. Our city war honored this
week by a visit, from two of Wash
ington's fair daughters. Their pleasant fa
ces and artistic beauty on the street, has
thrown a ray light around us, and broken
the dull monotomy that over-shadows the
city. 1 bey are fane specimens of the beau
ty, grace and excellence that Washington is
famed for.
Removed. Mr, William Howard drug
gist, has just removed into one of the new
stores recently erected by Messrs Howard
and Pippen. Mr. Howard's store is un
doubtedly neater and more handsome than
any thing of the kind in the State. It is
well worth visiting.
Improvement. Mr. S. Kreslowskl is
having a brick walk laid in front of his
store. We hone to see a good many fol
low suit.
Registration. The Registration of the
different Wards gives notice in another
column that the books of Registration will
be opened on the 18th inst.
Spkiks Miijjneet. Mrs. J. Felden
heimor announces in this issue that her
Grand opening will take place on Wed
nesday, 15th inst. She has laid in a most
beautif il stock, and the ladies should not
fail to be prompt on the day advertised to
examine her elegant styles.
Finger Broken. Mr. W. D. Bryan,
our efficient Express Messenger, was un
fortunate enough to have his little finger
on the right hand broken while
playing base-ball oa Wednesday evening
last. It will soon be welL Dempsy.
Sewing Society. The younger clasa of
our population have organized a Sewing
Society in the interest of the M. E. Church
of Tarboro, for the purpose of raising
money to buy such necessary things as the
Church needs. We commend them in
their noble enterprise.
Representative to Grand Lodge. At
a regular meeting ot .bdgecombe Lodge
No 50, I. O. O. F., on last Tuesday night,
Mr. J. H. Brown was elected to represent
this Lodge at the Grand Lodge of Odd Fel
lows which meets in Raleigh en the 10th
of May.
Sunday School Pio-Nio. The teacher
and scholars ef the M. E. Church in this
place will give a Pic-Nic at Black Pond"
about the first of May. A committes has
been appointed to make all necessary ar
rangements. The children are looking for
ward to the time with pleasant anticipa
The Ghanvillk Democrat. We have
received the prospectus of a new paper to bo
started in Oxford soon under the above
name by S. J. Jones & Co. We are in
formed that Gapt. Win. Biggs, is the
Co." and editor. We wish you success
brother B. in your undertaking.
Inspectors of Election. The follow
ing perrons have been appointed as inspec
tors of Election in their respective Wards,
to be held on the first Monday in May
next :
First Ward. O. Williams, O Dogett
Second Ward. B. J. Keech, n. D.
Third Waid. J. B. Coffield, H. C.
Hegira. The merchants have returned
from the North, and in their wake come
innumerable boxes containing Spring Goods
of latest styles. The very latest is cen
tennial calico ornamented with 1776-1876
and the "Star Spangled Banner." Come
forward ladies and purchase a dress then
we will become truly loyal and sing "Long
may it wave, &c."
A. Weknn, Norfolk, Va We call the
attention of our readers to the advertise
ment of this geitleman in another column.
He meeds no praise from us, as his work
testifies to its good qualities and superior
workmanship. He is shipping his goods
to North Carolina almost dailv. Those
who wish good and cheap vehicles, should
correspond with him at once. '
Tmk Centennial. The centennial ex
hibition, it is estimated, will have cost,
when completed $7,500,000, and in order to
realize this sum it will be necessay for
15,000,000 people to visit once, at the
price of admission, fifty cents; and as the
time is confined to one hundred and fifty-
eight days, from May 10 to November 10,
exclusive of Sundays, it will require the
daily attendance of over 94,000 people.
Election of Delegates. At an election
held in the Hall of Good Templars on last
Wednesday night, for delegates to attend
the District convention which convenes at
Rocky Mount on the lit of May next, the
following were elected delegates: Mrs.
S. D. Swindell and Mr. Geo. W. Roberts.
Alternates : Miss Ida Bassett and Mr. Fred
Gentle Spring. How well these lines
express the present season :
The wt athercock is dancing round,
And will not settle east or west :
The air is chill, and moist the ground,
And all the sky in gloom is dressed.
Uncertain spring 1 Poets were right
Who gave thee female form and face,
For change is ever your delight,
And fickleness your ctuefest grace;
And now you smile to hear men say,
"I wonder if 'twill rain to day?'
Serious Accident. We regret to learn
that our old friend, Mr. John Cherry, met
with a serious accident on Tuesday last.
Mr. C. was feeding his hogs, and in turn
ing to throw a stone at some chickens that
were eating the corn from the hogs, step
ped on a rail and fell, breaking his thigh
bone. Mr. Cherry's injuries are severe,
and owing to his extreme old age, which
is about 77 years, will prove to be serious.
Washington Echo.
Spring Styles. E. B. Blamire & Co.
182 Main St., Norfolk, Va., are receiving
their Spring Styles of E. Butterick & Co's
paper patterns for Ladies and Children!
garments. Catalogues of patterns and
samples of all kinds of Dry Goods mailed
on application.
Address E. B. Blamire & Co, 182 Main
St., Norfolk, Va.
Postage for TniRD Class Matter.
The bill reported favorably from the sen
ate postal committee Monday provides that
the rate for third clasa matter shall be one
cent per ounce for any distance not ex
ceeding one thousand miles, and two cents
per. ounce for distances over one thousand
miles. The bill also provides that trans
ient newspapers and magazines shall pay
postage for any distance at the rate of one
cent for every three ounces, and one cent
for each two ounces or fractional part of
two ounces additional.
Regaining in the Post Office at Tar
boro, April 5, 1876.
A Joseph Andrews,
B W. F. Beasley,
C Benjamin Crita, Root Cley,
D Levy DentoB,
G Thomas Grimes
M P. M. Mayo, Chas. F. Mackenzie.
W Bradly Wallace, Mary Williamson.
H. n. Shaw, P. M.
Persons calling for any of the above
letters will please say "advertised.' Un
called for 30 days will be sent to- dead let
ter office.
Lampir-Eels. We were informed
few days ago, says the Washington Ucho,
that Mr. J. T. Winfield, who lives in the
Caocowinity Township, while digging in
a marl bed, came across four lamper-eels,
all alive, one of which measured 18 in. in
length. What they were doing there is a
mystery, their native element being water,
Will Bomo one give us the desired inform
One of the above species of eels were
on exhibition at the store of Hoyt Bros,
on Tuesday, which was drawn up in a net
by some of our fishermen that day. They
are said to be as poisonous as a rattlesnake.
A Good Fertilizer. We call the atten
tion of the farmers of this and adjoining
counties to the double column advertise
ment of John O'Connor, Jr., of Ports
mouth, Va., who is offering for sale Mape's
Nitrogenized Supei -Phosphate of Lime,
tho oldest fertilizer manufactured in the
United States, composed almost wholly of
Animal Matter. It is guaranteed to con
tain no adulterant of any kind. The price
has been reduced to $50 per ton in bags or
barrels. Satisfaction guaranteed in every
instance. Pamphlets or Samples of Phos
phate furnished upon application. Give
him a trial.
Freeman's Jewelry Store, Norfolk
Va. This old and reliable Jewelry estab
lishment is now in full blast, and is offer
ing superior inducements to customers.
Citizens of Edgecombe and adjoining
counties visiting Norfolk, should, not fail
to call on Arthur, a most affable attd
polite gentleman, who will show you all
the new styles of Jewelry, as he has just
laid in a large stock for the Centennial
year. It is dazzling to your eyes to enter
hia door, the diamonds flashing both right
and left. None but skilful workmen
employed in repairing watches and
jewelry. We refer you to his advertise
ment in another column.
North Carolina Silver. Watauga,
Montgomery, Alexander, Rowan, Union,
McDowell, Haywood, Cabarru3, Davidson
and Wilks counties are the only sections in
this State where silver can be mined. The
mines are not worked nor ever have been
except in Davidson county where for some
time they mined for zinc. But work has
now stopped there. The fact is silver will
soon be a burden upon tho national market
and as soon as the Pacific road opens up
free access to the mines of Mexico and
Colorado silver will degenerate to even be
low the worth of nickel.
Death or Rev. A. Paul Repitos. The
Rev. A. Paul Repiton, D. D., was found
dead in his bed on Saturday morning at the
residence of his daughter, Mrs. Howard,
on Boush street, Norfolk Va. The de
ceased had just returned from Baltimore a
short time since, where he had been to
have an operation performed on him for
the gravel. Dr. Repiton was a pure good
man, a constant christian, and aa estima
ble gentleman in every relation of life.
He was a distinguished clergyman in the
Baptist Church.
The Odd Fellows will very readily re
cognize him as the .institutor of Repiton
Encampment No. 13, of this place, and
which was named im henor of him. This
Encampment has been in a flourishing
coadition ever since its organization.
A Floating Hotel for the Centen
nial. The Richmond Whig of yesterday
says : The elegant steamship Isaac Bell
has been taken off the Old Diminicm line
and is now being fitted up as a kind of
floating hotel for the accommodation of
visitors to the centennial. It will run
between this city and Philadelphia, and
will remain in that city a week at a time,
or perhaps longer, thus giving persons an
opportunity of seeing all that occurs. The
boat will be the headquarters of the visi
tors, and will be conducted on the princi
ple of a hotel. The company propose
making arrangements with such military
companies as desire to visit the centennial.
It is supposed that the expense of the trip
made in this way will be about thirty
Register Your Deeds and Mortgages.
The Charlotte Observer calls the atten
tion of its readers to the fact that deeds
and mortgages are worthless until they are
recorded in the office of the Register of
Deeds. Our cotemporiry cites a ca6e of
considerable loss arising from neglect of
this important matter. A citizen of Meck
lenburg county had given a mortgage to a
neighbor upon certain property for a con
siderable amount. The neighbor laid the
instrument carefully away at home, where
no harm could befall it, and a few days
ago executions were obtained against the
mortgagor for all that he wa3 worth, if not
more. Upon hearing of this the mortga
gee remembered that the mortgage had
never been registered, that all of these
judgments came in before it, and that he
was out the whole amount of money which
he had advanced on the mortgage. Sea
that your deeds and mortgages are register
ed. Meeting of the Democratic Ex. Com
mittee. At a meeting of the Democratic
Ex. Committee, held at the Southerner
office, on Thursday last, the following
communication was read by the Chairman
Tarboro, N. C.
April 6th, 1876. )
Capt. Jao. S. Dancy,
Chairman Dem. Ex. Committee.
Dear Sir : Yours of yesterday advising
mo of a meeting to-day of the Dem. Ex,
Com. of Edgecombe, has been received.
My appointment as a member of the Com
mittee and subsequent election as its Secre
tary, were courtesies, doubtless as editor of
the Southbrkbr. I no longer fill that po
sition and you will please, therefore, present
my resignation. Yours truly,
W. P. Williamson.
On motion of Gen. W. G. Lewis, Mr,
Williamson's resignation was accepted and
Mr. James G. Charles unanimously elected
to fill the vacancy.
On motion of Gen. W. G. Lewis,
County Convention was called t meet in
Tarboro on Tuesday, the 16th of May.
The different Townships are requested
to hold primary meetings and send delegate
to the county convention.
No other business of importance the
meeting adjoined.
J. G. Charles, Sec'y.
Centennial Items. The following
transfers of real estate, &c:, were made
and "fcegjstcred in Edgecombe county in
1776, one hundred years ago, at which
tiaae Mr. Edward Hall was Clerk of the
Court. North Carolina was then designa
ted as the "Province of North Carolina'
ana "pounds, shillings, and pence, were
used to designate the circulating medium,
Proclamation money, whatever that was,
was at a discount, it taking 133 J pounds
to represent 100 pounds in gold.
William Foaks of Dobbs county, to Mr.
Murrah, of Edgecombe county, 35 acres of
land, 10 Proclamation money.
John Pittman of Edgecombe to Micajah
Ravel of Edgecombe, 50 acres, 50 of
Virginia money.
George Portis, Edgecombe county to
John Floyd alias Portes, 160 acres, 00 of
Proclamation money.
Lewis Griffin, Edgecombe Co., to Hardy
Griffin, Edgecombe county 300 acres, 215.
William Warburton to Micajah Thomas,
bth of Edgecombe county, 1 negro wench
and 1 child called Susy, for 106 13s. 4d.
Proclamation money.
Blanch Crowsoa to Sarah Bridgers,
household stuffs, implements chatties, leas
es and all other things belonging to her.
Deed of gift.
Alexander Cromwell to James Hill, 1
negro fellow named Luke, 140 currency.
Thomas H. Hall to Edward Hall, 250
acres land, 212 Proclamation money.
Robert Young to Micajah Thomas, 422
acres lands, 100.
Charles Porter to Thomas Porter, 230
mstet land, 20 Virginia money.
Edmind Harrell to Alexander Cromwell,
Jr., 100 acres land, 20.
John Exum, of Edgecombe to Benj. Ex
um, of Dobbs county, N. C, 242 acres
land, 100.
Charles Porter to Benj . Exum of Dobbs
county, N. C, 150 acres land, 5 Procla-
mation money.
John Hammock to Stephen Watkins, 70
acres land, 10.
John Hammock to Rcniaon Tisdall, 50
acres land, 40.
Stephen Watkius to Renison Tisdall, 30
acres land, 10.
Daniel Ross to Benjamin Brake, 181
acres land, 85 Virginia currency.
Thomas Williams to Christopher Prich
ett, lease of tract of land for 21 years at
Is. per year.
Cabtalia, N. C. i
April, 1st. 1876- )
Dear Southerner. Will you find
space in your columns for me this week.
Hard times is the cry yet. Farmers are
making great head way planting corn and
expect to plant cotton soon. I do not
think people in this part of the country
will go so largely in for cotton this season.
I think, Mr. Editor, it would be to their
wn interest lot to go so largely into it any
more, it has caused many idlers and
straglers. We can hear from all parts of the
country that many able bodied men are
going from place to place half starved, half
clothed and can not get employment. The
recent cold weather has detained farmers
somewhat from planting as soon as they
would have done. Mr. Ricks preached at
Belford to day, a large and attentive audi
ence assembled. Mesrs. Cake & Co., are
making great headway in grinding and
washing up gold. Mr. John A. Harrison
& Son, will start for New York to-day
for their Spring and Summer goods. Leap
year parties has gone out of date, hard
times caused it Mr. Joshua Watson, of
Petersburg, has moved in this neighbor-
hsufl tul will make nlii Nsmh ltia fntnr
me. l)n the plantation of B. L. Aring-
ton aud W. H. May two plowswas stolen.
It seems as sozre one wants to start a plow
business. Spring has gone; winter has
come; cold days and frosty mornings.
o, N. C., I
ith, 1876. J
April 5th
Mr. Editor: A hurried trip to Nash
ville last Friday, found the merchants there
basking themselves in the sunshine, while
the clerks were out playing ball. So much
for the brisk trade of that place. Only
two prisoners are in the county jail. The
farmers all along seem to be moving ahead
and more small grain was noticed on the
road than of previous years.
Rocky Mouat was the nest landing
place, where W. L. Thorp, Esq., of the
Mail, was found busily engaged in his gar
Guano merchants were busy delivering
that frequent curse to tho fanners com
mercial fertilizers. But let them go, they
will not atop until compelled.
"Home again, and we still hear that
peace destroying, soul harrowing sound.
Will not some one hang that murderer (of
violin music we mean), upon the corner ?
The kmd soul who will do it, will leave a
lasting name behind him, aud shall have a
stone on his honored grave, engiavened in
golden letters, "Philanthropist."
"Lasses stews are of weekly occurrence
with the school children here, and they
seem not to tire with this famous sport.
The Quarterly meeting of the M. E.
Chuich will be held here next Sunday,
Rev. Dr. Closs will be here.
A singing school is to be opened here
soon. AMI.
U. S. Commission, Fisa asd Fisheries,
Washing tox, D. C,
March 27th, 1376.
Dear Sir : The process of haching shad
is about as follows : The boxes are inex
pensive, should be of white pine half inch
lumber ordinary shoe boxes will answer
for material. They should be 22 inches
long, 15 in. wide, and 12 inches deep, the
bottom should be wholly of wire-cloth a
bout 20 wires to the inch, floats of 2x4
scantling should be nailed on the ends of
boxes tilt them to the current of tue river.
The female fish is taken from the net and
the eggs squeezed from her into a pan with
about inch of water. If she is ripe the
eggs flow freely and will run out while
she is suspended above the pan. A ripe
male is then taken and the milt dropped
into the pan by the same means, they are
gently twined together and the eggs are
then rinsed once or twice in clear water
the whole operation lasting about a half
an hour, the eggs are then put into the
box and left to themselves. They will
hatch in two or three days and will then
remain in the box about two days when
they should be turned free into the river.
Do not put more than the eggs of two ripe
shad into a box.
The process is about the same with the
Rock fish. It is much harder to find ripe
females among the latter.
It may be possible to assist you some
what if an appropriation is obtained
Spencer T. Baird,
U. S. Commissioner.
To W. G. Lewis, Eq.,
Tarboro', N. C.
Editor Southerner
The above letter from Prof. Baird, U.
S. Fish Commissioner, is full of very val
uable information to the entire Eastern
Section of N. C. It is so plainly and in
telligently written that any one can under
stand it. If each seine owner on our river
would construct a box and give his atten
tion to hatching, I have no doubt tbe sup
ply of fish in Tar river would be increased
ten fold in three years. It is a fact estab
lished beyond doubt, that fish, such as
shad, rock, &c., will certainly return to
tho stream in which they are hatched. Al
most every fish that swims preys on the
Bpawn of the larger fish, and consequently
9A) quantities of it are destroyed. Also
the spawa of the shad and rock, caught in
our seines and used for food are lost. And
therefore it is very necessary that we should
use some means to utilize the spawn of the
fish caught, for reproduction, instead of
for food. Ths total cost of a box will not
exceed $1.50, and the process is simple,
easy and short.
If a man is a public benefactor who
causes two blades of grass to grow where
one has been growing, how much greater
benefactor is the man who causes two fish
to swim where only one swims now.
A large increase of fish will decrease the
pnee of all kinds of meats, also the prices
of the fish themselves.
A diagram of the boxes, afloat, can be
seen at the Hardware Store.
Very respectfullv,
W. G. Lewis.
From the St. Louis Globe.
Tbe Successful Physiciau.
There is probably no mar; to whom the
community owe so much as to the honest,
fair-spoken physician, who does his actual
duty both to himself and to his patients.
Really ski!iful physicians are not so numer
ous that their viitues seed no mention, and
hence the advertisement of Dr R. V. Pierce,
of Buffalo, may well claim tho reader's at
tention. Dr. Pierce is a type of a class of
men who obtain success by careful and
well directed effort, not attempting too much
or creating false ideas as to ability. The
only reliable physician in these days of
complicated disorders and bigh-presure liv
ing is the "Specialist," ihe man who under
stands his ono branch of the business. Such
in his line is Dr. Pierce. For the benefit of
his readers he has written a "Common Sense
Medical Adviser," which is well worth read
ing by those who need such a work. With
strict business honor, high professional skill,
reasonable lees, and a largo corp.s of com -petent
assistants, Dr Tierce will doubtless
make his name familiar as "houshold words."
Portraits 1 Portraits ! ! Tenons de
siring lifelike pictures of living or deceased
friends, executed artistically, Irom other
pictures or life; will please call at the Jew
elry Store of J . H.Bell, Tarboro, N. C,
where Samples of work and prices may be
seen. Satisfaction guaranteed.
It must be good, for everybody recom
mends it, and tbe doctors prescribe it. We
mean Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup. Price, 25
cents .
Tee Only Cuke fok Rupture. The
oldest and best hernia surgeons in the world,
the only lady surgeon on earth skilled m
the cure of Rupture, the only elastic truss
worthy of the name, free examination and
advice are some of the advantages offered
by the Triumph Truss Company, No. 334
Bowery, N. Y. Send 10 cents for their
new book. ly
TO CONSUMPTIVES : The advertiser
an old physician, retired from active prac
tice having had placed in his hands by an
h.ast India Missionary the formula of a sim
ple Vegetable Remedy, for the speedy and
permanent Lure of Consumption, Bronchitis;
Asthma, Catarrh, and all 'J'liroat and Lung
Affectionn, also a Positive and Radical Cure
for Nervous Debility and all Nervous Com
plaints, after Laving thoroughly tested its
wonderful curative powors in thousands of
cases, feels it his duty to make known to his
suffering fellows. Actuated by this motive,
and a conscientious desire, to relieve human
suffering, he will send free of ckaryt to all
who desire it, tins reeeipe, with full direc
tions for preparing and successfully using.
Sent by return mail bv addressing.
ly Mcxiioe Block, Syracuse, N. Y.
Tax Notice !
TdE Trustees urooro, iownslup will
meet at the Court House on the 5th, 0th,
7th. 10th, 1-th, 13th, and Hth days of April,
1S7G, for the purpose of listing thu taxable
Polls and Property of said Towushi;
A. MeCABii
.1. 15. ItAYNOB,
K. . TAYI.O!!,
Me. .0. Matiie-av-
ROBERTS PENDER. In this eaun-
ty at the residence of the bride's father,
Mr. Littleton Pender, on the 3.Mh ult.,
by S. L. Spicer, Esq., Mr Boss Roberts
and Miss Mary 1'exde::. Ait ot Edge
Tarboro fi!irket.
R. B. ALSOP, Grocer
Home production are quote"'', at the buying
price, aud all others at the selling price from
Bacon S. C. Hauu.iu caaviss.per lb. ""SlOc
Shoulders " Vi(g2
Sides, back bone and rib, 15c
Bulk Meats. Shoulders, ;er lb-- ll(.l,12c
Sides, clear, j4c
Beef. Fresh, per lb. GJtSc
Spiced Family per lb 1-c
Bagoino,. per yard, 15iG
Beeswax lb. (tic
Butter " 40r0c
Cotton, per pound, TuilCJc
Cotton Yaks, per bunch, ?1 25(Jia5
Corn, per bushel. 50c0c
Cheese, lb
Eggs, er dozen
Flock Patapsco la.-.iily bb!
'Other brands
Hides Dry if) tb.
- ..5&SC
Green, i io.
Iron Ties, i lb. VmWzc
Lakd, y ft. iTytlsc
Mbal, per bushel S0c
M.OLAS8BS Sugar House V gallon, 35(3,50
Cuba " 55(g75
Onions, per bushel,- 1 Soft a 00
Fork Mess per tbl. ? -'5 OOhi'-'fi 00
Rump, " 00,a S'iM 00
Potatoes, sweet, per bushel, 07e75
Irish, per bushel .SI GOiSf I 75
Peas, per bushel, t)0($70e
Salt, G. A. per sack, ?1 50(41 7;
Liverpool, per sack, f 00-2 50
Sausage, rer lb, V,1';.w!
Tea, per lb, .M;;UJ00
Tallow, per lb. 0Sc
Cotton Markets.
New York, April 5 Cotton firm mid
lings 13 3 8.
Baltimore, April 5 Cotton quiet mid
dlings 13.
Norfolk, April o Cotton quiet mid
dlings 12 3-4
Counsalloi- and Attorney at Law,
Practices in all tie State Courts
March 24, 1S70.
Prices Low Down for Cash !
DISSOLVED BONE, prepared expressly for
Cotton. mar.24-ly.
fine ismsx
M. Weddell & Co.,
Good Will of the Business,
and the Store House can be leased for
This is one of the oldest and
Best SJttxica.s
Apply to
Tarboro, Dec. 17, 1S75. tf
E are now prepared to furnish Farmers
"with their annual supplies of
SUGARS, all grades.
COFFEES, all grades.
MOLASSES, &c, &c., &c.
and thinit we can offer speciu! inducements
to parties desiring advances.
To all our old customers we offer our
services again, aad others we would respect
fully ask to give us a trial.
S. 8. NASH & CO.
Wholesale Grocers and Com. Merchant?.
Tarboro', N. C, Jan. 7, 1870. tf.
jomxc COlijVTIES.
I have just received a fresh stock of Sect
for 17G, such as
of all varieties.
Cabbages, Collard
Drug and Prescription Store.
Tarboro, Jan. 28, 1876. ' tf
Bar and Restaurant.
Wines and Cigars, that ever soothed the
suffering, or revived the weary.
Aud then, after swallowing one of my ex
hilarating beverges my customers can get
3Ieal at any Hour,
OYSTERS, served up in any style, and all
the delicaces of the season will be found at
my table.
furnished to families at LOW RATES by
the measure.
A splendid stock of GROCERIES always
on hand.
Tarboro', Oct. 1st, 1875. tf
WISHING to close my mercantile busi
ness, I will sell the most of my stock
of goods now on hand, amounting to about
Parties wishing bargains would do well to
call soon and supply themselves. I would
also 6ell on accommodating terms, my
in this place. The store is new, large and
well built, and ono of the most conveniently
arranged for business of any store iu the
State. The stand for business is all that
could be asked for.
Panics wishing to purchase can communi
cate with me at this place.
Feb. 4.-3m. Whitaker's, N. C.
Having recently purchased II. M. Williams
stock of goods, I am now conducting the
business known as the
and have jnst received a lirge and full as
sortment of
scnooL BOORS,
which I guarantee to sell at publisher's pri
ces. Also a full liue ot
in fact everything usually found in a first class
Book Store.
I sell writing paper by the ream at N. Y.
wholesale prices. Any book not in Stock
ordered at Publisher's prices. Garden 8:eds
of all kinds on hand. Call and secure bar
gains. FRANK S. BAKER,
A cent for 1. H. Baker.
Tarboro, Feb. 11, 1S70. 2m.
Where Advertising Contracts can bo made.
goods a m ! !
of Nash and Edgecombo is respectfully
callei to my change of location from my old
stand to one of the
on West 6lde ot Railroad, adjoining Messrs.
Bunn & Battle. Having thoroughly renova
ted my present store, 1 an prepared to offer
to mv friftnria and thft nnhlln or.nAr.llv as..-
plete line of goods usually found in a'-
consisting In part at follows :
Standard Family Flours,
Extra, Super, and Fine Floars Oi aaat in
' 1 bbls., . and 1-8 Sacks.
Bolted and Unbolted Corn Meal.
No. 1 Bulk and Bacon Shoulder.
No. 1 Bulk and Bacon Sides.
No. 1 Canvassed S. C. Hams.
City Mess, Prime asd Rump Pork.
Kettlo ltendered Lard in Tierces, Kegs aid
N. C. Cut and Wood's Family Km Horringi
Labrador and Eastern Herrings.
No. 1 Mackerel in Barrels and Kits.
Moantaln and Goshen Butter.
Prime Factory, English Dairy and Pino Ap.
pie Cheese.
Rio, Lag. and Old Gov't Java Coffee.
Rio and Lag. Coffae Toattcd, Taeitd in Tin
Foil, 1 lb. Faekaget.
Powdered, Cut-Loaf and all Standard Brandi
of Refined Sugara.
N. O., Porto Rico and Demerara Sugars.
Common and Fine Syrups.
Common and Fine Whiskies.
Scotch Ale, London Porter Wines, &c.
Teas, Peppers, Spices, Snuffs, Tobaccos and
Tin, Wooden and Willow Ware.
Toilet and Laundry Soaps,
Winslow's Green Corn,
Fresh Tomatoes.
Pine Apple, Peaches, Preserves,
Jellies, Mustards, Sardhws,
n.,,1 T Vi
Brandy Peaches, Pickles,
Chow-Chow, PotUd Turkey,
Tongue, Salmon and Ham.
Worcestershire Saucet Flavoring Extracts,
Gelatine aud Com Starch.
Wilson's Celebrated Corned Beef in 2 xd i
pound Tins.
Citron, Currants and Raisins.
French and Plain Candies, Nuts, &c.
Canton Preserved Ginger,
BU.MGARDNEli .fe SIIMMF.nnifiv Pnofr
RYE WHISKIES, especially adapted to Med
icinal and Family uses. Also to my stock of
Imported and Domestic CIGARS.
Having been appointed Agent lor Garrett's
Celebrated WINE VINEGAR and CIDER.
I am prepared to oiler same at manufactur
ers prices.
I am constantly receiving the above line of
Goods, and can safely recommend them as
being Fresh and of Standard Brands, and am
prepared to offer same at fair prices for Cash.
1 return my thanks for the kind and liberal
patronatre enioved for t.h noat lrrir
and respectfully solicit a continuance of the
Feb. 25.-tf. Rocky Mount, N. C.
THE undersigned respectfnlly call the at
tention of the citizens of Tarboro and
surrounding country to their stock of
Groceries, Liquors, &c,
Family Flour of all Grades,
N. C. Apple Brandy.
Fine Rye Whiskey,
S years old, for family use.
We offer these and ether brands of LI
quors at
We have from 12 to 15 barrels constantly
on baud.
aad sell cheaper than any place in town.
TOBACCO by the box at manufacturer's
tlT Call on ns aad be convinced of our
low prices.
Feb. 25, 1876. Cm,
Tin, Coppef
Tarboro, J .
ing, Parlor ifc Office Stoves,
kept constantly on hand,
which will be sold at the
lowest cash prices.
either in town or country, promptly attend2
ed to and on reasonable terms.
of all kinds in his line executed with prompt
ness. If you can't afford to buy a new stove bring
your old one and trade.
Nearly opposite Post Oflice.
Feb. 18, 1S7G. ly.
Boarding House.
MRS. V. E. LIPSCOMB respectfully an
nounces that she has opined a Private
Boarding House in Tarboro, on the corner
ot Bank and Pitt Streets.
Good Fare, Pleasant Koomi, Comfort
table Heds. Uoard Moderate.
Feb. 19, 1875. ly
M. H077AED,
SsC, 3cC, 5cC.
Next door to Mrs, Pendei' Hotel,
if TP"

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