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Alone in a Gloomy Prison Cell Hector
Logan Passes Away Under Pe
culiar Circumstances.
His Skull May Have Been Fractured
by a Blow on the Head With a
Heavy Shovel.
Hector Logan, a young ^at) about
25 years of age, who was arrested last
flight about 7 o'clock on a pjain drunk
Charge, died in the female department
at the city jail about 6:30 this morning.
The cause of death i« a mystery, which
may be revealed at the coroner's in
quest tomorrow morning. The remains
were taken to the morgue of the Luger
Furniture and Undertaking Co., where
the inquest will be held and where the
body will be prepared for burial.
Prisoners confined in the same corri
dor with Logan last night stated this
morning that during the night he groaned
several times and that his breathing was
heavy. At 6 o'clock this morning Of
ficers Korsmo and Dahlgrcn entered the
prison to serve breakfast and were in
formed by the inmates of Logan's condi
tion. They entered the corridor and
found the young follow in an unconscious
condition, lying on a blanket in the cor
ner. They removed him to the female
ward and summoned a physician, but be
fore the doctor arrived Logan breathed
his last. The physician is undecided re
garded the cause of death. He found the
dead man's eye badly bruised and the
stomach overloaded with water. Blood
was flowing from the nose. It is more
than likely that Logan's death was caused
from concussion of the braini
Logan has been employed in the coun
ty as a farm laborer for the past five
or six years and during the past season
worked for Henry Bray. He came to
town about a week ago and has been on
a bad spree. Last night lie went to the
home of Mrs. Maring 011 Fourth Street
North, just off of Fourth Avenue, where
he boards when in the city, and while
in a drunken frenzy commenced to beat
Mrs. Maring on the head with his fists.
Mrs. Maring's screams attracted the at
tention of neighbors, and Peter Reitz,
who lives at 417 Fourth Avenue, went
£0 the house and found Logan in the act
*f beating his landlady. Mr. Reitz inter
fered and in a scuffle which followed
Reitz, it is said, struck Logan in the
left eye with his fist and beat him over
the head with a coal shovel. Logan put
tip a hard fight and pulled a razor to
defend himself. While Mr. Reitz and
Logan were tussling in the house Desk
Sergeant Wood of the police department
appeared in the neighborhood and was
informed of the incident. He entered
Mrs. Maring's house and placed Logan
under arrest and with the aid of Officer
Tictgens succeeded in landing him in
the city jail. When searched at the po
lice station a gold watch, 10 cents in
money and a razor was found in Logan's
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pockets. He was taken to the jail and
confined in one of the main corridors
with the other prisoners.
When Peter Reitz, who is employed
as foreman at Doyle's livery stable, heard
of the sad climax to Logan's spree, he
immediately visited the police station
ami told the officers the part he played in
the incident of last night at the home
of Mrs. Maring. He admitted that he
struck the dead man, but did not think
the blow of sufficient force to fracture
the skull. TJie officers and physicians,
however, think that this is what caused
the death of the unfortunate young man.
Under direction of Acting Chief of Po
lice Gowland Reitz was taken into cus
tody and confined in the city jail, pend
ing a thorough investigation of the case
and the result of the coroner's inquest.
Coroner Savage has been notified and
will be here on tonight's train. The re
mains will be in charge of the sheriff's
department, until the arrival of the coro
ner. A number of prisoners, who were
confined in the jail last night, were held
by Judge Gearey this morning in order
that they may. give testimony before the
coroner's jury.
She Gives in Detail What Occurred at
Her Home Last Night.
Mrs. Maring was visited by The Fo
rum this morning. She states that she
has known Logan for the past five or
six years and that when in the city he
roomed at her house, which is located
in the rear of 412 Fourth Street North.
"Logan has been working at Har
wood during the past season," said
Mrs. Maring this morning. "He came
to the city about a week ago and has
been drinking ever since. On Wednes
day evening he went out to Argusville
to collect
from John Brase, which
he said was coming to him. H# re
turned Thursday night about 12 o'clock
and occupied his room here. He start
ed for Moorhead yesterday morning and
while I was absent from home he re
turned to my house yesterday after
noon. He was intoxicated when I re
turned from down tow i and shortly
after my arrival he commenced tc
curse my little boy. I remonstrated
but it did no good and at last I ordered
him to leave the house. We had some
words. He approached the back door
and I made an effort to shove him out
It was then that he struck me on tht
head. I called for help and sent mj
little boy for the neighbors. Mr. Reitz
answered the summons. I told him
where Logan was standing in the door
way. leading from the kitchen to th
wood shed. I don't know exactly wha
passed between him and Mr. Reitz, but
saw Mr. Reitz strike him over the
head with a shovel. Logan fell to the
ground face downward and was appar
ently unconscious. I did not see Mr
Reitz strike him with his fist. ShortK
after this young Wood appeared. He
had some trouble in getting Logan or
his feet and threatened to strike hfrfr
with his club, but I interfered and Ut
was at last taken from the house. Tm
officer did not strike him while in rh)
house and that is all I Vnow about tljt
Was a Minneapolis Boy and Has .!
Mother and Sister Residing
in that City.
Hector Logan, the dead man, is a
native of Minneapolis. He came tr
Fargo about five years ago, and thf
greater portion of the time since
has been employed as a farm laborer
He was addicted to the drink habit
and when intoxicated was ugly am
quarrelsome. About ten years ago hi:
mother and father separated. Hi
mother and a sister at present reside ii
Minneapolis and his father is workinp
somewhere in Minnesota, but the towi
is not known. He has a sister in Mon
tana and a brother who resides in thi:
city, and who was until recently em
ployed as a teamster by the Bower
Bros. He viewed the remains .at th
morgue this morning and pronouncet
the body that of his brother. The fam
ily has been notified and the funeral ar
rangements will not be made until th
mother and other relatives have beer
heard from. The dead man's trunk
was found at the Great "Northern sta
tion in this city and letters from hb
mother, found in the trunk revealec
her address.
Deceased was a man about 25 yean
of age, below the average in height ant
wore a smooth face. K*s features ar
thin and show traces of heavy dissipa
tion. When taken to the police sta
tion last night he was in a very groggj
condition, which at the time wa:
thought to be front the effects of liquor
but later developments prove this con
elusion to have been erroneous.
Mr. Reitz was visited by his wife
Wahpeton Globe: Mrs. Cleaves
mother of the blackguard who wa
horse-whipped on the strtet a few day*
ago, was in Wahpeton Monday, look
ing up the matter. Mrs. Cleaves is 0
the opinion that her darling son woul
not nor could not say naughty thingt
of the fair sex. Mrs. Cleaves' confl
dence in her son is not shared by imaili)
who know him pretty wel!. $
Wahpeton Globe: The Wells Coup
ty News insists on a literal instructicw
of scriptures, so to speak, and that the
"emergency commission" has power tc
appropriate money* Sucl* a construe
tion of the statute has never been a^
cepted by the commission, and it is iK)t
likely that any commission ever will c$b
it. The constitution £ays that the lejj
islature only shall have power to ag
pr6priate mon^i
••«v •'. -a. e..y^ ,ji^ffi^.^.!,. .*?•
the city jail this morning. While deep
ly regretting the incident Mr. Reitz
feels confident that 110 criminal respon
sibility can be attached to him.
was cautioned by Mrs. Maring to looV
out for a razor, which Logan wa1
known to have in his clothes, and per
haps pursued the same course that an?
other man would have under similai
circumstances. Reitz will perhaps givt
bond fos. his appearance and will
released from custody this afternoon.
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not well and investigating found the
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He put the hobos' to flight and took
Hewitt to the station, wiiere he will be
onfined until tomorrow morning, when
he will be arraigned in city court on a
lain drunk charge. -j
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Wben Abraham Hewitt, an old roan
recovers from a drunk in the city jail
and has a conference with Chief Gow
land tomorrow motiiing, he will find
himself $55 to the good as a result of
he watchfulness of the local police. This
ifternoon Officer Korsmo noticed an,old_
-.nan sleeping near the oil mill, in the
lower part of the city. Around the old
fellow hovered a gang of suspicious
booking fellows. The officer thought all
are always reasonable.
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Th^y ifiki Charged With Alaklnsr an Assault
With a Deadly Weapon.
Jud&n ibd Georgi BrijggS, a^res|ed!
at Pipe River, Minn., the first of the
week charged with making an assault
with a deadly weapon, were brought to
the city last night by Deputy Sheriff
Redmon. They were arraigned before
Judge Gearey last night atid their pre
liminary .hearings set for this morning
at 10 o'clock. Their bond was fixed at
$1,000. They could not make bail and
were committed to pan. This morning
they were arraigned and their hearing
was postponed until Wednesday morning
at 10 o'clock. This step was made
necessary by the absence of the Assistant
State's Attorney from the city.
The Briggs brothers were arrested on
complaint of Jack Howard, foreman of
a farm down
the §heyenne. They
are members of a threshing crew which
worked in that section during the fall.
They had trouble with Howard regard
ing tools and jumped upon him and beat
him with a revolver. His right eye
was partially gouged out.. The com
plaining witness was in the city this
morning and stated that the doctor does
not know whether the eye can be saved
or not. The Briggs boys are considered
desperate characters by the officers and
were brought to the city handcuffed to
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rum: One day last week Hinebauch's
broncho team ran away and went into
a wire fence that had been built across
an old road. They were badly ctft..One
of them had to be shot. Hinebauch is
going to sue for damages.
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Portal one day la§t week to do some
(jpilecting fttr his brother. «fohn, who
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schoolhouse here next Friday evening.
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day .for'the University of North Da
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person or persons broke out three
lights from the front of Geo. Fulton's
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Last year Fergus had the superior
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1 i

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