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mother should
'. 'i!
New York, Nov. 7.—It is remarkable
how quickly New Yorkers recover
from great celebrations. Although the
municipal election has been settled only
four days there is almost no sign what
ever of the strenuous campaign held
here this fall. Even the banners of the
fusionists and Tammanyites which
could be seen in every part of the city
have been torn down and the advertis
ings on the billboards and trolley cars
has disappeared to be replaced by the
publicity of other forms of business.
Indeed much of this was done on Wed
nesday. The "I told you so's" have
also seased prating and everything and
everybody have settled down to a busy
the Horse Show opens Monday and
st promises to be the most interesting
exhibition ever held in Madison Square
Garden. The dog show under the di
rection of the Kennel Association of
America, which precedes it this week
has also been a great success and many
valuable canines from all over the
United States were brought here to be
placed on exhibit. Next to the Horse
Show the t)og Show attracts more
fashionables than any other public ex
hibition of the season.
The board of health has decided to
spend many thousands of dollars in re
claiming marsh lands. The work to be
undertaken is of a character that no
other city has yet taken in hand and
as an initial step the marsh lands of
Staten Island will be reclaimed. Other
marshes are to be drained after the
work on Staten Island is completed and
great progress is expected toward the
entire abolition of the mosquito and
.* .* ,:!y V,
It is not generally known that New
York, among very many valuable art
treasures possesses the largest collec
tion of Latin Bibles in the world. This
collection belongs to the General The
logical Seminary of the Protestant
Episcopal Church and was completed
at great effort and expense by the late
Dean Hoffman. There are now in the
Bible room at the Seminary 1,206 dif
ferent editions of the Bible, in 2,596
volumes. Of these 555 editions are in
Latin, in 1,055 volumes. The remaind
er includes fifty-riine editions in Eng
lish, about 100 in Hebrew and other
•L Every mother feels ft
IVI I .* and danger attendant upoa
lvllll W most Qritical period
UP of her life. &ecortiing
"It is worth its weight in gold,'*
says many who have used it. $1.00 per
bottle at drug stores. Book containing,
Valuable information of interest to all women, will
be sent to any address free upon application to
a source of joy to all. but the suffering ana
danger incident to the ordeal makes its anticipation one of misery.
er's Friend
is" the only remedy which relieyes women of the great
£ain and danger of maternity this hour which is dreaded as woman's
severest trial is not only made painless, but all the danger is avoided
by its use. Those who use this remedy are no .longer despondent or
gloomy nervousness, nausea and other distressing eopditions aro
overcome, the system is made ready for {he coming ev&ftyWid the
serious accidents so common to the critical
llour are obviated by the use of
jgm&0#r*: na Ufa
Vise f£k\ W SPS
Studebaker Wagons
Perkins Wind Mills
Gasoline Engines
Tiffin Wagons ^''S
Battendorf Steel-geared Wagons
Bettendorf Handy Farm Trucks
Champion Hay Stackers
Hummer Sweep R6kes
Blees Co.'s Buggies add
Noyes Carriage Co.'s Vehicles
Red Jack Pumps
"w"** Bin Demand For Rente
great dread of the pain
languages, ninety-three in polyglot 01
in more than one language,
new Testament, mostly
The musical season Ws Hegtiti and it
is more apparent than ever that Gotham
Invite You, When in Fargo, to Visit Them
and Look over Their Line, Consisting of:
Keystone Side Delivery Rakes
Keystone Hay Loaders
Keystone Hay Presse^.!
Keystone Corn Huskeiv'
Keystone Corn Shredders
Corn Planters
Disc Harrow*.
Gang Plow
Sulky Ptowji
Northern Pacific Ave. and Eighth St.
If you want to have your house bring more rent money, put in
Modem Plumbing and Steam of Hot Water. Furnace.
The cost will come back to ybu in short order and make the
tlte best kind of prmanent investment, -.^et talk the niatter
-of expediency aiwl expense overlrtlll^yiM^
of tin
•. Greek ani
ninety-six of tfie nexapla, Codices.
etc. i
Ex-Speaker of the house of repre
sentatives David B. Henderson is tli*
third man who held that exalted posi
tion to make his home in New York
The first of the trio was John G. Car
lisle. Mr. Carlisle has been not onlj
speaker of the house and a sena^oi
from Kentucky, but also a most astiitt
and successful secretary of the treasury.
The late Thomas B. Reed, was the sec
ond and although a comparatively noo
man when he came to live in New
York where he practised at the bai
three or four years, when he died ht
left an estate valued at
Speaker Henderson's career will doubt
less equal that of his two distinguished
predecessors. He is not only an elo
quent orator of the impassioned order,
but he is a sound lawyer and ripe
scholar. He enjoys the unique distinc
tion of having had a statue of himself
erected and dedicated during his life
time. It was unveiled in Iowa only re
The mournful news that there is to
be an increase in the price of pie has
spread consternation in certain quar
ters. The pie factories, the only source
of nonspurious quick lunch pies in the
city, have been forced to increase
wages, The brand therefore, which has
hitherto been purchased for
will now cost 6 cents, and mid-day
lunches will approach in consequence
the munificent sum of 11 cents.
There is a notable absence nowadays
of impure and low grade milk in the
immense quantity of the lacteal fluid
that is consumed here. Never before
probably in the history of the city has
the system of inspecting and supervis
ing the milk been so thorough as it is
today. Every discovery in the science
of sanitation has been taken advantage
of, the number of insepctors is being
increased as swiftly as possible and the
board of health is beginning gradually
to get. the sale Qt„mi)k. micier iit^gii
has a plethora of talented foreign af
tists who have been attracted to these
shores to display their genius and gath
er in our dollars. A violinist who his
received a great deal of favor atvd
aroused more furore than Jan Kubelik
did a few seasons ago is Jacques iTii
baud, the Frenchman who made his
lebut at Catnegie Hall a few everiiugs
ago. Thibaud is the possessor of tL
most charming and magnetic person*
ality and his playing reminds one at
once of the great Belgian, Ysaye-. -IJe
will make a tour of the large American
and. Canadian, cities,
order to avert UVfeCtfi-fe^fe
lafet" winter's stofm t^dubles'"o1i rne
elevated railroad, the officials of the
interborough Rapid Transit Co., have
equipped the electric motor cars of the
Manhattan system with an invention
or freeing the Contact rail of.ice and
snow. The apparatus is the saitie as
that which has been tried with success
n Chicago for three seasons past. It
consists of a number of steel blades,
which may be pressed down with what
ever force is necessary upon the elec
rically charged contact rail, commonly
known as the third rail. It is because
)f an accumulation of snow or siefet
iipon this rail that trains are blocked
n the winter storms. The' blades scrape
)ff the accumulation without difficulty.
Dr. Hensori, who has become famous
ts pastor of the Hanson Place Baptist
Church in Brooklyn and who goes next
veek to Boston's Tremoilt Temple,
vill te greatly missed here _where fie
•ias made his work felt. Visitors to the
:ity have flocked to hear him and he
ias grown as much in demand here as
at Philadelphia and Chicago where He
was pastor before coming here. Tre
.nont Temple is regarded as one of
he greatest preachirtg places In Ameri
ca. It has had a long list of eminent
men as its pastors and has an exten
sive and able^^ property and large mem
bership. ... y I
.* (.t'
Not in many years lias the football
jutlook been so doubtful as this seasoti.
The scrub games of last year hcive evi
dently left no eggs to be counted in
this year's nests and to compare the
scrub results of two years is simply,
whistling down the wind. To date it|
would really seem that there is. a really
tremendous amount of work to be done
before Thanksgiving and even at that,
it seems to be a case of the best team'
of a bad year, rather than what is geii-*
erally understood as the "best" team.
Complaints too, are being he^.d
from theatrical managers. They claim
that the bright prospects of the earjy
season. are not being materialize
Many of the new theatres and old onfS.j
vacant seals
too have rows and rows of
these nights'and it would seem that the
upply is
§xpediug tlje ^eipnd |o
otWF jealet-s, th -nattit*e- St
business makes them almost pre-emi
nently the best judges of market con
ditions are unanimous in the expres
sion of the opinion that rarely ha,ye
there been such opportunities for profit
able investments as .those which a|e
now offered. The best of these proper-,
ties are being gradually absorbed andj
the market supplies are therefore di
minishing. Indeed the tone of the-mar-j
ket is considerable improved.'
i &<» 9
To allow constipation to poison yotir:
body. Dr. King's New Life Pi|ls cures1
it and builds up your health. or no pay,
25c. Fout & Porterfield. ,s,
T.o The Forum: The following
Farmers' Institutes will be held during
the month of December, season of
ting and iiitotrie Fixtursi.
Fargo, N. D1
-f -v'-f »•.%. f'
Vf '.. v *%.
t*fo i "«f« r? r*.
as. C. Pond, G. P. A.,
Milwaukee, Wis.
The State Scientific Set
of ita
iii a ..I
This sketch was made by Helen Foster,,
age 12, Greenwood School, Des Moines, la.'
We give a c&ffc prize of $5.00 for any
drawing of this character which we accept
and use. Ait school children can compete. FuX
instructions wiH be found on inside of eaoh
package of Egfl-O-See telling what to do to get
the prize and how to make the drawings.
(Copyrighted by W T.
Washington, D. C., Nov.
valleys Nov.
Fingal—Tuesday, Dec.
Kensal—Thursday, Decr 3.
Carrington—Friday anil Saturday,
Dec. 4-5- y.
Cathay—Monday, Dec. 7.
Harvey—Tuesday, Dec. 8.
Kenmare—Wednesday artd Thtffs
day, Dec. 9 and "10.
Carpio—Monday and Tuesd&y-MEfec.
14-iS- .i
Barney^—Wednesday, Dec. 16.
Wahpeton—Friday and Saturday,
Defc. 18-19. E. E.' Kaufman,
Sec'y Farmers' Institutes.
Union depots are made at St. Paul and
Minneapolis by all trains from Pacific
coast and northwestern joints with the
Wisconsin Central Railway, thus af
fording a comfortable and convenient
journey to Manitowoc, Milwaukee, Chi
cago and eastern and southern cities
via tWo modern trains leaving daily.
For further information apply to your
nearest ticket agent
.: i t. V
will open- &t sWahpeto^ bii
Sept. 22I. Ati experienced
corps of instructors have
been secured and first class
equipifteflit and apparatus
are Being provided. Over
thirty courses iii science And
mathematics.'. .General sci
ence, engineering, medical
e a a o y a s e i a
courses for teachers.- Special
science courses during the
winter term. Tuition free.
Laboratory snisfll. For
circular1 of information ad
dress tht president, y
Bur«b, ot
i, N. D.
.•••.'.»-.••••••- -•*,*. ... ••....
V'x' $ i"
THLtrunr• RATTmmv «U!trR*m» ^*ovririiiniw«..^ i^oii- ~v.-...-* '.* ./.
The largest and most complete
knd modern food ill! in the world
equipped with the most approved
sanitary devices enables us to make
the purest and most wholesome flaked wheat food on the mfc£~
ket today. Crisp, delicious, strengthening and digestible.
i.yi', S
Note—The price of Egg-O-See is 10 cents for
The PrdfesiOr Says Thfere wtt fee
Bad Weather Here About
'November 17.
bulletin gave forcasts of disturbance to
cross continent Nov. 8 to Nov. 12, warm
ivave J^ov.
to Nov. ji, cool wave Nov.
to Nov.
Next disturbance will
Pacific coast about Nov.
of Rockies by close of Nov.
to Nov.
ern states Nov. 18. Warm wave will
cro*s VASj-.cOf *Ro ky$ abynttNov..,1A
cehtral valleys Nov. 15 eastern
states Nov.
Cool wave will cross
west of Rockies about Nov. 16, great ccil
tral valleys, N^r, ji8, eastern* states Nov.
This disturbance will belong to a per
iod of great fluctuations and sudden
changes in temperature, rapidly moving
and severe storms but not so dangerous
as those of previous months. The most
Severe storm of the month will come
with this disturbance not a good time
to be on the water, bad weather for live
stock, corn gathering and other farm
Closing j5art of this disturbance will
ring a cold wave bordering on the
lizzard species but the cold will be of
short duration followed by a very short
warm Wave of high temperatures.
About date of this bulletin warm wave
will prevail and temperatures of the week
ending Nov. 16 \yill average above nor
mal rainfall will increase over the pre
vious weelc.
Not every prophet has honor in his
OWn country. The newspapers of Chilli
cothe and St. Joseph, Mo., my home for
matiy years, are warm friends of my
work. The St. Joseph Press says:
"Looks like more trouble for the weath
fer editor for Prof. Foster has, up to the
present time, proved himself a true
An incident in *one bf /the Atlantic
coast storms predicted' in my bulletins
is thus related of an excursion boat par
ty "But the sea was rough and we
pitched and tossed in a painful way.1
P/etty fiink and blue gowns wilted, and
the upper deck soon began to look like
a marine hospital. The band got weak
er and weaker. One by one the white
-Skited musicians fell among tfce wither
ed figures in blue and pink. Finally the
piccolo and snare drum and bass drum
played America as a trio. Then the
piccolo player went out of business. The
drummer kept on playing. They said
they were under contract to play five
hours and wanted to be sure to get their
money. Most of the passengers were so
sick that they couldn't throw chair* at
e u e s i
Itlias heen noted during jtfeethree
months, iliat unusual activity 1ms ptfr
vailed in the. volcanic forces and par
tlcularly that this activity has been greafe^
^t exactly at the time when the stofins,
were greatest also that for the gre*t
sto^rt periods, earthquakes and volcanic
etftptjoftts of the past three months
fOfie^#|s have been practically per
'This strongly argues that volcanic
eit^tions have their origin in the catees
the silly
fes an4'.
able modern
lat vQteftni^
ttl^ikching firbhi the!
of the earth's interior^
ilv formed crust to the
I«C ?uj:r»nt8 pirculiite thrf
t^ftse and whe|
unions ci the earth's iislc
t. ^c-F ^'-,, ^v *,
School CHlldreri's ^mpetltlvfe AdverttsU^ Contest No SI
csi OrSfl,'Ol
e^rrcvb Ci
size package, such as is usually sold for 15 cents: The
largest food mill in the world, and the most approved labor-saving machinery enables
to make the best flaked wheat food at this lower price.
Rea Bros. & Co. are specialists of
many .years'..standing. .They make Rea
Bros.' Inhalent Catarrhal Jelly, vyhich
cures catarrh, catarrhal deafness and
i i .- i s
'•.iNnWii'i rVI'-iMOk ii'iiifairhhi'i
0T S6.00 )each to be given to
AXsfa* Vun,'^
v. si-
your grocer does not keep It, send us bis name and ip cents and we will send you a package prepaid!
Address all communications to Egg-O-See, Quincy, 111. ,.y
are ignited and volcanic actioh results.
Evidently volcanoes belong to the earth's
surface and the interior of the earth is
more solid than granite. But our orth
odox scientists are /slow in getting away
from the superstitions of the dark ages.
A: new town site in Brenier County,
IcTwa. Opening sale of lots will take
place "Nov. 10. On that •dafe special
trains will be run from Dubuque, Mar-
shalltown, Fort Dodge and Mclntir^
Iowa and intermediate stations. For
particulars address E. B. Magill. man
ager townsite department, Chicago
Great Western Railway, Fort Dodra
Edward L. Loyet of St. Louis is ah
authority on fancy fish and iri his
quarium he has more than 20,000 speci
mens of the finny tribe. He has been
asked to make an exhibit for tl^Ei
world's fair. v^.
i^at of the di­
sease vand overcomes and- throws it out
of the system forever. You need never,
while there is a bottle of Rea Bros. Cas
carin to' be had,' be troubled wifli con
stipation, indigestion, flatulency, dys
pepsia, and the many, ills attendant up
on a torpid" or sluggish liver and kid
neys and a weak and inactive digestion
systetn. Get yohr stomach and bowel's
in order. Rea Bros.' Cascarin will soon
do that any you will find that those suf
ferings you have so long and needlessly
endured, are ended at last. Your bowels
will become regular, your liver and kid
neys perform their natural functions!
as they should, your headache, dizzi
ness and belching of wind after eating
your bad breath and your inability to
sleep at night—all will disappiear and
with their disappearance will come the
health that will make another man of
you. Don't delay any longer. Put a
stop to your unnecessary sufferings—
when Rea Bros.' Cascarin will so read
ily cure you.
Four#(n|hd«i aWw
catarrhal diseases. They make Rej
Brps.! Kidney and Bladder Cure. Cures
hackache. scanty, scalding, high-colored
urine, inflammation of the bladder and
all kidney troubles. They make Epi
derma Eczema Salve, which cures after
all others have failed. One box cures
salt rheum and-eczema in any form. They
make Syrup of Pineapple Expectorant,
which cures coughs, colds, bronchitis
and early consumption. They make Rea
Bros. Electric Liniment, a most power
ful penetrating liniment. It is the great
reliever of pain. These remedies at
druggists price 50 cents. They make
the famous Red Cross Pile and Fistula
Cure, cures by absorption, piles, fistula
and diseases of the rectum. One month's
treatment, one dollar, or sample seilt free
by mail. Their Cascola Blood and
Rheumatic Cure, the best remedy that
medical science has been able to put
forth, gives quick relief and cures per
manently rheumatism, neuralgia, sciatica,
gout, nervousness, all blood and rheu
matic troubles. Sold by druggists,
Rea Bros. Co., CtiecnUts, ..
MinftMpotls, Minn.
I have Med DuflVi Pore Halt Wh
of & severe attadc at rheum»
neeh, gaining
believe if
twill keepoft
«ixtTM»»e years olck
%Jpok ta6i* tiian42i I have reooin
lttouaanyof «ty trifiad«, and allsay
are wtteflod with its
I ttSk the flnenstimulant iii
atfinger W
once feconmMnded it to
—... ,ereplied!
ana have
and dragt, but I
of America i
1 ,{S
•'-i-ii i'v ai ,!S ,• ,-v *. *sJPxx •*..
3 -UK
send 40 cents in stamps to pay express
charges, and they will setnd you one
month's treatment ffre. If it cures, pi
pay $1.5b. If not, you pay nothing.
Y'l, -h
thlp she met the
I ef«r knew.
,i -fry
fbrenuaMnt a* si
-•. •*.
K"'®" jt-i

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