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The Fargo forum and daily republican. [volume] (Fargo, N.D.) 1894-1957, November 07, 1903, Image 16

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l^lorse Show'.were never so beautiful
they are this year. Smart coutu
Seres have employed every possible de
tail of dress for this wonderful exhibi
tion of "Beauty and the Beast" to en
hance the loveliness of my lady's toil
Velvet gowns will be in the ascend
ency, with rich russett brown and the
new shade of blue vieing for popular
approval. Both have their advantages,
1»ith the sole possible disadvantage of
Ikeing trying to certain complexions, and
Jf is the smart thing to have a touch of
•jfcrhite in the trimming no matter what
lather tints are used in the decoration.
I From a fashionable standpoint the
tlorse Show will be a distinctly Ameri
%in affair for few of the toilettes worn
t»y society women will be of foreign de
sign. A handsome gown designed for
an American heiress soon to marry a
titled foreigner is developed in russet
&rown velvet and lined throughout with
fcrhite satin. The skirt has seven gores
(Hvith plaits at the back. At each seam
*|here are inset pieces of brown peau de
fjoie decorated with handsome embroi
dery and heading the seams are three
vjflhort straps fastened with buttons.
The coat is a half-long close fitting
^ffair, with gathered skirt piece, trim
-iped with satin braid in scroll design.
|t opens over yoke pieces of embroider
ed white cloth so skillfully decorated
that only a bit of the white is visible
|»ere and there.
The sleeves are, ol the ibishM) pat
tern wijth cuffs of the white cloth lined
with white statin and edged with a
,i$iny brown silk cord.
A snjooth silk beaver hat tripimed
JRrith a white bird artistically would about
tyith rich brown satin ribbon completes
|jhe costume.
'j Another frock in thi? fortunate ypung
Roman's wardrobe which your corres
pondent was privileged to see is made
§f bluet velvet, panne instead of silk vel-
Largest House Furnishers in west
Undertakers atid Embalmers. 12 and 14 Broadway, FSrj^b.
New York, Nov. 7-—Fashions for the vet being employed. The 3kirt shows
the seapis overlapping each other and
rounded away at the bottom not unlike
a tunic effect. Front the lower edge of
the hem almost to the knees the seams
are trimmed with dark greenish blue en
amelled buttons to accentuate the round
ed-away idea.
There is not a suggestion of fulness
about the hips and a row of buttons
smaller than those used on the bottom
of the skirt running around the hips
might prove foundation for the asser
tion that the lower part of the skirt con
sisted of a deep flounce buttoned to a
hip-yoke of the same material. The
opening, however, is accomplished in
visible at the left side.
The bodice, is of bluet satin tucked
all over. A low-cut bolero of panne vel
vet laid in box plaits is draped over the
bodice to fall to the top ii* a liigh girdle
of crushed velvet.
Finishing the bolero is a deep hand
kershied collar of the velvet embroider
ed in very heavy greenish white chrys
santhemums with pale-pink centres.
The sleeves are plaited at the shoul
ders, but below the elbows the plaits are
allowed-to f&ll unconfirted into a rather
square puff until within four or five
inches of the waist, when they are gath
ered again into a close fitting cuff trim
med with the heavy embroidered flow
Nothing short of a great assemblage
of fashionable folk could drive the mo
distes to the desperation of reviving satin
gowns for the sake of novelty. Yet some
very delightful models are on exhibition
for the Horse Show. A lustrous black
satin shows the skirt embroidered in
fuschias, with the same floral decoration
repeated on the bodice. Bands varying
in width from five inches to one are
appliqued upon the skirt from belt to
hem and the white mousseline yoke of
the waist is bordered with the trimjnirig.
The sleeve?. ar$ of black Ch^ntilly falling
gracefully'froth the shoulders after the
angel pattern. Underneath is another
4 i V v
.. ...
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acter and there is splendid variety to select from.
'It jf i
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.Plaict a moBuotQpt over the grave
of the departed one as ti last mark
ot retpeci. We w ill send ycfa
our book free for the asking, Aftd
j$J J* rePre
sentative to consult you and l)elp
yw. ^lect a monument- fef ^htr
iV# Srie%i££rLj|'dfiti
'ti-i 'K I
All our
'ijjjnj '4A
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t. -it i
sleeve of the sqtin gathered intb a clip
of lace and embroidery.
Some very handsajne black gowns with
small hats, in the most delicate colors
are worn, pink, blue., blue pale greeii
and m^uve -constituting .particu^rli'
charming color schemes.V:.Witlf a Mack,
point esprit over pale .rpse s^tin ijfere
comes an evening bat Vthich i$ a com
oromise between a turban and a toque.
It is made of pale pink silk chenille and
has the upturned brim faced with folds,
of chiffon. No other trimming than a
sprey adorns it. The tajk of duplica
ting such a design would be compara
tively easy because almost any one could
put the os'prey in place or a rosette of
velvet or silk pompon could be used in
stead for the sake of economy.
Osiria is the name of one of the new
shades of green, it ,is most effectively
associated with black and in satin faced
cloth makes a handsome gown. The
skirt has a hip-yoke triinmed with tucks:
of.the. cloth
Witji.flfc saftie braid,1
ooty tiny ^vtiite threads are* wound
through the braid.
The jacket is neither long nor short
and fits the figure snugly Arpund the
shoulders there is a calffe draped in
crossed-over effect which lends height
to the fire. Ther^ is only one way of
accomplishing this effect gracefully,
however, afld that is to see that the:
capes ineet just above the .girdle.
White .will be very much in evidence
at the Horse Show and, every fabric
from the handsome French etamines
afternoqn to chiffons and the dia
phanous weaves forevening will be seenJ^,,
With those gowns the ttipst exquisite' if
furs and neckwear will be worn. Out
of compliment to the exhibition the chfy?
santhemum, which is the official floWer,
appears in many different guises.
A marvellous white chiSon boa is com
posed of Ijiyriad rjiffleSj edged -with im
men.se yellow silg chrysapljbemums all
hand embroidered. The .nqwers are
given a beaut,ifa4 coloring by the addi^
tion of pale pink-white centres.
A Pelerine and. muff made of tvliite
eiderdovVn and ermine are decoratedj
with wonderful chrysanthemums of crim?
*, 5 »w .,%f^
the size
'. -i
the hanjis as do white kid
gloves. Yet they are indispensable to
pie perfectly gowned woman. The latest
offerings have pointed applications in a
contrasting fehade, usually a tint that
matches the gown, over the long waists.
They sell for little less than $5 a pair.
X)ther novelties have grey finger tips,
and sometimes black ones. While very
^serviceable and especially so for .women
with freely perspiring hands, these gloves
will hardly be a success, for though the
desire to save one's clothes be ever so
great, no one Jikes to be caught employ
ring so Noticeable an agent in -the ful
rfilling of such a desire.
Maude O.rtflin.
The portals h^ve sw.ung open. The
trumpets have sounded the tripfe-voic
|ed fanfare and the proctissibn into the
flails of music has begun. Thosfc who
comprise Fargo's musical world may
jbe said to be..now really at work Cor
'the season.
As at the head of the procession, the
ifirst event 'of the season has coftte and
Jgone, the appearance of the renown
ed Edward Baxter Perry, concert pian
ist and lecturer, under the auspices of
the Fargo Conservatory of Music. He
^ave two recitals and there are heard
^expressions of the greatest satisfaction
iover the recitals given by Mr. Perry.
His brilliant, execution and artistic in
terpretations made his auditors ,feel a
profound sense of being in the presence
•-!of a great artist.
The first regular meeting of the
jMusical Club was held' at the Waldorf
rparlor, Thursday evening, and there
was a good attendance of members.
The programme consisted almost whol
ly of compositions by Wagner. At an
appropriate momept, and amid pro
found ^ileince, the club was informed
#?bf the death of one of its brightest
,members, Mrs. Harold Holmbo Soren
son. A vote of sympathy with the be
reaved husband was appropriately pass
ed and the action will be spread upon
the records of the club, ftirs. Soren
i Son
was eminently one of the- promis
ing members of- the Fargo Musical
Club and was highly esteemed, especi
ally for her personality and her ability
as a performer. The club will be rep
resented at the funeral obsequies to
ff day.
The management of the Oratorio
Musical Festival, in Fargo, announces
"that the oratorio for the next festival,
to be. presented probably some time in
March, will be Mendelssohn's "Elijah."
The chorus reheafsals will begin at
Fargo College chapel Tuesday evening,
S Nov. 17, at 8 o'clock sharp.
The musical critic of llie Chicago
Inter Ocean writing of the appearance
of Miss Demuth says: "Miss Char
lotte Demuth an Oberlin girl of foreign
training, possesses a violin tone of
much purity and sweetness.
The pyrotechnic difficulties were over
hadowed by the essential tenderness
and grace which the violiniste found in
the adagio and the finale."
At the artists' recital, under the aus
pices of the Fargo Musical Club, next
Monday evening, Miss Demuth will in
terpret the following programme:
Saint-Saens Rondo Capriccioso
Rjes..... .Adagio and Perpetual Motion
From Suite in G,
Hubay.Hejre Kati (Hungarian dance)
Borowski Adoration
•t)'Ambrosia .... .Canzonetta-Serenade
Tschailcowski. JSumoresque
Corelli-Leonard.Theme and Variations
Pierne Serenade
Andante and finale from Concerto qp. 64
The Fargo Conservatory of Music
continues to grow, a number of the
best musical people in town, not for
merly connected have recently joined.
Director Zimmerman of the North
Dakota State band has been appointed
leader of the choir of St. Mary's Ca
thedral which recently has been largely
augmented by a number of male arid
female voices. The music for the
Christmas services has been selected
and rehearsals have been begun.
Soon to appear in Minneapolis w'N
be that battle-scarred veteran of the
l^ric field Adele Juana Maria Patti,
sometime Marchioness de Caux, later
Mme. Niclini, and.^ow JJ.froness Ced
eritrom. V
^o! this 1* she
The( old gray .years. are pa.rc.els pf her
son chiffon. Such -vagfcries, where on^ *he work in oratorio
IV 7a a atlrt MfVA# A 4-/% «M A I A clfll
can afford to indulge'mem can be sop«!
sidered more than sentimental, for flow
ers will play an/imporUrtt'part in the
fashions of the winter» 4hM«fpre novel!
ties selected for the' exhibition will* net*
be passe afterward.
Elegfnt, $ats ^disttngujshed mai^
ly. for the number of tassel? antf qth?^
.(kqgUn&s ..which adorn them, Hiiayj^
Vfetecorder silk is ingreat dem^ndlpi"
^iessy wrdps- and ftkr, silk braid, vely^i
ffMids and embroidery tompo^ the s
littfe tetts of convenirnt
.are .vhMfe:
but aff
rAhqfedged jwith«Aockje#^
be clowsi^
u^hiar ean. h«
cr cw»
tiiW ^prld's
The strewings of the ways wherein
she trod
Were the twain seasons of t^e day and
,A Swinburne was not thinking of Patti
those hnes, yet tome:
they seem so very pat,
I^l^wrote to Mme. Cosjtpa. astcin
''amission, which he received
the soloists were at that time
(^.yof.. the company
ikri a't! the Metropoijt*i»» W ew
#{date of the perforfpi^':«%
(«ti4 the first
It is interesting, says Henderson, ift
The New York Smt, in view of. the
present dispute oyer the opera, tp re
ca)l that "rarsifal" has been swg^ in
opufl^ry in oratorio form with
^rmts&ton of Mme. Wagner.
j^rfprmance of the work and ot&fi
*vei| subsequently under the same aup-
Ces' were the only entire productions
tJje opera ever seen here. JJ. J,
pgr of Boston, who..was very friendly
.b the Wagner family, decided. \i|
Ipck. There was
its conclusion that lasted iUntil
,o'clock. The' Uft act bgegati. ai
i e a o k i
A gintletrun last ni^ht. at, i
dorf, wM Jhowing a opvelty
new mustcil postal
.».% ftMHon in
«f- 190S.
Visiting Moorhead for Many Years
?JVas a ftecord Many (Pufeslif
Columbia Hotel, Moorhe*^!, Thursday, November
Dr. Rea has no superior in diagnos
ing and treating diseases and def°nni*
tijfes. He will give $50 for any case
that he cannot tell the disease and
uftiere located in five minutes.
All curable medical and surgical dis
eases, acute and chronic catarrh, and
Special Diseases of the Eye, Ear, Nose
and Throat, Lung' Disease, Early Con
sumption, Bronchitis, Bronchial Ca
tarrh, Constitutional Catarrh, Dyspep-
MMp Features of tb$ttyjr
v .,y the World's Ifclr. V:,•=. /'i'
.. _____
The wfrk of reproducing jerusatem
within the grounds of the Louisiana
Purchase Exposition, has already as
sumed proportions which show that it
is not only an enterprise grand in con
ception, but one which will be a very
important of the exposition.
The grounds of this concession cov
er about twelve acres. Already a re
production of the Jaffa Gate, the grand
new hotel, the Hotel Central, the
American consulate and Austrian post
office are well under way, as well as
the wheat iparket and a number of
shops. The owners of the concession
ve just closed a contract for the
prompt delivery oi nearly 1,000,000 feet
of lumber, to be used in the erection of
the Mosque of Omar and the church of
the Holy Sepulcher.
This concession is one which will be
of thrilling interest to every one in the
whole religious world, whether Christ
ian, Jew or Mohammedan. The inter
est which is taken in it by Orientals is
sliown in the fact that the sultan of
itrkey has already agreed to send over
his own special band. There arrived,
tb»s week from Jerusalem and from
Qreece a number of shop-keepers who
h^ve made arrangements for reproduc
ing their booths within the Jerusalem
exhibit, exactly the same as they have
them in Jerusalem ,and the same wafes
will be on sale by them.
Altogether there will be several hun
dred Orientals installed within the
grounds of this exhibit. A large Arab
restaurant with the peculiar music of
Ringing in the Ears,
Trade Your Old Piano
-Cataract, Cross Eyes, etc., that have
been improperly treated or neglected,
can be easily restored. Deformities,
31 Disease of the Brain, Paralysis, Epilep*
!sy, Heart Disease, Dropsy, Swelling of
Limbs, Stricture, Open Sores, Pain
itr the Bones, Granular Enlargements
and all long-standing diseases proper
ly treated. Yoting. midlde-aged and
old, single or married men and all who
suffer from nervous debility, failing
memory, weak eyes, lack of energy, im
poverished blood, pimples ajso blood
and skin diseases, Eruptions, Hair Fallr
ing, Bone Pains, Swellings, Sore Throat,
Ulcers, Kidney and Bladder troubles.
Weak Back, receive searching treat
ment, prompt relief and cure for life.
Cancers, Tumors, Goiter, Fistula and.
Piles, with the subcutaneous injection
method, absolutely without pain and
without the loss of a drop,of blood, is
one of his own discoveries, and is the
most really scientific and certainly surt.
cure of the Nineteenth Century. No
incurable cases'taken. Consultation to
those interested,
A ship load of camels, sheep and
asses will shortly be sent from the
Orient for use exclusively within this
exhibit and one can easily imagine what
the streets of Jerusalem will look like
with numerous camels walking around
and with hundreds of natives in their
native costume.
fWe take old instruments in EXCHAISIOE
200 3»lTYLES of High
A number of artists sent.to Jerusa
lem by the owners of this concession 'j
have recently returned and are now#^"i
working on the paintings for the^.
church and for the Mosque.
s A S S
EVERY MAN that I lit Hku a fav
orable imprcsslon-as far as cloth
ing can do It and if a man will live up to
my clothlnc be can pass muster any
t« atty pobit ta North
«Bow you
'ii ?t V 'f&w t'$f?Y
ItfV 3
DR. RBA & CO.,
Minneapolis, Minn. Louisville, Ky
Aribiat has already been arranged for
in order that these $ub-concessionarie3,
well as visitors to Jerusalem, shall not
go hungry.
Madame Von 'Mountford, the cele
brated lecturer on Palestine, will be an
important factor in the Jerusalem ex- •..
hibit and will explain the various points
of interest. Arrangements have been
made for the visit of a large number
of Sunday schools and other religious
bodies and a large lecture hall has been
.'a«i m-
sia, Sick-Headache, Stomach and Bow
el Troubles, Rheumatism^ Neuralgia,
^Sciatica, Bright's Disease, Diabetes,
Kidney, Liver, Bladder, Female dis
eases/Dizziness, Nervousness, Indiges
tion, Obesity Interrupted Nutrition,
4lf Slow Growth in Children, and diseases
in adults. Many cases of Deafness,
of Eyesight,
$ »fr
to complete the pay menu—or
well laftown Music fMuto will
House sold 80Q
method's tferougta
Further i^nwtiM gladly
fc tv
Mr Bros., Bush & Qerti, Stone,
He, VktOf, Eatey, Schummel, Hobart
of 200

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