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WomenM regular
ft i k ft .a
19-Inch -Black Taffeta/ al:
way^so|d at 59c, sjrecial..
JN MVsto,v*i: .V--'.
JV, r- V
2$-Incli Black Taffeta, al
ways sold at $i, special
522-524 Front Street, Fargo. N. O.
A Great Purchase of
New Fall Coats 1
Bought Of an eastern Manufacturer
of 40 Per Cent. These Coats are a Sample Line
and are remarkable values at the prices quoted:
36-Inch Black Taffeta, al- QE
ways sold at $1.75, special llUV
1.8. DEPARTMENT or Aobtcd^tdks*
Moorhoad, Miun.. Nov. 12, 1903.
Pressure at 9. a. m.. 28 f7 DOOU, 2*.09.
Tenaut4ratu.r0. 7 a. m.. .221': uoon.,:i4?,
Cloudy weather prevails over Montana, the
Iritish Possessions, Eastern Minnesota, the
i«ke regions and eastward to tbe Atlantic
|3oast: Kenerully clear elsewhere. The temper
ature is lower over the Lako regions auct the
lississippi Valley. Very little change in other
lections. Light rain or BUOW has fullen during
Ilie past twenty-four hours over Alberta, East
ern Washington, Montana. South Dakota,
Southern Miuuesota, Lake region, Gulf States,
!hio Valley and Upier Atlantic Coast. It was
juowititf this morning at Spokaue, Calgary,
ledioine Hat, Huron and St. Paul, and raining
(it Winneraucca. The pressure is rising in the
Montegn&c, Box and Skirted Blouse effect
o a s Y u o i e a 1
Women's very handsome Zibeltne Coats in
all the newest styles^ Regular
H. W. GRASSE, Observer.
Chicago forecast: Possibly snow tonight and
Friday colder.
Buy D. & P. glov«s.
PIWM 666
•. v
Cook paints signs, 'photos $B5.
Aids digestion--Washington Irving
'-'^ipigar between meals.
Plant Chinese sacred lilies now—
Shipment just reed. Shotwell & Graver.
Wheels stored for the winter and
vCleaned low rates. John Berg, Keeney
.* y
v 'i
A 6-robn house fof rent, three^ blocks
Waldorf. '^om.
|8, Magill Block.
Keep Your Eye
On the Dixon Laundry, Wagons.
That toHs which way the HMin
dry Is blowing. Always thefcest
always on time. Special win
ter rates on family work, ?.•.
iu«.r Block Fargo, N. D.
V' Gentlemen wear D. Si P. gloves.
Kenmare sends The
'w '.forum a photograph of the trestle
^^•^^Mjvork' at Dr. Ball's -coal -mine at that
1 iplace, the pjcture being taken ly Pat
person. Dr. Ball is having a Urge steam
eiurinc ulaced .in oosition ta
'v i 7fngin® PIac^u Wtion, to
^«A#ower- tf-" "V
•. .' Atf
«, upll of
k Street
li u-'-ii "'r.v
fit A. Sutherland, wh.o already owns two
-Residences near Thirteenth Street and
,'Second Avenue North, is engaged in,
$Ju"-r construction ola third' commodious
which is to be a home for him-.
.• '4C^' 's P^ctically doing all the
•,H$vork himself.
.0. It is stated th%t the remodelling of
y|^,:?g^||he. V. M. C. A building intp modern
and very attractive suites of flats, will'
in round figures ftw plans
course jrepiMtlon ang wilt
i K
at &
Kejsey and
While they last, at M7
Your choice of a Swell Line of magnificent
Coats, during this sal% *.,.,
garment, .re .1
V: 1.*
Dress Goods and Silk Offers:
LQT 1--Consisting
Henriettas and Plaid Dress Goods,
a broken lot, worth $1 and
$1.25. Choice at 0"v
LOT 2—Odd lot of. Dress worth
$1.25 to $1.65. Choice
LOT 3«-Odd lot Dress Goods, worth
from $1.25 to $1.75. 4 All
Choice at llUU
New Embroideries and Lace Beading fofr
Corset Covers a.
New Shopping Bag#
In Walrus, Seal and Saffron Leathers new, £\Q
up-to-date leather handles and fitted with purse \f Qf*
and card case, better values than offered int
be submitted to Mr. Youngt in a few
days.' -i)
D. & P. gfoves are best made.
Erdel's Sele«ted Java'cofFee, completes
the Thanksgiving- dinner—''phone 718.
Vacant lots for sale cheap, both with
in and outside city limits. F."F/'Lin
coln, Magill Building.
Especially equipped for the
transfer of all effects.
bfflce with W. P. Morris Store, Front
Office 'Phone 387. House 906.
Daisy—There's nothing like deep
breathing and Rocky Mountain Tea to
make broad shoulders a fine figure and
good health Tea or tablet form. 35
cents. Fout & Porterfield.
With your savings invested in real
estate and your small change set aside
for an advertising fund, you can quickly
pull yourself out of a business "hole"
at any time. See the bargains on page
John Howard Parnell, who has been
selected to contest South Meath in op
position to David Sheehy, is a brother
of the late Charles Stewart Parnell and
city marshal of the city of Dublin. Mr.
Parnell represented one of the divisions
of Wicklow in the 1895 parliament.
Money to loan on valley lands or
Fargo City property at a low rate of
Interest. No commission charged.
Call and see us. Real estfte for sale.
The Lockhirt Company, Edwards
The many friends of ex-Mayor John
son were right glad to see him down
town today after several days' confine
ment in his room with sickness. It is
gratifying that what was thought to be
serious turned out to be a false alarm.
It^di^na republican? are talking of
Harry S. New's availibility as secretary
of the national' committee. Mr. New
who is now the Indiana member of that
organization, enjoys a- wide acquaint
ance among republican leaders all over
the country.
We want barley. Bither feed or malt
lnff grades. 8*ad Mmpfos «ad
««t our offer.
MAGILL &CO.( Fargo, N. D.
At a meeting of the public library
board the Rev, Jr. Dudley, recently
a member, took his seat and participated
in this proceedings. The recently inau
gurated Saturday talks to children, ar
ranged to ini^irfit'them to select the .bet-!
ter cfiras of reading $nd show them how
iffteftsting the cla||ic| arc* w&s en
\44 by the So far Miss
^Gordon has had change of tbe
W & S S w a a i e S i e r-
esting themselves in the work and will
be aids to Miss Gordon.
Insure with Robbins.
V*1#ICKER.TAII# Cigar pleases
every one. A 10-cent smoke for 5c.
Football supplies, outing goods, John
son's Cycle Supply House.
Get Pocahontas Smokelss Coal at
Interior Lumber Co.'s.
Wheels stored for tlfe ivinter and
cleaned low r»^$, Jqhti Berg, Keeney
Dr. C. L. Rose has removed his dental
offices from over the Herbst store to the
third floor of the Edwards Building.
The $20 Monitor steel range sold by
the Fargo Hardware Co. is complete,
artistic arid dirt cheap ''at the,. price.
See it*
See the Radiant Home smokeless
lignite heater, with twentieth century
fire pot in actual operation at M. R.
In cold weather consider three Items
—Overcoat, Heavy Coat and Trousers.
A. Kjellman, Tailor, Broadway.
For goodness sake look into the win
dow at Nickells' all night drug store
and see the pipe display—the finest in
the city.
Mrs. Emmet Humphreys of Sherman,
Tenn., is in Knoxville endeavoring to
establish title to 100,000 acres of land
in Tennessee. She is the great grand
daughter of John Sevier, the first gov
ernor of the state, and the land for
which she is suing includes part of
Nashville. i
Tin Valley Lumber Company
Reynolds, N. D,, Nov. ti.—To The
Forum: Rev. W. R. Morrison, who
has been an inmate of Asbury Hospital
at Minneapolis for about five weeks re
turned home Monday evening feeling
much improved and will occupy his cus
tomary place at the pulpit in the
Methodist Church next Sunday morn
A number of citizens attended the
wedding of Miss Byers at the home of
D. Mouk last Tuesday.
W. H. Corry, our genial hardware
merchant, is having his new store build
ing rapidly completed. He expects
to occupy it this winter.
Mrs. Holliday and little son are visit
ing the doctor's brother at Duluth.
The Reynolds orchestra furnished the
music for a masquerade ball at Bux
ton last Friday evening.
Mrs. J. B. Kerfoot is visiting rela
tives at her former home at Dray
ton. Cor. R.
N. Y. life,
Have Knight Printing Co. print it!
Your choice. Beaver hats, $1.95, at
Flaten's, 118 Broadway.
k i n s
o w e s a k e
J. H. Barngrover owns a tract of
l&nd near Gilman City, in Daviess
County, Mo., which he bought from
the government so years ago for 75
cents per acre. He holds the originat
papers from the government, there nev
er having been a transfer of the land.
And it is now worth just about 100
times what it was when he brought
it from Uncle Sam.
The Norwegian author, Bjornson, was
lecturing one evening not long ago when
he noticed that several ladies present
had been unable to get seats. He stop
per and said: "I urgently request that
seats be provided for the ladies." As
Bjornson. is an ardent champion of "wo
men's rights," he was asked subsequent
ly how he could consistently demand
special privileges for the fair £ex.
Completes the
Phoiie718. N.P.Ave.
Maipleton, Nov. 10.—To The Forum:
Eli Green has returned from a trip to
Michigan where he was called to at
tend the funeral of a nephew^!'.
Mrs. Strickland of Ellsworth, Wis.,
is 'visiting Mrs. E. A. Cross. The
ladies are contemplating a trip to the
Mr. and Mrs. Riley are entertaining
a house party of friends from Absaraka.
G. H. Shaver is moving his family
from the farm into tlie T. Bull residence
on Main Street for the winter.
Friday evening of this week the
Willing Workers will hold their an
nual bazaar. A chicken pie supper will
be served from 6 until the pie is all
eaten up. Fancy and domestic articles
will be offered for sale.
Miss Ida Metzgar is busy in prepar
ing for her trip to San Diego where
she and several of her friends spent
last winter.
The general store of Chas. Footer
now presents quite a metropolitan ap
pearance. It has been thoroughly over
Hauled and enlarged to about twice its
former capacity. A heavy line of new
goods has been put in recently and a
lively fall and winter trade is antici
pated, A spacious suite of living rooms
h«s been finished. off on the second
floor. Mr, Footer wilt occupy these
with hs family,
The improWfient made at the N. P.
•^ject of many compli
jfc It "certainly is" a
defeot is the
njen&ry rea
nobty little-'
now can
take. Sine
Km*, room. But even
mled with tobacco
,-fs but one room
nd f«Mtlemert let us
in danger
Th* Cm of Brine Brothers Went to Jury
S This Afternoon—Other Cases.
*The case of the state vs. George and
Judson Briggs was given to the jury at
3 o'clock this afternoon, after being on
trial since yesterday morning at n
o'clock. The accused are charged with
making an assault on Foreman Jack
Howard of the McHenry farm, with in
tent to maim. The assault was made
about six weeks ago -andthe accused
were arrested in Minnesota. The state
has succeeded in making a strong case
against the men, and in court circles the
opinion prevails that the jury will re
turn a verdict of guilty. The defendants
are represented by Attorneys John
Frame and A. T. Cole. Assistant
State's Attorney Barnett prosecuted.
At the conclusion of the Briggs ease
a jury was empaneled and the case of
the state vs. Winger, charged with giv
ing away liquor was called. Winger
representsa St. Paul wholesale liquor
house and in soliciting orders gave
samples away. It is held that this is not
a violation of the spirit of the prohibi
tion law. There is another information
against Winger charging him with un
lawfully taking orders for liquor in the
Load Scribe.
perhaps be tried
-next. Attorney Callahan is defending
the accused.
Is she who •will not wax enthusiastic
over the cleanliness and neatness of
BLANKETS returned from The
Troy Steam Laundrr
This is the timo of year to 'phone us to
send for blankets.
'Phone 236. Arthur Bassett. N. P. Ave.
I Staunton, Va., Nov. 12.—Baptists of
Virginia, to a total of several hundred,
took possession of Staunton today in
ianticipation of the eighteenth annual
session of the Baptist General Associa
tion of the state. Every county of the
state is represented among the visitors.
The opening exercises are to be held
this evening with President George W.
Beale presiding. Thomas J. Shipman
is scheduled to deliver the introductory
sermon and there will be other ad
dresses by distinguished ministers and
lay speakers. The business sessions
begin tomorrow morning and will con
tinue until Tueday of next week. The
programme is one of the best ever ar
ranged* for a meeting of the association.
Fargo Carpet & Rug Co
Make Rugs, Clean Carpets, Clean Sew
ing Machines, Repair Sewing Machines.
Sell Repairs, Oil and Needles for all Ma
chines s
107 Eighth St* S. 'Phone 3J9
F. L. Dim of Marian is a guest at
the Metropole.
B. J. Waaland is a Vallqr City repre
sentative in the city.
George Adams registers at 4he Web
ster from Cooperstown.
Richard Sykes, the cattle man from
Sykeston is in the city.
Mrs. Franklin Potter of Casselton is
a guest at the Waldorf.
E. J. Hackenberg of Staples was an
arrival at the Waldorf.
O. A. Thompson of Edgeley is a busi
ness visitor in the city. ij'
L. E. Larston of Wahpetan is doing
a business turn in the city.
Ray C. and F. T. McDonough are
Wheatland gentlemen doing business in
the city today.
Attorney Callahan of Casselton is in
the city today transacting business in
Justice Gearey's court.
Mrs. F. R. Schultz and Casper Winkle
and wife of Valley City are among the
shoppers in the city today.
Martin Cleveland of Noble-township
was in the city today and transacted
business at the courthouse.
J. H. Jacobson of LaMoure is doing
a business turn in the city and is among
the guests at the Webster.
Postmaster Oliver, W. L. Williamson
and F. A. Berjden of Lisbon were
guests in the city last night.
Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Barnes are stop
ping at the Paige House until they de
part for the south to spend the winter.
Mrs. L. Lee and Miss Helen Premeau
of Fort Yates are visiting in the city
and are among the guests at the Web
Dr. Andrew Ekern and William
Spriggs were down from Grand Forks
last night attd j^ere guests at tj$e Wal
Mrs. L. Frank Baum of Chicago, wife
of the author of "The Wizard of Oz,"
"Father Goose," and other publica
tions, is visiting her sister, Mrs. James
D. Carpenter of Third Avenue and
Fourteenth Street South/
We want yotir business and of
fer tHis Inducement for Its
What you cava,
You need the Shoes now*
We believe wfien the people need the goods is the time to have the sale.
You need Shoes. We need money. The question is: Can you afford to
miss a Shoe Sale that is a Sale? You know you can't.
Look over our
In January.
We make the sale when you need the
Is what we want, and we want
It nowji^^:i'^v':^a'l:''
To buy at this Mid-Season Sale,
and If you wear Shoes we save
you one dollar In every three.
Commences Saturday, and every lady in the
county can afford a new pair of Shoes for Thanks
giving—at these Prices,
Don't forget, SATURDAY, NOV. 14, begins £|ils greatest of Shoe Sales
»R»R'« 4"JF 'M1 *W11".
~f^y££ V»* tfv:
T. C. Bannon of Grafton is a late tar
rival at the Hotel Metropole.
M. S. Spriggs of Grand Forks is do
inga business turn in the city.
John Sinner, the Casselton swine
king, was a visitor in Hit city today.
M. E. Brown and S. M. Gattley of
Colgate were visitors in the city last
W. D. Austin has gone to the Pa
cific coast to visit friends and see the
Misses Sarah and Winnie Fargoe and
Fred Sutherland of Hunter are visiting
in the city.
The Standard of
fsrfsot Baking*
The Court Was Not Satisfied That Anderson
Woman Oave Him the $20 BIB. ...c
Jerry Flynn, a well known city hack
driver, was arrested last night about
o'clock charged with petty larceny. He
was taken before Justice Gearey, where
he made bond for his appearance this
afternoon at 2 o'clock.
Flynn was arrested on complaint of
Mary Anderson, who alleges that he
stole $20 from her. On the witness
stand this afternoon she stated that she
reached Fargo on an N. P. train Tues
day night at 11 o'clock, and that she
took Flynn's hack at the depot, direct
ing him to drive her to the residence of
Peter Peterson, who resides only a
block from the station. When she
reached the house she pulled a hand
kerchief from her pocket, in which she
says that she had $50 rolled. There
were two $20 bills and one $10. She
states that she intended to give the cab
driver the $10 bill, but by mistake she
gave him a $10 and a $20. The driver
shoved the $20 bill in his opeket, she
says, and then went with her to the
Peterson house where he got change
for the $10 bill. On demand he denied
that the woman had given him the $20
bill. In court today lie made the same
denial. Judge Gearey decided that the
evidence was not sufficient /to hold
Fiynn and dismissed the case. Attor
ney Fred Morrill appeared for the de
Big assortment of switfflh
aud wiffs to match
your own hair, or made to
order. Price* very rea
sonable. The ladies are
invited to call or write.
S Eighth Street South.
'Phone 341
Men's £Hoes.
Stetson, $6.00 value.
Stetson, $5.00 value.
Packard, $3.50 value.
Valour, $3.00 value.
Valour, $2.50 value.
Sale price.... $4.98 jfc
Sale price ... 3.984.
Sale price 2.98(,)
Sale price ., i.28'
Sale price .. 1.98
v J§ Women's Shoes,
Our best grades $6.00 values. Sale price.'. .$ 4.98
Our best grades $5.00 values. Sale price.*.. 3.98
Those great §4.00 grades. Sale price 2.98
Those great $3.50 grades. Sale price 2.68
A special lot of $3.50 and $3/30 values at.... 2.7 8
The cheaper grades at a like discount.
A special lot of Women's Shoes and Slip
pers, good styles, at 98c
As you know, our Misses' Shoes are
very complete. All must go in this sale
Misses' $3.00 grades. Sale price .. .$2.28
Misses' 2.50 grades. Sale price... 1.98
Misses' 1.75, 1.60 and 1.50 grades.
Sale price 1.28
Misses' Special at.....
*........... 0.98
We are going to sell a great bunch of Boys'
Shoes in up-to-date lasts at 91.46*
Boys' $4.00 and $3.50 values at 2.98
Boys' $3x0 and
values at 2.48
Boys' $2.50 and $2.00 values at......
....... 1.68
Boys' fi.50 and $1,25 values at ....i........ 98c

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