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15»000 PEOPLE
to kno# that Dr. Geary is In
Room A in the Edwards Build
Ing, where they can get their
Corns, Bunions, Club, Thick and
Ingrowing Nails treated. Now
Is the chance of your life. The
time is short. Therefore let your
feet have comfort while you can.
Remember tHat Dr.
Geary maKei diseases
of the feet a specialty.
.Office hours, 8 a. m. to 6 p. m.
Evenings and Sundays by
Askyour Dealer
The Production of Print
ing of the Better Class
being the shop's sple
17 Eighth St. S. 'Phone 401
Big assortment of switch
es, and wips to match
your own hair, or mado to
order. Prices very rea
souabJo. The Indies are
iuvited to call or write.
S Eighth Street South.
'Phone 341.
i -'f
Warms tha Floors*
Sam the Futl and
foooratos tho Homo.
Broadway, Fargo.
noraa maiM nmn
oatatoo Aia»
Sl'K'iM, v I
1 \NV .1 Ct'lDN
1.1 K'
u toe
How o* w*«oh caw mm MA»|| vtmm nfcckxa*«q
|wnn worn
mat*, fiMMUdMi an
v o i o
For Stftte News Read The Forum.
LadyMmcabtes' Bait, Ston«'a Hall.
Tuesday, Nov. 24.
Annual meeting of Fargo Tent, Order
State board of optometry examination at Hotel Wal
Thtraday, Nov. 2df
^R«wu«H. & L. Co. annual Thanksgiving bill at
baU,Pirte'aBp.V "%.
Note—Ail meetings are evenings
otherwise specified. These aanonnc
will be kept.standing, and we shall be
to hare notices stot In by
Have Knight Printing Co. print it
Cook, signs—opp. Masonic Temple.
Watch McClane's windows for novel
ties. 64 Broadway.
'Phone No. 15 if you want a cab
night or day. Jeff Young A Co.
The true and final test of flour is
baking, visit the testing rooms of the
"Dwight Flour" mills.
Latest styles and fabrics for men's fall
suits and overcoats at A. Thomaire,
tailor. Seventh Street South.
Teacher of
Mandolin, Guitar and Violin
Mandolin orchestra music furnished for
receptions, private parties, etc.
Studio over Hall's Music Store, if
Wm. Allen, an old member of Co.
B, and one of' the most popular mem
bers of the North Dakota regiment in
the Philippines, reached Fargo this
morning and is visiting old friends in
the company. Mr. Allen has been at
his home in Manistee, Mich., since the
war, but will probably reside in Fargo
in the future.
Masonic Temple Souvenir
Oan be had of J. O. MoKen
dry at Temple, or at Foram
At Minneapolis, Wednesday, Mrs. R.
H. Hankirison of rfankinson, was the
guest of honor at a luncheon given at
Donaldson's tea room by her daughter,
Mrs. Lawrence Horton of Mayville,
who is spending several weeks in the
flour city. There were covers for fif
teen ladies and the table decorative
scheme was carried,, Q£t ,j[n. pink and
white carnations.
Sanitarium and Maapltal
New, comfortable and sanitary, A*
home for patients while under
their doctor's care. Baths of every
description. Electric robe bath for
rheumatism. MM. 6. J. Me CORD,
Matron. 1101 Front St.,Moorhead
The Northwestern Electric Co. clos
ed a contract Thursday with the Robb
Lawrence Co. for the electric wiring of
the new four-story building just being
completed. The contract calls for 350
lights and. is.one 0 the largest that
has been let in the city. The North
western Co. also received the contract
for doing all the wiring of the new
electric Jight plant t^o be. installed ^t
Pelican Rapids,' Mfnn.
Changes of Youth
the My, era numerous.
lo this grtaai age of true Ikanaases It Is
wisdoai and pleasure to secure and save
a likeness eftta baby every tkfto to six
msathi. Our Oroas Orshi PtaUh Is an
art leader.
IrtMrmTs trani Fleer SMte,
Pbon» e(M-L. N. P. Avenue.
All roads lead to the New Economy
Store Thursday, without mistake!,
Large numbers of visitors called dur
ing the day and all expressed their sur
prise and pleasure at th^ improvement
larger quarters give the New Economy
Store: The neat little rest apartments
for the accommodation of ladies desir
ing to wait, rest or keep a downtown
appointment is already, being improved
and appreciated. The*® is a telephone,
writing'gesk, paper and ink as well .as
comfortable chairs atthfe service oI all.
The refreshments served all day yes
terday andgreat quantities of find
china, nick-nacks and heip^ii goods
were carried away by*adniiilg callers
$24.S5 Per Month
Without interest, bays a home in good
condition, in desirable location.
Money to loan on improved city property,
Fargo Building
|f I nilfltl
Association MJUtJIl tary
When the coffee won't settle a man
thinks he has,grounds for a kick—no
kick comin' however, on the smokes at
the Owl Cigar Store..
Constipation causes two-thirdaofall
sickness in the world. Why suffer when
Kocky Mountain Tea will make you
well and keep you well?
cents. Fout
& Porterfield.
General and Mrs. Alexander Hughes,
formerly of Fargo and Bismarck, now
resident at Minneapolis, were hosts at
a campfire given at their home last
night for the members of John Raw
lins Post, G. A. R., and their wives.
The guests numbered 300 including de
partment officers and Judge Collins,
commander of the Loyal Legion.
Carl I. Nerhaugen,
Knight Printing Co.
who could hot resist-th^ tow prices on
BUmI# tf e_. 4 i-af-A
jDianK dooks—xiaTC lfnfltxii|
Co. make them.
Gunther's candies—nothing nicer—
at Fout & Porterfield's.
For wood and lignite prices, car lots,
see adt of L. B. Gibbs.
First quality cow and horse feed of all
kinds. Stanford Feed Store.
leaf ledger sheets. We make
Best line of phonographs and records
in city. Johnson's Cycle Supply House.
Wheels stored for the winter and
cleanedlow rates. John Berg, Keeney
No smoke or soot with the Radiant
Home lignite heater. See it in. op
eration at M: K- O'Neill's.
See the uniqu. .oto rrames for N.
D. A. C., F. C, and F. H. S. souven
irs at McClane's Art Stor^.
Builders' Supplies for big and little
contracts: wall-plaster, lime, cement,
etc. N: D. Tile Works, Front Street.
Friends will regret to hear that Miss
Clara Rudd has been obliged to submit
to an operation for appendicitis, but she
is-doing nicely at a'local hospital.
Mrs. O. W. Kerr, state secretary of
the Loyal Temperance Legion, left Mon
day night for Cincinnati, O., to attend
the* W. C. T. U. convention and \yill
visit relatives in Cincinnati and Cleve
5 N. P. Block (formerly occupied by Dr.
Sherman), whore wo will be pleased to
explain the plan of the
U. S. Installment Realty Co.
to those interested in securing tba|r
own home. f1
DeWitt Nelson Land Co.,
General Agents.
The $20 Monitor steel range sold by
the Fargo Hardware Co. is complete,
artistic and dirt cheap at the price.
See it.
Colonel Mathews has leased one pf
the residences which he is having erect
ed to a gentleman who is going to
move to Fargo, with his4 family, from
Hudson, Wis.
Last evening Manager Pfcce Was
awarded the contract to install the
heating plant in the new Rpbb-Law
rerice building. The system will be a
low pressure steam heating one and the
contract is 2 large one. Mj, Price has
agreed to have the steam turned op in
the building by Dec. 1.
A team belonging to Carl Hicks bolted
from the front of his home last night
and it was some time before the missing
horses could be found. The team was
eventually found near the agricultural
college entangled in a wire fence. The
police were notified and Captain Grant
ordered the animals cared lor at Doyle's
livery barn. The horses were not seri
ously injured, but long lengths of wire
were wound around the hubs of the
.Is she who will not wax enthusiastic
over the cleanliness and neatness of
BLANKETS returned from The
Troy Steam Laundry
This is the time of year to 'phone us to
send for blankets.
'Phone 236. Arthur Bassett. N. P. Ays.
In the absence of the company captain,
in New York, Lieutenant Hildreth was
in command of Co. at a drill and in
spection at the armory last night. The
boys were highly complimented upon
their general appearance. The company
has decided to give^a number of danc
ing parties and the arrangements, in
cident to the management, have been
placed in the hands of Sergeant Matson,
Corporal Mathiensen and Musician Dill.
The basket ball team, under Private
Douglas, will be ready to make an
nouncements soon.
furnace electric
Cards are at hand announcing the
marriage of William J. Murphy and
Miss Blanche L. Kimball at St. Paul,
Nov. 11, and that they will be at home
after Dec. 1, at Grand Forks. Mr.
Murphy taught school in this county for
several years, and last year was em
ployed by The Forum as one of its
traveling solicitors, but a year ago ac
cepted a position in the railway mail ser
vice and is now assigned to the Walhalla
route. Mr. and Mrs. Murphy have the
hearty congratulations-of many friends
all over the state.
The Valley City council has sold the
electric light plant, which has been a
bone of contention for a number of
years, to A. H. Gray of Valley City,
who pays $20,500 for the plant to be
paid for in lighting. The plant is said
to be a good proposition, .hut like a
good many municipal enterprises too
much politics and too little business has
been !mx$ with the management of the
institt|tioii. The new Q*mr will add to
the capacity of the plant,, and will movje
it towM. nearer to the center of the
For State Hews Read The Forum.
Wallace Thinks the "Still Waters
Run Deep" Need Stirring Up.
At the McLean County pioneer cele
bration held at Washburn Oct. 3 one
of the speakers during the day used the
expression ,.Still waters run deep."
Farmer Wallace of Burleigh County
during his address in the evening, di
gressed from the toast allotted to him
and waded into "still waters"- with
both feet.
He said: "Some one said today
that "still waters run deep." ,We often
hear this, but it has no place here to
night. What would this banquet be if
all gathered here were dumb? If sil
ence is so desirable, why did our crear
tor give man a tongue and vocal or
If waters are still, they do not run.
Still waters do not drop, drop, drop,
and penetrate the rock upon which
they fall. Still waters do not force a
way from the mountain side forming
the spring, the source of the brook, the
creek, stream, and crreat river. Still
water never formed a cataract. Still
water never turned a mill wheel.
Still water never made an artesian
well, or formed a fountain." Still water
does not form the old faithful geyser
in National Park still water,does not
make the great fall at Niagara.
Still water did not inspire the poet
to write: "Life on the ocean's wave
home in the rolling deep," or that oth
er old time song:
On old Long Island's sea girt shore
Many an hour I've whiled away^
Listening to the breakers roar
As they washed the be§ch of Rock
If you want still water, go to the
stagnate well, the marsh, swamp on
lagoon, the baode of the alligator, the
fro£, water .snake, tad-pole and mos
quito, the starting place of malaria and
I want no still water in mine to
night. Give me the clear, cold, spark
ling water from the hillside spring. I
love to see the running waters. It
makes me think of
Wild roves the Indian girl, bright Al
Where sweeps the waters of Vhe blue
In other words I like to hear th£
speaker, the singer, the exhorter, the
preacher, auctioneer, shouter, rooter,
boomer, and agitator. They may often
be open to criticism yet you know
what they think and where to fihd
Free Fuel,
l" Free Homesteads,
Free Railway Fare,
Cattle and Sheep on shares
ito buyers of our North Dakota
Lands,$4.50 to $12.50 per acre 175,
000 acres to select from. Excur
sion rates any day overall railroads.
WM. H. BROWN CO., 131 La Salle St,
Chicago and Mamlan, N. Q,
for maps and facts.
To The Forum: The following
Farmers' Institutes will be held during
the month of December, reason of
Fingal^—Tuesday, Dec. f.
Wimbledon—Wednesday, Dec. 2.
Kensal—Thursday, Dec. 3.
Carrington—Friday and Saturday,
Dec. 4-5.
Cathay—Monday, Dec. 7.
Harvey—Tuesday, Dec..
Kenmare—Wednesday and Thurs
day, Dec. 9 and 10.
Carpio—Saturday, Dec.
Milnor—Monday and Tuesday, Dec.
Barney—Wednesday, Dec. 16.
Wahpeton—Friday and Saturday,
Deq, ^-19. E. E. Kaufman,
Sec'y Farmers' Institutes.
WALSS, Piano Tuner,
Grand Forks, Bf. D.
Principal Route: Grand Forks to Great
Falls, Mont. Great Falls to Helena, Hel
ena to Fargo. N D., Fargo to Grand
Forks. Address to Grand Forks, N. D.
All mail will be forwarded.
Granville Record: Sunday morning
the guests of the Hotel Star were
alarmed by smoke filling the hotel and
upon investigation, the smoke was
found to be coming from the room oc
cupied by Mr. Brandt, the photogra
pher. The bed was a mass of flames
and the proprietor, Mr. McNickel, suc
ceeded in smothering the blaze before
any damage had been done anything
but the bed.
Mr. Brandt had arisen a short time
before, and on leaving the room had
lighted his pipe, and it is presumed
that a spark from the match flew into
the bed, igniting the woolen blankets.
The 'discovery was timely for had it
been a few moments later, the flames
would have been beyond control -a*id
the loss of property very great.
What commission merchants style
the heavy winter stuff is now begin
ning to arrive. The best apples are
coming from New York orchards. A
leading house received a carload of the
good old Baldwins this morning and
they were a splendid sample of this fa
vorite variety. There are some Michi
gan apples, but those from that state
this year are a little wormy. A con
signment which another dealer refer
red to with characteristic pride and
humor was a car load of pure clear
apple cider made specially in the good
old style by a perfectly reliable apple
grower in New York. It is absolutely
pure aftd wholly without any kind of
keeper in it. Mr. Moulton says it is a
very long time since any thing as good
was brought to Fargo. Imported
grapes and nuts, too, are coming in
large quantities ready for the holiday
trade. It is astonishing, almost, to
ft^foense quantities of fruit
ing lines which are now
by the several Fargo
are said to be reason-
mi acco
'-':'v 'r \v 7'-V,vv-
ffOYEMBEK 13, 1903.
Nov. 16.—Wm. Owen.
Nov. 18.—West's Minstrels.
Nov. 21.—Florodora.
Nov. 28^—Thomas' Famous Orches
William Qwen, who for so many
years has been closely associated with
the classic and Shakespearian drama
is this season appearing in a new ro
mantic play, "When Louis XI Was
King," the story and plot of which
have been taken from Scott's novel.
Quentin Durward. Although the
scenes of the play are laid in France
and Burgundy during the old feudal
system, Mr. Owen appears as Dur-
Soprano soloist coming to Fargo with
Theodore Thomas' Chicago orchestra
—Miss Osborn is one of Chicago's so
ciety leaders, and ranks high among
Ameircan vocalists.
ward, a young Scottish noble attached
to the body guard of Louis XI. The
many other characters are varied and
picturesque and in some cases histor
ical. Louis XI, Charles the Bold,
Duke of Burgundy, William de la
Marck, the outlaw, known as the Wild
Boar of the Ardennes, Isabelle, Coun
tess of Croye, and the Cardinal Bish
ops of Liege are some of the principal
parts. The excellent opportunity of
fered for handsome and elaborate
stage settings and costumes has b£eh
made the most of.
Are your household goods In
sured? Do you know their val
ue? Could you make satisfac
tory proof of loss In event of fire?
Dwelling house inventory free.
Apply to Merafcaals Mats Mstaai hiirni
Gs^ Rnm MMkar Mask, First Avs. IL, Fugs.
The Forum has the sole disposal of
the new maps of Cass County. Every
resident of the county should have one
Five farmers were in yesterday
each took one home. The owner of
every quarter section of land is sho
as wel las roads, schoolhouses, e
Terms made known on application
Put in your application before the sup
ply is exhausted.
It is the best breakfast for the toiler and the thinker because it
has the necessary substance and digests readily. Prepared
in five minutes because self-rising. Recipes on each package
and here is one for
Gems and Waffles /a
Two cups Shannon St Mott Company's Falcon Pancake Flour, one cup '-j
milk, two eggs, one tablespoonful sugar, piece butter size of walnut.
Mix the ingredients thoroughly before adding the flour.
Falcon Pancake Flour at the
Best Grocers'
Millers of Falcon Rure Foods.
Des Moines, la.
Freeman's Studip
is well equipped for doing your
Christmas work—No dissapoiny
ment if you come in season. A|1
work guaranteed satisfactory.
Andrew Carnegie, the largest indi
vidual taxpayer in New York City, has
just sent his check for $41,366 to the
receiver of taxes, being full payment
for his assessment on real estate and
personal property, amounting all told
to $10,000,000. Of this amount $5,000,
000, was on personal property and a
like sum oh real estate. Mr. Carnegie
this year has paid his assessments with-
The best wheat,
corn and rye grown in the fertile
northwest is milled and blended with
the greatest care and marketed aa
Pancake Flour
out any protest or evasion, forwarding
the check almost as soon as he return
ed to this country from his sojourn in
Scotland and England.
State of North Dakota, County of
Rebecca C. Shurlock, administratrix
of Wm. C. Shurlock, plaintiff, vs. Pat
rick W. Kennedy, defendant.
Notice is hereby given, that by virtue
of an execution to me directed and de
livered, and now in my hands, issued
out of the clerk's office of the Third
Judicial District Court, state of North
Dakota, in and for the county of Cass,
upon a judgment rendered in said court
in favor of Rebecca C. Shurlock, admin
istratrix of Wm. C. Shurlock, plaintiff,
and against Patrick W. Kennedy, de
fendant, I have levied upon the follow*
ing described personal property of
said defendant, to-wit:
About one thousand bushels of pota
toes in cellar under the residence of
said defendant, situated on the north
east quarter of section twenty-six (26),
township one hundred and forty (140),
range forty-nine (49), Cass Co., N. D.
150 bushels of wheat in granary weft
of house, s. w bin. 600 bushels of oatb
in same granary.
1 bay horse, called Spike, wt. 1,100
lbs., about 10 years old.
1 white horse, called Noble, wt. 1,250
about 11 years old.
1 white mare, Called Topsy,
lb-., 12 years old.
black horse, called Johnson, wt.
1.900 lbs., 6 years old.
1 brown mare, called Minnie, »t.
1,300 lbs., 9 years old.
4 sets of double team harness.
1 black milch cow. 1 red heifer, 3
years old.
1 Woods mower. 1 Thomas hay
ralce. 1 Kentucky shoe drill.
1 7-foot Deering harvester and twine
binder. 1 4-horse peg tooth harrow.
1 Dowden potato digger. 1 McCo#&
mick harvester and binder. 1 G-tootli
sulky cultivator. 1 combined spring
wagon. 1 new Aspinwall potato plant-'v
And that I shall on Mon
day, the 16th day of NoVv
A. D. 1903, at the hour of to
o'clock a. m.,of «aid day, at the front
door of the residence of defendant, on
N. E. Sec. 26, T. 140, R. 49, in said
county and state, proceed to sell the
right, title and interest of the above
named Patrick W. Kennedy, in and to
the above described property, to satisfy
said judgment and costs, amounting t0
two hundred ninety-nine dollars and
ninety-five cents, together with all ac
cruing costs of sale, and interest on the, I
same from the 13th day of May, 1893, at
the rateof 7 per cent per annum, at pub
lie auction, to the highest bidder for
Sheriff Cass Co., N. 0.
H. R. Turner, Plaintiff's Attorney.. ..
Dated Fargo, N. D., Nov. 5th, igcgfc-t
(D. Nov. 6-i3-'03)
to experiment with other stoves
when It's a well known fact that
is the most powerful heater, finest fin
ished and most economical hard coal
stove made, giving the largest amount
of heat for the quantity of fuel consumed.
Quick in action and always under per»
feet control.
aai Ml Hardware.

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