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Queen's Favorites
and Bitter Sweets
'•t- '**.§ "J
& Co.
Charles Colby, the Hypnotized Qrandin Boy,
Is Located Near Staples.
Charles Colby, the 14-year oM: Hoy.
who was placed under hypnotic in
fluence and taken from his home near
Grand in by a man named John Krohh a
•few weeks ago, has been located
He was found working on a farm
north of Staples with the man who had
^kidnapped him. The father has been no
tified of the boy's whereabouts and will
to Staples tonight and bring tyim
-This is a peculiar case and has puz
zled the officers who have had it in
charge for a number of weeks. Early
this fall a man giving his name as John
•Itrolin appeared at the Colby farm near
Grandin and applied for work. He was
given employment, and young Colby at
Once took an unnatural interest in the
.fellow, and from the very first day was
isonstantly in his company. Krohn was
apparently a man of good morals and
'[^he family raised no objections to the
intimacy between their son and the hired
ttian. A few weeks ago the man and boy
^disappeared from the farm one night,
and until yesterday no trace of either
could be found.
Another peculiar circumstance is the
•fact that Krohn is the owner of'a big
farm near Staples and is said to be quite
rwell to do. Just why he struck out as
9 farm laborer has not been explained
.,)Wh1 is one of the mysteries of the case.
boy was living with him on his
.'fftrm when found. The hypnotic in
{Jeuence seems to have been dispelled,
^s the boy is quite anxious to reflurn
Jtl ills cpllege days Rev. George lf.ee,
gastor of the Primitive Methodist
Jlutrch at Sutersville, Pa., was about
le best boxer in his circle of acquain
tance. That was not so very long ago
rind Mr. Lee still knows how to strike
quick and hard blow, as he demon
Strated the other evening. He was on
bis way home from visiting a sick par
fshoner when two masked men suddenly
appeared and ordered him to hold' up
llis hands. He-did so. but his well-di
fected left landed on the chin of one
)bber, who went down in a heap. The
Jther ran like a scared rabbit, and as
tr. Lee never was much of a runner1
ic rascal got away. Tlie reverend
tentleinan waited patiently until rob
)er No. 1 came to and then he marched
jiipi int,o custody of the village coqpta*
Expert Rep»iri0f
Sad Story of a Wrecked Home--Newj
"heumatism Curt--Other
She said her heart was breaking. It
wouldn't have been a matter of much
surprise ?f it had already broken.
I"f a mother's, uaby is in its liitie
grave, and her husband, 011 the tes
timony that she could not help give,
is sentenced to-scrve a term in the city
jail, surely her cup of sorrow is about
as' full as it "could: be and the runover
nf its emotions would be excusable.
She could not be very much blamed if
she'rejected his overtures for" recon
ciliation there in the courtroom before
judge, officers and the morbidly curious
who gather daily to hear the unfortu
nate talcs of woe.
Ed Stafford, whose home is in Shan
tytown. near lower Front Street, w is
arraigned before Judge Gearey this
morning for intoxication. His} wife
was present to-prosecute the case. She
told how their lives had come to rum
through his weakness.
His weakness—that was' st/ong
It had wrecked many ia life before,
but that was no consolation to this wo
She sat In the courtroom this morn
ing and told the story of her court
ship of the then noble and promising
young man that had won her heart and
hand the happy wedding, with the well
wishes of many friends that had as
sembled the start in marital life in
the vine-covered cottage the birth of
the first Dtid, which should have bound
their lives more closely, and brought
new sunshine and pleasure to the hap
py home.
But a serpent appeared at the thresh
The sunshine gave way to shadows,
and the shadows turned to dairk. threat
ening clouds, which broke into a
storm of fury. The home was wrecked
and lost on the cruel shoals of dissipa
tion. There had been 110 clearing of
the skies, and the rainbow of hope,
with its irridescent colorings, had fail
ed to shine for her. A rickety shack
was now her place of abode and e
wash tub, from early morning until
late at night, was the avenue over
which came her scanty meals, while
the husband had turned to a sot and
spent his time and a part of her earn
ings in the saloon.
From her chair in the courtroom the
woman gazed at the man in the dock.
She was crying bitterly site made 110
effort to hide her tears.
"My heart is breaking, Ed,1*' she said,
glancing at him once and then averting
her eyes. "Judge," she said, as s e
turned to the court, "he doesn't know
what he's doing when he's drunk. Be
fore the policeman came he seized e
by the throat and said he would k i
me. I broke away and screamed. 11 e
spends all his money for drink, while
work for our little girl. This week e
even took $2 from me for liquor. 1
had earned that money by hard work,
and my daughter and I needed it. But
that made no difference to him.
"A week after our last baby was
born, we knew it could not live. Yet.
as I lay in bed. he struck me in the
face. You see. nothing made any dif
ference to him when he was' drunk.
Baby died a week later.''
Her eyes traveled back td h6r hus
band's face again.
"Ed, I'm afraid of you," she replied
to the mute appeal she saw there.
She arose to leave the room. Her
husband approached her humbly.
"No, no, Ed." she exclaimed, I have
lost faith in you."
He shrank'back.
Stafford was arrested last night. The
officer had been called to-the'Humble
little home in Shantytown by the: re
port that a woman was being murder
ed. Mrs. Stafford fled from the house
with her little girl. Stafford lay in bed
fully dressed, already overcome by
"Twenty-five dollars or twenty /days
in jail," said Judge Gearey. -i
Martin Pojnoy came to grief last
night because the friend Who. persuaded
him to try the barefoot cure for rheu
matism neglected to explain how the
prescription should be followed.
"Walk barefoot in the grass when it
is covered with frost," said the friend.
"That will cure your rheumatism. Take
a good drink of whisky and that will
keep you from catching cold while the
cure is working."
Pojnoy tried the cure, but took the
whisky before instead'of. after his walk.
Officer McDonald encountered Poj-
The Suprenie Guarantee
Oiir large stock of
V i
Seal and Persian
and other for wearipg material
was purchased before the importers
advanced in prices. And to make
things interesting, we cheerfully for
feit, our share,
the profit to quick
buyers pf fur g4Thi£ttt£ fflf&de to oi-der.
rvstr. cl^iur ami beaut!
are shown n^re
i* Tailotr Made
r. L. Lazarus, formerly wi& Man
Bros, of Cbicagpr lll., as practical
ladies' uikr, is employed1 lwf* 4nd
#illtJ4ke up.all order*
work, Repairing and
(if eUcwhere.
'left's ^Oliny
|pund here^-
police court this uiorning Jojnoy
Undertook to explain to Judge Gearey
and was sentenced to pay a fine 6f' $5,
which the court thought more effica
cious for rheurhatism than frost walks.
A boy met Pojnoy at the courtroom
door with his shoes and stockings in a
basket. He paid the fine, discard6,fl'tHc
"cure,' arid was discharged.
"We're guilty, your honor."
Thus answered C. S. Cleveland,, who
sjjoke for liimself and James Gatby,'
who had been arrested on a charge of
drunkenness and jointly arraigned. We
came in from Colgate yesterday.
friend here has }ust fallen heir to an
estate worth $10,coo in Minnesota, and
we simply started but to celebrate' his
good luck."
"And do you thhik you have duly
celebrated?" asked the court.
"Yes, sir. We didn't dvertodk.' aii
opportunity to drink yesterday and'the
way I feel this morning I never want
•to see liquor again. Let tis down light,
jvdge, and I assure you wc will never
.•be brought .before, you-again."
"Where are you feltow/ going?" aslc
ed the court.
"We had started for' Red Wing,
Minn.." said Cleveland,1-"where Gatby
is to get l*is money, and then we aye
going to Washington, where we Avill
•buy a Jarrti and settle down."
'.'You don't look like bfcd fellows, and
#U{' give you itlie -minimum assess^
ment. I will fini yru each $5."
Front very corpulent rolls the fel
lows skinned off $5 notes and left the
courttodra^V .?
C. P. Jolinsori atr-old-man Sli)o.§e
hair had, ibeew frosted by seventy* or
more severe winters, arose'in the dock.
"I am guilty of having been druhk,"
he said-,
-jiidge, .this is my first
offense. haven't dra'nk anything for
eleven years and was never in jail be
"Where do yoii come from?" asked
the court.
"M^pletpn. I'have liyed in this vat
ley for twenty-three years and I know.
my record is good."
"I'll be easy with you," said Judge
Gearey. "You cautpay the rfegulafr ftne
of V, V y' i
v The old «ian went to the tele^iQfl^
hiEoth 'called up a friend and the fine
snoney was scion-in"the great irrttjr saf«
at the station
i t)—
A. forthcoming marriage that is at*
tra^ting much attention iii
that of Yut^ka MinakwJii of Japjin
,Miss Alyie -Buckner of Cane Ridg^,
licr Cottoty. The Japanese has
student in the l^fchtucky'university.
'jind rec
^_r hohdrfe. =1
-of the
BUemfy^beiongs to the fal
l^^wit-' name
te^ace. at the brf^s
on Thursday of thifc week aiid «)U bt
largely attended,
tlie uniformly low cash prices should make this store biisier than ever?
Caps and Hats,
filler8^5 Goods, Flannels, Domestics, Wash
^Women's, Misses', Children's, Men's and Boys' Underwear
'•iH'tX'-S-' ',
Hen s and Women's Glomes and Mittens.
.the' viery lowest.
noy tramping along over the lawns.
VDrunk." said the policeman and% he
arrested the walker.(
At the conclusion of the business deal
the purchaser closed a deal with Col
onel Mathews for a lease of one of his
new houses, which are nearing com
pletion, at Eleventh Street and Fifth
Avenue South.
The members of the firm selling out
say they are not ready yet to announce
what their future business course will
be but Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Brown
lee will remain in Fargo Yor the winter
at least. It is understood that Oscar
Hallenberg will retain his positional!-,
der the1 new order of things. A
Wanted horses to winter, for particu
lars address James Farrell, Casselton
N. D.
A- a,
'J" _•! ,|,.'
file contents of every
pajge of
today's paper will intfcrtsst y5u.
Among the news will be found:
A E I k i
Hihsb*6ugh on
Panama Facts'.^
List of Boozers.'5
Governor Burke's Resignation
Rational, W. C. T. 0,
"the New liain4,.Jij^.'
President ffill's |*iassenj^stf
Publication C^lnmeirt.
Sljort City Notes,
^armef VValface's Views.
Amusemerit''Iteihs. V
,TJie public knows that the stocks carried by this Store are rigger lacking itt the assortment. kriowStba£,,
§his store has always sold good merchandise at prices that were-so low no where else in this city. 'Now, thetofv
^beiti^f th^Hiferbst policy tb advertise facts is it any wonder tha&die giving 6f "x
,*t -m
.s Clothing Department
and Boys' Suits, Overcoats, Trousers, Duck fc&afe', "M'a'C'kiirtaWa,.
Ladies' Cloak and Suit Department
feadies' Fur Cloaks, Cloth Cloaks, Suits, Small Furs, Skirts, Shawls, Petticoats, Wrap£
tilers and Dressing Sacques. All (Selling at
Dry Goods Department
e Owners of the Waldorf Pharmacy
Transfer Stock and Good Will.
^A Jbusines d*a&> which* bee%»nder
consideration for several days, was
consummated last night, the transfer
of the Waldorf Pharmacy to S. H.
Brownlee of Hudson, Wis. It is a
coincident that the name of the pur
chaser is. the same, excepting the ini
tials, as that of a member of the firm
selling out, but the parties are not re
lated nor had they ever met until the
business negotiations were opened. The
formal transfer has not yet been made,
but will be betweeu now and Nov. 25.
Goods, Blankets, Comforters, etc.^ i All Selling at a Discount*?
4- •,
1 $•'
nderiyear and Hosier^
Shoe Department
Kjather oj: f^j! J^Q.^.uaAd^Pvershoesv. Misses'^yffliildren's
toys' Shoes and Overshoes. All Selling at a Discount,
Gloves and Mittens
Girls' and
Boys' Mittens—our
All Gabs to Be Numbered and the Regulating
Ordinance Strictly Enforced.
.Eyeiy public convej«a$& the fc^y
will bear a conspicuous number in. the.
The ordinance regulating the Conduct
of the "cabby" will be strictly enforced,
anc} the rush for business at the depots
will be stopped.'
There have been .numerous, complaints
pf latp regarding the behav.ior of cab
drivers at the different railroad stations
and Chief Gowland has issued orders
to his ni£n that the ordinaiKe be rigid
ly enforced and where violations are de
tected to cause the arrest of-the offender
at oice.
This chief was busy this morning is
suing number cards to the different cab
and carriage drivers and in giving them
fair warning of the course which will
be employed by the police department
in the future.
It is whispered' about that numerous
exorbitant charges have recently been
made strangers, contrary to the city or
dinance governing this matter, "and
f-: i
Dakota Kernels.
lii^-ess Association Trip.
All Selling at a Discount.
at the station.
^•Elastic" BooH«Case
Linings, l^ble linens^ ^White^
Hosiery—the best values J'*
All Selling at a llisf^pun
uine article.
They're too vaiuaMf to be stiewn about the roonV or
house exposed to duit and damage 1 Of coorse you
can't help it, if your book*cas6-fe-full and of the old
style solid construction. Better jet rid of such a case,
or starfa neto one that will always accommodate your
books without being either too larae 0N00 small—one
thot yrow» with yot^r library ana always fits iL Tho
hlhe original and only up-to-date sectional book-case
and is made by the largest manufacturers of such abods
iri the world. It's furnished In a tiatfcttyof grades,sSes
Nirlh D*jkota
regular prices
All Selling at a Oiscountr.^^i
Ch^ef, GP d,^
to Stop-.
The incident in which a woman claim
cd to have been beat out of $20 b\ .t
cab driver has opened the department's'
eyes to the necessity of a more ritjid
enforcement of the conveyance ordin-^
ances. The chief requests that alt pa-'^.v
trans of cabs and carriages the fu-*' J"
ture note carefully the number of the
vehicle, and if they arc in any way
treated the number of the cab, together,,./
with details of the abuse, should be filed'^
Wc loan money on first mortgages.
Inquire of us for rates. No corrurus-
sions charged. Morton & Co.
1 v?'-
he following was taken from PrQ-^%
fessor Uidd's psper
in The North Da-/
kota Farmer: Wo read nearly everv?*"
week of prosccuiron under the pure footfi
law. Unreliable supply houses in tlur"
east are dumping into North Dakota
adulterated goods, in competition withsV V
straight goods sold by merchants of the^ *1
state. Those who deal with the Fariu-r
ers' Supply House of Fargo may restp/,
assured of fair treatment and the gen^r

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