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k .*-f *,
The Pianos wo sell have made
a reputation for themselves,
and have gained a place at the
Pinnacle -of Piano Popularity
by their own merits, sweetness
of tone, easy and responsive
aetion, beauty of design shown
in the cases. Durability, in'
fact, by e/erything that goes
toward making piano perfec
tion. The musical value of a
piano depends largely on its
tone. Our pianos are noted
for long sustained, or singing
qualities, produced by a homeo
genolis arrangement of' the
entire instrument, and the care
given to the smallest details of
construction. No other pianos
approach their beauty, grandeur
and volume. You will only
need to hear them to appre
ciate their merits. If you want
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iifjf V:
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to match of the finest quality and
of the finest grades of Alaska Seal,
Natural or Dyed Otter and Persian
Lamb, combining in the highest
degree style, fit and finish to give
them a distinctive individuality
entirely their own.
No. 108 Broadway, Fargo
.*• No. 2314.
Red River Valley National Bank of Fargo
.. AT FARGO. ,v
In the StaU^of North Dakota, close of
jj" imsittoss Nov. 17,1903.- '"f
Overdraft.s, secured and unsecured.
U. S. Bonds to securo circulation....
U. S. bonds to seenrn U. S. deposits.
I'. on hiuxl
Prcrtiiouns on U. S. bonds ...
Jiai Jtirijf hou£c, furniture, and fix
Other real estate owned
Due from National Banks (not re
serve agents)
v Due from state banks and bankers..-..
$840,632 41
Due from approved reserve agents.
Internal revenue-stamps
Checks and other cash items
ExchanRe for clearing house. ,..
Notes of other national hanks
Fractional paper currency, nickel^'
and cents
Lawful money reserve in btuik, viz:
Specie .7$ 7.908 75
Legal tender notes 34,000 00
... Redemption fund with U. S. treasu^.
er (5 jer cent of circulation)
30,000 00
N one
900 00
63 006 11
39,100 01
13,0(53 97
4,645 75
60.537 2Q
lOt,759 15
8,766 61
9,100 oo
'551 95
$ 41,908 75
Duo from U. S. Treasurer, other thin
•». .7 j»er cent redemption fund.'J None
Hotel. $710,972 64
*4$-'' r'"
*iVi- Capital stock paid In $100,000 00
Surplus fund
if is Undivided profits, less expenses and
taxes paid X,592 78
National hank notes outstanding ..,. V,006 00
State bank notes outstanding .{•. ,¥
Due to other national banks None
Due to state banks and bankers 29.62J 57
i Due to trust companies and savincs
banks None
Due to approved reserve agents... i None
Dividends unpaid .V None
individual deposits subject to check. 801,49$ 08
Waited States deposits i.'L- None
deposits of U. S. disbursing oMceijfc^" $ None
N-ot^s and bills rediseounted None
-if* Rlbjwjr«bl«t inoln^ing «ertiflcattj»~
of awofeit for money borrowed....None
Liabilities other than those a bow
lii S'S* '&' :pc:c^:-: ,'K-iffi^fcHE FARGO FOEtfM AND DAJKT .BEPTJBLICAS,- MONM*
_•_ ••-.• —.- A ••Kl. 1 jjfr ... .. I..
'.} i
While His Emenies Are Investigating
,v. Oeneig) Wood He Is DotntjQoaA
:r.. Work In Jolo.
His Troops Put 300 Moros Out of
BUgbes* in Bvt
-r ,i
Manila, Nov. ^3.,—Three hundred
Moros were killed and many injured
after five days' fighting with General
Woods' troops in Jolo. Five American
privates were wounded.
The Population ol the Territory U lhcrdislni
Rapidlyfts Wealth.-
Washington, Nov. 23.-rGovergor Fer
guson, of Oklahoma, in his annual report'
to the secretary of the interior, estimates
the present population of the territory at
650,000 and the actual value of taxa
ble property at practically $400,000,000,
although only $84,134,472 is returned by
the assessors for 1903. The territorial
indebtedness is $461,766.. The report
says that speculators and prospectors
have harassed many of the Jessees of
lands in Kiowa, Comanche and Caddo
Counties by prospecting for mineral, cut
ting timber and attempting to locate
mining claims on school lands, but the
state board has uniformly declined to
recognize that the mining laws applied
to these reserved lands and have treat
ed all prospectors, and locators as in
truders. Rules have been amended to
prevent the hypothecating in leases as
security for loans and their transfer in
blank and in the future all leases and
transfers must be executed before a
notary public or other ofheer empowered
to take acknowledgements as in real es
.tete,. transfers.
.'• •, ~\w
Washington, Nov. 23.—The -house
will meet Tuesday evening, having dis
posed of the Cuban bill, it has no busi
ness before and unless an agreement
shall be effected by which the called
session is to be brought to an early
close, an adjournment will probably be
taken until Friday and then an adjourn
ment will probably be tayen until
Monday or Tuesday. It is suggested
that it is extremely doubtful if there
will be a quorum tomorrow and, that
if the point of no Quorum should be
raised it would be impossible to act on
4 concurrent resolution providing for
an adjournment even' should ohe be
brought over from the senate. Sorhe
of the house leaders have expressed
themselves in opposition to an adjourn
ment before the Cuban bill shall have
been disposed of, but what might be
the result of the conference between.
the leaders of the senate and house ot*J
this proposition remains to be seen
It is possible that the speaker may be^
ready to announce the committee as"
signments by the end of the week.
Washington, D. C., Nov. 23.—The"
ease of August W. Machen, Samuel An
and Diller B. Groff and George E. and
Martha J. Lorenz, which was called
for trial in the district criminal court'
today, is expected to develop into ojri^
of the bitterest: legal battles in tlWl
criminal annals of the governmfeittt
This is the first case growing out 1
the alleged conspiracy between Maefeet
as superintendent of free delivery ttSI
profit through the purchase &f patra
fasteners' made by the Groff BrOt&tri
for attaching mail boxes to posts. Tlte'
government claims thit it has do
umentarjr evidence to prove that
chen received, through the
Ohio, a percentage of all the
paid the Groffs by the
FHtien indictments haVe been
against Machen alone and
is prepared*to/
1 rir--r-
New York Nov. 23.—New York's
season of grand opera opens in the
Metropolitain Operahouse tonight and
from all indications it will be as suc
cessful under the nfew management of
Heinrich Conried as it was in the past
under -the direction of Maurice Grau.
For the opening night the opera will
be Verdi's "Rigoletto," in which the
new Italian tenor, Enrico Caruso, will
for the first time in this country be
heard in the role of the duke. Mme.
Sembrich will appear in her admirable
impersonation of Gilda. The Rigoletto
will be Antonio Scotti, and Mme.
ouise Homer and Mr. Journet will be
the Maddalena and the Sparafucile.
The cast will also include a'flew sMur
ullo in Arcangelo Rossi.
to set a dat&S 1
Washington, Nov. 23.—The -sfenate
began the week in a state of uncertain
ty as to whether a final adjournment of
the extra session will be secured dur
ing the week or the regular daily ses
sions continued.
majority of the
senators are anxious to bring the ses
sion to a clpse, and to this end an
agreement has been practically entered
into for a vote Dec. 16 on the Cuban
reciprocity bill. The acquiescence of
the house of representatives in the
programme, however, has not been se
cured and until the two houses reach
an agreement no definite announcement
can be made. Leading senators on the
whole are rather confident that an ad
journment will be brought about and
say it will be impossible to hold a
quorum of either' body after Thanks
The OWheni of the cekmiSo IVDMfl AUke 3om4
Cripple Creek, Got, Npy., 23.—Sher
iff Robertson, after investigating con-,
ditions in tle sixth level of th§ Vin
dicator mine, where SUffcrimevident
Charles McCormack and Shaft B6ss
Beck were kilffcd by an ejifpftosioi), co-*
incides with the staffrmfcht of the dfft
cials of the company that a deliberate
attempt had befcn made to wreck the
shaft with dynamite. The. Executive?
.committee ol,.the Mine Owners and
Operators' Association has o'&ered
reward'of for evidence leading
to the arrest and conviction of the per
petrators. In. a published statement,
the committee says
'The kilting of Superinf«jr*dent Me
Cormack and Melvin Beck was one of
the most diabolical. crim^$ that ever
darkened the annals of Colorado and
is another step in the trail of blood
which has been made by the Western
Federation of Miners in^this state."
TV Much Wanted ttiNui JWI
Minneapolis, Jfov. '2$.—Moaning with'
pain, weak from th* loss of blood from
half a score of knife '.wounds, T^my
Calderone, accusad of the murder of
Salvatore, Battalia lies on a, cot in the
hospital ward
•.: ,::v-:-""y
the1 Hennepin County^
jail. -v
Mysterious as has ^been the murder,
the presence bf the accused'than in the
county jail is nearly as mysterious.
Brought there Saturday by a colored
attorney and a colored doctor from St.
Paul, he lies on the cot and.absolutely
refuses to discuss the affair..
'See my lawyer,", is. all that can be
elicited from him, and he moans and
groans and turns uneasily on the cot
all the time. The police are confident
that the slayer, or at least one of the
slayers of Battalia, is caught and the en
tire department heaved a sigh of relief
when the man was taken up in the jail
elevator and securely locked in the hos
pital ward. i
V. D. Turner of St. Paul and F. Mc
Ghee, b3th colored, the former a doctor,
brought the man to Minneapolis in a
closed carriage, arriving at the jail about
8 o'clock.
According .to their story Calderone
reached St. Paul at a lstt« hour on the
night the crime was cdtnitoitted and
Turner dressed his Wounds: Later Cal
derone was takeft to the residence of* a
negro wom^n where he Was kept in
hiding until' Saturday nightf w'Hen he was
driven to Minneapolis.
It is hinted that both he* and the dead
man were the victims of third.
New York, Nov. 23.^iThe annual'
convention of the Intettftatkmal Sea
men's Union of Aihtricaii Vrhich open
ed* in this city today, ipj Attended by
delegates from all parts of the United
States and its, insular possessions and,
from Australia and New1 Zealand, an
is more thoroughly representative of
the forces comprising thti great labor
organization than any of the preced
ing conventions. Reports, prepare^ by
the officers for presentation to the con
vention show that during'the past ye^r
the seamen of the United States have
gained several important decisions in
federal courts, and that the union has
also been instrumental in securing the
abolishment of many objectionable re
sorts where sailors were robbed of1
their money, and has furthermore con
ducted a successful crusade against
shipping "crimpters" and "shanghai"
operators in many ports. The present
convention will last »aweek or longer
and a number of momentous problems
will be considered and acted uptm by
the delegates. :.
There is ttot a page in
Forum which should not
closely inspected. If you m{ii.'
one you will be sorry.
the. extents of Part II.
PAae ix. ,4|.'
Lost Nome Steadier.
Young 'favors CanTeai.V
Cpban Trade.' $ v^^
The Wentz Rani«jj| £&
Dan Maratta Deaqf.^'.
District Court FftdaJyC ..."
John W. Buttit DeSd.u
Land Law" pishussjofy.,
Irrigation in Sargent :,
Grand Porks TaJcei.^^
PAfle xi.:
N^bltiman as Student.
Bill Nye's Gra
NdVtft T)3lc6ra^
Consul Not Dead.
..Picture'.of. Miss Go0i#t.
City {xtcals.
VAdc Mb.
Llfalfa HlstW-
On RooscVelt.'
There Seems to Have Been a Lot of
Vrooked Woric lh the MIIwauliM
^Hdusexft Correction.
The Everts HaVe Discovered a Big
Sh»tage end the Oraijd
-!'?t g'" Mflll Get Bu«r^
Milwaukee, Nov ^.-^Experts have
been examining the books of the MiU
waukee County house of correction for
1902'and report he instifiiti^n ran at
a loss of $50,000 during that time while
the annual report, filed with the county'
clerk shows a loss of but,$2 ooo. All
the county
offices are being investi
gated and the grand jury is expected
to have mfich work.
Two. Men DeM ai a Result of Some Pe
iHulm Mlrtraaata.N^
Philadelphia, Nov. 23.—1^6 fiCTSons
were killed and a ^alf dozen others were
injured in a wreck near Gwynedd, a
short distance from this city on the Pjhil4
adelphia & Reading^ Railway. The:
dead are C. L. Custer, aged 57 years, a
passenger, who lived in this city,' and
Harry Roderick, of Doylestown, Pa.,
fireman of the wrecked train. While the
injuries to some of the passengers are
serious, all of them will recover
The railroad officials believe the acci
dent was due to a deliberate attempt afc
train wrecking. The tram was A'local
one from Doylestown, and had just
passed the station at? Gynedd when the
engine jumped the track and went dver
an embankment followed by one car.
An investigation, the railroad officials
say, showed that spikes had been drawn
from a plate connecting the tracks and
the rails had been spread apart.
Cattlemen Assert the
Breeder* Are Afraid of Thaw.
Ottawa, Ont., Nov. 23.—It is under
stood here that the officials of the St.
(.ouis exposition are unwilling to meet
representatives of the livestock interests
of Canad until the latter decide whether
or not they will exhibit at St. Louis.
This attitude is hardly likely to bring
about any change*'of-front-on the part
of the breeders and stockmen of Can
ada. _.
In fact the likelihood is that they
will issue an ultimatum refusing to send
stock to St. Louis unless there is a
decided madification of the regulations
under which Canadian animal's are ad
mitted into the United States, as well as
of the conditions upon which the prize
lists are based. Breeders in Canada
freely express the opinion that those en
gaged in similar pursuits in the United''
States are afraid of Canadian competi
tion. This fear, they say, is based upon"
the success which Canadian livestock
exhibits achieved at the expositions at
Philadelphia, Chicago and Buffalo^*
Vienna, Nov. 23,—Much indignation
is expressed here over the steadily in
creasing price, of Qil. Since the forma
tion of the Austria-Hungarian petroleum
cartel prices liave^been advanced 50 per
cefit, with the prospect that they will
go still higher as soon as the present
stocks become exhausted. The ad
vance inflicts the greatest hardship on
the poorer classes, especially on the
thousands of tailors and dressmakers
yvho work in their ow^i .homes.
The local authorities of the several
districts have taken the matter up and
are urging the city council to use every
means to break up the oil monopoly
There is, however, not the slightest pcos
pect these efforts will be stress
St. Paul, Nov.
Turner of North Dakota catfte to St.
Paul with Superintendent Taylor of the
agricultural building at St. Louis, and
before Mr. Taylor left this city he
proihisfd the mil space needed for
Nprth Dakota, giving1 it 4 full blocks
45x90. The tiemand for space from
every quarter is very large, artd Mr.
•T^yjor suflMN^d that North PikOtf in
tjen^ed to Wye a state building in ad
dition to' tlie space in the agricultural
^uilding, and this was one reason why
the space was cut »down. tie is de
cidedly ctjrtvinced that North Dakota^.
fi in dead earnest and will make a very
interesting exhibit under the direction*
^Lieutenant Governor Baftlett AfW
^ir consulting with the people df North
kota and teeing their enthusiasm
Tayksp-^fAys: 'th'at^^«yt4lfegt»n':-*«i|
i o n e y a v e I W i e 4
est 0 note jh-thiB ctfiu^tjori£ui*t
'Was at
committee at- ai»pi|ay
^c4e(t-1«st Sepfwintoerv t«d he !refused
even consider Uie^.tah- exhibit He?,
it was wormy—the effect of the
ing n^|lvj.#h|!^ward was made tr
iho, .ryitetifr Clark's oostl
wad 'leW 4heir fruit waf
•t j,
Hfev. JB. Cuiry of St. Jartes' Cath^
Church* New YOrki is eoiniiig
Gary Safe Piuses Through the Ordeal Remark'
V V: ably Well. .a
Fargo, N. D., June 16., t893^Cary
Safe Co., Buffalo, ,N.v Y.—Gentlemen:
I was the fortunate o^ner of a Cary
Safe Co.'s safe, .and am pleased to say
that during the time
was th^.possess­
or of said safe I was well suited and
satisfied with it. And when the great
conflagration struck the city of Fargo
011 June 7, 1893, I am glad to say that
my books and papers stood the test
remarkably well, and the safe came out
500 per cent better than two-thirds of
the safes thjt yv€vt. through the gfeat,
fire. I commend and recommend the
Cary safe. Respectfully and truly,
J. C. McKendry.
v&tJCKY- THIRTEEN.^-f-.v
'City 'Jtfdge O'Connor of Utida, 1^.
Y., who has just been re-elected by a
larger majority than any other judge
ever received in that city, asked to be
sworn in Griday because vit was', the'
thirteenth of the month. "Numerous
circumstances lead the judge to be
lieve that Friday and the number thir
teen bring him good luck. He began
reading law on the thirteenth of the
month, was admitted to the bar on a
Friday and when he went to the legis
lature, just thirteen years ago, the ritim
ber of his seat was thirteen. Thete
were just thirteen persons at his wed
ding and he is now 39 years pld—
times thirteen. v-*-
—ALL djfferent
the Eye.4
jc Temple, ChJJcago
way, Fargo, N. D.
The oiJy Scientific Prescriber of Prisms and Toric Ground Lenses
t)r^Vest.' This may save you ^h^fexpensiv^.:''^
©astern journey.
To The Forum: Sheldon Scoville,
who for more than fifteen years was a
resident of this city, died at the home
of' his daughter, Mrs. £. E. Evans, in
Spokane, Wash., Tuesday, Noy. 10,
1903- The immediate cause of death
was paralysis but he had beta in poor
j»i' 1^-' 1
Should be in Every 'Office, EViiy
o|| rieav
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Fifty ollar«
To Heat Your House,
why not save
Twenty Five
of it?
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cause they burn,
all co lust
ible properties in he iue
by forming Gas and bu ining
it, there is No Smoke, No
Soot. The base of th e stove
being perforated, all of the
cold air is taken fro the
floor, causing the air "of th^
room to constantly l:ari
Kemy Block, Fargo, N. D.
Gas Stoves Cost Only
One Cent Per Hou i
health for several years. He was boril'
in Camden, N. Y., Sept. 48, 1825, thu$
being in his seventy-ninth year at the
time of his demise, and beside the
daughter mentioned above, he leaves $
loving wife, who has been his compariV
ion for more than fifty-three years, anlt"^
three sons, two of whom reside in th^
state and one in Salt Lake City, Utah*
to mourn the absence of a true and'1
faithful husband and a kind, loving
He was a life-long member of the
E. Church and a consistent Christian
in every sense of the word. To him,
death came as a welcome release from."
suffering, and he sank into rest as
she^f fully rip# aiid read^ Jor the gfuf^
uxiil -.O j'. fvji t-j'i ..llCUWltt »V 'v.'i*
There is no such thing as death-#
In Nature nothing dies,
-From each" sad' remnant of decay
Some forms of life arise.
The little leaf that falls
All brown and sere to earth^"-'
Ere long will mingle with the bttrs $
That give the flower its birth."
V_1 '.
I U'.tl« ,.L ,W
"FINfe TYPE OF man:
f- X""'}
John E. Russell, the prominent Ma^»J'' 'V
s a u s e s e o a w o i e a e v i
days ago, was a fine type of the*public# i
spirited citizen whose powers are defi.
voted to the service of his fellow mel^
without stipulation or reward. Withiii-,
nine months, at the height of his poliWj: -ii-:,
ical importance, Mr. Russell is know#.1,
to have refused a nomination as go\^t,
ernor of Massachusetts, the collector^
ship of the port of Boston, the
mission, the Italian mission and thii'
post of secretary of the navy. Nor did:
he decline these tenders in the expects.*
tion of receiving one more agreeabl&j
It ^as his dliberate determination nc«
to take public office. "It would chill i
my influence with the people," he sai^
For State News Read The
Streams, Highways,
ilWiwi ,0»wiierg of Every
t|«uu4erbSecilon, ^l corrected to date. V,,.
Pay arre^ages
and one ye^r Ahead
and you have" the
map for 75c, pr
pay arreai^aand
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Pay arrearages
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at #5 ana you'have
the map &Qe, or if
yo^^y jil, jbr two

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