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V"::V"v V
Hyomei cures catarrh by the simple
method of breathing it into the air pas
sages and lungs. It kills the germs of
catarrhal poison, heals and soothes
the irritated mucous membrane, enters
the blood with the oxygen and kills
the germs present there, effectually
diving this disease from the system.
The complete Hyomei outfit costs
but $i.oo and comprises an inhaler, a
bottle of Hyomei and a dropper. The
inhaler will last a lifetime and ad
ditional bottles of Hyomei can be ob-,
tained for 50c.
If you have arty of the following
symptoms* catarrhal germs are at work
somewhere in the mucous membrane
of the nose throat, bronchial tubes or
tissues of the lungs.
offensive breath
dryness of thn nose
itaiu across the eye*
pain in back of the
pain iu front of the
teodency to take cold
burning pain in the
hawking to clear the
iin in the cheat
a eolith
stitch in sitle
losing of flesh
vni inblc appetite
low spirited at times'
ra'Mut of frothy mu
expectorating yellow
difficulty in breathing
frequent sneezing
httskiness of voice
discharge from nose
atCppupe of the nose
at hiidit
aching of the body
dpuppiiiKS iu throat
mouth opeu while
tickiinc back of .the
formation of crusts
in the nose
dryness of the throat
,lu the morning
loss of strength
Bpasms of coughing
cough short and back
cough v.-orso nights
cind mornings
loss in vital force
a feeling of lightness
across the upiwr
part of the chest
Hyomei will destroy activity of all
catarrhal germs in the respiratory or
gans and in a few weeks the cure will
be complete.
This is a strong statement, but the
Waldorf Pharmacy emphasizes it by
agreeing to refund your money if Hy
omei does not cure.
now on sale via
Louisville & Nashville
Gulf Coast Points
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For Bates, Folders and Descriptive Matter
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Rugby wants a better jail.
The JJottineau County jail is crowd
A Westhope man was "touched" for
Rolla defeated Cando in a bowling
contest- IjSr. \v4,-
More elevators are being erected at
There is a big jriJ&rAt Omfetdee ove*
cars for grain.
A thief with small feet swiped some
oats at Glenburn.
The Masonic HaH, at jtottfoeau is to
be dedicated Dec. 29. 7
The recent Rugby fire is said to 'have
been of incendiary origin.
The Carrington Record seems to
have been shy 011 court news.
A. B. McDonald will plat, .another
sjxty acre addition to Cando. ',
The row at Carrington Over the
county'commissioners is still on.
The Granville Record wonders what
has become of the business league.
Dowie and Carrie Nation seem to be
running a 4ead likfet on Ire^ 4|vertis
ing. V
The G. N. is establishing* station
agents along the Granville-Mohall ex
A residence at Granville is being
converted into *a., Congregational
The Wimbledon News is showing
great improvement in its typographical
A number-or resident^ around Mo
hall have gone to Washington £0 take
timber claims.
Druggist Erickson of Souris is in
trouble over an alleged violation of the
prohibition law.
The Bottineau term of court was de
layed to permit Judge Palda to finish
the Williams County term.
John Huovinen, a Finn liear Rolla,
became insane and was badly cut
jumping through a window.
There was an exciting time in Cando
when a pair of greyhounds chased a
jack rabbit through the streets.
The steel gang is rushing the work
between Souris and Westhope and may
have the iron laid by Dec. 5.
Major Murphy would like to see the
Minot landofiice divided presumably
nith a new oflice at Williston.
It is claimed that field mice built
their nests above ground this winter—
and the weather will not be severe.
Neche is said to have a scandal of
mammoth proportions which The
Chronotype will roast—some time.
There is no joy along the line of the
G. N. between Neche and Grand Forks
since the pasenger train was taken off.
A blind pigger escaped from jail at
Rugby and the officials think if he will
stay—gone—the town will be better off.
It is said there will be some suits
against the G. N. as a result of the ac
cident at Bottineau to a show com
The* people of the J. & N. branch of
the N. P. arc rejoicing over the report
the trains are to run direct rom Leeds
to St. Paul.
The end man on The Neche Chrono
type seems to be looking for trouble—
as he intimated that Editor Willson of
The Pink Paper—lied.
It is thought that one of the Marcy
sisters of Mandan will recpyer but the
other seems hoplessly insane., i'They
are botli in the asylum.
Now that there is a pure food law—
Editor Wilson of The Hamilton- Inde
pendent is trying to work more trouble
by wondering if the air is pure.
Many veterinarians carry revolvers
so they can kill glandered horses.
Their weapons can easily be called
Colt revolvers—or horse pistols.
The two Mattesons and Stroby,
Who were sentenced to the pen on the
charge of shooting Olson near Bow
bells, seem unable to secure bail.
Tliad Michaels said something
naughty about Steve Nye some years
ago and can't get The Valley City
Times-Record on his exchange list.
W. C. Mitchell was to have assumed
charge of The Norwich Pioneer when
the cruel minions of the law gathered
him in on an almost forgotten charge.
The-cold weather delayed trains and
stage lines to such an extent that some
of the newspaper boys didn't get their
patent innards—and issued on the half
A lot of editors are calling attention
to the great amount of rubbish in the
streets and alleys of the towns in the
state—and the' danger of fires from
The Mandan sidewalks were so in
dignant at not being repaired that a'
loose plank flew up and hit Mike Myer
in the nose when he stepped on the
other end.
There is great indignation at Wilton
becausf a Russian near there com
pelled his 14 year old daughter to mar
ry a man she had never seen before
the ceremony.
If the Bismarcls landoffice is to be
divided according to Senator 'Hans
trough's bill—what's the matter with
Editor Ayres of Dickinson' for register'
of the new office?
Editor Haskett of The Boittineaur
Courant can forgive a lot of things
about Editor Falkenstein of The News
—since he has learned that Falken
stein's fathef is a—democrat.
It is reported that fome' of their
friepds are seeking to bopm ex-Super4
"Doctor," raid I, "you cay appendicitis
much more common tlian it was thirty
years ago."
"Indeed it 13,'.'
People who eat Shredded Whole Wheat
Biscuit do not have constipation and
hence need not fear appendicitis. This
perfectly natural food preserves the torn
of the digestive tract and induces evc-r
excretory gland to subserve the body's
Interests. Hare you tried this most de
licious of all ecreal foods?
"I have been eating your ShreddeG Wheat foi
:i year
anfl it has completely cured me oi
constipation, with wlilth I had been trouble*'
.'or tv.-f-nty years." Joeepft JcsSop, Bfildoi
l!all, Cvionado Bench. Cal.
I knew Edwards when He was a mere
boy, about 13 years old, selling papers
and other commodities, at Gillespie,
III. Notably, he has been the architect
of his own fortune. Under great diffi
culties he secured an education. When
the war came it found him running a
red-hot democratic paper at Gillespie,
and in the fall of 1861 he was elected
county surveyor 011 the democratic
ticket. When the call was made for
300,000 volunteers, Edwards, in con
nection with others, failed in an en
deavor to raise a company at Gillespie,
the government's policy being unpopu
lar there. I had raised a company and
was at Camp Palmer, Carlinvilk, 111.,
not far from Gillespie, when Edwards
made known his desire to enlist in my
company as a common soldier. My
promise to comply with his request was
no "light" matter, his weight being
about 360 pounds. However, on the
following day, his name, boldly and
legibly written, conspicuously adorned
the company roll.
When the
For a time he was clerk at General
Dodge's headquarters, the general ap
pointing him adjutant of the First
Alabama Cavalry, when that regiment
was organized at Corinth. When the
regiment was reorganized, he was
elected captain, and not long thereafter
was promoted to major.
He was appointed receiver of. public
money, at Mobile, but
i'- .i.f/"i|i:
"That v/e encountered this disease then,
is true, but not with such appalling fre
quency. Appendicitis, these days, is al
most aa common as sore throat."
"To what, doctor, do-you attribute this
Increase of appendicitis?''
"To hasty eating and to the use or IOOOE
which have a tendency to clog and fret
the Intestines and deaden peristaltic ac
llon. The way to avoid appendicitis and
the surgeon's knife is to shun unnatural
foods that beget intestinal torpor and con
Aft Old Comrade Tells How He €«tte to Oct
Into the Amy,.
J. &J^apman, major the tin?
Hundred and Twenty-Second Illinois,
of Moline, Kansas, writes to The Na
tional Tribune as follows:
I was gratified-to see in The Nation-'
al Tribune, that my esteemed com
rade, Maj. A. W. Edwards, has been
appointed consul-general at ,^lon^reals
Undoubtedly, he will be an i&ble, hott
est and attentive official- U
Illinois was organized
I was elected major. Going into town
one evening I met at the hotel a cap
tain of the United States army, who
had come to muster the regiment into
the service. Complaining of weariness
he asked me if I knew of any one who
could materially aid him in making out
the rolls. Thinking of Edwards, I
promptly: "Yes, 1 have a man in my
company who will do the work in fine
style, and complete it by morning. In
the meantime you can have a night's
When Edwards appeared, I .intro
duced him to the officer, saying,T'"This
is your man." Clearly the captain was
surprised. Looking Edwards over, and
perceiving the immensity of his avoir
dupois, he exclaimed: "The you
say!" Seeing the officer was disposed
to reject Edwards's services as clerk,
I insisted that he should give him a
trial, assuring him at the same time I
was confident the work would be emi
nently satisfactory. When the captain:
arose the next morning exepecting to
work on the rolls, he was surprised to
find them finished—the work complete
in every particular. The officer, when
mustering the companies, looked upon
Edwards with a critic's eye, hesitated,
then smiled and passed him all right.
The adjutant, noting Edwards's devo
tion to duty and painstaking accuracy,:
had him detailed as his clerk.
withdrawn and a man of undoubted
loyalty to President Johnson appointed
in his stehd, Major Edwards having
previously attached the president
somewhat vigorously through the
Sometime after the war he went to
Chicago, where he was on The iriter
Ocean stalf. From there he went to
Fargo, N. D., where he started a news
paper. He was elected to the kgisla-,
ture, of whfch he very nearly became
speaker. ,/
Lidgerwood Broadaxe: The word
received Wednesday evening at a late
hour that H. J. Clark, one of Lidger-1
wood's popular and prominent ycrnng
business men had been shot through
the body while on a deer hunting ex
pedition in the Missouri flats, created
a great sensation. Beyond the tele
gram no information as to how'the ac-:
cident occured can be given.
A later report announced the shot
resulted fatally.
Big BHBortment ot'
ea, aud wios w
your own hair, or
order. Prices
tenable. The
•invited to call
Authorities in thfe matter say that the
building statistics when made up for
the year, will be conclusive evidence qf
a healthy growth over the state, more
especially so in the larger cities and
towns and they also say that prospects
for the year 1904 are particularly en
couraging aside from the projected im
provements and additions to state
buildings in nearly
they, are located.
In addition to several buildings in
Fargo, which have been begun and op
erations suspended until spring there
are four big items for contractors to
look forward to. Cass Cquaty will
want a new courthouse, then there will
be the superstructure for the magnifi
cent St. John's Hospital which will be
distinguished as one of the most sub
stantial improvements Fargo has had
for a long while. The basement up to
the first floor joists is completed. It
is of brick and stone, the latter work
rusticated. Extensive additions and
improvements are promised for the
government building and there will be
the construction of the power-house
and carbarn for the street railway com
pany. Builders and real estate men
predict that the advent of the street
railway in Fargo wilt inspire the erec
tion of a great many small houses—
one real estate dealer has ventured to
say that there will be not less than 200
small homes erected near the outskirts
of the city of Fargo next spring simul
taneously with the laying of the street
car rails.
It is also predicted that a good many:
farm buildings will go up in different
parts of the state during the next sea
son. Newcomers to the state, five
years ago, whi have been making shift
with temporary barns, etc., have reach
ed the point where they have got to do
something substantial in the way of
Architects are quite enthusiastic over
the prospects for the coming season
for building. They believe that the
cheaper values of building materials
will have an excellent effect with in
tending builders and that there will be
a spurt in the construction of resi
dences and flats.
The Improvement Company, of Dev
ils Lake, has served notice th«t none
but leatf pipes ar£ to be connected with
its water mains.
Local people at Towner, figure on
opening a brickyard in the spring to
meet the demand for brick to be used
in the new buildings to be erected
The Improvement Bulletin made the
following editorial note last week: "The
executive commitee of the North Da
kota'irrigation congress, which met in
Fargo this week, adopted a resolution
requesting the governor to appoint a
state engineer also requesting all
counties hereafter to elect competent
civil engineers for county surveyors."
The brickyards at Washburn, N. D,,
are to be enlarged next spring.
In the classified lists of buildings, un
der way and xprojected, The Improve
ment Bulletin credits p. number to this
state. Under the head of '"Educational"
there are:
A Presbyterian college is projected
at Lake Metigoslie, near Mottineau.
D. McDonald has the contract.
known to medicin$
for new schoolhouse at Enderlin. Next
spring Phillips Academy at New Rock
ford will be improved by a new three
story building, to cost $15,000. Frettin
district, near Steele, is to have a new
schoolhouse. Work has been resumed
on science hall at the state normal
school, after being suspended since
spring, due to the complications on the
bond issue.
Work on new residences is still in
progress at Fargo, Grand Forks,
Cooperstown, Lisbon, Hillsboro, La-'_
Moure, Park River and small places'
The Catholics at Windsor have made
gratifying progress in the collection of
funds for a new church. Congrega
tionalists at Dickinson contemplate ex
tensive improvements to their church,
Town authorities at Aneta are pro
viding for fire protection. Ralph Max
well has a franchise for waterworks^
and electric light plant at Lidgerwood.f
James Kenedy, Fargo, has a CQj^yra9|
for sewer work at Devils Lake.
Kenmare Journal: For some ,times
there has been a nefarious busines
carried on by a class of men, undeserv
ing the nam6 of citizen. Living sor'
near' the Canadian' border, makes ii
easy for them to ply their tricks. Theii|
plan is like this: During the summeti
they buy implements and supplies on|.
tkne and mortgage their stock to sc-t
cure payment. Later on they sell ofl£
stock and everything salable and cross.
Into Canada. Usually they get away^
and the merchant is the loser. But ©c-?
casionally they meet their match, as ini
the following case: A man tried this|
game on one of our merchants. He
went into this man's home and found
him gone and his wife with
FT/" '-VF
'f v..
trunk, ready to leave, as she satd, for
her father's home, as her husband had
left her. The merchant's suspicions were
aroused and he followed her, boarding
the same train for Portal, He tele
phoned ahead, found for what point she
purchased her tickets, bought the same
and stayed by her train. This led him
into Moosejaw, where the husband met
his wife and both went to an hotel. The
merchant followed, and interested
some burly Scotch mounted police,
who, hearing the case, roused up the
gentleman and escorted him over to
the barracks, where the facts were
made' known and verified by his own
signature oii notes apd hotel register.
At first it y^is tjb&wht best to ,ttf?
him back for an l$&$H>le to other) 4ti
ir„ w. *.w.7w.—#fir*
W*,-" V-. v^y
It contains ALL the medicinal elements of cod liver
oil, actually taken from genuine, fresh cod-livers,
with organic iron, and other body building ingredi
ents, in a. deliciously palatable and easily digested
form, If is therefore recognized as the
To Gain Flesh— To Get Strong«
We know VINOL will make flesh faster than
We can prove that VINOL quickly creates strength. vs,
^the original GUARANTEED
Ghronto Ooids—Haoklng Oougham
Sure signs of danger ahead. VINOL is the exact medicine needed. It does
not upset the stomach, and it surely heals and renews the irritated, diseased sur
face# tf*e cough. Try it at our risk.
Bronchitis—Sore Lungs*
Therd ls no medicine so valuable for restoring strength to the throat and lungs
as VINOL. It is the grandest lung medicine known. Tfyis we guarantee.
Debilitated— Atf Tired Out*
It is not natural to feel continually tired. We guarantee VINOL bring ljpfef
strength aad vigor to the debilitated, run-down system. iy V't'
Old People— Weak People
Need a strengthening and invigorating rebuilder. VINOL is of exceptional
value ijx such cases. VINOL positively rejuvenates old folks. Money back to
those iiot satisfi^r
Diseased nerves are due to overwork, insufficient nourishment or slow breaking
down of general health. VINOL actually rebuilds the entire body and heals
ragged nerv**. v'
if you take it for any of the ailments
.! .....
v 1
Pale Women—Pale Ghlldre0m 1
Pale, haggard faces show that the blood is poor and thin, also indicate im
perfect digestion. VINOL will correct such troubles as surely as the sun shines.
Nursing Mothers Weak Mothers*
You kitow the 'lite and future development of the child depend upon proper -t
nourishment/ VINOL helps natuie ciiaage fpod iu,b
costs nothing unless it benefits.
for which it is recommended. If,
it does not, bring it back and
get themoneyyou paid forit^
it's yours and we want^
you to ha veit. We want^
who are bene
fited by
l^e Mictly what we
without reservation or equivocation. We know
VINOL is the best tonic preparation and general
rebuilder of health known to medicine. We bank
our reputation and fortune on its being wheflesome,
delicious and most efficacious, and on the^ fact that
no other maker can produce anything like VINOL.
The statement that any other medicine is the same
as^VINOL i§ false. Don't take our word for it'—
try it yourself at our expense if it does not helji
you we stand the loss it costs you nothing*

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