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Being: Made fit the Plan
to Organize the Big Farm*
ers' Trust.
Question as to Whether Sub-Organi-
,|s£it|i^ms Shall Work -as Aux
fr .if- Hf Maries or Be. Merged.
-'Vif •-. ..
Y* '$#$££
U:''-^ l..
Chicago, Dec. 4.—A step towards the
iionsolidation of various state organ
isations ot farmers was taken by the
Conference of farmers, which has been
v 3*h session at the Grand Pacific Hotel
V "'V"..'i V ',
,fhc past two days. A committee was
^^i&PI^inted to design the form and to
'to- '^iaPe Policy of the prospective or
•, "l £aniza.tion. ...
il'V Sj Several of the 4eiegate&>w«)Ns^''the
'i V Opinion that the- companies -nbw oper
^iitinpr should remain in busincs under
^.y^'^f^idr' own names and act as auxiliary
vV.. ,i$d
Companies to the national one. Others
I-*• .'':|^ij?Keslcd that all associations be merg-
^.-' Wig
into one under one name, thus mak-
stronger union and making the
1 "-Sjrork of a governing body easier.
All were satisfied to leave the sub
ject to the committee appointed to
Cfc.^tudy the situation and solve the prob
When the committee reports an
pother meeeting will be called.
Minot. N. D.. Dec. 4.—The indict
:, inent of Major Murphy by the United
^•'•"States jttry at Grand Forks yesterday
a charge of perjury and fraud has
fe^iaused a decided sensation in this sec
"tton, as his political and personal
^friends here consider him innoccnt of
"the'grave accusations.
It has been known for some time
-J/|^iat a special inspector was taking up
j^Jne case in which the major had been
.•^attfirney for a pensioner, and it was
l^ttipposed that an indictment was sought
.C$t her. but, to the surprise of many,
ifhe major drew the indictment, and so
far the pensioner has not had a bill
':4»und agaittst her.
4rj -Major'Murphy says he was unaware
rs. Grinnell's remarriajte and only
f^ok the matter up out of charity,
knowing her to be in need of help, as
ijhe had four children to support, all
y/jQi whom were tnxier 16.
New \ork# Dcc. 4,-r"I have lived to
'o.^oclebrnte the twelfth anniversary of
ip*' V'-j^y 'uc^y escape." said Russell Sage,
V"' ^i|,e
the dean of Wall Street-, today in ref
Jrence to his escape from death on
the hands of a lunatic,
'silrho exploded dynamite in the aged
^financier's office. "1 expect to live to
V •4f'. thn**.tu#ntietli anniversary," added
4 v S a e I I a s a e u n i e n
•, \$r will ie in my ninety-sixth year—a
"l»retty old man."
It was just twelve years ago today
"fiiat the financial world and the public
'"'r .: i|i general were startled by the news
?f the attempt on Mr. Sage's life. On
'i&at day Henry Norcross of Boston
approached Mr. Sage and demandef
Several hundred thfusand dollars,
-fhreatening unless it was immediately
|:%. -|/A'r-paid to drop on the floor a valise he
,'Kfirried and which he said was filled
V i y n a i e
^, fi Mr. -Sage did not producc the money
y{* promptly enough, and his visitor let
fall. A terrific explosion
Recurred. Mr. Sage was practically
v tmharmeij. the mad visitor was blown
V^'- pieces, a clerk named Laidlaw was
1 l»adly injured and the office was wreck-
Afterward Laidlaw sned Mr. Sage..
-•?. claiming that the financier used him as
v-C,:V.'*\ jn shield- The case has been fought
trough'many courts and is yet unset
p^^ |led.
^u*y Op pone* th« McCuabtr BtU to QM ^cb
-. State Its Own Fund*.
WjCtkitopft^m Doc.' 4.—•SenatorjQtjay,
^'^tho^is booming the admission of New
{OpTexico as
"a .state, wants not only rail
roads. but irrigation, and his phalanx
Tjifil! sta"i jfolidly in opposition to any
Mich bill as has been introduced by
Senator Mr^'umbcr of North Dakota.
,|jroviiinor that the funds raised for'the
fund in ^.o»rticiilaf'..state
i»ha11 he expended on irrigation work
that state. There is no more chance
or such a bill to become a law than
i e e i s o S e n a o u o
^Jwtnp over the capitol dome. In addi*
"V. 1'on Quay forces, many other
•w '?"W Iticmbers of eajh house stand ready to
acainsr if. George H. Maxwell of
national irricration' executive co*«
mitte**. who favors the ^McCumber bi'l.
.'.lias no hripe that it can be passed. He
v|an|s the government evenually ti
?:fttatee dtffH jpptbf+ktian lot irfiga
and this may le done in years to
tforne. but it cannot be brought about
at nresent, The goverjjment is just
getting down to work under a new
?iml -untried irrigation law and two or
three years will elapse before any sing'e
project under it can be completed. To
Virin an agitation in fatN$r of a ne.v
Irrigation oolicv. while one ati^eady ne%v
stin brine tried and before anybody
k'low the competed worka
yirtM show, either for pr aoratnst the
policy tVw is sa'd Hv of
ft the
ie frorst.Ao:
New Orleans a Hot Competitor fgrtlM Next
Republican Pow Wo*.|'
Washington. Dec. 4.—Chicago is to"
have a new competitor for'the republi
can national convention. New Or
leans is in the field and members of the
republican national committee have
been informed that the city has obtain
ed pledges of $30,000 to defray the costs
of holding the convention there. Ef
forts will be made to swell the fund to
$50,000 befpre the meeting of the com
mittee. Should New Orleans be pre
pared to outbid Chicago it will have a
small chance of getting the convention,
but with the money offer equal, Chi
cago's exceptional accommodations
and advantages, geographical location,
together with a consideration ,ofr, cli
mate, will bar New Orleans.,
Milwaukee, Wis., Dec. 4.—Charlie
Neary, the Milwaukee boxer who has
held his own with Buddy Ryan. Young
Mowatt, Eddie Santry and other good
men of his class, is scheduled for a
4 l-y-out against Jack McClelland, of
Pittsburg, tonight. The contest is to
be the principal event of thfc boxing
show arranged by the Badger Athletic
Club. The fight is expected to be one
of the best seen in Milwaukee this sea
son. In the windup Jack Dougherty
and Charlie Berry will meet.
§an* Francisco, Cal., Dec. 4—There
are abundant indications that the
coursing meet to open at Union P^rk
tomorrow will be the most notable af
fair of the kind ever pulled off on the
coast.' The feature of the meeting will
be the competition for the John Grace
Challenge Cup, which is the richcst
cOursing event in America.
'I he half hundred or more fleet grey
hounds that will compete for the rich
stake represent well known kennels of
Montana, Texas, Illinois, Nebraska,
Minnesota, Iowa and a number of oth
er states.
I.*,*--. .'..'3'^
IV .•r"
h-:1 i .'-'
pt \*i 'c-f
The N«»lh Ruler 9i RiimIi Mac a BlrtMar—
Me l# AaMttwi.
scrviccs were held throughout the em
pire today in celebration of the twenty
fifth birthday of Grand Duke Mtchact,
heir apparent to the throne,*'who was
born Nov. 22, O. S. (Dec. 4), 1878. The
services also include thankspivings for
the Czarina's progress toward rccov-
to be foHy
Notwithstanding the (act ttutt he ap.
N. D., Dec. 4.—Alice ^ale,
alias Pearl Brown, charged with the
murder of Chas. Stiegel, changed her
plei' from not guilty to guilty of man
slaughter in. the first degree. The trial
began Wednesday night and nearly all
of the jury had been empanelled when
she made the change. The defendant is
under 20. This will end the criminal
cases at this term of court.
The jury in the Bert Benedict case
brought in a verdict of manslaughter
and fixed the sentence at fifteen years.
San Trancisco, Cal., Dec. 4.--Patrons'
of the roped arena are looking for
ward to a lively battle tonight when
Jack Johnson, the colored heavyweight
champion, and Sandy Ferguson, the
Boston heavyweight, come together
for a twenty round bout. The affair
is' to be pulled off under the auspices
of the Colma Club. Ferguson's stock
has recently taken a boom by reason
of his defeat of Joe Walcott. but wheth
er he is clever enough to stack up
against Johnson is a question itT'The
jnindsi of the local fight followers. Both
men are hard hitters and whichever
way the decision goes the contest is
expected to be,one of the liveliest seen
hereabouts in a long time. The two
men have completed their work of pre
paration and appear to be in the best
possible condition for the battle.
the lea* Mliix
Consul General
's i
siwirt wii Mauled
Murder Caftes at the Williams
County Capital.
Woman Who Shot a Man Pfeided
Ouilty Man Who Poisoned a
Woman Was Convicted.
H. A. fJudger, consul general of tlie United States to Panama, who, with Reaif Admiral John (i. Walker (re
«ow on tlu way to the isthmus In the president's yacht, Mayflower, will liar* eharjee of wjrutinri»ii«
With tlie new republic, lie earrles with him detailed Instructions from Secretary JTsy. awl it is thiught that he
will be the supreme reprew'iflative dt the United States in the republic of Panama as *oon ax thai government
Khali have been form ally recognized by the Washington authorities. Rear Admiral Walker is the president of the
fftfctiiaii iniial -u)lfll«iotr and ift.^se de^Jfjpipents sliotild make it earp#dlerit«t* restiine work Imnwllatelf' irMl
be lu a position to make the necessary preliminary arrangements..
the members of the imperial f?mily,
and it is difficult to realize that the
frail, sickly youth, who was never ex
pected to reach manhood, is now 25
years old.
The grand duke is the third son of
"folate Czar Alexander III., and as a
youth he gave promise of a uscl$l fu
ture. though his elder brother. Grand
Duke George, heir apparent to the
throne, naturally came in for a larger
share of public uotict. With the death
of the latter a few years ago and the
continued failure ofthe present czarina
to bear a son, it has become more and
more 6i a certainty that the yoting
grand duke, will some day/ be summon
ed to sway the scepter of (he vast Rtss
?& c" wmrtr^».n :{«TT
'tlbe Exptodtn lit a^Qasotine Stove Cause* a
|.. of Nearly $600.
The re&dence of Gustavi? l&Teke!,
located near the old building of the
Standard Oil Co. west of the slough,
was entirely destroyed by fire about
5 30 o'clock lasf evening. The fire or
iginated from the explosion of a gaso
line stove. Loss on furniture and house
$550. Insurance on house $250 noth
ing 011 furniture.
W'hen the explosion occurred Mrs.
Kirckel was engaged in preparing the
evening meal on a gasoline stove. The
stove exploded without warning, and in
1 ive minutes the whole cnterior of the
i louse was enveloped in flames. A 3
car-old child, sleeping in a side room
rescued with much difficulty by
Kir. Kirckel, who happened to be at
home when the explosion occurred. The
family lost everything except the cloth
^hg they were wearing at the time of the
Occident. The house was a new one,
paving been completed this fall. Mr.
furckel is a cabinet maker by trade
and the loss is a heavy blow to him.
The residence was located outside, of the
Sre district and •"•iri- alarai was not
turned in.
I Commander Stuart, in chargc of the
naval rccruiting station in South
Street, New York, has for his chief as
sistant William Manning, a boatswain
who has been a sailor for forty-nine
years. He is now 66 years old, but
does not look 50. Manning has touch
ed at nearly every port known to ma
riners and was with Commodore Perry
On the historic expedition to Japan for
the purpose of opening the ports of
that country to American traders, near
ly half a century ago. Eight tfrnes in
tlie course of his career he has reen
listed and has finally come to the con
clusion that lifeas a landlubber is not
worth living. v.
Rear Admiral John ri.WalKet
As he has grown older he has likewise
grown stronger and more robust and
is said to resemble his father much
more than does the present czar. This
resemblance has won for him a high
regard from the Russian people who
have never become reconciled to the
idea of being ruled-by a little man such
as Nicholas II. The Grand Duke
Michael is said to have a strong sym
pathy with the Russian national as
pirations of "world empire," and it is
believed he would push his country's ad
vantages in Asia and take a dominant
attitude in Europe should he inherit
the responsibilities of the throne.
As yet the young grand duke is be
lieved to be heart whole and fancy free
though rumor has tap him betrothed
$0 Prince** of Couaaught
'ind se)l^^.Qttac$l|jj)c eligible pnn
e s s e s w
Sketch of the Case and of the Woman
for Whom the Pension
Was Secured.
Spf''-'K^ted Her Soldier Husband
~J]/i\ Self Defense by Choking
Him to Death.
5$*e Grand Forks Herald has the
following: Maj. J. S. Murphy, promi
nent politician, former government of
ficial and a pioneer resident of Minot,
has been indicted by the United States
grand jury on a charge of perjury.
The indictment was returned to the
s:r.3 *21-excite­
day, and resulted in a flurry of
ment in political and business circles.
Tracy R. Bangs appeared as the at
torney for Major Murphy and waived
the reading of the indictment. A plea
of not guilty was entered, with a privi
lege of withdrawing the plea. Judge
Amidon fixed Major Murphy's bond at
$2,000, which was furnished with Louis
A. Larson, county auditor, and John
Lj-nch, clerk of court, of Ward County,
as sureties.
The charge preferred against Major
Murphy 011 which the indictment was
returned, is that he made a false state
ment in connection with a pension
voucher in favor of Mrs. Josephine
Grinnell, m. which he took oath that
he knew of his own knowledge that she
had not remarried. The voucher was
filled out to secure the second pension
payment due to Mrs. Grinnell, whose
pension had been secured by Major
As a matter of fact Mrs. Grinnell had
been married after the death of her
(Continued on Page II.)
+4*4 1.
... .:
«Al." '. V -v
v fvw Vv.
..y:/''-* :.' s
vii:-X --t'1
Gary Saie Paase* TbfMih the OrMReaark.
mtoy Well.
Fargo,. H'. D.. June 16., 1893 —Cary
Safe Co., Buffalo. N. Y.—Gentlemen:
I was the fortunate owner' of a Cary
Safe Co.'s safe, and am pleased to say
that during the time 1 was the possess
or 01 said safe I was well suited and
satisfied with it. Aud when the great
conflagration struck the city of Fargo
on June 7, 1893, 1 am glad to say that
my books and papers stood the test
remarkahly well, and the safe came out
500 per cent better than two-thirds of
the safes that went through the great
fire. command and retomnend thr
Cary safe. Respectfully and t£cd9.
1 An laterrpttaff Lecture WW Be Given Mere Sat*
unlay Attinaw.
F. J. Thompson, Librarian: Satur
day afternoon, Dec. beginning at 3
o'clock. Professor Libby, of the Uni
versity of North Dakota will give his
famous lecture on birds in the Blue
Lodge room of the Masonic Temple.
The lecture will be illustrated by ster
eoptican views by Dr. S. J. Hill. The
lecture is particularly for the children,
but press notices indicate that the par
ents have enjoyed it as much as the
children. Professor Libby has been in
duced to come to Fargo to contribute
to the interest of the children's story
hour which Rev. Elinor Gordon has so
kindly undertaken for the purpose of
outlining and starting the young pa
trons of the public library in the way
of Vight, instructive and proper read
Too many of the older people know
in youth, has been thrown away on
reading that was aimless and not ap
propriate for their years. It is to avoid
this error and waste of time, that these
weekly story hours have been under
taken, and this lecture is right in^Uite.
with our purpose.
No admission will be charged.
In order to carry on the work it is
necessary that the children be furnish
ed suitable books, and at present the
library is able to furnish only a small
part of what we should have. During
the course of the lecture an opportun
ity will be given, to those who feel in
terested in the work, to contribute
something for the purchase of children
books for the public library.
We hope to see the lecture well pat
ronized by the children, and parents,
if they desire to attend.
Ellendale Record The conditioitof
Miss Anna Kronschnable, who is uiiiier
treatment at the Kdgclcy Hospital, be
came so serious last week that it was
found necessary to amputate her arm.
The unfortunate young lady first suf
fered an amputation of one finger and
the further spread of blood poisoning
compelled the further operation.
Some ninety couples braved the
s'iOrm Thursday night to attend the
dancing party given by Mr. and Mrs.
G. H. Knight and Mr. and Mrs. S. L.
Sheldon fn Pirie's Hall. The music,
the floor, the lights never seemed more
perfect than on this occasion. After
an overture about 9 o'clock by Zim
merman's orchestra the merry dance
was on, the guests having been wel
comed by the hosts and hostesses as
they entered the hall. Refreshments
were served at 11:30 and the decoration
scheme on the long tables, in light and
dark green, betrayed the touch of the
hostesses. It was long after supper
when the guests bade adicux with true
expressions of having had a delightful'
At the First Baptist church, cornet*
Lighth Street and First Avenue South,
during the month of December, Rev. 1
S. A. Hay worth will deliver a series
of sermons on "Why More Men Are
Not Christians," as follows:
December 6—"A Governor's Rea- I
son, or A More Convenient Season." jj
December ijr-'.'A Greek Scholar's
Reason, or We Will Hear Thee.
December 20—"A King's Reason, or
Almost Persuaded." I
December 27—"A Commercial Man's
Reason, or Enlarging the Barns."
Special nnisic at all the serv-.
ices, consisting of anthems, solos, tc.
You are invited to come and enjoy I
these services. Seats free. Come early
and take a front seat.
Services begin promptly at jri»
v.'. I
Page, N. D., Dec. 3—l'o 'ITie.Forum:
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Worley, whb were
married alouften days ago at Fargo,
are visiting friends and relatives here.
The bride was formerly Miss Isidore
McCorquodale. Both young people
are_ well known here, and have a host
of friend* who wish them very happi-*
ness. They- will reside at' Osnabrock,
Mrs. S. S. Hasbrook was on the sick,
list the fore part of this wtek but is
better now.
The dinner and supper given by the
ladies, of the M. E. Church Tlianl^gn*
ing day was a success both soctallly
and financially. 'Die proceeds netted
over $60.
Yesterday rain, and today ai blizzard!
Who says we who live, in Norths Da
kota don't know what 4 S66#ge of
weather is.
Frank Stimsoo etme d»wn from
Hope Tuesday and stayed one day with
his family who live her*.
The wedding of Miss June Parsons, J
and Thos. Pierce took jii^e-at^Vioon
Thanksgiving day at t^ the
bride, Rev. C. C. WilliMti
Xlrs. Ruth Gray, played ro^wcMSng
marclu The bride was attended by her
cousin, Miss Bessie Btfrty and Mr. fe
Will Pierce was groomsman. It was a
very pretty wedding atu) wat attended *.
by a large company of friends and relr
atives. The h^|»r..ppir were the
cipients of #any preMnts.
The ThtUiksghm^ ball r#ven"
Cook's Hjsll wai lar{
music n
attei ied. The
re Alexander,

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