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offensive breath
dryness of the nose
pain across the ey&3
pain in back of the
pain in fropt of the
toodency to take cold
burning'pain in the
lmwk ins: to clear the
pain in the
Mr. Rose
T» V
part of the chest
Hyomei will destroy activity of all
catarrhal germs in the respiratory or
gans and in a few weeks the cure will
be complete.
'y This is a strong statement, but the
^Waldorf Pharmacy emphasizes it by
agreeing to refund your money ii i^Br
omei does not cure.
genuine. Unscrupulous
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%. greeable Disease.
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catarrhal poison, heals and soothes are first destroyed. The Hyomei treat
the irritated mucous,'membrane, enters ment kills the catarrh germs even in
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tissues of the lungs.
huskinoss of voice
dUcharge from nose
stoppage of the nose
at uigbt
achiD^ of the body
droppings in throat
mouth open
tickling back of. the
formation of toasts
iu tho nose
11 cough
stitch in sidfl
losing of flesh
vai iable appetite
low spirited at times
racing of frothy mu
expectorating yellow
difficulty in breathing
frequent sneeziug
l6ss of strength
spasms of coughing
cough short and haolc
cough worse nights
aud mornings
loss iu vital force
a fooling of tightness
across the upper
catarrh, the Waldorf Pharmacy means time
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That the beginning of catarrh is due from a local dealer in case it does not
Vysr, to the presence of germs in. the air help.
I Tax Attorney of
Hit! Southern Pacific R.R.
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cine During That Time Was
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in the &oue capaci^iu the city of New York.
"I was suffering from a severe attack of
pneumonia, had pleurisy in my side, and hod
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i V
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ktUe seal over alls
thb farg'o forum and daily republicax, satfhtay evening, ttcoembW?
fsitt o( the LrHon, I Kings 111,4-15.
Memory Verses, 12, 13—Golden Text,
Prov. is, 10—Commentary Prepared
by Rev. D. Bf. Stearns.
[Copyright, 1003, by Amirioan Pren Association.1
The statement in verse 3 that "Solo
mon loved the Lord" is about the best
thing that could be said of him, but it
is not so grand as that in II Sam. xli,
24, 25, "the Lord loved him," nor is it
so great as the significance of his name
Jedidiah, the beloved of the Lord. Our
love to God is so poor compared with
His love to us tlitit it is neither worth
Singing about nor talking about it is
too often something like Solomon's,
who, though he walked in tho statutes
of David, his father, yet sacrificed and
burned incense in high places and made
affinity with Pharaoh. There is little
whole heartedness for God notwith
standing II Chron. xvi, 9.
The ark of God was in a tent which
David had pitched for it in Jerusalem,
but the tabernaple and altar of burnt
offering wore at Gibcon (II Chron. i,
3, 4), and thither Solomon and all the
congregation had gone to offer sacri
fice, and there the Lord appeared to
Solomon in a dream by night, and God
said to him, Ask what I shall give thee.
The Lord's appearing to His servants
is a most interesting and inspiring
studj from the time when He clothed
Adairi and Eve (Gen. iii, 21) and on
ward, but as in the olden time so now
His usual method is to reveal Himself
by His word (I Sam. iii, 18). The
Lord's offer to Solomon at this time re
minds us of Est. v, 3, 6 I Kings, x,
13 Luke xviii, 41 Matt, vii, 7 xxi, 22
John xiv, 13,14 xv, 7 Isa. xlv, 11,1. c.
But what do we know of the power of
such words? How much do we ask
and receive, or wliat do we know of the
great and mighty things of Jer. xxxiii,
Solomon's reply to God begins with
an acknowledgment of great mercies to
his father and to himself, a thing most
appropriate in all our approaches to
God (Prov. iii, 6 Phil, iv, G). Notice
the words "thou hast" in five different
connections in this prayer—thou hast
showed, kept, given, m/ide, chosen, giv
ing all the glory to God in all these
things. We are reminded of David's
prayer in-1 Chron. xxix, 10-19, where
he acknowledges so humbly his own
nothingness and God's greatness and
bounty, using the pronouns Thou, Thy,
Thine, Thee, at least twenty times.
Our highest place is lying lw at our
Redeemer's feet, glorying nrc in wis
dom nor might nor riches, but in know
ing Him who is in Himself all wisdom
and wealth and power (Jer. ix, 23, 24).
His conscious weakness and igno
rance Solomon sets forth in the words
"I am but a little child I know not
how to go out or come in" (verse 7), re
minding us of Jer. J, G. If he had al
ways remained consciously weak and
had loaned wholly on the Lord how
different would his record have been!
Uzziah, one of his successors, was mar
velously helped till he was strong, but
then his heart was lifted up to his de
struction (II Chron. xxvi, 15, 16). Not
in pride, but only in humility, can we
walk with God (Mic. vi, 8, margin).
His request as given in verse 9 is
stated in II Chron. i, 10, as follows:
"Give me now wisdom and knowledge
that I may go out and come in before
this people." Wisdom is the principal
thing, better than rubies and all other
things that might be desired, and can
be obtained when men honestly desire
it (Prov. ii, 3-6 iv, 7 viii, 11). It can
be had for the asking, but it must be
sincerely asked for (Jas. i, 5). It is
part of the fullness that dwells in
Christ for His people (Col. ii, 9 I Cor.
i, 24, 30).
Because Solomon made such a re
quest and did not ask for himself rich
es or long life the Lord was pleased
to grant him what he askeel abundant
ly and also an abundance of the things
he. had not asked for. It is written
that "God gave Solomon wisdom and
understanding exceeding much and
largeness of heart even as the sand
that is on the seashore," but this
strange measure of wisdom is explain
ed by the fact that Judah and Israel
arc spoken of as being many, as the
sand which is by the sea in multitude
(I Kings iv, 20, 29). Solomon was thus
promised wisdom for every individual
case he might have to deal with, and
an illustration is given in the record
which follows our lesson.
As to Solomon's request pleasing the
Lord, our Lord Jesus said of Himself,
"I do always those things that please
the Father,** and the Father testified of
Jesus, "This is My Beloved Son, in
whom I am veil pleased" (John viii, 29
Matt, iii, 17 xvii, 5). When we are so
fully yielded to God that we can truly
say, "I live, yet not I, but Christ llveth
In me," He who always pleased the
Father in the mortal body prepared for
Him will also please the Father in our
mortal bodies (Gal. ii, 20 II Cor. iv, 11
Heb. xiii, 20,21 Rom. xii, 1, 2).
Although this was a dream, yet it
was a real communication from God,
who in former times often revealed
Himself in visions and dreams, as He
did to Jacob, Joseph, Nebuchadnezzar,
Daniel, Joseph, the husband of Mary,
Pilate's wife and. others (Num. xii, 6-8
Job xxxiii, 15). Even to this day God
does sometimes reveal His will in a
dream or vision concerning special
guidance in unusual matters or to a
seeking soul among the heathen who
bave not heard the goqpel but, as a
rale, He speaks by His word to those
who have His word and never in con
flict with it Before the ark at Jerusa
lem Solomon offered up burnt offering*
and peace offerings, the former typf
tjrtus our Lord Jesus dfcriag Himself
wbqlly to God and the latter our fel
Ittrstyp with God tbrongli tons Cbrlst
Something More of December Weath
w-The Professor Has Some-y
thing About the Planets.
The special feature of this distur
bance will be its low average tempera
tures. A great rise will occur follow
ing the last preceding cold wave and
blizzard but temperatures will remain
comparatively low while they will ap
pear mild as compared with the week
beforc. The cold wave of this distur
bance will go low enough to be of
some importance but not as low as the
preceding. Following next disturbance
is where the severe cold wave will
come in.
you stand with your face toward
the sun at noon during December the
direction of our earth's movements
around the sun will be to your right
hand or a little south of west. Early
in the morning, before sunrise, you
will see the bright planet Venus. It
moves faster than the earth because it
is nearer the sun and its revolution
around that central orb requires about
225 of our days. In the early evening
to the cast will be seen the great planet
Jupiter. It has been a conspicuous ob
ject in the evening skies during past
three months. No other planets arc
in view.
A number- of bright stars ^re always
to be seen on clear nights. These
stars are suns, many of them much
larger than our sun but very far away.
They arc probably the center of solar
systems like our own. About 500
heavenly bodies are known to be re
volving around our sun and constitute
the solar system. Probably every star
we can sf om tin: dearest night and
millions more that are brought into
vie v by the powerful tclescopes are
centers ot systems as our sun is the
center of our solar system.
All the Mars we can see, including
the mill.y \v y. which is composed of
fat away stars, belonging to what is
known as our cluster. Whether our
clutter lias a great center of solid mat
ter around which it revolves, is not
known. But there are great circular
dark spots out in the milky way in
which no stars appear even when view
ed through the most powerful tele
scopes. Locking in any other direction
th»f great telescopes reveal thousands
otri distant stars all belonging to our
What are those large circular dark
spots? The great telescopes bring out
their inky blackness and astronomers,
not knowing what they are, call them
the "coal sacks." Can it be that they
are immense aggregations of solid
matter constituting the centers of disc
like, formations of stars that make up
our. cluster and whose peripheries, or
outer circumferences, we see in the
folds of the milky way? We know
there are dark heavenly bodies dark
because they have no atmospheres, for
we see them passing between us and
the sun or momentarily shutting off
the light of a star.
The immensity of space, the coex
tensive diffusion of matter and the be
wildering question how it all came
about brings to mind that grand poem,
the favorite of Lincoln, "Why Shpuld
the Spirit of Mortal Be Proud."
of North Dakota, County of
Cass.—ss. Tn County Court, before
Hon. A. G. Hanson, Judge.
In the matter of the estate of Mary
O'Neil, deceased.
Evan S. Tyler, petitioner, vs Henry
O'Neil, Mary Jane Shanley, Julia Rusch,
Bridget Galvin, Johnanna Flood, John
J. Higgins, Mxt"ner Agnes, Superioress
of the Academy of Sacred Heart, and
Father Lemieux, Catholic priest in
charge of the parish of a argo, respon
dents.—Notice and citation, hearing of
final account and distribution of estate.
The State of North Dakota to the
above named respondents:
You, the said Henry 0,'Neil, Mary
Jane Shanley, Julia Rusch, Bridget
Galvin, Johanna Flood, John J. Higgins,
Mother Agnes, Superioress of the Acad
emy of Sacred Heart and Father Lem
ieux, Catholic priest in charge of the
Parish of Fargo, are hereby notified that
the fina'l account of the executor of
the estate of Mary O'Neil, late of the
city of Fargo, in the county of Cass, and
state of North Dakota, deceased, has
been rendered to this court, therein
showing that the estate of said deceased
is ready for final settlement and dis
tribution, and petitioning that his ac
count be- allowed, the residue of said
estate be distributed to the persons
thereunto entitled, his administration
closed and he be discharged that Mon
day, the 18th day of January, 1904, at
10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day,
at the court rooms of this court, in the
Magill Block, in the city of Fargo, county
of Cass and state of North Dakota,
has been duly appointed by this court
for the settlement thereof, at which
time and place any person interested in
said estate may appear and file his ex
ceptions, in writing, to said account and
petition and contest the same.
And you, the above named respond
ents, and each of you, are hereby cited
and required then and there to be and
appear before this court, and show
cause, if ahy you have, why said ac
count shall not be allowed, the residue
of said estate distributed, the adminis
tration of said estate closed and said
executor discharged.
Dated the 37th day of November, A.
D.. 1903.
By the Court
(Seal) A. G. HANSON,
Judge of the County Court.
*P' '03.)
Z -,
(Copyrighted bj W. T. Foster.)
^Washington, D. C., Dec. 5.—Last
bulletin gave forecasts of disturbance
to cross continent Ded. 9 to 13, warm
wave Dec. 8 to
cool wave Dcc. 11
to 17. Next disturbance will reach Pa
cific Coast about Dec. 15, cross west of
Rockies by close of Dec. 16, great cen
tral valleys Dec. 17 to 19, eastern states
Dec. 20. Warm wave will cross west
of Rockies about Dec. 15, great central
valleys Dec. 17, eastern states Dec. 19.
Cool wave will cross west of Rockies
about Dec. 18, great central valleys
Dec. 20, eastern states Dec. 22.
DOWSiING, President
(owning frlcdical Association and German
Mcdizai and Surglce.5 InstituteancS Eyo
and Car Inflrr*.L.ry, Chicago,
i* 15
No money taken from incurable cases. If you cannot be cured, you win be frankly told the troth
Formerly 4)f fcew York, now of Chicago and Minneapolis
The most reliable and successful Surgeon Specialist in thn treatment of certain Chronic, Nervou
and Special Diseases. By request of many Friends and Putiontd will visit
Wednesday, Dec.
$100,000 Capital.
Oldest, largest, most successful and re
liable medical institution of its kind in the
Northwest for tlic treatment of Chronic,
Nervous and Private Diseases of Moil and
Women, Deformities. Surgical Operations
and Diseaos of the Eyes and Ears.
No money taken from the Incurable cases.
If your case is Incurable, you will be frank
ly told the truth, and advised not to waste
your money. An honest opinion Riven to
every case. Thousands cured after being
given up to die.
Itay examinations when required.
Cures When Others
Diseases of the Eyes aiul Ears—Hllndnesg
prevented, Cross-Eyes straightened. Deaf
ness, ltuiiniiig Ears, etc. Diseases of
Lungs, Catarrh, Insipient Consumption,
Diseases of Stomach, Liver, Kidneys and
Ithidder. Wood and Skin Diseases. Heart
Diseases, Palpitation, Dizziness, Short
IJreath, Heart Pains, etc. Tumors, Can
cers, Unnatural Crowths. Diseases of
Women, Diseases of Men, Deforininties,
Lack of Development, Surgical Operations
if necessary.
Yourtg, Middle Aged and
Old Men
Men suffering from Nervous Debility,
Weakness, Lack of Ambition and Energy,
liackache, Defective Memory, Dizziness,
Confusion of ideas. Had Dreams, Night
mare, Avecsion to Society, Timidity, Hash
fulness, Pain in the Hack. Limbs or Chest,
rendering busluess a failure, labor n bur
den, blighting the most radiant hopes and
sweetest joys of life and a happy home,
causiiig diseased brain, heart, lungs, kid
neys and other organs. Every man who
has any symptoms of these diseases should
at Columbia Hotel.
consult the doctor nt once. No matter who
has failed. A perfect restoration guaran
teed iu all eases undertaken. Consultation
private aud confidential, and may add
many happy years to your life.
Special Notice
Men who have been under treatment of un
skilled physicians, "medical companies." ^In
stitutes'' und "electrical bait" frauds, who
trifle with them mohili after month, giving
stimulating, poisonous drugs, without affect
ing a cure, should consult Dr. Downing at once.
Most of the 48.000cured cases have been treat*d
bf other doctors and self-styled institutos with
out benefit.
$50 0.00 Reward
will be paid for a case of certain private dis
ease, which has been neglected or improperly
treated—which we undertake and cannot cure.
Blood Md Skin Diseases
nre not routined to dens of vice or the low
er classes. The purest and best people may
contract these awful maladies through hand
ling the clothing, drinking or eating from
the same vessel, handshaking, kissing, using
the same toilet articles or otherwise com
ing iu contact with persons who have the
disease. Many persons have Hlood Disease
who do not know it. The symptoms are
often hhldeu. An erruption or discoloration
of the skin, pimples or blotches on any
part of the body, falling of the hair or eye
brows or acliing of the bones may be the
only outward symptoms.
The symptoms of Hlood Disease often
disappear for a time sometimes for years
(without any treatment). Some treatments
cause the symptoms to disappear for a
time, to reappear In its most hideous form
after u period of hiding. Sonn forml of
Blood Disease may be inherited.
Weak Women
Thousands endure the torture of living
death without knowing of the life niid
health which may be theirs. The delicate
strueture of the female organization is
specially liable to disease and weakness.
Everv woman should know how best to ob
tain health and vitality, animation, grace,
vivacity, form and beauty, sparkling eyes,
glowing cheeks, clear complexion, and all
conditions incident, to perfect womanhood.
No unpleasant examinations. No lady,
either married or single, need hesitate to
call, either alone or with a friend. Con
sultation private and contldeutial.
MARRIED PERSONS or persons contem
plating marriage, aware of any disease,
would do well to call for consultation.
lteiiiarkable cures In old cases which
have been neglected and Improperly treat
ed. If your case is incurable, you will bt
told the truth.
all parts of the United Stales. List of ques
tions free. Address
L. F. ALLEN, Agent
Five ycfrs ago tte $7orth Dakota Collection Agency started out with
one horse and two or three hundred dollars' worth of collections. We
handle a half a million dollars' worth of paper and have a force of men
on the road who cover the state of North and South Dakota and Min
nesota. Our commissions last year were $21,000 they will be consider
ably increased this year. This would indicate that we make collections.
We do not handle real estate, insurance and half a dozen other things,
but devote our entire time to handling collections. We are in a posi
tion to buy negotiable paper and past due not« s^«t)4 judgments. Look
up what you have and come in and see ua. :t
O. W. KERR, Mgr.
507 Boston Block, TO33 Masonic Temple,
Minneapolis Minn. Oiicago, 111.
This is no lliirtv day trial scheme. Neither now or in the future will
we ever ank one cent of poy for it. \V-guarantee itti be the be*tB-'tl)i('ullnet
mude. One trJul will piove to von JtB Kiipei iorit y nvorl ath r'iibiiiet* costing V
10 815. We are giving tlnn Cabinet n» ay tree to all cuiutilt' cuheH to intro
Nine-tenths of all Fii Ian ki anil ill health are due to tho Improper action
of the ioi eti of I he bkiti. The iiiuul liib bulb or bath dot uot clean
out all the ciioked-up port?.
It cures Nervou*, Stomach, Liver and Kidney Diseased, Rbenmbtlfim,
Weak l!u« k, Parnht-itt. Locomotor Ataxia, Headache, Constipation, Hies,
Hlood and Skin Troubles.
It i* marvelous in eu ring wnmcn'ft ill" and "offerings. "Ynttr Free Hath
rahiin-t quickly cured me after »utferiug lu tUent miuery for luaiiy yours."
Jlr«. a. H. ltateaux.
Wisconsin Medical Bath Cabinet Co., Room 9?2 Alhambra Eldg^Jgjl^aj^eeJjn^^
Why pay the combine $100 tor
a typewriter, when you can get
a Chicago for $35? Buy a Chi
cago and give the $65 to your
Mother-in-Law for Christmas.
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ments exacted of first class standard
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for DMeripthn Cata!ogiM and fwtfctr dotal*


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