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Tuesday, May 29.
Miss Elsie Lincoln recital, Stone*)
hall, evening.
Wednesday, May 30.
Mis Elsie Lincoln recital,
ball, afternoon.
Friday, June 1.
Freshman class play, Mr. BoMs* at
the. A. C. chapel in the evening.
Saturday, June 2.
Bophomore class programme at the
A. C. in the evening.
Monday, June 4.
Rite Reunion.
Tuesday, June 5.
Scottish Rite Reunion.
Wednesday, June 6.
Scottish Rite Reunion.
Thursday Evening, June 7.
Meeting of the Shriners.
Friday, June 8.
Inter-society banquet at the A. C»
Saturday, June 9.
Annual commencement concert
the A. C. at 8 p. m.
Sunday, June 19.
Baccalaureate address to A. C. grad
uating class in college chapel at 3:30
p. m.
Monday, June 11.
Class day exercises of the A. C. ten
tor class in the college chapel.
Tuesday, June 12.
Annual commencement exercises In
(lie A. C. chapel, at 3:30 p. m.
Annual A. C. alumni banquet In Pir
le's hall in the evening.
Fargo college, commencement coa
cert, First Congregational church.
Wednesday, June 13.
State sportsmen's tournament.
Itargo college commencement.
Fargo State Fair Dates.
The North Dakota State Fair
Fargo will be held on the fair grounds
north Broadway, the week beginning
July 28,1909.
Note-—All meetings are evenings un
less otherwise specified. These an
nouncements will be kept standing,
and we shall be glad to have notices
sent in by persons in interest.
Canniff paints signs best. Tel 250L
The Rathskeller is th® most unique
and costly establishment In Moorhead.
Minn, s
Don't bother with your fori at
home. Take them to Denis Bros., for
hot summer season.
Gross Bros., new Job printing plant
and German newspaper is In the
Keeney block, phone 791.
List your Fargo city property with
us for sale or rent. We will find
customer. O. W. Kerr Co,
The lecture to have been given at
the First M. E. church by Dr. Dudley^
has been postponed one week.
Best Pressed Brick at Lowest Pliess. \.
If yon oontempUto building, get
figures and samples from ns.
Hebron Fire & Pressed Brick Co.,
Hebron, N. D.
Clear judgment—a little money
and careful reading of the want ads
and your friends will soon be saying,
"he always was a lucky chap."
Examinations will be held in this
city June 20 and 21 to secure ellgibles
for the positions of mechanician and
interpreter of Syrian, Greek and .Bul
Mrs. E. C. Eddy announces that she
expects to open Eddy lodge at Lake
Melissa on June 7 for the summer.
Anyone wishing information about
rooms, board, etc.,
phone her
number, 24-L, or write to her at De
troit City, Minn.
Wildwood Cottage, all furnished
'except dishes and bedding, on
Lake Sally, half mile from Fair
haven Hotel. Short distance from
Mineral Springs. Address Regis
ter of Deeds, Detroit, Minn.
Billy Bennett's Big Show# which
appear here next week carry ten big
vaudeville acts which were personally
selected by Mr. Bennett from among
the top liners of the profession. This
show is unquestionably the biggest
and best organization of its kind that
ever toured the northwest.
The last of Rev. A. A. Graves' lec
tures on poetry, art and music will be
given at the Broadway M. E. church
this evening at 8 o'clock. Besides the
lecture, which will be brief, there will
be a splendid musical programme ren
dered by \Prof. Nielle Odell Rowe,
who will play selections from Lohen
grin, Parsifal and from the work of
Beethoven, Bach and other old mas
ters. Admission free, everybody wel
Made at die lowest rates, so de
lays in closing loans, consult
your own interests and write or
call and see us.
Stern Block, Fargo, M. D.
j- The 'Frisco pictures at the Bijou
V have pleased many and go away in
(their place have come others and as
Interesting in their way. The scenes
the great Carnegie steel plant are.
v. well pictured and very thrilling. The
train wreckers is another thrilling
Sscene which is shown today and Wed-
nesday. Other pictures of the 'Fris
co fire are being finished and will be
..shown at the Bijou, perhaps next is," he retorted, "but you'll find that
The Illustrated song, "Always i a pitchfork can't stick a grasshopper.'
N i i *jnw i i ji '.'5\ i v 3~
Thm onhr hlah |rM« Bating Powiw
mad# at moderate urtM.
in The Way" is beautiful and is sung
by Mr. Evens of this city.
Erickson photos will not disappoint.
See Erickson for your next photos.
Have Knight Printing Co., print It.
To further your Joy—we offer you
Dwight's Golden Link flour.
Phone 586 for Deimert & Murphy's
quick delivery of wines and liquors.
Honest fuel, coal and wood of all
kinds, solid, full measure. Interior
Lumber Co. Phone 92.
Lawn grass seed. The best lawns
in Fargo are sown with our seed,
guaranteed. Shotwell & Graver.
T. J. Young & Co. will give you
claim check for your trunk so you will
have no trouble at depot. Phone 15.
Subscriptions received for any period!
cal pnblishod in any part of the world.
Will duplicate any offer by reliablt
agency. Bend ns a list of what you de
sire and quotations will be promptly
P. O. Box 330. Fargo, N. D.
A copy of the 1905 Session Laws,
popular edition, and The Daily Forum
for three months In advance for $1.50
at The Forum office. This is only 50
cents more than the price of the book
"Ready money Is ready medicine"-*
and if you have a little of it you can
decide upon what kind of doses to
prescribe or take when you have read
the ads.
goose that lays the golden
eggs likes to lay where there are eggs
already. Another name for this fa
bled goose is "publicity" and for the
eggs, "profits."
I Do All KfBdS of
Black dirt, all kinds of trees for
sate. Let me excavate your cellar.
Phone 88o-M. Fargo.
Miss Carrie Eddy returned Thurs
day from spending the winter with
her grandmother at Cleveland, O. She
reports, havipg had a most enjoyable
time and comes back much improved
in health and is glad to be In Fargo
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Officer and family
have moved to the Resser farm Just
north of the cemetery where a large
pasturage for the dairy cows is found
and a good tract for the truck garden
ing which they have so successfully
carried on, is maintained. The Of
ficer home on Eighth street south has
been rented to a Mr. Gardner.
Until June 1st we will offer 1,600
acres of land located in Oliver
County, N. D,, at $6.50 per acre.
New Salem, N. D.
Unprecedent latitude has been taken
by many senators while discussing
the rate bill. Senator Gallinger had
just introduced an amendment in ref
erence to bookmaking by the inter
state commission. Senator Foraker
came in. He had not heaid anything.
"Mr. President," he said, "I don't
know what this amendment is or who
introduced it, but it should not go in
the bill." Other rate bill amenities:
I introduce this amendment," said
Senator La Follette, "so my colleague
(Senator Spooner) may have an op
portunity to lay it on the table." "I
will explain this to the senator from
South Carolina (Tillman)," said Sen
ator Aldrich, "although it is very dif
ficult to explain anything to fit his
A Few Left—Prices Reduced
0. McKoudrr, at Tsmpls, or H. C.
imler. st
Plan Forum.
One of the strangest friendships in
Washington is that existing between
Senator Tillman of South Carolina
and ex-Senator Chandler of New
Hampshire. It is especially curious
considering that the two men repre
sent almost diametrically opposite
views on topics that have made more
enemies than friends. Tillman rep
resents all that is distasteful and
hateful to the north on the race is
sue. On the other hand, ex-Senator
Chandler has been one of the most
persistent flaunters of the "bloody
shirt." He advocated the force bill,
believes in restricting the south's'rep
resentation in congress and doesn't
hesitate to say that the negroes of the
south should be treated as equals of
the whites, and they have had numer
ous bitter forensic battles. On one oc
casion Chandler, bobbing up from
different seats, kept firing questions
at Tiliman while the latter was ad
dressing the chamber. The souther
ner at length become exasperated. "The
senator from New Hampshire," he
roared, waving his fists, "is the grass
hopper of this body.'' Up shot the
fragile form of Chandler. "Maybe he
As a result of a combination en
tered Into by the members of the
council prior to the meeting, and in
spite of the officials of the street
railway company conceding practic
ally everything demanded by the resi
dents along the Oak Grove line, the
passage of the street railway fran
chise ordinance was blocked at the
council meeting last night. Now it
appears that the building of a street
car line to the state fair grounds is
up to the supervisors of Fargo town
Just before ,the original franchise
ordinance was put to a vote Attorney
Watson, representing the street rail
way company, stated that the com
pany would be willing to extend the
proposed line on Sixth avenue north
to First street instead of to Third
street as was proposed in the ordin
ance. This proposition was put In
shape of an amendment and yet five
aldermen voted against it. It then
developed that the aldermen from the
first ward had entered into a com
bination with Alderman Mills to block
the passage of the ordinance under
any consideration.
Persons who were present at the
meeting for the express purpose of
protesting against the tearing up of
the Oak Grove line were dumfounded
when Alderman Mills voted against
the amendment.
"We want nothing better than the
changes in the line as proposed in
the amendment," said a prominent
property owner along the Oak Grove
As a matter of fact the street car
service would be far better for Oak
Grove residents and the line would
have been practically |an extension
of the present Oak Grove line.
The interest which was taken in the
street railway franchise ordinance
was evidenced by the number of per
sons who occupied every available
inch of space in the council chamber
last night. Every argument advanc
ed for and against the ordinance re
ceived careful attention and everyone
who had any interest or desire to be
heard in connection with the matter
was given the opportunity.
The Proceedings.
Ten aldermen responded to the roll
call last night. The mayor stated
that the purpose of the meeting was
to consider the matter of the street
railway extension but Alderman Van
Horn interrupted with a resolution de
claring the 'necessity ,for the con-,
elusion of the sidewalk on the east
side of block 12 Chapin's addition.
The resolution was adopted.
T. J. McEnroe repeated the argu
ments he had advanced at the last
meeting of the city council in op
position to the tearing up of the Oak
Woman Traveler From tha Coast
Bought Many Botttes of Milk.
A wifman traveler was mixed up in
a tittle deal at Larimore last Friday
noon while the overland passenger
was at the depot. She arrived on that
train and immediately went to the
restaurant of L. F. Mason. Here she
had a bottle filled with milk, and in
payment for the same she gave the
waiter a $5 bill $4.90 in change was
handed to her and she again boarded
the train. Shortly after the train left
Larimore, the bill was discovered to be
a counterfeit and Mr. Mason at once
telegraphed to the conductor of the
train at Mayville. The conductor ac
costed the woman at once, telling her
of the trouble. She promptly gave the
official 15, saying that she was not
aware that the money was not good.
Chief of Police Fadden of Larimore
made an effort to stop the woman at
Wahpeton, but the marshal of that
place could not be reached by wire
until too late. Two men who stopped
at Larimore stated to Mr. Mason that
the woman had come all the way from
the coast, and had the bottle filled
with milk at every railroad restaurant
along the line. There are a large num
ber of bills, such as the one passed at
Larimore, in circulation on the coast.
The fact that the woman dug down in
to a quantity of silver leads the offic
ials to believe that she was aware of
the fact that the money was not the
real article.
Fargo Carpet & Rug Co.
107 Eighth Street South. 'Phone 319,
Make Rugs, Clean Carpets, Clean
Rent or Repair Sewing Machines,
Sell Repairs, Oil and Needles for
all Machines. Sell Wall Paper.
Impure blood runs you down—makes
you an easy victim for organic dis
eases. Burdock Blood Bitters puri
fies the blood—cures the cause—builds
you up.
'Doan's Ointment cured me of ecze
ma that had annoyed me a long time.
The cure was permanent."—Hon. 8.
W. Matthews, Commissioner Labor
Statistics, Augusta, Me.
Regulates the bowels, promotes easy
natural movements, cures constipation
Doan's Regulets. Ask your druggist
for them. 25 cents a box.
Baby won't suffer five minutes with
croup If you apply Dr. Thomas' Eclee
tric Oil at once. It acts like magic.
Studio Mo. IS, 8ton* Blddb
Crowd Was Chilled.
Bismarck Tribune: Ex-Congress
man Spalding has been seeking to fo
ment a little dissatisfaction in McLean
county at one or two meetings held
this week at which a few curious per
sons assembled and shivered while the
ex-congressman related the iniquities
of the republican organization in the
state, knowledge of which came to the
Grove line. He declared that the
street railway was paying good Inter
est on the investment yet the com
pany had not complied with the pro
visions of the original franchise or
dinance. Mr. McEnroe was of the
opinion that the city council could
not legally grant the street railway
company the right to take up the
Oak Grove line. Mr. McEnroe re
ferred occasionally to the down
trodden people and heartless corpora
ations, and Alderman Mills indicated
much pleasure.
G. 8. Barnes addressed the counoil
in opposition to the tearing up of the
Oak Grove line and compared the
local street railway to the Minneapo
lis street railway.
Colonel Morton stated that he was
one of the first persons to subscribe
$1,000 to the state fair and he was
surprised to learn that the state fair
proposition was about to be the means
of depriving him of the Oak Grove
line. He characterized the proposed
tearing up of the line as a rank
Attorney Watson, taking a state
ment made by Colonel Morton to the
effect that the street railway system
was for the benefit of the entire city
rather than any particular ward,
spoke on the advantages of the pro
posed change. He said that more
would be served by the street cfers
than is now the case.
"There seems to be a misunder
standing about thfe tearing up of the
Oak Grove line," said Mr. Waston, "as
a matter of fact it is only contem
plated to tear up three blocks and a
After a general discussion the
mayor instructed the auditor to read
the ordinance. Alderman Stern mov
ed that the ordinance be placed on
its final passage. Mr. Watson in
terrupted before a vote was taken
and stated that in view of the op
position in Oak Grove to the tearing
up of the line, he was authorized to
accept the amendment which had
been suggested, namely extending the
line on Sixth avenue to First street
instead of only to Third street. Al
derman Clapp offered the ordinance
as proposed by Mr. Watson. The
amendment was lost by a vote of six
to five. Roll Was then called on the
original motion. The vote was the
same as on the amendment. Aldermen
Lewis, Early, Stewart, Mills and
Graham voting in the negative.
To Open Streets,
A petition from property owners to
opd.n Twelfth street north was re
ferred to the street committee. The
petition set forth that the obstruotion
of the street by the Milwaukee road
occurred In 1901 with the understand
ing that it would be only temporary.
ex-congressman simultaneously with
his defeat for renomlnation. It is not
stated whether the ex-congressman
made uuy explanation of Usm
ftoing Them Justiel.
The LaMoure Chronicle, one of the
most radical of insurgent newspapers
of the state, in commenting upon the
political issues of the present cam
paign, says: "So far as his (Sarles)
administration is concerned we think
it will be admitted by fair-minded
people that it does not appear unfav
orable in contrast wit!! the adminis
trations of his predecessors. And the
same may be said of other state offl
cers. There have been rumors and
threats of 'exposure' but candor com
pells us to admit—and we cheerfully
do admit—that little which Is discred
itable to the present administratloh
has been brought to light." The
Chronicle might have stated further
that strict search had been made to
find short-comings and delinquencies
but none were found.
Stockholders' Meeting.
TCutice is hereby given, that the
regular annual meeting of the stock
holders of the Red River Valley Mort
gage Company, for the election of di
rectors and the transaction of such
other business as shall come before
the meeting, will be held at the prin
cipal office of said Corporation in the
City of Fargo, County of Cass, state
of North Dakota on Tuesday, the 5th
day of June at 2 o'clock p. m.
Jno. D. Wooledge, Secretary.
(D. May 15, 22, 29.)
Stockholders' Meeting.
Fargo, N. D., May 15, 1906.
I The annual meeting of the stock
holders of the Union Light, Heat &
Power Company will be held at the
office of the corporation, 610 N. P.
avenue, on Tuesday, at 10 o'clock a.
m. on the 5th day of June, 1906, for
the election of Directors and the tran
saction of any other business which
may properly come before the meet
ing. O. G. Barnes,
Secretary of the Union Light, Heat &
Power Co.
(May 15, 22, 29.)
Notice to Builders.
Sealed bids will be received by the
undersigned at the First National
bank of Oakes, N. D., until Wednes
day, the 6th day of June, 1906, at 4
o'clock p. m., for the erection of a
bank building. Separate bids will be
received as follows:
One bid for the
general contract,
certified check $300.00.
One bid for all interior wood finish
of bank room to include all tile and
marble work, check for $100.00.
One bid for bank counter including
tile and marble work, check for
All bids must be accompanied with
certified checks as above, payable to
the order of the undersigned. Plans
and specifications are now on file, and
may be seen at the office of the First
National bank of Oakes, N. D., at the
Builders and Traders Exchange, Min
neapolis, Minn., and at the office of
the architect, M. E. Beebe, Fargo,
The right Is reserved to reject any
and all bids. H. C. M'Cartney,
Cashier First Nat'l Bank of Oakes,
CD. Mar 19, June
Agent 8todder of Moorhead Had Ms*
tinguished Psrent.
The son of the sole survivor of the
Ifi England the Conservatives represent
"yesterday and today," the Liberals "today and
In train servicc between the Twin Cities
and Chicago, The Pioneer Limited was the first
train to break away from "yesterday and today"
and to give travelers the benefit of "today and
tomorrow." Its route if via tb$
Chicago, Milwaukee
Leaves Minneapolis 8:00 p. m. St. Paul
8:35 p.m. arrives Union Station, Chicago, 8.55 a m.
Equipment includes standard and compartment
sleepers with "longer, higher and wider berths,"
library-buffet car, dining car, chaircarand coaches.
Buy your ticket East from your local agent,
but insist that it is over the Milwaukee Road
between the Twin Cities and Chicago.
the distinction L. T. Stod-
der. agent for the Great Northern
Railway Co. in Moorhead, enjoyn.
Stodder, Sr., was third officer on the
Monitor at the time of the fateful bat
tle with the Merrimac. He wan nav
igating officer and acting master of
the little fighting craft under Lieut.
J. L. Wooden.
Stodder, jr., has in his possession a
wash bowl and pitcher which his fath
er used on the Monitor. Naturally he
prizes it highly, but no one would have
known from him of the distinguished
services his father had rendered dur
ing the civil war. It became known in
Moorhead recently through an article
Merchants Hotel.
After ten jcars of absenve,
lave again taken charge of th«
aid reliable Merchants, and ha^i
refitted and fully equipped th.
fame with baths, steam heat an
all modern improvements. I so
licit the continuance of the pat
ronage of the public, atid espe
-ially my frieuiL in the Dakota?
and Minnesota, who have s
long made th Merchants theii
St. Paul home.
Latest Dakota and Minnesota
papers on file.
Rates, $2.00 and $2.50 wtfcb
bath, $3.00. I have added thf
European plan for those who
desire it, at fr $1.00 to $1.60
with bath, $2.00.
Blectrfc no w p&a* in froai mf ife* Ha
lei for all pifimts U the City,
A. ALLEN. Proprietor.
Tfcl* will *tw»ra fc* gf
& St. Paul
W. B, DIXON ,/
Nerlhw«at«rn P»n«ng«r AtfSM
Very Low Price
Round-Trip Tickets to Boston
via tile Burlington Route
May 31 to June 9
Good till June iS extension to July 1$.
Rates: One Pare plus $! 00
Mississippi River Scenic Line between St. Paul and Chicago
choice of routes East via Buffalo, Washington, Philadelphia and
New York.
A splendid opportunity to visit the East, see Niagara Falls, St.
Lawrence River, etc.
Full particulars of all routes, tuae tabla* and service all the way
will be explained if you will call on or address any ticket afept, or.
Ticket Office Corner Fifth and Robert.
F. M. RUCK), Northwestern Pasaenger A feat,
Oermania Life BulMlng. St. Paul. Mian.
•W "5*
i 4 •11
which appeared in an eastern newspa
per recently.
New Haven, Conn., and Return $20.00.
Account the convention of the
"Knights of iColumbus," the Duluth.
South Shore & Atlantic Railway., will
have tickets on sale June 1 to 4, to
New Haven, Conn., and return at rate
of $26.00.
Tickets can be extended for NNturn
passage until June 30, 1906.
Several very desirable routes of
For full particulars and sleeping car
accommodation, apply to,
A. J. Perrin, General Agent,
430 West Superior street, Dulttth.
Forum Want Ads Get Results.
Do You
A valuable farm?
A desirable business locatfoaf
A site for a manufactory?
A rich gold or iron mine?
A bituminous coal field?
A range for stock raising?
An unsurpassed fruit farm?
A place especially adapted lor ft
A cotton plantation?
K place where you «M
turpentine of rosin?
A tract for a lumbering camp?
A place for a truck farm?
A Water power capable of ifiddhtHa
A residence in the finest "ftmttt II
the world?
A winter or summer home?
A section for sorgum or cane grow
In short, do you wish to live, do busi
ness, prosper and grow rich in the most
favored section of the United States?
If so, locate in the territory of the
Southern Railway and your wishes wiO
take the form of a tangible reality.
The Southern Railway traverses the
states of Virginia, North and South
Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississip
pi, Kentucky and Tennessee.
For maps, pamphlets, etc,
cate with
Land and ladustrfal AfMt.
Southern Railway, VashinftM, D. &

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