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I ?wy"g"
Principal Gray and the declalmera
of the Fargo high school returned this
forenoon from Wahpeton, where tho
declamatory contest was held last
evening. Will Clary of this city won
first place and Miss Flora Taylor of
Wahpeton second.
The contest was arranged by Prin
cipal (Jray of the Fargo schools and
Superintendent Smith of Wahpeton
and excited considerable interest.
There were eight contestants.
Choice Flax Seed.
Very choice and clean, rich with oiL
Raised on breaking. Delivered at any
railroad point in the state and in
quantities to suit. Morton & Co.
Heating Plants
Need Care in
Steam and hot water boilers
need washing and drying out
in summer. Old water left in
boilers contains properties
which injure. Soot and Sui
phur causes deterioration.
Pipes and ash pans should be $
cleaned, doors opened, etc. Out
side should be painted with
heat proof enamel.
If you do not care to do this
yourself, advise us and our ex
perienced boiler man will do it
fir you.
Heating and Light Experts.
Phone 424
Copyright 1906
Hart Schaffincr & Marx
Corner First Avenue and Broadway, Fargo, N.
Fargo Highs Defeated WaHpeton iit
the Declamatory Contest at Lat
f^v tar City Last Night.
the best cut,
Our Prices Very
Ours is the
largest Cloth
ing Store on
Front street
that how
you'll know it
Do You
Some men prefer
t$e double breast
ed sack suit the
u s a i o i e e
shows why many
of them prefer
the Hart'Sfchaffner
& Marx make.
Serious Charge Preferred as the Re
sult of the Condition of a
Fargo Girl.
Roy HI Gratias, a well
rv ,, -.y.
This Store alwayi$$tA$ tfte b£st. We afin to le^d and
let others do the following. There isn't a detail of a
man's dfess that isn't provided here.
A nian owes it to himself to get the best clothes ob
tainable. He pays his judgement a compliment wh^n
he gets./4 well made, well fitting tuit of clothes,
Ht byys 1ecause he knows what he is buying,
exercises judgment-—he practices economy. Whrathli'''
p^ys for good quality and good.workmanship i&ttiotjjt'
thun doubled in the return of sexvice and satisf&ctioifcv.,
argues for the acknowledged superiority'^
Our Excellent Clothing
made^ %esyt quality ready^tos-
wear clothing, that Americans *|e capable
ducing. ."X •_
Add to the good
looks the quality,
the style, the tail
oring—that's why
we sill them. You
are sure of all-wool
and no cotton wttih
these goods.
Fargo man, was arrested at the home
of his father on Seventh street north
at 4 o'clock this morning on a charge
of rape. The complaint was made by
A. F. Kuhnert, who charges that
young Gratias is responsible for the
condition of his adopted daughter who
Is under 18 years of age.
Gratias was arraigned in the police
court this morning. He waived pre
liminary hearing and was held to the
district court for trial. His ifather
provided a bond for $2,000 and the
young man was released from custody.
It was reported at the police station
that a marriage which would put an
end to the criminal proceedings would
follow. This report was refuted in
the police court this morning when the
mother of the defendant asserted that
she would not allow her son to marry
the Kuhnert girl.
8erap Iron Wanted.
Highest prices paid. Notify us
A'here yours is! Fargo Foundry Co.
of pro­
514-516 FRONT STREET FAR00, N. D.
No provision in the plans were made
for a Are bell in-the tower of the
new city hall. This fact has Just been
ascertained and. the order of the city
council for the removal of the bell
from the o!4 4» the new
The new city hall will probably not
be ready for occupancy at the time
provided in the contract, July 1. The
contractors have rushed the work as
rapidly as possible, however, and there
does not Appear to be a tendency on
the part of the aldermen to Insist on
the completion of the work in strict
accordance to the contract so far, at
least, as the time of completion is
'At fc.-'fc.'
Memorial day exercises character
ised the Convocation at the A. C. Mon
day morning. Rev. J. F. Dudley spoke
effectively on the value of the celebra
tion of Memorial day and the stimula
tion of patriotism. Colonel Geary also
made a few remarks along the same
line. A piano solo was given by Miss
Peterso n and patriotic selections were
sung by the students.
State Organization Formed by thejrln
dependents—-Interesting Discusf
sions— Banquet Tonight.
An new state organization is$rang
into existence today. At a meeting
of the representatives of about twenty
of the independent telephone compan
ies of the state held today in the com
mercial club rogms the North Dako
ta Telephone association was orga,«tiz
•ed, a constitution ana by-laws adapt
ed and officers elected as follows:
Those who atended the meeting
were: W. C. McDowell of the Union
County Telephone Co. W. V. Hughes,
Hughes Electric Co., Bismarck Ed.
Hughes, JIughes & Dieter Co., Dickin
son T. C. Lane, Kensal Telephone
Co., Courtenay C. H. Tolan. W. F.
Hegge and 9. H. Hagen, Red River
Valley Telephone Co. E. Q. Powllson,
Wheatland Telephone Co. A. B. Ker
lin. Devils Lake Improvement Co. W,
T. Baillie, Hunter Telephone Co.
John Carmody and A. T. -Krabel,
Traill Telephone Co. A. B. Cox, Val
ley City Telephone Co. C. E. V. Drap
er, representing the Missouri Valley,
Mandan and Southern and Mandan &
Northwestern Telephone Co.'s G.
More, Buffalo Telephone Co. E. D.
Baker, Forman Rural Telephone Co.
M. M. Borman, Abercrombie Tele
phone Co. E. M. Shannon, Sanborn
Telephone Co.
Fbrmer District Manager Edwards
of the Northwestern Telephone Co.,
who is in the city today will entertain
the delegates to the conference at a
banquet this evening.
Provision for the Fir# Ball in the
New Tower—New Tower
will be
The plan which has been suggested
and which it is probable the council
will adopt, calls for the building of
another tower, the base of which will
extend from the east end of the old
eitv hall. It is not planned to con
struct the tower for some time, and
the old tower will be left standing
until the proposed tower is built.
"It is Just as well that the plans
did not provide for a bell in the new
tower," said Alderman Marsh this
morning. "Had a bell been placed in
the new tower, considerable space»ln
the new building Vould have been
necessary for the weights for the bell
and space in the new building will not
be plentiful.
"The city owns ten feet frontage on
N. P. avenue east of the present city
building and this space might Just as
well be used for a tower in which
could be placed a stairway. Then the
entire fire equipment would be com
pact. If the bell was placed in the
new tower it would be Inconvenient
for the firemen to operate it."
President—A. B. Cox, Vaijey City.
Secretary and Treasurer—John
Carmody, Hillsboro.
The object of the association will be
to promote mutual co-operation 'on
the part of the various Companies:'
This morning the members of the
association listened to an address byi
J. Zietlow, president of the Dakota!
Central Telephone Co., on Metlipdn
and Right of Way. At the afternoon
session there was a general discus
sion of such subjects as arbitration,
right of way, toll line connections, ex
change and, rural rates, development
of the telephone system and cost of
construction and material.
S* R*a! Estate for 8ala. ..
lots adjoining Broadway NT. A
church, $1,000 for thirty days. Act
quickly. O. W. Kerr Co.
Charlie Hanson in the Race as Chief
Thief Taker.
Hafleon has appeared 1® tip
field as a candidate for the nomina
tion for sheriff on the republican tick
et. He has several petitions in cir
culation ahd announces himself as
the insurgent candidate.
Mr. Hanson has frequently made
the threat thathe would some day ap-!
pear before the public as a candidate
for sheriff but he has gone further in
the campaign this time than ever be
fore. He has never held public of
fice before. The nearest he has ever
come was in his capacity as black
smith on ex-Sheriff Twlchell's farm
at Mapleton, a position he
still has
claim oii.
\i:i it-in
•*o w
In the Wrong Profession,
Kansas City Journal: The pro
prietor of a theatrical company which
played at Kingfisher last week was
arrested for assaulting one of the
members of his company and stated
on the witness stand that he was $
horse doctor. Many of the people
who saw his show were willing to be
lieve it a^nd. thought that h^ should
have stucfc to his original profes-1.
Graves of the Soldier Dent To Bo
DeOOfOUd by Members tfaa
Locil G. A. R.
Arrangements for the celebration of
Memorial day in this city have been
completed by the committee from the
Reynold's post which has the matter
in charge. The ceremonies will be
simple by,t beautiful and Impressive.
The decoration (of thq graves at
'Riverside, the north side cemetery
and the cemetery at Moorhead will
take place in jthe morning. Thirty
little girls of the public schools select
ed from among the children and
grand children of the veterans will
place flowers on the graves of the de
parted heroes. A squad from Co.
will fire a salute over the graves.
In the afternoon a special Memorial
day. service will be held at the John
F. Reynold's post rooms in the public
library. Rev. H. G. Leonard will de
liver the address and a programme of
music will be given under the direc
tion of Dr. Putnam. The A. C. ca
dets and band are expected to be
present. Lincoln's memorial address
will be read and the fuU G. A. R. rit
ual carried out.
Stono Fell From City Hall and Almost
Caught Workmen.
Workmen at the new city hall had
a narrow escape from death this
morning. A heavy facing stone which
was being lifted from the ground to
the tower on the city hall dropped
when it was being drawn on the wall
and the men below barely escaped be
ing struck.
Wag in Jail*
One of $he prisoners in the county
•jaff-^PtostOT' a sign in one of tlie Jail
Windows which attracted consider
able attention today. It read:
$ $
$ Man Wanted, $
The man is still wanted.
The O. W. Kerr Co., have two lots
on Broadway for sale at a bargain.
SAnnual Session of Implement Dealers
Being Held Hfcre This After
noon—Large Representation.
t.Bt$ail machinery dealers from the.
counties Qf Cass and Traill in North
Dakota and Clay, Norman and Baker
in Minnesota gathered in Fargo today
for the purpose of discussing various
matters of interest to the trade. The
niiejeting vya# held in the- Commercial
.cjufc rooms apfi about forty dpalers
were present.
Frank Lynch is president of the as
SQciation and R. A. Lathrop. of Hope,
secretary. George Carpenter of
Crookston. secretary of the Minne
sota state dealers association was
present and made an address. Officers
for the ensuing year will be elected
late this afternoon.
Half Holiday Tomorrow Because of
Decoration Day.
The clerks of Fargo circulated a pe
tition this afternoon and secured the
agreement of the business men to
close their stores at noon tomorrow.
None of the retail houses will be open
In the afternoon.
Artificial Eyes in 500 B. C.
As early as, 500 B. C. artificial eyes
were made by the priests of Rome
and Egypt. The priests at that time
practiced as physicians and surgeons,
using more prayer and less medicine
than Is used in the medical profession
today. The historians in their study
of the ancient world find things to
show that the ancients were very wise
in a crude way. In this age we have
the discoveries of ancient as well as
modern times to help us to perfect
new things. One of the great modern
discoveries is golden grain belt beer.
Try it and see. Order. of your nearest
dealer or be supplied, by M^x Kalbren
er. Moorhead.
.u ^.
Tfis only t!ie millionaire who cart af
lord to look poor.
TH& man still frlMdiriif fbr position,
for wealth, for fame—in a word the man
who hasn't yet arrived must appear suc
Nothing clotures a- man with such an
of prosperity and fitness as one of
tliose shapely garments made by L. ABT
& SONS, Chicago.
Smart grays and blues in Targe var
'ifty await WJWt %electipji.
A Slight Chance That Street Car Line
Ma/ Be Extended to Fair
In spite of the action of the city
council last night in turning down the
street railway franchise ordinance it
is possible that there will be a street
car line to the fair grounds this year.
Attorney Watson, representing the
street railway company has arranged
for a meeting this afternoon with the
officers of Fargo township. It is ex
pected that Mr. Watson will inform
tlie township officers that the street
railway company is still willing to
build a line to the fair grounds pro
viding the question of service on the
line is not made obligatory.
At the offices of the street railway
company it was stated that if the of
ficers of Fargo township recede from
their position taken at the meeting
Saturday night in demanding an hour
'ly service oln tHte stlib Ilhe, the tracks
can be laid and the line in operation
before the. opening of the fair.
The proposition of building a line
through Reed township to the fair
grounds has been positively turned
down by the street railway company.
It Is claimed that the officials of Far-
I'll develop your fi'ms and save you
time and muss. Any and all kinds of
films developed at 2oc per. Films can
be left at my house or can be mailed
to lock box 102, Fargo. I'll develop
films next day after receipt. Cash
must accompany mail orders.
714- Second Ave. N., Fargo.
(AllbiudR of kodak pictures tak«n, when,
where and of what desired.)
Oeta Another Ona.*
i f-
r? v /.
Greatest Aid 0 Cookery
With least labor and trouble it malees
hot-breads, biscuit and cake of finest
flavor, light, sweet, appetizing and
assuredly digestible and wholesome*
go township have refused to grant
permission even for the street .car
company to build a line across Thir
teenth street, which would be neces
sary to the plan of building through
Reed township.
At the state fair headquarters work
in preparing for the opening of the
fair is going ahead as if nothing had
happened to the original street rail
way plans. Whether the street car
line is built to the fair grounds or
not, the state fair management is con
fident that the fair can be made, a suc
cess. In the absence of street cars di
rect to the fair grounds, vehicles will
be provided at the street car tracks
on Twelfth avenue to convey tho
crowds to the fair grounds. i
Thte O. W. Kerr Company Is doing
a great land business these days.
They sent for another stenographer
today and Miss Florence McLean was
sent to the position. Notwithstanding
the present wet weather and its con
sequent damper on, business, the D.
B. C. is sending pijt a pupll tp a po-J is the time to enter school lo prepare
sition each day. jfor afll positions.
Choice Early Ohio seed potatoes tuX*
sale at 50 cents per bushel at the
Hector farm adjoining the city. Phone
1160-1 long 3 short
Operated on Indian.-
Leo Shield Necklace, an Indian con
fined in- the county jail at Bismarck,
Is seriously ill and it has been found
that .an operation will be necessary.
The department at Washington this
morning authorized the United States
marshal's office here to expend t£e
money necessary to perform the op
Of Fine Human Hair, also Wigs,
Pompadours, Finger Rolls.
We manufacture goods to order here,
alto make up switches out of your
own hair at moderate cost.
810 Front Street.
Phone 1188. Fargo, N. D.
Last. Fall i
The Dakota Business College sant Out
about. lOO pupils to business positions
—it* will not have that many to send
out this fall unless more young people
take up the study of bookkeeping or
shorthand during the summer. Now
-1 i.' t,i
i 'V ',
lu- -r

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