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Stop--Why Go to Canada?
yon can get free homesteads in the
beautiful ''Golden Valieyf' Fifteen
townships will be open for filing on March 20.
Soil, black loam with clay subsoil, excellent
water, climate verv mild stock rnu «t large all
winter. Railroad lands at $8 to $12.o0 per acre
adjoining yonr homestead. Free fare, free
livery and hotel bill to all purchasing one
quarter of railroad land-, adjoiniug homestead,
which will be shown you free of alt cost except
the filing fee. If you come
you can got
yonr choice from sis to sixty miles on either
side of main line of N. P. Railway. Free ooal.
Call upon or address
ake Mnlissa, pood cottase 14x18, 12x14, 8x10
8x8, steel bjat, cook stove, bedding,
etc. Bcreenod porch, flue beach, fine lot 120x
200x104. $(500, cash or one-htlf cash.
eat market, the b-»st stand In Fargo for sale
fixtures, team, wagons, sleighs, etc.,
ehanco for a hastier.
"17 ight room house on First avenae south,
electric lights, piasza, traas, cellar, only
fl*e years old. 1:2,100.
house on Third street*north, fall
basement, Kelsw furnace, cistern, water
on lawn, sewer in alley, paid for, stable and
bdtfKy shed. $3,100,
in a 50x140 foot lot on northsiie, sewer
and water in street, South front, close to
street cir line. $200.
l^ive-room use, hardwood fl orsdown stairs,
piazza, trf)3s, tile walk. $1150. $250 cash,
balance monthly.
house on corner lot, 53x140 ft., on
south side, for only $1500.
Phone 807.
Offices over First National Bank.
eight-room house almost
brick foundation, cellar,
bai u, lot VjAlW ft., sewer and water in street,
tikQtTfWl 'or ei«W*oAei house, sewer'
tPbath, lights, fine lots, Second
•venue south. Terms reasonable.
For five-room house on corner
(P-a.Avr\J lot, ttixth avenue north, nice
trees. Snap.
till For fivo-Toom cottage, brick
foundation, cellar. Second street
north. $100 cash, balance monthly.
For sir-room hon«e, full
ment, mahogany finish, s
tine lot, Tenth
Phone 125-L. Fargo, N. D.
"I k Sections r»f Hue land in 140 49 North Da
kotu. $'i.75 per acre.
tana. {4.25 per acre.
fi°e ienl western
Nirth Dakota and eastern Mon­
Aeras in 142100 at «*««'pet
Phone 125-L. Fargo, N. D.
50x140 foot lots on Thirteenth
street noitb, on car line, near
Agricultural college $250.00
Two lots on Sixth »treet south,
within one block car line plank
walk and sewer.,'........ $425.00
Two lots 011 north Broadway. Car
line one block paved street and
sewer. Close to churches. .$950.00
o. w.
Buffalo, N. Y., and Return $14.03.
The Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic
Ry.. will run their Popular Spring Ex
cursions to Detroit and Buffalo from
Duluth June 8, 12, 15 and 19.
Excursion trains will be run from
Duluth at 6:20 p. m. to St. Ignace
wfhere connection will be made with
ojte of the Palatial Steamers of the
famous D. & C. line.
-Fur the occasion the following rates
il be made:
and return ........... .$14.00
Cleveland aiyl return IS.50
Toledo and return ... ........ 12.50
IJetroit and Intermediate points
^and return '. 12.00
sin planning your summer trip don't
.flit to figure on this delightful route
"Along the Coast Line" of Lake Hur-
For further particulars and sleep
Jpg car and stateroom reservation ap
'•jpfy to A. J. Perrin, general agent, 430
West Superior street, Duluth, Minn.
For State's Attorney.
I hereby announce myself as can
didate for the republican nomination
for the office of state's attorney of
(Cass-county at the primary election
June 19# and solicit the support of the
votefiT Stich election. Respectfully,
W. H. Barnett.
For County Auditor.
I heyr«by announce myself as It #*n
didate for re-nomination to office of
county auditor to be votbd upon at
primary election June 19, and would
respectfully solicit the support of re
vublican voters. Arthur G. Lewis.
For County Judge.
For County Judge.
I hereby announce my candidacy for
republican nomination for county
Judge, and ask my friends for their
the primaries to be held in
June. W. J. Clapp.
For Register of Deeds.
I hereby announce myself as a can
didate for re-nomlnatlon to office of
county register of deeds to be voted
upon at primary election June 19, and
would respectfully solicit' the support
of republican voters. E. H. Holte.
For Register of Deeds.
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for the nomination of register of
deeds Cass county. Heretofore I have
not appeared before the people for
any office and respectfully request the
support of the voters at the primaries
June 19. R. J. Wilson.
For County Treasurer.
I hereby announce my candidacy on
he republican ticket for nomination
for treasurer of Cass county, subject
to your approval at the primary elec
tion June 19. If nominated and elect
ed I shall fulfill the duties of the office
for the best interests of the county.
For Sheriff.
For State News Read The Forum. $
I hereby announce myself as jfc can
didate for renomination to the office
of county judge, upon the republican
ticket, and respectfully solicit the sup- and white, the corn has a light yellow
port of the voters of this county at
the primary election to be held in
June. A. G. Hanson.
County Judge.
I hereby announce mj/self as can
didate for the republican nomination
at the primary election for county
judge of Cass county, and solicit the
support of the voters at such election.
S. G. Roberts.
H. A. McConviUe.
I hereby announce my candidacy for
the republican nomination for the of
fice of sheriff, subject to the will of
the voters as expressed at the pri
mary election in June. I ask my
friends to kindly remember to do what
th^y can to accomplish this result.
W. E. Hunt.
School Superintendent.
To the voters of Cass county. I
Hireby respectfully announce my can
dacy for the nomination of county
perintendent of schools, subject to
ur approval, at the primary election,
me 19, 1906. Respectfully,
Mattie M. Davis.
Clerk of Court.
I hereby announce myself A oaadi
te for a republican nomination at a
1 imary election for the office of clerk
court of "Cass county, and solicit
e support of the voters at such elec
n. N. B. Plnkham.
For Clerk of Court.
To the voters of Cass county: Hav
served as deputy clerk and being
miliar with the records and duties
the office I respectfully solicit your
ipport at- the primaries June 19.
Yours Respectfully,
W. H. Aymar.
I Growing Corn in North Dakota.
i Orange Judd farmer: There are
few points that must be understood
order to appreciate the conditions
ith which corn has to contend,
arly frosts are liable to come before
ie corn is mature. Yet corn has
atured in some part of North Da-'
ta every year for the past 18 years.
n a large grain farm green corn
ould be nearly valueless. There are
1 xt few silos, but they are increas
:g in number. As an extreme to
the immense anount of fodder
i-oduced on a single farm It may be
i entioned that there is a farm in
orth. Dakota of 16 sections, one
urth of which is put into corn every
»ar. Labor is scarce and high. The
manza grain farmer employes "ho
or transient labor, which at best
is nearly worthless. Corn must be
harvested after the wheat has been
marketed. By this time fall Is close
at hand. Every freight train now
bears away some of the laborers. The
"hobos" migrate along with the early
birds. Growing corn and feeding
stock means a change of labor. The
men will have to stay the entire
year and of necessity such men will
feel some responsibility.
There are comparatively few varie
ties grown. The dents are more pop
ular although the flints are about one
week earlier. Varieties that will ma
ture are preferred although the .large,
late varieties produce more fodder.
We cannot expect to mature as large
varieties as are grown where the sea
son is longer, but .nature compensates
for the size by quality. The corn does
best when Ave to six kernels are
planted in each hill and less distance
is Irequired between the hills. The
corn is richer in protein, thus making
a more valuable feed. The stalks be
ing finer are more completely utilized
and are more nutritious. The prin
cipal dent varieties follow in the or
der of their earliness of maturity:
Golden dent, North Dakota Station
100, Minnesota, King, Northwestern,
Pride of the North.
Golden dent Is the earliest and the
most popular variety. It shows the
results of careful breeding and selec-
tion. In color and shape it resembles
somewhat Reid's Yellow dent, but is
smaller and slightly inure tapering.
The ears are five to eight inches long,
I five to six Inches in circumference,
twelve to sixteen rowed, and are well
filled at the ends. The kernels have
a good wedge shape, are fairly deep,
and the spaces are small for so hard
a corn. The corn has a rich golden
yellow color and the cobs are small
and red.
North Dakota Station 100 is a se
lection from the Minnesota King,
which variety it resembles very close
ly. It is. somewhat earlier and ap
proaches the Flint ancestry more
nearly. The description of the Min
nesota King will answer very well for
this variety.
Minnesota King is a selection made
from a cross between a dent and a
flint. The ears are six to nine inches
(long, and are eight-rowed. The ker
nels are large, flat and shallow, hav
ing large spaces. The cobs are small
color. Minnesota King always comes,
true to type.
Northwestern dent is a very good
corn. It usually ripens in the south
ern one-third of the state. ,The ker
nels have red sides and yellowish
white crowns. The Red Acme very
closely resembles the Northwestern.
The principal flint varieties ir* their
order of maturity are Squaw, Maroer,
Triumph, Longfellow, King Phillip.
The stalks of the Squaw corn grow to
a height of four to five feet. The ears
ai-e too low on the stalk to be cut
with the corn harvester. It is a good
yielder and matures as far north as
Canada and even in northwestern
Canada. Will's Dakota and Gehu are
selections from Squaw corn, one for
the yellow kernels and the other for
the white kernels. They have not
been selected long or carefully enough
to come true to type.
Mercer flint is one of the best flints.
The stalks are five to seven feet high
and the ears are high enough on the
stalks so that it may be cut with a
corn harvester. The ears are seven
to eight and a haif Inches long, and
usually twelve-rowed. King Philip
is almost too late for any part of
North Dakota. The ears are eight to
nine inches long, eight-rowed, with
medium sized cobs. The kernels are
brorfze colored, rather large and shal
One Fare for Round Trip
Plus 11.00 from Chicago to Boston
and return, via Nickel Plate Road,
May 31 to June 9, inclusive. Also ex
cursion rates via New York City. Ex
tended return limit July 15. John Y.
Calahan, general agent, room 298, No.
113 Adams street, Chicago.
Boston Excursions via the Wabash.
The Wabash will sell excursion
tickets to Boston, May 31 to June 9,
via Niagara Falls and direct line
via Montreal, or via New York, at
one fare plus $1.00 for the round trip.
Extended return limit July 15, 1906.
Write for printed matter and full
details. F. H. Tristram, Ass't Gen.
Pass. Agent, 97 Adams street, Chica
Republican State Convention.
To the ltepubllonn Electors of the State of
North D11 kota:
In accordance with the Instructions of
the republican stute cent ml coniinlttee, a
Btute convention of delegated represen
tatives of the republican party of this
state wili be held this year, ut tlie opera
house in the cit.v of Jamestown,
Thursday, July 12,
at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, for the pur
pose of nominating candidates to be sup
ported at the next general election, and
for the transaction of such other business
us may be brought before it. The candi
dates to be nominated are:
Two members of congress.
Lieutenant Governor.
Secretary of State.
State Auditor,
State Treasurer,,
Superintendent of Public Instruction.
Attorney General.
Commissioner of Insurance.
Commissioner of Agriculture nnd Labor.
Three Itailroad Commissioners.
The basis of representation is the aver
age number of votes cast for the two re
publican candidates receiving respectively
the highest and lowest votes In each coun
ty in the state at the last general election
In 11*04 (excluding Superintendent of Pub
lic Instruction, Itailroad Commissioners
ami Judge of the Supreme Court, giving
two delegates at large to each organized
county, and one delegate for each 125 re
publican votes, or major fractiou of 125
votes, cast for the above officers in said
Delegates to said convention from each
county will be chosen as provided under
the 1'rlniury Election Law, passed by the
last legislature, which provides that "Elec
tions shall be held in the various regu
larly established pricincts in each coun
ty,on Tuesday, June 10, |m11h to be Qpen
from 9 a. m. to 4 p. 111." The different
counties in the state will, under the ap
portionment herein provided, be entitled
to rcpri$j.'a.tat]on as follows
Karnes »•*». ..... JAIMei-cey .,,.
Itensou w.* .... .. 11'MortOB ....
Killings .. .... 4!Xclsoa ....
Kottiuean lTKHiver ....
Burleigh 12|Pembina ..^
Cass 311 Pierce ....
Cavalier 14!liamsey
Emmons ....
Grand Forks
La Moure ....
Logan .... ..
Mdloiirr ...
VP-Int ...
McKensle ...
McLean ....
lOlltansom ..
,, ti!Iti-li land..
,. t'ltoh'tte ...
,. ?'Sargent ..
r. £81 Stark ...
fiiSiutsman Id
ji Traill ...
The delegates present from each county
at the said convention are authorized to flil
vacancies occurring in the delegation to
which such county may be entitled, from
residents of such county.
The attention of republican county cen
tral committees and electors is called to
the new primary law governing the selec
tion of delegates to the state convention
—Chapter lot). Laws of lfKti).
The |tate committee will pass upon the
rights of those entitled to participate in
the preliminary organization, nnd will
tneet for that purpose, at 10 o'clock
in the forenoon of the day previous to
the date of the convention, at tlie place
of holding said convention. t« hear nil
contests. The credentials of all delegates
and notices of contests must be filed with
the chairman of this committee, on or
before the hour designated herein for tlie i
meeting of the committee to pass upon
the rights of delegates, and notices of
contests must be accompanied by a writ
ten statement of the grounds for contest.
Preference in the order of hearing nnd je-1
termiuing contests will be given by the'
committee in accordance with the dates of
the tiling of such notices and statements
with the chairman.
By order of the Republican State Oen-'
trnl Committee, ut a meeting held in the
city of Kargo, Saturday, April 21. I
I* it. Manna, I
H. 0. Jewell, Chairman.
Secretary I
Fargo Wants.
Ten Words
One Week
Fifty Cents
Rates for Classified Advertising:
One-half cent a word per insertion
WANTED—A young man for office
work. Apply Walker Bros. & Hardy.
WANTED—First class hotel clerk.
Merchants hotel. Wahpetnn, N. D.
WANTED Competent bookkeeper,
familiar with use of typewriter.
Phone 216.
FIRST-CLASS advertising salesman
wanted snap for a woiiier. Address
Secretary, P. O. Box 242, Fargo, N. D.
WANTED—A good sober young black
smith. All around man. $3 per day.
Write or wire F. Moltke, Minnevvau
kan, N*. Dak.
bodied, unmarried men, between 21
and 3r», citizens of United States of
good character and temperate habits,
who can speak, read and write Eng
lish. For information apply to recruit
ing officer, 16 Broadway, Fargo, N. D.
(D July 1, 'OTi. to June 3o, *06.)
WANTED—Chambermaid, 611 Eighth
street south. Mrs. Mclntyre.
WANTED Good girl for general
housework. 354 Seventh avenue
WANTED—Girls to learn dressmak
ing. Mrs. C. A. Sheehan, 710 Front
OPPORTUNITIES for energetic wo
men In educational work. Address
Box 324, Fargo.
OPPORTUNITIES for energetic wo
men in educational work. Address
X. K., care Forum.
WANTED—Girls and cooks good po
sitions. Larson & Poulson, 406
Front street. Tel. 694.
WANTED—Intelligent young lady.
Good chance to learn nursing. Dar
row hospital, Moorhead.
WANTED—A competent girl for gen
eral house work. Small family.
Good wages. 511 Eighth street south.
WANTED—Housekeeper for self and
t\vb men, young or old, in town.
White P. O. Box 28, Turtle Lake, N. D.
WANTED—Good girl for general
housework, to go down to Detroit
lake for summer. Small family. 1011
First avenue south.
HOUSEWORK—Girl for general house
work wanted wages $4 per week.
Enquire at 121 Eighth street north,
from 2 to 4 o'clock p. m.
WANTED—Girl for general house
work, small family no children
cook with gas evenings out good
wages Mrs. W. C. Allen, 366 Seventh
avenue south.
WANTED—Strictly temperate and
competent printer to make up plate
and tvpe forms. $18.00 for 48-hour
week. Newspaper experience required.
Must come on or before June 9. Write
at once with all facts and recommen
dations. N. D. Newspaper Union,
Male and Female,
work at home a worker can make
$75 per month. Manager, P. O. Lock
Box 242, Fargo.
Ninth street south.
IS: Walsh ..
8!Ward ...
21 Wells ...
Any new county, fully organized accord
ingiug to law brlor to the holding of said
coin* ntion, will be allowed two delegates 1
at large.
at 905
WANTED—Dressmaking, first class
work. Enquire Fourteenth street
and Eighth avenue south.
WANTED—Position by young lady, in
general office work experienced.
Address, M. M., care Forum.
COMPETENT servant girl with good
reference, at liberty about June 10,
wishes a position for* the summer.
Would prefer going to the lakes. Ad
dress E. M., Box 382. Moorhead, Minn.
WANTED 1 ,000 men and women to
take free homesteads In southwest
ern North Dakota. For $100 we will
furnish you with transportation on
railroad, free livery pay, filing fee.
and locate you on a good claim where
land Is free. If you want a claim act
at once as they are being taken up
awfully fast. We go every Tuesday.
For further particulars writ« P. M.
Rourke, Lisbon, N. D.
Notioe to Contractors.
Sealed bids will be received by the
bonrd of education up to 4 p. m.
Wednesday, June 6, 1906, at the office
of the secretary in the high school
building, for the heating, ventilating:
and plumbing of the Hawthorne
Plans and specifications may be
seen at the Builders' exchange and at
the architects' office up to time for re
ceiving bids.
A certified check of S250 must ac
company each bid as a guarantee of
good faith to enter Into contract.
The right to reject apy or alt bids is
By order of the board.
Hancock Bros., Architects
Olay 19-23-26-30 June 2-6.)
When Opportunities Come to Town i
They Are Usually Registered here
Fargo Wants.
Ten Words
•"er One Week
Fifty Cents
Rates for Classified Advertising:
One-half cent a word per Insertion
after first Insertion 25 cents for first Jafter first insertion 25 cents for first
insertion of any ad up to 26 words— insertion of any ad up to 25 words— insertion of any ad up to 25 word»r
then one cent a word. then one cent a word. then one cent a word
BOARD and room by day or week.
Mrs. P. Browne, 118 Eighth street
Furnished Houses, S. 8.
FOR RENT—Furnished house on
Eighth street south, for summer
months. Phone 108."»-L.
Rooms Furnished, S. S.
FURNISHED rooms for rent. Inquire
at (label's restaurant.
THREE modern furnished rooms with
bath. 3)j Eighth street south.
FURNISHED rooms to rent modern
conveniences. 406 Eighth street
FOR RENT—Furnished modern rooms
in splendid location. Mrs. C. W.
Haggart, 1114 Second avenue south.
Unfurnished Rooms—8. 8.
—Three unfurnished rooms
for light housekeeping, upstairs. 1110
Second avenue south.
Rooms Furnished, N. 8.
FOR RENT—Modern furnished room.
702 Broadway. Phone 1182M.
FOR RENT—Furnished rooms In
modern house also some furniture
for sale. 1020 First avenue north.
FOR RENT—Four furnished rooms
for housekeeping for rent, on ground
floor. Enquire 103 Tenth street north.
Cottages—N. 8.
FOR RENT—Modern five room cot
tage, centrally located. Enquire
1020 First avenue north.
FOR RENT—A very desirable six
room flat. Enquire 305 N. P. avenue.
FOR RENT—A very desirable flat
over "Savings and Loan" office after
June 1.
FOR RENT—Furnished 5-room and
bath flat, June 1 to September. Ad
dress Room 10, Colonial Flats.
-Store room. 25x140 on
Phone 672-L.
FOR RENT—Three modern rooms,
furnished. Centrally located. Phone
FOR RENT—Rooms, furnished or un
furnished, in down town block, steam
heat, well kept. Address D. E., care
FOR RENT—Twelve room boarding
house modern but heat 524 Broad
way. Immediate possession. W. D.
FINE, high and dry front basement,
with vault, suitable for offices.
Walker Bros. & Hardy.
North Broadway. O. W. Kerr Com
ALL KINDS of second hand stoves
and furniture wanted. 402 Front
street. Phone 181.
WANTED TO BUY—Ail kinds of
men's second hand clothes. Send a
postal card to G. E., 224 Front street,
Fargo, N. D.
WANTED—Small hotel or restaurant
In North Dakota. Send particulars,
terms, etc., to J. O. Anderson, Box 102,
Battle Lake, Minn.
REAL ESTATE—We have a customer
for some North Broadway lots. It
is not necessary that they be located
within the cltv limits. Communicate
with us at once, if you have any to
sell. O. W. Kerr Company.
Notice to Builders.
Sealed bids will be received by the
undersigned at the First National
bank of Oakes, N. D., until Wednes
day, the fith day of June. 1906, at 4
o'plock p. m., for the erection of a
bank building. Separate bids will be
received as follows:
One bid for the general contract,
certified check $300.00.
One bid for all interior wood finish
of bank room to include all tlie and
marble work, check for $100.00,
One bid for bank counter including
tile and marble work, check for
All bids must be accompanied with
certified checks as above, payable to
the order of the undersigned. Plans
and specifications are now on file, and
may be seen at the office of the First
National bank of Oakes, N. D., at the
Builders and Traders Exchange, Min
neapolis, Minn., and at the office of
the architect, M. E. Beebe, Fargo, N.
The right Is reserved to reject any
and all bids. H. C. M'Cartney,
Cashier First Nat'I Bank of Qakes,
(D. M*jr ti, June 8.)
Farg'o Wants.
Ten Word
One Week
Fifty Cents
Rates (or Classified Advertising:
One-half cent
word per insertion
after first insertion 25 cents for
—Two cows and a few
chickens, at 325 Ninth avenue south.
FOR SALE—A driving horse with
Mover runabout, at Marsh & Cole
man's stables.
FOR SALE—Cottage on Lake Melissa,
known as Mecca Lodge. Mrs. C. H.
Clark, 1011 Eighth street south.
MUSKRAT lined overcoat. Fur in
best condition. Cost $40, will Hell
for $15. Address W-27, care Forum.
FOR SALE—Old papers, 10 cents per
hundred regular price 20 cents.
This offer good until June 1. Forum.
FOR SALE—)ld.smt»bile runabout. The
machine has been put in first-class
repair and is reliable. Address, Olds,
care Forum.
IF you don't find the house or room
here to suit you, advertise for It.
Hundreds of people are watching thtai
column for your ad.
FOR SALE -Cass county maps, show
ing names of owners of every quar
ter section. By express, $1.75 for p**
per, $3.2.", for cloth backs.
FOR SALE—A few of those celebrated
sets of Forum dishes. $6 pays for
the set and The Daily Forum six
months In advance—if your arrear
ages are paid.
FOR SALE—Seven room house, full
basement, cistern, furnace, city wa
ter, sewer, trees, stable and buggy
shed also two of the best lots in Is
land Park. Call or address 612 First
avenue north, Fargo.
I HAVE a children's pony, four-wheel*
ed buggy, harness, saddle and bridle,
all complete in first class condition,
that I will sell very cheap, children
are getting too large to use it. J. B.
Eaton, Box *, Fargo, N. D.
FOR SALE—Patent heating stoiv,
will heat seven room two-story
house comfortably will burn lignite,
coke or other fuel equally well. In
good condition worth $52 will sell
for $3"1. Address W. 27, care Forum.
FOR SALE—Houses, N. 8.
FOR 8ALE—For quick sale at $4,0N).
A desirable property, 10-room house,
modern. Electric lights, furnace, cis
tern, trees, ornamental and fruit
bushes on car line. 812 Seventh
street north.
WANTED—Parties who want to buy,
and pai ties who want to sell Fargo
city property, to call upon us. O. W.
Kerr Co.
LOT near A. C. on car line, $250.
W. Kerr Co.
TWO LOTS on Broadway, $1,000.
W. Kerr Company.
TWO 50x140 foot lots, one a corner lot.
on Fourth street south five block*
from Fargo college water, sewer, cer
ment walk and paved street. Fine rea
idence property. $1,500. O. W.
50x140 FOOT lot on Ninth aventti.
Water, sewer, cement walk and pa**
ed street. *725. O. W. Kerr Company*
50x140 FOOT corner lot on Four||i
avenue south. Water, sewer, cerneat
walk and paved street. O. W. Kefir
Household Qoods.
NEW and second hand furniture, lfu
stallment plan. Fargo Auction store,
510 First avenue north.
WE BUY, sell or exchange new and
second hand furniture. Easy tertna.
M. Levits. 41*5 Front street, Fargo. |T
FOR SALE—$5,000 capital stock of lo
cal manufacturing concern, in loty
of $500 to $1,000 will pay annual caah
dividend of from 10 to 15 per cent.
For particulars address C. Z., care Fo
FOR SALE-Two-story 27-room hotel.
completely furnished all In good
condition only hotel In good town In
best part of North Dikota. A per
sonal Investigation will show it to be
a big money makor with good future.
Owner must sell in order to look after
other business In Montana. Apply in
person or by letter to Box 191, Duzey,
Barnes county, N. D.
LO8T—Small pocketbook containing
some money and certificate of
posit. Finder please return to Forum
... ,tnl"
LOST—Jeweled brooch, between 1020
First avenue south and Sacred Heart
Academy. Return for reward to For
um office.
LOST—Gold handled umbrella, left Hp
grand stand at ball grounds. Own
er's name on handle. Finder pleaiMB
return to Forum office.
Forum Want Ads Get Results.

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