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Copyright 1906 by
Hart Schaffner & Mar*
Object of Club in Securing Convenient
and Commodious Quarters Is
to Increase Interest.
"The position taken some time since
by the business men o£ Fargo that
a concern worth havlrnr naturally
seeks an advantageous location and
not a money bonus, renders it awk
ward for the commercial club to con
sistently claim the entire credit of se
curing enterprises. To claim full credit
is to lay aside the iniiuence of the
natural advantages the city enjoys.
What the commercial club can do, and
what it does do, is to make prospec
tive locators familiar with the reasons
why Fargo is to continue on Its un
interrupted march to commercial su
premacy, and point out the natural ad
vantages which lead to that conclu
sion," said Secretary Follett this morn
"We have had some success along
those lines," he continued, "and have
several enterprises to our credit. We
have been somewhat handicapped in
our efforts by having no fund with
e v e o y o u
Corner First Avenue and Broadway, Fargo, N.
a i s a v e
lime and mugs. Any and all kinds of
films developed at 2c per. Films can
be left at my house or can he mailed
to lock box 102, Fargo I'll develop
films next day after receipt. Cash
must accompany mail orders.
714 Second Ave. N., Fargo.
(All kinds of kodak pictures taken, when,
whero ami of what desired.)
Of Fine Human Hair, alao Wigs,
Pompadours, Finger Rolls.
We manufacture goods to order here,
also make up switches out of |©ur
own hair at moderate cost
810 Front Street.
Phone 1188. Fargo,ti.D.
Copyright IyIt! Uy
jv.ii Adier
like It?
Some men prefer
the double breast
ed sack suit the
i u s a i o n e e
shows why many
of them prefer
the HartSchaffner
& Marx make.
Add to the good
looks the quality,
the style, the tail
oring—that's why
we s2II them. You
are sure of all-woo]
and no cotton with
these goodi.
which to advertise as we should. Such
a fund is absolutely necessary if sat
isfactory results are to be attained, and
Is equelly as necessary to create inter
est in the efforts of the club if we are
to secure the funds with which to get
the results. Hence we have provided
for new club quarters with the nec
essary facilities for the establishment
of social features that will naturally
attract many that have never felt any
particular interest in the affairs of the
lub up to the present time, and it is
confidently expected that much good
be accomplished by this move,
^liich is considered on every hand a
popular one, as evidenced by the re
ceipt of a goodly number of applica
tions already handed In, and the ex
pressed intention of many others to
join with us in the work to be done.
"The move seems to bear the stamp
of approval of all, and supplies along
felt need of a place of this kind in a
convenient location, and the location
is certainly the best in the city.
"Some of our business interests nat
urally derive a more direct benefit
from the accomplishments of the club,
but indirectly a benefit accrues to all
by the upbuilding of the city.
"The commercial club is a member
ship corporation, and the results to be
obtained for the benefit of the com
munity and its members, is measured
by the interest manifested by our cit
izens in seeking to promote the ob
jects and purposes of the organization.
Give the officers your support, and
watch Fargo grow."
Choice Early Ohio seed potatoes for
sale at the Hector farm adjoining the
city. Phone 1160-1 long 3 short.
We offer a cozy home on north side.
Payments $15 per month. Price $l,2i0
In excellent repair. Lot 50x140 feet.
We have one 5 and two 6 room dwell
ings on same plan of payments, $20
to $22.50 per month. All inside prop
erty. They are snaps. Morton & Co.
for the
We dye laccs any *lade desired and
guarantee the best work, Twin Cities
not excepted, assume the responsibil
ity and deliver the goods. Fargo's
big s or« s stnd us tht-ir work in this
line. Why not you?
Fargo Dye House
Opposite Ames' Furniture Store.
Men who demand Style and Quality
will appreciate these exceedingly
B6bby Summer Suits.
We have all the little things for sum
mer w$ar that help to make ju^i
Hker season an enjoyable one i
Hats—Straw, Panama and Felt, Soit
Shirts in endless variety. Ties, Col
Bells, Underwear/Hosiery, Etc.
.• V
A fine variety of Bags and Suit Cases
514-516, Front Street, Fargo, N. Dak.
I v
Mm Omm
Had a
Voyage and taw
London, Liverpool and frfifts
While Away.
Ex-Mayor W. D. Sweet returned
this morning from a flying European
trip. In Just one month Mr. Sweet
completed his annual vacation and re
turned home perfectly satisfied with
North Dakota and especially with the
Heu river valley.
"1 told my friends here when I left
that if ther heard of a man in
Europe chasing his hat in a high wind
to be quite sure that it was I," said
Mr. Sweet. "I travelled a foot to the
inch but the things I saw and heard
would fill a volume.
"I went over on a fast boat, the
L.ucanla, and saved about a Week for
sightseeing. I spent about a week
in London and Paris and met a num
ber of people who have friends in
Fargo. I met a single North Dakota
man and was surprised to note how
little people in Europe knew of North
Dakota. These few I met did not know
whether the state was located next
to the Mexican frontier or the Cana
dian boundary. The Red river valley,
however, I found was well known.
"In railroads we are away ahead of
the Europeans. In Paris is located,
perhaps the largest depot on the con
tinent, yet it would hardly be large
enough for an American city of a pop
ulation of 100,000. The freight cars in
Europe look to an American like
wagons and the whistles on the loco
motives sound like 'those the kids
used to make out of birch when we
were boys down on the farm."
Mr. Sweet enjoyed the ocean voyage,
which was the chief object of his trip.
The Cash Grocery Now 616 SMsnd:
Avenue North, Under Pirie's Hall.
By dint of hurry and bustle and
plenty of help, Ellefsen's Cash Grocery
Co. moved from the onerahouse annex
to 616 Second avenue north, whiph is
one of the largest stores In the block,
and directly under Pirie's hall, last
night. Rapidly growing business de
manded more room and as that was
not available in the old stoj-e the move
had to be made. This grocery has
grown into one of the most popular
stores of the kind In the city in the
short space of six months. First class
goods and service, coupled with a lib
eral amount of advertising of the right
kind, Is responsible in spite of the
fact that the store has been several
blocks from what is considered the
business center of the citv.
New Modern Residence.
We have a lot on pavement with
sewer connections, one block south of
the high school, which we will im
prove for reliable party on a term
lease. That is, we will build a house
to suit the tenant—giving him all
modern Improvements at a rental that
will realize for us seven ner cent net
on the Investment. Morton & Co.
That's the Official Nam* oft the
Amusement Lane—It Will fll#
Round-up Drive.
Paw does it sound?
It's the name that has been officially
selected for the amusement lane at
the state fair grounds.
A decision was reached after, con
siderable deliberation on the paH of
the state fair officials and after the
contract between the state fair offi
cials and the Cash Carnival Co., had
been signed.
Some time ago the state fair asso
ciation invited the general public to
send in suggestions of a name. The
one accepted was one of those submit
ted and the one which seemed to meet
with the most favor. However, there
was no general vote on the matter, the
people generally preferring to leave a
decision to the officers of the associa
tion. A
Sent in
2,000 Yards of
it ...
OILITIKKM) lIPilRIVF.jI'lll.lTICS Hill' IN (Mil)

cents together with their suggestions
and those will receive tickets to the
fair as soon as the pasteboards are
The Cash Carnival Co., that the
contract for the amusements on
Round-Up Drive has been made with
is \vell known in this section of the
country. The company has increas
ed in size since last seen in this city
and is now reported to be one of the
best organizations of its kind in the
The state fair association has re
tained considerable power in the man
agement of the amusement features
and guarantees nothing but the best
attractions on the Round-Up.
With the passage of the franchise
ordinance by the city council next
Friday night, the state fair officials
will bo in a position to guarantee that
the street cars will be in operation to
the fair grounds by the tiine the fair
is opened to the public. The street
railway company has assured the
state fair officials that a sufficient
1 supply of steel is already on hand and
it is proposed to employ two shifts of
workmen on the construction of the
I track, one crew going to work at 4
o'clock in the morning, and the other
going to work at noon. The only
difficulty anticipated by the street rail
i way company Is the securing of wire.
Already the street railway officials
have gone into the market for the
purchase of the wire and there ts little
fear but that a sufficient supply can
be secured here in time.
Secretary Wilson of the state fair
association will leave this evening for
Grand Forks with the copy for the
premium list. lie expected to leave
last night but It was impossible to get
the copy ready.
Choice Flax Seed.
Very choice and clean, rich with oil.
Raised on breaking. Delivered at any
railroad point in the state apd In
quantities to suit, Morton ft Co.
County Auditor S. W. Pabrick of
Mi not is in the city with the copy for
fche official Ward county primary elec
tion ballots, the contract for the print
ing of which was let to the Knight
Printing Co., of this city. Mr. Fa- be sold:
brick says that the new gang have
about as much show in Ward county
at the forthcoming primary election
as a snowball on the equator.
"We have our Major Murphy as new
gang leader in Ward county while
Cass county has its Spalding and
Twichell," said Mr. Fabrick. "In both
counties it is a campaign of old re
organizers against Murphyism, Spald
inglsm, Twiehellism or any machine
"Mr. Spalding spoke in Minot re
cently and there was the proverbial
Corporal's guard present to hear hirq.
"There will be, however, two repub-
*can candidates'for every county of
#t.e except three
Petticoat Special
25 Dozen Ladies Black Mercerized
Petticoats, ruffles and accordian
plait, trimmed flounce, $i value
Silk Coat Special
56 inches long, of best taffeta, silk,
in black, brown, blue, tan, green
and dark red, worth up to
Counly Auditor Fabrick "$aya
Gang Stands No Show in That
»•'. .Section* ..
county sup
ftrintendent of schools and commis
^oner from the first district."
The O. W. Kerr Co., have two lota
«n Broadway for sale at a bargain.
The man who is indifferent to the
clothes he wears loses self respect and
the esteem of his fellow men. You canV
afford to lose either.
You can afford to wear the clothes
made by L. ABT & SONS and at the
siime time be certain of thai oicety of
dress which will always distinguish you
thfrMififWli «n»n,
Spring suits #15 to $2|.
We have just received 8 solid cases of new wash goods of the
very newest designs and weaves. Now on sale at a big discount
2,500 Yards of
Our stock of Ladies' Wash Suits
is large and complete and prices
range from
$2.50,$3, $3.50 to $6.
Chief Wade Has a Choice Collection
of Canines.
Ohfef Police Wade vrftt assume
a new role Saturday afternoon. He
will act as auctioneer.
Twelve canines of various breeds
and' color are to be sold by the chief
of police to the highest bidder. They
are dogs that have been gathered in
by the dog catchers and this morning
Judge Ryan issued an order instruct
ing the chief of police to sell them.
The folowing is a list of the dogs to
1 black collie.
1 fox hound.
4 brown dogs.
1 mongrel dog.
1 black and white dog.
1 yellow and white dog.
2 spotted bird dogs.
The chief has received an offer for
the bunch of 2 cents a pound but has
hesitated about accepting. It has not
been made clear to him for just what
Four More
New Pupils entered the Dakota Busi
ness College Summer School this
morning and others will enter during
the week. Now is the time to begin
to prepare for a good fall position.
Close personal attention is given to
the advancement of each pupil. Enter
now—stay till competent and success
is sure.
•A, -4. -fv
«L 9'V
Goods Sale
3,000 Yards
18c Fig­
ured Batiste
One lot of figured Jap Crepe Ki
monas, worth $1.25 to $1.50, at
•S Dozen Fancy Jap Crepe Kimonas,
trimmed with satin, worth, $1.50, at
5 Dozen Imported Figured Fuji
Yanja Jap Silk Kimonas, sleeves
and front satin trimmed, $2.50 and
$3 values, at
.v.r »q
One lot of figured Lawn' Kimonas
w#rth 75c, $1
purpose the animals are wanted and
the meat Inspection ordinance is not
Degrees Being Conferred in Full Fort*
by the Rite.
The Scottish Rite work is reported
going along smoothly. Several more
accessions to the class are expected,
this evening and one or two more to
morrow morning. The thirtieth will
be put on tonight. Tomorrow after
noon will be devoted to the thirty-first
and in the evening the thirty-second
will be put on in full form, completing
the reunion.
At 7:30 tomorrow night will occur
the election of secretary of the bodies
and also three members of the Scot
tish Rite boards of trustees.
Two lot,s on Broadway for sale by
O. W. Kerr Co. at a bargain If taken
With Merchants National Bank.
Frank Kendall, a Dakota Business
College pupil, went to work as individ
ual bookkeeper for the Merchants Na-'
tional bank this afternoon, making the'
third D. B. C. pupil employed there.®
What the pupils of this school can do'
and the positions they command wheft:
they leave school proves its work. j.

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