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.#•% v
Friday, July tti
Fargo Day at the fair.
Note-All mortings are evenings unless
otherwise speclfled. Those announcements
furnace work and grantee, 1, b.
List your Fargo city property with!
us for sale or rent. We will find aj
customer. O. W. Kerr Co.
Dr. Charest returned home from a|
trip west last evening and took in the I
fair with his family on Fargo Day.
Special Agent McEniry of the land
oftce department has secured tempor
*^y offices in the operahouse annex.
Peterson's new bakery in the cor
ner store of the Keeney block displays
a stock of new, fresh, high bak
ery goods dally.
wJT1?6 rffl0if,!S
local landofflce
reeeived authority from Washington ure.
this morning to lease the basement in
the new Walker block.
The Bijou keeps up its record for a|
good entertainment—the programme
this week being especially fine In sce
nic effect—the storm scene, and the|
robbery are well worth seeing.
During the summer kidney Irregu
larities are often caused by excessive
drinking or being overheated. Attend
to the kidneys at once by using Foley's Ith,n*
B«st Pressed Brick at Lowest PrioAs.
If yon contemplate building, gat
flffares and samples
Charley is looking for a good shopman
of petty larceny late yesterday after-
Major Edwards drove out to the fair
grounds this afternoon where he re
mained several hours, meeting many
old time friends from all over the
state, who were glad to see him and
whom he was glad to see.
natural to see the major about a build- I
ing over which The Forum sign hung. I
In the item yesterday regarding the
lease of thfe second floor of the Mor
ris block, it Is stated that Dr. Van
Snyder had no lease. The second
floor was formerly leased to "Profes
nor" Cox. who left hurriedly and it is
claimed that Dr. Van Snyder had rent
ed the floor from month to month. He
was served with notice to get out and
was later gotten out through court
process. The West restaurant people
are now in control of the entire build
i. 0. McK*»dry, at Temple, or H. 0.
PlamUTi ftt Ponun.
Miss Alice Osden, teacher of elocu
tlon at the normal, Moorhead, has ac-
cepted a position in a similar capacity
at a school in Los Angeles, Cal., where
she will take up her duties early in
the fall. The first week in August
'Miss Osden will attend a short course
:r Vat the Chicago university and visit in
Detroit, Mich,, before going west. Her
m»ny friends in Moorhead very much
regret that Miss Osden is to leave
•x Moorhead, where she has been a valu
able and much sought addition to so
ciety there. Several functions both
in and Meorhead a** being giv-
Btiall glad
Crest Personbe
»n in
Kidney Cure. I Everybody is getting good coffee at
Theo. Euren reported to the police Ithe
family were at the state fair grounds.!
A man who had been employed on the
farm is suspected of the robbery.
Hebron Fire & Pressed Brick CoM
Hebron, N. D.
Harry Hall, H. Johnson and F.
Sharpon were the names given by
three men who were arrested yester-, ...
day on charges of vagrancy. They I ™hen
they go to work at once. I
Monday morning for Lucca where |one*
Charlie will run a meat market. Their
many friends in the city wish them I If you have a Bouse
success in their new home, with us.
and fepubikan
|D«y». Copies.
It 5,900
1 (Weekly) *8,000
2 6,150
5 5,900
«... 5,900
T.... 5,900
8 (Weekly) 7,000
ErlckBon photos will not disappcrtnt. 11%, j* 5300
Remington Typewriter Co. Phone
309-L. J13% 3,900
D«y«. Copies.
18 *7*425
18 5,950
1» 5,925
20 6,975
2 1 5,925
2 2 K 09C.
22 (Weekly) 6^50
25. 5,925
2 6 5 9 7 5
27...4. ,.. 5,950
28. 5,950
29 5,975
29 (Weekly) 6,950
80 6,200
5 925
Phone 585 for Deimert & Murphy's 115..!!!!!!!! 5^900
quick delivery of wines and liquors. 115 (Weekly) 7,000
Will exchange your old couch for a|Ia,1y average ....! 6062
new one. C. C. Anderson, Keeney Blk. Weekly average ]*.' 7^30
The Klinsmann Co does first-class I *1,000
copies for special orders,
of North Dakota, county of
I, J. P. Edwards, assistant manager
of The Forum Printing Co., do solemn
ly swear that the above statement
gives the actual editions of the dally
and weekly Forum and Republican,
day by
for the month of June,
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 2nd day of July, 1906.
(Seal) John W. Searing,
Notary Public.
My commission expires Aug. 12,1909
in her honor, before her denart-
Have Knight Printing Co. print it.
See Erlckson for your next photos.
Remington Typewriter Go. Phone
Phone 68S for Deimert & Murphy's
quick delivery of wines and liquors.
We want some north Broadway lots
at once.
Call on us if you have any-
O. W. Kerr Co,
that his house, a few miles from the ',ver,nS the coffee from Erdel's coffee
city, was robbed yesterday while the I
Fitz is de-
Embalmers and Funeral Direct
ors. Lady Attendant. Specialist*.
Operator in Trouble.
Lakota American: The night oper
ator at the Mapes depot, five miles
east of here, was arrested Wednesday
charged with having broken open an
express package during Tuesday night
and appropriating to his own use the
liquid refreshments consigned to a
party living there. It is alleged that
were allowed their liberty by Judge I night operator, named Arthur, un
Ryan this morning on condition that I
der the
went on duty he found
a result
of a glorious jag as
having imbibed not wiselv
hut too well. An express package
Dr. and Mrs. Hyde entertained n containing liquor was found brokfn
Yiumber of fiends Thursday evening open and the contents missing. The
at their comfortable room in the First I matter was reported to Agent Parnell
National bank block, Moorhead, in I at this place and a warrant issued for
honor of Miss Cate, of fouluth, who I the man's arrest. He mad#
Is visiting Mrs. Hyde. Duplicate I to escape and it is
whist was the order of pldy. I not deny the charge,
dhas. Voller and family will leave!
The offense
We have
can supply,
to help him in the market at Lucca.
The two men who robbed a man at I Child Drowned.
Judge Amidon's farm Wednesday!
night and who were captured yester- I day afternoon, Gertrude daughter of
day by the foreman of the farm, were Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Olson, who would hp
given thirty days each by Judge Rv-I«™, would be
an. The men pleaded guilty to charges I down^^ *h6Xt*DeCember'
noori. wniie wading in the grassy edge of a
slough near her home south of this
The fire department was called to Place, and was drowned. It was a
Stone's music store about 9:30 last Imost Pathetic accident, and awakened
night. The film in the moving picture Ithi sympathy of all. The funeral
machine, which was being operated Itook Place from the home Friday af
there, caught fire and considerable I t®rnoon, Rev. Fairer officiating. ln
excitement was caused thereby. The I torment was in the Scandinavian cem
blaze was quickly extinguished. Tbe|et*rjr south of here.
loss will be about $200.
and he was bound over to the district!dry Co., 307 Broadway, J*. L^h~,
court. Bonds in the sum of $250 were
furnished by his father. Waller Is
charged with deserting his wife and
infant child. He claims that he was
inveigled into marriage, and that he
was a victim of great fraud.
no effort
understood does
Is considered a serious
rent, list It
more calls .than we
W. Kerr Co.
Independent: Last Thurs
"din** irf^h
Remington Typewriter Co.
fel1 face
8 water
Visitor* to Fair.
are requested to call
at our of*.
It looked I ®ce an* Inspect the largest and molt
laundry plant in the north­
I We will be pleased to show you
i a examlna-1 through and extend any courtesv
tlon in Judge Ryan s court last night which is in our power
Sale of Land.
Notice Is hereby given, that under
authority of an order of sale granted
by the Hon. A. Q. Hanson, judge ef
the county court of the county of
Cass, in the state of North Dakota,
dated the 10th day of July A. D., 1906,
the undersigned, the administrator of
the estate of Mary D. Matteson, late of
the city of Fargo in the county of Cass
and state of North Dakota, deceased,
will sell at private sale to the highest
bidder, for cash over and above and
subject to the mortgage incumbrances
upon the respective parcels of proper
ty below described, subject to confirm
ation by the judge of said county
court, the following described lands,
The south fifty (60) feet of lots 1, 2
and 3 in block 34 of the original town
site pf Fargo also the south fifty (50)
feet of lots 4, 5 and 6 of block 34 in
said townslte, according to the plat
thereof on file and of record in the of
fice of the register of deeds of said
Cass county.
The sale will be made on or after
the 6th day of August A. D., 1906.
All bids must be in writing, and
may be left at my office In the Savings
As Loan building, No. 11 Broadway in
the city of Fargo in said county or
filed with the judge of said county
court, or delivered to the undersigned
Administrator of the estate of Mary
D. Matteson, deceased.
Dated July 12th A. D. 1908..
Ball & Watson, httorneys for ad
Wr 18^20.2T Aug.
Aaee*tr*l Memory.
I walk along a dark, lonely road
my ears are on the alert. I glance to
Mght and left I look over my shoul
der. Where did I learn this habit?
May It not be the memory disk giving
off its record? My savage ancestor
learned by long years of experience to
be specially on his guard In a lonely
place and in the dark. When my in
dignation is thoroughly roused I find
my hands clinch, there Is a tightening
of the lips, the teeth are more plainly
visible, and the whole attitude Is sug
gestive of making a spring. Here Is
a trait of early man, who gathered him
self together and sprang upon his en
emy to rend him with tooth and claw.
I have often noticed that when people
Use the word "offensive" It is accom
panied by a quiver of the nostrils and
an Involuntary movement of the nose.
The imagination Is still haunted by
that piece of very offensive carrion
which my primitive ancestor with a
prejudice for raw meat found too
strong for him, so strong that his nose
rejected it at once.—Nineteenth Cen
Bow to Zieavu a ffnfgtgii tangnAKc.
One may begin the attempts of free
expression, and thus an independent
use of the language, with a compara
tively small vocabulary. Conscientious
reading and well conducted conversa
tions will then quickly enlarge the vo
cabulary and develop the facility of ex
pression. But I cannot lay too much
stress upon the fact that the free and
exact rendering of one's own thought
In writing is the most efficient exercise
In acquiring a language. In mere con
versation we are apt to slip over diffi
culties by permitting ourselves vague
ness and Inaccuracies of expression
which would sternly demand correc-*
Hon—and correction, too, easily kept
In mind—when the written words look
us In the face. To quicken the efficacy
of this exercise requires, of course, a
teacher able not only to pound gram
matical rules Into the head of the pu
pil, but also to stir up in the study of
the language a mentally active Inter
est in the subjects spoken or written
about.—Carl Bchurz's Reminiscences in
Sailora on
That English soldiers or sailors
should strike for more pay In a way
such as we are accustomed to In trades
sounds Impossible, but such things
have occurred, the last time being In
April, 1797, when the sailors demanded
higher wages and literally struck, oth
erwise mutinying. The admiralty
agreed to meet their demands, but, not
doing so at once, the sailors aboard the
London struck or mutinied again, and
for ordering the marines to tire, there
by killing some men, Admiral Colpoya
and his captain were made prisoners
by the sailors. On May 10 a special
act was passed granting the increased
pay, and the king pardoned the rnuti
,—London Telegraph.
Natural Spectacle*.
Many birds are provided with natural
spectacles, a transparent membrane
called the third eyelid. This third eye
lid when not In use lies folded In the
Inner corner of the eye. Two muscles
work it, spreading it over the cornea or
folding it up again much more cleverly
than a man can put on or take off his
spectacles. But for its third eyelid the
eagle could not look at the sun. The
spectacled bear belongs to Chile. Its
Latin name is Ursus ornatus. It is
black, and around its eyes pale rings
are drawn which have exactly the ap
pearance of a pair of goggles.—St
Louis Globe-Democrat
Wind Velocity.
The average velocity of the wind Is
low, in most places between five and
ten miles an hour, corresponding re
spectively to wind pressure of from
two ounces to eight ounces a square
foot. During portions of nearly every
day, however, somewhat higher veloc
ities are recorded, since the averages
contain considerable periods of very
light breezes occurring often within a
few hours before and after sunrise
and sunset. There are few days with
out periods of brisk breezes of from
to twenty miles an hour.
Rather Cautlc.
"Did you tell your father I was a hu
morist?" asked the tall young man
with long hair.
"I did," replied
The Very Tbiag.
"Yes, ma'am," said the salesman, "an
establishment like ours has Its own lit
erary staff. Here, for example, Is an
'Ode to Our Furniture Polish,' written
by our own poet and set to music by
our own musician."
"An ode to furniture polish!" ex
claimed Miss Peekay-Boob. "Why, that
would be just the thing to take home
and the planol"—Qhieago Trib-
What's the difference
and sight?"
Herbert L. Loomis,
Bow Every Is Qurrlcd.
Emery comes from the island of
Naxos, In the eastern Mediterranean.
Whence It has been exerted for the
last two centuries or more. The betK
are In the northeast of the Island, the
deposit descending Into some of the
neighboring islands, the emery beln
found In lenticular masses, resting ou
layers of schist in limestone, almost
Identical with Parian marble, the fin
est marble known, which comes from
the Island of Paros, close by. Then
are about 800 men engaged in the
trade, all of whom have to be married
before they are admitted to the fra
ternity. The material is much too hard
to bo dug out or even blasted. Great
fires are lighted round the blocks till
the natural cracks expand with the
heat, and levers are then inserted to
pry them apart
This system is continued until the
blocks are reduced In size to masses of
cubic foot or less, and they are then
shipped as If they were coals. There
are said to be 20,000,000 tons yet avail
able at Naxos. It Is one of the hard
est substances yet known, coming next
to the diamond, and among its crystal
line forms known to the jewelers are
the ruby and the sapphire.
Lighting a Pipe.
A smoker who started to light his
pipe on the street turned to his com
panion and said: "A man told me the
other day how to light tan ordinary
match in a high wind. Let me show
There was a stiff breeze blowing.
The demonstrator took from his pocket
an envelope, struck a parlor match on
a rail and shielded it inside of the en
velope, facing the wind as he did so.
The match burned with hardly a flick
er, and the man who held It puffed on
his pipe with great satisfaction.
'That's a trick worth knowing," he
remarked. "Here's another. Some
times you get a spark on top of your
pipe which the most vigorous puffing
falls to spread over the surface of the
tobacco. In that case take a piece of
paper of almost any kind and hold it
down In the spark. This will spread
the fire and give you the sort of light
a pipe smoker wants." Providence
Rabin* Orasa After Mowlftg.
Some persons advise raking after
each mowing. I do not, because the
clippings drop down Into the grass and
form a mulch, which I consider of
great benefit. They also help to fer
tilize the soil. The lawn that is net
mowed often enough will not look we
after you have been over it with th
mower, because there was growt
enough to partially hide the sward uj
on which it falls. This will wither an
turn brown in a day or two and great
ly detract from the beauty of the lawi
But if you keep your lawn well mo we
—and that means going over it at leas
three times a week in ordinary sec
sons—tho amount clipped off at eac
mowing will be so slight that ther
will not be enough of it to show. Le
the knife blades be set high enough
leave at least two inches of the foli
ago.—Outing Magazine.
One of the most interesting wild anl
mals 1s the prairie welf, known li
Mexico as the coyote and In the ok
world as the jackal. It is thirty-six
forty Inches long, with a tail measur
ing sixteen to eighteen inches In length
The color Is usually a dull, yeliowtst
gray on the back and sides, with blacl
cloudings. The underpart and lnsld€
of the limbs are of a dirty white tint
The voice Is a sort of snapping bark,
and for this reason the animal Is
known as the "barking wolf." It Is
found on the western plains, extend
ing from Mexico to latitude 55 degrees
between vi­
"See thoee two girls Across the
"Well, the pretty
one I
would call
loveliness, but
-ebe's ft
be laughed."
"Laughed? Why, I thought he used
to say writing Jokes was hard on the
"So be did but be says
heard of your writing any
Chicago News.
the other
sight" Cleveland Plain'
Th# Dim Ffeai
Kemea, Is essential to all animal exist
ence. There could be no life without it
Strange to say, it was not discovered
Until a century ago, when— Student—
iWbat iUtf they do before It was disco?-
-•v- ^,
la very
A Good Color.
Negroes use the same phrases
hear whites use, often with amusing
application. This conversation, over- i
heard In the streets of a southern city.
Is related In Llppincott's Magazine: I
"Howdy, Mis' Mandy? How Is you?"
called one dusky aunty to another.
Oh, I Jes' tollable, Mis' Johnson. How
you feelin' was the response. "Why,
I's a-feelln' mighty peart I is," con
fided Mrs. Johnson. "I suttenly does
feel fine." "Wellum, yo' sho' is look-!
In' well," agreed her friend. "Yo' col
or's so good."
Proxy Hatband* In Turkey.
Divorces are easy to obtain in
key, and a husband and wife may re
marry three times. If they wish to
marry a fourth time, the woman must
go through the formality of marrying i
another man and then of being dl
vorced. This custom has given rise to
a curious profession—that of proxy
husbands. Such men are generally I
blind and have no hesitancy In relin
quisblng their brides for a money cou
"Pa, what does savoir faire mean?"
"Well, I don't know that I can ex
plain it exactly, but the man who can
look tickled and Interested when some
body starts to tell a story that he has
heard about twenty times before bas
It all right"—Chicago Record-Herald.
A I*o»er.
•please, pa," pleaded Bobby, "Just
one more."
"All right," said
closing bis book.
"Well, say, pa," began Bobby, "who
Is going to bury the last man that
Wot One of Them.
great men are
all dying
Jones—That doesn't make tt neces
sary for you to see a doctor.
olympiads consisted
at forty-nine and fifty month*,
Friday, July 27.
Fargo Day.
8:00 Gates of the fair open.—
9:00 Fargo In all her glory to the
10:00 Wild west show.—Judging
ponies, class 5.
10:30 Base ball game—Hancock vs.
Band parade
Saturday, July 28.
Moorhead Day.
8:00 Gates of the fair open.-—
9:00 Kvery body In Moorhead goes
to the fair.—
9:30 reception of Moorhead people
at the fair grounds.
10:00 Wild west show.—
10:00 Base ball game—Hancock vs.
1:00 Round-up drive. "The last
1:30 Races.—3 minute trot or pace
A* l_* WALL I
1:00 Round-up drive.—ICverybody
and his best girl can here eat pea
nuts, spoon and enjoy themselves.
1:35 Races—2:20 pace and 2:15 trot
In 5, purse $1,000. 2:2.r» trot, 3 In 5,
purse $600. 1V4 mile dash, purso $250.
Consolation purse—5*4 furlong dash
for non-money winners horses that
have started at this meeting, purse
$200. Free exhibitions between heats
by the Wild west show and Cash Car
nival Co.
7:30 Wild west show.
8:00 Concert by the Luther Con
cert Band and chorus in the amphi
9:00 Dancing In the pavilion.—
11:00 Gates to the fair closed.
Corner «f t-ront and Eleventh Streets. i
38#. Fargo, N. D*
Official Programme of the
State Fair This Week
weather permitting.
For this occasion the
will sdl tickets at
One Fare for Ifse
Dates of Sale
July 2! to 26 IrKfyshe
Pinal Return Limit July
and Return for OHe Fare Plus $2
ORDER OF EAGLES, AUG, 14-18# 1906.
Tickets on sale for trains reaching St Paul Aug,
19061 Tickets good returning until Aug. 2Z, igo6
Ask for full information.
V- "fV., »A
for horses raised and by sires owned
In North Dakota, 3 in G, purse $500.
Mule race, pace or trot In harness.
Mules must never have started for
money. Mile heats, 3 In 5, purse $126.
Three-quarter mile dash, purse $280.
Five-eighths mile dash, purse $200.
Free exhibition between heats by the
Cash Carnival Company and Wild
west show.
7:00 Wild west show.—
7:30 Concert by Luther Concert
band and chorus In the amphitheatre
9:00 Dancing In the pavilion.—
12:00 "23."
ascensions given daily, the
Quick Relief fop Asthma 8ufFerem.
Foley's Honey and Tar affords im
mediate relief to asthma sufferers
the worst stages and If taken In tlrna
will effect a cure, H. H. Caaselman,
Lion drug store.
Going to the Fair Via the 800 Line
at One Fare for the Round Trip.
The Minnesota State Fair, located
midway between St. Paul and Minne
apolis, is the greatest Institution of Its
kind In the United States, and It's so
near home that everyone ought td go,
have a good time and enjoy them
Tickets on sale Sept. 1 to Sept 8 In
clusive, good returning until Sept. 10.
Ask the Agent.
W. R.Callaway, General Passenger
Local Ageni,
-ft iA
General Passenger Agent#
St. Paul, Minn,

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