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The work on the Great Northern
shops at Devils Lake is also progress
ing rapidly, and the foreman in charge
stated to a local man several days
ago that he expected to have the work
completed by Christmas. The Dev
ils Lake shops wil be larger than any
on the system between St. Paul and
Seattle, with the exception of the
Havre shops. The improvement so
ciety of Devils Lake has purchased a
piece of ground near the shops, and is
engaged in the construction of a num
ber of cottages. There will be about
400 men brought to Devils Lake as a
result of the building of shops, and
this will mean an increase in the popu
lation of about 1,500 persons.
The high wages being paid by the
railroad company at Devils Lake and
other points is resulting in many men
gping on the railroad work who would
otherwise go to the harvest fields.
Danger Signal No. i comes from the
kidney secretions. They will warn you
when the kidneys are sick. Well kid
neys excrete a clear, amber, fluid. Sick
kidneys send out a thin, pale and foamy
or a thick, red, ill-sinclling urine full of
sediment and irregular of passage.
Danger signal No. 2 comes from the
back. Back pains, dull and heavy, or
sharp and acute, tell you of sick kidneys
and warn you of the coming of dropsy,
diabetes and Bright's disease. Doan's
Kidney Pills cure sick kidneys and cure
them permanently. Here's Fargo proof
Mrs. Tom T. Witrik, of No. 7 Eighth
street, south, Fargo, N. D., says: "Mr.
Witcik who was troubled with backache
and kidney complaint for a number of
years, has never found anything to equal
Doan's Kidney Pills as' a cure for such
troubles. In fact, no other treatment
ever had more than temporary effect in
relieving the pain in his back. He was
led to procure Doan's Kidney Pills at
J. M. S. Wilser's drug store through the
good reports from Fargo people con
cerning the merits of this remedy. It
is surprising how quickly they relieved
him of the backache and regulated the
action of the kidneys. His health was
improved in every way. and from his
experience I know that Doan's Kidney
Pills could be depended upon in all
cases of the same nature."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents
Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, New York,
sole agents for the United States.
Remember the name—Doan's—and
take no other.
Aod satisfaction for the moat particular man in the fall styles in
Trains Will Be Running Over the An
eta Great Northern Extension.
Within the next four or six weeks,
the Great Northern will be running
trains over the Aneta extension of that
road between Aneta and Devils Lake.
The work is being pushed along rapid
ly and will be completed by that time.
New Salem Herald: The marriage
of Miss Gertrude Mahlecke, daughter
of Dr. C. F. Mahlecke, and Henry
Bngelter, our popular postmaster, wa*s
solemnized this afternoon at the rcsi-'
dene© of the bride's father. The mys-: [Jump Into the boat and are thus eap
tic word® of the brief but imprest- i [tured. This method is employed by
A UGUST 20th, 21st and 22d we will close
out our Fargo Buggy Stock at prices
which you cannot overlook if you are in
need of—
Top Buggies,
sive ceremony of the German Evan'
gelical church, which made the two
hearts one, were pronounced by Rev
Mr. SLrum.
T. 1. Young & Co.'s bus and transfer
line will give you claim check for
your trunk so you will have no trou
ble at depot. Phone 15.
OveV 100 landseekers went with our
excursion to Sunny Southern Alberta
last Wednesday. You join our next
one on Aug. 22. O. W. Kerr Company
Mnczlrd Women of Muscat.
Women of the better class in Muscat
all wear muzzles, which barely allow
them to open the mouth or see with
the eye or sneeze. If there happens to
be a Cleopatra in Muscat she will nev
er fascinate any Antony by the beauty
of her well shaped nose, for it is kept
In a specially made, ugly case, In which
It is impossible to tell its shape. But
with all its faults this is a far better
system than that of cutting off the nose,
as men in the Kangra district In India
are wont to do when any of their
spouses have proved too fascinating.—
Allahabad Pioneer.
Cartons Flahlnar.
Very curious is the method of fishing
followed by the Chinese in the strait
of Malacca. The fisherman lets down
from the side of the boat a screen of
white canvas stretched on wood. The
shoal of fish mistake this for some
floating obstruction and try to leap
over it, with the result that the fish
Malays In their waters.
i Ventriloquism In the Bible.
1 Ventriloquism, which is described as
'•speaking from the belly," has its first
historic mention, as far as we are
aware, in Isaiah xxix, 4, "And thou
shalt be brought down and shall speak
out of the ground, and thy speech shall
be low out of the dust, and thy voice
shall be as one that hath a familiar
spirit, out of the ground, and thy
•peech shall whisper out of the dust."
—Brooklyn Eagle.
"Here!" roared the old lawyer to his
•on, studying law with him. "You told
me you bad read this work on evidence,
and yet the leaves are not cut"
"Used rays," yawned the versatile
son, and the father chuckled with de
light as he thought what a lawyer the
boy would make.—London Punch.
Vhe One Exception.
"Of course." said Henpeck,
Surrey! Phaetons,
All of well known and standard makes.
Thii stock must be entirely closed outjhese three days.
Do not overlook the opportunity if you are In
need of such goods.
Dowagiac Manufacturing Co.
E. S. Bla«
always do what my wife tells me"—
"What!" exclaimed Meeker In sur
"No yon see If she's la a sarcastic
mood when she orders me to do any
thing I know she wants me to do Just
the opposite."—Philadelphia Press.
Hie Experience.
First Artist—But you love art for its
own sake? Second Artist—Why, yes.
I'm coming to the conclusion that
that's all there is in it.—Brooklyn Life.
The language denotes the man. A
coarse or refined character finds its ex
pression naturally in a coarse or re
fined phraseology.—Bovee.
Employs W the Northern Pacific Found
Alongside the Track# in a
Battered Up Condition.
A. M. Davfes. laborer who has been
employed in the railroad work at Dil
wortli, was picked up near the main
line of the N. P. in Dilworth, Sunday
morning, seriously injured. The na
ture of his wounds has led the author
ities to suspect that he was the victim
of foul play but no other evidence in
support of this theory has been found.
I't appears that Davis and three
other men employed in different camps
in Dilworth, had imbibed freely Sat
urday night and, at a late hour, etart
•'1 for their bunks. (Davis was started
on the right path to the camp in
which he was employed and wtf» then
left by his three companions.
Yesterday morning Davis was found
lying alongside of the railroad track.
There was a hole in the back of his
head about the size of a, silver dollar
several scalp wounds and a serious
wound on his forehead. The wound
011 the back of Davis' head appear®
to htove been the moot serious and
its nature opposes the theory that he
was struck by a train. In the in
jured man's pocket was found the
sum of $2.40, about the amount his
companions believed he should have
had, so that there is nothing to sup
port the robbery theory.
Davis was taken to Moorhead yes
terday morning and Dr. Humphrey
performed an operation which may re
sult In the saving of Davis' life,
dog case dismissed.
The Winger Canine Will Be Permitted
to Live Under Certain Conditions.
The dog case of Mrs. Swan Johnson
J. J.
So heavy was the rain between
Hillsboro and Grand Forks that it will
result in lodging a considerable quan
tity of the grain, making the fields
very difficult to cut.
Girl Charged With Infantieida Is Held
For Trial.
Amelia Beamer, a 20-year-old Page
girl, was bound over to the district
court for trial on a charge of infanti
cide by Justice Miller this afternoon.
She was held without bonds.
The hearing of the case was con*
ducted behind* closed doora
While attorneys generally do not
agree that hearings in criminal cases
may be held behind closed doors," said
Justice Miller at the conclusion of the
hearing, "I shall make it a point in
rases of this kind to conduct them just
as have this one."
Porfngoeiie Bnllflght*.
At Portuguese bullfights not only are
the points of the bulls' horns sawed
off, but the stumps that remain are
carefully padded. The horses also are
ridden with consummate skill, and ev
ery precaution is taken to prevent the
bull touching them. Banderillas afre
used by the men on foot and on horse
back and are planted in the neck of
the bull, which Irritates the bull, but
cannot be described as torture. Just
as much skill is shown as in a Spanish
bullfight, and there may be just as
beautiful a display of costumes, but
there is no killing either of the bull or
of tho horses.
A 'Woman's He-venire.
It Is perfectly incomprehensible how
man can go on wearing the clothes he
does—how he can balance on his head
a huge black Jam pot with a ledge to
It, Incase his limbs in long, tight sacks
of dingy hue and wear round his man
ly throat something resembling a shin
ing metal band. Every new fashion
for man that comes out appears to
me uglier than the last.—Spinster la
M. A. P.
Editor Draws the Dead Line.
Minden La Signs: We have follow
ed the plow, wielded the hoe, served
time on the public roads under an aus
tere overseer, swept the back yard,
worked the garden, churned the but
ter, washed the dishes, nursed the
baby and performed other various and
sundry disagreeable tasks in our time
without a murmur, but when it comes
to cleaning streets under three lady
bosses—excuse me, please. Three wo
men to boss you. Great Caesar's
ghost! Just the thought of such a
catastrophe is enough to give a myn
the "buck ague."
Winger was dismissed
by Judge Ryan, Mrs. Johnson was ill
and unable to appear in court. There
was no dispute -over the fact that the
dog had bitten Mrs. Johnson. Winger
put up a claim that Mrs. Johnson had
condoned tho offense and at first
agreed that the dog need not be killed.
His witnesses asserted the dog was
not cross.
Mrs. Johnson claimed she was se
verely bitten and that the dog was
cross with other people. It is said
the dog will be kept in Minnesota and
later sent to Canada.
Mrs. Johnson denies tho effort to
have the dog killed was the result of
trouble between the two families and
also the report that the canine was a
pup. She insisted it was a grown dog.
Cooler Weather Succeeds the Several
Torrid Days.
The long siege of terrifically hot
weather from which the people of this
part of the country have been suffer
ing, was brought to a close last night
by a heavy storm which swept over
northern part of the state from
Hillsboro north and westward. Rain
fell as far south as Argusviile, but it
did not reach Fargo, although the resi
dents here got all the beneficial effects
in the shape of much welcomed cooler
Klinsmanns Get the Old
Pitts Warehouse.
The IKllnsmann Co. closed a deal
this morning for the purchase of the
Buffalo Pitts warehouse, the large red
building on Fifth street north, just
north of Pirie's bakery shop, and ap
posite the rear of the Masonic temple.
The building is 45x140 feet and
workmen will begin at once to re
model the same, putting on sheet
metal sides, arranging a commodious
office and making it, as the new own
ers promise, a credit to the street. It
will be ready for occupancy about
£ct. 1.
The rapidly growing business of the
Klinsmannr Co. which has been doing
a large heating plant business and all
kinds of tin work, and the desire to
branch out into ithe cornice, ornament
al ceiling and skylight and roofing
business has necessitated the move.
O. A. Klin-smann established the
business in Fargo some three years
ago and a short time afterward ad
mitted his brother, H. A. Klinsmann,
a practical- furnace man, into the bus
iness and formed the present company
which has been rapidly forging to the
front, so the enlargement seems nat
ural to those who have kept Witch
of the concern's progress.
Cnrlona Storage of Hay.
An English traveler through Kash
mir found in practice there a novel
method of putting fodder up for win
ter use. The country lies in a valley
among the Himalayas. The chief in
dustry of the people consists in raising
fine wool and in making this into fab
rics which have carried the name of
the country all over the world. A cu
rious custom in some places is that of
hanging quantities of hay up among
the branches of trees. Why it was
done was more than I could guess, till
my guide informed me that in winter
the snow lies five and six yards in
depth and that the supplies of hay,
which now look only as if they were
meant for camelopards, are then easily
reached by the flocks,, of sheep which
abound there.
BIftteratlnff CfV^nhjiitaiiee.
A Scotch baillie recently advanced to
the bench bad a criminal placed before
him accused of some very modest vio
lation of the law. Of course the baillie
knew the prisoner well. He heard the
charge stated.
"John, man, I'm sorry to see you
here. We'll Just fine you half a crown.
The clerk here intervened.
"But the charge is not yet proved
we have not heard the evidence/'
Then the benignant baillie:
"Ah, well, John, my man, as the
charge is not proved we'll Just fine yoa
an eighteenpence."—London Telegraph
Mara and Satnra.
If Mars and Saturn reflect the same
proportion of the light which falls upon
their surfaces the smaller and much
nearer planet would look three times
as bright as the much more distant
and much larger Saturn. As a matter
of fact, there is no great difference be
tween the two. It is inferred from this
fact that the visible surface of Saturn
consists of clouds, since no surface of
land and water would reflect so much
light as that planet gives.
He la Deliberate.
Mrs. Sparks -Your husband Is a very
deliberate man, isn't he? Mrs. Slow
man—Indeed he Is. Mrs. Sparks—Did
you ever know him to do anything In
a hurry? Mrs. Slowman—Never! He
plans every movement with the utmost
deliberation and lingers studiously over
every detail. I have often thought that
If he ever dies suddenly It will be an
awful shock to him.
Hot So Very Unexpected.
"Ada, dearest Ada, will yon
"Oh, Charles, this Is so unexpected!
Tou must give me a little time,"
"How long, darling?"
"Oh, I will Just cg^l mamma. She la
waiting in the next room."—Fllegende
Will in*.
"Now," began the philosopher, "take
the life of your neighbor, for Instance.
"Fd do it In a minute," interrupted
the practical man, "if the law would
not interfere. He's learning to piny
the cornet"
Wot Ahxtmu to Please.
Ne^tune—l say. Boreas, if you keep
on blowing like that you'll get yourself
disliked. Boreas—What do I care! It
isn't my business to furnish popular
airs.—Modern Society.
"Our clergyman preached ft sermon
to widowers today."
"What was his text?"
'Sorrow not as those that have no
No 8ale.
"Cen't sell you ft painless corn
cure, madam?" said the peddler.
"No, you can't," snapped the woman
of the house. "I have no painless
Thfen tpe, door abut with swWap
»la%'. 4 V 1 /, -u A
-V»y: '"V»"milr
Make Hay While the liun Shines.
There is a lesson In the work of the
thrifty farmer. He knows that the
bright sunshine may last but a day
and he prepares for the showers
which are so liable to follow. So it
should be with every household. Dys
entery, diarrhoea and cholera morbus
may attack some member of the home
without warning. Chamberlain's Col
ic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy,
which is the best known medicine for
these diseases, should always be kept
at hand, as immediate treatment is
'necessary, and delay may prove fatal.
»For sale by all dealers.
William Loffan Said to Have Taken a
THw From Moorhead—Caught
St Davenport.
Charged with stealing* a horse and
buggy belonging to Bollwe & Martin,
the Moorhead saloon keepers, William
Lorgan was arrested yesterday at Dav
enport and brought to this city. It
is probable that he will consent to ac
company the officers to Moorhead to
face the charge, without requiring
requisition papers.
It appears that Boline & Martin's
rig was on Fourth street in Moorhead
Saturday evening when Lorgan hap
pened along. He Jumped Into the bug
gy and started off before he was no
When arrested Lorgan had the stol
en rig in his possession.
Willistott N. D., Aug. 18.—To The
Forum Farmers are busy harvest
ing now A very good yield is ex
Mrs. H. B. Stevens returned to h*
home at Velva last week after a very
pleasant visit with her friend,
Mrs. I. C. Stewart is spending a few
Grace Chase of Painted Woods.
weeks with her parents at Bemldji,
WUilston is to have a new opera
house. The Masonic order will buiM
a hall for their order this season,
the ground floor will be used for th.
operahouse, the lodge hall, dining rorm
and kitchen on the second floor. Th
old operahouse is to be occupied by the
United States landofflce.
The Williams County hfttlk is
started its new building. It 1s to bo
buiit out of cement blocks.
The new telephone building has be"
started. The building will be 24x40 and
two stories high. Cor. W.
A Pity Indeed.
Snipkins (Just returned from Italy)
|And so, you see, I did not "see Naples
and die." Miss Awfly Bored (absently 1
P-What a pity.—Ally Sloper.
Until comparatively recent times the
only harrow was a large pile of brush
tree branches, dragged across the
by a team of oxen.
Constitutional Amendments.
I hereby certify that the following
proposed constitutional amendment
were passed by the last legislative
sembly, and will be submitted to th«
coining legislature of 1907 for their
approval or rejection.
Proposed Constitutional Amendment.
That section 158 of the constitution
of North Dakota is amended to read
as follows:
Section 158. Amendment. Minimum
Price of State Lands.] No land
shall be sold for less than tin
appraised value and in r»
case for less than ten dollai s
per acre. The purchaser shall pay one
fifth of the price in cash, and the re
maining four-fifths as follows! One
nfth in five years, one-fifth' in it
years, one-fifth in fifteen years art 1
one-fifth in twenty years, with Interest
at the rate of not less than six 1
centum, payable annually in advanc.
All sales shall be held at the county
seat of the county in which the land
to be sold Is situate, and shall be
public auction and to the highest bid
der, after sixty days' advertisement
the same in a newspaper of generis 1
circulation in the vicinity of the lands
to be sold, and one at the seat of gov
ernment. Such lands as shall not hav
been specially subdivided shall be of
fered in tracts of one-quarter section,
and those so subdivided in the smal'
est subdivisions. All lands designate
for sale and not sold within two yeai
after appraisal, shall be re-appraise
before they are sold. No grant
patent for any such lands shall issu
until payment is made for the same
provided, that the lands contracted
be sold by the state shall be subject
to taxation from the date of such con
tract. In case the taxes assessed
against any of said lands for any yes
remain unpaid until the first Monda
in October of tl/e following year, then
and thereupon the contract of sal
for such lands shall, at the election
of the board of university and school
lands, become null and void and n
such contract heretofore made shal
be held void for non-payment of taxe
accruing on ttte lands described there
provided, such taxes shall have
been paid before this amendment takes
effect, provided, further, that any
school or institution lands that may
be required for townslte purposes may
be paid for at any time and patent
issued therefor.
Proposed Constitutional Amendment
That section 89 of the constitution
of the state of North Dakota be
amended so as to read as follows:
Section 89. The supreme court
shall consist of five judges,
majority of whom shall be
necessary to form a Quorum
or pronounce a decision, but one or
more of said judges may adjourn tho
court from day to day or to a day cer
Proposed Constitutional Amendment.
That section 162 of the constitution
of the state of North Dakota be
amended so as to read as follows:
Section 162. The moneys of
the permanent school fund and
other educational funds shalt
invested only in bonds 01
school corporations, or^of counties,
or of townships, or of municipalities,
within the state, bonds issued for th
construction of drains under author
ity of law within the state, bonds of
the United States, bonds of the stale
of North Dakota, bonds of other states,
provided such states have never re
pudiated any of their indebtedness, or
on first mortgage on farm lands in
this state, not exceeding in amount
one-third of the actual value of any
subdivision on which the same may
be loaned, such value to be determined
by the board of appraisal of school
Bismarck, Aug-
(Aug- 29 Sept. 17 Oct.
A o
n i v a u i n i i a i s
tibule, inner doors, day gate and grille
partition for sale at a bargain. Outer
door weighs 2,875 pounds, closed by
a pressure bar, vestibule weighs 1,675
pounds, lining 2,400, grille gates 1,200
pounds, made by Diebold & Co. Green
leaf and Sargent combination lock.
This outfit used less than two years
by a bank in Ohio, taken down by one
of Dieboid's experts, it is now in Far
go and is guaranteed to be A-l and
in good condition. Will sell f. o. b.
Fargo and furnish an expert from
Diebold & Co., makers, to set up the
door, lining and grille work. Size of
vault inside is 7 feet high by 7 feet.
eight Inches by seven feet eight inches.
Writh this vault lining no safe would'
be needed. Will sell at a bargain and
on easy terms. For further partlcu-v
lars and specifications apply to S. S.
Lyon, cashier of the Merchants Na
tional bank of Fargp, or
Fargo, N.
W. J.
Made to order, fresh, on short notice
and delivered anywhere.
Vanilla—Highly Flavored
Strawberry—Fresh Fruit
Caramel -The Kind You Like
Banana—True Fruit
Visit our parlors or phone 324-M.
230 Broadway, Fargo.
10 Broadway, Fargo, N. D.
This Week
lot of ladled hand bags, fetW
novelties, price from 25c to $9.76
1 ach, special closing out sale at one
half off regular jprice.
lot oJ^Sox stationery,* Aew de
signs and colors, at jobbers' priqe.
Take advantage of this sale, lar**
Baseball goods, lawn tennis nets,
1 roquet sets, and hammocks, 25 per
ent discount of regular price.
i'or summer complaints take Lars'
iUackberry CoMial, cures diarrhoea
und all irregularities of the bowels.
10 Broadway, Fargo, N. D.
Pargo Dye House
That don't mean Minneapolis it
means Fargo—work done in Fargo'
by a Fargo man. Although that man
has had experience of years in the
best dye houses, he is now in Fargo—!
has been for years and does as pretty
a job of dying or French dry cleaning
as can be done anywhere. Make up
your mind to try Fargo.
Opposite Ames' Furniture Store.
Second Avenue North
as your
Is the way we put up prescrip.
tions, and no other way. We've
been using fresh, pure drugs and
putting up prescriptions for many
years, and in these days when
qualities are often slighted it's
well to go where you are assured
of the very best quality. Prices
cou&isteiiUy reasonable.,
'-'f "r
j, Secretary of State.
£, 9,
16, H,
Drug Store
66 Broadway, Fargo, N. n.

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