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That Mrs. Davis would not accept
the nomination has been very well un
derstood in Fargo, although she has
never made any public statement to
that effect.
Hay Balsrfc
Fifth Avenite Sduth property consist
ing-of two houses one of 7 rooms
with cellar and cistern and one 3
rooms, new. Good barn and chicken
house, on a lot 150x138 feet with fine
trees afid shrubbery. One-half block
to car line. The owner is leaving the
city arid will sell for $2700.
snap. For full information see
We desire to close contract with re
sponsible parties to bale and deliver
1000 tons of hay or any part thereof on
board cars at points varying from two I ..r famiiv
to seven miles of stations. Particu
lars furnished upon request. Work to
begin immediately. Morton & Co.,
Fargo, N. D.
chesk No. 11991 drawn by Forum
Printing Co., In favor of H. E. Allen,
for $150. Payment has been stopped
on same and duplicate drawn. Warn
ing is given not to cash same and any
one finding it or knowing where it is
will confer a favor by returning to
The Forum office. H. E. Allen.
in Fargo
Confectionery with a goodness,
wholesomeneas and character,
only found in candies made
.under strict compliance with
North Dakota Pure Food Law.
"Bitter Sweets"
Telephone 12
Fargo N. Dak.
Mrs. Davit Has Not Declined the State
Democratic Nomination— No
Official Notification.
Reports to the contrary notwith
standing, posi
tively that she has declined the rem
ocratic nomination for state superin
tendent of schools. Mrs. Davis claims
that she has not yet received official
notice of her nomination on the demo
cratic ticket.
"Several days ago I received a notice
to the effect that a meeting of the
democratic state central committee
would be held in Orand Forks," said
Mrs. Davis. "I wrote the secretary,
informing him that I would not be able
to attend the meeting, but said noth
ing in the letter about not accepting
the nomination, for I have not yet re
ceived official notice that 1 had re
ceived the nomination."
*"We are bound to make room lor our tail
goods and are willing to give a liberal
discount on all odds and ends in order to
them out. Cofiie and examine the
(lit of 'i.
Odd Lace Curtains
that will be sold at ^ri^es tivat will sur
^rise yoti. Don't' Wait but cbrne ifdw.
N. D.
a iiW i$P& e-
Fargo Man fiitrns Porch Light to Dis
pel Darkness Which Is the
Burglar's Friend.
A ibrewd Fargo business man who
'hM been thinking some on the sub
ject said this morning: "In view of
the fact that always ait this time csf
the year thia locality Is infested with
the usual run of tramps, burglars,
porch climbers and crooks, I have de
vised a very simple scheme to pro
tect my house aad I .believe it does
the business. I leave my poirch light
burning all night it not only lights
up the porch but tihe front yard also,
and brings into view anyone loitering
in the neighborhood. It is almost a
cinch t'hat no one would attempt to
climb my porch with the light burn
ing, so myself and family feel un
usually safe this season. My mention
ing this plan to my neighbors has re
sulted in the burning of all the porch
lights in the block, so one protects
the other with its light."
'lYiere have already been several! res
idences broken into this fail so it
seems that this business man's
scheme would appeal to every citizen
who i« desirous of protecting his home
It is obvious that the
burning of porch lights regularly will
be of great assistance to the police
department in tihese matters.
Chance for Deficient Pupils to Stand
an Examination.
W. E. Hpover: The Faigo city
schools wilt open Monday morning,
Sept. 10, at which time it is expected
that the new additions to the Haw
thorne and the Roosevelt school build
ings will be completed.
Pupils who are deficient in the sub
jects of arithmetic, grammar, geogra
phy and United States history will
have an opportunity to make up such
deficiency by examinations which will
be offered Sept. 4, 5 and 6 at the Fargo
high school. The following is the
Tuesday morning at 9 o'clock, Sept.
Wednesday morning, at 9 o'clock,
Sept. 5—Grammar.
Thursday morning at 9 o'clock, Sept.
6/—Geography and United States his
New clean stock. Free delivery.
Special discount $i cash orders.
Successor to Hughes & Palmer
209 Brokdwtr hoo« IJ9
W .1 i*-
Odd Parlor Chairs
tyrner Seats and S#ecs?
A hug*?* assortment of
u n i u e
ttl.nii ttJto ft
Men From Aneta and Ayr the Victims
—Lake Claims He Thought They
Were Burglars.
As result of Frank leaks'* unerr
ing aim, O. M. Omstad of Aneta and
Charles Mitchell of Ayr are confined
in the county hoe-pital, the former with
a bullet in one of his legs and the lat
ter with bullets in each of his legs.
Frank Lake is confined in the city
jail pending an investigation.
The stories concerning the afTair in
which two men were shot are con
flicting and State's Attorney Burnett
Is eiVgaged today in investigating the
different versions of the affair.
It appears that Mitchell has long
been a patron of Frank Lake's hollow
resort. He has made a practice of
stopping at the Lake place whenever
he visits Fargo and, when he arrived
in the city a couple of days ago, he
made no exception to his usual cus
tom but engaged a room there.
Late yesterday afternoon, Mitchell
went to Moorhead. There he met
Omstad and the two spent the even
in-g in a saloon. About 11 o'clock they
started for Fturgo. Mitchell invited
Omstad to spend the night with him
in his room in Lake's place. Omstad
accepted the invitation, but, when
they arrived at the Lake place, they
found the front door locked.
"When the door is locked early, I
always go in the back door," said
Mitchell, and the two men went tb the
rear of the house.
Mitchell started to open the rear
door when Lake appeared eta. fthet
scene, armed with a revolver. He
fired one shot which took effect in
Omstad's leg.
"Don't shoot, Frank," cried Mitchell.
"It's Charlie."
But Lake continued to putt the trig
ger of his revolver amd a bullet was
lodged in each of Mitchell's legs.
The police appeared on the scene
promptly. The two injured men were
.taken 'to the county hospital for treat
ment and Lake was lodged la the
county jail.
Ijake claim® that the two ipen were
trying to break into his house and
that he was justified In shooting.
This i« not Lake's first shooting ex
perience in Fargo. He has been in
trouble frequently and last spring was
arrested on a charge of assault with
a deadly weapon. Ray Hamilton made
the complaint against l^ake at that
time and the case has never been dis
posed of.
'Minnesota Bovlnes Are to Be Killed
By Proper Officials.
The action of Milk Inspector Dun
ham in condemning tuberculor cows
in Clay county has been affirmed, by
»'r. Beebe of the Minnesota state san
itary board who returned from a trip
through the county with Milk Inspect
or Dunham Saturday evening.
The Minnesota official and Dr. Dun
ham Tei inspected the cows condemned
by Dr. Dunham and appraised them.
The owners ol' the stock will receive
three-fourths valuation from the state.
Employe on a Farm Near Comstock
Had Heart Disease.
A. Nellson Ytterbol, wfto has been
employed on Gustaf Paulson's farm
near Comstock, was found dead in
his bed at the farm early this morn
tig. Coroner Kaess was notified at
once and is now conducting an inves
tigation. It is supposed that Ytterbol
was a victim of heart disease.
Wholly llnneeeuarr.
"You don't even know how to make
a lemon tart," remarked the cooking
school girl, with fine scorn,
"It isn't necessary to make a lemon
tart," replied the other. All the lem
ons I've ever seen were pretty tart Al
A Dodger,
"What started old Pinchapenny to
studying occult science?"
"He wants to cultvate a new sense
so he can see a bill collector through a
bride wall."—Detroit Free Preu.
Where to Get It.
"A simple look Is all I crave," said
tbe sentimental young man to the
"Then you'd better consult your mir
ror," she replied tartly.
^he. hatred of the vicious wil}, dp you
less l^a?m tha» their conversation
The hearing was continued nintll
Wen Past Sixty in Danagsr.
More than half or mankind, over
60 years of age suffer frmo kidney
and bladder disorders, usually en
largement of the prostate glands. This
is both painful and dangerous, and
Foley's Kidney Cure should be taken
at the first sign of danger, as it cor-
rects Irregularities and has
writes: *1 suffered
cu uj
3 i '14 4 Si
Naw Company Will 8oon B« Ready
For Business—Sketch of the Or
"We will have our plant in shape
and be ready to open up and do busi
ness by Sept. 20," said L. R. Willard
of the Marshal' Oil Co. this afternoon.
which is running in opposition to the
Standard and which is erecting a plant
along the Milwaukee right of way near
Fifteenth street. A force of thirty
up buildings for this company and
the work is being pushed rapidly. The
big warehouse, an L-shaped structure
140x100 feet long by 42 feet wide is
practically completed. Besides this
building there will be a cooper shop, a
boiler room, an office and a residence.
All of these buildings are rapidly near
ing completion.
Considerable attention is to be de
voted to laying out the grounds so they
may be made as attractive as possible
and in all the new company expects to
spend in the neighborhood of $20,000
in making improvements, i
When the buildings are furnished a
force of twenty-five men will be em
ployed at the local plant wnich is des
tined to be one of Fargo's most im
portant industries. These will in
clude office help, warehouse men and
teamsters and coopers for tlje com
pany proposes to manufacture all the
barrels used in the local trade here in
Fargo. This city is to be the north
western headquarters for the company,
Mr. Willard says, and from this as a
center the states of Minnesota, North
and South Dakota will be covered,
eight salesmen being sent out from
this house.
"The company is planning an exten
sive campaign,' said Mr. Willard, "And
we will prove one of the best adver
tisers that Fargo can have for all
goods manufactured here will be label
ed Fargo and it will not be long before
Polioe Nabbed a Woman Who
forfeited Her Bait.
Mrs. Carrie Adams was arreaied Sat
urday evening on a charge of resorting
to rooms for an immoral purpose. Mrs.
Adams was arrested originally several
days ago and gave $25 bail for her ap
pearance in court the following day.
She did not appear and her bail was
declared forfeited. She did not leave
the city, as the officers supposed, and
was gathered In On the original charge
Saturday evening:
many old men of this disease. Mr.'?
Rodney Burnett, Rockford, Mo.,|has *rown
with enlarged
prostate gland and kidney trouble for ^ant
Mr. Willard is one or the two owners overcome by the heat Saturday after
of the new independent oil concern noon at Ninth avenue and Seventh
rrjen is now being employed in putting eoinlng directly from Norway where
aim it win iiui uc lung uciuic
In connection with his talk about
the local plant Mr. Willard gave an
interesting account of the origin and
establishment of the independent oil
company and how he was led to en
ter the field and fight the mighty Stan
Rugs, shipped direct from the Orient and slightly
injured entransit, are now placed on sale for just what
they will bring. RUGS BRAUTIt^UL, of
rare Oriental wools, worth from
can be had here during the week for from-
.jr 'm,-
they will be found on the shelves of, n?ss College pupil, has just accepted
dealers in every town in the three' position of bookkeeper-steno
states." We expect to pell $20,000
worth of goods during the first week,
and judging from our experience else
where.. I shall be surprised if the busi
pgss of the local plant does not ex
ceed $300,000 the first year."
Nine years ago Mr. Willard was in
the hide business in Marshalltown
when G. H. Ruth, mjJnager of the local
branch of the Standard Dil Co, came
tf him and proposed that the two
should go into the oil business inde
pendently. Having, been with the
Standard for twelve years Mr. Ruth
was thoroughly familiar with Rocke
feller methods and knew what they
would have to light but be believed
that by making a superior qualityj
oil they could get the business.
They began business with little or'
nothing, borrowing a large part of the
money which was needed to establish
their plant in Marshalltown and them-
gelveg Qn thft rQad tQ 8ell th
vears and after taking two bottles of Nebraska and western Kansas and.
Foley's Kidney Cure I feel better than inches in Mason City and Oskaloosa, J.
la., in addition to the one they are es
I have for twenty years, although I am tablishlng here.
now over 91 years old." H. H. Cas- "We have built up our business qji
... .. .. f,
i o s S i e a i e e u s i n e s s
"ow/hey have a distributing
supplies oil to
"I—. ,_? Quality, rather t&M| price," said Mri
ie Greatest Oriental
itver Made In Fargb or the Northwest.
These rugs take their value from their beauty—from
the skill and ideas of the weaver—not from the
amount of time and labor spent on them. The
damage to many is almost imperceptible. Never
again will you £ee such beauties at such prices.
12 arid 14, Broadway, Fargo.
louse, iirnisiifrs in I He* VVrst.
Willard, "for the Standard with all the
advantages it has in the way of ob
taining rebates and other accommo
dations can afford to sell oil cheaper
than we can."
9traft£er Could Not Stand the Exeat-!
sive Heat—Buried Tomorrow.
In spite of all the efforts which wetti
put forth to revive him, Sigurd A. K.
Horn, the young Norwegian who was
street, died Saturday evening at St.
John's hospital, where he had been
taken for treatment. Having been in
this country li*ss than a month, and
the mountains, the sea breezes and the
northern latitude combine to make the
summers short and cool, the extremely
torrid temperature which lasted here
all last week, proved loo much fbr him,
and once stricken he was unable to
An examination of the body after it
had been taken to Luger's undertaking
establishment, revealed a number of
papers all written in Norwegian. One
of these was issued by the Norwegian
clergy and was in the nature of a pass
port. It was dated July 11, 1906, show
ing that he had been in the country
but a short time, and stated that he
had been born at Nense, Norway, Aug.
22, 1886, which would make him just
20 years old. He was'practically un
known in this city and since his arrival
here has been in the employ of Con
tractor James Kennedy.
A number of Norwegians in this city
became interested in the case and
through the efforts of O. Loraas, a
sufficient sum has been raised by sub
scription to pay for a suitable fun
eral for the unfortunate young man.
SeWlces will be held at 2:30 tomor
row afternoon at Luger's undertaking
parlors, one of the Norwegian pastors
of the city officiating. The Interment
will be at Riverside cemetery.
Miss Agnes Eamons, a Dakota Busi-
grapher for the general stor6 of Hun
ter, making the 237th pupil located this
year. The growing popularity of D,
B. C. trained pupils proves that the
school is "right."
Nlne^room house in. island Park,
th, electric lights, brick founda
tion and large cellar, gas range,
"pen grates, five bed rooms, barn,
line trees and lawn, lot 50 140 on
iVernent close to car line. Price
ouick sale reduced from $3,600
$3,250. If desired owner will
pay $100 for three months rent or
will give possession at once.
Bight room house on south side,
i izza, trees, lot 50xlG8, renting for
$ i 6 a month, owner gone west, will
tl for $1,100. $200 or more cash,
balance $20 or more monthly 7 per
nt interest.
Six room cottage, shed, electric
:hts, pantry, hardwood floors,
ist front, lot 48x128 fencing for
*15 a month, snap at $1,100 cash.
Several fine south side residences
surprising rapidity
sale. $4,100, $4,2f-0, $4,500, $4,
'."0, $5,500, 6,300, 6,800, $7,000, *7.
0, $8,000, $8,500, $10,000, $12,000
9,000. See me for any priced
frae yoy wiint.
Office Oyer irst National Ban|c
Richardson Will Ba General Manager
With Headquarters in Fargo.
That plans for the establishment of
the new North Dakota Independent
Telephone Co. in Fargo are progres
sing steadily is shown by the fact
that L. D. Richardson, general super
intendent of the Tri-State Telephone
Co., haw recently been appointed gen
eral manager of the" new -company
with headquarters in Fargo. He will
close up his business in Minneapolis
and come here to take charge of af
fairs at an early date. Mr. Richard
son is an experienced aivd successful
telephone man, having been general
siiix^rintendent of the Twin City Tele
phone Co. for three yearn and general
superintendent of the Tri-SLaite Tele
phone Co. for the past two years.
Over 200 landseekers went with our
excursion to Sunny Southern Alberta
last Wednesday. You join our next
one on Aug. 22. O. W. Kerr Company,
Full line Edison's phonographs and
records. Johnson's Cycle Supply House
Hair Goods
New stock personally se
lected in New York and
just arrived at my store.
We Make Goods
to Order
Also .make up switches out
of your own hair at moder
ate cost.
mrs. J. Kopleman
Pbofts 4188. 8iO Front 81.,Fargo
The fact that each year business
men are employing Dakota Business
College pupils In Increasing numbers—^
almost 2f0 this year—proves that the
course of work given is thorough and
practical. Year after year Arms like
the Standard Oil have added D. B. C.
Others equally »s good or the.
north side, a snap in a Broadway
vc-j iitenee, all ••rniUrr,, only $4,0d0.
or half cash.
Good building lots from |50 up,
some of them I can sell on
terms, $10 down and $10 monthly, if
you can't afford a large house
money wasted or "easily
o u y a s a o n e a n w e n a
Is all paid for buy a larger one,
I s a v e a n u i n o e y a
is increasing in value will brim
you in an income later so you
not need to sweat la hot weather
to make a living.
Seven room house on corner lot,
east front, trees, one block from
car line, $1,500, easy terms.
Nice lot on north side, one blo'-k
o o a w a y e a s o n w u i
and sewer on lot, for quick
5$xl24, $450.
Block in Ohmer's. Addition 2oox
314 feet, 200 oq Br^dm^y
Fargo, Nerttt ^lota

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