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Now York, Oct. 27.—The practice
ot feeding horses on banana peelings
lias b^cox.ie Quite common since some
one set the example on the theory that,
the peeling* were handy and the
horse* were rlenty in the streets, ii
was a good tiling to introduce them to
each other. So whenever there was a
horso 'and a banana seller there was
tho inevitable benevolent person who
doesn't believr in wasting anything,
and so carefully gives the animal
what "ie ctrnot eat himself. The
horses- devour the skins with avidity.
Put now comos n wise horse owner,
who says Don feed that horse with
those banana reelings." And he pro
ceeds t.i say that he has lost a horse
and neaib left others by their being
Riven such pttllrgs that they are
very tn.1i.r.us to the animals. This
ft'tiing of the skins to the horsts in
the. streets tends to increase the
chances of human life, as otherwise
the skins contrive to get on the side
walks, and if there is anything that
willl floor a man or woman sooner,
or more completely than banana skins
it has not yet been brought to public
notice. If the banana skin went in
the horse's mouth it certainly would
not be found upon the sidewalk, and
the respectable but careless citizen
would not be floored. But it may be
set down as a fact that banana skins
are not good for horses.
In the election now going on every
body seems to have his say. great or
small. The columns of the newspapers
are full of letters from everybody and
anybody, some in favor of Hearst, and
some in favor of Hughes, praising or
blaming. And the newspapers seem to
publish them without much regard to
whom they favor. It .seems to be a
grand presentation to the public to let
off their surplus knowledge and public
interest. And everybody is available
himself of the opportunity. And so
a great variety of points is brought
out, and the candidates will contrive
to get committed to as great a variety
of opinions as were ever presented to
the American people since the country
was first settled. Such a mixture of
parties was never seen before, and
it seems as if the way nowadays to
run political campaigns is to go back
on your own candidates, and support
the opposite side in order to show
your independence. Nobody takes up
an idea than another person of op
posite political fuithcomcs forward and
accuses one of stealing the ideas of
that party, from which It would ap
pear that both parlies believe the same
thing, and that the election Is being
held only to choose persons nol
Rev. Dr. Parkhuftst's neW church is
a distinct addition to the attractive
notable places of worship in this city.
It is remarkablo for its originality. Its
breaking away from conventional
lines, and its remarkable color scheme,
which is blue, white and yellow. The
dome is tiled, showing an alternating
pattern of green and yellow, the green
serving as a background. To sustain
and enrich the effect the dome Is sur
mounted with a golden lantern. Dr.
Parkhurst holds his people the same
as ever, and it may be attributed
largely to his courage, such as was
shown in his eulogy of Stanford White,
the architect whom Thaw killed, and
who was covered with obloquy so
deeply by Thaw and the press. Park
hurst spoke tenderly of him and the
act was a noble one, and showed that
the great lighter of vice, and the stern
and unrelenting foe of every defender
of graft is as true to a friend as to a
principle. Probably there is no other
minister In New York City who would
have taken the risk that Parkhurst did
in standing up for a man whom the
community had come to so generally
condemn. It is that kind of public
men that hold the people against
everything, who stand by their friends
no matter how unpopular they may
have become. Certainly Stanford
White was a great architect, and
Parkhurst's church will stand as an
enduring monument of his skill.
Within a few weeks New York will
have the benefit of one of the most
wonderful electrical inventions of the
/ige—the telharmonic. This is an
instrument for the transmission of
music from a central keyboard to the
homes, restaurants and public places
of the citv. At a cost of more than
$30,000 the central music "plant" has
been established at a convenient point
in Manhattan. The instrument is vir
tually perfected, and In a short time,
it is expected, the company will be
ready to offer its musical wares to the
public. At no great cost the house
holder, flat dweller or restaurant pro
prietor may have a telharmonic in
stalled, connected by wire with the
central intrument or instruments, and
by simply pushing the button will be
able to turn on the music. The instru
ment that will be placed in the home
is a small affair, and can easily be hid
den by a grouping of flowers or potted
plants. Four grades of music will be
available, grand opera, pipe organ,
•orchestral or piano. Tests thus far
made show that the rich tones of the
centra! instrument are preserved in
transmission, and there is no marring
ot the music by tlje rasping sound of
flhe phonograph. The inventor of the
telharmonic and the capitalists who
•jrc backing him are confident that the
instrument will not only have connec
tions with '-thousands of homes here,
•but will soon be used almost univer
sally by the restaurant keepers.
A mati went Into a Broadway drug
fctore and asked the clerk for a remedy
•for Indigestion. The clerk sifted a
jPink powder into the scales. "Take
jl heaping dimeful of this,'# he said, and
St will bring you round all right." A
rdimeful," ejaculated the man "what
Kind of measurement is that?" "It
Hsn't new," replied the clerk, "and it
is very simple. Just take a dime and
yile as much powder on it as will stick.
That will be the proper dose. You
wouldn't get it any more exact if you
jnoasered half an hour with scales
'hud spoons." A man standing by
4iiglied reminlscently. "It makes me
feel about ten years younger to hear
'.you say that," he said. "They used
to measure medicine that way when I
,yas a kid, I supposed modern appli
ances had drives all those old methods
©ut' of the market#. "Not at all,"
..Gotham News Letter....
said the clerk, "there are lots of places
where they still take medicine by the
New York is to have a colossal
peace monument 700 -feet high, to be
erected on the banks of the Hudson
river at ft cost of $5,000,000, if the am
bitious wishes of F. Wellington
Ruckstuhl, the New York sculptor, and
member of the National Sculpture so
ciety, who was chief sculptor of the
St. L.ouis exposition, are regarded and
carried into effect. This scheme was
outlined several years ago by the Na
tional Sculpture society, which Karl
Bitter is president of. Nothing came
of it, although it was thought that
$2,500,000 would be sufficient to carry
it out. That sum was not offered by
the public, and recently a syndicate of
wealthy patrons of art has been
formed, the original scheme has been
enlarged and a large part of the
$5,000,000 required has been pledged.
It Is the purpose of Mr. Ruckstuhl to
execute the monument in the shape of
an Immense Ionic column 600 feet high.
It will rest on a double-story building
about 100 feet cubti, the whole resting
on a platform 300 feet square. Ele
vators will run to the top, on which a
glass globe forty v feet in diameter
will serve as a lighthouse. A figure of
Victorious Peace, 100 feet high, will
stand in front of tle column.
Among the most iimusing incidents
of this very amusing* campaign is the
remai'kable specimen's of politicians
that have emerged from obscurity to
take an active part i.a it. And among
them nohe is more odd than Oscar
Sufrin, 15 years old, of Broome street,
who was arrested by a policeman for
holding forth on a stump without a
permit. Upon the court's questioning
him, he said he acbed as chairman
that he is an officer of the Albeit
Lucas clubj a boy's political organiza
tion, and desires to aid in the election
of Adolph Stern as assemblyman and
also chief of police.! He said he was
about to introduce ISddie Friedman to
the constituents wlien the policeman
interfered. The magistrate told him
that was enough, but Sufrin still kept
on talking, complaining that the po
liceman had smasluKl his rostrum.
Oscar came from Russian parents, who
not long ago were peasants in Minsk,
Russia. The boy is one of the clev
erest scholars in pubdlc school No. 7!,
where he has shown marked talents
in elocution and verse writing.
The British school teachcvs, who to
the number of 500 w'dl visit this coun
try for a tour during the winter, rep
resent every class, from kindergarten
and defective .senses Instructors to-the
professors of England's universities.
They haVe beert scle.cted from thou
sands of applic ints who have mad"
known their desi.*e to visit the United
States since the announcement was
made several months ago that a series
of excursions for teachers was being
planned. About "thirty will sail on
Nov. 30, constituting the advance
guard, and slmilaj- parties will sail
weekly thereafter until the end of
March. Mr. Mosely, who has charge
of the enterprise, has preceded them,
and has been here a couple of weeks
to look after the arrangements. Mr.
Moseley considers the American sys
tem more practical than the English
system, and says the American boy is
kept in school lon&er, and monev is
more lavishly spent in America for
education. The pay of teachers, how
ever, is relatively lower in this coun
try than in Great Britain, and Mr.
Moseley considers that Wje neglect the
musical education of our children.
Women Cannot Cnt Diamonds.
**A lot of women seem to be possessed
these days of au arabition to learn the
trade of diamond cutting," the New
York Sun reports one jeweler as say
ing. "Every little while an applicant
for a situation as an apprentice gives
us a call. But we can't afford to give
them a trial. They can never master
the art In other branches of the jew
elry trade women have made some un
qualified successes. Not one of Eve's
daughters, from royalty down, I should
say, that isn't an artist In the wearing
of diamonds. Many are well versed
in the tricks of bu.vtog and selling them,
while others give excellent satisfaction
la polishing and preparing them
for the market But when it comes to
the real cutting of the stones they lack
the patience, judgment and steadiness
of nerve which constitute the expert's
slock in trade."
The Mnrrel of Notre Dame.
Often as I have seen Notre Dame,
the marvel of it never grows less. I go
to Paris with no thought or time for it,
busy about many other things, and
then on my way over one of the
bridges across the river perhaps I see
it again on its island, the beautiful
towers high above the high roofs of
houses and palaces, and the view, now
so familiar, strikes me afresh with all
the wonder of my first Impression.
The wonder only seems greater If I
turn, as I am always tempted to, and
walk down the quays on the left bank,
the towers before me and with every
step coming more and more complete
ly together, by the Pont Neuf, to the
island and at last to the great square
where Notre Dame fronts me in its
superb calm.—Elizabeth Robins Pen
in Century.
Wky He Quit ih« QaM
"Take a hand?" queried Smith as
Jones stood watching the poker game
at the club. •.
"No. Quit/'
"What's the matter—cold feet?"
"No. I always come out loser.'*,
"I never saw you lose in my life.''
"I know you never saw me, but
lose. If I happen to win a litttle here,
ray wife smilingly insists on my divid
ing my winnugs when I go home. If
I lose. I get a lecture on the evils of
gambling, and the next day, in order
to get even, my wife runs bills down
town to the amount I lost If I tell
her I came out just even, she takes half
the money to prevent my losing all 1
bare, so I urn bound to lose."
Forum Want Ads Get Results.
W. R. Kiipatrick of Fargo was a
visitor at the school Tuesday and
Miss Ethel Kramer entertained .her
mother from Wahpeton last week.
Mr. Steenerson of the board of man
agement was over from Hillsboro last
Friday visiting his daughter.
The ladies .of the Congregational
church gave a reception to the stud
ents of the school on Friday evening.
Professor Patterson, accompanied by
the members of the football team,
left for Valley City last evening to
play if.c turn: of t!ie r.ovmal stnoo! at
that place. This Is the fti*st game of
the season for the team, and con
sequently they are not over-confident
as to the result, though they hbpe to
give a good account of themselves.
United States Senator H. C. Hans
brough addressed a political meeting
A Wonderful Record.
As up by impro\ed and exact
processes Lr. Pierce's Favorite Prescrip
tion is a most efficient remedy for regu
lating ail the womanly functions,correct
ing displacements, us prolapsus, antever
sion and retroversion, overcoming painful
periods, toning up the nerves and bring
ing about a perfect state of health. It
cures the backache, periodical headaches,
the dragging-down distress in the pelvic
region, the pain and tenderness over
lower abdominal region, dries up the
pelvic catarrhal drain, so disagreeable
and weakening, and overcomes every
form of weakness incident to the organs
distinctly feminine.
"Favorite Prescription" is the only
medicine for women, the makers of
which are not afraid to print their
formula on the bottle wrapper, thus
taking their patrons into their full con
fidence. It is the only medicine For
women, every ingredient of which has
the strongest possible endorsement of
the most eminent medical practitioners
and writers of our day, recommending
It for the diseases for- which "Favorite
Prescription" is used. It is tho.only,
put-up medicine for women, sold
through druggists, which does not con
tain a large percentage of alcohol, so
harmful in the long run, especially to
delicate women. It has more genuine
cures to its credit than all other medi
cines for women combined, having
saved thousands of sufferers from the
operating table and the surgeon1 knife.
It has restored delicate, weal* women to
strong and vigorous health and viriiitv,
making motherhood possible, where there
was barrenness before, thereby brighten
ing and making happy maiiv thousands
of homes by the advent of little ones to
strengthen the marital bonds and add
sunshine where gloom and despondency
had reigned before.
Write to Dr. R. V. Pierce. He will send
yon good, fatherly, professional advice,
in a plain, sealed envelope, absolutely
free. Address him at Buffalo, N. Y.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets do not
gripe. They effectually cleanse the sys
tem of accumulated impurities.
The People's Common Sense Medical
Adviser, by Dr. Pierce, 1008 pages, is sent
free on receipt of stamps to pay expense
of mailing only. Bend 21 one-cent stamps
for the book in payer covers, or 31 stamps
for the cloth -pound volume. Address
a bo vs.
greatest stride toward the ultimate elimination of baldness was
the discovery by Prof. Unna, of Hamburg. Germany (ask vour doctor
about hunt, that most hair loss is due to an invisible growth, of vegetable
character, in the scalp- literally a "dandruff germ,'' producing a'highlv
contagious disease. The greal est stride toward the prevention of baldness
d,se°very of a prophylactic fluid called NEWBRO'S I1ER
I IC1DK which, if intelligently used—will destroy the dandruff germ and
prevent baldness.
Herpicide is the Original dandruff germ destroyer and its extraor
dinary success—for dandruff and falling hair, also dull, brittle and lustre
1638 hair— has brought out many imitations. Even the old line
hair "growers"'and hair "tonics" no# claim to kill the
dandruff germ. Quite a tribute to Herpicide,
isn't it? An exquisite hair dressing. Stops
fcrttii, itching of the scalp* almost in
stantly, Don't wait
toy it now.
in the assembly room of the normal
school Thursday evening.
Warned In Time.
4. man visiting a lunatic asylum re
cently was conversing with some of
the outdoor patients Avhen a man rode
up on horseback. The* pace called for
comment among the party, and one of
the patients said he had seen a horse
running much faster than that one.
"Oh," exclaimed the visitor sotto voce,
"I have seen a horse flying." "Dinna
let the doctor hear ye sayin' that, my
man," interjected an old Scotch luna
tic. There's l'ouk in here for far less
than fleein' horses." v .4
Intrepidity Is an extraordinary
strength of soul, which raises It above
the troubles, disorders and emotions
which the sight of great perils can
arouse in it. By this strength heroes
maintain a' calm aspect and preserve
their reason and liberty in the most
surprising and terrible accidents.*-*
,, Mietress^I don't want yon i» hav#
Jb much company. You have more
callers in a day than I have in a
week. Domestic—Well, mum, perhaps
if you'd try to be a little more agree
able you'd have as matiy friends as
•f'w'V--" jf"*
ii 9m9«r*uam*.
Mrs. Knicker—Does your husband
ever complain if his buttons are miss
ing? Mrs. Bocker—No he has to
fasten so many of mine that he
wouldn't have time for his own, any
way.-—New York Sun.
Be at war with your vice*, «t peace
with your neighbors and let every year
find you a better man.—Frauklin.
Oklahoma a Lusty Infant.
'i^utte, Mont., News:' The new s
which has been added to the national
GONE til
BerptcM* will tav* ft, UarpkiUt witlsavtit .. .- T#» latt for Btrpici4c. &r
«»^»t the oft repeated claim that-4'chronicbaldness
C*n be cured be hied away with the old announcement that the moon is
vj !H
°keese. The claim is untrue, and aside from this it in­
duces many people to ignore the chances they have to prevent baldness
At Leading Drug Stores or Sent Prepaid From The
Iterpecide Cp., Detroit, Mich., Upon Receipt of Sl.Q0VAliaw
Professor Pope, director of athletics
In this school, left for Fargo .Friday
evening to officiate in the football
game between the agricultural college
and the state university. Professor
Pope has had ample experience as
player and coach to fit him fpr the
position of football official.
The Down.
In all the civilized couu.tri of
world thirteen is referred to aa being
somebody's "dozen." In America,
Australia, Great BritaJa (present day)
and several other lands that number is
said to a "baker's dozen." In Italy it
is referred to as the "Gobbler's dozen,"
there being a tradition that there was
formerly a law which compelled cob
blers to put twelve tacks or nails round
the edge of a boot heel. Finally, when
the nails became cheap, a center nail
was driven for luck.,
constellation on Old Glory comes with
wealth beyond the ordinary. Okla
homa is prosperous—nay, wealthy. Ok
lahoma will formally enter the union
with more assets and less indebted
ness than any nredecessor. The only
financial obligation against the new
state is $500,000 in territorial war
rants, while the last monthly state
ment of the territorial treasurer show
ed a balance on hand of $788,102. This
would leave a balance of $278,102 in
addition to which Oklahoma jvill re
ceive a school fund of $5,000,000 in
cash from the United States treas
ury besides several million acres of
land for the further maintenance of
schools and colleges.
A Young Mother at 10,
mother has suddenly been made
young at 70. Twenty years of intense
suffering from dyspepsia had entirely
disabled her. until six months, ago,
when sne oegan taking Electric Bit
ters, which have completely cured her
and restored the strength and activity
she had in the prime of life," writes
Mrs. W. L. Kllpatrick, of Danforth, Mo.
Greatest restorative medicine on the
globe. Sets Stomach, Liver and Kid
neys right, purifies the blood, and cures
Malaria, Biliousness and Weakness.
Wonderful Nerve Tonic. Price 60c.
Guaranteed by all druggists.
A Helpful Wife.
"Ladies and gentlemen,", said tbft
after dinner orator, "unaccustomed as
I am to public speaking, and having
been suddenlj called upon without the
slightest notice, I am—er—exceedingly
—er"— '.
"Why, John," said his wife from the
other end of the table, "have you for
got the rest? You said it all right this
Jfature is no spendthrift, but takes
the shortest way to her ends. As the
general says to his soldiers, "If you
want a fort, build a fort," *o nature
makes every creature do its own work
and get its living, be it planet, animal
or tree.—Emerson*
Chance and Accident.
It is a mortifying truth,
f- .-
end etigtot
to teach the wisest of us humility, that
many of the most Valuable discoveries
have been the result of chance rather
than of contemplation and of accident
rather than of design.—Colton.
It was a son of Erin who asked tfte
meeting to excuse him from serving
on a committee because he expected
to be unexpectedly called away.
Signs of Financial Strength,
Springfield, Mass., Republican: Val
paraiso is a smaller and less wealthy
city than San Francisco and If Its
(•arilujiiitke Jloss reaches 4200,000,000
it has suffered far worse proportion
ately than the Golden Gate city with
an' estimated loss of $300,000,000. The
wiping out of $500,000,000 of the
world's accumulated capital by un
looked-for disaster within half a
year is a matter of profound econo
mic importance and will not lightly
be felt In the march of industrial pro
e s s S o e a a n s u e n a e
struction of saved wealth must at an
earlier time have caused the most ser-'
ious financial disturbance, and that
little or nothing of the sort now re
sults testifies strongly to the strength
and buoyancy of the industrial situa
the world.
Notice of 8ale.
Notice is hereby given that by vir
tye of a judgment and decree In fore
closure, rendered and given by the
district court of the Third Judicial
district, in and for the county of Cass
and state of North Dakota, and enter
ed and docketed in the office of the s,.
clerk of the district court in and for
said county on .the.5th. day of October,.
A. D. 1906, In an action wherein Gtorgo"
G. French was plaintifif, and Peter P.
Chaeey, Ruth J. Ohacey, Lincoln P./
Chacey" and Clarence '8. Chacey, were
defendants, in favor of the plaintiff
and against the defendants, Peter P.
Chacey and Ruth J. Chacey, for the
sum of two thousand six hundred andf^
scventy-nWe dollars and three cents,^'
($2,679.03) which said judgment^
and decree, among other things, di
rected a sale to be made of the real'
estate hereinafter described to satis
fy the amount of such judgment, with
interest thereon and the costs andr
expenses of such sale, or so much*"
thereof as the proceeds of said sale J*
applicable thereto will satisfy and by
virtue of a writ to me issued out of.
the office of the clerk of said court,
directing me to sell said real property
pursuant to said judgment and decree.
I, William E, Hunt, sheriff of said' &
Cass county, and the person appointed'
by said court to make said sale, will
sell the hereinafter described real es
tate to the highest bidder for cash, at
public auction, at the front door ol V
the courthouse, in the city of Farg«»,
county of Cass and state of North
Dakota, on the 8th day of November,
A. D. 1&06, at 2 o'clock in the after
noon of said day, to satisfy said
Judgment, with interest and costsvi
.and the-expenses of such sale,
or so much llfereof asjhe proceeds of
such Bale applicable thereto will sat-. V
The premises to be sold as afore
said, pursuant to said judgment and
decree, and to said writ and to this
notice, are described in said judgment
and decree and writ as follows, to
wit: The west half (W&) of section"'
nine (9), in township one hundred and'
forty-one (141) north, of range forty-!
nine (49) west, in-Cass county, North
Dated this GLh day of October. A.
D. 1906.
Sheriff of Cass County, North Da- i
Pierce & Tenneson,
Attorneys for Plaintiff, Fargo, North'
COct. 6, If, Ho*, j.)

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