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612 Front Street, Fargo.
iae rower
of Interest
We guarantee you a positive sav
ing of 10 per cent on all money
you spend for groceries with us. Do
you know what that means?
It means if you spend $10 a month
for one year that you have saved
$12, or more than one month's groc
eries saved in the year.
The trust companies and building
and loans offer you 5 per cent per
annum interest—which means $5
you save or make, but you must
leave the $169 ©ft deposit all the
Here, however, your 1120 brings
you $12, guaranteed, and it is al
most sure to amount to more on
every purchase, as our savings to
you on groceries is from 10 to 30
per cent—nothing less than 10 per
cent. Besides you have the us* of
your money less $10 a month.
The Farmers' Supply House
pioneer pure food house of the
state. All goods are guaranteed to
be high grade and ttar^*-mftkin§ 5iV
safe to trade here.
We sell for cash and deliver or
ders anywhere in the city when
they amount to $5 or more.
This is the modern plan of selling
good things to eat. Hundreds of
customers will tell you so.
Come and see us.
Thanksgiving China
This is your opportunity to select from the beautiful stock at Pabst's.
These lines are complete and prices are most reasonable.
612 First Are. No. Fargo, N.D.
Forum Want Ads Get Results.
Beautiful plated and solid silver hollow ware, such as Fruit dishes, Coffee Sets,
Trays, etc., of which makes a beautiful gift at this season, or ,should be
wadded to your service for Thanksgiving Day.
Knives, Forks, Spoons
Ou?ltfH5 of Knives, Forks and Spoons, of various sizes, plated and solid flat
ware, is replete with new and swell designs, and each very moderately priced.
Board of Control Wants All Younfl
Women of the City to Meet
at the Club Rooms.
The reception Friday evening at the
Young Women's club rooms to all the
young ladles of the city, promises to
be an interesting event. It is under
the auspices of the board of control.
All young ladles of the city are in»
vited as well as all married ladles in
terested in the work, who are expect
ed to come and assist in the welcome
and the greeting to the young ladies.
Tuesday evening a chorus class will
he started under the direction of Dr.
Putnam and Thursday evening a phy
sical culture class, taught by Miss
Jessie Neal. These classes will meet
weekly and other classes and other
forms of social entertainment will be
inaugurated as soon as possible. The
board of control Is very much encour
aged so far in the work done and an
ticipates still better results.
The Old Time Confectioner Leaves
8oon for Spokane, Wash.
Fred Ehrman, the confectioner, lirtll
leave for Spokane, Wash., the latter
part of this week, where he will make
future home. His family will fol
within a short time. Mr. Ehrman
has accepted a position in Spokane
with the largest ice cream and con
feetionery establishment in that city,
and under the terms of the contract
entered into between him and the Arm
will become interested in the com
Mr. Ehrman has been In Fargo for
past twenty-three years and has
large circle of friends here who will
regret to learn that he, with his fam
ily, -will leave for the west.
BigfTime to Be Had in Mandan Mon
day Evening.
H|w this state is advancing in
years. An important function at
Mandan next Monday, will mark the
twenty-fifth anniversary of the open
ing of the First National bank of Man
At the Inter-Ocean hotel next Mon
day night the directors, officers and
employes of the bank, with their la
dies, will be guests at a swell ban
quet, the menu for which will be pre
pared by Mrs. T. R. Sloan, the les
of the Inter-Ocean cafe. The
hosts of the occasion will be the di
rectors of the bank.
President H. R. Lyon will preside
at the post-prandial proceedings
which will consist of a series of toasts
and suitable responses. A beautiful
souvenir of the auspicious event has
been prepared which will surprise
the guests.
who serves you well
The development of the b^sln,ess has
been steady through all the years of
its growth, but during the past sum
mer and fall several important im
provements have been made which
makes the present opening one of par
ticular Interest. The store as now ar
ranged is one of the handsomest and
best fitted up department stores be
tween the twin cities and the coast.
The improvements made during the
summer and fall include the addition
of the entire second floor. This is ap
proached by a broad and easy flight
of oak stairs, ornamented at the bot
tom with two carved posts which sup
port electric lights. An elevator has
also been installed and is running be
tween the first and second floors.
The second floor is very nicely ar
ranged. At the front is what is
known as the daylight room. This in
cludes the cloak and suit department.
It is fitted up and furnished very
handsomely. Four Iron columns run
ning the length of the room are
flanked on each side with handsome
plate glass mirrors, the woodwork is
mahogany. On the left hand side are
half a dozen fitting rooms, while to
the right is a beautiful rest room fur
nished with upholstered chairs, a writ
ing room and other conveniences. In
this cloak department are displayed
an elegant assortment of suits, cloaks
and furs of many varities, including
mink, ermine, Persian and chinchilla
garments, some of them valued as
high as $350. There is also a large
variety of ?ilk and wool suits. Many
Moody's Opening
In celebration of the completion of
the improvements on the store and
the fitting up of new departments, a
grand opening is today being held at
A. L. Moody's store, Broadway and
Front street. The Store, which is
handsomely decorated, is thronged
with people who have come to see the
display of fine wearing apparel and
enjoy the music furnished by Rupert's
orchestra. It is Just twenty-three
years since A. L. Moody started in
business in Fargo. At that time he
secured a store having a single sales
room about 25x60 feet, and opened for
business with one clerk. Since then
the growth of the business has been
remarkable and the store now includes
two stories and a basement, each 50x
140 feet, while there are forty-five
employes on the payroll.
iy«r Johnson Intends to Have TKr
Places Fixed for the Yoiiwkf*
sters This Winter.
ji'argo will have three municipal i
itlng rinks this winter if May
inson has his way. It is now in
the weather man to give us a co)
ued cold snap and within a she
le the three ice ponas will be
Ladies of Fargo Inspect the Elegant -New Store
Stocked With a Great Display of
New Goods.
the skaters.
tfayor Johnson thia af
noon that he had" mdde arrkngt
nts to fill up the *»asinlon' loxtf*
oadway within the next dajr. or
3 that he would also provide a pon
ne where in the north end and an
ler in the south end for the youn
skaters to skate on so that thi
uld not be required te come th
oat distance from their homes to tl
k on Broadway.
V large number of inquiries were
de to the mayor already by ska:
asking whether or not the rin!
uld be prepared this winter.
Civil Service.
Civil service examinations will 1
in this city Dec. 12, for a Spani:-i.
erpreter in the immigration se
e, and for a forest assistant in tlx
partment of agriculture.
On January 4 an examination w!
In the rear of this department are
the waist, muslin underwear, millin
ery and in/ants' department, and also
i Mr. Moody's private office, which is
nicely fitted up with mahogany wood
work and upholstered furniture.
,,Down stairs there has also been a
transformation since the store has
been enlarged. As one enters the
front, door the first thing to meet the
eye in the left-hand aisle is the glove
department, all stocked with goods of
the very latest make. In the same
aisle is the ribbon department, the
leather goods department, the fancy
gqods and notion department. A de
partment for men's and women's
satchels, bags and suit cases has also
been added as a new feature of the
Located on the right-hand aisle is
the silk department, which contains
beautiful silks of a great variety of
shades and colorings. There is also
the lace department, which contains
laces of all grades, some of them run
ning as high as $50 per yard. Hand
some scarfs and neckwear are also to
be seen here, .while further in the reaJr
there is a tasteful display of beauti
ful curtains and draperies.
The celebration of the opening will
continue until late this evening. The
store will be open and lighted, and
Rupert's orchestra, which is this aft
ernoon rendering a fine programme of
musical selections, will this evening
give another programme of «%ual
$40 to Eastern Canada ana Return
Via the Chicago Great Western rail
way. Tickets on sale dally Nov. 24
to Dec. 31, good to return for three
months with extension privilege. Get
full Information from R. R. Jones, T.
A., 54 Edwards Building, Fargo, N. D.
0 all who have purchased Clothing and Furnishings here during
this Money Raising Sale, to enable us to meet a business obliga
tion that was promptly settled this morning^ You have helped
us and we have saved you many dollars. Today we're taking inven
tory of our stock and assorting the broken lots that have arisen from
our large sales in the past four weeks." Read announcement tomorrow.
held for an interpreter (Syrian and
anish) for the immigration service.
of the cloaks are fur lined garments,
and they are of all the latest styles
and patterns. Elegant sealskin gar
ments priced as high as $400 are* also
to be seen here.
At the front of this department are
two handsome second floor display
windows, each fifteen in length.
These windows face Broadway and
furnish excellent opportunity for the
display of goods to the very best ad
vantage. A number of large electric
lights, located in the ceiling, furnish
ample light in the evenings, making
the department unusually attractive
at night as well as in the daytime,
Moorhead Sheriff Allege* Illegal Vot
ing at the Recent Election In
[Which He Was Defeated."
Sheriff John M. Bayer of Clay
county, Minnesota, who was defeated
for re-election By Sheriff-elect WJia
ley, served notice on the latter today
at Moorhead, in which he will contest
the election. The petition contesting
the election of Whaley was filed with
the clerk of courts and will be heard
at the next term of the district court,
when it convenes on Dec. 3.
There are twenty-one precincts
specified in the petition in which illegal
voting is alleged, and the petition con
tains sixteen separate and specific
counts alleging illegality and fraud in
tha ejection of Whaley.
Body Taken East.
Thli body of Mrs. J. E. Hancock,
who 'died very suddenly of heart dis
ease yesterday, was this morning ship
ped east over the Northern Pacific.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jones accompan
ied the remains to Chicago, which was
the former residence of the deceased
and vhere the funeral, lyill be.held.
Fr'eid Irish, cashier of the First Na
tional bank, went with Mr. and Mirs.
Jones as far as the twin cities.
Sheldon at Litchville.
iiitehville 13 suffering greatly from
the car shortage, according to S. L.
Sheldon, who is soon to locate there.
Mr. Sheldon says that the elevators
there are packed to the roofs and that
only two or three freight cars have
put in an appearance there of late.
Some dealers purchased wheat and
have been obliged to pile It on the
ground where it stands exposed to
the weather while awaiting. shipment.
Pneumonia Follows a Cold
but never follows the use of Foley's
Honey and Tar. It stops the cough,
heals and strengthens the lungs and
prevents pneumonia. ]& ,H, CasselnAan,
Lion Drug Store.
Prisoner Told Judge Ryan Hr Wai
Dying and Was Believed.
Fred Rogers, the man who was ar
rested for stealing a pair pf shoes
from the home of Officer Anderson,
was discharged by Judge Ryan this
afternoon in the police court. The
man's condition is serious, as he is
suffering from an over Indulgence in
V£ ,u'A ns
V V'u
Handsome arrivals of Novelties in Brass Goods in
antique and natural finishes, hammered and
carved designs by the clever hands of
the Orientals. A line superb—
Candlesticks Jardinieres
Finger Bowls Hanging Jardinieres Incense Burners
Miller's Oil Lamps and Electric Portables
Beautiful ornaments as well as
efficient light givers are the Miller
central draft oil burneis—natural,
sanded, brushed and antique brass
12-1-3 Broadway Fargo, IN. D.
Largest House Furnishers in the West
The new electric desk portables
with new Tiffany glass and leaded
glass shades are all the rage and
make a perfect gift.- See this
new line.
'lire yo
intoxicating liquor. This afternoon,
when arraigned, he told Judge Ryan
that he was dying, asking the court to
be lenient with him. Judge Ryan took
the man at his word, for he looked
the part of a dying man, and allowed
him to go to his home. •'w.
War «*, dip,
& 't
i ne nte or a ruDDer depends large
ly on the fit.
Glove rubbers fit—that's one reason
why they wear longer.
Another reason is that there is more
Pure India Rubber
in them than
in other make3.
They coil no more.
Look for the Foot-Schulze ^tampon
the sole of the genuine.
Lgadiiig dealers cveiy where will show you.
We Guarantee
Rubber Goods
It is not practicing economy
to buy an unreliable atomizer,
simply because it is cheap. At
omisers, syringes and hot water
bottles, above all things, should
be' reliable and guaranteed
against imperfection. We give
such guarantees with ati our
Lion Drug Store
66 Broadway
H. H. Casseltnan,
•r I
.. H'*v
V "t
fk 4
•t V
5.«. i
i .,.t
I-** .'it
,y 't

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